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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Todd Kincannon is worse than a nobody. He’s a troll.

For years he’s spent his spare time upsetting reasonable people into wasting time arguing with him on Twitter. When someone responds to him with the kind of vitriol he spews, he’ll encourage his 30,000+ followers to report his foil for spam.  Recently he’s been organizing conservatives to unite to prevent them being blocked by the same method.

Did I mention he’s a grown man?

And on Sunday night, he finally said something terrible enough to get him a little fame:

Sending out the most offensive tweet in the history of tweets during the biggest TV event of the year got him a lot of attention for two reasons: 1) It isn’t just amazingly homophobic and racist in a coarse, thuggish way that makes the worst high-school bully seem witty, and 2) He’s the former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party.

His unelected, administrative position in a party that has given us Jim DeMint and Joe “You Lie!” Wilson is just the smidgen of credibility he needed to associate his ridiculous comments with a party that is supposed to be reaching out to the non-Todd Kincannons of the world.

At first, being familiar with Kincannon’s boring brand of trollery, I thought it was better to ignore it.

But the man has, as they say, doubled down.

“The left has decided that Trayvon Martin was just this perfect little angel,” Kincannon told The Huffington Post. “He was a thug. He tweeted about drug use. This guy, he was a criminal, and the left has decided to make him some sort of martyr. That is what I don’t understand.”

So the argument is that because Trayvon Martin acted like a typical teenager of any race, he deserved to be shot for walking home from the store in a menacing manner?

It’s a non-sequitur designed to offend anyone who cared to be offended. But… the guy is claiming the GOP as his home. Are they claiming him?

I gave the GOP a pass when they met in a former slave plantation to discuss minority outreach. Our nation’s capital is named after a former slaveowner, after all.

But if the Republican Party doesn’t want to only speak for the Todd Kincannons, they need to speak up against Kincannon. It should be an easy thing to do. This isn’t Rush or Beck or a kingmaker of any sort. He’s just the personification of why people don’t trust the party of Lincoln.

“I stand for free speech and I stand for honest speech, and I think more people need to use it,” Kincannon said.

I agree. So Republicans of good will, consider this: Tuesday, February 5th would have been Trayvon Martin’s 18th birthday. Now it’s your turn to use your free speech and let Kincannon know that he should shut up.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Martin Family, File

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85 Responses to Why Aren’t Republicans Condemning Todd Kincannon’s Ridiculousness?

    • I tried to explain something like that to a Republican I work with. She said “oh, there must be some democrats that say kooky things” I said find them and send them to me. I’m still waiting. I’m sure there are – but come one at least 85% are nuts in the GOP

      • Kooky? Kooky is wearing two sets of brightly colored socks at the same time. What this “man”, and I use that term loosely, said about a deceased teenager, murdered for walking down the sidewalk, minding his own business, is beyond vile. This teen might have had some problems in his past, but that night, he wasn’t doing anything wrong. Using a sexual reference for this boy’s activity if horrific and shows that Todd Kincannon is the most vile creature on the planet. He owes a face to face apology to the teen’s parents as well as to the rest of the world’s populaton. Teenagers are well known for making unwise decisions, even down right stupid decisions at times. But Tood Kincannon is an “adult”. Again, I use this term loosely. Most teens do grow up to be respected adults. Too bad that Todd Kincannon missed the boat.

      • I’ve tried that, and the pricks all said it was my job to go out and find the Democrats who said such things for them.

        The 21st century Republican lives in this fantasy world where their own insistence is all the proof they need.

    • Right! Like the anti-abolitionists! Oh, no, wait…those were Democrats.

      Well how about like those evil Ku Klux Klan bastards! Oh, crap, no those are Democrats too. OH, I’ve got it!

      What about those jackasses blocking Civil rights in the senate in 57?!?! Damn, nope, that was the Democrats too.

      Learn to think for yourself and, for the love of god, educate yourself before you make a post that stupid again.

      • Nice fake, but you ignore the fact that the jerks you mention all left the Republican Party back when Richard Nixon decided to create the “Southern Strategy” to draw everyone who opposed civil rights for African-Americans into the Republican Party. Same people, new party name. You are over 4 decades out of date.

        • It’s not “fake” to point out facts, Jerry. You forget (or choose to ignore) the facts in your post so let me help you out a little bit.

          Go ahead and give that a read. While you’re at it check this out too:

          The Southern Strategy argument has been debunked over and over and over again yet you lefties just keep going back to it, facts be damned.

