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Monday, October 24, 2016

If my husband were president, I think I’d have to be exiled to the Kingdom of Bhutan for the duration of his tenure, because there is no way would I have the self-discipline of Michelle Obama.

It took the First Lady five years to verbally take down a heckler. I’d be in a wrestling match by month two of the primaries. I can just feel it.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Obama was 12 minutes into her speech at a Democratic fundraiser when Ellen Sturtz yelled for the president to “issue an executive order barring federal contractors from discriminating against employees based on sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Great cause. Lousy timing.

For one thing, the president wasn’t giving the speech. He wasn’t even in the room. As the wife of a U.S. senator, I am familiar with this brand of lobbying. Some constituents will always see me as a convenient shortcut to the target of their ire. Multiply that number by the population of 50 states and the U.S. territories, and you have an idea of what it’s like to be Michelle Obama with the unpaid job of First Lady.

When Sturtz yelled, Mrs. Obama stepped away from the lectern, walked toward her and shut her down.

“Wait, wait, wait. One of things I don’t do, that I don’t do well, is this,” she said, to uproarious approval from those in attendance. (An audio of the moment:

“Listen to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice.”

Mrs. Obama knew her audience. The donors had paid as much as $10,000 to be there, and they had no patience for Sturtz’s plea for “federal equality before I die,” which is what she yelled as some of the attendees escorted her out.

There’s a sadness to this. Most of the 200 or so donors there likely support Sturtz’s cause, as they should. Congress continues to stall the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and LGBT groups are disappointed that the president hasn’t issued an executive order to fix it. This matters.

But there’s a time and a place, as mothers everywhere say to their children. I wish Mrs. Obama had acknowledged the importance of employment equality for the LGBT community, but I also understand how a person’s screaming at you in front of 200 people can kill the mood.

  • silence dogood

    This woman is a fraud.

    • Candice White

      And you are an idiot

      • silence dogood

        Not likely, but she is most definitely a fraud.

        • Candice White

          And you are still stupid

    • lana ward

      Bangs is a fraud, a big spoiled ugly baby, and a communist, just like OHitler.

      • Irishgrammy

        WHAT an ugly, childish, ridiculous comment to make! The simpleton comparison you haters make to Hitler consistently in your relentless hateful attacks on the President and his wife, which in itself is absurd, is clearly an insult to over 11 million who died in concentration camps at the hands of Hitler and the Nazis, and the Jews who were persecuted by Hitler, and you, lana ward, should be ashamed of yourself!!! But something tells me you are not!

        • lana ward

          I said bangs is an ugly spoiled big baby and a communist just like OHitler is. OHitler has his Fema concentration camps for us ready to go. His Civilian National Security Force to fire on Americans is ready to go. Body bags and plastic caskets for half of the population are ready. You should be ashamed of yourself for voting for the dictator. But something tells me your not

          • rustacus21

            I’m not sure where U get U’r info, but obviously this involves some PTSD issues many of U guys are suffering from. Can’t believe U were betrayed, robbed & lied to by the last administration? That’s a real shame, but we warned U guys back in 2000 not to vote for Bush. This is the world he left all of US! U included. Now U’r insane w/hate & don’t even know how to come back to reality. But try. Whoever told U about the war on the citizenry & the national security forces & FEMA, etc., that happened in the last administration. It’s over now. I won’t happen again, unless U vote for another conservative for President, to rob, lie & betray U, while sending U’r children to die in a war for nothing… again…

  • In all fairness, the same sentiment is probably shared by most former First Ladies. It takes people with very strong character and convictions to ignore the relentless attacks directed at our Presidents, our form of government and, sometimes, attacks that undermine and deny the accomplishments and contributions we have made since we became a Republic.

    • lana ward

      LOL!! I saw her stomp away saying this is the one thing she doesn’t do well. Nothing like a thin skinned terrorist : )

      • Irishgrammy

        Outrageous and ignorant comment!!!

        • plc97477

          Get use to it lana is very good at outrageous and ignorant.

