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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Before the national crackup about “keeping your insurance,” Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) sent out almost 100,000 cancelation notices of his own.

In late September, many of Wisconsin’s poorest residents found out that their health coverage had been terminated and they would likely need to pay more to stay insured.

Republicans led by Scott Walker were “reforming” one of the most generous Medicaid programs in the nation. Badgercare currently covers families that earn up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level. Next year the program will only cover families that earn up to 100 percent of the poverty level.

As part of a plot to shift the burden of care to the federal government, the governor is moving tens of thousands of Wisconsinites and their families off Badgercare, a program that has been capped since 2009, to bring 80,000 single adults under the poverty level onto the program. But because of problems with, Walker wants to delay this move for three months, leaving some of the poorest people in the state with no health insurance for months.

Leave it to Scott Walker to use the greatest attempt to cover the uninsured in generations to leave some his state’s poorest people with no coverage at all.

The Tea Partying governor is also rejecting the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid, turning down $100 million this year. The federal government will fund expansion at 100 percent for three years, eventually tapering down to 90 percent by the end of the decade. Currently the feds pay for 60 percent of Badgercare.

Why is Walker turning down this 30 percent raise from the government on behalf of Wisconsin—a decision that could cost his state’s employers $36 million?

“For anyone who says, ‘Why would you not take it?’ My answer is simple. I don’t wanna expose the taxpayers in my state to the burden that’s gonna come due when the federal government reneges on their promise,” Walker told MSNBC’s Morning Joe.


Wisconsinites receive more than $40 billion in federal funding every year. Walker had no worries about that money arriving when he signed a $100 million property tax cut that mostly benefits corporations and the rich, and millions in tax cuts before it.

The prospect of the federal government reneging on its promise is an argument against increasing border security, building new roads or, especially, maintaining a nuclear arsenal. Are states going to reject military installations because the federal government may renege on the funding? Of course not.

The only people who are even talking about cutting Medicaid are Republicans.

Walker’s real answer is far more sinister, and intimately connected to his real ambitions.

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  • Buford2k11

    The Koch puppet strikes again, and again and again…when will it stop? When will Pope Frank come to the rescue? I know, the Gop will cherry pick and twist the new Pope’s message, just like they do with everything else…

    • It’s already begun. Sarah Palin already lashed out at Francis for sounding too liberal.

    • docb

      The ‘perfect pitch’ of the repub bagger right wing crazies!

    • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

      Ah, yes. Scott Walker. The Paul Ryan wannabe. How in the hell did this guy survive his recall. I bet some of the people who voted against it are wondering if they did the right thing now.

      • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG

        He survived his recall not because the majority agreed with his actions/policies, but they did not feel they did not rise to the level of recall and could be handled by not re-electing him.

        • Independent1

          I’m sure you’re right but my guess is too that there are a lot of voters in Wisconsin wondering why they made such a big mistake; given his failure to come even close to producing what he had promised.

          • plc97477

            The recall went down because it smacked to much of partisanship. If they could have found a more moderate repug to run it probably would have been different.

    • Lovefacts

      Too true. What’s incredible is that he’s talking about running for president. Does the moron actually think he’ll win? Heck, he’ll make Romney’s loss seem like a blowout.

  • midway54

    Just another craven member of the ultra-right political whores.

  • docb

    He does not get that Americans do not elect short walleyed union busters and cruel kocked up bros toadies.

  • The real Scott Walker campaign promise is that he will punish anyone and everyone who might pose even the slightest risk of being a Democrat and ensure that nobody but a Republican can be elected ever again.

    Which the Tea Party has proven time and time again is the only thing in the world they care about: Punishing their opposition. Scott Walker is the Tea Party’s hero, not because any of his policies worked, but because he did everything he could to make sure the only victims of his failed policies were their enemies.

    • yeehaw

      @michaelross:disqus …Wow, Scott is trying to reinvent himself, hoping that the American People will forget his terrible policies and his inability to connect with Mainstream Americans! Their is no way, even with the Koch Brothers money this guy would be a serious candidate for President. His soft spoken demeanor has deceived many people into thinking he’s a problem solver but in reality, deep down inside he’s only waiting for his next victim. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck….Guess What????

  • David Cleinman

    Walker is an ALEC stooge, card carrying member and primary spokesperson. What he does is for the benefit of the rich backers of ALEC, and has nothing to do with Wisconsin or its citizens. When they learn this, which I hope is now, he will be running for the hills in his ALEC provided limo!

