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Friday, October 28, 2016

WATCH: This Is What Mitt Romney Really Thinks Of Small Business Owners

WATCH: This Is What Mitt Romney Really Thinks Of Small Business Owners

Mitt Romney has made helping small business owners a central theme of his presidential campaign, but Dianne Bauer — owner of the Main Street Cafe in Council Bluffs, Iowa — says that Romney’s actions don’t match his rhetoric.

Bauer opened up her cafe to Romney and his campaign for an event last Friday morning, only to be treated rudely and have her property damaged. According to Bauer, Romney himself called her in an attempt to smooth things over — and ended up mocking her troubles.

Bauer told Fox42 News that Romney’s campaign staffers were “arrogant,” and did not treat her cafe with respect.

“Stuff got broke. My table cloths they just got ripped off, wadded up and thrown in the back room,” she said. “My dad’s picture, an emblem my dad gave me, it got broke. Those aren’t things you can replace.”

Furthermore, Romney never bothered to introduce himself to Bauer, which offended her. After campaign staffers brought Bauer’s complaints to Romney’s attention, the candidate called her personally — which only made things significantly worse.

“He responded ‘well, I’m sorry your table cloths got ripped off, wadded up and thrown in the back room’ and I took it as mocking,” she said. “We’re the ones he’s wanting to get the votes from, you’d think we would have been treated better.”

Video of Bauer’s full interview with Fox42 can be seen here.

It’s not surprising that Romney was unable to smooth things over, given his well-established struggles to relate to average voters. As Matt Taylor points out, Romney was also cripplingly awkward at the actual event at Bauer’s cafe, struggling to identify a chocolate doughnut.

Thankfully the Main Street Cafe didn’t serve cheese grits, or things could have gotten really awkward.

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  • Is anyone seriously surprised by such revelations? SOP in action. Too bad the folks did not offer Romney some more cookies so he could mock them as well.

  • I continue to be amazed at how close this election is. Are people really so blind, ignorant, and/or bigoted as to think that this clown would be better than Obama? Really? I mean, I’ve been disappointed in Obama, but jeez! When did the working-class Republicans go from wanting a candidate they “could have a beer with” (even if he *is* a rich, pampered jerk just like Romney) this *this* guy? It baffles me.

  • William Deutschlander

    When you eat pizza with a fork, so you don’t get any on your fingers, when your stiff as a board among the normal population, when you must have an elevator for your caddillac so you need not take an extra step, when your are an economic predator, you really do not give a damn about anyone or anything else, after all you are above them ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

    And 99.8% of the time you are a registered Republican!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tom_D44

      I’m sorry William? Hob Nobbing with hollywood stars and pandering to them for their money is down to earth and relating to the everyday average middle class family? And what exactly is Obama worth? He isn’t exactly a poor man and he has certainly made his fortunes from advantages he had that many, many others did not have. He has also kept much of his fortune by taking advantage of all of the same loop holes provided. And his record of charitable donations leaves one wondering how much he truly cares about poor people and how much is just for show. I take issue with your republican remark because there are plenty of very, very wealthy democrats in power right at this very moment who act no differently. You can hate all the evil corporations who buy their way into politics but don’t forget they play on both sides. And the labor unions – well they are just another big power hungry corporation in disguise. If you want to beat these guys up then go for it, but keep your eye on both sides of the aisle. Corruption is rampant and the average guy is the victim.

      • In 2010 President Obama donate $245,075 to 36 non-profit organization s which was 14% of his income according to an article posted 4/27/11 Huff Post IMPACT.
        In addition, in 2010 he donated his $1.4 million 2009 Nobel Prize money to 10 different charities.

        • Tom_D44

          And how about pre 2008? Before he was in the spotlight?

