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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) attempted to join in with the hordes of people around the world commemorating the life of the undeniably heroic Nelson Mandela.

His Facebook message was simple and typical:

Nelson Mandela will live in history as an inspiration for defenders of liberty around the globe. He stood firm for decades on the principle that until all South Africans enjoyed equal liberties he would not leave prison himself, declaring in his autobiography, ‘Freedom is indivisible; the chains on any one of my people were the chains on all of them, the chains on all of my people were the chains on me.’ Because of his epic fight against injustice, an entire nation is now free.

We mourn his loss and offer our condolences to his family and the people of South Africa.

And the response was about as terrible as you could expect, with a few non-Ted Cruz fans sneaking in to mock the herd:

Ted Cruz Mandela

Unsurprisingly, Cruz’s page was far from the only right-wing site where the commenters weren’t big Mandela fans.

For a more nuanced conservative view on Mandela, read Max Boot in Commentary.

If you want to hear the great man explain his actions and political philosophy in his own words, this speech is worth your time.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes points out that while liberals are mocking conservatives for their harsh views of Mandela, they’re sanitizing the legacy of the former president of South Africa who, for instance, compared Israel’s government to apartheid.

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  • Lynda Groom

    Nothing surprises me about Rafael Cruz or his fans. Absolutely nothing!

  • tdm3624

    Accolades and eulogies should be reserved for people we admire and are inspired by, not given simply to raise one’s standing in the 24 hour news cycle.

    • highpckts

      Amen! Like Cruz gives a rat’s a&& about Mandela! Just put them in front of a mike and let them loose! What a farce!!

  • Ian Serby

    Israel’s government IS apartheid. Palestinians are treated as subhuman.

    • mikem42

      So are poor people in America.

  • FT66

    Oh! ya, one doesn’t need to take Ted Cruz followers for mental check up. What they write and say prove everything.

  • mikem42

    I am more surprised that Cruz would even put out a positive statement regarding Mandela and his life. I don’t believe Cruz gives a damn about the struggles in South Africa any more than he does in middle class America. It is just one more hypocritical issue for the right to hang out there, along with abortion. The correlation between the treatment of Mandela and our president is so obvious.

    • patuxant

      Just a thought. Is he courting African Americans?

      • yeehaw

        @patuxant:disqus …I promise you it won’t work!!!

      • mikem42

        Maybe Allen West.

    • bhaggen

      What I most admired about Mandela is even after 30 years of persecution & imprisonment, he brought together all the people of S. Africa in unity, much like Dr King, when he could have been brash & divisive like Pres Obama. Mandela could & did, whereas Obama wouldn’t & didn’t. I like Ted Cruz, but I don’t care for some of his “fans”. Let’s not forget, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is a big fan of President Obama.

      • mikem42


  • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG

    Why would anyone be surprised, Republican Politicians at State and Federal level every time they get in front of a hot mic and a camera they spew hate, fear, intolerance, demeaning language when they refer to those less fortunate. Well Cruz this is the Tea Party you, Bachman, Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, Lee, Gomer Pile, Koch Brothers and DeMint and the Heritage Foundation created. Now perhaps you will begin to understand why your party appears to be nothing more than racists and bigots and very unchristian people.

    • Dominick Vila

      Hopefully nobody is too surprised by the sentiments expressed by so many Republicans. The same was said about Martin Luther King, and against anyone who challenges the culture of greed and materialism that is an integral part of the Tea Party culture.

  • tax payer

    I would not be be saying he was the best because we don’t really know the real story behind his life. He was in prison for many years and came out a free man, but with no freedom. We don’t even know what our own President has done for us, but we do know he has done much for others such as the illegals in this country. Will he be known as a President that ( only cared ) for the American People? I don’t think so.

    • highpckts

      Well quit thinking so much then! If he had a congress he could work with, who knows what could have been accomplisheed! He isn’t always right but I’ll still take him over ANY Republican out there and I’m an Independent!

      • Independent1

        Amen 100 times!!

      • Dan Patterson

        LOL…One thing you can be sure of is everyone who uses a username that includes any form of “tax payer” is a right wing asshole!

