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Saturday, January 20, 2018

11 Responses to Who’s For Drones?

  1. Keep it up, when the nation does not co-operate and harbor the enemies to strike us and our allies and at the same token the same nation gets our money as an aid, we do not have another altenative, but to strike against the terrorists , whereever they are.. This is the smartest way to defend our forces and eliminate the terror groups..which the host country should have done.. All the way Mr. President, do not give up…

  2. I was at a dinner party put on by the large company that my wife works for. I overheard her boss say (and I swear to god this is the EXACT QUOTE) “I would support using drones if a Republican president was doing it, but since its Obama, I just can’t support it!” Typical Republican mind frame!!

    • That’s beyond ‘mind frame’.. That’s outright bigotry.. What did this boss think? That a Pub would some how kill people in a more “civilized” way? He’s picking on color true and simple.. (I can’t believe it’s all just party envy). I mean, if he actually said, “but since its Obama, I just can’t support it!” wouldn’t that indicate bigotry? As party envy he would have said, ” but since it’s a DEMOCRAT, I just can’t support it!” Still not justifiable but a bit less biased.

  3. Yep…back in the sixties it was dogs, clubs, and water hoses.
    In the seventies it was truncheons, tear gas, dogs, and murder at Kent State.
    In the nineties, water cannons, phalanxes, and incapacitating street gasses.
    Today, it’s Tasers (murdering females at airports) and mass incarceration.
    Now it’s murder by cop, military means for crowd control, and soon – surveillance drones.
    Fascism is just a step away – all it takes is a presidential signature.

  4. Why the GOP is not supporting drone strikes….is that because KBR / Halliburton aren’t in the Drone business? MORE DRONES = MORE DEAD al queda. OOORAAH!!!!!

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