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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

You’ve Got To See These Prom Pictures Of President Obama


President Obama is the first post-Baby Boomer president, which means he’s the first president who came of age after the civil rights movement and the sexual revolution. And as you can see from these images above obtained by Time magazine from a friend’s prom the future president attended in Hawaii, Barack Obama graduated high school at the end of the disco era — when hair was long and ties were wide.

“It was a really fun, happy time. We were all cracking up, and everyone was smiling,” said Kelli Allman (née McCormack), who went to the prom with Obama’s close friend Greg Orme. “It was pretty typical from there out as far as what happens at prom: the dinner and the dancing and the photos.”

It’s pretty apparent that no one in these pictures had any idea that their evening was about to become a part of American history.



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10 responses to “You’ve Got To See These Prom Pictures Of President Obama”

  1. tax payer says:

    Which of the four is the President?

  2. JDavidS says:

    Wow, those kids in Kenya look pretty nice… and who knew they had proms?

  3. youmustbejoking says:

    And already the birthers are declaring it is photo shopped, as if a high school prom picture with the future president has any need to be faked. It is obvious it is him. He and his friend and their dates looked pretty good in their prom picture.

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