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Thursday, July 19, 2018

10 Mitt Romney Scandals That Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

10 Mitt Romney Scandals That Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

Although Mitt Romney has been running for president of the United States for about six years, voters are still missing much critical information about his past. Perhaps owing to Americans’ short attention spans, many of the most controversial stories concerning the Republican nominee have hardly been examined — while the mainstream media obsessed over the gaffe-filled, clown-car elements of the 2012 campaign. The result is an incomplete picture of the man who could be Commander-in-Chief.

What follows are 10 troubling stories from Mitt Romney’s past, all of which have been reported by the media — and subsequently forgotten by all but the most ardent political observers.

Posthumous Baptisms
One of the oddest — and some would say most offensive — practices of the Mormon Church is posthumous baptism, in which deceased members of other faiths are baptized as Latter Day Saints so that they can get into heaven.

When Newsweek asked Romney in 2007 if he had preformed baptisms for the dead, Romney responded: “I have in my life, but I haven’t recently.

One of the posthumous baptisms that the Romney family performed was on his father-in-law, Edward Davies — despite the fact that Davies was a staunch atheist who considered religion to be “drudgery” and “hogwash.”

Profiting From 9/11
Romney’s involvement with an insurance startup called Endurance Specialty Holdings has largely been forgotten among the wave of questionable business deals that have come to light during the presidential campaign.

Endurance Specialty Holdings was designed to purchase debt from insurance companies that suffered huge losses in the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. According to a report by Politicker’s Hunter Walker, Romney was invested in the company through Golden Gate Capital — a private equity firm started by one of his former colleagues at Bain Capital — and CCG Investment Fund, LP. By the end of 2003, Endurance Specialty Holdings was reporting a net income of over $263.4 million.

Sensitive to charges that he had profited from the 9/11 tragedy, the Romney campaign insisted that the Republican nominee had no control over his investments, as they were managed by a blind trust — an institution that Romney himself famously described as an “age-old ruse.”

Potential Voter Fraud
In 2010, Romney voted for Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts’ special election to fill the Senate seat vacated by the late Ted Kennedy. To prove his Bay State residency, Romney claimed that he was living in his son Tagg’s unfinished basement — which seems unlikely for a quarter-billionaire with multiple houses of his own.

If Romney was lying about his residency, it would constitute voter fraud, a crime punishable by up to five years in jail. Commission of that particular felony would be highly ironic, given the extreme lengths to which Romney’s own party has gone to root out alleged election fraud.

Some observers, like M.S. Bellow Jr. of The Guardian, have speculated that Romney refuses to release his 2009 tax return because it lists an address other than Tagg Romney’s Belmont, Massachusetts home. The vote-fraud story has mostly gone unnoticed by the mainstream media, however.

Profiting From Disposal Of Aborted Fetuses

Another of Romney’s questionable Bain deals that has gone underreported is the firm’s profitable investment in the medical waste disposal firm Stericycle. Bain Capital sank $75 million into the company in 1999 — an odd investment for a staunchly anti-abortion Republican to make. After all, Stericyle has long been attacked by right-wing groups for disposing of aborted fetuses.

The investment raises serious doubts about Romney’s stated timeline of his exit from Bain Capital. Before Mother Jones’ David Corn broke the Stericycle story, Romney claimed that he had fully left Bain in February of 1999. The SEC documentation of the Stericycle deal proved that wrong, however, prompting Romney surrogates to explain that he had “retroactively retired” from the company in 2002.

Had the story garnered more attention, it could have irreversibly damaged Romney’s credibility regarding his business record.

Trying To Block A Lifesaving Abortion
In 1990, Judith Dushku — a professor at Suffolk University in Boston and the mother of actress Eliza Dushku — published an article recounting the story of a 41-year-old woman who had developed a life-threatening blood clot during her sixth pregnancy. While she was at the hospital to undergo the abortion that she needed to survive, her bishop — one Mitt Romney — showed up unnannounced and tried to stop her from going through with it.

According to Dushku, Romney and the woman had the following conversation:

He said – What do you think you’re doing?

She said – Well, we have to abort the baby because I have these blood clots.

And he said something to the effect of – Well, why do you get off easy when other women have their babies?

And she said – What are you talking about? This is a life-threatening situation.

And he said – Well what about the life of the baby?

And she said – I have four other children and I think it would be really irresponsible to continue the pregnancy.

Dushku says that after she went public with the story, Romney — who was once a friend of hers — cut off all contact with her.

If anyone still doubts Romney’s true position on abortion, this story makes his real attitude abundantly clear.

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  1. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly clear that Mitt Romney’s record and his character flaws are of little interest to half of our population. He has managed to deflect attention from past policy proposals and the GOP agenda documented during the RNC, and when it became evident that people were not buying what the GOP was selling they cynically embraced the policies of their opponent and now call them their own. Their reaction to President Obama’s 5-point plan, which contrasts with the platitudes in Romney’s plan suggest that, at least for some, policies, demonstrable record, and character are irrelevant, and their real goal is to remove a man whose persona and achievements represent everything they hate.

        • Then Your Mother Must Be Real Dumb Cause She Voting For Obama Also!! Guess You Missed The Last Debate Romney Voting For Obama Also!!! LOL Now Go Back To Sucking Out Of Romney Ass And Stop Talking To Me Tea Bagging Troll!!!! Once Again I Get Attack By Tea Bagging Cockroaches BRING IT BITCHES!!!

          • Once again, on cue, the foul language comes out. That is so typical of you ignoramuses. When someone challenges you, you can’t take it. Then again, I guess if your CIC uses that sort of language, gutter language, hate, separation, ignorance etc is all part of your day’s agenda. With your beloved Obama, your country WILL go under even more. Good luck!

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          • btw, I’m only 16 and even I know that the word is ‘Whence’. Do I hear a question? What is she talking about? Clue: You’ll find it somewhere in your second statement above. Suggestion: Instead of wasting your time on over-using the exclamation key on your computer and using language that clearly only the less-endowed use, enrol in a course at your local elementary school, and hopefully in a few years’ time, you’ll be employed and won’t need to rely on the money that my family pay in taxes to fund your idleness. Over and out!

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          • Our country WON’T go under because ‘our beloved Obama’ has been DIGGING OUR COUNTRY OUT FROM ALL THE DIRT THAT YOU PIGS, TRIED TO BURY US IN for EIGHT @$!T LONG YEARS!

            You’re a bunch of un-American animals of the lowest and most disgusting kind. If there’s a Republican left in office ANYWHERE after this election, it’ll probably go into Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not!”

            You got no business talking about ‘hate, separation, ignorance’, etc. Your kind has been busy spreading that garbage all over this country ever since your precious incompetent LIAR, BUSH, ‘acquired’ the Presidency (for sure, he wasn’t VOTED in—not when he had to get a good buddy of his on the Supreme Court, to stop that Florida recount in 2000!) Now people are mad enough to call you on it, you better remember what happened during the French Revolution, you jerk. You’re the “let ’em eat cake” type; remember OCCUPY? We’re super-peaceful now, even though your hired jack-booted THUGS pepper-spray innocent people at rallies—-we’re only that way, because we have a President who’s cleaning up Republican garbage and trying to do something for the American People, instead of trying to do stuff TO them!

            You TRY getting rid of Obama, and see what happens to you people when this country fully understands that Republicans are the enemies of America. (The French, will have had NOTHING ON US.)

          • Fern, while I agree with most of your sentiments (and I’ve already voted for O and Joe via early voting), your choice of language is counterproductive. All it does is to put people’s backs up and it’s certainly not going to change their minds. Please don’t sink to the level of the Tea Party trolls who denounce all “DemonRATS”, etc, ad nauseum. Thanks!

          • My Choice Of Language Is MY CHOICE And Your Opinion Is YOUR OPINION!!! You Are Not Being Force To Read What I Type There’s No Gun To Your Head!! Mary 9 Likes Fern 9632 Likes My I Say Again Maybe If You Shut Up You Might Catch Up!!!! All You Haters Out Here Put Your Big Girl Panties On Grow Up And Just Keep It Moving!!!

          • You are correct , your choice of language is your choice. However, I thought that we were supposed to be presenting a posture that was the opposite of the right wing and operating on a higher level, not allowing ourselves to sink to theirs. Bottom line is the name calling and animosity doesn’t serve any positive purpose. Yea you get to let off steam but is it creating an avenue for a dialogue. Like it or not we are going to have to find common ground, if we hope to survive.

          • NO! That’s the TROUBLE! The so-call HIGHER PLANE, while Republicans steal election after election and hose the American people right out of their jobs, their homes, everything?! I think that name calling and animosity is the best way to stand up to people who only understand that!

            And it DOES create an ‘avenue for dialogue’! These crooks and thugs were actually getting away with stealing from us, as a matter of POLICY! And we shouldn’t be mad? We shouldn’t ‘sink to their level’???


