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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Will Elizabeth Warren Go All ‘Rand Paul’ On The GOP’s Filibuster Of Cordray?

Will Elizabeth Warren Go All ‘Rand Paul’ On The GOP’s Filibuster Of Cordray?

Senate Republicans are preparing to filibuster Richard Cordray’s nomination to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for the second time, even though several GOP senators have praised the job the former Ohio attorney general has done leading the organization created in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

Corday was installed as director via a recess appointment by President Obama.

The GOP’s problem isn’t with Cordray. It’s with the CFPB, says Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who came up with the idea of the agency and helped build it.

“From the way I see how other agencies are treated, I find nothing here but a filibuster attempt against Director Cordray as an attempt to weaken the consumer agency,” she said.

Republicans have demanded several changes to the agency before they will appoint anyone to lead it. All of the changes involve taking away the independence of the bureau, which is currently part of the Federal Reserve, and weakening its effectiveness by putting it under the control of a bipartisan commission.

“Blocking Rich Cordray is about keeping the game rigged; keeping the game rigged so that consumers remain in the dark — and a few bad actors can rake in big profits,” Warren told the Consumer Federation of America.

So what will Senator Warren do when Republicans again try to nullify the power of the CFPB by refusing to allow it to have a director?

Brent Budowsky, a former legislative aide, thinks this obstruction by the GOP may propel Warren to “national stature from the Senate reminiscent of Robert F. Kennedy.”

How could that happen? Warren could seize the Cordray filibuster as a chance to show how the Republican Party keeps the system “rigged” — which is the title of her forthcoming book — on behalf of the same bankers who led us into the financial crisis. Budowsky explains:

If Republicans filibuster Cordray, Democratic leaders and/or Senate liberals should call their bluff and bring the nomination to the Senate floor for lengthy debate — or if needed, a talking liberal counter-filibuster in the manner that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) took for nearly 13 hours to galvanize the attention of the media and the nation.

Pro-Cordray senators should make lengthy presentations, with each pro-Cordray senator discussing — in detail — why he should be supported by voters victimized by credit card abuse, homeowners cheated by mortgage abuses, military families victimized by financial corruption, active-duty troops abused by payday lenders and all Americans harmed and outraged by the countless abuses, bailouts and inequities of the great financial crises of the Bush years.

The videos on Senator Warren’s YouTube page already have nearly 1,500,000 views in the short time she’s been in office. There’s obviously a huge appetite for her speaking truth to power on both sides of the aisle, especially when it comes to fixing the still-broken system that leaves “too big to jail” banks free to destroy our economy again.

If the GOP won’t let the CFPB do its job protecting consumers from the kinds of abuses that led to millions of foreclosures, Warren can do hers by speaking out on behalf of those consumers until the whole nation hears what she’s saying.

AP Photo/Cliff Owen

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  • nobsartist

    Maybe if Obama had some balls, he would pay back the republiCONs by using the Sherman Act to put the Koch suckers out of business, break up the energy companies, break up the health insurance companies, the banks and the predator loan industry but instead he has a girl fight his battles.

    I bet Michelle kicks his ass every night.

    • Says the guy/gal who hides behind a made-up name. Grow some yourself before you criticize the first guy to come along in many decades who stands up to the super-corrupt GOP at all.

      • CPAinNewYork

        We all stand behind made up names. Is yours really Hal Slater? Why don’t you give us some more information about yourself, such as your address, telephone number, Social Security number and any other personal facts that may interest people who would like to harass you?

        • howdidisraelget200nukes

          Thanks cpa. It is tough dealing with the kool-aid drinkers.

          For Hal, at least my balls are big enough to point out the fact that Obama hasnt done anything and is one of the best “republiCON” presidents we have had in a long time.

          So smart guy, name one thing of consequence that he has done.

          You cant.

          • CPAinNewYork

            I can: he’s pulled our troops out of Iraq and is on the way to getting them out of Afghanistan. He’s also rebuffed the efforts of warmongers like John McCain to stick our noses into Syria.

