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Friday, April 20, 2018

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. John McCain

Photo: Medill DC via Flickr
Photo: Medill DC via Flickr

It hasn’t been a great week for Sarah Palin. The former half-term Alaska governor’s weekend speech to the Iowa Freedom Summit was so rambling and incoherent that even her erstwhile allies on the right are admitting that she may not be the sparkling, mesmerizing political tour de force that they once claimed.

But at least one prominent Republican is still on Team Palin: the man who unleashed her upon America in the first place, Senator John McCain (R-AZ).

On Wednesday, The Washington Post asked McCain if Palin could be a viable 2016 presidential candidate.

“She’s very interesting,” McCain replied. “And I’m sure she’d do great.”

I wonder if the senator writes Amazon reviews in his spare time?

It may be tempting to discount McCain’s optimistic view of Palin’s presidential prospects, given that his “illegitimate son,” Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), is also planning a run. But keep in mind: McCain has literally never been wrong.

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123 Responses to This Week In Crazy: The ‘Obama Is A Muslim’ Song!

  1. Mr. Beck should visit the 20 states that have voluntarily raised the minimum wage, or talk to the CEO of Aetna, the company that raised their minimum wage to $16 an hour to attract qualified applicants and to reduce attrition. If he does, he may – just may – stop making a fool of himself.
    As for Sen. McCain’s endorsement of Sarah Palin, I suspect he is just trying to justify the mistake that cost him an election. I doubt that he was too impressed by her incoherent rambling in Iowa. John McCain’s recent speech on torture indicate he is far more pragmatic and honest than a lot of people give him credit for.

    • Dominick…I was thinking the same thing about the Muslim song source. We have 3 nut freaks here in NJ who stand on street corners, signs in their hands demanding Obama’s impeachment for nearly all of the 6 1/2 years since he was first elected.

      Did someone open a giant sink hole in the south and midwest and these imbeciles all got sucked in? Do they not realize how idiotic they appear to those outside the US?

      • I asked that question to a person (s) that post in this forum a few days ago. Either they don’t understand the damage they are doing to our country, or they don’t care.
        All U.S. Presidents endure criticism and political attacks during their tenure, but I have never seen anything that comes even close to the overt hatred that is constantly directed at President Obama.

        • When you take a close look at their faces, they are all shaven headed bulls with cows for wives who moo as loud as the one in this photo. Without her husband, she has no income.

          Sadly, those who live in southern and western states are eating up more and more of our tax dollars. Now, they’ve found a new insurance to keep blue states hostage: the Koch billionaires who buy them the government that keeps them being the USA’s biggest nanny states.

          • Did you mean to say Mid Western (Bible Belt) states? California, Oregon, and Washington state are all doing very well, and contribute the most to support the “nanny states”…

          • Yes…Sorry. I stand corrected. I have to be honest. With the direction this country is taking with the GOP tyrants and their lawless attitude of demanding THEIR way or the highway, I may leave the US. There is just so much an American will tolerate watching these lunatics flush our country down the toilet.

          • I wouldn’t leave ever. This is our country too. There have always been idiots and keep in mind who it was who lost the only civil war in this country.

          • I always thought I wouldn’t either. But since GWB was elected, the GOP has proven more tyrannical in this democracy than I can endure.

            Don’t get me wrong. I love the US. I just don’t love what the right wing, bible thumpers and ultra conservative billionaires are turning it into.

            The direction ahead is one where the taxpayer American’s only use to the GOP and right wing is to pay more taxes then they do and be the only source of red state federal revenue.

            When you consider that the US today is comprised of more red states than blue, how on earth can there ever be any equality between the states? They’ve won. We’ve lost. Trying to take a handful of states and battling billionaires while they continue to deliberately bankrupt our states to decrease our voices in government is not a prospect for my future. They hate this president enough to destroy the country we all paid dearly for. That says it all.

          • I agree with much of what you’ve said but I don’t agree we’ve lost. We’ve made great gains which proves to me the religious right is loud but much less powerful.
            They do hate this president and they’ll hate a woman but they won’t win a general election for quite some time.

          • I agree with you. We will only lose when we stop fighting and I, for one, will never stop fighting. If it wasn’t for liberal and progressive thinkers, the United State would not exist. It was the conservatives, the loyalists, the tories that wanted to remain part of England.

          • I guess Charlie feels as I do. The real information is out there and is not on Cable news, right or left wing radio, or radical parts of the internet. The people don’t want to see it. When they think the likes of Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin are smart, it discourages me.

