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Friday, October 21, 2016

On Tuesday a South Carolina police officer was charged with the murder of an unarmed black man, Walter Scott. The Post and Courier originally reported that the police were characterizing the shooting as a “traffic stop gone wrong.” But the event was captured in all its brutal clarity with a cellphone camera held by an anonymous bystander, and the video tells a different story.

Think Progress has compiled a list of all the statements issued by the North Charleston, SC, police department and the officer, Michael T. Slager (via his attorneys), between the shooting on Saturday and when they became aware of the video. The statements paint a harrowing, though not surprising, picture of the spinning gears of a system that typically spares white officers culpability for their use of lethal force.

According to Slager’s narrative, “the dead man fought with an officer over his Taser before deadly force was employed.” The grisly video, which first appeared on the New York Times website, plainly shows Slager take aim and fire eight shots at Walter Scott as he flees.

(Via Think Progress.)

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  • Paul Bass

    Well, heck, it’s darn hard to plant evidence now that everybody has a cell phone…

  • toptwome

    I am so glad that we are finally getting some justice for a black man considering all the black men who have been killed by police with no justice. This poor man shot in the back as he was running away and killed.

  • toptwome

    Police better start treating all people the same and that is with respect and without guns.

    • johninPCFL

      I’m surprised that the GOP hasn’t come out saying that if only those guys had been carrying guns they wouldn’t have been shot. After all, don’t they have a right to “second amendment solutions”?

      • idamag

        Well, the GOP will find a way to defend the murderer. The nazis will come on here and say if the Black people blah, blah, blah, so it is their fault. Probably, a Black man driving a Mercedes stirred the murdering S.O.B. up. I have a Black friend, who is a doctor of psychology and he drives a Mercedes. Perhaps he is safe as he lives in Utah.

      • plc97477

        I don’t think minorities have second amendment rights.

  • Shot the man down like a mad dog. No respect for life, no freedom.