  • Dominick Vila

    Gov. Scott is doing what most Republican governors do as a result of promising and implementing a state tax system that is inadequate to cover expenses: he tries to shift blame for his fiscal irresponsibility and passes on the consequences of his reckless fiscal policies to the Federal government, while blaming the latter for what he did.
    Let’s not forget that, in this specific case, insurance policies are not being cancelled because of inadequate coverage, but because the MEDICAID program in Wisconsin was “too generous and the GOP is determined to cut it down to size”.

  • tax payer

    If someone wants a high paying job all they have to do is search for one and there are many of them out there waiting for someone to be employed. Let’s say I wasn’t working I would take any job until something better is put in front of my eyes.

    • tobyspeeks

      You’re part of the problem in many ways. First are your lies about many high paying jobs available and how easy it is to get one. And second, your eagerness to take any job until something else comes along is exactly what corporations want tiny minded people like you to think. “I’m just happy to have a job, no matter the crappy pay, no matter the too long or too short hours, no matter I have no health coverage, no matter how unsafe and outright dangerous it is, no matter if I’m forced to work on family holidays or no matter I never have any time off for vacation.”

      It would be best if all you mentally handicapped people would disappear

      • tax payer

        It seems you’re not helping yourself, so you put the Blame on me. and all those that earn a high income. We had to qualify for the job we did otherwise we would be in your situation. There are high paying jobs, but you have to be (Qualified ) to get them, so there is no chance those jobs will be for you unless you get some training. For the record I worked every Holiday and got paid double pay which came out to $46.00 an hour for the last five years ( 1996-2001 ) I was employed before my retirement. The workers now must earn at least $30.00 an hour or more. Overtime was $34.50 an hour and yes I was forced to work overtime. Two hours a day to be exact and I loved it. We had no choice and the money came in handy. Not bragging, but only letting you know you can earn much more, if you stay with the same Company for years. I also had Health Coverage, but the first $300 had to come out of my pocket and after that the Company paid 80%. Two visits to my doctor and my out of pocket $300 was History.

        • tobyspeeks

          I blame you for your attitude. Of course you’d take money over family. Even if it’s forced, you turn your employers demand into something to brag about. You’re not only part of the problem, you’re a greedy turd as well. And you rather miss your family for a measly $46? I had to work one holiday, Easter Sunday, for supposedly a really religious family owned business. While they were with their family, their employees were toiling making them even more wealthy. I blame them for being hypocritical Asshats. But I did make about $80/hour that day. Double time with some holiday bonus tossed in. This was back in the early 90’s and you know what I did that following Monday? I resigned and went to work for a company that isn’t all about greed and cares just as much for their employees as they do for themselves. I may not make as much, but I’m happy. And the company that made me work on Easter went bankrupt about three years after I left.

          I’ve been in my line of work for 28 years, I’m schooled and get regular training almost yearly. But one of the many differences between you and me is I care about my fellow man, you only care about yourself.

          • tax payer

            Measly $46 an hour ( $368 ) a day and that’s not counting the two hours of overtime. Wow! Atheists don’t Celebrate Easter because we can have a cook-out every weekend, so why do it only once a year during Easter. Families depend on the father and sometimes the mother to work, and support them. What you are saying is that money came first to me ( is quite correct ) because it’s money being earned to support a family and not have to depend on the tax payers to support us. I worked the Holidays, when I had no Seniority and chose to work even after I built up my Seniority. I went in at 4:00 a. m. and was home by 2:30 p.m., so I was there for them in the afternoons, and all day on the Weekends. There aren’t too many people that want to get up at 3:00 a. m. to go to work at 4:00 a. m, so I did it to be home with my family as much as I could after getting off duty. You are mad because you are in a different situation and like I said before ( you blame me ). I have never met you and never plan to either. No more response from me to you because you are acting like ( one person ) that comments all the time and hates me for Making Sure My Family Doesn’t Live In Poverty.

          • highpckts

            Bully for you! Mean while there are people that don’t have the education, opportunities etc to do that! God, you are an unforgiving man and no empathy! I don’t want to hear how much taxes you pay either! Given the situtations were reversed, you would gladly receive help!

          • tax payer

            I didn’t go to college, so you don’t have to be a College Graduate to have a decent job. I did income returns for Nurses, Teachers, and they were College Graduates; so all that education ( yet ) they didn’t know how to do a simple income tax return for the IRS. I am 65 years old and my situation will stay the way it is right now because I planned everything for the future, so as to have a nice retirement, and leave my family a good sum of money once I am gone. This is America and you can be whatever you want to be, and if you don’t care than why should we care.