            They call us ‘sissies’ and ‘cowards’ because we always ‘operate on a higher plane’. While we’re ‘on this higher plane’ than the Republicans–
            they’re out, stealing us blind and robbing us of our country! And calling us ‘cowards’ for even tolerating them! I think that Fern is right and I LOVE HER LANGUAGE! It’s time that the American People, stood up to these lying crooks and thugs, and showed them some SPINE!!!

          • Look, we keep missing the point..The name calling and the animosity might give you instant gratification, but it is short lived and non productive.. That is our downfall we spend all of our energy complaining ,cursing, getting involved in shouting matches with the other side, but never doing anything concrete or constructive to really solve the problem. I am not saying you shouldn’t be angry, we should all be angry, but harness that anger to move us to organize and come together. There is power in numbers and we have those numbers, there are more of us then them. They know that, which is why they keep our attention focused on squabbling with each other, rather than coming together and focusing on them. We sent them there to make decisions that benefited us as well as them, they haven’t earned our trust or support.. However, we continue to allow them to operate business as usual while we stand around and complain. What they really understand and respect is power. We have abdicated and given ours to them. They can only steal our country if we allow them to do it. They will steal it, if we continue to fight amongst ourselves, and spend our time engaged in non productive cursing/shouting matches. This is the oldest con in the book, distract, divide and conquer. If you want to show some spine then come together, organize let your voice be heard for real. Reach across to those on the other side that feel like we do, they are there, The powers that be don’t want us to come together, if we do, they lose. This is America and Fern has the right of freedom of speech, however, is it in line with our mission/goal?Her passion, your passion could be better served and produce positive, productive results without the accompanying frustrations. Unity is the key.

        • you can learn alot from a dummy…………….wonder why the system doesnt work cause it is intended for the wealthy to sit on their ass and collect more while the driving force has to pay for their mistakes. certainly wasnt the middleclass that got us in this mess but then we have to make up for it. i guess u havent read his record to its entirety and this article states the facts. you might want to get your ass up and try working to live cause you obviously dont live to work!!

          • In what universe do you live? You just like to hear yourself speak, just like the “Donald”. You two are cut from the same mold. You are so full of hot air and you just like to hear yourself talk.

        • Classic conservative response, avoid all issues addressed in article and say something inflammatory so Liberals will get upset and yell at you. You then suggest conservatives take the high road in response. All the while, ignoring the facts in the article and not addressing the issue. You’ve done well, your GOP brainwashing is complete. Congratulations.


          • Georgia very well said. President Obama did a Great job, with negative help from the extreme and self serving pool of dead beats in the House and Senate. Too bad all, most, or even a majority of politicians had President Obamas dedication, willingness and non ending efforts to “fight” for “the” people instead of “some” of the people

        • Peteserb there are fewer people who are more dumber than you if you think Romney is better than the man who is already tested and proven in his policies and wise decisons. You need abit of an education in order to understand the world around you.

        • REALLY, this guy has shipped so many jobs to CHINA….he now eats evertything with chopsticks. And the company he founded, BAIN, is still doing it….LIKE SENTERA last week. ….. As President he will be CHINA’s very BEST friend.

        • I think you’re in the wrong place Foxhead – This is the place for fact and truth and knowing the fraud being perpr[etrated on the “meeger”minded of OUR country. This is no place for you, you don’t carry the capacity to absorb FACTS – Your brain is only programed to understand Tabloid NEWS that is scripted and read by “can’t make the grade” wanna be journalists. Youcan’t understand that if Myth does win this election YOUR life and OURS are going to change, OUR country will never be the same and it wil NOT be for the better – Not even CLOSE. There will be no FREEDOM – Look up PLUTOCRACY and see if thats what you want for you and your family. If your answer is “yes” then I’ll see you in the bread line, come and say HI, I’d love to meet you to thank you in a very special way I learned in the Marines defending the country morons like YOU pissed away on rhetoric and lies.

          • Semper Fi… brother……If Obama goes… must we. The right says this should not be class warfare…..MY A$$. If Obama Loses…..I may be interesting to find out just how much these Chickenhawk GOP’ers know about urban warfare…..May GOD FORBID! We swore against enemies foreign and domestic…..I believe the GOP has become a domestic enemy.

        • Do you look as stupid as you sound. Or are you deaf and blind to the facts that Mitt is just another rich man that just doesn’t want to give up all his greed and power that him and his crowny’s have been used to from the
          Bush years.

        • Actually, the dumber you are, the further right you lean. To prove it to yourself, take a drive through the red states, stopping along the way to share some conversation with the locals. You ain’t likely to find no rocket scientists.

        • Romney followers back a cultist that is a member of one of the most white supremacists groups in history. They also treat woman with total disrespect banishing them from participating in their weekly secret temple vodoo rituals.Romney tells his wife every sunday..I love you ..but you are unworthy and inferior to be active in my Church..then she goes out and launders his money in DELCOGATE making millions on the back of 25000 autoworkers whose jobs got shipped to china.Then the Romney tax evaders ship their massive profits to the Channel Islands one of their favorite tax havens. He knows if he shows his 2009 tax returns he will go to jail. Will Don Trump pay anyone 5 million to produce his 2009 tax returns..I bet you 5 million that will never happen.

        • Why should it matter if he is white, black or purple. He is a human being who is trying to work with Washington to get some stuff done for the American People.

          • That’s what I have said for weeks and weeks BUT you LIBS always seem to bring in the Racist card.

            We would had LOVED to have Herman Cain for President!!!!
            oh, what color is he

          • Herman Cain is a flash in the pan certified IDIOT. He was a laughingstock to all black people I know.Who would his running mate be?
            How ’bout Sarah Palin? That would signal the end of civilization as we know it. Maybe even the universe itself.

        • Those of you who think as you do only see the black. I don’t have a problem with that. I take issue in the fact that you and yours won’t acknowledge what the deep underlying issue truly is. Put you cards on the table, you are allowed, this is America. Even though I may not like what you say, you have the right to say it.

        • Tell that to your buddy Ann Coulter. She said to vote for Romney because they didn’t want a black man in the white house or on air force one.

        • Katherine is right. He may be half white, but if he & Joe were walking past a Klan rally who would the klan be screaming epithets at and why? Halle Berry is also half white. In both cases THEY LOOK BLACK & that’s enough. If you LOOK DIFFERENT you got a problem. I just had to explain that fact last week to some idiot who had the nerve to compare blacks’ experiences to European immigrants & Jews who came here & did so well. THEY CAN CHANGE THEIR NAMES & HIDE, BLACKS, MANY HISPANICS & ASIANS CAN’T. I also asked this fool why they put Japanese Americans in internment camps during world war 2 but didn’t do it to GERMAN AMERICANS. Believe it or not he had to stop and THINK. It’s amazing that these questions & discussions….asked & explained during the 60s civil rights movement……are still being asked today.

          • I keep asking the same question every time I see my kids history books……WTF are they teaching you guys?! The history books in the public school system are so full of holes…..missing are important points of history, it’s no wonder racism is in full bloom again. They leave out so many hard fought details of civil rights, it is pathetic.

    • They apply different standards to Democrats then Republicans. They can collect Corporate welfare, but the poor cannot; they can lie all they want, but no one else can; and the only religion that counts is their own.

    • Dominick? I’ve been listening to the Republican Noise Machine for a lot of years now. They spread lies all through the media. I live here in TX—an UltraConservative state if ever there was one—and people here aren’t that crazy about him. You have to understand that Rupert Murdoch—a super-conservative—owns American media. The reporters try to be fair but they either get with “the program” or they’re canned. And the program is to make the Boss of Bosses happy. Your first sentence is what the Republicans love to hear—that you think there are more of them, than there actually are. There well may be—-but before people anywhere here are Republicans or Democrats, they’re Americans first. And the Americans here in Grand Prairie, don’t like this candidate that much. Down here, a lot of my friends—well, they won’t vote for Obama, they can’t bring themselves to do that—(this IS Texas after all!)—-so they don’t plan to vote at all. That’s good enough for me.

      People ARE very very cognizant of Mitt Romney’s character flaws. Buying up corporations in order to shut them down isn’t a plus in anyone’s game—Republican OR Democrat. At least, not down here it isn’t. They more or less ignore the Republican baloney—which the media publishes and reports on in a kind of false equivalency: you got to be fair to each side. Yes, you do—but when one side and candidate is/are a gang of unconscionable crooks, then the fair thing to do is to REPORT IT. And it IS being reported. People ARE concerned with character. For four years we have had a President with real character, and opposed to the previous eight years, President Obama’s like a breath of fresh air.

      Take the media with a grain of salt, Dominick. They’re trying to say that each candidate has an equal chance to win. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mitt Romney’s candidacy for the Presidency of the United States of America, died with the first company he bought and closed shop on. And that happened a very long time ago, there have been many companies since then, that Mitt Romney bought and dumped into the garbage, along with everyone who worked there…and the simple truth is, that Americans don’t want a job-killer like Romney for their President.

