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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Just as aspiring judges ought to possess the quality known as “judicial temperament,” a would-be president should have certain obvious attributes of mind and character. Two incidents tested Mitt Romney this week – and both times, his ambition overwhelmed his judgment.

On Thursday morning, as Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton conducted tense negotiations with the Chinese government over the fate of Chen Guangcheng, the blind dissident who had sought refuge in the US embassy in Beijing, Romney seized on rumors of American capitulation to launch a political salvo:  “If these reports are true, this is a dark day for freedom and it’s a day of shame for the Obama administration,” he said at a rally in Virginia. “We are a place of freedom here and around the world and we should stand up and defend freedom wherever it is under attack.”

Clearly, Romney had no knowledge or experience with which to judge the situation unfolding in Beijing, which concluded much differently than his harsh remarks suggested. In fact, both the Chinese and the Americans were seeking a face-saving solution that was achieved when New York University (whose president John Sexton happens to be a close friend of Secretary Clinton and is well-connected in Beijing as well) offered a fellowship to Chen, which the government had agreed he could accept.

The result, of course, was that Romney looked either “foolish” or “very foolish,” depending on whether the assessment came from Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol or from Abby Huntsman Livingston, the daughter of former Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, who lived in the Beijing embassy when her father served as US ambassador to the People’s Republic.

But Romney’s error was worse than a misguided political tactic. It showed a woeful ignorance of diplomacy and a callow opportunism that don’t befit the next occupant of the Oval Office. To endanger Chen’s safety and the prestige of the United States in those difficult hours was an act of weak character as well as stupidity.

Earlier in the week, Romney revealed another potential weakness when he let religious right activists bully his campaign over its hiring of an openly gay foreign policy staffer, Richard Grenell. After the campaign froze him out of press briefings to quell the controversy, Grenell finally quit on Tuesday, with no effort by the presumptive nominee to persuade him to stay. If Grenell was qualified to hold the sensitive post of foreign policy spokesman, why did Romney cave instantly to demands from radio hosts and other ignorant bigots to let him go? For many years, various ethnic, sexual, and religious prejudices hobbled American intelligence and diplomacy – a national flaw for which the United States paid dearly over and over again in bad policy based on inadequate information.

Meanwhile, his longtime critics on the far right are laughing at Romney. Bryan Fischer, right-wing extremist and leader of the American Family Association, openly gloated: “Let me ask you this question, people have raised this question,” he said Friday on his radio show. “If Mitt Romney can be pushed around, intimidated, coerced, co-opted by a conservative radio talk show host in Middle America, then how is he going to stand up to the Chinese? How is he going to stand up to Putin? How is he going to stand up to North Korea if he can be pushed around by a yokel like me?”

Those are indeed the questions that linger after Romney’s performance this week.

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  • widollar

    Excellent article and clearly shows why Mitt Romney is not a world leader, but nothing more than a pandering politico who wants to sit in the Oval Office and fly on Air Force One with his wife Ann. Hopefully, the voters with wake up and not allow the Romney’s dream to come true!

    • Jon

      It’s like he said recently, “I can’t wait to take the family to France for a vacation again”.. If he’s in office, think he’ll foot the bill? That wasen’t his intention for telling the taxpayers at all.

  • Ben

    Smartest article I’ve read in weeks. Agree, agree, agree.

  • Romney has clearly shown that he is not ready to handle the tough decisions that face a president. He allowed the only consultant on his campaign staff that could have kept him on course on the China situation. Grennell may have provided the correct message for the Mittster to push forth, he was not there for guidance and Romney flubbed it.

    Mitt did not have the guts to tell the homophobes in his staff and the party to keep their hateful and biased opinions to themselves and that he needed Grennell…he didn’t. The man did not show much courage by not standing up for someone he was suppose to have really wanted on board. Is that they kind of man we want making life and death decision in the White House? He clearly does not have the stones for the office.

    • Jon

      Don’t you know? Mitten’s loves to fire and he gravitates toward those who thinks his way.. Grennell was fired, Romney wished he could have said that but he didn’t so he had to sedate those who protested.. Not to hire him back but just to say that had it been up to him, he could have used him a bit more first.