          • Lorrellei

            What importance is that? He was not running for president until then. He should be judged for the things he has somehow managed to do with NO help from the Republican party or GOP Tea baggers during his entire administration. You get your POS Mitt to show us 10 years of tax returns like President Obama and Michelle Obama did then we can start looking back. I bet you, that the only “charity” POS Mitt has given to is to his holier than thou Mormon Church. He is now building his home in La Jolla, CA so he is right next to the cathedral of His Church of Latter Day Saints. Do you know that normal human beings, tourists, churchgoer’s etc…cannot even enter the property of that church unless you belong to it? I was caught once taking a photo of that cathedral and was unkindly threatened with arrest if I did not leave my camera with them and remove myself from the premises…I took my camera and ran to my car, they even chased me in their cars (security) Now I ask this? What is SO secretive about the place that you cannot even take a picture of it simply because you find it to be beautiful? It has never been opened in the last 15 years and I have never seen it open for services, for rich members or otherwise, yet now Mitt will be right down the street from it, I guarantee it will finally open and all the fruits of his labors (thieving companies) will be shown for all to see. His very own private Mormon Church. Disgusting, no?

          • Tom_D44

            Of course we would have no idea of the context of your harrassment story. Private property issues or whatever, so I have to trust you that your story about being harassed is accurate. And of course with the way you show your anger in your posts one would wonder about any credibility or bias in the story. I am not judging you, however as you are entitled to all of your opinions – however polite or unpolite they may be. One thing in your post, however, which I find interesting is that you seem to think that the percentage of the Obama’s charitable contributions didn’t matter prior to getting into the national spotlight. Don’t you think that the measure of someone’s character is based on what he does when he is not worried about getting credit for it? And if Mitt gave millions to his church, who in turn does as many good things with the money as well as self serving things, who is to judge where you give your money away to. The point is that he gave a significant amount of money away without anyone telling him he had to do so. And he has done this for many years – its all well documented, even by the NYT.

          • Lorrellei

            Your comment is so weak that I don’t even care what you have to say. Bugger off!!

          • the moron church is like that in Salt Lake city too, as a tourist, my daughter and I were just walking through the property taking photo’s of their breathtaking architecture and were approached by security ( plain clothes ) that pictures were not allowed, they are a cult and Romney a cultist.

          • Lorrellei

            Maybe they are the richest cult in the US and that is very scary to me. Thanks for your reply. =)

        • dahl229

          Thank you Lorraine for the numbers-considering the President is worth about one-hundreth of what Romney is worth and Mitt keeps most of his money in Swiss banks and Cayman Island accounts, it’s doubtful he could come close to giving the same percentage of income that the President has given in charitable contrbutions. But the cafe owners crack about “it was like Obama was here” doesn’t leave me feeling sorry for her one bit. She wanted the publicity which is fine-but if she thought she knew this guy she really didn’t bother to read his bio at all.

      • imsickofthemess

        First of all, let’s show some respect…President Obama is not taking anything out of Your pocket, don’t think for one minute that if Hollywood were supporting Romney he wouldn’t be right there sucking up the money for himself. After all, people in that industry can spot a fake…after all a lot of them are Actors. The difference between them and Mr. Romney is…they can spot Real Fake…and so can we everyday Americans. Republicans promise to make things better and they do…better for themselves! That doesn’t help me or my neighbors…is it helping you. Are you a Republican with full pockets???

        • Tom_D44

          Technically, Romney hasn’t taken anything out of my pocket and likely he has not taken anything out of yours either. But to keep the context of the argument in play, I was talking about relating to the average middle class person. How, exactly, is hanging around at fancy parties with George Clooney, relating to the average american. Do you think you would ever get to hang with the guy? None of those guys understand the problems facing the average family – they are all too far removed. Clooney just wants us all to go to another overpriced movie he’s in, so he can make millions more and buy a few more mansions in europe and hollywood. But I guess you think that is ok to do – just not for Romney. Clooney and his cronies, who all live misfit lives in order to keep the regular people focused on them, is just another rich guy, buying his own politician……..and happens not to be a republican. This is disrespectful?

          • Lorrellei

            Who cares how respectful we are, if we do not like the POS Mitt, and Obama makes his money from Hollywood charity rather than tricksters what is the difference. You go, President Obama, get all the millions you can from any actor or Hollywood star that you can, you MUST NOT LET the GOP BUY THE WHITEHOUSE!! I for one, have NO respect for the GOP Republican party. Why you may ask? Well, why should I? Just because the POS Mitt they have given as an option to Obama, does not even come close to Obama in politeness, integrity, respect for his fellow Americans on both sides, or his morals, all of which I approve of. The GOP party could have helped by working with the President, but now it is too late. And the GOP is ruined, just like when they tried to give us option McCain and that rude, nasty, hooker Palin, she treated people the same way as Mitt on the road and she did not win. Nor will POS Mitt.