      Media “false-equivalency” or not—that’s the truth.

      • From your lips to GOD’s EARS … May it be the case that those that Won’t vote for Obama, but Don’t like Romney, just Don’t Vote ! That is all our President needs.

    • What exactly do you find wrong with someone offering our president $5 MILLION dollars to be given to the charity of the president’s choice????? Here’s a chance for the president to help others less fortunate than he and his family. I can’t believe the president would turn down such a generous offer?? Unless of course Mr Obama has something to HIDE????? But what could that be?

        • Aha — now that would be a point to ponder. Although I have a great deal of admiration and respect for our president, I might have to reconsider if I thought he had any blood connection with those two lowly examples of the human race.
          The point is his accomplishments, both academic and professionally speak for themselves. Academic records are not a requirement for the presidency and have never made any difference to the GOP prior to the Obama years. Look at Bush’s and McCain’s less-than-stellar academic records, which the GOP was willing to ignore. If he were willing to give in to all the petty demands of these bigots, what precedent would this set for the next Democratic candidate. They certainly don’t demand such documentation of their own candidates. If Obama gives in on this demand, what will the next one be? — genealogy records? — or maybe medical records of his family for the last 3 or 4 generations?
          If Trump really wants to help feed the poor, maybe he should suggest that his own party donate all the money GOP backers are spending on deceptive and blatantly false ads for which they are paying such a high price. Those ads certainly aren’t playing any part in informing citizens of the facts, and would feed far more than the comparatively-measly $5 million he offers to be spent on feeding the poor.

      • When has any other elected American President cleared by the NSA ever have to prove he is American? This ones seems to not only be the first Black President, but also the first to have to prove to bigots he is a American ” papers please doesn’t have a bearing on a sitting US President! That is what is wrong Romney on the other hand is applying for the job and we the American public should have a RIGHT TO SEE OUR LEADERS TAX RECORD!

        • You’ve missed the point completely! The $5 Million offer ONLY requested that Mr Obama release his COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS & passport application. Nothing was asked about his birth? WHY would ANY president be afraid to release his college transcripts?? What could the president of the US possible want to hide in his college transcripts??? And WHY would our president deny the vast sum of $5 Million to the needy of our country? Do you realize how many meals could be provided to homeless folks on Thanksgiving by the Salvation Army? Almost ONE MILLION meals for the homeless on this Thanksgiving. But no response from our president?????

          • No, the one that missed the point completely is you. Trump’s proposal is designed to further denigrate and degrade a man he hates. It has nothing to do with charity, it is all part of a concerted effort to discredit a man who excelled academically against tremendous odds, and rose to the highest office in the land.
            If Donald wants to donate one millions Thanksgiving meals to the homeless, nobody and nothing prevents him from doing that.
            Personally, I wish President Obama would make his college transcripts public, if nothing else to make those who have done everything in their power to demonize and degrade the man who saved our economy and way of life when it was on the brink of total collapse, look like the ignorant partisans and demagogues they are.

          • You are 100% correct….since our president “excelled academically” there can be absolutely NO REASON why he would refuse to release his college records. Yet for “unknown” reasons our president has spent millions with attorneys in efforts to seal his college & other records? BUT WHY? He is the president who promised his would be the MOST TRANSPARENT administartion EVER! What could he possibly be hiding in his records?????

          • What indeed. That’s a good question for YOU to answer: What could Obama’s academic records possibly contain that would cause rabid bigots to continuously clamor about them?

            The answer, of course, is nothing. It’s just another attempt by people who hate Obama (because he’s black, of course) to try to raise suspicion in any way that they can in an attempt to destroy Obama’s Presidency.

            Why would anyone hate Obama so much as to use obvious bullshit to try to discredit Obama?

            Because bitter bigots must feel superior to somebody — ANYBODY — in order to ease the pain of being a loser. To believe that there are millions of dark-skinned people who are inferior to you helps you to forget that you are actually just a worthless asshole. Obama reminds these walking turds that a man with black skin has already achieved far more than they ever will in their wildest dreams.

            Trump can just go ahead and donate to the NAACP or one of the many anti-discrimination organizations, and stop wasting everybody’s time with his bigoted bullshit.

          • You’ve answered your own question. What could possible be in anyones college transcripts that he would need to hide?? So our president now has the opportunity to accomplish to important things…..Show the bigots he is right by releasing his college transcrips AND obtain $5 milllion for less fortunate individuals. What do YOU think he will do???

          • I think that he will ignore you redneck bigots the same way he would ignore a bad smell in a crowded elevator, and do what will REALLY help the less fortunate: Win the election and make sure that sordid bigots don’t get into the White House.

          • it’s his money NOT yours—It’s HIS businsess NOT YOURS. He has released his 2011 and 2010 returns, he has chosen not to release the rest.
            He paid $3.2 million in taxes.
            According to his filed 2010 tax return

            My Gosh!!!!!!!

            What did you LOW Life’s pay?????

            What have YOU done to help out our country or contribute???

            I doubt you gave 3-Millon dollars for obama to give out in FOOD STAMPS!!!!!!

          • If the president were to stoop to this blackmail, what would it prove? Nobody of your ilk would believe anything good in them. To quote Ann Romney: “we’re not going to do it because you would just use it against us.”

          • He already laughed! If you want to see it be fair, Romney should give over his tax returns. What is he hiding?

          • What’s being withheld is SUCCESS….our president has somehow made being successful a “bad” thing…in attempting to turn the many against the few, as was done in WWII, our president has made it unAmerican to be successful, despite Obama’s wildly successful life, salary ($400,000+/year) and investments. But you can be certain that ALL taxes were paid….even tax cheating liberals like Tim Geithner & Eric Holder were caught by IRS and forced to cough up years of unpaid taxes. The real question is what our president has been hiding for over 5 years, and pays dearly to keep hidden???

          • That’s where you are not thinking clearly. Did you go to college? If you did, call them and ask if you can get copies of your records. They don’t keep that stuff. If they did they would need a building the size of six football fields. The most that could be gotten is yes you did go there, you graduated?, and your gpa was…And as far as passport. The president has had one since he was a child. My son got one twelve years ago through the military. The only thing to learn is he has one, gotten on such a date.
            And as far as your thoughts that the president is down on the rich, you’re wrong there too. He wants the tax code to be fair. Romney pays between 13 and 14% in taxes on 20 million dollars. My husband pays 31% on 27,000.00. Where is the fairness in that? And to reduce the deficit there has to be more income. You can’t pull it out of the air like Romney says. And I don’t know about you but we can’t afford to pay any more, but someone who makes 20 million a year could maybe chip in a little more. At least as much as my husband does.

          • If Trump wants to contribute 5 million dollars to charity, he should feel free to do so. That is so kind of him. But, to make demands to another person that they need to either put out or pay the consequences of noncompliance is not just bigoted bullshit, it’s a form of terrorism agaisnt our President!!

          • Hatred for the President conveys how White people hate us. Some of them: women who lose health care choices, raising taxes for the rich, handling of foreign affairs, providing jobs, raising the stock market, increasing regulations on Wall Street, etc. In spite of the President’s accomplishments and plans when re-elected don’t matter. America wanted Pres. Obama to be a one term token Black President.

          • Yes, he is half white. But for those of you who remember the “one drop” law, if he has ANY black in him, he’s black. Period. Technically he’s a mulatto, but he’s definitely a “person of color”, no matter how you slice it. (I’m mostly white, myself, but I do have some native American blood.)

          • I’m birachial like PO but look white. We come in all flavours and yes I do consider myself black because I feel more afinity to blacks. And the one drop rule stil applies in America thou some may deny it. Hence the hatred for PO despite his white mother and grandparents. His grandfather fought for America and one would think that would be taken into account, but NO, he’s a nigger in many minds.

          • Because visually he IS. What do you see when you LOOK at him ? The white half really doesn’t show.
            Actress Jennifer Beals, star of the movie Flashdance, is also half black/half white but she can pass for white because the white half dominates. Why is this so important to you anyway.

          • America wanted NO SUCH THING! REPUBLICANS WANTED THAT! Don’t make the mistake, Kathryn, to equate Republicans with Americans! I’m as WHITE AS A GLASS OF MILK and I HATE THE PIGS and BIGOTS THAT HAVE GOT HOLD OF ONE OF OUR POLITICAL PARTIES!


            OBAMA-BIDEN 2012!!! BIDEN/CLINTON in 2016

            No More Republicans—–


          • I really liked Stephen Colbert’s counter offer to Trump….it involved “REAL” teabagging. hahahaha !

          • There is a very good reason not to give in to manipulation!! The President of the United States doesn’t negotiate with terrorists! This is nothing short of holding our President hostage with demands.

          • I think blackmail and extortion are crimes! Someone should be arresting Trump!
            PS All transcripts are sealed, not just the Presidents!