          • Irishgrammy

            Rather amazing the degree to her purely hateful ignorance and paranoia, read below. Thanks for the heads up….

  • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

    Among the 1st ladies sharing the distinctive title “THAT WOMAN” were the following:

    Helen “Nellie” Taft – who is believed to be the only reason that Taft ran for President, instead of seeking the Supreme Court appointment he really wanted.

    Edith Wilson – who effectively ran the Presidency while her husband, Woodrow Wilson, was recovering from his stroke in 1919.
    Eleanor Roosevelt – who was accused of more conspiracies than any other First Lady until Hillary Clinton
    Nancy Reagan – although no one would admit it, they knew they had to go through her to get to Ronnie. She had a significant amount of influence over who his Cabinet and senior advisers were, all base on what her astrologer told her.
    Hillary Clinton – the be-all-and-end-all of “THAT WOMAN”. Based on the conspiracies attributed to her, she was involved in everything including murder.
    And now, joining that list is Michelle Obama.

    Notice how with the exception of Taft and Reagan, you really don’t see Republican First Ladies doing things that cause turmoil among the DC crowd? Even most Democratic wives (Ellen Wilson, Bess Truman, Jackie, Lady Bird) kept to things that “First Ladies” were supposed to keep to, although Roslyn Carter did cause a bit of a scandal when she and Jimmy Carter revealed that they did sleep in the same bed.

  • Lovefacts

    Mrs. Obama finally said something everyone else wishes they has the courage to do when heckled or bullied–she called the person on her rudeness. Strange how it doesn’t matter what either of the Obama’s do, the Republicans find fault. Yet, there comments are never about the subject or logic or reason but consists of cursing, invectives, and name-calling.

    • I don’t recall anybody insulting an incumbent President, let alone any of our modern day First Ladies. An elected official calling an incumbent President a liar during a State of the Union address being broadcast to the world was unprecedented. Calling Michelle Obama all sorts of names, and showing pictures of former First Ladies and even Mrs. Romney next to her for comparison purposes, leave little doubt as to what is really behind the vitriol and abuses that are taking place almost on a daily basis.
      It should be obvious by now, that the respect some people demand for themselves, is not to be extended to those they despise for reasons that have little to do with intelligence, education, demonstrable accomplishments, vision and demeanor. What is amazing to me is the self-control that both President Obama and his wife have shown since he was elected 4.5 years ago.

      • Lovefacts

        Dominick, I’m not sure why you think I wasn’t supportive of the Obamas. But I was supporting Mrs. Obama’s actions, and the President’s–although I wish he’d be less accommodating. I was talking about how the Republican talking heads and their supporters attack the Obamas and call them names at every turn. Take a look at the nasty comments re this article about Mrs. Obama.

  • demhack

    Perfect example of some one who was never taught manners or how to deal with people she may disagree with. She acted like a petulant child

  • rustacus21

    Certainly a shame. It shows what we, as a society, value… I’ve heard it mentioned that Sturtz was a plant to throw the First Lady off & publicly embarrass her (“try to…” that is). For all the battles this administration has been engaged in fighting for pay equity, in the private & public sectors alike, it certainly seems she hit another of those conservative ‘time warps’ again, thinking she was back in 2003, when contracts ONLY went to the wealthy & politically well connected, w/an administration that gave the finger – no, 2 fingers – to whoever didn’t like it! Maybe that’s her preference, but we’re more civilized now & Ms. Sturtz would do well to learn how to behave B4 coming out in public, to an event of such importance that the 1st Lady would have to put such a child back in her place, instead of being distracted from dealing w/adult issues of real importance…

  • barneybolt12

    Our President and First Lady get more respect from other countries people than they do here at home. Have we sunk so low that we resort to name calling and comparisons to others? I think we have. Well at least they haven’t had a pair of shoes thrown at them . Wake up America….Were better than that.

  • tax payer

    This person somehow sneaked in and should have been thrown out head first for not being a Donor. This woman must have made a wrong turn and thought she was at her place of employment at the c-r-u-. Fill in the Blanks.