          • Tom_D44

            Sounds like a lot of hatred – except that only comes from the “rebubs” – right. Thank you for your honesty though in showing us all who you really are.

          • I don’t like Romney as far as I could throw, which would be nowhere. When he was asked back in the Republican primaries what was his plans for the country if elected he stated”If you knew that, you won’t vote for me” end quote. When a candidate makes a statement like that everybody including you Tom-D44 needs to wonder what he is up to and what is so bad about his plans for our Country that he won’t revel them. He did not make that answer in a joking way so he wasn’t joking. I used to be an Independent voting for the person I thought was best suited for the office but no more. I still voted for who I thought would do a good job representing the ordinary people in this, including the two senators from Tennessee both Republicans after getting laid off because of Reagan’s trickle down economic policy but after getting laid again in 2004 because of Republican economic policy and seeing the way the Republicans have refused to work with President Obama to get this country out of the Bush2-Republican caused depression I will not vote Republican again. The Republican today doesn’t resemble the Republican Party of the past. In the past even under Reagan the two parties would comprise for the good of the country and Bush1 comprised but the Republicans and the Tea Party Republicans act as the word comprise is a dirty word, even when the comprise is for the good of everyone in the the USA. Obama and the Democrats have bent over backwards to comprise with the Republicans which they would agree to then vote against the bill that there had been agreement to comprises on. They nor Romney care anything about anyone unless they are worth a million or more dollars. I have no use for people like Romney that hide their money in overseas banks and has made millions of dollars by putting American workers out of work while he running Bain. His actions at Bain shows that he cares for no one nor does he care about the USA just the almighty dollar.

          • Lorrellei

            No hatred I just feel very sorry for you Romney supporters. And yes perhaps it angers me that people can be so blind. If I say anything at all here it is with passion for my beliefs and frustration that people would actually vote for a dunce like Romney, who likes to play dress up, as policeman, fireman, and mobster. Past history of beating people up, he is and will always be a BULLY! Especially after his speech indicated he would like to cut policeman and fireman, teachers, etc…besides the fact that he is a whack job, who in the world will feel safe with all his monies in Switzerland and the Caymans at almost no tax rate while if we are lucky enough to find a job, are in actuality, paying HIS taxes. He goes around terrifying people in threatening costumes. Romney needs a shrink and I get sick of you who would accept such man as our next POTUS. WE WILL BE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD with HIS lack of foreign policy…We might as well let his Mormons take over the country and move to Canada or Mexico. We will be in another war under Mitt’s administration, which we can’t afford and already we are having financial problems taking care of the Vets left from Iraq and Afghanistan. DOOMED=MITT for President in 2012 and DOOMED = the US citizens is he were to win. Elderly, Teachers, Police, Firemen…on the cutting block? IT MUST END and President Obama has done well and is getting better each year. Look up his accomplishments. He works almost everyday, now he has grey hair in 3 1/2 years and the soles of his shoes are worn out. Mitt would just buy $5000 new shoes. Will Mitt do that? Because that IS what it will take, and if you think Obama went on Vacations…just you wait until HIGH CLASS Mitt gets access to Air Force One and his vacations. He obviously doesn’t care now, why will he then? He has the charisma of a clump of dirt and cares only for his own personal wallet and to be the next POTUS as a trophy he can show his great grandchildren. Does he need the $400,000 the Presidential Seat pays? NO. We all know that. Yet we still have no agenda from him. He should at the very least be required to invest all his monies into US banks and pay proper taxes. Until he does that, he will lose. And it will be the rightful one. OBAMA in 2012!

