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Thursday, January 17, 2019

I came to this motherhood business late, after my friends’ children were all off to college. My energy, heaven knows, is limited but my resources more plentiful than they would have been had I adopted a child 20 years ago rather than three years ago.

After a long career in the newspaper business — and months into my second career as a college professor — I’m able to afford in-home child care, a blessed relief. My life is less harried than that of many mothers.

So I know what Democratic operative Hilary Rosen meant when she commented, dismissively, on Ann Romney’s role as a stay-at-home mother. The wife of the likely GOP presidential nominee “has actually never worked a day in her life,” Rosen said last week on CNN.

That was a dumb remark. Of course Ann Romney has worked. She’s the mother of five sons.

(Rosen later apologized for her “poorly chosen” words, but not before her remarks had provoked a backlash that revealed more about the nation’s continuing cultural divide than anything Rosen, who is openly gay and a mother of two, said. Catholic League president Bill Donohue, for example, tweeted dismissively about Rosen’s status as an adoptive mother. I would demand his apology, but I’m too busy trying to finish this column before my 3-year-old storms into the room.)

But Romney nevertheless had a huge advantage over mothers with less money: She could hire help. She could engage baby sitters, nannies, cooks and housecleaners.

That doesn’t mean she didn’t find her days filled with managing schedules, overseeing homework, buying new sneakers and, yes, even wiping snotty noses. With five kids, she probably never had enough help around to avoid that duty.

Still, Romney’s experience of motherhood is significantly different from that of moms around the country whose family incomes hover at the median of $50,000 a year. My resources don’t compare to those of the Romney family; I’m merely a comfortable member of the middle class, not a rich 1-percenter. And even I understand that my status as a longtime salaried professional has enabled me to escape the harried life of moms who rouse their children early for the ride to the day care center; who can’t attend PTA meetings unless they can pay for a baby sitter; who do all the cooking, housecleaning and shopping in addition to wiping dirty noses.

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254 responses to “What Hilary Rosen Meant To Say”

  1. Ron Richie says:

    When Jackass Wolf Blitzer came down on Hilary on national TV to try and shame her, she should have told him to go to HELL. That filthy bastard really pissed me off.

    • carolknows says:

      can’t stand blitzer/when he’s on i turn cnn off..kudos to Hilary for having the guts to say what is reality for so many women. the way..yes there is a ‘war on women’..rush limpo/repubies/churches (oh that demonic catholic league) and just generally the neanderthal ‘frieses’ of the world…sadly they’re all out there doing their demonic deeds..sizzle/sizzle..burn in hell

  2. rustacus21 says:

    Once again, to ‘engage’ yet another metaphore, again Ms. Tucker ‘knocks’ one OUT OF THE PARK!!! The reason I hold this writer in such high regard is b/c she lives the life experiences of the 99% of those of us who so enjoy her perspectives. As a person of the Middle Class & its values, Ms. Tucker is able to transition between cultures, demographics & class, in ways most other writers don’t or, for that matter, CANNOT! By seeing this as an ‘impassioned’ over-extension of opinionation, on the part of Ms. Rosen, Ms. Tucker clarifies the distinction not only between the 1% & the remaining 99% of Americans & their economic variables, but also the distinction between political ideologies – i.e., those of Obama/Clinton & Romney/previous Republican administrations. President Obama is trying mightily to return the nation to the functional, prosperous & inclusive status ALL Americans (rich & poor/corp & small business alike) enjoyed, via the Clinton administrations’ policies. What we’ll get from Romney we can’t say for sure, but its a safe bet it will be closer to the policies of the last Republican administration (of 2001-2009) than to our current executive or the Clinton administration. Lost in all of this, as Ms. Tucker points out, is the educational status, access & benefits, which are getting further out of reach for more & more Americans (including & ESPECIALLY Women). My point is, w/out the luxury of a wealthy spouse, Woman are at a severe disadvantage as Mothers. They need no lectures on their responsibilities. It’s we men who have difficulties (on the whole) recognizing the incalculable value of Motherhood – especially “working” a job BESIDES being a Mother. The previous Republican administration ignored this reality by granting benefits to the wealthy only, making Motherhood for elite families ‘unnecessarily’ more comfortable, since they could afford such by virtue of the wealth. Consequently, we are here discussing ‘disadvantage’, instead of ‘opportunity’ ALL Mothers & Women in America aspire towards. As Romney doesn’t have a clue, I defer to the Obama/Clinton model…

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      Hey rustacus! Reading your rambling and pointless diatribe, I think you have actually deferred to your crack pipe! You talk about ” the incalculable value of Motherhood “??????? Like you know. You live in a fantasy world where everyone is a victim and it’s always some “rich guy’s” fault for exploiting the so-called disadvantaged. EVERYTHING you morons say follows the same script. You leftist nutjobs are so friggin far from reality that you actually believe your own bullsheet.

      Have a nice day!

      • oldgirl70 says:

        I’m sure you profited from the Bush policies favoring the elite, most didn’t. I’m amazed that a person with your command of proper ways of expression found LEGAL means of amassing such wealth. Only those who gained financially would be so supportive of such policies. Of course there are those that buy into the media personalities that play on base human emotions of greed and selfishness influencing them to support what is actually against their best interests.

      • viewfromtheleftcoast says:

        have you ever noticed that when one is angry, one loses all reality, all the ability to communicate with their usual intelligence(?)…… almost like…. they are living in a fantasy world (like, I’m being blamed for everything because I’m one of the rich guys)

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          Hey view! you are absolutely correct. By definition, leftist nutjobs are always angry at something because the world does not comport to their desired definition of “equality” or “fairness” or whatever percieved injustice their may be. It’s precisely why they continue to try to “change” the society through policies that seek to restrict individual liberties for the so-called “greater good”. It’s precisely why they believe that it is fully acceptable to get “benefits” or “entitlements” without actually having done the work to earn them. In their world, living off the fruits of their neighbor’s labor IS the way the world should work. Punish success, reward sloth. Everything is upside down with these idiots. I know the the left. I’ve been studying them for years because I have always been fascinated by how people can be so stupid and still live with a believe about a world that just isnt so. Liberalism is the disease that presents itself as its own cure. Think about it.

          Have a nice day!

          • viewfromtheleftcoast says:

            I have had a nice day……. thank you…….and, you know what, I have not had to once do any name calling to communicate…….haven’t used falsehoods, not even once to make a point …….never judged anyone, not even once…….I too have watched for a long time the “right” use false/and over the top exaggerations (especially the last 10 or fifteen years) to try to make their point and you know, they just never get it.. ….that there is such a thing as a social contract that includes helping the lesser of society, if one can and if not the government……because we know there will never be such a condition in “any society” as total equality for a variety of reasons, but that does not exclude those that can and should help those that cannot……….

            Many, many years ago, after divorce, I needed public assistance for about 6 months, I also got support for health care for my three children for an additional 6 months, then help with tuition to afford the opportunities to better myself, and therefore better my children’s future……they are college educated, and all doing well….if the worldview you seem to embrace, were the rule none of my family’s current existence would have been possible……..I’m 70, still run a business, still pay some taxes…….I believe that I have been an asset, not a liability, even though, for a total of 12 months I received some type of assistance from government, a”benefit” and worked to raise three educated, tax paying citizens with the ability to do critical thinking with a knowledge of where they came from……..

            I hope that your day was as fulfilling as mine was….

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Congrats view! You have done well for yourself. We will have to agree to disagree on the “social contract” matter as I think you and I have differing definitions. To me, the social contract is The Constitution, not a public requirement to fund charitable needs through political machinations. Dont get me wrong, though. I dont believe in letting people starve or not giving those down on their luck a hand up. I do believe those functions are far more effectively performed at the local level. To me, the whole concept of a “social contract” is nothing more than a politician selling to your soft and compassionate side on more reasons why they should take more of your money and build bigger bureaucracies. Think about it. Tell me one social program that has successfully solved the social ill that it originally sought as its intended purpose. There arent any. In fact, all of them have grown massively in size and scope and will continue to do so until they collapse under their own weight. The money is running out.

            You see, we dont really disagree on the need to have a safety net. What we likely disagree on is where that safety net comes from and how it is provided. We as individuals owe a measure of charity to our fellow man as they need it, but we collectively do NOT owe life’s necessities to those that will not work for it themselves. Especially when the provider is the politician that takes money from your pocket. There is danger in such beliefs when you make poverty a business run by politicians. And that is exactly what we have done to our own detriment. The piper is coming home and expects to be paid and we have no money left to pay him. Too many promises by too many politicians on both sides of the aisle for too long have been made for their own temporary good at the detriment of our future. Many of them sold to us as “compassionate”. Now, we are coming to the end of the road at an increasingly rapid pace.

            While I understand that you needed public assistance, it’s nice to see that your children also did the right thing to give you a hand up. In family, it’s a moral obligation of the highest order. You raised your children well and we should have more families like yours. You are rightfully proud of them.

            Have a nice day, view! 🙂

          • viewfromtheleftcoast says:

            you are right about one thing….we will never agree…….

            okay, one program that has worked….once called social welfare……the G.I. Bill after WWII……

            I think our current economic problem has more to do with unpaid for wars… our unpaid for tax cuts…… the gift to the pharmaceutical companies with the Rx drug plan……… and no checks on the greed on Wall street (deregulation)….cooperate welfare….(ie., oil and gas subsidies (while they are making wild profits), agribusiness subsidies……we cannot afford these programs…… is NOT social programs that got us where we are today……

            thank you for posting without the offensive name calling and slurs…’s really not that difficult…..

            I also think our conversation has seen it’s limit……

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Hello view… you are correct. We agree on the unpaid wars matter, corporate welfare and private business subsidies matter, and the horrendous Rx plan…….. but if you believe the lies of the left about greedy [fill in the blanks with the next villain], if you believe you have a claim to say what are and what are not wild profits in a private businesss, if you think that compensation of soldiers in the form of education in exchange for their service to the country is “social welfare”, if you think taking the fruits of one man’s labor and giving it to another for his sustanence is OK, then you are correct. We will NEVER agree on many things. You have a different world view than I.

            I wish you the best, my lefty friend! Have a nice day! 🙂

          • viewfromtheleftcoast says:

            to be clear, I said that at the time their were those , (on the right) , that called the G.I. bill welfare… asked me to name one (1) social program that was a success and I did…. the G.I. bill… comments more carefully (I also never said my children had to give me a hand up) ….

            buy a subscription to the wall street journal if you want to see the profits of big oil and gas { btw, not private business} (Exxon Mobile, saw billions in profits in just the first Q) somehow I don’t understand your comment “the fruits of one man’s labor”, unless you believe the corporations are people……the work borne by the working men, those who actually do the labor, take the risks (BP disaster) or the connection that has with what I said…..

            have a nice day, get out and enjoy the spring weather, and clear your head, and pay attention!

          • nhpoet says:

            Too bad you hate so much that you no longer believe in the good of anything.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Dont hate at all. I believe in the good of many things and in fact believe that man is generally good, particularly when he/she is free to live their own life. However, there is NO good in socialism. It’s all bad! All the time.

      • Anne says:

        Hey ObozoMustGo…do you have to use an alias..afraid someone will know your real idiotic identity….

      • nhpoet says:

        Stop calling other people the names you represent; stop accusing others of being in a dream world that you have created in your corrupt mind.

  3. ObozoMustGo says:

    The excuse machine continues from the leftits nutjobs at The Memo. What Rosen really meant to say was that Barack Hussein Obozo is no more qualified to be the POTUS than Ann Romney is to be a First Lady! Neither of them “have actually worked a day in their lives”. Just speaking the truth to you leftist nutjobs.

    Have a nice day!

    • pbatcha says:

      The only reason you say this is because you are a finger pointer and have probably been one all your life. The consistant disrespect that has spewed out of the poor losers called the Republican over the past 20 years has done nothing but prove that Patriotic politicians are really a bunch of winey spoiled brats. By the way I will say I am embarassed to be white when so called elected officials have again wasted another 4 years. The Republicans did when Clinton was in and they have done it again by hating the BLACK president. The leaders should just put on hoods and robes. Not only has the past 30 years been unproductive but we are in massive debt because of the Republicans. That is a fact that can not be changed. Cheney should be turned over some bodies knee and given a spanking..

    • hilandar1000 says:

      Unfortunately your intelligence — or lack thereof — is showing loud and clear by your comments. Have you ever tried to study the facts or the history? Of course not, or you would not be able to make the comments you make. Better learn to read before trying to engage in an intelligent discussion of the facts. It might even help alleviate some of your paranoia.

    • troll 260 comments this site…

    • nhpoet says:

      You do not know the truth about anything.

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        you must be an Occupy Wall Street bum. Here’s some facts for you:

        The percentage of each past president’s cabinet who had worked in the private business sector prior to their appointment to the cabinet. You know what the private business sector is a real-life business, not a government job. Here are the percentages.

        T. Roosevelt……………….. 38%
        Taft……………………………. 40%
        Wilson ……………………… 52%
        Harding……………………… 49%
        Coolidge……………………. 48%
        Hoover………………………. 42%
        F. Roosevelt………………. 50%
        Truman……………………… 50%
        Eisenhower……………. …. 57%
        Kennedy……………………. 30%
        Johnson…………………….. 47%
        Nixon………………………… 53%
        Ford………………………….. 42%
        Carter……………………….. 32%
        Reagan……………………… 56%
        GH Bush……………………. 51%
        Clinton …………………….. 39%
        GW Bush…………………… 55%
        Obama………………… 8%

        This helps to explain the incompetence of this administration: only 8% of them have ever worked in private business!

