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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A day after the discovery in Lubbock, Texas, of a sign in Arabic on the side of the city’s unfinished city hall, an arrest has been made related to the incident. A press release from the Lubbock Police Department announced the arrest of Kyle Alexander Holub, 22, for criminal trespass.

Just yesterday, Lubbock’s mayor called local and federal investigators to investigate a large banner in Arabic that was found hung on the side of its unfinished city hall. Though the sign translated to “love for everyone,” Mayor Glen Robertson, in a letter to City Manager James Loomis, demanded the state investigate the sinister banner:

“I am requesting that the flag be removed immediately, that we get an accurate translation of the flag, and that Chief Stevens notify the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and our Lubbock County Sheriff’s Department. I am also requesting that we take whatever steps are necessary to secure the building and ensure that this does not happen again. I fully understand that we must gather more facts before we make a knee jerk reaction but I am concerned on several levels.”

An accurate translation took all of a few seconds, most likely, given that Lubbock is home to at least one mosque. Failing that, Lubbock is home to numerous universities, like Texas Tech, whose Director of the Language Laboratory, David Villarreal, translated the message for

Fox News and the New York Post posted ominously worded headlines regarding the incident. America’s most-watched news channel’s headline read “Arabic Banner Mysteriously Appears On Texas Building,” while America’s oldest continuously published daily newspaper headline read “Mysterious Arabic Banner Hung From Top Of Texas High-Rise,” as if to suggest an attack on the city of Lubbock were imminent.

But with the news that a white college student committed the trespassing offense, Lubbock can rest easy. Meanwhile, the rate of suspected hate crimes against Muslims has tripled since the Paris attacks.


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16 responses to “Texas Mayor Calls The Feds On “Arabic Banner””

  1. ray says:

    He should have found out what it said before his knee jerk reaction.

    • Texanbychance, Americanbybirth says:

      You don’t live here…. nor do you have any real information about how things were actually handled.
      I although do live here and paid very close attention to how things were taken handled.
      Mayer Robertson took the time to find out what it meant before making any rush decision. The actual problem was where it was placed. If you lived here you would know such things, but as you don’t and you don’t know anything about Lubbock or the actions taken here………

      • CrankyToo says:

        Texan by chance, American by birth, dumba$$ by choice. You’ve got no business calling anyone else “dipsh!t”.

        PS – Your odds at birth were 50 to 1 in your favor – and you lost!

        • Texanbychance, Americanbybirth says:

          I would say that I would take great pleasure in planting my foot square up your dipshit ass, but then again I don’t want to give you any more brain damage than you already have.
          And where my chances were as you say 50 to 1 at birth, your life expectancy is that of a house fly at this point.
          Good luck… will need a lot of it.

    • dpaano says:

      That would have been too easy….they’d rather go nuts about what it MIGHT say!

    • CrankyToo says:

      Be careful Ray. Texanbychance, Americanbybirth, dumba$$bychoice knows where you don’t live.

  2. David says:

    I read the link to the “tripled hate crimes”. Those mainly consist of painting crosses on mosques and similar stupidity. There are no groups of Christians pushing homosexuals off of rooftops; cutting people’s heads off; attacking businesses in Paris; blowing up airplanes; raping/groping women en masse — all saying “Glory to Jesus Christ” while they are doing it. Muslimes, on the other hand, are doing these things and much more. Allah Akhbar? F them and POS “god”.

  3. atc333 says:

    The problem Muslims in America are having is that they are a part of the only major religion in the world which advocates the over throw of all host nations government, the substitution of Sharia law for all existing legal processes, and the initially peaceful , but final conversion by force of all citizens of those host nations to Islam, or death.

    It is all laid out in the pages of the Quoran for those with enough intellectual curiosity to take the time to read it.

    Islam is a complex system of laws, religion, and government which controls every facet of the Muslim’s life. There is no room for other religions or any Western form of Democratic government. Islam is a religion of Peace only, and until Muslims attain a majority, and control of police, military, and government, using the “Stupid Westerners” own democratic processes and political correctness against them to accomplish the Quoran’s directives to all “True Muslims”. Migrations are an essential part of those directives, but only if the migrating Muslims move to a new host nation for that specific purpose.
    Read the Quoran, Google “the religion of peace” and consider that there is no “New Testament” of the Quoran.

    • tomtype says:

      I is quite evident you have not done what you suggested. You should read the Quran. It is available in English at that local mosque. Several news groups got together and had some experts count the number of references to killing or violence:

      But a recent project by data analyst and research marketer Tom Anderson turns one common misconception on its head: that the Quran is more consumed by blood thirst than the Christian Bible…. Of the three books [Old Testament, New Testament, Quran], the project found, the Old Testament is the most violent, with approximately 5.3% of the text referring to “destruction and killing” — the Quran clocked in at just 2.1%, with the New Testament slightly higher at 2.8%…. According to Anderson, the findings challenge the popular notion among Westerners that Muslims subscribe to a particularly violent faith. Indeed, he concluded, “of the three texts, the content in the Old Testament appears to be the most violent.”

      With only a little study, you would find out that Christians and Jews are not infidels, as they worship the same God. Incidentally, Allah is God in Arabic for Muslims and Christians. (Jews never actually mention the name of God.) Issa is the name of Jesus in Arabic. Since in Texas, you may have a nodding aquaitence with Spanish, and recognize that different languages have different words for God. Muhammad saw himself as a religious reformer trying to get people to worship the one true God.

  4. tomtype says:

    Danger in Lubbock. Love and Peace may break out. Danger, run for you lives! The sky is falling, and Somebody wrote something on a Wall!
    They need to call in a Daniel to read the Message. “Love to Everyone”

  5. dpaano says:

    Are you kidding me…..Texans are afraid of a banner in Arabic? Seriously? Boy, that’s really sad!

  6. oldfed says:

    The Mayor is acting just like CAIR does 10 times a day

  7. plc97477 says:

    I am finding it hard to understand why someone cautions against a knee-jerk reaction while running around in a panic. You can’t caution against a knee-jerk reaction while having a knee-jerk reaction.

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