      • obama is rich,but he is willing to support and protect the middle class,,unlike the repugs who are trying destroy the middle class,romney wants to fire teachers,cops,fire fighters,,,,so his wealthy cronies can have BIG tax cuts

        • Tom_D44

          So Obama says he’s for the middle class but what has he actually done for them? He gave us healthcare but only to divide the country with a completely partisan bill that raises taxes on all of us even though he never actually admitted to it. Sure you can raise taxes on businesses, but businesses don’t pay taxes. They create products and services that we all buy and when their expenses go up so does the price of that product or service. So we all pay. How’s your gas bill been lately? And what has Obama done to change any of that? He’s on record as saying that he supports highter gas prices only to push an agenda to move away from oil. But since there is no cost effective substitute for oil right now we will all pay – pay to heat and cool your home, pay to fill up your car, pay to produce food and other consumer goods, pay to ship them to us and on and on. It hits your wallet everywhere. He supports a carbon tax concept that will, again, raise oil prices for us even more. He supports additional stimulus money to hand out to his buddies, when he doesn’t have the money to pay for it. So he prints more and that devalues our money and we all pay. And then he plays political games with job creation figures to make the numbers benefit him. I don’t hate Obama but, unfortunately, he is just another politician that has duped us all and hasn’t changed anything.

          By the way, i’m sure that when you use the word “repugs” it is in a purely respectful context as I see a lot of finger pointing at the right around here regarding racism and hatred. If you are going to point out all of the hatred on the right then be careful how you show your own disrespect. Talk is cheap – actions speak louder than words.

          • DurdyDawg

            You must not have read any of obozo’s posts.. The guy can’t get through a paragraph without demeaning the Dems.. Sure, we shouldn’t come back on the Pubs, but unlike the democratic congress, we’re not willing to go belly down when the opposition brow beats us.. Tell your pub buddies to slacken off on the name calling and we’ll try to respect you more.

  • If it isn’t French pastry he can’t recognize it. It exposes the bully nature of the man–yet he can act craven in front of the Tea party.

  • howa4x

    He is worth 250 million and is more conforable with those of his ilk. He is a country club kind of guy, so relating to a small shop owner in Iowa is way out of his league. I just can’t fathom why any middle class person would even consider voting for him

    • CPANY

      I’m also at a loss to explain that, except on reflection two things come to mind:

      Most middle class people are white and cannot bring themselves to vote for a black, even though it’s in their financial interest to do so.

      The older middle class cannot discard their early upbringing, when it was “de rigeur” to be conservative.

      An interesting group is the Southern rednecks. They’re poor and badly educated, but because Obama’s black, they won’t vote for him. This phenomenon was observed in the Civil War. Most in the ranks of the Confederate Army were poor whites who owned no slaves, but were fighting for Southern rights, i.e. the right to own slaves.

      • Tom_D44

        What? If white middle class people can’t get themselves to vote for a black man then how did Obama get into office? That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Get off the racist kick already. If this country was really as biggoted as you say then Obama would never had his opportunities.

        • the black folks came out to vote in droves in 2008,,,,thats why the repugs are hell bent determine to suppress the vote like in florida and across the states,,,,repugs can’t win on their agenda,they have to undermine and sway the votes

          • Tom_D44

            So Obama didn’t win any traditionally “red” states? He didn’t win Latinos? He didn’t win the women vote – white or black? And no other white guys from the middle class or the rich class voted for Obama? He got in all on the black vote? Then how did he win Florida? North Carolina?

          • Lorrellei

            I voted him in, Obama…I am white, in California, cannot speak for anyone else, but I will vote for OBAMA again in 2012!! I think he is a fine President, no color issues with me, if he can do the job, and he is doing it, he deserves another 4 years to complete his work. Mitt POS got a ‘Nay’ from me the first time I heard him speak. I am an excellent judge of character, but I also read mannerisms, body language, and Mitt was an instant ‘Nay’ from me when introduced as GOP candidate…and now he is a resounding HELL NO!

          • nobowtie

            Not all whites will vote against Obama, just the ones that still have color problems. Plus in that election there were enough people that could see what a zoo this country would be if Palin got any where near the white house.

        • CPANY

          We’re examining why there are middle class people who won’t vote for Obama, not how many middle class whites voted for him in 2008. Some people cannot get past their prejudices and past behavior patterns to safeguard their economic interests.

          Even though Romney is an elitist and obviously against the poor and middle classes, he has an advantage in that he hasn’t had to make good on his campaign promises. Obama has fallen short on his promises and the economy is getting worse.