          It is a FACT that Southern Democrats opposed the abolition of slavery.

          It is a FACT that Democrats started the KKK to intimidate, threaten, harass, and even kill Republicans and blacks.

          It is a FACT that “Jim Crow” laws were conceived and passed by Democrats.

          It is a FACT that Eisenhower and the Republicans pushed the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and Democrats (including LBJ) threatened to kill the entire bill if Part 3 and Part 4 were not removed.

          It is a FACT that a higher percentage of Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 than Democrats in the House version of the bill (80% vs 61%).

          It is a FACT that it was Republicans that ended a Democrat filibuster preventing a vote on the 1964 Civil Rights Act in the Senate. 82 percent of Republicans voted for cloture versus 66 percent of Democrats.

          It is a FACT In the final Senate vote on the Act, 82% of Republicans voted “Aye” versus 69%of Democrats.

          It is a FACT that Senate Republicans voted 94% in favor of the 1965 Voting Rights Act vs a mere 73% of Democrats.

          It is a FACT 17 Democrats voted against the Voting Rights Act’s final House bill, vs only 1 Republican.

          Just because the fact don’t fit YOUR narrative and YOUR ideology doesn’t make them less true, Jerry. The FACT is the GOP has a FAR better track record on Civil Rights than the Democrats.

      • Now use your own common sense. Tell me do you think the KKK of today’s members are Democrats or Republicans?
        I live in the NW and we have our share of white supremacist up here and they are always spouting off about how they dislike the president and that their second amendment rights are the most important thing ever. I just don’t see a Liberal or Democrat talking that way. You?

    • The KKK was founded to oppose blacks and Republicans, especially black Republicans. It was and is a Democratic Party organization. And yet Democrats call Republicans racists? The Big Lie in the modern era.

      The reality is that “racism” is the exploitative cry that Democrats keep o using and will until people wake up. Trayvon Martin wasn’t shot because of his colour, he was shot because he tackled and attempted to murder Zimmerman, who was in contact with police and trying to keep the suspiciously acting non-resident Martin within sight until they arrived. Vicious accusations of racism were whipped up to pressure the local DA’s office to charge the assaulted Zimmerman. And yet the lynch mob still promotes Martin, guilty of criminal assault as some kind of victim. Here’s how Democrats use the weak-minded. This article is just more of the same.

      • Racists abandoned the Democratic Party after Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights laws. The KKK is not a Democratic Party organization. KKK members are Republicans.

        • Revisionist history at it’s finest.

          LBJ gutted the CRA of 1957. He told Eisenhower he would kill the whole bill if Republicans didn’t pull Part 3 and Part 4 out.

          The KKK was founded by Democrats and is still run by and supported by mostly Democrats. The members are Republicans? Like that rapscallion Strom Thurmond?

          It’s not the GOP who has kept the oppressive jackboot of government on the neck of the black community.

    • He treats the First Amendment like the Second Amendment. He has every right in the world to be the worst human being in America and to upchuck whatever hateful bile he wishes. But when he silences the voices of others, he becomes an enemy of the Constitution and everything that it stands for.

      That said, I am not surprised at all that the Republican Party would utilize him. He fits right in with this current crop of conservative apostates. Reagan would spit on him.

    • To assume that all Republicans commend his actions is such an insult to a party I support. That is a terrible thing to say, and had this been the other way around I certainly would not be sitting here yapping, “Oh just same old Liberal shit…etc.” This nation is so politically divided it’s upsetting. To pool all Republicans into having these characteristics…well I think it defies a lot of what Liberals supposedly stand for. How terrible. I think he did a disgusting thing, don’t try and say that Republicans are okay with it.

      • What proportion of people who spent considerable time claiming that Trayvon Martin was a ‘thug’ would you say consider themselves politically conservative?

        Of course most Republicans are not ‘okay’ with this official embarrassing the party publicly. I’d never suggest otherwise.

        I also understand you’d rather not have to ally with racists in order to form a winning coalitions in elections. But the reality is, you do.

        The question is: when will ‘the party you support’ systematically purge this neo-Confederate filth from your ranks so you can stop having to distance yourselves from individual remarks? There is no place for them in mainstream politics — certainly not at the rank of a major party’s Executive Director. But the GOP looks the other way until the heat is on and you know it.