            True, he far from perfect. I’d like to see get more aggressive with our banking and investment criminals, but he’s a lot better than Mittens Romney would have been.

    • TheSkalawag929

      The Sherman Act deals with monopolies and anti competitive business practices. So how would you apply it to this situation? And what is your continuous fascination with the President Obama’s genitalia?

      • howdidisraelget200nukes

        Really? Figure it out yourself jackass. No monopolies on energy, health care, deense contracting, new energy….the list goes on and on.

        so does your mouth.

        • TheSkalawag929

          Is your comment directed to me?

    • CPAinNewYork

      Obama is a wimp.

  • docb

    No, she will just be herself…and skewer the ignorant repub baggers to the wall with a smile! She is the SENATOR WITH REAL KNOWLEDGE after all!

  • The GOP is blocking a nomination made by President Obama? The GOP wants to abolish the new Federal Government Agency responsible for reforming Wall Street and putting in place regulations to limit the probability of another financial collapse??? Please don’t tell me this “unprecedented” circumstance is happening!
    Please excuse the sarcasm, when the supporters of policies responsible for the near collapse of our financial sector and our economy impede progress and champion a return to the policies that brought our country to its knees the options are to cry, laugh or fight back. I think the choice, for anyone capable of rational thinking, should be abundantly clear.

  • howa4x

    Republicans are becoming more and more like the phony wizard of Oz with Warren playing the part of Dorothy by pulling back the curtain. The bankers who led the Wall st meltdown are some of the most despised people in the country. Millions lost everything during the collapse and the republicans have not learned that the rejection of Romney was due in part to making his fortune in vulture capitalism at the expense of the middleclass. More and more people are realizing that the super rich don’t really create jobs anymore and are just interested in getting more, and Wall st is seen as the biggest gambling casino in the world. I guess that the 7-9 billion loss by JP Morgan/chase on a gambling bet in Europe doesn’t phase the republicans, but scares the hell out of everyone else. Wall St never learns and has to be kept on a short leash. The other reason people despise the rich is that they are greedy to the point of mental illness.
    Think of the Walton family of Wal-Mart fame, who are the richest in the country averaging 25 billion per offspring. So what do they do with their wealth? Do they make people’s lives better? Well actually no. They have made 80 % of the workforce part time so they don’t have to pay for health benefits and are fighting a rise in the minimum wage. So if the republicans keep defending people like these and want them to have all the tax cuts, while filibustering an agency that will keep Wall st and the banks in line, they are in more trouble then they know

    • Independent1

      it’s unconscionable to me that a family (Sam Walton’s heirs), who together have more wealth than the lower income 1/3 of all Americans (over 115 million people), can even sleep at night; knowing full well that the company they syphon money from of every day, treats its employees so poorly that a large percentage of them are forced to struggle to live day in and day out on salaries that are below the poverty level.

      • howa4x

        Extreme Greed is a mental illness and the 1% suffer from it at higher rates than any other strata of society

      • Barbara Morgan

        I agree and they sure didn’t learn that greed from their parents. From what I have read about about Sam Walton and his wife they were not greedy, cold hearted and selfish like their children are even after they became rich. Mr Sam is turning over in his grave because of the way his beloved employess are being treated by his heirs who already have more money than they can spend in 6 lifetimes and want more. Also don’t forget that most people that work for Walmart have to get food stamps to feed their families and that next year due to the selfish of the Walton heirs taxpayers will be paying for the majority of their employees to have health coverage as we will be for Papa John’s employees, the owner of the Pizza compay that gives away millions of his pizza’s each year for publicity yet refuses to help his employees pay for health insurance. Also remember that since Papa John’s Pizza does work with food his employees should be in the best of health yet they have no health insurance and aren’t paid enough to pay for it themselves.

        • plc97477

          Papa Johns, yet another place I do not give money.

      • plc97477

        I am very proud of the fact that the waltons get none of my money.

