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Friday, March 22, 2019

Weak Skills, Worse Ethics At Wall Street Journal Opinion Site

Weak Skills, Worse Ethics At Wall Street Journal Opinion Site

The Wall Street Journal‘s James Taranto made an ironic mistake on Thursday when he wrongly suggested that National Memo Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason might have plagiarized another columnist.

Taranto began by noting that Conason’s syndicated column on Real Clear Politics was almost exactly identical to Jonathan Alter’s most recent column on The National Memo. This turned out to be the result of an error by Conason’s editor at Creators Syndicate (which distributes his columns.) The editor mistakenly sent out Alter’s column instead of Conason’s — an error which has since been corrected and which Taranto never bothered to investigate by contacting Conason, Creators Syndicate, or Alter.

As Andrew Beaujon of Poynter reported:

“Taranto (and his editors) entered the realm of self-satire by posting an item that questions my ethics and attention to detail, without bothering to contact me or anyone else to learn the basic facts,” Conason writes. ‘It would be funny if it weren’t such a pain in the ass.”

Taranto’s mocking post led to a number of tweets directed at Conason, insinuating that he had intentionally plagiarized Alter’s column — which would be an exceptionally brazen act of stupidity considering that the column runs every week on The National Memo. Conason replied immediately to the accusations via Twitter:


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8 responses to “Weak Skills, Worse Ethics At Wall Street Journal Opinion Site”

  1. michaelgingerly says:

    It would appear that James Taranto scored a direct hit and Joe Conason is in duck-and-cover mode.

  2. Did anyone here actually READ Taranto’s column, in which he made it perfectly clear that he believed this to be an error or glitch, rather than plagiarism?

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  4. expipe says:

    I have lived in America for 64 years, growing up I thought of this country as great, but that is just the PR I was fed, some of it may have been true, but that generation of great folks and leaders is dead and dying. Now when I look around all I can see is monumental incompetence and an anything for the money mentality. Cheney makes Nixon look like Mother Teresa and we all just seem to accept his traitor ass. We have no say in our govt anymore, money and power has taken over every sphere. Healthcare and education go to those who can pay for it, and the quality of both has been cheapened. When our boys come home to our village as Faith Castle Ball puts it, they come home from a rubble pile called Afganistan, an area that has defeated every nation for centuries, and they are denied the medical and PSYCHOLOGICAL REPAIR THAT THEY ARE DUE, because the nation has been bilked by Halliburton and all the other war contractors for the minimum of 10 BILLION DOLLARS, because of great leaders like Cheney and Bush. This country cant pay for anything now because we are so broke. Cant pay for the health of seniors or women or feed hungry kids school lunches. Cant build anything of value or necessity. All the while the 900 Lb elephant in the room are the sum total of the two UNNECESSARY WARS we are waging. For all the billions that have been syphoned out of the taxpayer pockets in this country, Iraq and Afganistan are still piles of rubble. Ask yourself who has the money. They dont want you to follow that trail. Every day your TV serves up sitcoms about crooks, murderers and theives getting what they deserve. But this country cant indite and punish the crooks and theives who crashed our economy, stole our homes and our jobs, ruined our retirement accounts, and made it impossible for our kids to go to college without being saddled with crushing debt they cant ever escape. How do you pay off 50 thousand in loans when you cant even find a job?I am serious if I had that kind of debt starting out I would fake my death, assume another identity, leave the country or all three.
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    • William Deutschlander says:

      The treatment of the men and women returning from thr Bush / Cheney Wars is an abominable shame. This Nation, the United States of America, the U S Congress, has not provided even the barest minimum of care for the Vast Majority of Americans who were thrust into Wars of Choice by Bush / Cheney. Those two countries, backassward and corrupt can not be saved from themselves by external force, if salvation is to be it MUST COME FROM WITHIN!

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    • ilkinolywa says:

      I wish I had posted that! I get so frustrated I’m in to the nitro.

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