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Friday, October 21, 2016

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Steve King

As the situation in Ferguson, Missouri spiraled out of control, Newsmax TV decided to sort out the police shooting and subsequent protests by turning to an expert on race relations: Rep. Steve King (R-IA).

According to Congressman King, racial profiling didn’t play a role in the violence — because everyone in Ferguson is from the same “continental origin.”

“This idea of no racial profiling…I’ve seen the video,” King said. “It looks to me like you don’t need to bother with that particular factor because they all appear to be of a single, you know, of a single origin, I should say, a continental origin might be the way to phrase that.”

You guys, I don’t think he’s talking about North America.

But don’t worry, minorities: King added that he “reject[s] race-based politics, identity politics” (unless someone has cantaloupe calves, in which case all bets are off).

Meanwhile, Reince Priebus would like you to know that his outreach plan is going just fine, thanks for asking.

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  • JDavidS

    I used to be disgusted…Now, I’m just amused.

    • Independent1

      I would be more amused if there were far less gullible Americans listening to and believing the wacky things these NM crazies spew every week.

      • highpckts

        Me too!! Pracically my whole family believes this vomit!!

      • plc97477

        There are less and less every day. Keep your spirits up with that information.

    • Duckbudder

      Cool. Like your Red Shoes.

      • JDavidS

        Thanks. The angels wanna wear ’em. And I have Blind Faith in your impeccable taste! Have a good one my friend!

  • Dominick Vila

    Listening to the opinions of right wing demagogues is like getting advice on fire prevention from an arsonist.
    In any case, this segment of the NM never fails to provide a much needed form of entertainment. It is apparent that there are many among us that chose the wrong careers as a profession. Most of the clowns the NM highlights every Friday should have considered a three-ring circus rather than politics.

    • Independent1

      I guess the main thing that bothers me Dominick, is that there are so many brainwashable Americans who actually feed off the wackiness that these NM crazies spew week after week.

      • Dominick Vila

        You are right. As disturbing as it is to hear media talking heads and politicians spreading libelous lies or using hyperbole to satisfy the desires of the most radical members of our society, the fact that many among us listen and believe these idiots and liars is much more troubling because of the consequences their naivete has on our political process and our way of life.

    • idamag

      Except circuses are entertaining and I don’t find those nuts entertaining. It pains me to think the American people have devolved so much that they send those kind of people to Washington.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    All that’s “wrong” with “today’s” right is their inability to be part of a society they cannot ever hope to control with ideological “force.” That doesn’t work. They believe that their brand of ideology is a tenet of faith they must implement to “convert” a nation to their way of thinking. Look at that for what it is: Forced indoctrination.

    I prefer to believe that those the right today consider their “inferiors” and the “great unwashed masses” are far more intelligent and intellectual than men like King would want.

    When any ideology seeks to divide a nation against itself, that ideology fails miserably. The wonder of it? That men like King actually believe in their own power to such levels that national indoctrination to them is a wave of a magic wand…think again Mr. King.

    • Dominick Vila

      “Public Enlightenment” as it was called in the Third Reich era, can be very effective where ignorance or extreme ideological leanings exist, but sooner or later it is exposed, and people often react violently against those who deliberately misled them or lied to them.
      The GOP-TP should consider historical precedents on this issue, and should make their position on issues of national importance clear, rather than let surrogates and those who make a living spreading lies, if they want to remain a viable political alternative. Otherwise, their record, and the tactics their surrogates are using, are likely to backfire and may doom their chances forever.

  • TZToronto

    I think the only legal means of removing a President from office is impeachment. It says so in the Constitution. And until he’s convicted, he can’t even face trial for any crimes he’s committed while in office. So I don’t know what other legal means he’s talking about.

    • Independent1

      And given that impeachment requires a 2/3 majority in the Senate to buy into what the House mounts as reasons for impeachment, which should be amusing to listen to if it really comes to that, impeachment just ain’t going to happen. But then, as has been demonstrated time and again, the GOP just loves to push objectives that simply aren’t doable, even though they know it’s not doable, they just keep bringing it up to feed red meat to their base.

    • latebloomingrandma

      Well, there are a lot of people out there ready for “Second Amendment” remedies.

      • plc97477

        True but not really legal.