    • [email protected]

      Almost everyone has their good points and bad points. Trying to paint one person as being perfect or another person as being all bad is usually overstating the case. Of course there are exceptions. A psychopath who has been abused as a child is dangerous and has little good to offer the world. Look at George W. Bush. He attacked the wrong country and killed hundreds of thousands of people with no valid reason, but he provided huge funding to deal with AIDS in Africa. Or look at Nixon. He continued an immoral war in Vietnam, but he passed laws creating the EPA, and the Clean Water Act.. Or look at LBJ, he passed the Voters Rights Act, and the Civil Rights Act, but then killed millions in Vietnam. Look for the good in people and condemn their mistakes and errors but do not paint people with a broad brush of hate.

      • mah101

        You are absolutely correct. Unfortunately, such nuance and balance escapes the twitter and sound-bite based opinion generating machine in this country today.

      • Sko Hayes

        I wouldn’t be so fast to praise Bush’s AIDS intervention- after all, he stopped funding AIDS NGOs who promoted condom use to prevent AIDS and insisted that the agencies who received his largess teach ONLY “abstinence only” sex education to a population that was comprised of sexually active adults.

    • yeehaw

      @willievok:disqus ..Incoherent is the word for your post!!!!

      • tax payer

        Fuck you is the word for your post. Wow! Am I going to be banned? I don’t really don’t give a fuck.

        • jmprint

          You are one bitter son of a gon

          • tax payer

            My apology to yeehaw. I never cuss, but I was high on something, but won’t tell you what it was. I just noticed the effect, so my apology and it won’t happen again. Sorry. I don’t want to be like Mark ( someone that uses that word quite often against me ).

      • Raiann

        What was incoherent ?? I understood it just fine. The only thing I see is that jay had the nerve to insult saint Ronnie. Oh by the way good going Jay. I could not have said it better

    • jayjay4142

      I would bet that Reagan is your hero. Regan gave amnesty to 300 million undocumented immigrants and none of you will make a peep. He and George H.W, sold guns to Iraq and anthrax and the bubonic plague. Then Hussein used them on the Iranians. and his own people. So long as a Republican does anything it is alright but let another country or a democrat do it and they are communist or fascist and on and on and on.

    • Independent1

      ‘We don’t even know what our president has done for us’??? Wow!! That statement proves one of two things – you’re either intentionally not paying attention to what’s happening in America- or you are purposely ignoring the facts in the news (true news that is) just to voice your hatred or ignorance.

      Let me refresh your memory:

      When Obama took office, Bushie Boy had allowed our economy to tank at the rate of thousands of companies going belly up, with more than 900,000 jobs being lost/month, an employment rate that had hit 10.1% , with a 1.9 trillion deficit budget still to run until 09/30/09 and more than 10 million already having lost their job which would top out at 14 million before Obama could halt the landslide. Which he did remarkably by the way, stopped the landslide in less than 7 months…it was actually August of 2009 when job loses had declined to more normal levels ..being kept advancing primarily because of corporate pirating companies such as Romney’s Bain Capital, continuing to buy out foundering companies in the downturn – destroying them and shipping their jobs overseas, in my mind a totally unAmerican activity.

      it’s one thing for corporate pirates to buyout, destroy and ship American jobs overseas in a normal economy but to do that during a deep recession, the deepest since the Big Depression, knowing full well that America was already loosing millions of jobs because of a downed economy, I think is totally unconscionable and unAmerican. And yet, Mitt Romney was not only involved in doing just that during the auto bailout, he was doing it even within one week of the 2012 elections when he was claiming to be such a great American job creator – what a farce!!! Mitt Romney is a huge American job destroyer – not a creator!!

      But back to Obama, Despite total GOP opposition, Obama insisted on following through with the auto bailout and a stimulus package, which virtually every economist claims is all that kept America from falling into another depression. Most economists think the Stimulus should have been closer to 2 trillion than 900 billion.