          • highpckts

            You are so right!! Why should ANYONE care?? Geez!!

          • jnap

            You have an ego as big as your superiority complex. If you did well in life be thankful. Stop being a jerk.

          • tax payer

            If I put down something positive you would still feel the same way, so what am I to do. I did well and would still like to do much better, but why should I at my age. I am trying to convince others they too can do well, so maybe I should just say ( stay as you are ) and live your life the best way you can live it.

          • tobyspeeks

            I applaud your effort to take care of your family. I despise your efforts to knock people down who don’t fit into your narcissistic ideals. You knock people down when you mention one or two ways you made it! Middle management, chained to a machine. You have zero empathy for others. If you were going for some big raise or bonus and didn’t get it, you’d be whining just like the people who don’t know where their next meal comes from. You’ve been bitten by the media bug and there is no cure. I leave you’re tiny, vacant mind with something you’ll never ever fathom.

        • jnap

          Are you bragging or complaining?
          This is 2013 and the job situation has changed dramatically in the last 12 years. If you are not currently looking for a job you don’t know crap about the employment situation that exists today.

          • tax payer

            I can apply for a job today and be called within one week for an interview because Companies check your Work History and most important your Attendance. I have done it just to prove to my sons you’ll be hired, if you are honest in your responses to each question. People don’t know how to fill out job applications and that’s one of the main reasons they are never called for an interview. You have to fill in every line and not lie about your experience. I once went with a friend, so he could apply for a job and he didn’t even know how to spell the name of the High School he had just Graduated from two months before. I helped him out and guess what ( he got the job ). He is still working there and that was in 1968.

        • howa4x

          Try to do it on 7.20/hr

          • tax payer

            $13,824 ( what you earn monthly ) is good money for a single person with no obligations. I did it at $1.25 an hour and we didn’t apply for Food Stamps. Yes, they had Food Stamps in those days. That was in 1967 and the food was just as expensive as it is today for the money people earned back in that time. You have to budget as I did with my low $1.25 wage of only ( $2,400 a year ). We seldom saw overtime back in those times. I never gave up and looked for other jobs on the days I was off.

          • howa4x

            You can’t compare 67 with today. Inflation for example has eaten that up and is more like .50 cents. Gas was 29 cents a gallon, new cares cost about $4,000, and you could get a good used on for around $400. Houses cost 25,000 and rents were around 50-90 /month. I was a soph in college in 67 and know what everything cost. A good wage was 9,000 year
            Your analysis is flawed. A dollar went much further then today.

          • tax payer

            For the money they earned at that time for unmarried people. Which means the pay was low as it is right now for some people. You have your Degree and may be retired by now since in 1967 you had to be about 20 years old at least, and about 66 years old right now.

          • howa4x

            I was 19 in 67 so I’m just over 65 now. I have spent my life working since I was 13 yrs old, so I know what the different pay scales were. You can’t compare that time to this. People working at minimum wage hurt the economy since it reduces their buying power to bare necessities and prevents them from buying the consumer goods which are the backbone of our economy. Secondly these giant retail and fast food chains have realized that if they pay really low their employees can quality for food stamps, and housing assistance which you as a middle class taxpayer subsidize while they walk away with larger profits. This system hurts all of us in the middle class. The victory of the 1% is that they made you resent the people at the bottom for talking assistance but not them for making a system that makes them do it to survive. Why don’t you resent the Walton family whose net worth is 115 billion? They are not giving their employees benefits and expect you to provide them. The commercials they run about how they help employees are misleading since they only hire temps and part time people, so they won’t have to pay benefits, and are only talking about their core staff. I know my aunt works for one.
            Ray Kroc of McDonalds is worth 25 billion. Why can’t he afford to pay benefits, and why should you subsidize him? Are you worth that much that you can afford to do that?. Every dollar they put in their pocket is one that comes out of yours. Don’t you get that? You are being taken for the biggest ride of your life having to pay for all of them. You even pay for the tax cuts they get. Why don’t you resent what they are doing to this country? What they are doing to you?

          • tax payer

            I also started working ( part-time ), but as a Sophomore in High School and gave my whole paycheck to my mother. A person that is single can make it with minimum wages, but once they decide to get married it’s a different story. I was single until the age of 41 ( she was 26 ), so we have two sons ( 21-22 ), and daughter ( 17 ). I chose to stay single even though I could afford to be married, but I loved the single Life and wasn’t looking for a spouse. I met my future wife by chance at a bus stop, when she was on her way to work and I picked her up on my bus route I was driving in June of 1989. We got married that same year in November. I knew she was for me, but she thought I was already married and just looking for a good time and that wasn’t true. She was working for minimum wage at that time. After the Honeymoon I told her you can quit your job because I will support you and our future children from now on. She worked until the first pregnancy and never again.