          • What is mitt romney hiding in those taxes he refuse to show? Every person running for the office of president has shown mutiple years of tax returns, except mitt romney. I suppose that is okay with you. Why? I’ll answer that for you, he’s white. That’s the bottom line. The President is going to continue to ignore trump and he should. trump is looking for an audience. faux news viewer is all the audience he will get.

          • And you have copies of transactions to prove that these millions have been spent. You also must have either been in the room when these meetings took place or you have a transcript of such. You, like all those like you, have only one thing, your inability to separate your deep seated and sometimes unknown to yourself, racist attitude long enough to actually take your blinders off and be honest and truthful even though it hurts and goes against everything in your fiber. I feel so sorry for you, hate/intolerance like cancer, are dangerous diseases, they all destroy and kill.

          • His reasons could be similar to Romney and his refusal to release tax records. Or perhaps not. Tell me, what is ROMNEY HIDING??? And a persons academics really have nothing at all to do with a “transparent administrati0n”. It simply illudes to his past educational experience, not his ability to run the country. Keep throwing out fake accusations and eventually one will stick? Is that your hope? Well, you guys have tried for almost four years to find something. ANYTHING detrimental to use against the president and so far have failed miserably. And I don’t consider any “conspiracy theory” to be a valid accusation but it will work well in another area that conservatives seem to like. You know, the one where your lies are considered to be the truth.

          • Thanks for bringing up LIES….Per the congressional investigation on Libya, although the WH & president were informed within 2 hours on the dire situation at the Consulate, they lied about this fact for two weeks? Why? And it appears that the WH & president knew 7 HOURS prior to the subsequent attack on our annex that those two brave Navy SEALS were in grave danger. WHY did president DO NOTHING & send NO HELP to our endangered citizens, resulting in 4 deaths?? Our president was advised of the danger all 4 consulate workers were in but sent NO HELP? WHY?? President is either unqualified for the job or is thinking only about himself & his “brilliant” campaign which he went on next day without a care in the world.

          • And the evidence that the PRESIDENT personally knew and that all the details were clear immediately is where?

            You hate Obama. You make that very clear in your comments. Like Trump, you’re grabbing at anything you can. So, just don’t vote for him. For those of us who’ve already made up our minds, you’re just so much noise. Sorry, mct, we just don’t care.

          • Over 300 recipients at WH & elsewhere received the atttack news within 2 hours, along with the news that Ansar al Sharia (a terrorist org) claimed responsibility, per comngressional testimony & emails uncovered. The “situation room” in WH also received the email. If president DIDN’T KNOW, then he is incompetent & not fit to hold the office. If he DID KNOW, then he’s also lied to American people as well.

          • ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!
            You haven’t seen and heard allllll the evidence showing that obama knew?
            Where have you been?

          • You keep bringing it back to Lybia. How about 9/11/01? Did anyone even lose their job about that failure of intelligence? Did anyone lose their job after Katrina?
            No one even questioned it because the President was GWB!

          • Your question’s fair, but that was long ago…..Right now, millions are undecided about an imminent election. The attack on our consulate was just like an attack on American soil. President may not have been able to stop 1st attack, but congressional testimony now clearly shows that the WH had SEVEN HOURS advance warning on subsequesnt attack on our US annex close by. Yet, unbelievably, our president did NOTHING to save our brave Navy SEALS, despite fact that hundreds of assets (troops) were within 1-2 hours of area. If he cannot be counted upon to protect & try to save two brave Americans with SEVEN HOURS ADVANCE NOTICE, how can any of us be sure he will act decisively to protect all 360 million of us at home. If he was aware of situation, he was starkly derelict in his duty. If unaware, he isn’t fit to be called commander in chief!

          • So you must be saying that when GWB ignored, or failed to read, the Memo’s about OBL, that was ok. It was a long time ago so the question really isn’t important today. I don’t remember anyone saying he wasn’t fit to be called Commander In Chief!
            Why do you bother to respond to posts if you don’t actually address the question?

            obama is trying to HIDE and LIE that they didn’t know about it.
            They were on the phone wtih them WHILE it happened.
            our PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is lying to us!!!!!!!!!!! and YOU believe him.

          • The majority of people, including many Republicans, know what Trump is hoping to discover, even though that ground has been covered over and over again ad nauseum. I think you actually know, too, and you’re just one of those pathetic “birthers” (Like Trump) who can’t let go of your delusions.
            You want stupid requests fulfilled? How about these. I’d like Trump to explain what happened in his childhood to make him such a pompous, know-it-all, bully? I’d like to know why he can’t make a success out of marriage and keeps trading in wives for younger, newer models? I’d like to know why he can’t handle anything that’s not the way he wants it to be? I’d like to know why he needs to believe his money and successful real estate ventures should give him special power?
            Go work on that for awhile. You obviously need something to keep you busy.

          • I believe the president clarified that on Leno last night: when he and trump were growing up together in Kenya, Obama beat him badly in soccer a few times…

            Nuff said

          • Gee, I’m glad you clarified that for me! Trump getting his butt whipped so long ago and by someone he so obviously dislikes ruined his psyche for sure!

          • Trump is only successful because he knows how to use “bankruptcy laws” to get out of paying workers in his unsuccessful (failed) ventures!
            We would all be better off if we could just “write off” every failed move we ever made.
            Welfare for the rich = good
            Welfare (in any form) for the 47% = bad

          • I’d also like to know why he combs his hair so wierd…everyone know he suffers from male pattern baldness…..”Give it up Trump !”

          • Hey put a sock in it a……
            Go back and read, if you bothered to read in the first place the 10 points about Mittens in the above article, and when you can defend the 10 points, come on back…………

          • AllameriKKKlan…..uhhhh WRONG! It is the GOP that said they are not going to let a bunch of Fact Checkers dictate their campaign……LET ME translate for your bigotted mind…..”We will make up S^%T as we please, when we please, to convince the weakminded.”

          • From what I’ve heard from people in the Politics department at Occidental College his Oxy grades were good but not great. He got a B or B- on a paper because the Prof (who later taught my son in Politics at Oxy) thought he could have done better.

            I think his grades are good but that really doesn’t matter he’s done the best possible job given the unprecedented obstruction.

            Consider the man many consider the smartest man of the second millenia after Christ Albert Einstein was a horrible student.

          • Well, if he’s the “2nd smartest man” I guess intelligence doesn’t translate into courage, bravery & the ability to make good decisions when the going gets rough.

            After the WH Situation Room was notified in real time as the Libya attack was in progress, and Special Forces were at the ready, with THREE requests for back-up, they received the call to STAND DOWN (NOT respond), esentially sealing the deaths of all our brave men on the ground. NO Commander in Chief in modern times has EVER backed down from an attack on Americans on US SOIL! The “2nd smartest man” is a coward!

          • So you are privy to the Top-Secret, eyes-only information that would have been exchanged in the Situation room assuming this even made it to the White House situation room.

            If I were you and you have that kind of information I’d start packing a bag for a long stay in a Federal Pen. If they don’t take you then I will be worried about our security. Of course, we’ll never hear.


          • Just goes to show you how weakminded you GOP are. You can’t tell an antecedent of “That” as in “You didn’t build that”. And now you think rothgar was calling Pres. Obama the 2nd smartest man…..DUH….read again .. rothgar was talking about Einstein.

          • Instead of talking about grammar, why not answer the glaring question….How could ANY president of the US abandon his fellow Americans in danger in Libya? Answer: Obama reasoned that if he helped and it went badly, it might reflect poorly on his reelection. Result, Obama allowed the murder of four brave Americans rather than risk his reelection bid. Obama is a trator and a coward, and does not deserve to call himself an American, much less a president. No president in our history backed down from an attack on US soil, which is what our consulate in Libya is considered! Obama allowed four Americans to die for his own selfish reasons, when US Marines wwre within one hour of the consulate grounds.

          • And you got that talking point from Fcuk News and dare to propagate it all over the internet and blogs. Have you no shame? Do you not realise how stupid it makes you? College records can only be unsealed with the permission of the individual, so there’s no millions being spent to keep them sealed since the College/University cannot release records of any student without permission. Give it up already’re totally fcukedup and way too gullible for your age.

          • Obama would be selling his soul if he released these documents under Trumps blackmail demands. Hang tight Obama! We support you in not lowering yourself to degrading demands no other president has been asked to comply with.

          • Do you think someone as dishonest and disingenuous as donald trump is really going to pay? He would worm his way out, with a lie of course.

          • Donald Trump is an old has-been and the older he gets and the bigger comb-over he -ah- acquires? Yes….the dumber he looks.

          • Dominick, I have always respected the very wise comments you post, but, why in the world should the Presendent have to stoop to the level of these idiots???

          • NO one needs any PROOF Donald Trump is an A$$hole ELITE. Have you ever heard anyone ask for proof of that? NO, because it is as obvious as the Bird’s Nest on his head.