        • Yes, I understand your concern. I feel the same way but…really there is not much I, a single person, can do. It’s unfortunate. Now I believe that there are disgusting politicians on both sides of the spectrum. Never said I was a die-hard conservative, nor did I say that I don’t support any liberal ideas. In fact, I may be more liberal than you would like to think but ultimately at the end of the day I do associate with the Republican party. All of the proclamations you’ve made to Republicans can very well be said to the Democratic party as well. All I am saying is that basically stereotyping groups and people in general is a low blow. For example:Vice President Biden plagiarized a few speeches back in his day, now to say that someone is a filthy cheater because they support him would be a ludicrous thing to say! Get my point?

          • Yes, they can be and are said about the Democratic party, usually by Republicans projecting their own failings on their opponents. The question is, can they be said about the Democratic party truthfully?

            All groups of people include some bad ones, and the proportion of these have at times been high in the Democratic party, it is true. But to suggest in the present day about the two parties as they exist today the kind of equivalence you claim is the action of either a naive and ignorant person or a member of the current Republican party, i.e., someone just barely in touch with reality.

          • “The question is, can they be said about the Democratic party truthfully?” I find your word choice ironic!
            Well, yes. It’s as simple as that. I tend to question most everything because well…to believe everything the media puts out- hah, what a laugh!

            It’s unfortunate you are assuming that I am barely in touch with reality. That’s a pretty profound statement to make. But, something tells me that you probably don’t have the credentials to do so.

          • I say the same thing. Of course there are a few democrats that say bad things. But, the difference is its like 85% of the GOP and 15% of dems. I rarely see anything that a democrat says that is as offensive as the things that a majority of the GOP says about our President alone, not to mention the other people they offend on a daily basis.

          • To be clear, your original characterization was a straw man. I never said what you defended against. But if you believe that you would ever be confused with that bloc of voters who became and remain Republicans because of reaction against Civil Rights, all the more reason to be proactive in defining the Republican party differently.

            There is most certainly something you can do: not vote Republican until they disassociate firmly from overt and dog whistle racism. If they realize that there is a generation of potential conservatives your age that will be lost if they don’t formally end the Southern Strategy (now an even broader white male strategy) then they will end it. As long as they keep you on board anyway, they have little reason to rock the boat. If you are not even really a die-hard conservative anyway, you won’t miss them (and, at any rate, today’s Democratic party holds the views of the Republican party about 30 years ago, so you’d hardly be abandoning conservatism)

            The idea that the plagiarism incident is conceivably analogous to the widespread political use of the Martin case, as well as the pattern stoking racial resentment that has been at the core of the Republican party’s strategy for decades, is indeed ludicrous.

          • Good points are said here!
            Now, going back to what you initially said I just hope that you understand that this terrible man did not say what other Republicans only “think”. Perhaps some do agree with him, that certainly may be true for many! But it immediately hurt me to think that…perhaps because of my political association someone assumes that those thoughts flow through my mind! That is the only point I am hoping to explain. I don’t loop all Liberals with those crazy, extreme few. It’s quite unfair.

          • I completely understand your point. You are clearly a very tolerant, polite, and bright person and you deserve to be treated without prejudice.

            I did not mean to suggest that someone who for whatever reason adopts a Republican identity also adopts this person’s views.

            I did mean to suggest that someone who shares this person’s views and is politically active most certainly would be active within the Republican party. Those are completely different things. I also did mean to suggest that many other Republicans (including some you might respect) are willing to knowingly tolerate such people in private because they need them as political allies.

            While both parties have bad individuals, and both parties tolerate things they shouldn’t, this one phenomenon stands out starkly. When it is eliminated, we will have a more reasonable set of “both sides” equivalencies.

            This is not a criticism of you, though. I respect your views and appreciate your mature tone.

          • Oh, yes. Now, as every person will interpret your writing differently I suppose in this instance because you simply said “other Republicans” rather than “most other Republicans” (or something to that degree) I took it as an assumption of the whole party.
            You must forgive me on that assumption, I am after all, still quite young. Still, just realize that a couple words there or not there is what made the difference for me. I’ll say it one final time: I think this man is absolutely terrible for countless reasons but I hope Liberals (or any other party affiliate) has it in them to see that there are pretty calm, logical Conservatives out there as well, and I certainly hope I demonstrated that here!
            This is great proof that their is such a thing as respectable discourse, as you have been very respectful yourself. I don’t mean to pull this card but, we are all Americans at the end of the day and I always hope to give the equal respect each person deserves, no matter their opinions.