    • jnap

      What the fuc are you talking about? You can’t ask an electrical engineer to work for $7.50 and hour while they are looking for a better job. how would they look if they are already working at a job that would not pay enough for them to pay their bills? And secondly no one will hire them because they know they will leave as soon as the proper job comes along. How about you get a real life and stop living in a fantasy? There is a minimum job standard and pay that must be met for many people. Do you understand?

      • tax payer

        If he wants to eat in the meantime he has to swallow his Pride. The job will be there in due time, so it takes patience.

        • jnap

          That is why we have unemployment insurance to help people while they are trying to get a job the matches their education and experience. You just don’t take any job when you know the pay can not even begin to cover your living expenses.
          It has nothing to do with pride it has to do with reality, something you seem to have very little experience with.

          • tax payer

            99 months of Unemployment Insurance is too many months to not ( look for a job ) as some people do and I am not saying they all do it.


    Walker is owned by the Kochs, there is a new investigation on the money surrounding the recall. While county executive, his office was full of corruption, private e-mail accounts not accessible by open records requests, some of his staff went to jail. Only the tip of the ice berg. Wisconsin communities are so poverty stricken, no jobs, because he is too busy running for president. He and his crony Ryan, they have challangers, hope to god they get beat so we can take our state back.

    • Independent1

      Sure wish you luck with that! Sadly yours isn’t the only state that radical GOP governance is driving down the path toward ruin.
      Few Americans realize how fortunate America is that a Republican was not elected in 2008 and 12. So many of our states were teetering on the verge of bankruptcy in 2008/09 because Bush was slowly draining them by constantly reducing subsidies for federally mandated programs, including the upkeep and maintenance of federal buildings and highways, funding for medicaid and more. It’s quite likely another GOP president would have continued Bush’s tight fist on the support for our states and many now would be in far worst conditions than they are today.

  • howa4x

    Republicans have always hated programs for the poor, who they feel are the least deserving of any aid. It is part of their DNA gong back to their opposition against social security and Medicare/Medicaid. They feel that this is a country that creates winners and opens doors for anyone willing to work hard, and they think of the poor a lazy whiners who always want a hand out before a job. They feel that the poor robs them of their taxes. I grew up in a republican area and heard this kind of talk going back into the 50’s. This is red meat for conservatives, and why the Tea party has embraced this philosophy
    Although every governor realizes they need public workers, republicans like Walker and Christie use them as a whipping post. Christie talking about the teachers to a blue collar crowd told them that the teachers have benefits and you don’t, stoking the fire of resentment. Tenure reform was already on the way to passage so he didn’t need to demonize the teachers but he wanted to rub their face in the dirt to show them he was not to be messed with.. Christie who is the bookend to Walker also tried to give a large tax cut to the wealthy but was stopped by a fiscally responsible democratic majority that said let’s wait to see if we have enough money. Both GOP hopefuls have dismal job creation efforts but Walker has a special war on the poor going on.
    It doesn’t help either of these two that the new pope has taken on class warfare, since they both have large Catholic populations. By the time 2016 comes around the pope’s message will be in every parish and running against the poor might not be as fashionable as it is now. Pope Francis may even embarrass the protestant evangelicals into actually following Christ’s message. If that happens then all the Koch money won’t help the GOP.

    • Independent1

      It sure would be nice if the Pope can get Evangelicals and other supposed Christians to see just how anti-Christian the GOP has become; especially if it can happen before 2014.

      • howa4x

        I hope that would be the case

  • wiprotester

    Walker is an arrogant, evil sociopath. No empathy, dividing the people he is supposed to work for and turning them against one another. He’s done Nothing good for this state and answers only to the wealthy and ALEC. An uneducated moron for president? I sure as H*** hope not. Be interesting to see where this 2nd. John Doe leads! I’d love to see him in an orange jumpsuit.

  • Lynda Groom

    Nice battle cry he’s got there.

  • jnap

    This talking point of the republicans about the federal Government reneging on paying for the Medicaid expansion is ridicules. If any of that had any credence then the federal government might just renege on the 60% it is now paying. Every time Republicans open their mouths with that renege statement it makes me want to scream. Do they think we are all stupid?
    They just want Obamacare not to be successful. The problem is that the money they do not take is going to go to other states and their citizens are certainly going to object to being left out.