  • aboutime

    But Romney isn’t trying to appeal to those who consider international incidents important nor how a gay person is treated by his Republican base. He’s trying to reach the birther, anti-gay, scared-of-the-future, fundamentalist Christian, racist, anti-abortion, anti-immigration, anti-women’s rights elements in his party. Doesn’t seem like a very positive constituency, does it?

  • Poor judgement, zero skills in foreign diplomacy, and a desperate search for a leading headline, all conclusive evidence that Romney is not prepared to lead this Country!!!

    • CPANY

      I detest Romney and all of his rich ilk, but I also don’t see anyone on the political horizon who is qualified to be president.

      • SaneJane

        The president we have now is certainly qualified to be president.

        • CAThinker

          I agree.. The President we have now is just right. He’s not as forthright as some of the ultra-lefts would like and that’s good. After all of those years of listening to an inarticulate boor with minimal critical thinking skills, it’s refreshing to have a President that can speak and explain his thought process (because he has a thought process). Heaven help us all if that pandering whore (nothing-I-won’t-do/say-for-your-vote) Romney gets the nod – who knows how many wars and conflicts he’ll get us into… While spending us into oblivion, then retiring to a comfortable post-life. Gee – doesn’t that sound familiar?!?

        • if you like record deficits, fewer freedons and a person who disregards the constitution

          • SaneJane

            If I liked these things I would vote Republican.

          • Ummm Rodney, Gee Dubyah’s been gone for over 3 years pal! President Obama has brought us back from the brink of financial disaster, and in 4 more years, we will be a prosperous nation once again!

          • What fewer freedoms do you not enjoy?

        • Just think,Sane Jane at what the National Debt ceilng will be in 2016,if we re-elect this president of ours for another 4 years. And just think what the rate of unemployment will be.

          • eclemensen

            John my dear du… sorry , friend, First your peerless leader Sir Ronald Reagan increased the National Debt 12 times, raised taxes 11, However that is beside the point, If your Republicans weren’t reddy to destroy the country if they can’t get their way, and cooperate for the countries good, the debt would not have to have been raised. If they would have gone along with the stimulas, and allowed the infostructure to start being rebuilt, especially with union labor this country would already be out of the hole. If any of you need to be schooled on Union labor, Think about this If a man makes eight dollars an hour building a bridge, then he only buys food, if he makes twenty dollars an hour then he eats at a restruant, and buys clothes, thereby employing more people. The product of this is that the more people working, the more people paying taxes, the more people paying taxes, the less debt, the less debt, no reason to raise limit, but your Republican friends would rather run the country into the ground instead of allowing people to make decent living.

          • That rate is the republcant’s fault…childishly saying no to everything. You are afraid that you will lose power, if you compromise, and work with the President. It is VERY obvious that your allegiances are for republicant’s and religious zealots, only. C’mon, be an American and let the Dems have their turn. GW stole the whitehouse, because Gore had no balls, and ran amock with spending…he put us all so far into the hole, that with ALL the progress Pres. Obama has made; we haven’t yet dug out of GW’s hole. Grow up and do what is right for America; not for what Oil, Insurance, and Wall Street businesses want. Think about this; if corporations are people isn’t Romney a serial killer?

          • AdamMos

            You cant seriuosly talk about reducing the deficit and cutting taxes at the same time. That is why Ryans plan does not reduce the deficit with any significance. In fact it will increase the deficit because of slower tax collections as a result of lower taxes and a significant reduction in govt spending. Reducing govt spending always results in lower economic activity. That is basic arithmatic. No wages equal no customers.

          • silvak

            Just think John Davis at what would happen if we bring back the party that created this problem in the first place.

          • ccahill

            Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

          • Jon

            That’s what every millionaire I’ve ever met or heard about has said and it makes sense. That Obama has had to spend trillions is because he came into office with a deficit of even more trillions. It’s relative but still rings true, “you have to spend money in order to make money.” We are now standing with our noses out of the water, once the Pubs concede and tell their minions to open the market again, jobs will become more available and taxes will take care of the deficit. Go way Pub and concentrate on 2016 but this time find real people to run.