          • I work off the, “It ain’t bad enough yet,” theory. It’s like my Grandma always said. “When you get hungry enough, them them cold taters, and ring bologny start to look pretty good after all!” When the Right Wingers, the Kochs, and the Norquists, finally get the Fed cut down small enough to fit in a bathtub, And all those Red Staters food stamps get cut. Or they take their kids as usual down to the emergency room, and wind up sitting on the curb, until someone comes out and wants to hold the title to their new Ford truck as collateral. Or, their payment to the private fire dept. is late, and they can only watch as their own houses burn down, nothing is gonna change. As we see on these boards everyday, we can present them with facts, give them examples, talk ’till we’re blue, or red in the face. No, it’s going to need to be real, and hit them square.

          • I have a red state relatives. If you think that the states to go under first “won’t” be the blue states, think again. Already 65% of our annual federal tax revenues in some form or other end up in red states.

            We are dealing with men who are defiant, tyrannical and abusing their power to the max all without anyone in any government department calling them on the carpet.

            People in red states get scraps thrown at them and they are perfectly satisfied. People in blue states are working harder and longer just to keep filling in the gaps the red state freeloaders aren’t paying in their own fair share. Not to mention helping themselves to our tax dollars for welfare and phony SSDI.

            There may be some Americans who don’t mind working and dropping dead at their desk so some Lil Abner and Daisy Mae can live high on the DogPatch hogs. I’m just not one of them. With what little time is left, I don’t want to be swimming in oil up to my neck, drinking water so polluted every drop eats like acid at my gut and watching 4 decades of my hard earned money go to people who do not need it so they can continue on their pollution rampage.

            The new GOP bull and cow form of birth control: death by pollution and fracking earthquakes. Great future to look forward to.

          • The reality for blue state Americans is that if they continue to sit back and ignore what red state politicians are doing, they will have successfully created a new country where only HAVES and HAVE NOTS exist. This never works. But, to ask generations of seniors who did the honorable thing and worked their entire lives hoping for retirement and then rip out any hope of ever retiring out from under them is a deliberate attempt to keep blue state Americans working longer, harder and with nothing to show for it.

            As President Obama said, “if you can live on $15,000 a year, do it!” Yet, this is exactly the target income red state plantation mentalities are aiming for.

            There are lots of countries outside the US where healthcare isn’t privatized and Big Insurance wouldn’t DARE hold citizens hostage. The same is true for education.

            Wake up already! How is it better to pay $250K for hip surgery in the US when every other country of the world asks for $7K? How is it better for whole generations of our kids to leave college so in debt they can’t afford to ever buy a home or pay for THEIR kids educations?

            This is better? No. This is what the red states want. This is what red states are chomping at the bit to keep their states in blue state federal tax dollars.

            And, we can’t even blame our blue state politicians. Take a good long look at CNN’s Senate and House Key Hearings any day of the week. What do you see and hear?

            Already with Keystone approved by 62% of the red states and only 35% of blue states, now every LNG gas CEO is pleading their case for opening up more liquid natural gas lines in the US. When does this end?

            First it was coal mining killing off thousands of Americans, now, it’s Big Oil and fracking. And you can’t do one single thing to stop it. Not one thing. How is that “Better?”

          • You are preaching to the choir I wasn’t asking what the problems are. I’m acutely aware of them and personally involved in working to fix them so we are in agreement.
            I was simply asking, where specifically is it better in your opinion since you were the one contemplating a relocation.

          • Ignore my relocation musings. Between you and I and four walls, I once thought I’d leave the US and move to western Canada. Until I visited Canada for 10 days and realized I was still wearing my American skin.

            Like all senior women, I get wander lust for anything that isn’t trying to place enforcements on my sense of freedom.

            The longer I live, the more scary the country seems to be. I don’t think I want to live through another Financial Meltdown that imposes huge burdens on seniors and the working class.

            President Clinton on Oprah Winfry recently said it best, “it makes no sense that Americans who need to feed their families and educate their children should not have living wages.” Leave it to a Rhodes Scholar President to be so succinct.

            I do know that there is, in this country, a tiny minority, who are stacking the cards against the working class in a way that will come to major disaster.