  • WhutHeSaid

    What a great show this might turn out to be! Senator Warren, who was once the victim of the very same partisan tactics that now threaten Richard Cordray, has risen from the ashes and shaken off defeat to continue the fight for middle class consumers. This gal has real spunk, and the GOP will soon rue the day that they ever ambushed her nomination to head the CFPB herself.

    Warren has quickly become one of the most powerful Senators advocating for consumer rights against the dirty tactics of those who inhabit the seedy underbelly of the financial community. Not only did she oust the Republican golden boy Scott Brown, but she added insult to injury in becoming the senior senator from Massachusetts and a member of the Senate Banking Committee. Further, her grit and determination draw admiration from middle class people across the nation, who see her as a sort of Robin Hood figure in a smart business suit. GOP obstructionist tactics over the Cordray appointment are likely to propel her to an even greater national status as a champion of the ‘little guy’, and 2016 isn’t that far away.

    Wise Republicans would do well to pick another battle and live to fight another day, but wisdom appears in extremely short supply in today’s Republican Party. Grab a chair, pop some popcorn, and watch the show — it’s gonna get interesting!

    • Lisztman

      Interesting? The Republican Party? Hmmm. I may pop some popcorn, but I’m more likely to fall asleep during a B-grade film.

    • CPAinNewYork

      There aren’t any “wise Republicans.”

      • howdidisraelget200nukes

        And fewer “smart democrats”.

  • adriancrutch

    Obama is a knowing halfwit when it comes to dealing with the Wall St. crowd! He’s a trained Harvard lawyer! He doesn’t want to seem too relucant to pander to his (old friends) from school! nudge,nudge, say no more!

    • Barbara Morgan

      You call President Obama a halfwit, what did you call Bush2 a genius? Bush not only pandered to his old school friends and friends of his Vice President he started to two unfinanced wars to make them more wealthy than they were already were including his vice president.

      • howdidisraelget200nukes

        Obama has enriched his friends also. Like destroying NASA and giving it to a south african who couldnt design a rocket unless he was given access to all of NASA’s design data.

        And what about his “car”?

        And Solyndra

        And A123, recently sold to the chinese

        And fisker, soon to be sold to the chinese.

        all of the bush’s are half wits but they were smart enough to dupe america into electing Obama so he could “look forward, not backward” and bury all of the bush crime family miss deeds.

  • OH FOR 80 MORE SENATORS JUST LIKE WARREN IN THE SENATE AND ABOUT 400 IN CONGRESS !!! Then this country would grow like back in the Clinton era, but no !! the hand picked good christian repugnants are so full of fear and loathing where changing times are involved that they’ll have none of it. What else can be to blame as the background for their intransigence and voting against their own interests time and again to cling to a few losing civil rights issues that go against their religious ideology. For their Religious Ideology they’ll give up their freedoms to be ‘safe’ and send their children to unnecessary wars, they’ll let banks rob them, they’ll vote for policies that make them poor
    and the rich richer, they’ll accept making it harder for their own children to go to college, they’ll accept smaller benefits for our veterans and our elderly. Overall, Republicans are like dumb sheep who blindly follow any leader who wraps himself in a cloak of religious Ideology. Warren is so obviously for the average American yet these repugnants will back their own enemies every time rather than back Senator Warren and others like her such as Bernie Sanders.

    • Independent1

      For the vast majority of them, they’re powerless; because they’re under the power of Satan, who is blinding their eyes with the strong attractions of money, and fake religious agendas that they think are what God wants – because Satan has planted that seed in their minds. But like the Pharisees of Jesus time, who also thought they knew exactly what they were doing while refusing to believe Jesus when he told them things that were no longer exactly as Moses had instructed them; today’s Republicans are also blindly forgetting the most important instructions that Jesus gave us: Thou shalt not judge; and love thy neighbor as thyself. And we’re only able to that, when the focus of our lives is like that Jesus, doing unto others as we would want them to do unto us by thinking first of the needs of others BEFORE we’re concerned about our own needs.
      Unfortunately, these things are very hard for a CONSERVATIVE to do, because just by nature, conservatives are concerned more about how every action or decision they make will impact themself, before they even give consideration to how their actions will affect others. And one thing most religious Republicans totally forget is that: God never gave them, or their religious leader, the right to be a vigilante for Him. He asks only that they live the most righteous lives that they themselves can live; while leaving the judging of others to HIM!

