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Friday, October 28, 2016

Since the GOP took over both North Carolina’s state house and governorship for the first time in more than a century, the state has become a flashpoint, with extremist policies being put into place one after the other, almost as if conservatives were punishing the state for voting for President Obama in 2008.

The right-wing mania seems to have peaked, with abortion laws being injected into any legislation Republicans could get their hands on and the nation’s worst, most blatant voter suppression law.

Republican governor Pat McCrory has said he will sign the new women’s health restrictions — despite a campaign promise not to — and the voting law, though he hasn’t actually read it.

North Carolinians have been gathering every week for Moral Mondays at the state capitol, hoping their protests and the hundreds of resulting arrests will draw attention to the extremism coming out of the quintessential swing state.

But if people aren’t paying attention to North Carolina politics now, they will be, as the battle for the U.S. Senate in 2014 heats up and Democratic senator Kay Hagan defends her seat.

“North Carolina is the closest thing to the tipping point state in the Senate battle,” the New York TimesNate Silver recently wrote.

Silver added, “Although North Carolina is increasingly purple in presidential election years, the coalition of African-Americans and college-aged voters that Democrats depend upon to win races in the state is less likely to turn out for midterm elections.”

And Republicans are well aware of this.

“By all accounts, there is no path to having a Republican majority leader that doesn’t lead through North Carolina,” Thom Tillis, the state House speaker and leading Republican Senate candidate, told the Washington Examiner.

While laws designed to suppress Democratic votes will certainly help Republicans, the controversies invoked by their policies are drawing the attention of the state’s growing unaffiliated voters and the nation.

Some have called North Carolina the “new Wisconsin,” which sounds promising for Republicans who were able to help Governor Scott Walker survive a recall. However, Democrats successfully took back the Senate in those recalls for a brief time, and only lost it again in 2012 due to gerrymandering.

You can’t gerrymander a whole state, and if there is a backlash against the GOP in North Carolina, it could cost Republicans the U.S. Senate.

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  • The_Magic_M

    > You can’t gerrymander a whole state

    Let’s see them try… Since when has irrationality and impossibility ever stopped a maniac on a roll?

    • TheOriginalDonald

      See also-Barack Obama #57States

      • Gary D. Vaughn

        Your powder is wet and the musket ball molded on that one. Got anything else recent, say like the BC, wait, that one is musty too.

        • TheOriginalDonald

          Justice for Trayvon but none for Chris Stevens? #Benghazi

  • CarolinaSistah

    As a registered Democrat, I voted for quite a few Repubs who have gone coo-coo — too too far right. I regret my votes last election and wish I could recall those votes!

    • spiritubrianus

      You can make amends by voting Democratic in 2014. If Sen. Hagans loses her seat, what has happened in NC will be translated to the rest of the nation. NC can really be important next year. If the GOP isn’t shown that their extremism costs them an election, then things will never change.

  • Brenda Porter

    “Can’t gerrymander a whole state.” Wanna bet? It will be fine tuned during the next session. And the Koch brother by another mother Art Pope will be doing what he does best…bankrolling the T.

    • TheOriginalDonald

      all the while George Soros bankrolls the One

  • charleo1

    Hey! Maybe the voters need a lobby? We could call it the NVA! (National Voters
    Asso.) We could say things like, ” If the Right Wing thinks we have a voter fraud problem, why are they taking it out on law abiding citizens?” First they run the economy in the ditch, and now they are coming to take my vote! What’s next,
    cutting early voting?
    I see. Well, closing Drivers Licenses Offices near poor neighborhoods? Already done that? Okay then. But the polls are still open the Sunday right before the Tuesday
    election day, when a lot of the African American Community have traditionally gotten
    together, and the Church Bus, and friends are there, so everyone has a ride. Don’t
    tell me me they are…Yes, they did. Well, how does that stop voter fraud? That’s why
    we need a lobby! And a catchy slogan. How about, “If you outlaw voting for the poor,
    the young, and the elderly, only the outlaws on Wall Street will vote?” A little partisan
    for a slogan, don’t you think? I know! “You will take my vote from my cold dead hand!”

  • Southern Celt

    North Carolina replaced corrupt liberal politicians. Is it our fault the only available option is an extremist version? What ever happened to moderation? You get what you vote for.

    • Brian McMillen

      Who says the GOP legislators are not themselves corrupt. Tillis has been selling seats on university boards in exchange for campaign contributions for his senate bid. More will come from these loons who are drunk on their power. Power corrupts and it has already happened with Tillis.

      • Southern Celt

        Power corrupts, Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. I don’t trust either party, do you?

  • Brian McMillen

    It doesn’t help that the leading GOP candidate to run against Kay Hagan has been caught selling seats on the university system board for $30K campaign contributions. Tillis of course maintains that there is no connection between donations and appointments, just coincidence. But, isn’t that what got the governor of AL thrown in prison?

  • mhandrh

    North Carolinians should be so lucky. To be rid of the extremists in their government would be a time to rejoice.