          Obama talks a good game, but hasn’t yet pulled out all of the troops and hasn’t yet brought actions against the criminals who caused the 2008 panic. I thought that he handled Natanyahu well, refusing to knuckle under to his insulting manner and thinly veiled insults.

        • ObozoMustGo

          Tom… that’s just too much logical common sense you’ve got in that post. You’re gonna piss off a lot of leftist nutjobs and useful idiots around here!

          Have a nice day!

      • some folks will vote for romney,no matter how bad he will destroy our economy,,,they just can’t accept a black man in a white house,,,,i’m white and obama has my vote,because obama is for everyone,not just the 1% that romney is only for

        • I couldn’t agree more. Racism still runs the US. I know a “southern” democrat who stated he could never for a n=====. I can’t believe skin color matters that much. They bemoan that he says he’s black man but our society deems him black by his skin tone. He & Michelle have the votes in my Washington state home!

        • jlelandthomas

          Hi Queen isabel I am white and a full blooded Southern red neck .I voted for Obama and I will again in spite of CPANY
          Romney will make the rich richer and the poor poorer

      • jlelandthomas

        Well CPANY you need to go back and reread your real history you do not know what you are talking about Abe wanted to send the black people back we were turning them loose in a more human like way Abe refused and would not comply with what we ask for not demanded ask He or you jumped on us when we ask for help and wond up taking early teen agers to fight because you all caould not beat us man to man so you sent children to do your fighting we stood our ground and you finely got lucky it sounds like you have the same attitude he has their are otherways to look at life besides your own like other people and most of us think Abe was great a self educated union and money power loning person that cause a lot of blood shed .I have a feeling that he was not alone in that
        Johnny t

        • CPANY

          Thank you for your response. It’s a classical example of the logic of unreconstructed Confederates. I may even have it framed.

      • swoosh 2 points. using lies and racsism to play upon the ignorant is one reason the GOP keeps Newt and Rush on their payroll.

  • He is not presidential material. Nowhere near enough class or morals. He is dangerous. He does not need to be president, what he really truly needs is penis enlargement surgery. That is the only thing that will heal his sick ego/greed/power/bullying complex and napoleon syndrome disease. He is ugly and hung like a mouse. That’s why he is like that and feels a need to ruin the economy and hurt hard workers. They have stones and can do things that he can’t. His revenge is to use politics to hurt everyone and anyone he can.

    • CPANY


      To which candidate are you referring? Your screed doesn’t mention any names.

      • Lorrellei

        This article was about Mitt. It was Mitt he was referring to, dunce. Are you just here to fan the flames yet again or did you have something of importance you wanted to share…enough here…we all know Mitt is a Piece Of Shyt extraordinaire, So from now on I will call him by his rightful name. POS for short. Needless to say he cannot buy the Whitehouse, it is not for sale. Anyone who votes for this POS you will be wasting your vote, so be informed now before you vote, find out every fact about Mitt POS that you can and I believe that you will draw the correct conclusion. Obama 2012!!

        • CPANY

          I didn’t want to share anything with you. I only wanted to clarify about whom you were writing. Your writing style is weak and it wasn’t clear. You need to stop using run-on sentences. Also, your logic is pretty weak. because not everybody considers him to be a piece of shit.

          As to spelling: It’s White House, not Whitehouse.

          I’m curious: What level did you attain in school?

          • Lorrellei

            I happen to be 51 years old with 2 degrees and don’t care for your style of writing either, so just leave it at that. I am leaving now for work . I write in run-on sentences because I like to get my point across. This is not grade school, I am not running for president and I do not have to be perfect or have my work graded or to respect you if I don’t like you, which I don’t. For someone who can sit on here everyday all day like you, pointing out sentence structures, spelling and writing style mistakes, that only makes YOU look like a GIANT pompous A$$!

  • 13observer

    Oh yes, the “chocolate doughnut test”. No f’n wonder we look so stupid sometimes. Come on, we better do better than that by November.