        That’s right! Only eight percent—the least, by far, of the last 19 presidents! And these people are trying to tell our big corporations how to run their business?

        How can the president of a major nation and society, the one with the most successful economic system in world history, stand and talk about business when he’s never worked for one? Or about jobs when he has never really had one? And when it’s the same for 92% of his senior staff and closest advisers? They’ve spent most of their time in academia, government and/or non-profit jobs or as “community organizers.” They should have been in an employment line.

  4. druidlens says:

    Please. Spare me. The great explainer. Good Jules Feiffer cartoon. Not cool. Just say she screwed up and get on with it. I was a single parent raising 3 kids and practicing law at the same time. The hardest job in the world is parenting. And the most rewarding. All the rest of it is ” support group ” including your ” profession “.

  5. James Ewing says:

    My mother raised 3 children after my father died in 1952. She took home, what would be today, $162.92 a week. She paid off a mortgage on a home. Two children went to college. I dought Mrs, Romney would even understand what it is like to live on this income

  6. MarleneW says:

    Thank you for your article. As a mother of 6 and an employee outside the home, I applaud you! In order to give my kids some of the advantages Mrs. Romney takes for granted, I had to work for those extras. Baby sitters, cooks, maids , etc. were out of the question. My husband and I shared the baby sitting by working different shifts. Hard work? Yes. But we have some wonderful children who weren’t born with a silver spoon. I know what Mrs. Rosen meant…….been ther, done that!

  7. what she meant to say? i thought it was pretty clear. all democrats know, and have known for years that women dont do jack around the house taking care of kids. unless you count time at the welfare office collecting cash and foodstamps? i had good friends in california that would get foster kids just to collect the big ass payment each month….work? taking care of kids is a breeze compared to a ”real” job. romeny never had a real job like hilary rosen. unless rosen went into labor five times like ann romney. now that is a painful job. but taking care of kids? easier than playing golf. i hope this doesnt screw up the administrations war on women? or has that been replaced already with the buffet rule? taking care of kids is probably the only job that is available right now for women. i read where the recession took the biggest bite, up to 93% of jobs out of the female side of the job market.

  8. pbatcha says:

    2 guys watching TV drinking Beer in a bar,
    1 guy says,
    “I support the Republican policy of women being barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.
    the other said,
    Yeah, I went out and bought my wife a new vaccuum this weekend.
    The Bartender said,
    That Anne Romney sure is a womans woman, It must be hard staying home telling Jose how to cut the yard or what Fbric softener Rosa has to use in the laundry.
    What a disconnect, Miss Rosen do not appologize for nothing. Its about time the Republican bullies be put in their place.
    Thank you for saying the right thing

  9. j9russell says:

    As it was told on Ed last night…Ann Romney was not offended at all, but used as an opportunity to switch focus on her husband’s campaign. She does not share the experiences of 99% of mothers in the US. She just cannot relate and just doesn’t understand. If you can’t relate or understand on any level to the plight of your average working or stay at home mom, you can’t fight for or support programs and ideas that can improve the lives of the masses. The simple issues of providing for and educating our children, which are the daily challenges for the majority of us. So “thumbs up” to Cynthia Tucker for acknowledging a “real issue” in this campaign.

  10. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Not to diminish the task of a mother of 5 but wasn’t that Ann Romney’s choice? Or are we saying she didn’t realize that having 5 children was going to be a lot on her plate?

    Ann Romney is not the icon of motherhood. Not when working women today hold down a full time job and are responsible for parenting, the household and paying the bills.

    First of all, as most everyone knows who has ever studied the Mormon religion, women are expected to stay at home and take care of the kiddies while Mr. Man goes off to work, comes home after 8 hours and has his meal on the table and spends little or no time with his children.

    Of course, now we all know that Papa Romney pitched right in there changing diapers, staying up nights through teething and getting the older kiddies off to school, right? He did that and managed Bain Consulting too? Yeah…right and pigs fly.

    I’d bet anything part of his expenses that were written off as childcare expense was a nanny or at the very least an au pair for his kids.

    • PERRY says:

      You’re VERY right. Let them produce their tax returns for those years and let the whole world see what they deducted. By Ann Romney NOT working, the Romneys raked in more TAX RETURNS for those years. And you bet, the extra dollars made by then will be more than what Ann Romney would have made if she was working.

      • Jeannie69 says:

        To the both of you. You are sad individuals. Not only did Mrs Romney raise 5 young men but she had to deal with MS and Had Breast Cancer. I have been there with all she went through, I only had 3 children but with MS and Breast Cancer my life was hard too and I know it was not easy so shut up if you have not walked in her shoes.

        • EdC says:

          Yews but did you have a nannie to take care of the kids, or the most expensive health care, with a super private room and you very own specialist, she should walk in your shoes not the other way around.

      • kenat507 says:

        hey if BHO said 30% is a fair tax rate why did he only pay the irs 20.7% come mr. prez. PAY UP you should be so willing to do so !!! ken

    • EdC says:

      Yeah but at least he hosed off the dog when it was sick, and duck it back on the roof , in the cold sind.

  11. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Obozo…So if everyone but the hard nosed demonizer righties are “victims”, I’m guessing that makes them the victims OF the right wing demonizing?

  12. Does someone like Obozomustgo actually exist? Or, more likely, is a straw figure created by the left to emphasize the ignorance and lack of intellectual gravitas of the right? A cartoon? Surely, no one could be so ignorant as to think that such Neandertal diatribes would have a positive effect on the electorate to encourage them to vote for a Republican? Just like Rush Limbaugh, the Democrat’s best friend.

    When you make your position, policy and attitudes clear, righties, no one sympathizes with you.

  13. puworg says:

    For heaven sake Rosen made a simple comment, people get on with your lives and let it go. There’s plenty of mothers out there that work hold down a household and take care of kids, meals, homework, doctors appt, sick kids etc. I know because I was one of those single mom’s raising my children and working at the same time. When your dealing with all that and the car breaks down and you don’t have the extra money to get it fixed. Please stop being so mean to women its not American. I have worked all my life and now at 62 I got laid off a couple of years ago and am working part time and can’t even get healthcare because of pre-existing conditions. I ask you where is the fairness. So I say to all the GOP when your complaining about women, healthcare etc. don’t forget WE PAY YOUR WAGES AND YOUR HEALTHCARE.

    • flamingorose says:

      I’m with you! You said it ALL!

    • pattigeorge says:

      It’s a “big” joke for Ann Romney to even suggest that she “worked” because she had five boys. She also had five maids/nannies to do the “real” work of taking care of those children. Most of us have not been so lucky! She just has absolutely no idea how the other half lives, unlike Michelle Obama, who identifies with the middle class and poor women. Woe to us if Mitt Romney is elected our next President with his lack of understanding for what “real” work is that middle class women have to do. He
      and his wife have been priveleged, and therefore, lack the understanding necessary to be our President and First Lady. May God watch over our country.

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Michelle Obozo has been a mooch her entire life and continues to be!

        • Mark says:

          That’s a very typical reply of some one who is ignorant and uneducated. When all else fails make comical adaptations to people’s names. If you were really intelligent, you might even be able to critisize the Obamas on merit. No, didn’t think so, your high school drop out educations is shining through.

          • Todd says:

            Obam has no merit, only lies. He fooled you all the first time, now it’s just the stupid ones who will vote for him again., By the way MA and MS from Syracuse University

          • Todd it appears that your education didn’t help you with your brain-dead malady. I don’t need to discuss my college degree in order to prove my common everyday good sense.

          • msgwdn says:

            Only a poorly informed fool would make your post.

          • msgwdn says:

            Only a poorly informed fool would make your post.

          • claytango says:

            I think that people who have not been in the President’s shoes should tread lightly with their comments. Has President Obama done all that I would have liked him to do? No, but I think he’s doing the best he can with the mess (made over many years by GOP) and the way he’s blocked at every move he tries to make. As for Michelle Obama, I don’t see her as a privileged brat, but a very down to earth, common sense person. As for the issue about women, which started this line of comments, I raised two sons, mostly working for minimum wage, by myself. It was only after my youngest was in high school that I was able to get my Bachelor of Science degree, but even then, as a teacher, my starting wage in 1999 was $18,000. It’s a difficult road and not many people are aware of how many women travel it…certainly not Mitt Romney and his wife.

          • metrognome3830 says:

            All that education and you still don’t know much.

          • KATMD719 says:

            Your comments make Syracuse U. look pretty bad. They should repossess those diplomas ASAP.

          • samantha g says:

            guess im stupid then cause he’s got my VOTE!!!!!!

          • nhpoet says:

            He needs sympathy not contempt. He’s not beyond salvation.

          • nhpoet says:

            Okay, provide us with evidence that “President Obama has no merit, only lies.” Spewing accusations without merit is a form of lying. So are you performing the fascist two-step maneuver that accuses an opponent of what you yourself are guilty of?

          • Bigspender says:

            Todd you are seriously confused. You appear to be proof that stupid is an incurable malady.

          • GodofPainfulTruth says:

            Wow — you are really a bad advert for Syracuse University — but I guess someone has to graduate @ the bottom of the class!

          • Barry Levy says:

            Michelle Obama stated that until her husband’s nomination she was never proud of this country. enough said right there.

            But on merit.

            He told us that his plans would keep unemployment below 8%. Last I looked he FAILED. And for the math challenged when unemployment is a number that is larger than 8, such as 8.2, then the promise hasn’t been kept.

            He told us that he would cut the deficit in half, but try to explain how borrowing more than $6 Trillion is helping to cut the deficit in half.

            He told us that Bush was Unpatriotic for borrowing from China and running up the US’s credit card debt, and then borrows and spend more in a shorter time, so by his own words he is UNPATRIOTIC

            He told us his plans would have shovel ready jobs, and then laughed when the shovel ready jobs weren’t there. That is why I refer to him a Obozo, the clown in chief, because the jokes keep coming.

            He was informed that Solyndra was about to go bankrupt, but he took American tax payer money and loaned that to the company with no priority given to paying back the loan when the company went bankrupt.

            With the auto bailout, he violated bankruptcy laws to benefit the unions.

            He has been held in contempt of court for his handling of off shore drilling leases, by a US Judge, which is a slap in the face of the legal system and the laws of this country which he took an oath to uphold and defend.

            He hired Eric Holder, who has failed in the Fast and Furious case.

            And I could go on if you care to.

            But this is why it is Obozo, the clown in chief, Unpatriotic and Failure in chief, and for the first time in my life I am ashamed of my country with this person sitting in the White House.

            The first time this country gets a White black man in office and he so badly disappoints and with a recent poll, those thinking that he is taking up in the wrong direction are in the 60 percentile

            And even David Axelrod spoke that with the next election we have the option to vote for a person that want us to pursue jobs and excellence, or continue on the same downward path that the last three years have been.

            Funny how even ardent supportes of this clown, often can be heard speaking the truth when they are asked questions and are not on script.

          • Rhonda says:

            He could have done it all and much better if the self serving, racist Republicans had not tried to stop him from doing everything he wanted to do. His whole presidency he has been having to walk with chains on his feet. Remember, he got stuck with the racist Teaparties and the leadership that fears them as a House majority. From the very start they said that their main goal was to make Obama a one-term president. They have never modified or strayed from that goal. Their purpose is not to make America better or to lower the deficit. It is to unseat Obama no matter what the cost. America is no more than collateral damage in the conservative’s war on Obama. Now they are actually trying to keep people who might vote for Democrats from even voting. But God does not like ugly and I don’t think Jesus is ready to come back yet so if God has to intervene, God will because Jesus was a liberal.

          • rustacus21 says:

            Thanx SO MUCH, Rhonda 4 SPEAKING UP loud & clear, that this nation is SO divided along the “line” no 1 dares cross, but will ALWAYS bring up as it suits their ‘benefit’. This began as a ‘conversation’ about “Women, work & wealth entitlement’, now look where we are? But since U brought it up BarryLevy, if U’ve been paying attention, a little incident in the House Gallery several years ago, when, in ’09, just months in2 his NEW JOB as President, an elected representative yells, ‘… you lie…’, when the Prez stated obvious facts we all xpect B part of the Health Care policy (no coverage for illegal’s); so desperate to prove a ‘racist’ pathological impression, they would embrace the ridiculous, while doing everything to undermine a Prez who may in fact be over his head – but NOT for lack of ability!!! Remember, the last administration inherited the most perfect of worlds (NO deficit, NO war, FULL employment, a budget SURPLUS, ETC, ETC…) & look what they DUMPED ON THEIR SUCCESSOR!??! But this is the game, to heap blame on THIS Prez, in order to escape their own legislative & executive incompetency’s between 2001 – present. Lets not 4get – it was the 2001-2009 administration that spent $3 trillion on a war initiated off of BOLD FACED LIES!!! I’m so proud of 1st Lady Obama, 4telling of the hardships they would face, by Americans who, tho her husband is trying w/all of his ability to ALSO HELP, ingratitude is the only ‘quality’ (there’s an OXYMORON 4 U!!!) they have 2 OFFER. No way should Romney B allowed on W.H. grounds, if he’s anything like the last Conservative wrecking mob who were there… Thanx AGAIN Ronda 4 U REALITY CHECK on these foul-minded juvenille’s…

          • KATMD719 says:

            More tiresome and delusional rantings from the far right fringe.

            Can you tell us, Barry Levy, since Congress, not the President, makes our federal laws, and the GOP portion of Congress promised from day 1 to do everything possible to block passage of any laws that would help Obama fulfill his promises, do you think that the GOP, not Obama, might actually be responsible for the failures that you mentioned above?

            And also, Barry Levy, what does it say about the GOP that they were willing and eager to prolong our country’s recovery in the hopes that it would make President Obama look bad and lead to his defeat?