          • Dominick..wouldn’t matter, they would claim it’s a forgery much like when he released his BC. PO is choosing the right path, ignoring these stupid, racist asses who can’t reconcile themselves to the fact that minorities are equally as smart, intellegent and educated because they still cling to the notion only whites are smart and educated. PO must stay on the high road path, poke fun at their stupidity like he did on Leno, that episode was hilarious and am sure it pissed the hair off.

          • Trump is a spoiled rich boy brat with a big mouth & a terrible hairdo. His face is always screwed up like he thinks the whole world smells bad. Even barbara Walters got fed up & told him he was making a fool of himself. He’s
            proof that MONEY DOES NOT BUY CLASS

          • BTW, have you ever looked at a college transcript? The only thing you will find is a list of the classes he took and the grades he got. Considering the requirements to graduate Summa Cum Laude the only thing you are going to find is something only a masochist would enjoy.
            As for his passport application, I am not sure where the GOP is going with this latest demand. I have filled out and submitted passport applications and can’t figure out what this has to do with anything relevant to the presidency of the USA.
            I suspect you are planning to ask Mitt Romney for the same, or are some folks exempt from complying with those demands? Why is Barack Obama expected to do this and noone else is? Never mind, I think we all know the answer to that question.

          • You are correct again…there can’t possibly be ANYTHING in a college transcript OR passport application that could hurt someone. So WHY is our president spending millions in efforts to seal his records?? What could he possibly be hiding????

          • And what is your source that Obama has spent “millions” to seal his records? College transcripts are always confidential except for the person who earned those grades. If Obama is not releasing them, it’s probably because desires not to “shoot down.” Until all the other guys have to do this, he is not going to kowtow to the crazies out there. If you read David Maraniss’s biography of Obama, he graduated from Columbia with a GPA of 3.7.

          • Apparently a record to be proud of, so you would think. This is not a new situation. It was well known that since before 2007 our president has had his college & other records sealed. For what reason no one knows. But when an individual takes these kinds of evasive actions, it begs the question…WHY? You would think that it would be an easy matter to end all speculation by simply unsealing these normally innocent records, but our president has steadfastly refused? Easy to sesolve but never done?? Again, I ask WHY????

          • Perhaps he just gets a kick out of seeing bigoted morons work themselves into a rabid froth. It IS pretty funny. Since bigots are pretty worthless to begin with, may as well put them to SOME use.

          • Only thing I can think of is that he probably took a class studying some form of government other than democracy, and fox news, cnbc or other right leaning channels will try to make it seem like the worst thing ever, due to their double standards. His grades are flawless. But why are you asking this question, this isn’t the article for that, this article is about what Romney is hiding!

          • Again, what is your source–it has not been “well known” to me about these millions to seal his records, and I have read numerous books and articles on Obama. Of course, I read mainstream articles by actual journalists and books by historians or reporters, and do not read the right wing hit jobs by Obama haters. Maybe that’s the difference. Being that it has been a standard for presidential candidates to release several years of tax returns and has never been a standard to realease college transcripts, I’m more curious about Mitt’s taxes and what he is sheltering to avoid paying taxes, which I consider unpatriotic for a potential POTUS..

          • Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Indeed!! Go back and read something besides listening to a dumb schmuck like Trump.

          • Middleclass?
            Records can only be sealed by the courts. President Obama’s have never been sealed by the courts (Fact Check). Egomaniac Trump will do or say anything to get attention. Even his good friend Barbara Walters said he is making a fool of himself. If Trump donates the money to charity he gets to take it as a tax write off and gets lots of free publicity to feed his ego so the only person he’s really looking out for is himself. If your really so concerned about finding out the facts, push for Romney to release his financial records if he has nothing to hide unless of course your not interested in the truth and only on a witch hunt like Trump.

          • Allamerican?
            Apparently you think it’s your business to see President Obama’s college records and passport but voters don’t have the right to know if Romney made his money legally and why he’s hiding it overseas. That makes you a hypocrite.

          • Who cares if he has money over seas!!!! We alll have Swiss bank accounts (if you have any money at all)

          • He has released his 2011 and 2010 returns, he has chosen not to release the rest.
            He paid $3.2 million in taxes.
            According to his filed 2010 tax return

            My Gosh!!!!!!!

            What did you LOW Life’s pay?????

            What have YOU done to help out our country or contribute???

            I doubt you gave 3-Millon dollars for obama to give out in FOOD STAMPS!!!!!!

          • So it’s ok for Romney to choose not to release his tax returns but not for President Obama to choose not to release his records. I guess you talipublicans live by a different set of rules. By the way, I paid 23% in taxes on a lot less income than Romney’s 15% on $20 million. I also do volunteer work at a local hospital for the last 13 years for which the only reward I get is knowing I’m helping others. Can you say the same?

          • Who cares about President Obama’s grades, he earned them. Or is that not good enough for you. If romney doesn’t have to show his taxes, then why should the President show his transcript. Sounds like double standards to me.

          • Again, All together now!!!!
            Hey put a sock in it a……
            Go back and read, if you bothered to read in the first place the 10 points about Mittens in the above article, and when you can defend the 10 points, come on back…………

          • I know it’s painful to hear the truth when it doesn’t fit with what you believe. It’s OK to put your head back in the sand. Someone will let you know when you can come out.

          • Look I have said this before if you can’t make rational, plausible, anything close to logical comments, you shouldn’t be allowed to comment at all. Please provide the verifiable, factual documentation to prove your accusation of these well known facts. Just one piece that could be accepted universally by everyone regardless of their personal view, through documentation.

          • AGAIN, where are Romneys TAXES, what does he have to hide? Easy to resolve, but never done (to repeat your own line).
            He gave 10 years to McCain and McCain picked Sarah Palin! Actually I guess that says it all!

          • He has released his 2011 and 2010 returns, he has chosen not to release the rest.
            He paid $3.2 million in taxes.
            According to his filed 2010 tax return

            My Gosh!!!!!!!

            What did you LOW Life’s pay?????

            What have YOU done to help out our country or contribute???

            I doubt YOU gave 3-Millon dollars for obama to give out in FOOD STAMPS!!!!!!

          • Which means he was admitted to Harvard based on his academic performance, not affirmative action. And, to be head of the law review meant the President was a good student.

          • You have not answered Dominick question, are you going to ask Romney for the same things? How about his tax returns if he has nothing to hide.

          • Actually, Obama graduated magna cum laude (with high honors), not summa cum laude (with highest honors). But since Romney only graduated cum laude (with honors), Obama still graduated in a higher percentage of his class than Romney did.

          • did u miss reading this article??? i wouldnt care if obama was born in china he is far more righteous than someone who uses money as a weight in mind over matter.

          • Why? I lived in this Country for 40 years and no other President was ever asked for his College transcripts., or his Birth Certificate.

          • And what is wrong with Romney releasing 10 years of tax returns? Yet I hear nothing about that from the right. If Obama’s decade old college transcripts are so important, how can the last ten years of Romney’s tax return not be of equal importance?

          • Perhaps you should ask Mitt and Ms. Mitt to release their college records, oops sorry Ms. Mitt said she had a college degree it was a lie.

          • Why should any President release ANY of that information to a pompous butt who’s spending way too much time acting like an old lady sticking her nose everywhere trying to find some kind of dirt and still not succeeding?

          • You ask why? WHY NOT? He could DONATE the $5 MILLION DOLLARS to any needy organization, group or cause he believes in. If he has nothing to hide, what would be the harm in taking the $$$ and giving it to someone or something in need?

          • I have no clue why I’m even responding to you, unless it’s sympathy for the hopeless. There’s nothing to stop Trump from just donating that money without attaching strings to it. Ask Trump why he’s not doing it — that’s the question that should rate your concern.

          • Okay we have allowed you your fifteen minutes of fame. You and Trump have a lot in common a lot of Hot Air.

          • Trump’s whole thing is to feed his gigantic ego and see his picture on TV……

            Why in the world would the President of the USA stoop to the level of this idiot Trump and roll around in his shit that he spews out………………………………

          • If president really means to help those less fortunate than he and his family, he would take the $5 million dollars & GIVE IT TO A WORTHY ORGANIZATION. No charity or group would EVER turn down a donation of that size for any reason. But it’s obvious that president is only interested in himself & his “campaign.” A MISSED OPPORTUNITY to help others!

          • The better question is why would the President stoop to the HAIR’S crass level. PO is taking the high road which is exactly what most intelligent people would do in similar circumstances.

      • The President has nothing to hide. There are certain folks that have their ignorant minds made up because of racist views and nothing the president does will erase what is inherent in them. Let Mr. Trump continue to demonstrate his ignorance and show his passport application and college transcripts and to add, Mitt Romney’s complete tax records.

        • If our president has “nothing to hide” , WHY would he deny $5 MILLION dollars to people less fortunate than he and his family?? It just doesn’t make any sense?
          Especially when our president keeps talking about letting every one have a shot in life. Here’s his chance to make that happen!

          • ‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone,’ it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less.’ ‘The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’ ‘The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master – that’s all.’ (Through the Looking-Glass – Chapter Six) ‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone,’ it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less.’ ‘The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’ ‘The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master – that’s all.’ (Through the Looking-Glass – Chapter Six)

        • You alllll act like you have known your president his whole life!!!!
          How can YOU say he has nothing to hide????
          I couldn’t say that about anyone.
          How can you say that

      • I personally have absolutely no idea even how to go about meeting this “challenge”. How do you “release” your passport application? I gave mine over to the passport office 30 years ago or so, and have no idea if it still exists or where it may be now. It is probably shredded anyway. As far as college transcripts, maybe the college has them or maybe not. I don’t know if colleges keep 30+ year old records beyond the “yes, he attended, and he got this degree”. I tried to apply back to my graduate school (PhD) for an MBA course and they told me that I had to take all the exams etc. because they had no detailed records of my course work, other than the fact that I had attended and attained a degree. Individual professors or departments may have kept records of specifics but not at the school level. And since Mr. Obama and I graduated from the same school (Columbia U) in the same year (1983) I suspect that he would have the same problem. And then…… all of a sudden it becomes a conspiracy to NOT release things that are simply not available for release. It never (NEVER) ends. Sure, I would love for him to take $5M away from the Donald so it could go to charity, but it is as productive as asking me to run an under 3 hour marathon for the same reason. If I try and fail (100% guaranteed) it looks bad. It is a lose/lose/lose proposition for Obama to take him up on it.

      • President Obama released over ten years of tax returns. Mr. Romney did not. President Obama released his birth certificated from the state of Hawaii, but no other presidential candidate has had to do so. Mr. Romney practices evasion of the highest order, fails to answer questions about his past with a straight concise answer, yet you have the audacity to claim President Obama acts as though he has something to hide despite the fact that he’s practiced a greater level of transparency than any president before him. Trump’s offer is intended to keep alive conspiracy theories based in fear mongering, intolerance, yet is devoid of any basis in reality. Keep spreading the manure, we can tell when your sh!t stinks…

          • If his interest is in helping the less fortunate, he still can the big Blowhard, Phony, Egotistical, Sad and obviously Miserable person, even with his money. Proverbs 18: 11+12

        • If Trumps offer is intended to Keep Alive conspiracy theories, as you state, then our president could eliminate any question by simply releasing his college transcripts. But for odd & unknown reasons he fears doing so. And at the same time, he is denying those less fortunate than he & his family the $5 million dollars that could go to the charity of his choice?? And exposing Trump for his “misguided” concerns. But NO RESPONSE from our president????

          • Taxes Please
            Taxes Please
            Taxes Please
            Taxes Please
            Taxes Please
            A simple question???
            A positive response is all we seek!

          • He has released his 2011 and 2010 returns, he has chosen not to release the rest.
            He paid $3.2 million in taxes.
            According to his filed 2010 tax return

            My Gosh!!!!!!!

            What did you LOW Life’s pay?????

            What have YOU done to help out our country or contribute???

            I doubt you gave 3-Millon dollars for obama to give out in FOOD STAMPS!!!!!!

          • Actually this isn’t true. When Obama released his birth certificate then the right did not accept it, they decided it was forged. It is obvious to everyone that there is nothing that can be released by the president that the right won’t claim is falsified so why bother playing that game. It’s better to just take the high road and let them keep spinning their wheels.

          • This is my last reply to you. You are so obtuse, it’s just a waste of time. You don’t like the President, don’t vote for him. It’s really simple.
            You’re like a broken record (Do you remember records or are you too young? Or is it just immaturity that’s showing up in your comments?) and before very long people used to either block out the sound of the broken record or change to another one.
            Your desperation is so obvious part of me (A small part) actually feels sorry for you.
            If you’re old enough to vote, vote for the candidate of your choice. That’s what the rest of us will do.

        • Momma, I am pretty sure that you are familiar with the phrase “different strokes for different folks” As for middleass, since he got creamed by Dominick, middleass is now employing the same tactics that Romney used in the third debate.

      • Get serious Trump would never pay, he would come up with some execuse. Trump is jsut using this to get attention. As for hiding things where are Romney’s tax returns for the last 10 years. These are far more important than Obama’sa college records. What do you think they would show and if it’s all good you won’t believe it, so it would just be a futile effort. Trump should show us what is under that strange hair style of his.

        • It would be an easy matter to resolve…if our president has “nothing to hide”, just release the simple college records. And if Trump is not a man of his word, this would be a great way to demonstrate this. Easy to resolve on all accounts, and provide $5 million dollars to less fortunate Americans at same time. Wonder if our president is up to the challenge (and opportunity)?

      • I find it abomidably wrong to make such an offer, coming from the buffoon-in-chief, Trump. No matter what information it turned up, Trump and his ilk would twist and turn it into a media circus, taking attention off Romney and his failures, and tax scams.

      • You’ve fallen into Trump’s trap. Of course President Obama won’t release the things Trump wants. First, if he did, Trump would say that it’s all forged. Second, why should he? WHos Trump to ask for anything? Third, Trump could ask President Obama to release anything at all–the sales slip for the TV he bought in 2002, the dentist’s bill for his teeth cleaning in 1999, the lease on his Boston apartment when he was in law school–anything! If he didn’t release these things, Trump would say that he’s hiding something. In fairness, Trump should be demanding the release of Romney’s tax returns–which I really don’t care about since we already know he’s hiding his investments, where he’s stashed his money, and how little tax he’s paid over the last 20 years. . . . Let’s see Trump’s school transcripts, his passport application, and his tax returns, while we’re at it.

      • Your commentary is offensive – why don’t you take the money from your buffoonist leader if you like him that much. romney will NEVER be president! The President is American and has superior intellect to people like you and your clan.

      • Obama has too much integrity and class to entertain a manipulative ploy by anyone trying to create drama just before the election. Childish games! Sad that it plays into the hands of equally foolish people who run with it. How does it feel to be a puppet on a string? Oh, that’s right, Romney is the leader of puppets on a string and you are just one of his possey.

        • Yeah, like hiding and lying about the FACTS of the attack on Libya!!!

          or the GAY LOVERS he had killed in Chicago because they would tell everyone about the Gay Bath house.



          Oh yeah, I forgot—–You are a Lib and you have NO MORALS

          Kill the babies but save the TREES

      • Why would or should this President have to prove things no other President had to prove. Of course, he’s Black. I suppose only old white men are qualified to be president. mitt romney is alway touting he knows what it takes to run a business. He also knows if you ship jobs to China where people are a paid a mear pittance, the profit will go into his pocket. That is not the kind of person I want to be my president. newt gingrich when he was against romney called him a vulture capitalist. That is a perfect description of this wanna be president, who never will be.

      • Interesting comment. However, just to ensure that Romney isn’t hiding anything, I don’t see why he couldn’t release his last 10 years of tax returns, just to give Obama more reason to take the 5 million. Romney is claiming he is hiding nothing, so it should not be hard for him to release them. If they both did it – Americans everywhere would have a clearer picture of who they are voting for. As the offer stands now it is no more than political drama and is, to say the least, disingenuous.

        • why do YOU care what Romney did with “HIS” money he made???

          why do YOU care how much Romney made??? It’s HIS money???

          • I do not care about his money, but he is no different than any other America, he must pay his taxes and it is illegal not to pay what he is required to. He has been very unwilling to share that information. If what he is doing is not against the law than he should have no problem being open about it. it is the same standard you are applying to Obama. Are you saying that Tax questions are off limit but College transcripts are not? Taxes are a matter of law. College degrees are not even a requirement to be President.

      • A shark attack to be sure! If he were concerned with the facts and the truth, he should make the same proposal to Romney concerning his tax records.

      • Do you realy believe this Fascist, he will declare bunkruptcy before paying a dime to charity. Good luck with Trump and his corrupted Romney. Do you have your college application..think about it before you answer.

      • First of all do some research on Dumb Donald, he is an A– Hole. Why doesn’t he offer Romney the same deal? If you look at President Obama’s taxes,which we can, because he did’t feel that he had to hide his, you will see that he is very generous with his charitable giving, how about you?

      • You have to be kidding! Everyone, including some of Trump’s friends, know what he was trying to do. Trump is obsessed and most people recognize it and view him as either a nutcase or a fool.

      • How about we ask for GWB’s transcripts? GWB actually bragged that “all of you “c” students need to realize, that you too can be President of the United States!”
        Why do you think transcripts are so important, have you also asked for Romney’s, after all, he graduated from Harvard too?

        Romney’s Tax Records have far more to do with how he would govern than Obama’s transcripts!

        I think 5 million to charity if Romney releases those same 10 years of tax records that he gave McCain! You know the ones – the ones that convinced McCain to chose SARAH PALIN, as the more qualified running mate!