          • jd, i give what’ll the debt ceiling be & the rate of unemployment be, please tell ’cause i want to be just as intelligent as ye , you sound just like the person in my physial rehab a white rich man !!! whom had most things given to him , am i right that , just tell me please what will evrything be

          • quinn732

            By 2016, the unemployment rate should be around 5% at the current rate of recovery. As for the debt, if the Repubs are voted out and lose the House, we should see a much improved deficit situation with greater revenues due to an improved economy.

          • Well – sence this Presidnet has added over 1 million jobs over the past year – and dropped unemployment by over 1% – I would say the national unemployment rate in 4 years will be under 5%/

          • Indeed. Based on how it’s going lately, we should be OK.

            But if you like wars, outsourcing, income inequality, an economy and job market that rival 2008 and a prez who does more waffling than an IHOP on a Sunday morning, Rmoney’s your guy.

          • I agree with John. Obama has done nothing positive so far. It is time to try a new hope and change.

          • Jon

            A new hope and a new change? Electing a Pub is like watching re-runs of the worst movie ever filmed.. Same Pub B.S., different Pub face.

          • Safronia11

            The unemployment has nothing to do with Obama. The corporations/big business started selling this country out years ago. They didn’t LOSE jobs to other countries THEY gave OUR jobs to other countries. All for money. One of my jobs went overseas. I didn’t give it or sell it away. Obama didn’t do it. The company I was working for did it. Because they didn’t care about their own country or the American worker. They cared about MONEY for themselves. We sold even buildings & entire businesses & sports teams to foreign countries. Everything cannot be about money. That is what got us here in the first place. Does anybody seriously think that if we don’t spend money on our own country’s jobs, people and infrastructure that we can change anything? The taxpayers have always paid for everything. That is the plan. That is a democracy. We support ourselves. We build our own bridges, highways, etc. Who the hell else is supposed to pay for our country? THINK.

          • Melvin Miller

            John Davis, just think where this country would be had we continued on the trajectory we were on before President Obama. It was the policies that were in force prior to this President that has caused so much pain to so many Americans.

          • Jonathan Ford

            John Davis, What are you talking about? Do you know? The National Debt Ceiling has been increased quietly behind the scenes several times during EVERY presidency; The only thing different is the Tea Party brought a “normal” Washington event to the for front; Which is probably good because until then you and many other Americans were never aware of these Washington tactics. Now Unemployment has gone down and the economy is improving slowly; it is better for a slow recovery verses a false inflated recovery which blows up in our faces.

          • The unemployment rate will be a hell of a lot better than if that idiot gets elected. Obama has done a hell of a good job in reversing some of the disasters that GWB got us into. Check your retirement fund and see how its doing since we got rid of that republican idiot. It’s going to take more than 4 years to clean up that mess. If Romney would get elected, which is highly unlikely, you might as well look to be in a depression within a year.

          • Jon

            You don’t know that and anyway, what makes you think Mittens will do any better? Oh yeah, by taking away what the poor and middle class has left.. I get it.

          • More of the debt will be attributable to Bush than Obama; two unfunded wars and tax cuts. In addition, the unemployment rate will be lower with a blend of stimulus, tax increases and debt curbing measures as the Obama administration prescribes rather than just austerity. Are you looking for a double dip recession as the England is now experiencing? Just saying “No” going to your head?

          • How about taking a look at the national debt projections for the Romney endorsed “Marvelous” Ryan Budget. Years of deficits, and Federaly subsidized transfers of wealth to the top 2%.
            What you do not understand is that 2/3rds of the Obama deficits are the result of lost tax revenues as a result of the massive job losses and the consquence of the Bush fiscal meltdown, not extreme spending by Obama. Massive cuts during this time would have created a depression, instead of the nasty recession we suffered.

            Had the GOP cooperated with Obama, and tried to create jobs, with appropriate legislation puting Nation first, instead of blocking all legislation which had a chance of job creation, , in their insane desire to make “Obama a one term President” and “hoping he fails” and doing all in their power to insure failure, while keeping the American public miserable, we would now be in much better shape than we are now.