  • arrogant <—- that is the key word of the article rummy was raised with everything handed to him and he earned his money by putting middle class people out of work 2 things that many in this world despise. he has had donations from LDS which is illegal. he has yet to tell the American people the truth. what amazes me is how many people actually will come here and post things the gop trolls .. It is a shame that the republican party has become so sad filled with hatred and deceit . along with that Racism. I have seen many posts where if you happen to tell the facts the Republican people sit and will whine about true facts. Im sorry I will not vote for Romney he will destroy America as GW Has already we cant afford to go backwards. as far as rummy not even acknowledging the woman is sad it shows his true character like a slap on the face by a rich idiot. I have spent time with the rich and i have spent time with the poor and i have found that the poor are more respectful and kind than the snub nose rich fools. Say Mitt hows those caymen swiss accounts doing you know the ones where you hide your money and pay less taxes than the average american .

  • 2hheels2

    Sorry but Those that listen to Romeny have been disenfranchised by his lies and flip flopping. One day he says that Obama didn’t learn from Wisconsin race about hiring teacher cops and fire fire fighters. Then last night on Fox news he said the Feds don’t pay for those jobs. But the do the subsidize each and everyone. He doesn’t have a clue or he is lying again. A blatant liar I can not vote for. Why I would I vote for someone that I know would kill the jobs that support me.

    • CPANY

      Indeed. Why would anyone with at least a modicum of sense vote for someone who’s out to eliminate one’s own job?

  • joujou228

    I’d like to know who are the middle class or poor voters voting for Mitt Romney and why? Forget about identifying with you, he doesn’t know anything about your lives!

  • joujou228

    Adelson is saying he’s giving 100 millions to Romney and the Republicans, but he can not buy your votes unless you let him.

  • Adelson needs his big tax cuts to continue, so he can keep buying politicians to keep his tax cuts in place. Obama 2012

  • karinursula

    I don’t understand. I been reading that some people ridicule the President for taken money from Hollywood. How is different from Romney who takes in a hell of a lot more money from super pacts and Billionaires. Of course he does not understand the middle class or poor, how could he, he was raised with money and made a lot more with Bain. His children went to private school, so why should he give a damn about public teachers. That reminds me when Bush Sr was President. He went to a Department store and had no idea what a scanner was. That is Romney in a nutshell. I really have a hard time understanding why Republican middle class or poor voters can’t see that.

    • DurdyDawg

      It all boils down to the boob tube and super pac’s millions.. Can’t think and watch hee-haw at the same time so those political ads blends in with their favorite show and because their very short, they stick to their brain pans.. Ignorance has no bounds.

  • karinursula

    One other thing. I really don’t care what Mrs Romney says, if she had a big house, servants etc, she did not work. I raised 3 children and had a full time job. That is work. No I did
    not go to work because I wanted to, I had no choice.

    • I hope Mrs. Romney gave her children lots of love and respect for the little guy , as Princess Diana did! But I really doubt it, regarding the respect part.

    • DurdyDawg

      Thank Ronnie Raygun for that my dear.

  • Frankly this woman’s problem is her own fault. Shouldn’t have hosted a Romney fund raiser in the first place. She should now host an Obama event as her penance.

    • DurdyDawg

      Ah, don’t blame her.. He was the only one passing through and she wanted something to tell her grandchildren, but he didn’t even shake her hand nor even knew what ‘one-horse’ town he was in.. Probably couldn’t even distinguish her from a chocolate donut. It was a simple mistake on her part, to expect something from nothing.. Fact is though, donuts NEVER forget.

  • romney doesn’t care about no-one,,,he has enough of wal street folks in his pocket to buy him the white house,,,your little diner ain’t dooley squat,when he has folks with big money to post and distort his lies,,,,get in his way and he will bankrupt your buisness,,,

  • stephenumkc

    This idiot who has had a silver spoon up his back door since birth is such an elitist, that he doesn’t know how to communicate with anyone who isn’t a member of the national tightass club. He has a net profit spreadsheet where is heart should be and is completely ignorant when it comes to words like labor or teamwork or neighborly. If I want to counsel people on drug addiction, it would help if I knew something about it. He claims he wants to help the working class and yet work is a term that isn’t even in his vocabulary unless he’s firing one of his house servants for not kissing his ass enough. Our President is cleaning up the mess that the GOP has put us in and is willing to keep us in so long as they can blame it on the President. GET A CLUE MITT! The working American isn’t buying your BS anymore. You don’t know how to run a small farm, let alone the most powerful nation on the planet. The best thing that the GOP can do now is apologize, go away and let the people who care about ALL Americans and not just the buddies at the Country Club continue fixing what you all screwed up.