            Keep in mind, Barry Levy, that your answers reveal much more about you than about our president.

          • Aaron says:

            You are very pathetic in your arguments. For one thing, you made most comments regarding the president, not the first lady.

            But more on your comments regarding the president. Yes he did say unemployment wouldn’t reach 8%. Get over it. Nobody, absolutely nobody knew the extent of the damage to the economy.

            He didn’t say he would cut the deficit in half by this time, and he didn’t add the 6 trillion in debt. Your facts and comments are false.

            He never said Bush was unpatriotic. You twist things for your own sick justifications.

            Actually, by all accounts the jobs savings was around 2 million. Most estimates are higher. So you’re wrong.

            Solyndra didn’t work out, but don’t make up crap about how he was informed. It was a risk, just like helping the banks and car companies. As it turns out, the car companies are doing better than ever before. You know you’re full of crap when it comes to your statement on the bankruptcy laws. You’re just bitter that he’ll be president for another 4 years because Romney was totally wrong in what he said.

            A republican judge with no credibility can say anything they want. The judge was also highly vested in the oil companies profitability.

            Also, all your subsequent numbers are wrong. You should look at the electoral college and see who’s going to win the election. If he was doing that bad of a job, it wouldn’t favor him as much as it does. Almost every swing state sides with him.

            You’re so bitter about him being black, your comments about ‘white black man’ couldn’t have been more obvious. Pathetic person.

            Taking shots at the first lady because you don’t like the president. Pathetic.

          • research solyndra—-bush was trying to push their loan thru right up to the time obama was sworn in. obama put it on hold until it was looked at . the other investors were republicans that bush knew. the shovel ready jobs were stalled and stopped by a republican congress…..i have voted for both parties but i can’t find a republican that i would trust in today’s world .

          • rustacus21 says:

            I never know this & it’s no wonder it failed. Conservative have a knack for finding failure, if also considering: who stole 7-12 BILLION U.S. DOLLARS off U.S. PLANES ‘supposedly’ delivered 2 Iraq in 2004 (4 reconstruction) & see if some of those ‘NEW’ millionaires (from that same period) the war ‘created’ are the thieves responsible? Or, why & who stands to profit from ‘FORCING’ the U.S. Postal Service to ‘BANK’ a 75 year ADVANCE worth of retirement expenditures, or face elimination of their existence if they DON’T? (what company is able to do something so rediculously ludicrous in the 1st place?)!!! Or why Ed DeMarco (mortgage oversite) or better yet, Mark Sullivan (head of Secret Svc) are still on the job (holdovers from the last administration) & still creating havoc & hardship, instead of what their positions call for – PATRIOTIC, UNCONFLICTED DUTY & LOYALTY TO THEIR NATION?! 12 billion could put ALOT of Americans back to work, by the way…

          • jnap says:

            OK, So President Obama didn’t know the complete details of the mess the Bush administration created until he was in office. He didn’t know that the Republicans would fight him on every thing he did even if it was in agreement with Republican philosophy. The deficit, by the way, also includes what has been spent on the wars Bush started and is now being counted as a part of the deficit instead of being “off the books”. But dispite all of that the economy is improving and unemployment is getting better. Of course facts don’t mean a damn thing to to people who don’t care to know the truth.

          • nhpoet says:

            No, what neoconservative Republicans only understand is the propaganda of the extreme right. These people are brainwashed to reject facts and accurate figures and embrace a dream-world for the future.

          • GodofPainfulTruth says:

            Exactly! Clearly any real knowledge based on reality or facts or independ though or education is beyond them — after all, all that” red’n and rit’n” is too elitist!.. and there go that Obama guy being all smart and educated and stuff…

          • f6451 says:

            OMG another person who is a glutton for punishment. The only clown is you and others who sat by for eight years while the former administration ran the country or should I say the middle class into the ground. And you want more of the same. It’s clear you do not investigate or on your own. Lord help us and Lord help you!

          • carolknows says:

            you typical lying repubies just keep trying..long ago fox noise was ‘outed’ for doctoring Mrs.Obama’s comments. they (oh gee) dropped the ‘really’ emphasis word just to make her comment sound 180degrees from what she really said. you never learn do you?

          • JeffreyH says:

            This is all correct as to pertaining to Barock, and you even left out a few – Questioning the supreme Court? (Even after appointing someone I feel is totally unqualified, Kagan), but none of this speaks to the great work Michelle has done and a fine example she is for women and girls and people everywhere.

          • GodofPainfulTruth says:

            Thank you james> It was VP Dick Chaney who said that is armount to TREASON to even question anything his adminstration ever did — using the Old Nixion idea: It is not wrong with We did it” –but yet it continues to be OK tyo attack our current President ( even befor he took office) for commiting “sins” real or imagine just to force their own over-rding agenda of hoping to make the President fail in any efforts to help this country (while saying anything the Bush Admin did is “past history”) _They cannot have it both ways — bit they want to keep their cake and eat it too –as long as they can have the vast majority of Americnas pay for it!

          • nhpoet says:

            In comparison with Mitt Romney – who has lied so much during the primaries that even he does not know where he himself now stands on any issue – President Barack Obama appears to be a knight-in-shining-armor.

            And I think a huge majority of voters will reach that conclusion come election day. So your Republican crown prince will copy what Senator Barry Goldwater accomplished in 1964.

          • james says:

            I would like to ask you one question about your post. Where you ok with all these kind of comments about Bush? If so , go for it, if you were one of those who claimed that you have to respect the president even if you don’t like him. You should retract your post.

          • Blue says:

            It would be great if you and your race would be put in the situation of millions of Americans that were worked to death by the plantation owners and property owners, to see how proud you would be to be an American, in a nation that committed genocide against the native people, enslaved a race of people, and made servants of the others that weren’t poor Anglo citizens and non-Anglo but with some Anglo-American DNA in them but not enough to pass as White?

          • yukon2002 says:

            Hey Klan Man, your not ashamed of this man being in office, your jealous, just like 90% of all the so called uneducated and ignorant white working class white men who now think they are qualified to be president because a black man is in office, your just as stupid as you were before he got elected, get ready for another 4 years, and then comes HILLARY FOR 8 more , your gonna really loose yor mind.

          • GodofPainfulTruth says:

            Your half-facts , mis-information and outright untruths are beyond belief. Please turn off “FOX” (not the ) News, get out of your doublewide and go to the library — and read a real newspaper.

        • ObozoMust Go
          I have been following your comments for some time and since none have any logic or facts to back them up, I have concluded that you are an uneducated, red-necked, ignorant moron.You undoubtedly do not work or you wouldn’t have the time to make all these inane and stupid comments.

        • I can’t believe you are an educated person because of the type of personal attack against our First Lady, Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama is smart, intelligent, educated and could probably defeat you on any level of intelligence you may or may not possess. Be careful what you say!!!

        • ObozoMustGo, you are the disgrace and mooch to America. That is all you rednecked clowns(Black & White) know how to do, is to continue to inflame the racial fires. Get over your ignorant self-entitled moronic self. A diversified America is much better than the America you and the Tea-Party and, the GOP would love us to go back to.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Skip… you mean a welfare state is much better than the land of individual liberty and responsibility, of freedom, of limited and fiscally responsible government, right? Isn’t that what you mean? You think like all the other disease-corrupted minds of the leftists out there.

            Have a nice day!

          • amsashworth says:

            This is hardly a welfare state. And being on welfare is no picnic. It happens to some people because of things beyond their control. Most want to get off asap and by the way there is a time limit and work requirements no matter what.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            amshash… Only in leftist nutjob world does someone ignore the realities of generational dependence that have resulted from the socialist programs of “The Great Society”. Witness Detroit. As a matter of fact, Detroit programs and policies that have turned a once great and prosperous city into a literal cesspool over 50 years is exactly Obozo’s view for America. He may not think it. You may not think it. But that place is PRECISELY what it is BECAUSE of DemocRATic policies of welfare and income redistribution. But leftists will never admit that their grand social engineering plans have drastic and lasting horrible consequences. Liberalism is the disease that presents itself as its own cure.

            Barack Hussein Obozo does have one significant accomplishment that should make you happy…. He has increased the food stamp rolls from 38M to over 47 MILLION AMERICANS THAT ARE ON FOOD STAMPS! Nice accomplishment, Obozo!

            Have a nice day!

          • nhpoet says:

            I suspect ObozoMustGo that you are dependent on Karl Rove for the extreme right nutjob garbage you have written in reply to amsashworth.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            nhpoet… sure sure… and Detroit is a thriving, prosperous, safe, and wonderful city, isnt it? uhhhhhhh….. hellllloooooooo!!!!!


            One other point… if you are a poet for a living, you most certainly are one of the takers in our society. Put down the pen and go get a real job to provide for yourself.

            Have a nice day1

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            nhpoet… sure sure… and Detroit is a thriving, prosperous, safe, and wonderful city, isnt it? uhhhhhhh….. hellllloooooooo!!!!!


            One other point… if you are a poet for a living, you most certainly are one of the takers in our society. Put down the pen and go get a real job to provide for yourself.

            Have a nice day1

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            nhpoet… sure sure… and Detroit is a thriving, prosperous, safe, and wonderful city, isnt it? uhhhhhhh….. hellllloooooooo!!!!!


            One other point… if you are a poet for a living, you most certainly are one of the takers in our society. Put down the pen and go get a real job to provide for yourself.

            Have a nice day1

          • GodofPainfulTruth says:

            HInt: FOX news — is NOT a real news station…

          • GodofPainfulTruth says:

            Well this terrible new society we find ourselves in still managed to create a evironment to allow folks like Mitt make a fortune — even if his personal success added to the unemployment numbers and increased numbers of poor you enjoy quoting.

          • nhpoet says:

            When we have a sense of community, we want to help others succeed and prosper so the whole nation succeeds and prospers.

          • metrognome3830 says:

            I don’t see where you fit into any of those descriptions. You didn’t list moron.

          • GodofPainfulTruth says:

            Maybe the Republicans really do wantt o bring back slavery (after all it was a Republican who ended it — must be their right to re-establish it too) — That wouls really solve our nation’s economic problems– getting alot of unempolyed and “welfare types” off the streets — and providing plenty of free labor to the big business interests they are so indebted to – Just please don’t tax any of the extra profit they will make by doing away with the living wage!

          • nhpoet says:

            Mitt Romney endorses the Paul Ryan House budget proposal which would increase tax cuts for the wealthy while cutting programs for the needy while not balancing the budget because it contains no reform of the federal tax system. You call that fiscally responsible? If you add up what Romney proposes for our nation – you end up with greater liberties for the wealthy and big corporations and slavery for the poor and the middle class. I submit you are the one with a “disease-corrupted” mind.

          • GodofPainfulTruth says:

            I have to admit you write (type) pretty well for someone with their head so deeply up their own butt!~

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Thank you, G-Pain! For you and all the other leftists on this site….. if you run around a tree at 185,999 miles per hour, you stand a good chance of “effing” yourself. You will achieve the same result by voting for Barach Hussein Obozo.

            Have a nice day! 😉

        • amsashworth says:

          Sick comment. Michelle Obama is a wonderful first lady.

        • Jacqui says:

          your proctologist called. he found your head.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            WOW! you’re very clever …………………………………………………………………. for a 12 year old! Buzz off you leftist nutjob freak.

            Have a nice day!

          • nhpoet says:

            He wouldn’t have to post comments if you had buzzed off. We’re having a nice day just from responding to your insanity.

          • metrognome3830 says:

            It couldn’t be Obozo’s head, he couldn’t find his ass using both hands.

          • GodofPainfulTruth says:

            I love you!~

        • rome44 says:

          She has a law degree from Harvard. Ever heard the quote ” Engage brain before opening mouth. Otherwise what you say bounces off her and sticks to you.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            she most likely mooched her way in and mooched her grades too

          • rome44 says:

            You prove my point. Enough said.

          • Colorado15 says:

            and how exactly did she mooch in and mooch grades, Havard isn’t exactly easy to get into or easy to graduate from, hence the reason the diploma from there is so respected

          • GodofPainfulTruth says:

            Talk about your “envy” — What he is really saying is that Mrs. Obama could not achieve anything on her own merits (why? — Because she black? A woman? Smarter? Better looking that the writer? Lives in the real world? / Your guess is as good as mine

            – It is just unfair that she is more attractive, smarter and better educated that our “friend” here. Don’t let logic stand in the way — it never did for him!

          • nhpoet says:

            Is your brain stuck on garbage throwing?

          • GodofPainfulTruth says:

            How can you be sooo freaking dumb and still breath with out help!

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            WOW… I’ve gotten a lot of replies to this post! hahahahahahahahaha You leftist nutjobs cant take a joke when you see one, can you?

            Have a nice day!

        • I don’t support many or even most of Obama’s political policies but comments like yours make people who read post like yours, think everyone who is not liberal are idiots.

        • Rhonda says:

          Since when? Michelle is an attorney. She was Barrack’s supervisor for his internship when he was in law school. She and Laura Bush were both college educated. So was Hillary Clinton. She has never been a mooch nor needed to be. If Barrack died tomorrow she could readily take care of herself, her kids, and her mama and would not really need his pension. She is a great example to young girls aspiring to be professionals as well.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Hey Rhonda! I think Moochelle is NOT an attorney. Here is a snippet from an article. Google it yourself.

            Records at the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois list her status as “voluntarily inactive and not authorized to practice law.” It further states that Michelle license is “on court ordered inactive status.”

            Why is it “court ordered”? Hmmmmm… probably crooked like her hubby.

          • nhpoet says:

            Isn’t it time you stopped taking drugs?