            The GOP has noting to offer, but more transfers of wealth to the top 2%, who are gunning for ownership of 50% of all of America’s wealth at the end of two Romney terms, all in the name of encouraging job creation by more funding for that group to simply acquire more “stuff”.

          • Why don’t you ask the “job creators ” what the unemployment will be? They had tax breaks to create jobs, they created only sh….s. And you want more of this?

          • I do think about that and look forward to lower numbers to both when we reelect this President, and even the possibility that my income will grow and not shrink as it has done under AEVERY Republican President since Reagan

          • William Deutschlander

            John Davis – yes our Republican National Debt will be being reduced and our unemployed/underemployed number will continue to decline, glad you are smart enough to recognize this!

          • You and some others obviously listen too much to the Faux News Network, Obama is not the ‘big spender’ that all you rightwingers think he is…he hasn’t spent anything that wasn’t necessary to get this country out of the disaster that America’s worst president got us into. AND, the vast majority of the deficit increase that has been charged to Obama is rightfully chargeable to Bush. Bush negotiated the auto bailout and TARP before he left office AND the tax cuts that were driving the deficit up by 1/2 trillion each year he was in office. Just because he walked out the door in January 2009 doesn’t mean that the deficit spending he initiated should be charged to Obama. Despite what Faux News and the tunnel vision GOP tell you: YOU CANNOT BUDGET/TAX CUT YOUR WAY OUT OF A RECESSION; ESPECIALLY THE WORST RECESSION SINCE THE GOP CREATED BIG DEPRESSION BACK IN THE 1930S which occured after 12 years of another session of GOP government mismanagement.

      • I think this makes the case for a national primary to allow US voters to select QUALIFIED presidential candidates.

      • If the republicant’s would work with this President, instead of being childish, and selfish, America can move forward, and not be bogged down, by bigots, and the Lemmings, you call tea-baggers. The KOCH Bros. are proud, of your ignorence. President Obama is the qualified canidate, in 2012. He has, already ( and without the help, of the traitors in the house and senate…) passed more positive legilation, than any previous President has in the same time frame. His stimolus package (smaller, than Bush’s—all that money went to his rich constiuency, as HE TOLD ALL OF YOU THAT HE WOULD>>>jeesh. However, you are correct…the republicant’s do not have, ANY, viable canidates to run, in the extended future. Do not fear progress…it got you everything you own…get your heads out of the sands.
        I know, I strayed, from the comment, but it all goes hand in hand.

  • tobewan

    People in Romney’s home State elected him Governor, realized their mistake, and elected someone else, next time around. Let’s hope America don’t make that mistake.

  • latnlady_2000

    Everytime Mitt opens his mouth, he COMMITS an enormous blunder. He makes Sarah Palin look brilliant. This man is so unprepared for a predicency. It is scary at the thought that so many out there are willing to vote him into the white house. We are indeed facing a critical time in this country. If the Mitt nightmare continues and by chance he is elected, this country is definitely doomed and headed towards a total failure. I am hoping that the American people come to their senses before it is too late.

    • CPANY

      Romney can’t help it. He was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth and genuinely feels that because he’s rich he’s entitled to all the good material things that have accrued to him over the years. He also feels that he’s entitled to be president.

      It reminds me of Caroline Kennedy’s huffy reaction when she found out that she wasn’t entitled to be senator from New York, just because she is who she is.

      • Ed

        Good point with a fine example.

  • Mitt Romney is a good looking man who looks presidential. Unfortunately he seems to possess the type of reasoning that caused the US image to take a dip a few years ago. The advent of President Obama has given the US a mature and tolerant image which should be built on. The US is increasing in popularity and acceptability because decisions now seem to have some thought behind them. Thumbs up for President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton.


    Mittens and Braack share several characteristics, but the most salient is their inexperience in government.

    That’s not disabling, though. Abraham Lincoln was a neophyte when he was elected to his first presidential term. He overcame his disabilities by his intelligence and basic humanity. Mittens and Braack are both intelligent. As to humanity: we’ll see. Mittens certainly seems to be weak on that score.

    • SaneJane

      Obama has about 3-1/2 years experience at actually being president. What would you consider experience?

  • sadie1ne


    • Jon

      Pubs are people too.. They just hate to admit it.