      So #1, Obama saved America from another big Depression
      #2: he saved the American auto industry from bankruptcy and from Mitt Romney buying it out and shipping all its jobs overseas. Not only did this save 1.5 million people their jobs it’s brought almost 200 billion in taxes into our governments coffers that would have been lost.
      #3:Obama ended the Iraq war as he promised saving hundreds of American soldiers their lives and billions of dollars in runup of the debt
      #4:Obama continued to pursuit of Osama bin Laden until he was caught and killed, and has continued to pursue al Qaeda operatives fragmenting the once consolidated terrorist organization.
      #5:His diligence in pursuing al Qaeda, has made the past 5 years the safest for America’s overseas offices such that there have been less than 5 attacks on our offices with only 4 people being killed. In contrast for example to 13 attacks during 8 years under Bush with more than 70 killed.
      #6:Despite GOP opposition, he worked out changes in the college loan process, cutting banks out of it making it far more affordable for millions of high school graduates to go to college.’
      #7:He set up a war on fraud when he first took office, such that his administration has caught more crooks and recovered more fraud monies in the defense and healthcare sectors than any two other presidents.
      #8:His administration has rounded up, prosecuted more troublesome illegal immigrants than all three of the previous GOP presidents combined.
      #9:Obama has been the smallest spending president since Eisenhower with a 1.4% budget increase percentage over the past 5 years, in contrast to Reagan and Bush 2 with over 8% spending increases and Bush 1 with 5.5%.
      #10;Because of his low spending, Obama has reduced Americas deficit spending faster than any president since Truman right after WWII actually keeping his promise to cut deficit spending in half within 4 budgets.

      I could go on with another 10-15 accomplishments, but I’m not sure you can even take all this in. I’ve rechecked FDR’s legacy and am now convinced that Barak Obama has accomplished more in 5 years than any other American president in the country’s history. And you’re so clueless as to say that you don’t even know what he’s done for us – how sad you can be so ignorant!!!!!!

  • Bryan Blake

    Unfortunately Senator Cruz misrepresents my home state. Unfortunately I also know many of those of the political ilk that support Cruz. In their minds we are the midst of THE GREAT WHITE DIE-OFF! Many of these people are simply the products of the Jim Crow Racism that has plagued the Old South since the Civil War. As I have said before I did not attend school with an African-American child until we were in junior high school. Overt Racism was institutionalized at every level of government in Texas. I am a member of the Baby Boom generation. So there are lots of us that shared that experience still around. Many of us learned from that time. Many of us have not.

    I was lucky. My parents were Liberal Democrats and fought against The Poll Tax and other discriminatory laws. It took the federal government to end the legal restrictions and sanctions of the Jim Crow era. But it did not end the poison and pus of racial hatred and social segregation.

    To the great consternation of The Tea Party, Texas is changing as their world collapses around them. I probably will not live long enough to see the end of racism. But I have lived long enough to see the walls of Jim Crow crack and fall.

    The Republicans are now busy turning Jim Crow’s old discrimination into new laws in Austin in a vain attempt to turn back time. Thanks to SCOTUS Texas has passed draconian voter ID laws in a last ditch effort to hold on to power. As long as the Republicans have the support of those that prefer hate over love for their fellow human beings the Tea Party will thrive in Texas.

    • Barbara Morgan

      I grew up when segregation was the law of the land and graduated high school before the schools in my county integrated. My parents had prejudices when it came to black Americans but they also believed in if you are going to judge a person do it based on what they do and say not the color of their skin. I like my siblings and cousins never could understand why since there was only one theater in town why blacks got to sit in the balcony while we had to sit downstairs. I never have nor will I understand the hatred of people because the color of their skin is different from yours. Turn us inside out and we are all the same so why does skin color matter so much to anyone/

      • Bryan Blake

        Something else that should be pointed out: African-Americans I knew growing up did not hate white people. The spirit found in Mandela was also in them. Human dignity!

      • jayjay4142

        You are fortunate I grew up in a family that was racist. Something that I knew had to be wrong. I remember when I went to work at a dime store cafeteria that I was not allowed to serve blacks. It really made me feel bad when a small child would run up and sit down and ask for a cold drink on a hot day and I had to turn him or her away.
        My family told me that God had put a curse on the black man for his evil ways and that I was never to have anything to do with them. To this day many of them think I will be going to hell for my liberal views.

  • JDavidS

    I’m quite surprised by two things…1) That Cruz has any “fans” and 2) that if he does they even know about Nelson Mandela.

    • [email protected]

      Your quite right about those two points. But look at some others in Congress.

    • jayjay4142

      Once they saw the color of his skin they knew he was bad.

