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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Laura Ingraham

AFP Photo
AFP Photo

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama held a press conference in which he saluted the health care workers fighting the Ebola virus as “American heroes,” who “deserve our gratitude,” and “deserve to be treated with dignity and with respect.”

This did not sit well with right-wing radio host Laura Ingraham, who used her Wednesday show to slam Obama for inviting the humanitarians to join him at the podium. After all, they probably aren’t even doctors!

“He was flanked by volunteers who have gone to West Africa to help the victims of Ebola. Are we positive that it was all volunteers?” Ingraham asked. “Could it have been some of the folks from Organizing for America just in the white coats?”

“I swear the White House has a wardrobe department,” she added sarcastically. “They snapped up some white coats somewhere and they passed them out.”

So yes, President Obama is now dressing up campaign operatives as doctors to play up the Ebola crisis.

We’ve come a long way from two weeks ago, when Ingraham was accusing President Obama of lying…to downplay the Ebola crisis.

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  • bobnstuff

    Ablow does know that the counties he listed are democracy’s.

    • awakenaustin

      When you are crazy, you are crazy. Facts simply do not matter.

      • Sand_Cat

        What you said is true, but many modern conservatives seem to believe in democracy only when their side wins, and their pet policies are all put into effect.

  • ps0rjl

    Thank you for the week in crazy. I look forward to it each Friday.

  • jakenhyde

    Well, Ablow’s(he’s no doctor, he’s a quack) idea certainly worked well in Iraq, didn’t it?

  • adler56

    Republicans give us constant reminders that YOU CAN’T FIX stupid.

  • adler56

    Ablow seems to have leaked all his synapses out through his bald head.
    How can anyone sit through all those years of education and internalize nothing?

  • Grannysmovin

    Laura Ingraham: Ms. Ingraham is confusing President Obama with Cantor and Ryan’s faux photo ops.

    Pat Robertson: Faux religious leader, marriage counselor and now financial advisor – I guess that is what they mean by Jack of All Trades – Master of None.

    Paul Broun: Did your momma drop you on your head one too many times or do you come by your stupidity naturally?

    Frank Turek: Do the people who listen to man’s rantings ever use their common sense to question his mental health.

    Keith Ablow: Here ladies and gentlemen is an another fine conservative example of why the world thinks we are a laughing stock.

  • Harr Driver

    The decision to invade Iraq, in 2003, is quite arguably the worst decision in US history.

    • Sand_Cat

      I agree, but did I miss something? Did someone mention Iraq?

  • idamag

    Sadly, we no longer hang people for treason.

    • angelsinca

      If we leave the definition of ‘treason’ up to the radical few on the Left, there won’t be a Right or even a middle ground.

      • Sand_Cat

        For once, we agree (sort of). The word “treason” is rapidly becoming as meaningless as “Communist”: most people seem unaware that the term (or the crime) is defined in the Constitution with the intent of preventing its use in such an arbitrary fashion, and especially in handing out the penalty to mere political enemies.

  • angelsinca

    Based on the dismal reader turn out this week, you might do better by including the darndest things spoken by Democrats. Plenty of material this week, for sure.