          • I know what you mean.
            There are trade offs everywhere and when it comes down to it, being an American usually wins. Most are nice places to visit and make me appreciate home all the more.
            It is terribly frustrating and scary to know without a doubt there are those among us, fellow citizens who don’t give a wit about anyone and their greed rules them. Thanks to Obama we avoided a monumental melt down but with the leaders on the right fighting to continually deregulate and only provide lip service to oversight, we should be nervous. Once burned we’d be naive not to be.
            We are still in the majority. Hold that thought.

          • My parents, mostly likely like yours (if you are not a lot younger than I …lol) were Great Depression people. One of the best non-fictions accounts of the Great Depression is Studs Terkel’s “Hard Times.” He wrote most of the contents using the direct quotes from people he interviewed.

            What’s scary about that book? We are heading in the very same direction today as these unsuspecting people did back in the early 1900s. There was the same kind of yo you economy from 1890 to 1928. Everyone was like a colony of roaches all trying to “get rich” quick. This applied even to the states you’d think would be least money hungry: KS, OK, WI, IA and much of middle America’s heartland. What this book shows is that even though this was a relatively benign area for greed, everyone jumped on the bandwagon believing what a handful of too wealth Robber Barons were telling them in the papers. This set them up for the Hard Times the minute the market crashed. To realize just how “hard” those times were, read this book.

            It will scare the daylights out of you when you see just how similar the present is to the buildup of the Great Depression.

            In retrospect, I believe now that the biggest US banks pulled off one of their worst scams yet: The supposed Sept. 2008 Financial Meltdown. If that Meltdown was so dire, why didn’t it affect the salaries of men like Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein or Charles and David Koch?

            The reason is clear. These are manipulative men who knew how to work the system and force us to bail them out. Count on it. If they got away with it once, a crook always returns to the scene of the crime until he’s thrown in jail.

          • We’ve got to hold our hopes up for 2016. Despite the GOP’s senate wins in 2014, that election was a turning point. Aside from those senate seats which were all won in clearly red states, and a few governorships which are always ify, the GOP lost every other initiative in 2014 – they lost every political seat open in a blue state, they lost every ballot initiative including min wage increases and all the personhood initiatives and they lost legislative ground in the majority of the other elections including in several red states. And see this article which makes it fairly clear that the GOP is going to have a tough time winning very much in 2016 when they have a lot of open senate seats with a lot of them very contestable – while the Dem senate seats are not really that much at risk.

            We can turn the country around starting in 2016. We need to keep our hopes up. See this:

            The GOP’s major 2016 problem — in 3 maps


          • You sound like someone who’s quote I remember: “I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for. I don’t hate Republicans as individuals, but I hate what the Republicans are doing to this country. I really do.”

            –Howard Dean.

          • They are laboring under the assumption to “Save your confederate money, the South shall rise again.” They haven’t stopped fighting the Civil War.

          • Exactly. Nor have many evolved beyond that. There are those who have thought for themselves and escaped the mindset of the past generations but they crossed over.There’s nothing more devout than a republican convert 🙂 Most independents who lean right on some issues but aren’t full blown freaks are just people too embarrassed to call themselves republicans after the republican party was highjacked. The tea party crowd and it’s off shoots couldn’t survive on their own as a third party so they moved in on the GOP and now it bears no resemblance to it’s former self.

          • I heard a theory on it one time. King George needed people to colonize so he could beat Spain, Russia and France. He emptied his prisons and sent them to that part of the country. Maybe, the values got passed down.

          • Tell us which Countries you would prefer to reside in other than the U.S. When more Socialists like you do leave, then we can live in a wonderful U.S.A. again.

          • There is no time machine back to the 1950’s when it was wonderful for white men but not anyone else.
            Speaking for all intelligent women, we aren’t going back to that time so dream on. Also, always remember, when women vote, dems win and we’ll be out in force in 2016.

          • Well it looks like the truth comes out. Who mentioned anything about race or gender? When others disagree with you Libs, instead of anything constructive, your obvious bias & hate towards Whites come out Loud & Clear. And this Country was much better for most Americans during the 50’s and for a generation after. Now the results of all of your Liberal policies are being known. And it will get much worse for all when the interest on our National Debt consumes 100% of ourrevenue.

          • Thank you.

            Your pitiful squealing about ‘hate towards whites’ and ‘much better for most Americans during the 50’s’ serves to demonstrate to us all that we are on the right path. The squealing of racists is a sweet music indeed, and reminds us how far we’ve come.

          • Pauly, race and gender are inescapable issues in U.S. politics, and conservatives–or what passes for “conservatives” these days–do want to take us back to the fifties. The 1850s.

