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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Why Biden Should Be The Favorite In The VP Debate

After President Obama’s widely panned performance in the first presidential debate, and Mitt Romney’s rapid rise in the polls, there’s no denying that Thursday’s debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan is — as Biden himself might put it — a Big F***ing Deal.

The conventional wisdom leading up to the debate is that Ryan, the smooth-talking would-be wonk from Wisconsin, has an advantage over the gaffe-prone vice president. In reality, however, Biden has proven himself to be a gifted debater who is more than capable of going toe to toe with Ryan.

Biden, who served in the Senate for over 30 years and has run for president twice, has a great deal of experience talking about the issues and boiling them down into easy talking points (such as his oft-repeated “bumper sticker” line that “Osama bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is alive”).

Biden showed off his debating skill throughout his oft-forgotten 2008 presidential campaign; in fact, NBC News’ Chuck Todd has argued that Biden actually won the majority of the Democratic primary debates. He delivered some truly memorable lines along the way, as when he famously slammed Rudy Giuliani for only speaking in sentences consisting of “a noun and a verb and 9/11.”

In addition to that takedown, The Huffington Post has compiled a video of some other memorable Biden debate moments.

Biden was also generally considered to have defeated Sarah Palin in the 2008 vice presidential debate, although it should be noted that Palin’s rhetorical abilities don’t compare to Ryan’s.

Biden may be uniquely well suited to debate Rep. Ryan, due to the way that his strengths mirror Ryan’s weaknesses. Biden’s experience creates a sharp contrast with Ryan’s youthful looks (a comparison that Mitt Romney unhelpfully drew attention to when he listed “high school” as Ryan’s only debate experience). Biden served as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, while Ryan has almost no foreign policy experience (a gap in his résumé that may appear glaring if the debate turns to the controversy in Libya).

Additionally, Biden primarily appeals to blue-haired women and blue-collar men, groups that are particularly affected by Ryan’s open opposition to Medicare and Social Security.

All this is not to say that Biden is guaranteed to wipe the floor with Ryan. After all, the Republican vice presidential nominee is well known for his ability to eloquently pitch his controversial plans, and — if last week’s presidential debate is any indication — Ryan’s tendency to stretch the truth may not hurt him on the debate stage. Plus, there’s always a possibility that Biden slips up and sticks his foot in his mouth.

One thing is certain, however: unlike President Obama, if Biden does lose Thursday’s debate it won’t be because he was “too polite.

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38 Responses to Why Biden Should Be The Favorite In The VP Debate

  1. Joe Biden is the favorite for sentimental reasons. He is a down to Earth guy with the same strengths and weaknesses we all have and, therefore, most of us identify with him and wish him well. Pul Ryan, on the other hand, is a wonk with a thorough knowledge of policy making, quick on his feet, and very articulate. From a substance perspective this is a David Vs Goliath debate.

  2. I LOVED Biden’s speech at the convention, but I’m concerned. Biden may be a powerful experienced speaker at a master at creating “sound bites”, but we have created a high credibility bar, becasue of the LIE accusations from last debate. Facts will be closely scrutinized. I hope he can somehow justify the very poor economic and fiscal track record we have had over the past years in a more creative way without misstating the facts.

  3. The problem is to under estimate the opponent. All it takes is 1 lucky punch and all is lost.

    It is important to have the debate won early. This is what Obama didn’t do. He just played it safe.

  4. Ryan has a quick temper….I am hoping that will be his un-doing this evening….one snap and that horrible frown that he seems to break out at the least provocation and it’ll be all down hill from there…..GO Joe !

  5. I prefer the gaffes of uncle Joe than the lies of a person like (Romney), who knows in his heart that he is lying in order to reach where he wants to be.

    • But…does Romney know that he is lying??? You must bear in mind that he is a corporate salesman and he is used to quickly changing “facts” to enable the selling of his ideal. Face it, in Romney World facts are flexible and easily warped to support his agenda.

