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Friday, March 22, 2019

You didn’t have to like Whitney Houston’s music to fall under the spell of her voice.

Lord, how that woman could sing.

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9 responses to “Whitney Houston, Worth Our Time”

  1. rustacus21 says:

    … whitney Houston came to the entertainment world w/stars in her eyes. I feel she “believed” she knew what she was getting into. But the entertainment world is a savage, beastly place, where predators, beasts & carnivors roam freely. Early on, there were men much older, who provided her an audience that she felt, made her a “grown-up”. But something we parents sometimes forget, that no matter how old our “babies” get, there come times when we still need to correct them, put them in their place & reprimand them. But most importantly, to continue to nurture them, hug them & love them – irregardless to… whatever! Even when they resist. So, her life in public has come & gone, seemingly, in the blink of an eye. I still remember her 1st hit, being the background to Reagan’s America, that was fast heading in the wrong direction; being out of work, but hearing a song that lifted my spirit enuff to have hope for the next day. & the next… That is how I remember her – bright, young, vibrant, full of energy, where the future held so much promise… I, for 1, want to remember her innocence & pure, blazing talent, which, then, as now, seemed eternal…

  2. EddieBetts says:

    The world AS we know it is full of Perscription Drugs If our goverment does not get a hold on this we will see more death of this nature. She was the best AS was Michel Jackson this is very Sad and a great waste of talent now we have to suffer not hearing this great Artist of music GOD BLESS HER SOUL, my prayers is with her daughter.

  3. Orangej1108 says:

    I beleive that we should remember Whitney for her good deeds and impact it placed on us. You are a positive person and may God bless your life for your efforts. Drugs can make and break up a family and destroy lives.My concern lies with Whitney’s daughter and her drug problem. I hope her family do whatever it would take to shed some insight for Whitneys’s daughter.I will pray for this family and I hope you all pray too.

  4. trujoy says:

    I was so disturbed and grieved by the disrespect and over-all calous coverage of the passing of another music legend. Regardless of the decisions she made in her personal life…the magic that her voice and her music gave to a generation is undeniable. Your thoughtful and nuanced article brought such a sense of unbiased calm and appreciation to that memory, I wanted to personally and sincerely thank you.

  5. tedzee2 says:

    I am 68 yrs old and adored this marvelous voice. I remember music from my parents (the 30’s) and appreciated it as much as I do of much music these days. Whitney Houston’s was that music. Pray that she is in the great beyond with the Great One.

  6. Writing for change says:

    She has made her transition and now sits on the throne with the greatest; Ella and Sarah, the divine one. No one can take that away from her; rest in peace.We will always love you!

  7. dfrosenzweig says:

    Thank you Connie Schultz! You wrote on paper the exact sentiments I have been vocalizing since last week – Whitney has had enough coverage, there is much more going on in this world that is in depth and should be known. Go find those stories and tell them to us, please!!!

    Whitney was paid tribute before the Grammy Awards and muntiple tributes during the show. That was the beginning of the overkill in my opinion, and that’s an opinion that won’t be changing. I know I’m far from the only National Memo reader that has these opinions.

  8. got2watch4 says:

    Dear dfrosenzweig,I agree that their are many other things in the world that must be done, but do you realize that their where only a very few countries in the world that gave a hoot about the American Anthum? now people sing the praises of our song in everry freeloving nation WORLDWIDE!maybe? no I have been to 12 countries and 23 cities on earth, all because of Ms.Houston, what are ur accomplishment in that regard?

  9. got2watch4 says:

    My dear Follow American’s 1st please, please forgive me for ‘hugging’ up this site but i wanted to asnswer our last commentator “dfrosenzweig” next comment concerns “we the people” their are only hundreds of lawmakers that we put in office, Presidents,congressmen and senators,if we the people let then continue to play “good cop and bad cop” they will continue to weaken America! let’s let them know by E-mail that we put them in office and can as easily remove them by vote,we have the power let’s blitz them with e-mail and snail mail.let them know by virtue of the U.S.Constitution that their POWER comes from us the voters. peace.

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