            Ironically, as late as the 1960s there was substantial support for the civil rights movement and other liberal causes among Republicans. Then the arty lurched t the right, having apparently decided Goldwater lost in a landslide because he was a touch too much of a pinko.

          • Socialist? Didn’t you mean that you are the real “patriot” and the rest of us can leave! ROFL You are so arrogant in your “whiteness” and citizenship by chance! I bet you can’t leave the mirror in the morning!

          • Not Citizen by chance but by my ancestors entering through Ellis Island, Legally, had sponsors, were checked for diseases, and had employment waiting for them. Can you even understand the difference? I also see you ass-ume my “Whiteness”, which obviously upsets racists like you.

          • And you, of course know all the details about your ancestors! My point is your ancestors could just as well have stayed where they were! You had nothing to do with it! And you are ass-suming that I am a racists! Unlike you I believe in live and let live! You on the other hand are full of discrimination and unfounded biases!!

          • Just stop your lying. In reality you have no clue how or why your family of immigrants came here, now isn’t that right? It’s very possible that they were some of the convicted felons sent to the Colonies in lieu of a prison sentence. Do you have any evidence that this isn’t the case, and how many crimes did your family commit once they got here?

          • Interesting point. Who is to say they weren’t sent here to work off what they had stolen elsewhere? The land they settled on certainly was not theirs.

          • Ah, yes. Here it comes. You can’t really find anything substantive to say, so you red-bait (or, since you’re accusing Eleanor of being a socialist, not a communist, is it “pink-bait”?) instead.

          • The United States has always been a relatively liberal and progressive country. It should be, because it was formed by liberal founders with liberal ideals. It will remain liberal and progressive, and you America-hating immigrants can go back to your homeland if you don’t like it, but if you stay here you will deal with it and that’s that.

          • The definition of liberal and conservative in today’s politics HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW THOSE TERMS WERE DEFINED DURING OUR FOUNDER’S TME!! SORRY BUT THAT LINK IS PURE BS!!

            No conservatives, as conservatives have defined themselves today, would ever have created the documents that make up the foundation of America. There is far too much humanity clearly depicted in those documents, than is in any way displayed by today’s self-centered, egotistical, bigoted assholes that call themselves conservatives!!!!!

          • You are a full fledged 100% IDIOT. You are always telling me and others that the Founding fathers have got it wrong on the second amendment. You say that the right to keep and bear arms is only for a military and not for the individual citizens.If you liberal/ progressive socialist would have put the constitution together, you would have made dam sure you would have put that in the Bill of Rights.

            The Bill of Rights would read something like this if the Founding fathers were liberal/ progressive socialist.

            1. Free speech, only if we agree with it.

            2.You can’t keep and bear arms.We want to be able to have full control over you.

            3. Soldiers can do what ever they see fit to you and your Home.

            4.We don’t need no stinking papers in order to search one’s personal property. Because it belongs to the Government anyway.

            5.YOU WILL TALK IN THE COURT OF LAW. If you try to plead the 5th we will cut off you’re Head just like ISIS is already doing.

            6.You are guilty and have no rights until the emperor says you have served your time.

            7.We no longer have common law.

            8.Bail will be set at 100% of the individual citizens property value.

            9.The people have only certain types of rights, if they are part of the radical Tea Party they have no rights. But if they are of the Muslim brotherhood we will give five of our prisoners of war for one desertor.

            10.The Government has ALL the power, not the low life citizens.

            That is how the bill of rights would read if you Liberal/Progressive Socialist would have written the Constitution of the United States.

          • Wow!! That rant qualifies you for a place in This Week in Crazies!! Because a good bit of it is so convoluted IT IS IN FACT CRAZY!!

            You must have dyslexia because a lot of what you just spewed is bassassward.

            1. No organization fights for the freedom for Americans to be able to express their opinions (FREEDOM OF SPEECH) and do everything that’s allowed by the Constitution than the ACLU and that AIN’T NO CONSERVATIVE ORGANIZATION!!

            2.Like a typical GUN NUT you’re grossly over reacting to what more than 75% of Americans want and that is Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike, better control of WHO GETS THEIR HANDS ON GUNS. It’s got nothing to do with preventing SANE, WELL INTENTIONED Americans to own and carry guns. The only concern is THE WRONG PEOPLE getting their hands on them. And you can spout all you want, the 2nd Amendment ONLY APPLIES TO PEOPLE INVOLVED IN MILITIAS. So federal, state and local GOVERNMENT authorities SHOULD HAVE A RIGHT TO TELL PEOPLE WHERE AND WHEN THEY CAN CARRY A GUN.