    • Barbara Morgan

      How about 99 more senators in the senate like Warren and 458(I think that is the number for the House) in the House. If more politicans would do their Job like Senator Warren is doing hers then this Country woudl be in great shape.

      • plc97477

        We do have a few in the house and senate that are already Warren like. Sanders etal.

  • Lovefacts

    With Senator Warren’s continued insistence on speaking the “truth” and demanding it from witnesses, she may actual force reform upon Capital Hill. What a novel idea, don’t speak in sound bites and tell the truth. I’ve always wondered why we American tolerate behavior from our elected officials we wouldn’t accept from our children, spouses, friends, and the workplace.

  • Pamby50

    I love Elizabeth Warren. If she decides to fillibuster for Richard Cordray, this will be one that I would watch. I would even put this on my DVR. She knows what she is talking about & would make the rest of the republicans trying to stop him, look like idiots.

  • keep up the good work you will be doing a lot for this country

  • Mark Forsyth

    The gop continues to prove that they are a criminal enterprise.Is it any wonder that people rise up in opposition to them? They seem intent on supporting all the things that keep the proverbial thumb on people.

    • Independent1

      You’ve noticed have you that the acronym GOP is nothing more than an alias for the American Mafia??

      • Mark Forsyth

        One might wish that they could avoid noticing when it’s been in their face most of their lives.How does an entity manage to be on the wrong side of every issue of major concern to Americans since the 1930’s so consistently by accident.The conclusion is not only logical it is painfully obvious.Truth be told,what the gop is into makes the mafia look like kids on a playground.

        • Independent1

          How? With a common motivation ‘GREED’, and driven by the same force SATAN, who unfortunately, has the power to blind people’s eyes to the distruction he is leading them to by the very strong attractions of – ‘MONEY’ and fake self-righteous agendas.

          • Mark Forsyth

            The question of how was rhetorical I don’t wonder about it,I know. I could care less about Satans involvement.

          • Barbara Morgan

            Republicans better be able to stand heat because they are greedy, uncaring coldhearted selfish people they better like it hot because the man upstairs doesn’t like folks like them nor does he like people that refuse to help the unfortune and poor as some many people do today.

          • CPAinNewYork

            The rich are also a bunch of crap.

          • CPAinNewYork

            Knock off the religious references. They’re meaningless. Call the situation what it is: A bunch of rich bastards who want to get richer and who believe in the Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules.

          • Independent1

            Religious references are meaningless to those who don’t believe in God or Satan; if that’s the way you believe, that’s your perogative. However, I do not believe that way – I believe there’s a good Spirit (God) who works within us to do the what’s right; and there’s a bad Spirit (Satan or the Devil) who works within us to do wrong things like being overly greedy. It’s my belief that the bad Spirit (Satan) has gotten a firm hold on people who choose to support the Greedy notions of the GOP. so I’m going to point that out. If you choose to ignore that, so be it, but you have no right to tell me I don’t have the right to make that known to the millions of misguided (religiiouly inclined) souls who are falsely aligning themselves with the Devil’s party.

          • CPAinNewYork

            Religious references are pertinent in some instances, but not in the hypocritical manner in which you use them. One of the things that really bugs me are the sanctimonious hypocrites that try to win their arguments by quoting the Scriptures.

  • I certainly hope Hillary Clinton runs for President in 2016.


    • CPAinNewYork

      I hope that she does not run for president in 2016 because she’s been knee deep in some pretty crummy financial scandals, e.g. Whitewater. We don’t need another crook in the White House.