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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Where’s Woody when we need him?

In these times of tinkle-down economics — with the money powers thinking that they’re the top dogs and that the rest of us are just a bunch of fire hydrants — we need for the hard-hitting (yet uplifting) musical stories, social commentaries and inspired lyrical populism of Woody Guthrie.

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5 responses to “Woody At 100”

  1. concernedusa7 says:


  2. VlastaMolak says:

    Most of the 99% “movement” don’t bother to vote or attend various local government meetings where they could make a difference.

    People get a government they deserve. IF they prefer “shopping till dropping” and watching boob tube reality shows, while their local, state and federal politicians sell them to the highest bidder, they have no say in what is happening.

    Woody Guthrie would probably be appalled at the low turnout of voters and how the US voters allowed the current rigging of system by the rich, which was abolished during Roosevelt times.

  3. wayneonly says:

    VlastaMolak, you are right. If we are too lazy to research the candidates and get out and vote, than we deserve the government we have gotten. Too many people depend on the “sensational” media and the political campaign ads, and the political party to inform them how to vote. With the internet so full of information you would think more people would research what their government officials are REALLY doing instead of what they say they stand for and are “going to do for you” (the voter). Maybe them we wouldn’t sell our vote to the slick political ads and to the candidate who has been “bought and paid for” by Wall Street, big banks, and multinational corporations. Then maybe the candidate wouldn’t have to sell his soul to Wall Street, etc. That’s the only way we (the “real” American people will ever get a government that represents every voter.

  4. dardyl says:

    Woody would be shocked to see what has been done to the middle class today. It is being rapidly destroyed. It can only stand so much before collapse. We are being robbed with a fountain pen. Not only the government does its share of this but the PRESS does more than its share. It writes slanderous things about people. When someone is positively reaching the top of the polls or is standing out as a viable leader, I expect the next article to be some dirt that the press has drug up to destroy the person, even if it is nothing more than he used to have his diapers changed as a baby. ANYTHING is fair game–attack the individual, the family, the friends! This is especially true of the liberal press. If a conservative is doing good, then the liberals whine and cry and the press mounts an all out attack against him or her. Woody would certainly have material for songs. He would be an advocate for the middle class–not to destroy it. People are so uninformed that it is scary. We are marching blindly to a drummer who is leading us down a destructive path. What is to be done? Drastic measures are called for, but the first step is to get Obama out so there are no more of his programs to contend with as we try to dig ourselves out from under.

  5. OkieGal says:

    Sad to say, Woody has not always been spoken of kindly here in his home state. Only in the last few years has his own home town recognized him. The label they stuck on him back in the 40’s of being a communist has been hard to remove. Being a socialist or a communist in those days was the way to fight for the little man, the one in need; Joe McCarthy’s era made it a permanent epithet. Maybe now he will be recognized for what his music could do for us today, when the same abuse by the corporate world is so prevalent.

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