          • I feel fairly comfortable saying the GOP is more racist than the Democratic party because they have attempted to systematically disenfranchise minority voters. They also seem to oppose any attempt by government to ensure equality.

          • I’m sorry you feel that way. Speaking as a minority and by further extent a woman, I feel pretty secure in terms of equality. Again, this is just an opinion please don’t feel compelled to slander me because you may feel agitated that I disagree with your opinion.

          • I don’t feel that I merit a lecture about slander since my reply to you made no personal judgment of you. My statement about the GOP is more than opinion. It is documented as a matter of history.

          • Oh I wasn’t implying that anything you said was slander towards me. I just find that most of the time in these situations I am, almost always, wrongly insulted by another. I’m glad to see you’re better than that.

          • I feel fairly comfortable calling you ignorant. The Democratic Party has been the party of of oppressing minorities (specifically blacks) for over two centuries.

            Feel free to read my posts on this very thread citing FACTS proving you wrong. Or don’t…and stay “comfortable” in your ignorance.

          • What you call facts, I call half-truths and talking points. I’m well aware of history and the migration of the Dixiecrats to the GOP. The Democratic Party is decimated in the South because whites view it as the “Party of the blacks”. The GOP is no longer the Party of Lincoln. I don’t find dissecting history particularly useful at this point. We have plenty of current examples to draw a conclusions as to which party harbors more racism at the present time. Just viewing the diversity of the Democratic party makes calling them the “party of oppressing minorities” a laughable proposition.

          • Obviously you aren’t, because the Southern Strategy has been debunked over and over and over again. The GOP is, was, and shall continue to be the party of Lincoln. Saying otherwise would be as ludicrous as saying, “FDR would be a conservative Republican today”. It’s just asinine.

            Of course you don’t find dissecting history useful, the facts are against you.

          • The question here is “Why aren’t Republicans condemning Todd Kincannon’s ridiculousness?” By doing nothing, the party looks as though they are fine with it. This is one of the biggest reasons the GOP is losing so many voters. More and more people just can’t wrap their brain around what the Republican party has become.

          • You know, there is something a single person can do. Write or telephone the leaders of the Republican party and tell them that these types of statements are disgusting. Tell them that the people who make them are an embarrassment to the party. Tell them that until Republican leaders stand up and refuse to let these remarks go unchallenged the whole party is tarred with the same brush. If every decent Republican did that things might change. Until then I’m afraid the old adage, “silence gives consent” applies.

        • Hold on molosky, the same bigots were in charge when the South was heavely Democratic. Only after LBJ signed the Civil Rights act the Southern Democrats become Repubilcans. The politicall conservitive South were Democrats after 1865 because it was Republican President A. Linclon who freed the slaves. Only when a Democrat ordered racial equality, Civil Rights Act, did the bigots switch. The hands of both parties are dirty.

          • Nothing I said contradicts these facts. If we were having this conversation before 1968 (or, more firmly, before 1948 when the first Southern conservatives broke away with Thurmond), I would be referring to Democrats exploiting racism — although that was hardly a matter of debate (unlike the denials we hear today about Republicans).

            However, the important point is these ‘conservatives’ have had a continuous set of views and only one party has rejected them.

      • Then the R party needs to start cleaning up their own ranks and then the D party will have to keep their moths shut. Until then thing are going to happen.

      • If they’re not OK with it, why don’t they speak up and disavow his toxic speech? Silence denotes consent. Better yet, they could apologize for this scumbag’s offensive words as not typical of their beloved GOP. Your post is absurd.

        • Actually, the whole point of me posting here to object the first comment is not really to defend the Republican party but to defend myself. So yes, I suppose by further extension I am defending the other Conservatives who share my opinion on this matter. As sad at it is, there is little I, as a single person can do, I don’t have control over whether top Conservatives apologize or not (I truly wish they would). However, I don’t find my initial post absurd. I think assuming that all Republicans commend is actions is absurd, no?