    • heydog

      Don’t hold your breathe waiting for them to apologize – they know what they are doing and really just don’t care. What they care about is their bottom lines – screw anyone or thing (like the environment) that gets in their way.

  • sbsportcrd

    Sean Hannity makes fun of Obama because he can’t think of the name of a part to fix your furnace and calls it a thigamagig. Most people can’t name a furnace repair part, but they can identify a donut. I bet we won’t hear that sound bite on his show.

    • DurdyDawg

      Now THAT was good reading material.. Someone should create a sitcom from that premise.. LOL!

    • Very good sbspoortcrd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • romney has bankrupt companies and have taken plenty from folks,,,don’t fool your self

  • Open Mouth, make an A@@ out of my self. He just can’t stop him self. She was probably on the fence and now we know what side she is on!!!!! People surround themselves with like people, so with his staff being so rude, what do you think he’s like. After all we know he is a bully. A tiger doesn’t change it’s stripes!!!!!

  • ObozoMustGo

    Here’s the real score….

    Have a nice day!

    • BOZO — I have a question for you. If you voted for BUSH, how do you face yourself in the mirror each morning? Or do you do as most BUSH voters must do that aren’t completely ignorant and say something like… “how could I have been so stupid?”

      • ObozoMustGo

        Bigblunder… what’s up buddy?

        Bush was not good and was a disappointment fiscally as well as turning a blind eye to illegal immigration. His Rx drug bill was a complete fiscal disaster. So no, most of us were not happy with Bush.

        But Bush is gone, dude. As much as Obozo wants to pretend, Bush is NOT on the ballot. Obozo has had the reigns for 3.5 years now. You cant say that Bush made things so bad without wondering what in the hell Obozo has done to fix it. NOTHING!!! In fact, he’s made it worse. Obozo is 10 times worse than Bush was. The guy is a loser with ZERO accomplishments.

        Obozo must go! Anything is better than him.

        Here’s another picture for you.

        Have a nice day!

  • heydog

    I almost feel sorry for the guy – he looks so uncomfortable around ‘common folk’.



    I’m seventy-four and I don’t like you, either. If I’m “sitting on here everyday all day….” what are you doing? You’re there to read what I write, so you’re in no position to criticize.

    As to styles of writing: Perhaps you missed the point that we both use acerbic styles. Too bad, because using that style requires a thick skin. You don’t seem to have that.

    As to my being a pompous ass: Are you any better? You claim to have two degree and to be fifty-one years old. In spite of the two degrees, your writing style is childish and you’re not fooling me with your claim that using run-on sentences enables you to get your point across. I think that you use run-on sentences because you don’t know any better.

    Reading the postings of other people should reveal to you that run-on sentences are very common and combined with other grammatical shortcomings are clear indications of poor educations.

    • Not a poor education but anger. When you are mad you have a tendency to use run on sentences, I know I do. So run on sentences and grammatical shortcomings are not necessary an indication of poor education. CPANY are you a retired English teacher?

      • CPANY


        • Lorrellei

          Then please don’t say anything to me if you disagree. If you have nothing important to say that is factual, other than pointing out people’s faults in your eyes regarding our sentence structure, you should really not speak to us at all. It is called “Passion” for my beliefs and I don’t regret a word I have stated thus far.

          • CPANY

            I won’t say anything to you if you stop posting comments.

            A public bulletin board such as this offers the opportunity to give one’s point of view, but it has two sides: whatever you post is fair game for anyone else to criticize and that includes your grammar, syntax, spelling, etc.

            Remember what Harry Truman said.

          • Lorrellei

            Live and learn, CPANY, don’t you or your aliases ever talk to me here again. Or you will see why.

          • CPANY

            Your threatening tone is inappropriate here. If you can’t take criticism, then don’t post anything more.

            If I don’t agree with what you write, I’ll respond to it.