  • There are too many people in this nation who aare going to vote for anyone as long as it isn’t President Obama. I would love to be able to say otherwise but I can’t, racism and bigotry are as alive and well today as they were 50 years ago. Sometimes I think more so since it has to be kept hidden and is only expressed when that expression can be done without showing one’s face. After all, you keep a tight lid on the pot when you want the dumplings to rise.

    It is essential to get rid of as many republicans as possible, especially the zealots of the teaparty. They were voted in by fools unhappy with the fact that Obama couldn’t wave Harry Potter’s wand and change EVERYTHING in 10 seconds. Fools don’t have the smarts to evaluate the facts, the first and most important of which is the concerted effort to by the repubs to prevent President Obama from accomplishing ANYTHING. Nothing CAN be done when facing these obstructions.

    Romney has no idea what real lifeis like. The woman who said Ann Romney had never worked a day in her MEANT, and anyone with any brains at all KNEW THIS, that Annie had never needed to go to work whether or not she had a sick kid, had any sleep because she had been up all night with that kid, or had to risk losing a much needed job by calling out for the day. Big difference.
    Romney will destroy what is left of this country. The biggest fear we all should have is the theft of the election, as was done in 2000, and the fiddle of the election results, as was done in 2004.

    • ObozoMustGo

      “Anyone but Obozo” is a perfectly legitimate basis for voting. We have seen Obozo’s bag of crap and it stinks! Time for him to go.

      Have a nice day!

      • CK

        Thanks for being the PERFECT example of the type of idiot that Amy is talking about

        Have a nice day!

      • AaronNashuaNH

        Appears that “ObozoMustGo” is still quite content to speak and think in a puerile fashion. Relax fella—get the anger out of your system in a more
        responsible manner.

        Have a nice day, “dude”!

  • Ed

    Every time Mitt pretends to break out of his comfortable cacoon of wealth and privilige the far right scares him back in! And Ann wants us to believe there is a warm and caring human being inside there. HA!

    • Jon

      Don’t call him a human being! That’s too common a definition, I mean after all, all the regular folk are human beings.

  • We should thank Mitt…for re-electing Obama! Hahahahaha!

  • It doesn’t matter he will change his position before the sun goes down.

  • Mitt mouths off without any knowledge of whats going on A poor prospect for Pres of the USA Running Bain has ZIP to do with running a country/ gov’t

  • Romney has banked his entire campaign on Americans being selfish and stupid; on being able to appeal to their prejudices and egos instead of their common sense. Because it worked so well for McCain in 2008, right?

    This is why Romney is so quick to attack Obama for anything: Because he doesn’t want anyone asking what he would do differently. The reality is that his plan is absolutely not to the benefit of America — it’s to bleed America dry and then take the money and run. That’s why he desperately wants to talk about what the Obama administration is doing instead.

  • Unrealistic opportunistic pandering, inadequate knowledge and experience, poor judgement, no moral or ethical compass.

  • TheSkalawag929

    I think the more important question is “Will republicans overlook Romney’s short commings and let their dislike of President Obama determine how they vote?”.

  • Truman51

    Romney needs super-fast, speed-tutoring lessons on “common sense.” It doesn’t take a “rocket surgeon” to know Romney was totally out of line when he negatively blasted away at H. Clinton’s negotiations in China while she was in the midst of them—and with words
    like “it’s a dark day of freedom.” Children have more tact and reasoning power than Mr. Romney. Gee, I guess the right-wing conservatives got the Presidential candidate they
    deserve. Some things in life are fair after all.

  • Well it’s easily to tell Mitt is weak in the knees. He could have severely ruined the talks to get this dissident out of China and into America. He could have cost his life and that of his family too. As for the gay. All he was doing was his job and probably did it better than most of the other Mitter’s.
    If the Republicans are successful they will increase gay bashing, multiply it to an all new level. GOP’s are violent non-caring money lovers.