          • GodofPainfulTruth says:

            The problem is that he may not be on drugs — which make him all the more scary!

          • GodofPainfulTruth says:

            She allowed her lience to pratice law lapes –or maybe she choose to do this — to aviod any conflicts of interest while her husband was serving. But being right wign– you think it is only yo personal enrich yourself at the expense of the Americna people — as long as you ar not getting food stamps — and don’thave to pay your fair share of taxes — it all good!!!

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            G-Pain —– I never said it was good or bad, just reported the fact and proposed a question. It does say, right in the records that “It further states that Michelle license is “on court ordered inactive status.” Thats COURT ORDERED inactive status. All I’m saying is that for the media to run weeks on end of stories about Ann Romney and whether or not she’s been a “real” worker, and to completely ignore the fact that MO was a practicing lawyer who has legitimate questions surrounding her license is yet again another example out of 10s of thousands of examples of leftist media bias.

            That’s all. I just posed the question. And you lefties get your panties in a knot. Relax.

            Have a nice day!

          • rustacus21 says:

            … so I imagine that means that if she were to decide to get ‘active’, she’d have a FAR easier time of doing so than U? Better yet, does it even matter? Her current responsibilities, I should think, are far more important, being involved in better ‘childhood’ nutrition & drug & alcohol prevention initiatives, which are a GREAT HELP to many Conservatives even (whom I’ll do the dignity of not mentioning by name – even HERE…)…

        • dandinojr says:

          Obviously, character and respect were attributes you were not raised with; assuming of course, you were raised in a home…

        • JeffreyH says:

          You are an idiot. If we has a similar monument to First Ladies, Michelle would be right there with Martha Washington, Mamie Eisenhour and Barbara Bush

        • nhpoet says:

          Your disgusting language needs to be stifled into silence.

        • GodofPainfulTruth says:

          Thank you for proving why education is such a important thing for our children — by showing what it is like when you don’t have any!

    • lynne says:


      I am 85 and have always had ins.; first with Banker’s Life then with AARP. I have lots of pre-existing conditions mostly related to my heart. The BIG problem is paying the premiums.

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      puworg…. where did you get this notion that someone else “owes” you healthcare or anything else you did not work to earn on your own? I get it, you lived a tougher life than many of the moms of your generation, but who cares? I can assure you that you dont pay my healthcare or my wages, hunny! I actually get that from the evil rich guys that invest in small companies and grow them. I have an idea… You take care of you and your familiy and local charities as you see fit, and I’ll take care of me, my family, and my local charitable needs as I see fit. You leftist nutjobs need to just leave the rest of us all alone. Go to Europe if you want socialism. Just get the heck out of America or shut your traps!

      By the way, puworg, I am sorry to see that you were laid off and cant find full time work now. One would think that you all on the left would understand that if we had more employers, there would be more employees. And who wants to be an employer (hear invest and take risks and work 80+ hours a week) when you will be punished at tax time and ostracized by the political class as being “the 1%”. Screw that! So, you continue to be an Obozo statistic of more than 14 MILLION Americans that are under/unemployed. Keep voting yourself access to the fruits of another man/woman’s labor. Look how that’s worked out in Detroit. Good luck!

      Have a nice day!

      • nhpoet says:

        Health care is and should be recognized as a human right. And we need to enact a single payer health care system (like other industrialized nations have) – which will lower health care costs by eliminating the insurance companies as middlemen and regulate drug companies and health care providers.

        Stop spewing your lies about President Obama and the economy – because more and more people understand the truth SO your audience will soon disappear (as we hope you will decide to do).

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          what exactly entitles you to the labor of a doctor? Why should that doctor be a slave to you by virtue of the fact that you breath? Please answer this question.

          • GodofPainfulTruth says:

            I jUst have to know”obozo” what exacly do YOU do for a living? Assuming you do have gainful employment….

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            G-Pain… I consult to small, new technology companies in the energy business that are early stage, venture capital backed, or supported by private equity investment. Many of them are so-called “clean energy” companies. I am on the front lines of capitalism, brother! I am commission only. All the dummies that think rich people send all their money to offshore accounts or bury it are clueless. I know because I live the reality. I see how scientists or engineers, or just people with an idea, put together plans and go begging rich people for money. Venture capitalists aggregate wealthy people’s money and invest it in what they see as the best business plans. When the invetors get the money, they hire people, and if successful, they keep hiring people. They do not hire people for the sake of giving them jobs. They hire people because they want to build a business and become rich like the people that gave them the money in the first place. This is how the economy grows. It doesnt happen any other way, G-Pain. It may happen on smaller scale and with different actors, but the game is just the same. I have personally seen 10s of thousands of new jobs created by rich people investing their money in my 13 years doing what i do.

            It bothers me to see the vast amount of stupidity displayed on this site about preconcieved notions and beliefs that just are not so in the real world. Things like “Repubs want to keep everyone poor so they can have all eggs in their basket” blow my mind. It’s such stupid thinking that it leaves sane people speechless. But I do like coming on here. As a student of the left for some years now, I enjoy seeing my theories of what motivates leftist thinking play out in real life.

            Hope this answer’s your question. Have a nice day!

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Now, can someone answer my question. What entitles you to the labor of a doctor? Why should that doctor be a slave to you by virtue of the fact that you breath?

      • GodofPainfulTruth says:

        How many “small business owners” especially any that are working “80+” hours a week just to “make ends meet” are part of the 1% ? On the other hand, Mr. Romney (who is in fact part of that 1%) and pays less taxes than most working Americans — seems to have plenty of time to run around the country trying to become President (Just how is he doing that while working 80 + hours a week?). The point here my angry, misinformed, FOX-feed” friend is tha those who are making and have be making the most money in this country for the last decade –are not using their extra (untaxed) wealth as “job creators” — They are hiding their money in off-shore accounts or in very low taxed Capital gains” gnerating investments –and not creating anything — except more money for themselves. I am sure the vast majority of the unemployed would love to once agin have a decent job, at a living wage –so they can pay their fair share of taxes and buy their own health benefits –and in turn actually improve this nation’s economy by buying the good, services and houses they need for themselves and their children — But people like you feel tha the poor have too much money and the “put upon” 1 % “are being unfairly put out — for the simply (and apparently, for you) unimprtant fact they they have taken the jobs overseas — pocketing the extra profits and take no real responsibilty for their action. You gotta stop being such a hater — get out of your Mommy & Daddy basement — and join the real world.

    • Blue says:

      Rosen spoke of her reality and the reality of millions of women that decide to take on single life with babies, kids and teenagers, as teen mothers or adult ones, but should not be complaining if they are not married or don’t want a male companion, pardner or simply a male around them.

      Stop making it such a big deal that one woman decided to speak against the unbringing a five privileged sons in the Mitt Romney household, by a motheer that knew where her husband was during the day or night, that her sons would have the necessary comprehensive medical coverage and education that would afford them a secured future in business or public office, if they so desired it in due time.

      Ann Romney married well and got the life she wanted and was privileged to achieve that in the schools and circles she and her family were apart of during their unbringing. So good for her if she now thinks she knows what single working mothers are dealing with at the middle or lower-class, working women, the working poor mothers, and poor mothers in general.

  14. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    The reality is that single motherhood among Mormons is a rarity. Therefore, parenting is shared by two or should be. Therefore, Mormon mothers don’t leave home base until the “head of household” allows it. This isn’t to say Mormon men don’t indulge their wives and respect them. It just says that Ann Romney is out of touch with 90% of working single Moms and most working American Moms. Even those who are stay at home Moms laugh at her defense of her motherhood when she had every advantage at her fingertips…kind of like the British royals who have a lot of kids and their governesses take full charge of their offspring.

  15. I would like to know how many of those who are able to afford a more “comfortable” motherhood, via the huge bush tax cuts, adopted children. Bet more of the middle class, like Ms. Tucker, have adopted children in the last ten years or so than the 1% types. How do I know? The working class gives more of our income to charity than the wealthy. How many 1% types give as much to charity as do President and Mrs. Obama? Rick Santorum only gave a miserly 2%.

  16. oldgirl70 says:

    Mothers whose income hovers around $50,000 a year? Most would welcome being that fortunate. Try identifying with Moms who carry bed pans, change beds, work in day cares, flip burgers, man cash registers and stock shelves. Feel for the Moms who wait tables, work in hospital kitchens and laundries. They would feel rich at that yearly figure. If your income is at 50 grand the struggle comes from what you want not providing what you need. MS. Romney has no way of identifying with the bulk of average moms who can’t even afford a monthly sitter or the cash for a quick night at the movies. These moms are in the majority not the 50 grand plus group.

    • EdC says:

      you are so right, I have great difficulty believeing that the average family makes 50k, especially today. I worked for UPS abd didn’t make that kind of money, nor did I make it when UPS had beaten me up and I ran heavy construction equipment.

  17. bob says:

    what the rich don:t remember is that with out the little people to do the work they would not be rich, ..

  18. JGRofMerrittIsland says:

    Much ado about someones bad choice of words to define the difference between an employed mother and a mother that is an employer.

  19. JoeWall says:

    No question that Ann Romney’s experience with motherhood is different from that of most women. Of course, the same can be said about Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton and perhaps Hilary Rosen. But for some reason, it was necessary to cast aspersions on Ann Romney. Maybe the commenters here could explain why.

    • JaneSnow says:

      Huge difference in income level between Romney and the other 2. Clinton and Obama were not insulated their entire lives from middle classes and the poor. I do believe there is some understanding and empathy those 2 have that is missing from the Romneys’ experience. I believe Ann is just as out of touch as Mitt.

    • grannyk8 says:

      She was put forth as Romney’s economic liason, by Romney himself; her message was slanted and flawed. No aspersions were cast, but errors have certainly been pointed out. If you make yourself a player, you have to take the penalties.

  20. Eagle05 says:

    Ms. Tucker’s column hit’s the target squarely. I am glad to see the issue brought up by Hilary Rosen rephrased and firmly articulated. There are at least two additional issues that belong in the discussion. If the gilded governor is going to use Lady Ann as a stalking horse to run intereference on domestic or any other issues, the extremist GOP must understand Lady Ann is fair game for discussion. She doesn’t get diplomatic immunity. The gilded governor has set his wife up and stupidly the Obama team took the bait and turned the poorly turned words into a national dustup. This was unnecessary. Just say what the gilded governor said when asked about pervert Rush’s vile labeling of the Georgetown law student- those aren’t the words I would choose. Sound familiar?

    Finally, the entire episode clearly reveals the gilde governor’s distance from being engaged in the American experience. He may recite phrases and words from campaign literature, he may even have a scripted litany about the country’s difficulties. However, it is clear in his unguarded responses and extemporaneous interchanges that this man is not plugged in viscerally and rationally to the American experience. He does have a cognitive bank of data that he calls upon to answer Pavlovian rings but when he says that he relies on his wife Lady Ann, owner of 2 Caddies, multiple homes, zillions of dollars, etc. to understand women and family issues or when he subcontracts US strategy on Iran to Bibi N. you know this man isn’t plugged in. He doesn’t understand the fallout of these positions until he is slapped out of his trance by the extremist keepers or press. The gilded governor isn’t really woven into the American fabric.

    • grannyk8 says:

      I wish that President Obama hadn’t taken the bait; he should have dismissed the whole thing for what it was – a fart in the wind.

  21. tammy says:

    Thank God most woman are smart enough not to buy into this BS. Enough on the Hilary Rosen comment PLEASE. Of course it gave the Romney campaign a shot in the arm and it was unforunate. If independents buy into this stupid arguement, they deserve what Mitt will do…Ann Romney has no idea what women have to go through everyday to raise a family and work OUTSIDE the home. She should try having to earn a paycheck and see how it works. She would have never had 5 kids!

  22. nckerl says:

    Why do so many resent those who are more fortunate. We all make choices in life and that includes having children and how many we have. Some thought should be put in to that decision as to how to financially take care of them, do you have to work. Are there two parents to split duties or if one what sacrifies have to be made. I did not have the option to stay home with my children and had to work, take them to daycare, doctors appts. etc. I enjoyed working and would not have been a good stay at home mom even if I had that option. I will also say that no working woman can do it all. There is always something that suffers- job, spouse, children. That has to be reognized and you do the best job you can do. Let’s stop making this a war of the haves and have nots. Don’t we all want to do the best we can do and have the freedom to that? Would I like to have more money? sure but I have worked hard for what I have and am proud that I can do that. I only depend on me.

  23. jebediah123 says:

    The wife of a multi-millionaire “worked”?? O please, tell that to a 10 year old. However, you may have a problem getting even him to believe that story.

  24. flamingorose says:

    I think that Mit Romney is behind in the presidential polls and this comment came just in time for his wife to get some ink. What a crazy pres race this is! Come on people Ann Romney probably never had a job outside the home! She is the lucky one who has a Multi Millionaire husband to support her so she doesn’t have to work! How many women have 5 boys, girls whatever, 2, 3 or 4 or more kids and can’t stay home and wish they could but HAVE got to work outside the home. Ann Romney is so lucky to have a millionaire husband to pay the bills so she can stay home. Come on Ann quite crying for Pete’s sake. This comment was very true and taken out of context!

  25. AlfredSonny says:

    Ann Romney’s attack on Hilary Rosen indicates lack of understanding or awareness of the big gap between rich and middle class mothers.

  26. crosnest says:

    Romney said that she made the “choice” to be a stay-at-home mom. “Choice” is the operative word in this whole discussion. Some of us did not have a “choice” when it came to working full time, while also raising our children, doing our own housework, and doing all the little jobs that stay-at-home mothers do. And I had a husband, but 50-60 years ago when I was a “working mother”, husbands were still in a traditional “father knows best” role and expected to have dinner on the table and his children all cleaned up waiting to give him a hug when he came home. I had to work to take care of my elderly mother in a nursing home, so I was expected to manage my time to include home, family and my full time work as a teacher.