      • Trump is such an egotistical con man that if the prez did do what he wants, Trump would back out of the deal. He’s just trying to make everything about himself.

        • I guess PRINCIPAL is why Obama lied about Libya for 14 days, claiming he was telling the American people “everything” as he learned it, right. Congressional investigations have now revealed that at least 300 persons in WH & administration were notified about attack within 2 HOURS. Also communicated was fact that Ansar Al Sharia, a terrorist organization, claimed responsibility within those 2 hours. If Obama didn’t know or pay attention to an attack & murder on US Soil (Consulate was considered US soil), then he is grossly derelict in his duty as CIC. If he did know, and did nothing about the attack, he is even MORE derelict in his duties. The Annex gave 7 HOURS warning of their ongoing assualt, yet NO ONE was dispatched by president, despite the US having hundreds of troops within 1-2 hours. Obama allowed the torture & murder of our brave SEALS & ambassador, and never lifted a finger to assist them. If this is what shows “principal” then we’d better have the dictionary redefine it as self-centeredness, cowardness, indecisiveness & stupidity!

      • He should just ignore Trump OR pledge the money to PLANNED PARENTHOOD.
        Giving Romney the money to show his tax returns is useless because $5 mill is just chump change to him

      • It’s amazing that after four years of hiding everything about his past, Obama is still accepted as a forthright individual. But when Romney sticks to legal precendent the demorats scream foul.

        • It’s Amazing That I Have Asked You So Many Times To STFU Talking To Me But Yet Your Dumb Ass Keep Coming Back For More!!! Are You Really That Dumb??? Or Is It That You Can’t Read??? I Hope You Get Your Dumb Ass Off The Computer And Get Your Dumb Ass A Education, A Life And A JOB!!!! Tea Bagging Cockroaches!!

        • The amazing thing is that someone who obviously has decided to ignore any fact or piece of information that does not conform to his predetermined way of thinking, has been able to actually survive . Most other beings who have chosen to live as though they have tunnel vision have become extinct. I notice that you didn’t dispute what was said about Romney, your only response was to make an unfounded accusation about the President. Just what is it that you want him to release? Why is it that when these misguided ideas are floated about the President, they are never accompanied with verifiable factual documentation. like what was presented in the above article. Each statement can be and researched to verify its accuracy/validity. We all have our personal feelings whether wrong or right, however, feelings are not valid in this arena unless accompanied by verifiable factual documentation.

          • The problem is when someone is lying to MISrepresent and sway you to vote as a heartless rich scum, or to vote against your own interest, like Omg or MontanaBill. They only check facts with FAUX news or they check with pre-determined outcome. Give them no mind.

        • It’s amazing that after six years of hiding everything about his past, Romney is still accepted as a forthright individual. But when the country asks Romney to follow the precedent set by his father repukes scream foul.

      • I actually suggested this on Twitter! NOW that would have been a story, but, he is Repuke, along with Palin, Rush Limpballs, and many more. How come the Dems have Nobel Winners and the Repukes get these worthless pile of feces (along with their supporters)?

    • Well, not exactly a true Republican. A true Republican loves the United States of America. A true Republican votes for what is best for the country. A true Republican knows what the “common man” needs and works to provide it. A true Republican doesn’t force his religious beliefs on others and does what is best for all. You say that Romney is a true Republican, but he is not. He is an exploiter, a man who has worked his whole life for himself above all else. Second on his list of those he wants to benefit are others just like him–wealthy, arrogant pigs who want only more and see America as a zero-sum game where anything they don’t already own is something must have. Third on the list are those who, ignorantly, support those policies that are directly opposite to their own needs and the betterment of the country. Next is the United States of America, but only because, in its present state, it enables people like Romney to have their way.

        • Jarhead…most have had to leave while some have actually been kicked out. The quesiton is why are the moderates still voting for a party they no longer recognize or have anything in common with. One would think the more reasonable and intelligent would either abstain from voting for vote for the opposition, for no other reason than to let the current members of the party know they don’t approve of their actions/behaviour and will not support them.

        • You got that right, jarhead. Now you got these old squeezed-out Teabags who try to lecture the rest of us with holier-than-thou BS, with one hand on their PRAYERBOOK and the other IN OUR POCKETS! Get rid of ALL TeaBagging Republicans and wait till you See This Country BLOOM!!!!

      • See? THAT’S WHAT I MEAN! THAT’S what Republicans USED TO BE LIKE, back in the day! The last good Republican we had was Ike Eisenhower, he built America’s Interstate (Highway) System, and he had to deal with the pigs in his own party. There weren’t HALF as many of them then that were PIGS, as there are today, though.

        • I wholheartedly agree with you re: Presidential Candidates, there have been SOME good GOP downstream candidates in the past…..NOT NOW. IKE even warned of making war into too much of a business; however his VP was under the influence of his own mentor, Prescott Bush. Prescott Bush, GHW’s daddy and GW’s grandaddy got spanked by J.Edgar Hoover for bankrolling the NAZI party back in the 30’s, sadly Prescott remained very tied to big oil and DOD contractors and the rest as they say is history.
          Does anyone know how rich the Bush family is now?

          • Replying to “Does anyone know how rich the Bush family is now?” OMG, I think they’re good to rival the Kochs! Oil….anyway, while we were experiencing our Sandy tragedies?

            Bush, was in the Cayman Islands, doing some kind of seminar on how to get richer & how to hide your $$ better. Something like that. Thank GOD we didn’t have a Republican as President like we had when Bush was pres. in 2005 when Katrina hit!

    • Thank You!!!!
      Republicans are hard working, High Class Business men and women
      Democrats are low life’s that are lazy “want a be’s”

  2. President Obama has an opportunity to collect $5 million dollars which he could use to redistribute to anybody he selects. Donald Trump made the offer and all he wants in return is for the president to make his college applications and transcripts and his passport application public. Since liberals only believe in redistibuting other peoples’s money I don’t expect him to take the deal.

    • Why, oh please tell me why, should the President of the United States, no matter which political party, no matter if man or woman, no matter what religion, no matter which ethnic heritage background, ever have to answer to an egotistical, self serving, bigoted, poor excuse for a human being as Trump.

      You don’t give credibility to the incredible. And Trump is an incredible ass.

    • And why should he? Trump is an irrelevant person, who simply seeks the attention of the media. Romney won’t release his taxes – how can you not find that a far more relevant issue in an election that college transcripts?
      All you can come up with is petty digs that really amount to nothing. Romney’s lies may fall on deaf ears for those of you who cast your vote as racists, religious zealots, or misogynists. But make no mistake, the rest of us are listening very closely.

    • Do you realize how insulting and disrespectful it is to ask a President to make documents that are irrelevant to his ability to do his work public? Did you ask George W. Bush, Sen. McCain or any other Republican President or candidate to make their college application and transcript or his passport application public. Had you done that you would have found that W was a C average student at Yale, and McCain was second from the bottom of his class at the U.S. Naval Academy in Bethesda. Do you understand the requirements for graduating Summa Cum Laude? Have you ever applied for U. S. passport? Your comment, which reflect the lack of patriotism and respect for the Office of the Presidency, made abundanty clear by the idiot that called President Obama a liar during State of the Union address being broadcast to the entire world, does not surprise me. In fact, it is to be expected.
      As for donations to charity, why don’t you colunteer at the local Humane Society and scoop some poop?

      • Liberals didn’t have a problem with the main stream media attacking President Bush over his military service, even to the point of Dan Rather producing obviously fraudulent documents on his nightly news show. President Bush was constantly called a liar, not only by the news media, but on the floor of the US Senate. Since you believe Bush was a C average and McCain was second to the bottom of his class, apparently their records were availble to the public or you are lying. You accuse me of a lack of patriotism and respect for the office, nice to see at least one liberal doesn’t through out the race card at anybody that disagrees with the policies of President Obama.

        • Bush stood on the Capitol floor in a state of the union speech and flat out lied to the American people about Saddam Hussien buy uranium from Nigeria. His lies murders over 4,000 American women and men and many others from other countries as well as over 100,000 innocent Iraqi people. He did because of his and his co-horts greed for money. Notice how fast Halliburton landed in Iraqi.

        • Bush actually said he was a “C” student publicly! O think it was in a commencement address. He laughed after he said it!

    • This President is not going to lower himself to that level, the gutter, which by the way is where Trump hangs around. How could you even think he would do that, you are as loony as Trump.

    • Maybe Obama should, only under the condition that RoMoney release his school records, his birth certificate, his passport, and most of all his tax returns for the last 10 years. But, then of course you stupid Repukelicans don’t think any of RoMoney’s private papers are relevent.

    • Why do you think the president is obligated to release college application or transcripts..? You are as full of crap,as last year’s Xmas turkey…

      Last time I looked, the qualifications for president are: 35 years and a natural born citizen,so shut-up, idiota..The pres was elected,you SOB, and will be again..GET IT…

    • Maybe the Donald could offer Ole Mitt 25 million for his tax returns! Now that would be much more interesting than Obama’s transcripts, wouldn’t it?