          • Hang in there, Mary. Keep thinking and keep an open mind. When I was ‘still young’ I considered myself a Republican for one simple reason. I am white and from a family that mostly got to North America in the 1600s and lived in the South almost all my life. But, to quote Harry Truman, I always hated racism ‘like the devil hates holy water,’ and all the office holders who kept racism and segregation the ‘law of the land’ in those days were Democrats. The only sensible way to go in that time and place was always to vote against the incumbent. Figured you couldn’t go wrong. But that was over a half-century ago, and everything has changed, big time. Sixty years ago I was a teen-ager. Now I am retired after a long career as a professional historian. Now I know if I vote for a Republican for the House, I am voting for John Boehner (or worse)as Speaker, and if I vote for a Republican for the Senate, I am voting for McConnell (or worse) as a leader of the Senate. I tell you, as an old man who love his country and the human race, I’d rather cut out my tongue than do such an irresponsible thing. You keep thinking, and keep an open mind, and you’ll do just fine.

          • Do yourself a favor…stop calling yourself a Republiican and disassociate yourself from the party. You sound too smart and reasonable to want to be tarred by their brush.
            Sent from my iPad

      • Republicans in the South Carolina tried to distance themselves a bit from the disgusting Tweets by mentioning he was not with them all that long as their leader (though he served in other posts first). But no Republican officlals have said they disagree with his statements, as far as I can see. Can you find a single official going on record to call his Tweets disgusting? They didn’t even object when he called for the death of a disabled vet.

      • Officials in the South Carolina Republican Party tried to distance themselves a bit from the disgusting Tweets by mentioning he was not with them all that long as their leader (though he served in other posts first). But no Republican officials said they disagree with his statements, as far as I can see. Can you find a single official going on record to call his Tweets disgusting? They didn’t even object when he called for the death of a disabled vet.

    • He just wishes he could get Ann Coulter to suck his —–, if she had a snowball’s chance in hell of finding it. They say the size of the man is reflected in the size of the man. Has he ever got compensation issues!

  1. How vile and venal…such a little evil excuse for human..But the repub baggers do attract some minorities…Like this certifiable kind!

  2. Good article. Purposefully offensive cretins like Kincannon are simply bearers of hate–their only message is hate, fear, bigotry and exclusivity–all in their desire to separate themselves from the rest of the country as if they were somehow *more special* and buddy-up with all the other screeching haters just like them.

    In reality, Kincannon and his ilk represent nothing more than the pain-filled death-screechings of the ‘Secret Whiteman Party’ soon to become extinct.

    Although I use the term euphemistically, don’t laugh too loud–the GOP has truly been ‘The Secret Whiteman Party’ ever since the day Tricky Dick Nignew signed off on it…

  3. Todd Kincannon says “I stand for honest speech, and I think more people need to use it.” Then his minions pick off liberals on Twitter like children in a schoolyard by exploiting “block and report for spam” in large blocks of like-minded sociopaths to silence any dissent. And he and they don’t even appear to do it for any “cause” – they just do it to be jerks.

  4. To assume that all Republicans commend his actions is such an insult to a party I support. That is a terrible thing to say, and had this been the other way around I certainly would not be sitting here yapping, “Oh just same old Liberal shit…etc.” This nation is so politically divided it’s upsetting. To pool all Republicans into having these characteristics…well I think it defies a lot of what Liberals supposedly stand for. How terrible. I think he did a disgusting thing, don’t try and say that Republicans are okay with it.

    • Keep in mind please that this “ain’t” your grammy’s GOP….they have gone beyond the pale in convincing a majority of Americans that their party and it’s insane rhetoric is indeed to be feared.

    • Replying to Majda Mary –

      Democrats and Republicans alike need more of the “Centrist” view you are showing.

      There is a lot of “Holier Than Thou” from the Progressives, but you have to admit, the vast majority of the SLIME is coming from the Right.

      BTW. I “Liked” your comment. And I am someone who spent decades as a “Conservative” Democrat, until George the Second and his trusty sidekick, Dick destroyed any semblance of civility towards the Democrats, and the rest of the world.

      Since those Slime Balls took office, I have become more and more Progressive. That has continued while President Obama has been in office.

      However, I still believe “good” politics depends on compromise and an open mind.

    • Majda Mary, if these actions and comments are not indicative of the party you support, why is that party not denouncing such hateful rhetoric??? If you don’t see yourself as a supporter of such antics, then you should not feel insulted because it would not refer to you personally. While your party is hijacked by right winged fanatics, it will wander in the political wasteland. You say you are but one person and can’t do anything about it,but you feel the need to defend your party instead of calling your representative and registering your disagreement with these views. Until that party stops turning a blind eye and decries such racist, bigoted sociopaths, there is no defense for it.