  27. msroadrunner says:

    I can’ t believe that anyone with a brain did not know what Ms. Rosen meant by her comment about Ms. Romney had not work a day in her life. I worked outside the home and raised a family. I also stayed home for six years. Let me tell you, I didn’t work near as hard as I did holding down a job at the same time. Ms. Romney I am sure did not clean her own toliets. Face it people, women that work outside the home and raise a family work harder than June Clever.

  28. PERRY says:

    People should know that when some people don’t have anything important to say they will spin and twist any little thing they hear and try to make it big. It’s matter of,


    Ann Romney is just trying to generate sympathy for herself. Reasonable people understand Ms Rosen ‘s message. I don’t know why she should apologise by the way. She has the right to express herself, freedom of speech, and if some NUTS don’t like it, they just need to keep quiet. Ms Rosen is 1000% right, she hits the nail at the top. We all know that the – THE TRUTH IS ALWAYS BITTER!!!!.

  29. Ann Starr says:

    I immediately understood the message Ms. Rosen was attempting to convey. Poor choice of words perhaps, but poignant message just the same. It is sad commentary that the politicians refuse to focus on solutions to improve the quality of life for the majority of their constituents. It’s far too easy to focus on soundbites and other trickery in an effort to distract voters from the real issues at hand.

  30. jhobrien says:

    the ability to continue to grasp at anything to diminish politically an opponent is creating a false narrative this election year … it’s a shame that the resources used to continue bad policies for most americans aren’t taken and used to solve problems rather than create them … we are making heroes out of villains and making victims pay for being victims … this is not america …

  31. JoS says:

    I certainly don’t know what Ms. Rosen meant; I am not able to read minds but I do know a lot of women whose household income is less than $50,000 and they still make the choice to be stay at home Moms. Being a single Mom is also a choice. Women need to be mentored and supported in what ever choice they make. I may never agree with the choices but it is their choice and needs to be their responsibility.. I would like to see more support for families but I have always felt that those things – day care; health care, etc. – should be open to everyone, not just those with a low income. If I pay for it, I should get to use it. I went to work at age 14 and made the choice to work after I had my child but I also made the choice to get an education before I married and had a child. I could go on forever but the only thing I know for sure is the the Democrats are stupid and the Republicans are mean spirited and there is not much in between.

    • grannyk8 says:

      It is not always a choice. Men leave, men die, men become disabled, cheat, steal, lie, gamble, drink, do drugs, refuse to work – not that women don’t do some of those things too – even good men can change. Don’t get on such a high horse that you can’t see what’s going on in other people’s lives.

  32. raisinmama says:

    Every woman has a “choice”, That’s what the left is always telling whoever will listen. I made the “choice” to stay at home with my children. We didn’t go out to dinner, unless we took the kids. That happened, at the most, once a month. We only had one car, a used one. We used coupons, shopped for clothes at the local second had store, and when we were on food stamps, we NEVER bought anything that wasn’t on sale. We have worked our way up, and I say “we” because we were in it together.
    If you “choose” to have children without the benefit of a husband….well that is your choice. Nobody is forcing you to have a child in this day and age… stop complaining.
    Hillary Rosen, I beleive, did speak the truth, as she and the liberal leaning women understand life. They think that to be a “real woman” you have to have a career and children, to be worth anything. I can’t count the times that I went to functions with my husband (he was an enlisted Air Force member) and was asked by other wives, “What do you do”? When I replied that I raise my children, they found someone else to talk to.
    Mrs. Romney did work, she worked at home without the paycheck, and so did I. It was a choice to raise our own children and not have them raised in daycare. Hillary Rosen and her ilk, cannot seem to wrap their minds around the concept.

    • grannyk8 says:

      Have you ever considered the possiblility that some men leave, or some men die, and that some women don’t have a choice, no matter how many corners they cut? You have just the kind of myopic attitude that dismisses the fact that you are fortunate enough to have a “choice”, and that many do not. Really? Do you think that disadvantaged working mothers don’t come to the same load that you carry, AFTER they have put in a full day at work? That’s what the conversation is about, don’t try to make it something else. I’m happy that you had that opportunity, I did too – for a while – but don’t get defensive about doing the world’s most important job. Millions of working mothers’ economic interests include good schools, affordable childcare and healthcare, job training and support programs to keep them going; they’re doing the work of both parents. These are the women couldn’t afford a day off work to chat with Ann Romney. Mitt’s policies would cut off people who are already out on a limb through no fault of their own. These women are our sisters, show some love.

      • raisinmama says:

        I have considered the possibility that men “go away”. In that instance, let’s hope family and friends can help out for a while. I don’t have a myopic attitude….I know plenty of women who want to work, and or, go to school, and leave the child rearing to daycare. Hillary Rosen does not like the fact that women choose to stay at home. I am sure she thinks that all women should work outside the home and have government daycare. I have the utmost respect for those women that have no husband left and not choices.
        For those women that still have the husband around and have children….I may sound like a hick, but, doesn’t having children bring with it the responsibility of raising those children and not leaving it to daycare? Even if that choice means staying home for a few years while those children need a mom or dad at home.
        I don’t begrudge Mrs. Romney because she married well, and neither should you. She still bore all those children herself and raised them, at home, unlike the Kennedy clan, who were all sent to boarding schools.
        There was not the class warfare when Kennedy ran for president….why not? Oh, yeah, it was because Mrs. Kennedy had a career before children.
        What Ms. Rosen meant to say is exactly what she said….I am not stupid….
        My children are 33, 28, 7, and 6 years old…..I work every day, and am happy to be raising my own children…..because it is the most important work there is…….If, in fact, you “CHOOSE” to have children.

        • grannyk8 says:

          Your bias affects your ability to understand Rosen’s very clear comments. I will again submit, that nothing in Ann Romney’s experience gives her insight into the needs of the women Ms. Rosen was referring to. They are the very women who will be most negatively affected by Mitt Romney’s planned benefit cuts. Humanity is a necessary component to a successful society. If we do not care for those who are disadvantaged, we are a pretty poor excuse for a species. We are increasingly becoming a nation of a predatory mentality

  33. joyscarbo says:

    There is no evidence that Ann Romney EVER held a job- whether she was a teen, a college student or in her adult life. Her family’s money and her husband’s $20+ million dollar salaries mean that her duties are much lighter. She was the best mother that money could buy…tutors, nannies, maids, chaufeurs, expensive private schools and universites and to top it off, an extrememly efficient brainwashing indcotrinating religion to assure that all the lil Romneys are bright, shiney, smiling good Mormons.
    I have always worked full-time (and much overtime) and missed a lot of the stuff my kids participated in so that I could give them what they need and some of what they wanted.

    Hillary Rosen’s comments didn’t need to be dumbed down and clarified so that the a wealthy person could understand the message. Ann Romney said it all and showed what kind of pretentious snob she is by saying, ” “It was my early birthday present for someone to be critical of me as a mother…That was a really defining moment, and I loved it.” Bask in it now, Ann, we’ll see you at the polls this fall. Maybe you and Mitt shouldn’t be packing your bags so quickly.

  34. Billy T says:

    That’s an excellent article. What Rosen said wasn’t an affront to Ms. Romney. I find fault with Ms. Romney. Why in the hell should she have to explain or even comment. She doesn’t have to be in the frenzied workplace–putting up with sexual harassment and all other things women put up with in the workplace. Yes, she’s wealthy, and, yes, she should be proud of being wealthy. Democrat or Republican, if you’re wealthy, enjoy it, for you can’t take it with you.

  35. Is Hilary Rosen so incompetent that she needs somebody to translate her work? And to compare Michelle Obama to the average woman is ludicrous. Ann Romney only dreams of living as large as Michelle does.

  36. whoo,,, she had all the help in the world raising those brats….. lots of nannys,,, when ya got 200 millon, do u really think she did all by herself

  37. msblkwidow says:

    I want to see The Romney’s tax returns. I raised three children and WORKED OUTSIDE my home. I’m sure Mrs. Romney feels that her raising 5 boys was WORK I believe it’s becaue she has never felt what it is like to have a second job (work inside and outside the home). If she could get a tiny peek inside the lives of those mothers who have to work outside the home and then come home to house work (including the care of children [I don’t care if it’s one child.], then maybe she’d understand what Hilary Rosen meant. On the other hand, I learned that Ann Romney is the victim of a serious illness which could account for her thinking that being a stay at home mom was work. However, she must have had plenty of help during those trying time.

  38. deebastet says:

    Sorry, I do not think Ann Romney knows what a normal stay at home mom does.

    • Maricia12 says:

      I would not say normal. Normal for most people in America is living from paycheck to paycheck. It is not having the luxury to call in the Nanny , housekeeper or cook to help you out when you just don’t feel like doing those every day chores or so you can attend your club meetings or go shopping. No one said she is not a good Mother. We assume she is, but she had a lot of help when she wanted it I am sure.

  39. Thanks. This whole issue got lost in the firestorm, as you indicated. With two college degrees, a BA and an MA, I never got close to that magic $50,000 everyone considers middle class and as a single parent, I did it all. My kids just grew up and disappeared and I couldn’t be prouder of them, but I missed so much.

  40. frankblvdr says:

    My daughter works for $13 an hour trying to raise 2 small children, repair a house, house payment, put food on the table, gas for work,support when she get it $200 per month. But she has a college degree, and if that a good life, GOD HELP US AND THE REST OF AMERICAN WOMEN.

  41. Bernice says:

    Rosen is stupid and should think before she opens her mouth. Especially in an election year when so many of us are unsure of who to support. (as if we have a say…). As a long life Democrat/Liberal thinker and voter I am questioning just what our party stands for. I don’t think the GOP is mean to women, Only those that behave stupidly and ALLOW the GOP to ridicule them.
    We had better get it together and make it look like we have a plan. Because at this rate, there does not seem to be much of a difference between the crooks on any sides of the fence. America is great.
    Thank goodness we have the right to speak up and voice our opinions without the fear of getting dragged outside our home and shot for disagreeing with the government.
    Maybe we should be asking ourselves “Who” has fought to preserve that right all these years? I would like to thank them.

    • Maricia12 says:

      Just a reminder, Rosen does not work for the Obama campaign. She gave her opinions on her own. The Romney’s made it appear she was speaking for Obama. As usual, the Republicans take the personal attack route to take the focus off the real issues.

  42. grannyk8 says:

    Beat this drum loudly. Rosen said what she meant and all of the ridiculous “offended” posturing just demonstrates how desperate political commentary has become. Romney’s policies and promises are very threatening to the welfare of families on the edge. Disadvantaged mothers come home after a full day’s work, and find another full day’s work ahead of them. Ann Romney will never understand that, and Mitt Romney refuses to, because it messes up his skewed vision for the future; one that eliminates those little people with all of their messy little problems. Things like good public schols, affordable childcare, healthcare, job training and support programs are essential to the survival of millions of famiies. Dirty little national secrets that Romney chooses to ignore while making his grand business plans.

  43. khaldun says:

    Hillary said exactly what she meant. Stop trying to cover for her dumb remark. Mothers work! Rosen was dumb and partisan to say otherwise. Keep defending her and it will only get worse.

  44. I agree what Hilary said was a little out of line, however I do agree that Ann Romney raising five boys with most possibly a housekeeper and a part time Nanny would make that job a lot easier. I am not saying that having money is bad, but it sure makes life a lot easier. Try working, taking care of your children, school, homework, food shopping, worrying that your kids are alone at home waiting for you to come home and be with them. That’s a lot of worry and stress. God bless all the working moms and the stay at home moms, but Iwill say an extra little prayer for those that are working.

  45. nylorak says:

    Common sense tells you that Rosen simply meant that Mrs Romney’s experience is different than some women who absolutely HAVE TO WORK OUTSIDE THE HOME for the basic survival of the family. If they could stay home, they WOULD, but they simply cannot stay home and take care of the children. If they did, they would have no income to support themselve and their families. Romney does not have or never had that problem. That is all she was saying. She was not saying that Mrs. Romney has never worked at all. She said “OUTSIDE THE HOME”!!!

  46. Melvin Chatman says:

    If you really want to see a “TRUE” housewife, sit by the local School in the morning and watch this mom rush her kids in at the last minute, while fixing her Hair, get back in the car to start her Make Up so she looks presentable when she gets to the job. Ride beside her on the Freeway, with caution, while she fumbles with the mirror for the perfecting of her lip Stick and straightening of her clothes, then slow down as she cuts across 2 lanes of traffic to avoid missing the exit!
    Then observe her as she has everything “in place” at her desk and can usually tell her DUMB BOSS where HIS stuff is and where HE is to be at 9:00am.
    Then run this process backwards in the evening after School and throw in a few Meals on the side. A few dishes, a lil Homework assistance, a forced smile for “Hubby, a Bed Time Story, and maybe – just maybe, some extra activity in the Master Bedroom.
    Of course, this was just Monday!!
    This is how most Mothers live and it’s not the same as “Managing Cooks, Drivers, and Nannies – having the OPTION to stay home is a BLESSING and the two paths are NOT remotely alike – PERIOD!!

  47. ipray4ingnorantpeople says:

    You all had good points,we all know what Rosen meant to say and it was taken out of context. When you are out of touch with the majority , you hope for a chance to belong and that was what Romney needed something to have in common and something that might resignate with the general public. YES, being a mother is hard work, but it is alot harder when you lack the resouces and definatley harder when you have to work to make ends meet. We should not be upset with the fact that the Romney’s are well off people,However I agree stronly with the person who said they are out of touch and do not understand, or could they relate to those who are less fortunte. I am a strong beleiver in prayer and that’s what I do daily (Pray).