  • Romney’s problems are rooted in his background, and are fatal character flaws for a potential President of the US (but not for a dictator of a banana republic). (1) he thinks he is invincible and a son of God who can do no wrong, and everything he says must be right because he said it (his Mormon beliefs plus being the son of a rich man, living a privileged life, and having success in the business world inflates the ego and invincibility factor enormously); (2) he is anxious to please anyone who criticizes him, and does not seem to have any core beliefs (flip-flop is a nice word, gutless and pandering are more descriptive), which mean he will be inconsistent and not steer a steady course, because he will get pounded on from many directions. Romney has that fatal combination of character flaws, arrogance (I am always right) and ignorance (I do not what to do, but no matter what I do, it will be the right decision because I am always right). Leaders who have these two characteristics ALWAYS crash and burn;and we certainly don’t want this ambitious empty suit to take the US down as well.

  • I came here expecting to see a lot of Mitt supporters because the **asses** always seem to have plenty of other **asses** following them. Where’s the line? “lol”

  • AlfredSonny

    The upcoming election of Romney/Obama will be the actual test of our intelligence…or stupidity.

  • AlfredSonny

    How can one make a hit without a baseball? Practically every appointment and plan introduced or supported by Obama was filibustered from day one.

  • petepits

    Wow! What a dolt!

  • Damn Mitt, why don’t you just put a boot in your mouth….But much thanks for exposing just how foolish you really are……LOL

  • phantomoftheopera

    one problem is that too many of us see anyone who is not american (and add ‘white’ for some) as not as of much value as that american (white). until we come to see all people as equal, unless they have proven otherwise, this will occur. and wars will happen when we try to place our values on other countries. note the disasters in iran and afghanistan.

  • geewilly

    If Mitt Romney & his cronies want to dictate policy via public outcry… how the hell could he possibly be fit to lead the greatest country on earth. Look how he and his campaign reacted to a radio talk show hosts attack on the gay campaign aide… Mitt dumped him real quickly… didn’t even have enough class to defend his choice of aide.

  • howa4x

    He is used to siting in a board room with empolyees that have money hanging out of their mouths, listening to him. He is not used to international negotiations. If there was any glimmer of hope for log cabin (gay) republicans that Romney would stand up for their rights, they were dashed this week when he could even stand up to right wing radio hosts. What character this man has lol

  • a president who can’t submit a budget his own party can vote for sure sounds like he’s really capable.record deficit, disregard for the constitution, releasing prisoners in afganistan yeah a real great president.

    • Nice try, Rodney, but you lack perspective. What you mean is disregrd or the right wing view of the constitution.

  • Romney is totally useless just like his so called job creation he would take over a shop and either lay-off or fire people and than bring them bake at a 30 to 50 pay cut or just move the shop to another state thats ia how he cares about the american people

  • zipcor

    I feel sorry for Mitt he reminds me so much of George Bush, arrogant and a self centered egotist. Amen.

  • It is only MAY. Just think how hot it will be by NOVEMBER. Not only do we have Global Warming; we have the DOMESTIC variety, too. This will be the nastiest election SINCE 1860.

  • A couple of slip ups. O.K.,but what about Obama’s big messes,with our additions to the country’s debt, courtesy of his administration. His crying fowl ball about our immigration problems with states passing bills,that is a federal government responibility,but they fail to enforce with his approval,but wants only the Federal Goverment handling these problems. His Job Bill that has really done nothing,His Health Care Bill that just is creating more problems for people as well as companies,than it solves,etc,etc. In 2008,he made statements that American needed “Change”. Now what this Great Country of ours need’s,Is a “Change” from Obama.

    • So your idea of change is to make president a guy who is basicially “owned” by Goldman Sachs, the company who is almost single-handedly responsible for a near complete global financial meltdown? Isn’t it bad enough that we have Tim Geitner in Treasury? You want Goldman in the White House too? Are you nuts? What do you think will happen then? Talk about putting a fox in charge of the hen house.

  • SA

    You gotta be joking! 15-20 million illegals in USA and they should not get any consideration whatsoever and now this citizen of China (in US embassy) and Romney demands that this person be granted ‘amnesty’ for freedom.

  • zipcor

    The people of this United States of America should RECALL,FIRE or do what ever and appoint a new supreme court.This one has done more damage than good.They must set on their brains.