  5. We have our share of trolls right here, in The National Memo. The best thing to do with them is ignore them. It makes no sense wasting time with losers, racists, and people whose idea of Judeo-Christian values is to own an AK47 in case somebody they believe has ulterior motives crosses their path.

  6. I live in South Carolina and this man is embarrassing most of us in our state. However,
    we have a lot of people who agree with him. How do people like this keep getting elected?

  7. How on earth were bottomfeeders like Todd Kincannon ever elected by American citizens???
    What a despicable man. The GOP should impeach him if they care at all about their reputation.

  8. The rhetoric spewed out is amazing. While Todd Kincannons remark makes him look like an idiot I see many on the opposite side making statements just as stupid. People make judgements based on the media. Let the courts run their course. Was Trvon an angel or a thug? His killer at the very least used extream prejudice and may need to answer for it. Name calling at political parties and people that disagree are what is causing the great divide in America. A civil dialog on all subjects is needed in this country. Hate radio in the US is alive and well on both sides.

  9. Just tweeted “just read how @ToddKincannon sucks more dick than the Super Bowl delay did”. Lets see how he likes stupid comments being made about him, especially since for him to do one about someone who isn’t even around to defend himself is worse than cowardly.

  10. Kincannon has a connection to Robert Zimmerman, George Zimmerman’s brother. He made up his mind long ago that Trayvon was not an innocent victim. The tragedy is not that he is a bigot (there are plenty of those) but the fact that he has a large audience who follow him unquestionably. He says spam-block and they jump. They hate liberals SO much that they are blind to the racism and sexism of their own leaders. And what’s worse is that so many of them self-identify as Christian but turn a blind eye on this reprehensible behavior that is so unChristian.

  11. Why do liberals live in L.A? It’s the only city in this country you clowns can spell. It’s really sad, embarrassing and just plain hilarious how you liberal bedwetters continue to be brainwashed by your Messiah president. Can’t you morons form a coherent thought on your own? Instead, you clowns are played like the puppets you really are. Keep up the good work losers………..


    In America today, almost as many African-American children
    are aborted as are born.
    A black baby is three times more likely to be
    murdered in the womb than a white baby.

    Since 1973, abortion has reduced the black population by over 25 percent.

    Twice as many African-Americans have died from abortion than have died from
    AIDS, accidents, violent crimes, cancer, and heart disease combined.

    Every three days, more African-Americans are killed by abortion than
    have been killed by the Ku Klux Klan in its entire history.

    Planned Parenthood operates the nation’s largest chain of abortion clinics and
    almost 80 percent of its facilities are located in minority neighborhoods.

    About 13 percent of American women are black, but they
    submit to over 35 percent of the abortions.

    What the Ku Klux Klan Could Only Dream About
    The Abortion Industry is Accomplishing

    www dot klannedparenthood dot com

  13. THIS Cretin and his like-minded Nazi/Fascists is WHY the ReTHUGlican Party is, for all intent and purposes, dying and about to go the way of the Dinosaur. Even though most of them don’t read and haven’t had an original idea since 1950, due to modern technology, most ARE exposed to some form of humanity and intelligent discourse. Those who aren’t, remain like THIS Troglodyte, deriving their “jollies” by maligning an innocent, young DEAD man, murdered and victimized by another like minded Cretin such as Mr. Kincannon. Pitiful.

  14. “So the argument is that because Trayvon Martin acted like a typical teenager of any race, he deserved to be shot for walking home from the store in a menacing manner?”

    No Republican is saying this, you lunatics! Good Lord, please do what I did in the mid-1990s – TURN CONSERVATIVE!!!!!! I lived Liberalism, eat it, breathe it, etc. And I woke up. I encourage you to do the same…and stop reading racist articles like the one LOLGOP wrote.

  15. .Trayvon Martin deserved to be shot because he attacked a man and beat his fucking head into the ground..and told that man he was going to die. Martin was 50 ft from his destination but instead chose to circle back and go after the man who was following him. Following someone in your neighborhood is not a crime…nor is carrying a gun when you are licensed to do so. It is a crime, however, to assault someone.

  16. Did even a single Republican posting here, or in all of South Carolina, speak up against this man’s Tweets? He has Tweeted for a disabled vet to wish that the soldier was killed instead of wounded for our nation. Kincannon consistently Tweets racist, homophobic, misogynistic, hateful drivel. He’s a very cruel troll, but the silence of all Republicans is louder than all his rants.

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