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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

National Memo Poll

The National Memo is conducting a poll to survey our readers' views on the recent political attacks against women. We'll be sharing the results on our site as well as with TV, radio, and Internet opinion leaders.

As we enter the presidential election cycle, at a time of fierce debate over women's rights, please take a moment NOW to let the world know what you believe!

Please enter your email address and zip code below so we can send you the results!

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  • Evgeni Sanadze

    Конкретные и Правдивые

  • Und sollte es mit der Sonne am Himmel
    einmal nicht so klappen , dann lass sie in
    ♥deinem Herzen♥ scheinen Schönen
    Freitag,,,,,,,,,, Namaste Merci

  • Maricia12

    The question should be, Do you think the Republicans are waging a war on women? There is no evidence Democrats are in any way. The Republican majority Congress, under the influence of the conservative right in many states have already passed stricter legislation making it more difficult for women to obtain legal abortions. This is nothing more than an influence of their religious beliefs and it will hurt poor women the most. Their main objection is to stop abortion but many of these programs are the only source for women to have health care such as mammograms, uterine canacer detection as well as contraception. They wish to deny a woman’s freedom of choice in the size of her family which will ultimately lead to more poverty and less healthy women. Planned parenthood also gives health care to children and it is one of the programs Romney wishes to do away with. There is no legislation to prevent men’s health care or reproductive rights so YES the Republicans are waging a war on women. They can deny it all they want but their actions speak for them.

  • SoTiredofLies

    I don’t understand how GW, Romney and Cheney got away with all of the lies and were barely challenged on it? I know that the Bushes have a lot of influence, and I, myself am afraid of them. Think about the influence his Dad obtained and information he gained while head of the FBI.

    But what about PBS and any honest newspapers? Not much more than a peep! PBS is still referring to GW’s 2 “elections”. How are the Bushes able to have all the media ignore the evil, horrible acts of GW’s time in office? I say time in office and not President because in my eyes he was never America’s President.

    With the political system here being so corrupt, we are no longer a Democracy.

    He was never elected. His “group” of cohorts had, on purpose left a back door into the voting machine software where they could and did remotely change the votes on such a widespread cross section of states. I was there in Ohio when within 5 minutes of the polls closing a man walked out the door with the hard drive of a polling place.

    Maybe the democrats were able to foil that attempt in his second “election” but they had their backup plan in Florida where his brother was the Governor and they just walked away with and “lost” enough votes to make the count close. He wasn’t elected, ever.