  6. Biden will be FACTUAL while Ryan will continue the Republican Cartel’s misrepresentations and lies.

    It is most alarming that Romney and Ryan outright misrepresent their convictions in front of an audience, the press, the public, then to placate their base very quietly totaly restate their misrepresentation (LIE) out ofthe public veiw. The real saddness is that we have a guilible, low information portion of our population that does not know the consequences, they still have not realized that Republican Policies brought about the, within a hairs width, Republican Great Recession of 2008 and the collapse of the United States of America.

  7. Joe Biden has had SO much experience, he will look stupid if he doesn’t win this in a landslide. Oh, General Moters is close to dead again. Obama should know better than to pick losers and winners. Look at all of his green energy projects, EVERY one has gone under! Billions of our dollars wasted!

    • Totally NOT true about the green energy projects, only three have gone under. You are also wrong about GM. If you have some facts to back up your claims lay them out here for all to see. Lana, this is a challenge and I will be waiting for your in depth analysis.

      • Some of us are thankful to have a job. If you would visit sites that didn’t tell you what you want to hear (looney left wing sites) you might find what I do. If you really want to find out-look it up yourself!–have a nice day

          • No, SaneJane, lana ward does know that anything that does not support her view of the world is a lie put out there by the wicked leftist conspiracy. I often wonder how they can read the words of Jesus Christ without equating the New Testament as part of a left wing conspiracy. We must all keep in mind that to the current US conservatives that reality is a liberal leaning conspiracy.

        • lana, are you aware that GM has 2,000 job openings now in Michigan and will be hiring 10,000 more in the next few years? I’d hardly think that would be a business that’s going under.

    • You are obviously going by the Romney lies….on the energy picks…..there were more winners than losers and not for the money THE LIAR was talking about. Go back to your
      Republican Bubble and we will watch JOE BIDEN wipe the floor with that punk Congr. Ryan. And I say this in the MOST disresptful way…..PAUL RYAN is a punk and I would like to personally kick his rich boy A$$. Me and him, no Secret Service. “Mano a Mano”.
      He is a PUNK that deserves an a$$ kicking, just for “G.P.” He’s a lot younger than me, but I’d even give him the FIRST MOVE.

      • I said Biden should win he has alot more experience, but I know you’ll be surprised how well the unexperienced Ryan will do. You call him a punk, no that’s what Obama was (and is) in 2008

    • lana… don’t listen to jarheadgene. He’s just got a Napolean complex and easily retreats to the “my dick is bigger than your dick” kind of fights. Don’t let it bother you. In this case, his dick (Biden) is certainly the biggest one.

      Have a nice evening!

      “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

      • So many have been fooled by this fraud, it’s the media’s fault too.—I remember when Biden said ” obama has a big stick” to funny

    • Lana

      Sa usual you demonstrate to all the world that you have shit for brains. It probably permeates your entire system. A couple of bottles of Citroma may help. Now remember – not one bottle at a time but both bottles at the same time.

  8. LOL! I bet Biden will make gaffe after gaffe after gaffe til we all wonder “how could this guy be the President of these United States of America? … That’s what will happen!

  9. Folks; the comments consensus seems to be egging Joe “Plagiarism” Biden into a battle of wits in which he is totally out of his league. Biden’s ‘factual’ “back in chains” approach likely will dip him in the same mire of excuses that we saw last week with Obama-Romney I.

    Give yourselves a break, don’t invest this dull-instrument with your emotional bets; after all he was only chosen because Axelrod had a grudge against Hilary.