  • Who the hell is the writer? Normally, at the end of the press release, the Author puts there name. (Very last line, ended with: “Written by; therenamehere.”) It sounds more like a vendetta against Mitt Romney, than an informative story. Shame on Yahoo for this publication.

    To think, some of my stories were rejected by these same people, shows a definite “One Sided View” on there part. What person, when questioned “on the fly” what do they think about a country bent on killing a blind man, would not first protect there own views of freedom?

    Admittedly, it’s a bit brash at first glance. As far as “GAY” workers, come on people, get with the program! This same old song and dance has been going in for as long as Gay’s have been around! (From Rome to America.)

    Everyone has an opinion, and as far as “Rights” go, where do yours start, and there’s end?
    Do you have a right to hire, marry, live, sit by, like, dislike, love, hate, give a damn, or just plain have any right to have a right?

    No one is perfect, Mitt Romney included. What you should be asking is, can he/she make things better, or worse? The real question is, who has the answers? Democrat, Republican, Liberal, you name it, there all just an excuse to believe the way that person wishes to believe. Other wise, we would all be, REALIST!

  • I could not agree with you more we do need this president to be re elected I only hope people will get out there and vote for hiim in Nov This country will really be a mess if he is not.

  • eclemensen

    The problem is that there isn’t a single republican qualified to even sit in the congress, let alone, be President. I believe that Meg McCain might be the only inteligent one in the whole bunch, and sometimes I wonder about her. I use to think Bloomburge might be alright but his hanfling of the Wall Street Occupation AND his stance of not having a parade for our returning veterans changed my mind. The last inteligent Republican President was Eisenhower, who gave us the interstate highway system, and told us to beware of the commercial military complex, which the Republicans have since taken to be one of their montra’s, i.e. Haliburton. Nixon, who Eisenhower didn’t like, gave Reagan the tools, to kill the middle class, Reagan with his Trickle down theory and his cutting essentual repair system for the country into info structure, and medical and mental hospitals, passed the none working system on the George jr.
    Romney, Corporations are people too, Tax cuts to fourteen pecent for the rich, adopter of the Ryan Plan, which not only kills social security, which people worked for most of their lives, but medicar,medicade, VETERANS benefits, public schools, fire protection, police protection, and provides for a elevator for his cars in his multimillion dollar beach front home in California. This tied to the brain Children of mcConnal and Boehner who won’t even repair the bridge between their two constichancies, confirms my observation, plus cut taxes for companies that ship jobs overseas, and pay before play to “job Creators” is really out there. I bet you that boehner would not pay someone to mow his lawn before the job was done, why is it he is will to use our money to pay for jobs that never materalize. I could keep going here but you the reader are getting board.

  • Well, I am not afraid to write it…Romney is an embarrassment to Ameica. You know his logic, understanding of the facts, and poor judgement are as apparent ,as his Mormon religion…besides, NO religion should enter into political debate. But the facts are , he is a believer in blind faith, and supports, only the rich. He is NOT your average guy…he is MUCH more screwed up, in his thinking. He wants to resurrect the FAILED REPUBLI-CANT’s Policies, and way of governing.
    Romeny is the canidate, because no one in your party wanted to lose to Obama, so you had the stellar group of reublicant’s and teabaggers, from which to choose. lol, Any of your people would have their asses handed to them, by President Obama, or most Democrates. Yours is a dead breed trying to bring back, THE BAD ‘ol DAYS…give it up; we will not be bullied, again.

  • why cave on the Gay situation? I was born into the Mormon belief….check how they feel about Gays, blacks, women, etc. etc….I am no longer active in said church.

  • Someone should check and see if Mitt Romney is his real name. He flip – flops so much I think he is confused about what he said last. Everytime he open his mouth it’s opposite of what he has said less than an day ago.

  • Mitt Romney is a JOKE!

  • Weak character? Stupid? Just some of the accolades Mitt Romney is accumulating for himself during the campaign. This guy as president? Now that’s a real knee slapper.

  • wow mitt shame on you trying hard ti get in thee whitehouse any lie you hear that you think will make our president look bad wow

  • Marriage is between a man and a woman. DOMA should be upheld. There are other countries besides China in the world.