  48. Richard says:

    This whole episode was a manufactured issue. When one hears the complete comment by Rosen it is clear that she was correct in her comment. Sadly one has mostly to blame the media for taking her comments completely out of context by focussing on the soundbite without regard to it’s context. More than anhything this whole situation shows up how sad the media;s journalistic istandards have fallen. All last Sunday the major Press shows talked about this issue and never once dealt truthfully with what was really said. it’ little wonder that people do not have faith in the conduct of the Press given their slipshod performance onm this issue. One expects this from Fox but not from CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc. Surely Cronkite is rolling in his grave over this gross failure of the press to be honest.

  49. Maricia12 says:

    Rosen should have said Ann Romney never worked outside of the home and there would have been no probem. Raising children is sometimes a thankless job but certainly one somebody has to do and is best done by the parents. Many women who work “out of the home” have to help with the family income and feel guilty about letting someone else take care of their children. Most women of modest family incomes do not have the luxury of hiring Nannies and housekeepers and cooks. They have to do it all which also takes away from the quality time they could have with their family. My Grandmother came from a poor family of farmers. She was the oldest of seven children. Her parents had to both go out into the field to work leaving her home to take care of the rest of the kids. She was nine yrs old, doing the cooking, cleaning and caring for her siblings. That was the way it was with poor families. She had six months of schooling and she learned to read, write and do math all in that short time. We, in this country, have no idea how tough life can be. Thanks to the social programs that help give the poorest among us a better start in life, more Americans have been able to better their lives with better health care and education. The Republicans want to take that away from the less fortunate and give all to those who already have plenty. As a middle class tax payer, I prefer my tax dollars go to social programs than to make the wealthy more wealthy by giving them all the breaks. Considering what many women do everyday with very little and compared to Ann Romney’s status in life, Rosen had it right, Ann Romney never worked a day in her life. She had the choice to do what she wanted or pay someone else to do it for her. That is the freedom wealth gives people and America offers many opportunities if we can get a little push. Most people accepting welfare would rather not and really want to make their own way without help. We need a better system of weeding out those playing the system, not get rid of the programs. Romney is out of touch with the real America.

  50. ckibbey80 says:

    As ususal, what some one said, was totally pulled out of context…dear Ann didn’t HAVE to “work” per say, and most likely, never did, we will never know the “real” truth. I mean work an in get up at 4:30 AM to get the children ready for public school, and to the bus stop to catch the school bus by 7 AM, and then get herself ready and drive to be “on the job” 30 miles away by 9 AM. She did not have to worry about making ends meet (or wave at each other for that matter) if she missed work for any reason. Nor did she have to worry about what the children were doing during the after school hours before an adult arrived home. And on the days of “…I don’t feel good…I got cramps…” she didn’t HAVE to, still get up and go through the morning routine…

    YES! She is very much out of touch with main stream America in my book.

  51. Annmarie says:

    I heard the woman make the comment live on tv and I took it to mean she never punched a time clock. Nobody disagrees that stay at home moms have tough jobs and it is a job, but I believe Ms. Rosen was making the connection of getting up, dressed, kids fed, dressed, lunches and backpacks ready to go, drive in traffic, punch a clock, answer to somebody throughout the day of your ‘work tasks’ and deal with all of the other ‘stuff’ that creeps in with it–getting a call like I did the other day the kid ran into a pole on the playground, his nose looks crooked and you better get him to the hospital for an xray, or mommy please come to the book fair, or chaperone the movie trip in three weeks to see the chimpanzee movie or field day cheering me on in May. THAT’S what the woman meant. And with punching the time clock, getting the pay check and then explaining to the kiddos when the shoes are on sale or the jeans don’t have to have a special label on the back of them and no, we can’t spend $17 on the latest dvd movie release or $40 on a video game. I am a stay at home mom now, used to work in the court system as a ‘civil servant’ and yes, my days here at home are loaded to the max, but I roll out of bed in pj’s, do the crappola around here and only answer to myself, not the tyrant I used to work for. And how about all of the moms out there now just trying to find a job? Nobody should be put down for earning the gazillion of dollars they have and the homes and cars they have, but I certainly cannot relate to the Romney family on any level except, yup, boys are a handful. Hillary Rosen is a smart cookie. I’m surprised so many stay at home moms took it to mean they do not work. This is about having a job in the public or private sector and showing up everyday to do your job you are getting compensated. And we didn’t even touch on office politics, coffee breaks, gas and car expenses or public transportation to get to their job. I met a mgr at a wholesale club where I live, and the drive to work in the morning is an hour and their commute home is 2 hours. Let me here of a Romney doing that with a smile and still try to have a quality of life with a family. The news the other night showed families that are living apart and working in separate states to support their families. My husband used to be in construction until he got hurt. wife and kid living in NY, he working and living in Ill or Pa or Ny–wherever the work was. This is what middle class is and does. This is what Ms. Rosen was talking about–people making sacrifices to do what they must to support their families with a job. now let’s get back to worrying about our soliders, children in this country going to bed hungry and senior citizens needing medication and oil to heat their homes in the winter. It’s going to be a llloooonnnnngggg election season of commercials and ‘crap.’

  52. The republicans will use anything that will criticize people who talk negatively about their people in office. Mrs. Romney, Let’s face it that she does not do the work that other mother do who are struggling to find food for the children and work to pay for the HOUSE if they have one. What else do the republicans have NOTHING all they do is complain and offer no solutions to the problem of this country.

  53. peter says:

    it was clearly a lame comment & should never have been said

  54. TheOldNorthChurch says:

    For heaven sakes Rosen’s comments were exactly what she meant to say – she needs to live with them.

    Cynthia just a question? In 1970, 1971, 1975, 1978 and 1981 was Romney a one percent-er? My understanding he graduated from law school in 1975. But did they offer him one percent-er pay right out of school?

  55. washbag says:

    Rather than making personal attacks on Ann Romney , lets look at it from a little different perspective. The Romneys are rich people. 1 percenters for sure. Their family will never have to want for anything money can buy. Healthcare , college tuition , housing , vacations , summer homes , clothing , new cars , all easily obtainable for them. A child with special needs , day care , car repairs , being laid off from your job of twenty years , none of these things will ever be an issue for the Romneys. I do not deny them their right to be wealthy Americans nor do I hate them for it. The question I would ask is , do I want a person of great wealth to run the country ? Will he identify with issues that affect the average citizen ?Does he know how very important Medicare is to most older people , does he rely on Social Security as part of his retirement income , will he need a part time job when he retires ? The answer to those questions is a resounding NO.
    Do we really want a person who relates to rich people running the country ?? Not unless we want to see those programs disappear and the middle class fall further behind.

    The Obamas understand middle class. It’s where they came from

  56. There is a vast and wide difference between Ann Romney’s raising five boys in her lavish and luxuriant life when compared with the average working mother with children. No doubt she had au pairs, maids, cooks and all the other adornments the super rich surround themselves with. Romney has absolutely NO CLUE about the real American way of life. My friends have worked full time, both parents, while raising anywhere from two to five children; getting them through all the minutiae associated with school life, sports, academics and then on into college. Ann Romney and her lot breathe an ether and enjoy luxury that we of the 99% can only fantasize about. And, how is it she heralded her work at home mom status before an NRA convention? Wow. That’s real class, Romney.

  57. lynne says:

    Ms. Rosen meant to say that Mrs. Romney had never worked outside the home for a weekly paycheck. I raised four children for nine years while my husband worked towards his doctorate.
    He received the GI stipend of $120 per month towards his A.B. and worked part time. I had no income or help of any kind. My grandson’s partner is actually a single parent, with two small children. She works outside the home as a Social Worker, gets very little child support so I am paying for an upscale day care school. I am sure others have their experiences to relate too, as in $7 per week for food from Medicaid!

    Ms. Rosen had no need to apologize and it is a shame the powers that be pressured her into it. She had to face embarrassment when she did no wrong, but doors would close unless she “played the game.”

  58. Hilary was responding to Mitt’s statement that he asked his wife’s advice on economics!

  59. If Mitt Romney and his Republican party addressed the real problem, joblessness, then more women and men would be able to work. Romney and FOX news don’t ever mention this.
    Republicans outsource American jobs to Communist China for cheap labor, so corporations can make a bigger profit. Oh, I’m sorry, Mitt Romney said, “corporations are people too.” Hmmm. At any rate I’d like to know how many Chinese have these jobs. I’d be pretty sure if they were given back to American people everyone would be employed and perhaps have second jobs if they wanted to. The Republicans first got in bed with the Communists with Richard Nixon’s visit and it has gone down hill every since. Why doesn’t FOX news talk about the Republicans love affair with Communists. China owns America because of Republicans.

  60. viewfromtheleftcoast says:

    well said……Ms Romney, had a choice….had lots of help……the women Rosen was talking about had neither……so I ‘m not confident the Ms Romney really understands of what she speaks to husband when discussing economic issues of “women”, other than those women who have no issues at all

  61. SaneJane says:

    Mitt’s comments about making mothers with a 2 year old child get a job just so she would know what work is like makes his, and his wife’s, recent comments unbelievably hypocritical. Seems only wealthy mothers deserve to stay home and raise their children.

  62. IF you are not a 1% er and you have zero experience, then you have no say in the matter. Parents with money have many other issues that you have not considered, at all. Children of this situation ususally have drug problems, entitlement problems and angry problems. When money is not in lack, then people can not understand why they are not happy and content. When you have no money, then you always believe “IF” I have enough money, then all my problems would be solved. AS many of us know, When money in in the mix, then more problems come about. So, without any experience or have not talked to Ann, your opion has no busy being listened to or even voiced. It is empty and shallow. Only digging yourself deeper into the unknown. Sincerely, poverty – Rich – poverty. Happy with less.

  63. OKeagan says:

    Come on, you rich wasp women! It’s like McCain saying she’s always been for her country. Shut up! You didn’t go through what black women (like Michelle Obama) did and you know it. Same for Romney on having to work and know that world. Hell no, she didn’t. The Mormons own much of the country. And if Mitt were really a Christian who had accepted Jesus, he would so disown the made-up Mormon cult.

  64. David H says:

    That is obvious. Everyone knows Ann Romneys experience with the American economics is different than the average woman. Mitt needs to get advice somewhere else besides the Yacht Club and his kitchen table if he wants to connect with the typical American.

  65. My first son and his wife are college graduated. They have five children. The oldest one is 14 years old. They could not afford to stay home to take care of their children. They have to drag them to baby sitter every morning and pick them after work. They can take a break now, because I am retired. We are satisfied with what God gave to us. Maybe we are happier than those people who do not have to work a day of their life. May God bless America. PEACE.

  66. Marlin says:

    That is correct. Romney could hire persons to raise the kids and didn’t do any work at all.

  67. jennymacgil says:

    It’s MUCH easier being a “stay-at-home” mom when you HAVE a full staff than when YOU are the staff (and maybe even baby-sitting the neighbors kids and taking in laundry to try to keep your kids fed!) or — should I say — getting the staff/shaft!

  68. clplesser says:

    What a joke….The Republicans want us to believe that what Hillary Rosen said was disrespectful to the millions of stay at home Moms….Well, I was fortunate to be a stay at home Mom, for many years, and I understood fully what Hillary Rosen was saying. The “Taliban Conservatives” must be high on some drugs to expect the vast amount of citizens (women especially) to swallow all the garbage they are spewing forth…..When election day comes, we’ll remember who the Republicans stand with…..They don’t stand with the majority of folks, who are working people in our country. I’m afraid that Ann Romney needs to go home, and decide which Cadillac, she’ll drive today, and which elevator she’ll use to take to her parking garage.

  69. Nnamdi Anyaibe says:

    I respect what our mom’s did or are doing right now to raise a family but if that’s all what Anne Romney has got in her resume then am afraid.

  70. al heuman says:

    Sounds like a lot of sour grapes and misinformation! First, none of know the financial position of the Romney’s in their early life. Secondly, most of us chose whether or not to have children, so the fact that Ms. Romney ‘chose’ to have 5 kids has nothing to do with it. Lastly…. if you believe, or teach your children to believe, that “life is fair” you have done yourself a great disservice, and will have a miserable life! By the way I am a Father of 4, middle class, and did change diapers.

  71. enixam says:

    People took a snippet of what Ms. Rosen said and blew it up. A. Rommey had a choice to stay home — and I’m not taking anything away from stay-at-home moms –but what of the hardworking women who raise their kids and still have no choice but to work outside the home? I bet A. Rommey had maids, cooks, nose-wipers, butt-cleaners and whatever else she need. Don’t get me wrong. If I could afford these things I would too. Next time listen to what someone is saying before you pounce.

  72. ChristoD says:

    Anyone who OBJECTIVELY listened to what Hilary said knew EXACTLY what she was getting at. She clearly was referring to Mrs. Romney not having had a job the BUSINESS sector, being a wife of privilege, and everyone knows this but because Romney and the right are looking for GOTCHA moments they take and make it what they want it to be.

    Back when Al Gore talked about the Internet he CLEARLY was referring to the critical role he played in sheparding the Internet through the halls of the Senate where he was THE point Senator for the initiative yet, the right converted that to him stting that he ‘invented’ the Internet. He NEVER said that and the press, and frankly Gore, did a piss poor job explaining away the absurdity.