  10. Biden has nothing to show for these four years..Look at the prices of gas, food and everything we need to live . The average working person, if they have a job has to decide to buy gas, or groceries. Wake up people and see what trouble our country is in. The lies keep coming and broken promises. We lost 4 people because they refused to protect them and where was our president, in Las Vegas. He had a duty to protect those men and not refuse to send them protection when they told him they needed help. Why did those men die when we could have saved them. It was an attack, people don’t have the guns and heavy equipement they had to attack just for a spontanous riot. It was planned to kill our men but our government would like to say it was because of a movie that was released in July. But they waited until 9/11. Americans wake up, THINK we really aren’t this stupid. Biden wants to put everyone back in chains and he himself said we the middle class have been buried for the past 4 years. Don”t you want to stand on your feet and reclaim our country.Our children and Grandchildren will never survive this debt, which will continue to grow because he doesn’t know how to stop SPENDING OUR MONEY> He is giving our money away and borrowing from other countries to give trillions away. What happened to take care of the US and the people who have worked all their lives for this country.!!!

    • ibib… The leftist freak turds that float around in this septic tank called “The Memo” don’t like common sense and truth being thrown at them. They’d rather live mired in the fantasy that their messiah, Obozo, will deliver us to the promised utopian land.

      Keep bringing up the truth. Someone will learn one day.

      Have a nice day!

      “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

    • Ah, ibibgram, you seem to have forgotten that in the Middle East and Africa everyone seems to carry a RPG and every third pickup has a 50 cal machine gun mounted on it (judging by pictures of crowds in both hardcopy and Internet). Apparently, a RPG is as important to a man in that area as a cellphone is to the US teenager (and about as common). This is what happens when every two-bit hoodlum has his own army. I am left wondering why there were marines killed in Benghazi when it is not our policy to use our people for Consulate Security…the practice is to depend upon local security. This definitely was a mistake in Benghazi since I have seen reports that the security force let the “protesters” know where our people were hiding out.

  11. Biden win a debate?


    Against whom? He couldn’t beat a random selection from the front row of a Willie Nelson concert. Who the hell are you kidding!


    ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cut it out…. my stomach is hurting…..

    Phew!!!!! Henry Decker, useful idiot du jour, doing yeomans’ work carrying the water for the Obozo campaign propaganda machine. You must have drawn the short straw this week, Hank. Forced to give up all journalistic integrity for the cause, eh?

    [click images to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “Joe Biden: The gaffe that keeps on gaffing.” – ObozoMustGo

  12. Yes, in fact Joe Biden is the epitome of fair and balanced politics and is in no way guilty of attempting to solidify a vote by making racial statements meant to stir up discourse among voters.
    After all the right “is gonna put ya’ll back in chains” according to his astute observation of current culture. That’s right, we republicans are trying to bring back slavery, you caught us.
    wait a minute, ah crap I just remembered that MLK was a republican and it just completely destroyed my own hypothesis. Back to the drawing board.

  13. I do not know what gaffes Biden has made. He just tells it like it is. You guys are crazy if you call this a ” gaffe.” And yes, The Affordable Care Act” was a Big F***ing Deal! This was the biggest compliment ever; no one could have said it better!

  14. I tried Obama and Biden, as we needed Change. Now that I see nothing changed for the good, time to move on and try something new again. Don’t believe out country can stand 4 more years of this kind of changes. gas prices changed-doubled, job problems changed very little, across the board all prices changed at all stores 8% to 25%, Taxes changed-higher, Air-1 changed 18 times more flying time than anyothers before him, I had to stop and think where is this guy taking our country. SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND LETS TRY AND GET–IN GOD WE NEED BACK IN OUR COUNTRY.

    • Where do you live, Charles2051? The reason I ask this is that I paid $4.109 at Costco during President Cheney’s reign (OOPS, I think it was his puppet Bush who was officially the Prez) and regular has finally climbed to $3.849 at Costco this week so it still needs to go up another $4.36 to have doubled in cost and where I live (PNW) is notorious for expensive gasoline. I certainly agree that groceries are on a constant increase during the last 12+ years. Admittedly, my spending on groceries has not increased very much by my changing my habit of buying what I need when I need it to now only buying when on a big sale and I have good coupons or I go without.

  15. Rayan would’nt answer the guestions that he was asked. how could Bein interup Rayan 82 times in 90 mins.the 20% tax plan Ryan lied and knew he was lieing. The math does’nt comput. more and more lies

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