  • charleo1

    My Great Grandmother, God rest her soul, was what we might refer to today as a Fundamentalist Evangelical. Specifically a Pentecostal. I hear echoes of her admonitions to me about, “the end times,” in NM’s “This Week in Crazy.” Which are now being used as political Hob Goblins, by some on the political Right. “Charles,” she would say, “There’s going to be a, Great Tribulation, and you had better be right with the Lord!” This is the, “Gospel,” that would come into it’s own, and make many a Televangelist very wealthy. And with the help of such men as Jerry Falwell, and Pat Robertson, came to drive this very politicalized brand of Christianity widely known today, as the Religious Right. “The Moral Majority,” Falwell called it. And the GOP seen an opportunity. Back, when I was a boy, just as today, the faithful adherents looked for signs of the beginning of that great time of testing for Christians. That many believe will be ushered in by a charismatic Anti-Christ. Back then in the early sixties, some thought this was Hitler. Others, most in fact thought, no, it was going to be a Communist. After 9/11, and the election of a scary, “Black Muslim,” who could make a damn fine speech, it all just made sense. Well, the kind of thing that passes for sense, inside those big Armco buildings that serve as a propaganda outlet for one leg of the Republican Party’s cobbled together, three legged political stool. And it was those millions of the, “born again,” followers, that play this vital role in the Right’s electoral base. That for the first time in 2000, played a major role in electing a man they seen as one of their own to the Presidency. One, George W. Bush. When Eric Rush accuses Liberals of standing with Muslim Fundamentalists who are putting Christians to the sword. And warns Christians about the dark ulterior motives of the Gay President, and hints at what this possible Anti-Christ, and his Homosexuals have in store for Christians, it carries weight. They don’t scoff. Do they take it as certainty? No. Will it motivate some to remember to vote? And vote against their own best interests? If so, Mr. Rush has been useful. When Glen Beck urges, “To get closer to Jesus,” he’s not making an alter call. He’s talking about the end times. He’s talking about the sin of secularism, of the separation of religion from the power of the State. About the Godless Federal Government. The, “Secular Socialism.” Newt Gingrich called, “The greatest threat to America.” Governor Rick Perry, another Religious Righter, sees State’s Rights as an al la carte, opportunity, whereby, “People ought to choose the way they want to live.” (The Governor’s words.) If that means legalizing discrimination against minorities, and other religions. Or, the privatizing of all public schools, where students are taught the Bible, and not such blasphemy as evolution, and science. Well, if people want that kind of World, they should be able to make that happen. If all this sounds crazy. Well, welcome to the powerful, money fueled, not only money fueled, but money worshiping, Religious Right. They are not a force to be taken lightly. And those Muslim Fundamentalists are not the only ones dreaming of a caliphate.

    • jmprint

      You are so right. Thanks

    • stcroixcarp

      I will be relieved when the Rapture comes and takes the right wingers and leaves the rest of us in peace!

      • charleo1

        That would still leave Fox News to describe the event, not as
        The Rapture. But, as God cleansing the World of the Godless
        Liberals. Just my prediction.

        • stcroixcarp

          I just assumed that Fox would be raptured too and the only game in town would Rachel Maddow.

  • jointerjohn

    The saddest thing about the rhetoric of these fools is that they have succeeded in causing otherwise sane Americans to begin sleeping with guns on their chests and a night-light on. A quick perusal of the blogger’s posts over there at WND is like a visit to the chronic section of a facility for the mentally disturbed. Frightened, miserable souls having their nightmares fueled by these charlatans. They should be ashamed of themselves, I was raised that it was despicable to take advantage of those less fortunate, clearly these clowns are making a career of it.

    • jmprint

      Sunday is no longer for spending time with children playing or frolicking, now it’s at the gun range, target shooting. That’s the republican way, gotta love it!

  • Grannysmovin

    “Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving.” Dale Carnegie

    Character, integrity, decency are something none of these fools possess or know the meaning of.

  • FT66

    My winner in this Week in Crazy is Glenn Beck. This is the man who had apologised that he missled people and the entire nation in a lot of things. Now he comes out and says “America is about to collapse once and for all” unless we fellow his advice. Is this man OK? If he was wrong then, why not now?? What has he done so far that people have to trust him now and forget what many crazy talks he made in the past???

    • plc97477

      I wouldn’t trust beck to give me the time of day.

      • angelsinca

        I agree. His repeat appearance on WinC is an Easy button for the ignominious bash fest of the outlying fringe.

  • jmprint

    I do believe Beck is asking all the rich people to give away there riches to the poor. I think maybe they should listen to Beck. WWJD

  • highpckts

    Seriously don’t don’t know why these people aren’t arrested for fomenting violence!!

    • Independent1

      That’s a good point. What many of them come out with is akin to someone shouting FIRE! in a crowded theater; they’re obviously trying to create a panic within the feeble minds of their base.

    • angelsinca

      You mean like how the Week in Crazy foments the audience with its bombastic portrayals?

      • highpckts

        Just stating the facts! It’s all on record! Besides you can’t make this stuff up. It’s too nuts!!

  • Allan Richardson

    While the other NM article pages have cleaned up their behavior, THIS one still has some technical issues with Firefox on Windows 7. Even with the latest updates to Adobe Flash Player and its plugin, each of the five pages starts off with the response to the scroll wheel and keyboard being delayed by up to 60 seconds before the “Flash Player plugin has crashed” message.

    This means it takes up to five extra minutes to read this feature, even without actually PLAYING the videos (it seems that the web site tries to play them without waiting for the Play button to be clicked, so the video playing off the visible part of the page — when it is not yet possible to GET to the video’s part of the page — seems to lock up and crash the plugin).

    Is anyone else having problems with this, or is it just this computer? I have an email in to the webmaster, but have not received a response yet.

    • Duckbudder

      Not that problem, but 75% of the time when I close the banner ad at the bottom of the home page Safari crashes.

    • angelsinca

      It’s not only FF. Chrome is bogged down by the same over-scripting and adwhoring, but doesn’t crash much. Huff Post is just as surfer-unfriendly.

    • dtgraham

      Yes, I often have major problems with the NM website just like the ones you described. Flash player plugin crash problems with either Firefox or Google Chrome. Interestingly, it seems to be fine everywhere else. I also run Windows 7.

  • Angel Perea

    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: If America had entry level admissions IQ test requirements for politicians, these pea brain idiots would be disqualified and be send back to continuing school for remediation. Also, it may too late for ethic training and character building! If they didn’t learn it from their parents growing up, then it is too late now! These political clowns insult our intelligence by bragging that somehow their establishing of a record for not passing responsible legislation and lowest rating with their continued
    obstruction! Now since they got tired of doing nothing they go on paid vacation is an achievement of some kind that merits reelection? Please…..

    • Duckbudder

      Could we do much worse picking congress by lottery?