    • Lorrellei

      I actually work taking care of the elderly. I just got home. 8 hours later and you are still here trying to make my life harder for me. I am certain that you have been sitting on your pompous fat butt all day ragging on people all over national memo. I go and work hard for my money. I do good things for my elderly people…do you? No you just sit here and put down everyone you disagree with. I am far more intelligent than you ever will be. I don’t like you because you jump on people for the things they say, and the way they say them while they are perhaps rushing off to go to work like I was this morning. People are entitled to THEIR OPINIONS! You are NOT GOD! You do not know everything there is to know and you are not above us. Get over it… Do you have any likes? NO. Hardly many at all…Do I? Yes, many. I have seen you do this to MANY people over the weeks, not just myself. That is why I don’t like you. You should get a real job and not put people down for their opinions. You are an opinionated old fart. Don’t reply to me any more.

      • CPANY

        What is the difference between “jumping on people for what they say” and disagreeing with them?

        You like to give criticism, but you don’t seem to be able to take it. If you don’t like being criticized, then don’t post anything to this bulletin board. If you do, it’s fair game for anyone to attack. That’s the essence of open debate.

        • Lorrellei

          You are the ABOVE average egotistical pig. I am positive no one can stand to be around you in real life, therefore you take to these boards assuming to yourself that you are oh so correct. You need professional help and are a traitor to this country, that is if you or any of your fake other aliases here you (TROLL) are actually from here are…if your alias
          accounts are even living in the great United States of America, You should move to a lepers island since you are so dissatisfied here you do us all a favor since you are so vicious. You just try to make me go away from my great country, you would get yourself into a gangland style beating. I have the technology to make it happen. So don’t answer anymore of my posts unless you’d like a taste of my anger.

  • romneys nothing but an anti-christ idiot

  • the evil rud POS

  • noneedtocomment

    I hope he visits more small towns so his true colors, Of the slime he is can be seen.

  • A simple brain fart. All of us of a certain age have them. I just hope he does not have one when he is on the phone with someone important.

    • DurdyDawg

      Well that’s true George but most of us aren’t running for POTUS which takes a little bit more brain power than a simple fart and knowing Mittens, he doesn’t know what ‘beano’ is either so expect more (brainless) cranial gas passing.

      … And by the way, do you consider Dianne Bauer an unimportant shop owner? You must not be part of the American middle class..

  • downtownworker

    I’d love to have one of those chocolate… wait, are those crepes or mini Dark Chocolate and Orange Gateaux? Yum!

  • Lorrellei

    POS MITT: ” When he was asked back in the Republican primaries what was his plans for the country if elected he stated “If you knew that, you won’t vote for me” end quote. When a candidate makes a statement like that everyone needs to wonder what he is up to and what is so bad about his plans for our Country that he won’t reveal them to us.”

    An excerpt from Hillbilly’s comment and one I had missed. Very important to ask yourselves why he would say such things before trying to get elected.

    And just one more reason to vote for Obama 2012!


    More Than That

    To this writer it amazes me that the American Taliban Republican candidate is even mentioned on the same page as Obama. Romney just seems to be so off the mark in just about every topic of concern to middle class citizens.

    Even when he speaks about topics of which he has something of idea, it is clear that his words have been programed in by Stevens and Rove and bear no credibility. As you will recall his fellow Republicans found few items of merit during his primary encounters.

    Notice too that Romney bears close association with the ideas and beliefs of George W. Bush. So if you liked what Bush did to this country, you are going to love Romney as his repeat. That should scare even the hard core R’s.

  • Typical Romney he has never had to want for anything and was raised as a snob. He cannot help the he doesn’t care about the common man, he feels he is above them

  • jlelandthomas

    What ever .You know that ROMNEY will Dump on you as soon as he gets in plave to get what he wants.
    I would really like for some one with a better back ground than eather of them including some real military leader ship in their back ground to go with it but so far OBAMA is our only real choice he is way above Romney in Honestyand Integratee.
    Every time that I get a job that some one else has aleady worked on or patched it takes alot longer to fix it and so as to Bush leaving us with irrepairable debt that compounds it’s self we go deeper so OBAMA has alot to go over in order to fix it aint a simple thing to