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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Three Rs – Romney, Ryan and Reboot


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Apparently there’s some bar in Washington D.C. that will give you free shots if you call Paul Ryan “serious.” And this weekend, it comes with a chaser if you call Mitt Romney’s selection of Ryan “bold.” That’s the consensus you’ll hear if you turn on TV this weekend. Romney is being cast as turnaround artist who recognized his own campaign needed a turn around so he chose a “serious” running mate in a “bold” move.

What is bold about his choice is that it comes with serious liabilities. Ryan is on record with pushing a budget plan that mades drastic cuts to programs that help the poor and the middle class while offering huge tax breaks to the richest Americans. How huge? Under Paul Ryan’s plan, his millionaire boss would pay an 0.82% tax rate.

The least popular part of Ryan’s budget is a dramatic revamping of Medicare program that he calls a “premium support” model while Democrats say it ends Medicare as we know it. Even with Ryan’s revamped version of his plan, which includes a government option to go along with private insurer plans, seniors would pay more while health care costs go up. No one much mentioned this before, but Romney’s proposal is almost identical to Ryan’s on Medicare, just a bit more vague.

The GOP sensed how vulnerable Ryan makes Romney on Medicare and went on the offensive, recycling the attack that won the GOP the House in 2010. The President has already cut Medicare by $700 million. The only problem is that Ryan’s budget also includes the same cuts and Romney says he would sign Ryan’s budget into law.

David Frum argues that the mere fact that Romney is talking about Medicare instead of jobs shows the weakness of picking Ryan. It’s hard to disagree with that.

But the fact that the media is talking about how serious Ryan is and how bold Romney is means this is a good weekend for the challenger. It means that a headline like “Steel mill polluted town as Romney firm profited” went largely unnoticed, and the words “tax returns” were barely mentioned.

VERDICT: Ryan and Romney are up. But Romney may have a subject that he’d like to talk about even less than his business dealings and tax returns — Medicare.  

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10 responses to “Who’s Up? Ryan And Romney”

  1. RomneyRyan-style “serious” = “America can’t afford workers, women, kids, or retirees.”

  2. jerrimyers says:

    Palin gave a boost to McCain, too–we saw how that went. Hooray!

  3. ivory69690 says:

    it wont last long thats why it took the anti-christ so long to pick him . he picked the lil eddie monster look-a-like . because he knows he,s a blood sucker that will take the life out of this country . and with the 2 the anti-christ and the lil dracula blood sucker the two evils. will suck the life out of the country

  4. Elsa says:

    I hope they keep talking about their Medicare “premium support” they will lose every senior that still has a brain left. Especially the younger Seniors who memories are still freshly full of the issues they faced with private health insurers as they moved from middle age into the pre-Medicare period of life. Thousand dollar monthly premiums and fear of losing your health insurance if you actually use it, is not a memory that fades quickly.

  5. McCain noted his BOLD move in choosing Sarah and gosh—look where he is now. lol

  6. Jackmack says:

    those two are very very dangerous and both Ryan & Mitt they will cause a lots of problems all over the world just like Bush and for the U.S government will get worst than it is right now

  7. Theodora30 says:

    I wish Democrats would start calling Ryan’s Medicare plan what it really is – a move to “profitize” it. For-profit insurance companies have already proved they cannot provide coverage as cheaply as the government through the Medicare Advantage program. That is why they went begging to Bush and the Republican Congress for subsidies. They wound up costing us taxpayers over $1,000 more for seniors covered by Medicare Advantage’s private insurance than the regular, government run Medicare. It totaled around $500 billion extra cost and that is the $500 billion that Obama subsequently cut.
    Democrats are so bad at communicating that they have never explained this, allowing Republicans to trash Obama for cutting Medicare when, in fact what he cut was the subsidy to insurance companies.

  8. Bigspender says:

    Neither Romney or Ryan can lie stright in bed.

  9. billy says:

    YEA! I think the best thing for Democrats was the Ryan selection. There were at least 10 better picks for V P than Ryan. Thank you Mr. Romney!

  10. Rodney says:

    ryan talks about seniors the are aready on medicare want lose their coverage. But his plan calls for us bady boomers too pay more for health care. Then he has the nerve too say that his mom is receive medicare well what that does about him as a son. I means he is wealthy he can,t or won,t pay for his mom,s health covereage. All this is an end run around the health care plan that we now have.Buy the way if this joke of a plan was to pass I being 55 years of age would force to get health coverage . When in fact i already provided for me in my old age thur fica. Is he going to give me back all my money from the age of 18 till now.just asking.

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