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Sunday, October 23, 2016

What we have here is a failure to communicate. Or at least, that’s Rick Ross’ story, and he’s sticking to it.

The Miami rapper has ignited a prairie fire of controversy with a song called “U.O.E.N.O.,” its title a phonetic spelling of an ebonic pronunciation: “You don’t even know.” In it, Ross raps as follows: “Put molly all in her champagne/She ain’t even know it/I took her home and I enjoyed that/She ain’t even know it.”

“Molly” is the street name for the drug methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), better known as ecstasy. It is a stimulant and hallucinogen. It also lowers a user’s inhibitions. The lyric, then, describes date rape.

Women and those who love them have reacted angrily. UltraViolet, a women’s advocacy group, is pushing Reebok to drop its endorsement contract with Ross. A group called the Parents Television Council is calling on the Federal Communications Commission to “investigate” any radio station playing the song. At least one station, WUVS-LP in Muskegon, MI, isn’t waiting. Program director Paul Allen Billings told Billboard magazine that he has pulled all Rick Ross songs off his air.

Ross says they’ve got it all wrong. In a recent interview with a New Orleans radio station, he explained how, ahem, the people who heard the song made a mistake.

“Woman,” he said, “is the most precious gift known to man. It was a misunderstanding with a lyric, a misinterpretation. The term rape wasn’t used. I would never use the term rape in my records. Hip-hop don’t condone that, the streets don’t condone that. Nobody condones that. So I just wanted to reach out to … all the sexy ladies, the beautiful ladies that have been reaching out to me with the misunderstanding. We don’t condone rape and I’m not with that.”

As if not saying “rape” prohibited him from describing rape.

Amazing. Just … wow.

And one hopes “the sexy ladies, the beautiful ladies,” are not also the staggeringly naive ladies. For a bigger pile of horse manure, you’d have to visit a stable.

  • The problem, Leonard, is that achievement is not forever. A lesson learned must be a lesson passed on or it WILL become a lesson forgotten.

  • charleo1

    Rick Ross is in trouble. In a business that rewards pushing an envelope, that is
    already pushed beyond the bounds of common decency, societal restraint, and
    the law. Ross, at 37, is in danger of becoming a has been. Police are investigating
    an incident involving Ross, earlier this year. Where gunfire, peppered store front windows on Miami Beach, and Ross’ Bentley was driven, dramatically, onto a busy sidewalk. Miraculously, without a scratch. Police suspect a publicity stunt, to establish that all important, “street cred,” that every rapper must maintain. Even as they move up to mansions, and Bentleys, their persona must be, yes, I’m rich, but I’m still a gangsta, and important enough, that bad people still want me dead! I know! But, that’s probably why, White suburban kids, in their safe, structured enclaves, have it pumping out of their $5,000 dollar sound systems, they put in their Beamers. Filthy language, and a bass that rattles windows at two in the morning, I suppose, is their version of teen age rebellion. And, the first thing they would do, upon reading Mr. Pitts article, or hearing of some women’s advocacy group, trying to get the album removed from radio play lists. Is, of course to immediately buy the album, and play it at a deafening volume at two in the morning.

  • plc97477

    Now if the females of the world will take a lesson here and leave rick ross to his own I will be happy.

  • Pamby50

    Many years ago we taught our kids to not put themselves in positions that can get them hurt. Our daughter was taught not to drink anything that didn’t come sealed. Water or beer in a bottle unopened. Nobody could slip something in. We listened to their music. I know some people thought we were crazy but we didn’t want anything to happen to our kids. We didn’t trust that everyone was being taught the same values. So Mr Ross, good riddance.

  • RobertCHastings

    A reincarantion Congressmen Akin and Mourdock, and he should suffer the same fate, being relegated to oblivion

  • howa4x

    .Rappers for years have been singing about their bitches, and ho’s and making millions. The degradation of women that has been going on for a while in the gangsta community, is now spreading to suburbia so now everyone takes notice. How terrible!!. Yet we never seem to call out the record exec’s for public shame, or the investors who put their money behind these groups and lyrics for profit. Yes Ross is despicable, but so are all the people that promote him and profit from the culture he comes from

  • leadvillexp

    To John Henry, that would put us back in the 1860s. That might be good. They hung horse thieves, how about car thieves? I’m for it. Bring back public hanging. Once seen it would never be forgotten. It might cange the way kids look at crime. As for Leonard Pitts he is almost always on the mark.