            3.& 4. I have no clue where you’re getting the WILD NOTION that ANY GROUP (liberal, independent or conservative) is in favor of giving up their rights against unlawful entry and seizure; My sense that stuff is being practiced more in Red States like Missouri than anywhere. But I have no proof of that and your comment is nothing more than just more RWNJ conspiracy theories you’ve been brainwashed with

            5-9. Just more of your RWNJ idiocies and conspiracy theories. You have absolutely no evidence to support any of those TOTALLY NONSENSE accusations>

            10. It’s not governments in Blue States that are enacting law after law that put more limitations in people’s lives and increase CONTROL OVER PEOPLE!! IT’S REPUBLICANS YOU DIMWIT!!

            It’s republicans that are passing laws which are preventing women from having control over THEIR OWN BODIES!!


            And that are putting restrictions on voting rights that were never there before and for which they cannot prove ANY JUSTIFICATION WHATSOVER!!

            And it’s NOT liberals and Independents that are constantly passing laws that are allowing corporations to run amok and virtually steal money out of your, my and every other Americans pocket by defrauding our government.

            It’s Republicans that are striking down regulations and laws that would keep nefarious people from running companies in a way that let’s them do anythging they want so YOU, ME AND EVERY OTHER TAXPAYER HAS TO END UP BAILING THEM OUT when their nefarious activities go bust and they go bankrupt.

            Are you ever totally delusional!! You really need to get help!!!

          • I saw through it as soon as I brought it up. There is also a book of Thomas Jefferson quotes that is as phony as Sarah Palin. Today’s conservatives have put the party ahead of our country and our government.

          • You’re so right! It’s really sad that so many million people like Dave get suckered in by these RWNJ created distortions of reality and truth.

          • That’s all you’ve got? A laughably ignorant one-page document typed up by some Tea Party hack?

            The fact that America was founded by liberals with a liberal and progressive new form of government is a matter of history, not opinion. Slack-jawed Tea Party opinions don’t count anyway, and real people ignore them.

          • I couldn’t see liberals/progressive socialist throwing tea into the harbor over a three percent tax on tea. I couldn’t see liberal/progressive socialist standing up to King George. I couldn’t see liberal/ progressives socialists putting the words WE THE PEOPLE in the Constitution. We wouldn’t have the Bill of Rights if liberal/progressive socialist would have their way. We wouldn’t have free speech. We sure as heII wouldn’t have the second amendment if the founding fathers were liberal/progressive socialist.

            And you want to talk about laughably ignorant, you Idiots you and dependent1 have nothing of value to add to an intelligent conversation, with out calling someone else a racist or biget.

          • Liberals did have their way, and that’s how the United States was born. If conservatives had their way this country would still have a king (or queen). Conservative in 1776 were known as ‘Tories’, and they opposed American independence.

            Come to think of it, that pretty much sums up conservatives today also: Anti-American.

            All of it — 2nd Amendment and all — was created by liberals. Conservative right-wingers have always stood in the way of real Americans. Not for long, mind you, because conservatives are cowards and would always get beat up by liberals — just like they got their butts kicked way back then. Conservatives have always contributed very little. Speaking of which, nobody likes taxes but conservatives hate taxes because they are deadbeats who try to cheat other people.

          • You are right. The first panel was made up of:Consertatives, Joseph Galloway, John Duchina, John Jay and Edward Rutledge. They wanted to draft a letter to the English Parliement listing their grievances. They insisted it should not be inflamatory. The Liberals; Patrick Henry, Roger Sherman, Samuel Adams and John Adams wanted to made a stronger statement that said they could no longer abide the abuses of the Crown. Patrick Henry was even more fired up and suggested they break from the Crown and declare war on Great Britain. In the end, being more civilized in those days, they compromised and called for a boycot of British goods.

          • In some ways, liberals and independents being “more civilized”, is what’s allowed at least 4 of the last 5 disastrous GOP presidents (we’ll skip over Ford) to RUN AMERICA IN TO THE DITCH in a number of ways: not only economically, but also GDP-wise and debt-wise.

            And even with them letting GOP presidents get away with ‘doing their thing’, America’s economies and its growth in Gross Domestic Product, have clearly been mediocre during Republican presidencies and anyone can see (who aren’t wearing blinders) that the skyrocketing of our debt under GOP presidents has clearly not been helpful to America.

          • Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry and Nathanial Folsom were extremely liberal. Best place for Dave to find real information is to get the transcripts of all the Continental Congress meetings.

          • My friends, in Oregon, are very happy with their state. I will give you a small example: One friend got Parkinsons and the state provides quite a bit of home care. Doesn’t happen, here, in Idaho.

          • I believe that after the 2014 election, every major political office in Oregon is now held by a Democrat. Oregon was the state with the highest voter turnout, over 60% and Democrat won every office that was the ballots for 2014.

          • Wrong information AGAIN. The Best run States are N.D. Wyoming, Iowa, Nebraska, & Utah, while the worst run States are: California, New Mexico, Illinois,R.I . & Nevada. N.J. & N.Y. are also rated bad, while Texas & Alaska are rated quite high. Again you allow you prejudice to control your thought process.

          • California?? Really?? Is that why California is seeing BILLIONS in budget surpluses and is PAYING DOWN billions in DEBT THAT ARNOLD ran up when he TRIPLED THE CA BUDGET IN 8 YEARS??

            And those other states are “best run” only in the demented minds of RWNJs such as yourself!!!!!!

          • And just in case you doubt my comment about those CA BUDGET SURPLUSES!! SEE THIS NIMWIT:

            With Surplus in Hand, California Eyes Debt

            LOS ANGELES — Ever since he came into office, Gov. Jerry Brown has promised to address what he has long called the state’s “wall of debt” built up over years. And now that the nation’s most populous state is looking at a multibillion-dollar surplus, Mr. Brown, in a $155 billion state budget proposal submitted on Thursday, is pledging to make good on that promise.

            While Mr. Brown called for an 8.5 percent spending increase, he also proposed spending $11 billion on debts and liabilities, including a $6 billion deferred payment to schools and roughly $4 billion to pay down economic recovery bonds issued by his predecessor, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.


          • And we’ll see how a number of those disastrous red states that have been so ‘SUPPOSEDLY WELL RUN’ while the price of OIL has been sky high and they’ve been FLUSH WITH OIL MONEY TO THROW AROUND!!

            We’ll see just how ‘well run’ they really are in 2015 now that their oil generated profits will PLUMMET!! My guess is they’ll turn out to be ‘run disasters’ just like that infamous state named ‘KANSAS’ THAT IS NOW TEETERING ON THE BRINK OF FINANCIAL COLLAPSE BECAUSE OF IMPLEMENTING THAT IGNORAMUS NORDQUISTS’ PUSH FOR IMPLEMENTING THE TRICKLE-DOWN ECONOMICS FANTASY!!!

        • Nor have I. It started as soon as he got the nomination. Many of us were proud of how far we had come from the jim crow days. Obviously there is much more racism than we realized.

        • Dominick, I too have seen many Presidents pass by in my lifetime, and none of them have ever felt the hatred that this President has to endure. I honestly fell there is only one reason for this…He is a black man.

        • The last President I fully remember is Ike and, you are right. never has there been such outright hate for a President before this.

        • Dominick, what will these people do or rather go to after Pres. Obama is gone? Is there any place prepared for them to go? I can sense out there will be a brain breakdown of a lot of people having no one to attack as they have used to do.

          • The Republican big guns will be aimed squarely at Hillary Clinton by the end of this year, and it is not going to be pretty. The only difference this time is that HRC is not going to turn the other cheek.

          • The republicans have no answers that will work for more than a chosen handful. Look what George Bush did to the Clinton surplus. He plunged us into an economic hell-hole. President Obama has masterfully reversed the downward flush into Bush’s toilet, but the cumulative weight of interest payments on 30-year treasuries is a heavy drag on the economy… over half-a-trillion dollars annually in debt-service payments alone… and there is the cost of those two foolish wars. Republicans are so reactionary they readily empty the treasure to swat a fly…a Mujahideen cum terrorist who they trained to fight Russians in Afghanistan. For nearly 20 years they couldn’t catch one man and his minions… and we are supposed to believe they have answers??? Hillary Clinton is head and shoulders above their best pick. How many jobs has Romney “created” since the election? That claim is ringing real hollow, and we don’t need another Bush… For what?

          • The brain-breakdown has already occurred. The fortunate ones will retain possession their faculties, while the idiotic haters you mention will continue to lose all power of rational thought. They will never recover from the poisonous effects of their psychosis, and the sad part is, their children have to be raised in that putrid mental swamp, placing them at a decided disadvantage for life, and then their children will be even worse off…a downward spiral, and all because a Black man won an election!!!