  73. I laugh when I hear Mit say “I am not going to apologize for my success”. No one is asking him to. We only want you to admiit that raising 5 kids with millions of dollars is a hell of a lot easier than doing it on less that $50,000. I used to tell my old boss when he would complain about giving me a raise that if he thinks he’s giving me too much take my check home and see how he will be living. LOL!

  74. Hey, there are more than a few single fathers out there who worked and raised kids too. And good for Mrs. Bush to say those of us who could; and Mrs. Obama as well. In the early years, my wife and I worked as many as five (yes five) jobs to house and feed ourselves and to pay for a college education which, obviously in hindsight, should have been done before maraige and kids. Still, ours was no shotgun wedding. We were just so young and naive that it never struck us what we up against until my wife came down with pregnacy. Which, by the way, takes two people to do. And even as a man I am sick and tired of all the talk of reproductive health being left on the woman’s shoulders. It takes two to tango folks. And after bringing four wonderful kids into the world, keeping them fed, sported, musiced, clad in nice clothes and my earning a Masters Degree, I am not ashamed of a damn thing I’ve done in my life. And it is time for people, especially Americans with all the blessing we still have despite the money changers efforts at taking it away, to come back together as one family Evangelical, Baptist, Jew, Catholic, Protesent, Muslim, Buddist, Deist or Atheist and begin to find a path towards brother and sistehood before this whole world explodes while we just stand around and bicker

  75. KEEPING IT THOUGHTFUL HONEST: I do have a simple question for Mrs. Ann Rommey! Since working moms represent 72% of women and I know that she has a concern about Women need to support their families and she does advises her hubby, please tell us. Have you asked Mr. Rommey to support legislation to enforce equal pay for the same work for women?

  76. Clare says:

    I believe that Rosen may have hit it on the nose with Romney but might not realize it. You see there are mothers who are unemployed with a liberal studies diploma, no experience, and barely enough for the basics in life. Mothers w/wo. a HS diploma should be included as well. Those are the mothers that Romney knows nothing about. Those are the mothers that her husband seems to care little/none about. Those are the women that perhaps Rosen should have mentioned. If she did then she would not have to apologize because it would have been so.

  77. puworg says:

    To ObozoMustGo

    Ingorance is bliss

  78. Todd says:

    Rosen’s mean and spiteful comment was just was she was told to say by the DNC, who pays her salary, last year to the tune of $120,000.00. Cynthia Tucker should be ashamed for her failure to do any investigation of Ann and Mitt Romney. Cynthia assumes, wrongly, that they have always been rich. This is far from the truth. If Cynthia would even bother to give journalism a cursory glance, she might just read an interview the Boston Globe did in 2004 where Ann Romney described their lives when they were first married while still in college and living in a $62 per month basement apartment where they had the first two of their 5 sons. I doubt Cynthia Tucker ever had to live in a $62 per month apartment, nor has Hilary Rosen.
    Both Cynthia Tucker and Hilary Rosen are a disgrace to what used to be called journalism.

  79. ejwells409 says:

    The Democrats who were quick to try to mask over the comments made by Rosen should be ashamed of themselves for not backing her. Based on the Romney’s background and their inability to relate to the average American, anyone who heard what Rosen said (or read about it afterwards) knew exactly what she meant, even if she didn’t expand on it at the time. It amazes me how quick everyone was to try to distance themselves from the perception that Rosen meant anything other than what is obviously implied based on gaining the women’s vote for the coming election.

    The idea of political correctness in this country needs to go the way 33LP “Albums” and “Hi-Fi” Stereos. We need to get real, tell it like it is and if someone is offended. . . .screw em. . .get a life why don’t ya.

  80. armymom says:

    I agree I had no nanny and no sitters and had to work i don’t feel any compassion for the Romneys nor do I deny them theri money. I only know that i didn’t have the luxury of maids, drivers, nannies and we are not in the same league as the Bush’s and the Romney’s and don’t care what people say she has no clue. she don’t have to struggle a day in her life leaving a sick child the quilt mom feel when the child cries when you leave. That is what the bottom half of American mothers live through every day.

  81. dardyl says:

    Political correctness is killing us. Why can’t we say what we want and mean? It doesn’t make a difference if you are millionaires or if you make $ 20,000 or less a year. What you do is as important as anyone else, it’s just different. It is about respect. Those who make it lesser are made to look insensitive and divisive. It should be that way. You stand or fall by your actions and words. Then it is YOU that deserves what you get. Can we not be straight forward and then let opinions about us form from what we have said or done? I know what Cynthia is saying, but we should not have to have someone have to tell us what someone meant.

  82. dardyl says:

    Harley Gibson you made a great post. Not only is political correctness killing us, but the bickering is pulling us under. It is like if I have a difference of opinion, I am your sworn enemy and that is the end. That is how our Congress conducts itself. They concentrate on one uping each other to the extent they get nothing done. We better come together or we will eventually lose all we hold dear because we aren’t paying attention to the really important things.

  83. If I had the chance to stay at home with another “income”, I would gladly do so. I was a stay-at-home mother because I had a lot of health problems and could not keep working and doing a good job without sacrificing my health. So I guess that doesn’t make me a good role model for my children or the world, perhaps, because I wasn’t viable in the workforce. Hilary, these are not the right words I am saying but I bet you people will understand what I am saying just like they understood you without blowing things out of proportion. People will always go for the worse when faced with the truth about issues that make them think about them. You have hit the nail right on the head and I am glad that you did.

  84. What a lot of people obviously don’t understand from many of the comments on this page is that people who are as successful, as the Romney’s, work their asses off. People have no idea what it takes to make it successfully in our society. Very few are handed a golden spoon. It is like the prince and the pauper. Most people would never trade Mrs. Romney’s place in life. She had insurmountable responsibilities as most politicians’ wife’s have. The comment was uncalled for. It would be like saying Michelle Obama can’t relate to the average African American women. Most are not attorneys married to a powerful political fiqure. In reality, she has a very different life from the average American women and in reality so does Ann Romney.

  85. Lilo Hoelzel-Seipp says:

    I never really had a problem with her remarks. I interpreted her comments to refer to the work world which is entirely different in terms of pressure, pay, promotion or lack thereof from the responsibilities and work in a safe, well to do homesetting with domestic help raising children.I thought that Rosen tried to address the diffrence between the 2 worlds.
    Dr. Lilo Hoelzel-Seipp

  86. Richard says:

    I know Cynthia Tucker from living in Atlanta . She should cut the crap and stop interpreting what ” Rosen Meant To Say ” . She made a typical Liberal claim about Ann Romney yet didn’t mention that she also has MS. Why don’t you trade Ann Romneys MS for your station in life . I think not . As for Cynthia Tucker , she is one of Obamas supporters who want to spread the wealth around — even to those who don’t work a damn day in their life . As for Rosen ,a typical Liberal who today stated ” it’s just politics ” . Well let’s see if it’s just politics if we question the Martin case in Florida and if Zimmerman gets aquitted and The Riots begin, which they always do. Lets refer back to Obamas glorious Minister with all his anti American rhetoric . So if it just Politics then everything is open to comment —- even Obamas Socialist Policies , The Economy which is in shambles and not because of Bush . Bush has been out of office for close to four years now . All Obams policies — all Obamas results .

  87. Joyce says:

    The Romneys are sensationalist they will run with horse dung.. We all know what Rosen was trying to say The woman has never done a days work out of her home, never experienced the stress in the working environment no traffic pile up to face, dont have to rush home to make dinner for her kids. People should put on their running shoes run to the voting booth and run from mitt and his mutliple personalities

  88. hollygo1 says:

    Todd – Just goes to show you can be educated and still be ignorant!

  89. Rhonda says:

    Didn’t know that Cynthia Tucker adopted. I read her for years in the Atlanta Journal/Constitution. She is so right. Ms. Romney never mentioned if she had a nanny, a maid or even a regular sitter, but I cannot imagine a rich lady, a politician’s wife with duties of her own managing a large house and a large household on her own—not with 5 children and all of them boys and with the fatiguing effects of multiple schlerosis. And that is the point the she and Mitt need to realize, most women nowadays don’t have a choice. They work or they are homeless and no woman, unless she is on drugs, will deny food and housing to her children even if she has to prosititute . Bush’s recession hit men harder than women, especially early on, because a lot of the early job loss was in the housing industry after the Republicans caused the bust by deregulating it. Most housing related jobs are traditionally filled by males. Women will work for less money and on non-physical jobs and are more likely to have clerical skills. They will also stoop low enough to work as a maid if they can’t get anything else, even white women will. Other then some gay men, you rarely find a male maid. Also, more are teachers and nurses and abuse of professionals in those fields has only been strong for a year or two. Now Republican governors are starting to get their bloody claws into job security for educators since they have weakened the profession by allowing non-teachers to teach and let poorly trained nurse’s aids to take over work formerly done by real nurses. Women would often prefer to stay home with their kids and be involved in the school or volunteer work. Few have that luxury.

  90. you are forgetting the fact that most mothers on this planet are living far below that increadable 50k a year number. i doubt if even half of american moms are seeing that much income. rich people “visit” their kids, they do not raise them.( or grudgingly allow thoese little monsters to visit them.)

  91. Chitown22 says:

    Ms. Tucker I’m glad that you can read other people’s minds. And for your info. the reason most mothers “have” to work today is because you femmies pushed women to enter the work force, pushing up demand for goods, pushing up prices, pushing up materialism. You people really make me puke, you think you know everything. Femmies have ruined America.

  92. STS says:

    After hearing that Ann Romney thought Hilary Rosen’s comments were a birthday present, I now think Ann and her husband are slime.

  93. I agree,my wife had to work on and off through our middle years before she became ill over the last 6yrs at age 58. She always put our son first as I did and we do so now. We didn’t have it good enough to quite be able to get help,nanny,baby siter,etc. I know that if Mrs. Romney understood this she wouldn’t have made it political, and that’s what she did. I am sure it was all planned before she spoke out. I will not vote for any one who thinks only one way as the Romney’s do or as most of the Tea Party republicans do. The Republicans do not care one bit about any one that is in the 99%. There is so much crap that comes out from all of them I will be shocked if we let these people stay in power. We need caring people that put the Ciizens who are in the 99% first not last thanks to the last 40yrs plus? of removing safety laws and grabbing power for themselves and not to help us or this country become great. I say Vote all of them out.after all they don’t need us other than to steal from us whatever protections we have left. I am a Non-Partison Independant who just can’t believe that the Republicans think we out here are all stupid. Ps : His religion states he is to think and try to be the most he can as christ is,which in these days would be a Non Partison and for all people not just one class the 1%. I know because he isn’t anything like that for his actions and words speek volumes in only a partison way.

  94. To puworg: Don’t forget, your ability to get health care depends on President Obama. If you don’t vote for him, you can kiss good bye any chance to get it. Republicans do NOT want you covered. They do NOT WANT Americans to have health insurance. Only them and their rich rich buddies. Shameful is all that it is. A so called civilized country like the US and it’s run like cowboy country USA with gun-toting the number one desire of republicans. Yes, Rosen made a remark that wasn’t exactly “true” because all mothers “work” in some way. The trouble is, the majority of American women work VERY VERY HARD, and Ms. Romney does NOT.

  95. dardyl says:

    I was watching Shark Tank one day and a guest on there said that the millionaires probably had servents to even raise their kids. The majority of the millionaires got very angry and offended by this remark and set the guy straight. They said before they were wealthy they enjoyed and loved their kids and took care of them all time. Now that they were wealthy that hadn’t changed. Money did not make you change the way you felt about your kids and they and their mates still enjoyed doing for the kids. I would be the same. I can’t imagine any dollar amount changing the way I did for my family. Up to that point however, they did know the work and struggle of trying to get a better standard of life. Why should we demonize them? Who started this class warfare? Would you not have continued down a road of success should you have stumbled upon one? Why do we think we deserve someone else’s goods? Why should they be made to fork over their money to someone who hasn’t earned it? I would resent having to. I resent anyone coming to me with their hand out and demanding some of my earned money. AND I resent the government TELLING me that I am too fortunate and I should give some of mine to others who REALLY haven’t worked a day. Even if they have worked, mine is not theirs. The whole concept is offensive.

  96. quasm says:

    Ms. Tucker;

    Many women with young chidren are in the workforce because they choose creature comforts over the welfare of their children. Perhaps Ms. Rosen feels guilty for the choices she made and tries to assuage that by attacking those who chose a different path.

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

  97. rebeccafj says:

    I was a stay at home mom for 20 years and then I was a working mom for 20 years. Opinions of both have changed since 1971. For the first 20, I was a dinosaur because I stayed home. Wasn’t I a liberated woman? Didn’t I want a job to prove my worth and power? I remember angrily telling my “conscious raising group” that I had a job, it just wasn’t being a professor or lawyer like all of them. Yup, we were all college educated women with husbands who made enough to give us choice. I was just making the wrong one.

    Then I was a single mother with a full time job which meant I was a lousy mother for leaving my kids all day. (By the way, feeling bad about not being there all day doesn’t go away when your kids grow up. I can’t be available to help with my grandkids cuz I’m at work. I hate that reality too.)

    Both were awful and wonderful every single day.

    But this media storm is ridiculous. We live in a culture where women “working” doesn’t mean staying at home and raising kids. It means making money. The point Rosen was making was absolutely valid.

  98. Ed Arnold says:

    What Hilary Rosen meant to say about Ann Romney was in a Danziger cartoon I saw a few days ago. Ann Romney is lying in bed, with her laptop, telling five Hispanic workers the tasks they need to do that day. Her final remark: “I have to finish the shopping”.

