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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

David Cay Johnston explains why cutting the IRS is a terrible idea in his column, “Honey, They Shrunk The IRS:”

Congress will spend a trillion dollars more than it levies this year, so how do Washington’s politicians respond to the 11th consecutive year of federal budgets in red ink? They plan to shrink the IRS.

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One response to “We Should Expand, Not Cut The IRS”

  1. rustacus21 says:

    … Conservatives hate government. They hate taxes. They hate opportunity, Liberties & freedoms for ALL Americans – BUT should be extended to SOME Americans, who can afford to PAY the government (elected representatives) to ignore their “un”-patriotic & criminal activities. In other words, they HATE America. We already had this conversation, by the way, when the nation was chrisened as a Democracy & the oath of allegience we all swore was to uphold, support & abide by the laws as set forth in the Constitution. Of course, Conservatives missed those little details, as they were busy fighting to ensure America would not come to be & continued hatching plots, which resulted in the civil war, the jim crow & apartheid area, the robber baron era, the 1st & 2nd Great Republican Depressions (of which the 2nd is still very much en force)! Is it any wonder then, that if the IRS is fully funded, it will catch nothing but tax cheats in the income range of a million dollar/yr? The same income range who funds Conservative “Republican” AND Conservative “Democrat” legislators, who run around by the leash of the wealthy masters, howling, barking & growling anytime anyone hints at raised taxes (that are back-owed, going on 11 years NO LESS!!!) on this income group? Recall is a self-correcting process to ensure the legislature isn’t bought, own & paid for by the wealthy. & American voters are understanding this by the hour. Pay close attention to what’s happening in WI! It’s coming to a state near you as well!!!

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