  2. So. McCain has never been wrong? Oh really? So running with Palin on his ticket was as right for this GOP fogie as rain?

    As soon as Americans start seeing GOP double speak for what it is: indoctrination of their woebegotten, misfit cultural ideology, they’ll see much faster how deception is the grit and grain staple of these righties.

    • I have watched Sen. McCain for quite sometime he never called a spade, a big spoon. He always point out the mistake even if it is on his own Party. But what he astonishes me is, he knows vividly in his heart, as we all know, it was a big mistake to bring Sarah in the limelight. I wonder if he will ever admit this mistake.

      • I was a Republican for 33 years until Bush’s outlandish “MY way or the highway” firmly validate the entire premise of that party: to control the entire country. What I learned of GOP men in that 33 years is that they never accept responsibility for their decisions and never, but never, accept accountability or admit it.

        Need proof? When that mess with the WMDs was finally attributed to Cheney and his “Italian informant” who “misinformed” him and Bush, did these two men have the courage to say, “I” was wrong? No…they laid blamed elsewhere.

        When Chris Christie bashed President Obama’s leadership back in 2011, did he say the same when BridgeGate occurred on Christie’s watch?

        Throwing others under a bus is what the GOP bulls and cows do best.

      • I think he knows his mistake was a huge one, and he doesn’t want to lose face by admitting he was wrong, and become irrelevant. I haven’t trusted him ever since that dangerous decision of picking Palin.

    • McCain thought if he paraded out any woman, those who supported Hillary and were disappointed would cross over to support a female candidate. That in itself was insulting. Then to have it be the likes of Palin made it laughable. He became the joke as well. Now he’s trying to legitimize his mistake. Or he’s afraid of her wrath. She’s never stopped blaming everyone but herself for being portrayed as a buffoon. The women on the right who idolize her claim everyone on the left is just jealous of her. Yes because stupid is always a better look. 🙂

  3. John McCain: “She’s very interesting,” McCain replied. “And I’m sure she’d do great.” Poor Johnnie; your memory keeps failing you, perhaps you should be tested for Alzheimer.

    David Duke: This individual is definitely challenged, mentally challenged that is.

    Victoria Jackson: Talk about crazy, talk about insane, there’s a woman singing in a video, who doesn’t have a brain. Guess she will be off to see the Wizard.

    Glenn Beck: “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt” ― Mark Twain.

    Bryan Fischer: “They’re actually just Satan’s “prisoners of war.” That
    line explains the religious zealots.

  4. I thought I had seen it all….I had not..Victoria Jackson’s funniest bit ever was unintentional. David Duke…a kinder gentler Grand Wizard….John McCain…shortest memory ever…Glenn Beck…stupid is as stupid does…he does everything stupid…I give up if this is what the Right has to offer…I’ll pass.

    • Jackson is the “weakest link” wherever she appears. In a crowd of right wing hacks she could be the best of the bunch.

    • Now you are insulting the memory of Gracie, a lovely and smart woman with a great sense of humor who died way too soon. Her husband gave HER the credit for their brilliant dialogues, saying that he only fed her the questions.

      She held a mock campaign for the White House in 1940 on the Cocktail Party ticket, which may have been the inspiration for a similar run by Pat Paulsen (regular cast member on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour) in 1968. And George and Gracie’s signoff (George would remind her “Say good night, Gracie” and she would reply “Good night, Gracie”) was imitated by Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in in the same year as an homage to Gracie.

      I don’t remember seeing any of Ms. Jackson’s work on SNL, but if she had stuck to INTENTIONAL comedy, she would have been less crazy.

  5. That wasn’t exactly the most ringing endorsement that I’ve ever heard for a possible Presidential candidate. Mcain on Palin—“she’s very interesting.” As a candidate, my cat Marmalade would be very interesting too, however… I saw her speech from the Iowa freedom thing last Saturday and, in fairness, that was very interesting. If she makes it, I think she’d be the first bilingual American President in history. Apparently she does both English and moon-man.

    As to Glenn Beck, I used to think that he should seriously consider retiring so he could spend more quality time with his paranoid thoughts, but with Bachmann gone and Fischer demoted we might need him the odd Friday. After all, nothing says revolution like people being able to pay their rent, buy groceries and have spending money left over. Where else are you gonna get that? Please Glenn—don’t go!