  • Safronia11

    Romney just talks to hear the sound of his own voice. He is the MOST clueless candidate. I would love to know what his IQ is. He seems just plain slow. Sean Hannity said Mitt came up on his own???!!! NO he did not…His father George left enough to keep him going forever. He doesn’t actually work. He doesn’t “work” for a living. He grew up with money. So did his wife. Neither of them have a clue about the reality of working for a living or how to pay medical bills or simply pay for gas to get to work or food for their kids. He has an elevator for his cars!!!!!!!!! I you don’t see the excess in that???? Nothing will get to you

  • Safronia11

    I truly wish that Mitt would keep his face shut on foreign policy. He knows nothing about the inner workings of what is going on inside the Obama Administration. He & his Party need to stop trying to create policy problems with other countries. It is dangerous for US for them to keep talking about being tough. Typical Republican…wants to always start out with force or threats of force. None of them seem to understand the meaning of diplomacy. Of talking to our so called enemies. These are the same people who criticize other countries for choosing to stay out of our conflicts & wars. The Right/Republicans/Fox are the perfect definition of Sociopathy.

  • This man is a mess, no one can trust his knowledge and understading of world affairs. he lacks proper judgement, does not think before he speaks, so much so he looks stupid. I can’t see this man as president, diplomacy is an extremely hard word for him to put in practice

  • “The result, …was that Romney looked either “foolish” or “very foolish…” I would say he looked typically idiotic, as always!!

  • It is not too late for the Republican party to select another more pragmatic and level-headed candidate to face Obama in November, since it’s almost certain that Mitt Romney will be drubbed in the Fall by the incumbent. Ron Paul may certainly fare alot better!

  • We are in BIG,BIG,BIG trouble if Romney is elected

  • pc1654

    Romny is definitely not fit to lead this Country! He’s greedy, out of touch with the poor and the middle class, desperate to be the President, will do, and say anything to reach that goal. He’s dishonest, weak, will do what ever and anything the Extreme Right tells him to do. He’s just like the wind, no self control, blows, north, south, east, and west, no backbone, so how can he lead a Country???
    And above all this, every time he opens his mouth, comes out horrible lies!!!! How can anyone TRUST HIM!

    God help us,


  • All i can say is Wow…What a Boob…

  • With the way things that have gone on these last 4 years, the economy, unemployment, value of the dollar, insurance, social security, and government corruption, I know we need a change !!! We need to be more CONSERVATIVE and less liberal !! We the TAX PAYERS are paying to much out to those who are wasting our money !! GOD BLESS AMERICA and IN GOD WE TRUST !!

  • jerryswiatek

    Just think where we would be if George W. was still the sleepy president with surplus left to him that was spiraling out of control and Dick starting wars with who knows.

  • D U M B E R than Advertised! That’s Romney So not qualified to lead if he yaks more stupidity like the boners he pulled.

  • If Grenell was qualified

    I always love your columns, but I’ve got to tell you: If takes were, not was.

    John Lennon did it right in “No Reply,” and Jim Morrison did it wrong in “Light My Fire.”

  • Romney has no solutions, he is simply an opportunist looking for any moment to seize and propel himself forward. He is clueless as to the fine gradations of diplomacy, and simply demonstrates how poor the former group of Republican Presidential Candidates were, when he has come out as the best they can offer this Nation. That said, when once considers the total obstructionism of the Right Wing GOP now in power, and their insane desire to win regardless of the consequences to the Nation, or its People, should a moderate voter even be surprised?

    The worst thing about the GOP, Romney, and his” Marvelous” Ryan Budget is that apparently many voters are actually believing that “this time” trickel down economics “and “deregulation” will work, even when combined with harsh austerity cuts in safety nets for the 50% of Americans now living in poverty, (for whom Romney is not concerned) along with increases in taxes for the Middle and Working classes, and cuts in entitlments will actually create an economic recovery, and jobs.

    The GOP and Romney are determined to once again demonstrate the classic definition of insantity : “Doing the same thing over and over again, each time expecting a different result”.

  • sailbill

    I certainly hope that Obama points that out as he visits all 55 states of the US.

  • Is Mitt unfit