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Sunday, November 19, 2017

4. Glenn Beck

It was another busy week for This Week In Crazy MVP Glenn Beck. On Monday, Beck broke character to declare that President Obama’s decision to trade five Taliban prisoners for U.S. Army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was not the latest plot to distract us from Benghazi.

Instead, it was meant to distract us from the VA scandal.

“The only reason why this happened is because the president is trying to get the VA off of the front page of the newspapers,” Beck insisted, ignoring the fact that the negotiations to free Bergdahl developed months before the VA scandal hit the headlines. “That’s all he’s doing. He’s just trying to get everybody to stop talking about the VA.”

Unsurprisingly, Beck isn’t the only right-winger to share this dubious theory; Texas governor and noted foreign policy expert Rick Perry echoed the conspiracy on Wednesday.

Beck wasn’t done, however. On Thursday, he revealed why he mounted a thoroughly dishonest campaign to ruin liberal activist Van Jones’ career: God told him to do it!

“I don’t know how we figured out Van Jones, I really don’t know how we figured out Van Jones,” he said. “That was really — that was not from man.”

Beck went on to recall overhearing a producer mention Jones’ name, and saying “stop.”

“I said, ‘I don’t know anything about him, but look into Katrina, look into New Orleans. There’s something to him and New Orleans. I don’t know what it is.’ And they went off. And that’s how we started the Van Jones thing,” Beck claimed.

Of course, if God hadn’t told Beck to investigate Jones, then the world would never know that Jones and ACORN broke the levees during Hurricane Katrina to cover up their massive corruption (you’ll just have to trust Beck on this one).

In the future, when Beck — or any of his Republican colleagues — hear voices in their heads, they might be better off ignoring them.

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