  99. flyguygirl says:

    You are too simplistic, too quick to see everything in “us versus them” terms. This divisiveness is killing the country. I have a foot in both camps: highly educated who chose; or had the choice foisted upon me by contrary, law-breaking employers,
    to stay-at-home raising my one child. This informed choice meant that we were very poor but my background gave me the ability to network and take advantage of everything that I could get my hands on so that my daughter never was mired in poverty. Her father chose not to
    participate at all, even financially; and the legal system allowed him to walk scott free.
    Every person should be allowed to be a parent, but if you cannot afford the second child you have
    to keep your legs shut. In this male-dominated world women need educations and the ability to
    generate incomes. The big mistake of the women’s movement of the 1960s was the emphasis
    on sexual freedom instead of income disparity. Thus we have not moved very far. All you have to
    do is check out the “hooking up” culture on all college campuses. All women and all their children do not need to be shoved down anymore. It is all about informed choices with responsibility: This
    equation calls for education, equal pay, and morals. Individual choices shape our lives and when
    life becomes tough due to poor choices the person either starts learning quickly or spirals down-
    ward even more. Thus it is all about responsibility, hence morals. This is the realm of individual.
    Let’s talk about my daughter who chose to be dismissive about school during her formative years
    like all the other wealthy spoiled brats around her. She married a freshman college dropout who
    went into the military. When he walked out on her and her infant son and her toddler son she had
    a rude awakening with many more to follow. Both boys are autistic so you can imagine how tough life is for her. But I see her surviving and using the exceptional verbal skills to network and to advocate for her sons. Plus now she has goals; these goals are inclusive of her desire
    to contribute to autism and to military families.

  100. which of her five homes did Mrs.Rommey raised her five sons in. Maybe one in each house with their own nanny, maid chauffeur, butler and ass wiper.

    • flyguygirl says:

      Why is there so much vocal class division in this country all of a sudden? This is the majority of the comments here. People, a lot of them, actually work for current or
      expected economic reasons. When my break occurs my response to anyone who hounds
      me for anything is going to be: Who slept in the front seat of her vehicle every night for
      5 years with the car seat buckle digging into her right hip? To get anywhere you have to
      put in the effort, sacrifice, and dream. This is the reason you do it; the economic rewards
      are the byproduct. By creating all this division you are destroying the individual. What! You want a collectivism society in America? It will never happen. Why don’t you look at
      the plight of women and their children in collectivist societies? A Japanese general
      commented at the end of WWII that the next big war will be fought between individualism
      and collectivism. From these comments it sure looks like he is right.

  101. dardyl says:

    flyguygirl, You are exactly right. Why, all of a sudden is there a class division? Why condemn the individual who achieves? When every one of these commenters becomes a millionaire he will not want anyone to tell him he doesn’t deserve it. He will have paid his dues and will feel he deserves it–and he does!! Why not extend that same consideration to those who already have achieved instead of sounding bitter and hateful like larry alexander! I am much better off than when I started out, although not in the 1%, but I am proud of my own achievements and am satisfied without condemning those better off than me. I did it myself.

  102. JeffreyH says:

    No wonder she’s gay – I wouldn’t shove my cock down that krakows craw how ever much you paid me.

  103. JeffreyH says:

    Don’t forget Dolly Madison

  104. Parisgirl says:

    The truth is that Mrs. Mitt Romney can choose to be a stay at home mom. Many mothers would choose that of they had the option. This woman also has assets to circumvent the harried and hassled lives that most mothers have and that is with or without jobs. No housework. No cooking. No laundry. No cutting grass or trips to the grocery store. Nannies and babysitters affording you free time and breaks whenever. Luncheons, pedicures, manicures and spa days to rest up…this is hard work? Ms. Rosen is right and I will make no excuses…it is doubtful this woman knows the meaning of a full days work regardless of the number of children she has. In addition she has never had to worry what a trip to the dentist or the doctor will be or how much it will cost to fill the prescription after leaving the Doctor’s office. She hasn’t had to cut coupons or plan ‘filling meals’ just before payday. Give me a break….what does this woman know of the real world when her husband says that $375,000.00 in speaking fees is an inconsequential income.

  105. terrimerritts says:

    No matter how many snotty noses Ann Romney wiped, the fact is that she lived in an expensive home, has 3 cadillacs at her disposal, and had 4 underpaid nannies, and has done no real work. Every day, American moms get up at the crack of dawn, shower, dress, prepare breakfast, feed and dress kids and get them ready for the day, drive them to day care and school then commute to work. Many of these women work hard jobs on their feet literally 8 straight hours. Many do very physical work. Then after all of that, they must commute home, pick up kids from day care and school, go to the grocery store, buy clothes for the kids, go to the pharmacy/post office/bank and other errands, drive home and supervise homework, do the laundry, cook dinner, do the dishes, worry how they will pay the pills, read their mail and email, dust, vacuum, prepare 3 dozen cupcakes for one kid’s class for the next day, pack lunches, cuddle with the kids, bathe them and put them to bed. Many have no health or dental insurance and have no savings to help when the car breaks down with a $1,000 repair. What the hell does Mitt or Ann Romney know about THAT? That’s the real world. They don’t live in it and do not have a clue.

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      terri… what exactly is a “social activist”? Isn’t that like saying you’re someone who thinks you have an obligation to make everyone think and do as you say they should?

      By the way, that’s a long winded way to say that you are jealous and envious of Ann Romney.

      Have a nice day! Try to get over your anger toward those who are financially successful. It’s not good for you.

  106. nhpoet says:

    What bothers me – Mitt Romney’s focus on family life instead of the huge American family problem of a still recovering economy hampered by Republican obstruction in Congress and his non-solution oratory.

    What Rosen said or meant to say is a very small concern compared with the consequences of the Paul Ryan House budget proposal and Romney’s secret plan to rob the poor and the middle class to reward his friends among the plutocrats.

    What American voters should be concentrating on – finding candidates to replace the Republican deadbeats “bought” by the corporations. We need to save the country from financial ruin.

  107. wzowl says:

    COME ON PEOPLE-Does ANYONE USE THEIR COMMON SENSE anymore????? Anybody knows what Rosen mean’t. I think GOP just have nothing else to get to worry about!! They have money to feed their families-hire nannies-they don’t even drive themselves – go to the doctor-. the list goes on and on and on…………………….

  108. Carlette65 says:

    I have been on both sides of fence. I am 66 two children in jail beause of dugs. Raising a granddaughter and working to pay bill,and sending money to jail. Poor Ann, I feel so sorry
    for her. But Ann if your high style life is to hard for you , I’ll give you mine.

  109. anitapope says:

    Personally, I’ve heard enough from men on the issues that pertain to women. It is estimated that 22% of the children in this country are living at the poverty level. With whom…mostly single mothers. Men in this country need to step up and take responsibility for the lives they have created by supporting their children and it is a travesty that the riches nation does not do a better job of taking care of its children. The same party that will deny a women family planning also wants to deny women equal pay, health care and quality public schools for their children .

  110. Savellano says:

    Anyone with half a brain knew the point she was trying to make.

  111. I was able to stay home with my four children for 12 years, as my situation changed I went to work. I actually worked 3 jobs for a couple of years, and went to night school. I’m 67 years old now and retired.

    Anne Romney has no idea what the average mother does, she probablly has housekeepers, & cooks.

  112. I’m a working, married, mother of two and I understand exactly where Rosen was coming from. There is quite a difference between having to work to contribute to your household and “Choosing to stay at home”. If I had a choice I’d stay at home to, however if I did stay at home I’d probably be forced to make decisions around which bill we can or can’t pay from month to month. I’m also a black woman and i don’t agree with the distancing the Obama administration implemented but I certainly understand it and based on the CNN interview Rosen did in response, so does she. I support you Rosen. BE BLESSED!

  113. Blue says:

    Rosen spoke of her reality and the reality of millions of women that decide to take on single life with babies, kids and teenagers, as teen mothers or adult ones, but should not be complaining if they are not married or don’t want a male companion, pardner or simply a male around them.

    Stop making it such a big deal that one woman decided to speak against the unbringing a five privileged sons in the Mitt Romney household, by a motheer that knew where her husband was during the day or night, that her sons would have the necessary comprehensive medical coverage and education that would afford them a secured future in business or public office, if they so desired it in due time.

    Ann Romney married well and got the life she wanted and was privileged to achieve that in the schools and circles she and her family were apart of during their unbringing. So good for her if she now thinks she knows what single working mothers are dealing with at the middle or lower-class, working women, the working poor mothers, and poor mothers in general.

  114. Blue says:

    Some Anglos simply can’t stand the Truth, when it comes to history and the politics of hate for the non-Anglo citizens in America. Face the facts and stop trying to erase the history and make it seem as it was some Mayberry episode or Father Knows Best sitcom. The Ted Nugents of the USA are too upset to see reality and what silly logic they use to express their feelings when it has been the wealthy and rich in America and abroad, who have screwed them in the short and long run, not President, Barack H. Obama, and his administration of both Republican and Democratic staff.

  115. AlexF says:

    You have to feel sorry for the Romney family after all it is their turn. They love our Country
    but not enough to fight for it (5 boys right) but they follow the Fathers foot steps of let the 99%
    fight the wars.

  116. Charlie says:

    Judge not , least you be Judged! Mrs Romney gave love and never ending work to raise her family She is fabulous! Plus she was home to stay current in news and a husband that is in full knowledge of rightousness. They are successful in their own rights and have that, to contribute to giving America back to ” We the United people” Romney is the best person we need to bring back the wrong doings and down run of our counntry. He has our best interest in mind and hears the country men as to communicate and solve the issues and corrections for resolutions. He also will control the wasted spending as Mr Obama has out of control The party is over! Now is the time for change Vote Mitt Romey and back him with solid support He is a great leader for America. thank you.

  117. Charlie says:

    Judge not , least you be Judged! Mrs Romney gave love and never ending work to raise her family She is fabulous! Plus she was home to stay current in news and a husband that is in full knowledge of rightousness. They are successful in their own rights and have that, to contribute to giving America back to ” We the United people” Romney is the best person we need to bring back the wrong doings and down run of our counntry. He has our best interest in mind and hears the country men as to communicate and solve the issues and corrections for resolutions. He also will control the wasted spending as Mr Obama has out of control The party is over! Now is the time for change Vote Mitt Romey and back him with solid support He is a great leader for America. thank you.

  118. Charlie says:

    Barry Levy : Thank you for your comment , You are so right …Cheers!

  119. Charlie says:

    To pattigeorgeCollapse :You of course are awre that Mrs Obama has more than 24 attendant as to other Presidents wives that had one or two, this has cost us the Americans over 600 million dollars for her socializing in the one term.. Is this down running or up lifting? Its a waste of tax payers money. And we pay for all her personal vacations? Wonder if we pay for her designer ward robes also?

  120. GodofPainfulTruth says:

    This article pretty much sais it all. Clearly Ms. Rosen “used a poot choice of words” –but her main point is not wrong — despite the best efforts of both Mr and Mrs.Romney and the spin-doctors on the right they employ to change the subject and re-direct (mis-direct) the real problems facing this nation. I have a mother –I know that they work hard every day –if it is out in the business world or in the home. That is NOT a matter of debate, especially today. I am sure Mrs. Romney is a lovely lady and raised some wonderful children and is just a delight at the country club dances. But the fact that she was in the house (or houses) to supervise her hired staff as they did the actual work –does not make her any kind of an “expert’ on the issues that concern ” real working women” — anymore than her once skipping a second dessert after dinner at the club, makes her an a first-hand “expert’ on the heartships of to bed hungry every night of your life or I watching my cat have kittens once — makes me a expert on giving birth to a child.

  121. HeatedinVegas says:

    I absolutely agree with Rosen. Are the Republicans so stupid that they can’t HEAR what she was saying? She wasn’t ragging on “stay-at-home-moms!” Mrs. Romney never had to go to “work a day in her life.” She didn’t mean raising children. All mothers do that and that is really quite a job. Mrs. Romney doesn’t know what it’s like to have to worry about money and the need to go to work to care for you children as a single mom and have to worry about where the food is going to come from; about whether she’ll have enough money to pay the bills or buy clothes and shoes for there children, or buy gas for a car or even pay for public transportation. Mrs. Romney worries about which Cadillac she’ll drive for the day. She is NOT an expert in this area. I HAVE EXPERIENCE in what it’s like to be a single mom and raise kids. So, I MUST BE AN EXPERT! I know what it’s like to worry from paycheck to paycheck. Ask any single working mom! They are the experts! Even married couples have TWO incomes to make ends meet.

    Yes, Mrs. Romney chose to stay at home and raise her children and that is most commendable; however, Mrs. Romney has absolutely no idea what it is like to HAVE to work to provide for your children. That was the point that Ms. Rosen was making; not that she chose to be a “stay-at-home mom.” Where did Mrs. Romney she get that from? The first sentence of Ms. Rosen’s comment? Didn’t she hear the rest of it? She just came out of left field!

    Mr. Romney should refer to the REAL experts! The moms with REAL experience, they are the EXPERTS, not Mrs. Romney; she just gathered information. Why didn’t she come to Las Vegas where single working moms hold TWO jobs to make ends meet. She married a super rich One per-center. How would she actually know what it’s like to have to fend for yourself and your children? The rest of the country have to work to make this great country run and that includes single moms of ALL ethnic cultures. ALL of us are are the real experts. We have the experience. Where’s his committee of REAL EXPERTS?

  122. Pam Buzbee says:

    okay how did obama get into this He at leass was raised by a single mother . And as for Romney’s wife Even she must accept that balancing dressage shows, charity events, and her servants schedules while hard doesnot begin to be the same as finding money for dentalcare. healthcare, and even food and medications. Michellec Obama has contributed and is well educated. Also Mrs Romney contributes daily bothe to her husbands career and campaign.

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