      • She needs to join Toastmasters and learn to make a speech without all the “ums,” “uhs,” etc. She can’t seem to put together even a coherent sentence!

        • Mayor of a town of 400 population and governor of a state with the smallest population went to her head and when she got out of the boonies she was out of her element.

  6. Maybe, McCain is trying to be polite to the woman who cost him the election. david duke, head of American terrorists wants to be in the government. victoria johnson is another terrorist. Her hate almost meets that of hitler. glenn beck, When I entered the workforce, the minimum wage was 75 cemts an hour. It has raised many, many times since then. I don’t remember the wage raises causing a lot of chaos. fischer, if homosexuality caused hitler and I don’t see how, then it must have caused you. Hitler hated and murdered homosexual people.

    • What’s interesting, is that every Raise the Min Wage ballot initiative that was part of the 2014 elections actually passed, including in several red states.

      And the state in America with the highest Min Wage, Washington State, actually outperforms the nation as a whole on job creation.
      Not sure this in any way agrees with Becks grossly distorted notions.

  7. LMAO….speaking of insanity….didya hear/see Mittens the Liar Rmoney’s announcement that he’ll not seek the Presidency next year? A rare moment/instance of sanity from a Fascist and psychopathic GOPer! 😉

  8. The “Alaskan Airhead” loses control of her tongue for a moment or two or more and the critics are out in numbers, a joy to behold.. The “Bumbling Bumpkin” has chastened the President for using the teleprompter and here she is babbling on without help as hers abandons her in the middle of an inane diatribe that equals anything I’ve heard on Fox. I guess she’ll have to go back to writing messages and answers on her hand. It’s probably the way she got her education.

    • There’s a fantastic image on the web of her giving a classic “what now” deer-in-the-headlights pose with the caption “What happens when she washes her hands”.

    • The “Alaskan Airhead” loses control of her tongue for a moment or two . . .
      Loses control for a moment or two? Are you kidding me? She’s out of control every time she opens her mouth.
      She gets pulled over for exceeding the speed limit on the highway but she’s not speeding, she’s trying out for NASCAR.
      How about that big ruckus her family got into recently? If that had been a Democrat the right wing nut jobs would be chanting about that even more than they chanted Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.

  9. Got a good laugh with the song, at least. Never heard of the Fischer character. Glen Beck is just weird (I can’t think of a better term), Sarah, love her and the angst she causes, though she is not status quo enough to ever be allow to run for president. David Duke, who cares and why is he suddenly important? Romney quits and Clinton is in trouble again with women. Hillary will wait it all out and become an issue in the Summer. The entertainment keeps on coming. Let’s release more from Gitmo, it seems that there isn’t enough Jihadist’s to kill, might as well upgrade the leadership. Gas prices are DOWN and I hope they stay that way, it’s good for most of us. Let’s raise the minimum wage! You guys pick the number, 11, 12 bucks? Immigration, hell just let them all in. We need to add more people to the welfare roles because there aren’t enough jobs keep them all employed. Speaking of low gas prices, the Lefty enviro-nuts are started to worry people may start buying big SUV’s again. Little do they realize is that gas prices are down because people don’t have any damn money anymore to buy stuff. Very tough times ahead folks, best get prepared.

    • David Duke is the predecessor of Steve Scalise, the current GOP whip who used the phrase “David Duke without the baggage” to get elected. Duke takes issue with that, having known Scalise for many years. Duke used his political pull to get Scalise elected in the first place. Also that phrase feels like code for “elect me and we’ll get back to the 1840s”. Yes – 1840s, the time of slavery in the US.

      • His posting and avatar may be that of a white supremist. You notice it is always abstract, never detailed and word-for-word what the right wing crazy blogs say.

    • Obama has been trying to destroy the USA for the last 6 years. And failed completely. Right? So what now? He’s set his sights lower, to just the Democratic Party?
      Apt to be a race between Obama destroying the Democratic Party, and the Tea Party radicals destroying the Republican Party. (I’d bet on the Tea Party radicals).

  10. Jackson made a career from portraying a stereotypical ditsy blonde on SNL.
    Of course, we are all now well-aware that she was simply playing herself.

  11. Allah is another languages word for God. Not only that it’s the very same God Christians and Jews pray too or The God of Abraham.

    Pagan jim

    • Heard this song when I was a little kid and it made a big impression on me. It was written in 1953 by Irwin Drake and the words seem timeless and most appropriate today. I used it after 9/11 to defend the beliefs of others.

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