  • bstockinger

    Mandela was a leader caught in a war. That’s what he was fighting. We easily forget that our revolutionaries would have been called terrorists and worst today. Americans, who only see his “communist side” forget that Mandela had almost no allies against the South African government. He turned to anyone who would help. That sounds a lot like what the United States did during the Revolutionary War. We needed the French and we used them. I’m sure that Mandela didn’t much care who supported him as long as he got help. That included the Soviet Union and others.
    That fact that he didn’t become a bitter vengeful old man and instead managed to create a fairly peaceful and successful multiracial country is close to a miracle. People forget about the alternatives that other countries in Africa became. Rhodesia / Zimbabwe as an example.
    The United States didn’t get to this point in time without its share of problems too. Slavery, Civil War, Reconstruction, etc were all the result of a lot of blind hatred in this country. Its easy to label someone you don’t agree with as a communist, terrorist, etc, then its easy to hate them.

    Many of Cruz’ supporters are simply sad. I wonder if they ever have read a single book on south African history? It is beyond complex and to simply assume everyone who fought against colonial rule is a terrorist or a communist is beyond stupid.

  • nana4gj

    These people are completely ignorant. It was not simply a matter of human rights. It was deplorable conditions in which human beings were valued less than the animals encountered on safari.
    Republicans should have to pay a heavy price for birthing this mindset, enabling and nurturing it, and giving it free airing without any consequences, in fact, with reward.

    There was a time, not too long ago, when, even if people had such ugly thoughts, it was considered impolitic and a faux pas to speak like that in public discourse. Now, it is par for the course, the norm, among Republicans of all “brands”.

  • De Neice Kenehan

    More divide and conquer.

  • Dr. Steven C. McNeel

    These Senator Cruz supporters have opinions that are absolutely beyond belief and, by the way as with most wacko, ultra-conservative idiots amongst us, are not historically correct. Nelson Mandela was a lover of peace who pursued peaceful methods to end apartheid in South Africa. These folks need to read a history book. Mandela was a criminal and terrorist like Jews were criminals and terrorists in opposing the Nazis in Germany. Apartheid = German National Socialism.

    I remain, being one who teaches history on the college/university level, your most Humble Servant and Believer in Truth, Steven McNeel

    # work smart, do good, have fun, and most importantly, call out those who spread lies.

  • howa4x

    These posts show vividly what the problem is with the Republican party. This is why soon all moderates will be driven out. The base sees itself in a color war and loosing to darker skinned people. My god they even elected a afro American as president, with an African name, they lament as proof of their deepest fears. They cling to a self created Christianity where a pure white Jesus reigns supreme. They forget that Christ was a Semite with darker skin, kind of Arab looking if we were to find a comparison today. They live in a world were sex is taboo and killing is ok and think they are religious. We will have to wait a few year till the most racist die off. Most are in their mid seventies now. Till then we will have to endure their ignorant posts and anti human ways.

  • Liberalism Is Nonsense

    Liberty implies a private sphere inside which conditions and choices cannot be controlled and confined to those determined by others.

  • bhaggen

    You Have To See What Nancy Pelosi Has To Say About Nelson Mandela. “I love it! Mandela and Cherry Garcia are my favorite flavors”

  • Evelyn Hernandez

    Ignorant ,selfish ,Hateful people make me sick.
    Mandela was a Saint R.I.P Madiba……

  • Dylan Robnett

    Nelson Mandela was not a saint. Before he went to prison, the U.S. & U.K. regarded him as a terrorist and so he was. His group, the African National Congress killed countless South African whites, many of whom were women & children and were never accused of any wrong-doing aside from being white in a nation that despicably applied different rules to divide the races. Granted, he took a different approach to advance his agenda when he was released back into society after 27 years. Many people don’t realize that he orchestrated his release in secret by dismissing the exiled ANC and making a deal with the very Afrikaaner elite who had underpinned the apartheid regime. Most of the world thinks of Mandela in a much more positive light than those who lived through apartheid and the regime that followed. Some blacks today express nostalgia for the old ways. Yes, we can all agree that the tide of justice demands an end to segregation in schools and in daily living, however the post-apartheid ANC was mired by routine corruption & performed many acts of violence including the massacre of 34 miners at Mirkana in 2012. Please don’t take my word for it. There are hundreds of articles that reveal the cracks in Nelson Mandela’s mythical legacy.

    Or check out the documentary, “Apratheid Did Not Die” from Emmy-winning director John Pilger:

    If you are looking for a hero of racial integration, tolerance, and peaceful protest, none yet can compare to the legacies of Mohandas Gandhi & Martin Luther King Jr.