    • Had your party not distroyed the economy and allowed your patrons to profit off of it and the two wars redistribution would not be needed! It is time your party PAY FOR THE SINS THEY CAUSED KILLING OUR SONS AND DESTROYING OUR ECONOMY!

      • WHY do we EVER go to war????

        Just because????

        Why do you say “killing our sons”
        why was YOUR sons in the service???? OH, they wanted to

    • Dollars to doughnuts, Trumps high school transcripts look like a train wreck in comparison (did he even graduate?). Here’s a man who’s gone bankrupt 3 times, that’s three groups of investors he’s left out in the cold. And his personal life? He could never run for office for any party, especially the Republicans. Where does he get off being so righteous? He’s a tin-plated clown….

      • 6 times he’s filed for bankruptcy. If you file for bankruptcy you don’t have to pay all your bills. You get to pocket that money you should pay on your bills. Trump has so many schemes that fill his pockets.

        • Soooo, What!!!!

          I doubt he EVER asked to Government for help.

          Do you REALLY think he ever asked for FOOOOOD STAMPS.

          NO, he picks himself up and start allll over again and works to the top.

          TRY IT!!!!!!!

    • No, it’s an opportunity for Trump to declare bankruptcy a seventh and eighth time. Once to avoid paying up (again) and once for having no moral sense at all.

    • If republicans are so generous, why doesn’t Trump give the money to charity himself, no strings attached? Just more bloviating BS from the party of corruption and control.

        • I would say its because Barack Obama has a respect for the dignity of the office of the presidency, and doesn’t want it to be put up for auction.

          Unlike the republicans, who have taken all the bids and are now waiting to see whether Rove or the Koch brothers will be pulling Romney’s strings if he takes the office.

    • So, Trump has an extra $5 million that he COULD donate to a needy charity, but he’s gonna hold on to that money for a weird personal vendetta he has against the president? He is an A-hole AND a douchebag.

  3. All that can be said is that the reason all of Obama’s job bills were blocked by the GOP was to make Romney necessary at the expense of the average American. A fitting rebuke of their dirty politics would be to reelect President Obama and give him a Congress, and Senate who would implement his recovery plans, and vett his cabinet choices. This action would tell future politicians that we the people are not pawns on a chess board to be use for their ends they work for US we don’t work for them!

  4. I get so angry at the Media for letting these things go bye-bye without mention. As much as the media made over Clinton when he was running and Obama why hasn’t this been brought out in the open and they’re still not bringing it out with only less than two weeks to go. What’s the Payoff? Not that I believed everything the Press said, but why are they hiding all these things under the rug? This is really upsetting and what are they waiting for?

  5. Everytime I hear Mitt Romney speak all I hear is LIES and MORE LIES coming out of his mouth. No wonder he’s fighting tooth and nail, if President Obama gets his second term Mitt will lose LOTS and LOTS of money. He can’t take that chance.
    Annette Bates

    • What more can one expect from a MORMON? Avail yourself of the time and READ “The Book of Mormon” and compare it to the CHRISTIAN BIBLE or the Judaic Writings.
      This is a diabolical SECT.

      Yet we have those that fear a Muslim but openlt and ignorantly embrace a MORMON BISHOP. WOW! What idiocy.

      • This is the same Mormon Bishop (Romney) who went to be prayed for by Billie and Franklin Graham. Afterwards the Grahams removed the Mormon Church from their list of CULTS!
        Do you think Romney renounced his Morman faith?
        It would just be one more flip/flop, so I suppose it’s possible!

      • For cripes sakes, isn’t your mother calling you to come to dinner? And you might want to do some homework after that — I think you could use it.

      • Okay let’s settle this once and for all. The President will produce all requested documentation the same time place and date that Romney produces all tax records. The Dems want the tax records and the Repubs want everything so let’s have both sides produce. Fair?

        • Romney has shown his tax returns!!!

          Why do you KEEP saying it over and over and over—-


          He has released his 2011 and 2010 returns, he has chosen not to release the rest.

          ROMENY PAID $3.2 million in taxes.
          According to his filed 2010 tax return

          My Gosh!!!!!!!

          What did you LOW Life’s pay?????

          What have YOU done to help out our country or contribute???

          I doubt you gave 3-Millon dollars for obama to give out in FOOD STAMPS!!!!!!

          He paid more taxes in one year than you will ever make in your life time!!!!

          • I put myself in harms way and I pay my tax debt. I put my money where my mouth is, how about you?. What have you done other than take advantage of all of the opportunities and complain and then when you things get rough you do what all losers do. You find someone or something to blame it on.

  6. Where are the WMD’s that Bush said were in Iraq leading to the deaths of 14000 American sons? Where is the prosperity promised by outsoarcing and tax cuts to the rich? Where is the surplus he said was enough to cover a invasion in Afghanistan? I’D SAY THOSE WERE LIES MAKING BUSH A LIAR!

  7. Romney is a man of no character, integrity or honor. How people would even consider voting for this lying fraud is really scary considering the destruction of every program the People rely on to increase his own wealth and standing. He is NO President. Even our Allies say they do NOT want him as President!

  8. I just don’t get it. Any one of these “scandals” of Romney’s eclipses anything that happened ‘under President Obama’s watch’, but not personally done by Mr. Obama. That doesn’t seem to bother them. Instead, they go after his pastor for his views. The say despicable things about Michelle Obama. They act like Barack personally was running guns in Mexico. It’s ludicrous!
    But fire a few zingers back, like Romnesia, and out come the tears. I actually heard Mitt say, “well, you can call me names, but it isn’t helping to work together to solve the problems of this country”. Oh puuuullllleeeeease! Your party has sought to it to thwart his every effort, and not because those don’t believe in his ideas, but because they are likely wise dictated to by the Karl Roves and Grover Norquists of the GOP. And now, a pledge if Obama wins to further frustrate his efforts for four more years. Shame on you! What happened to representing US, the people, you SOB. Your job is the American People, not anti-Obama.
    I can’t believe I used to be a republican.

  9. Every day since the Benghazi attack, the Republican/Tea Party has been over-actively trying to create a scandal for President Obama. It’s sickening to see them at work— intelligent, bright, mature individuals childishly grasping at straws, anything to put out before it is veted for credibility to make the Obama/Biden administration look bad. It’s all going to back-fire on them because of their eagerness and low willingness to contrive events and repeatedly hammer at it to beat it into the shape of something real. It’s saddening to see that many more intelligent and mature people are falling for it and they too are grasping at straws, like a drowning man, to save a campaign that is sinking fast. Will it end when President Obama is reelected? We have too much at stake, just when the economy is rebounding, for this treason to continue. The Republican/Tea Party should give up the ghost and work with the Obama/Biden administration to move the country forward and stop the petty obstructionism that is hurting America and the American people.

    • Have you read the FACTS about obama trying to hide the FACTS???

      It is serious if we the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is hiding and lying and on the TERRORIST side!!!!!

      What good is he if he can’t do that

  10. You are getting sidetracked with these comments. The aricle is about Mitt Romney not Pres. Obama. This sidetracking is proving the point abouthow easily the votes are sidetracked when the topic gets close to the truth about Mitt Romney or any of the Mormon Church issues. Come on folks, stay on the subject and you might learn something….get distracted and we all will pay DEARLY with Mr. Romney in the White House. YES, this perdiction or profescy is part of the Momorn faith. This comes from 73 conbined years between my husband and myself in the Mormon Church. It was frighten then and now it is out in the open in a public forum. It is even more frightening. We are recovered from the Mormon Church and their degrading dealings. PLEASE keep Mitt Romney and his impersonations out of the White House and our living rooms and our lives. To not do so is a travesty.

  11. ROMNEY should be investigated for voter fraud and in no way, shape or form shall be forgotten alongside with his croney ways of making dividends off the misfortunes of others. He as governor used his influence to shift more money his way and to his inner circle going unnoticed. as for trump and adelson they should really know how to put the money where your mouth is.
    we cant expect anything less from a downright crook who still insists he is where the truth is but he wouldnt know it if i slapped him in the face.

  12. And Obama can give 5 mil to charity by releasing his transcript and perhaps we need to know how he voted in the Senate. Also what he really did and achieved from High School to the Presidency?
    These sure are cheap and unworthy shots at a man who happens to like the group he was taken into by his family. I have become disgusted with the manner the left has conducted this campaign.

    • Who give a rat’s *ss about your feelings of conducting a campaign..Your candidate is a blatant,liar,liar,liar..Oh, you’re so disgusted…? Yeah,truth hurts..

      If you’re weren’t so stupid, you would know that a Senator’s record on issues is easily obtainable…What’s the president’s Senate record have to do with the price of eggs today or this campaign?

      You should have half the intelligence level of President Obama…

      • Then please get me Obama’s voting record and forward it to me. I can’t get it. It’s more recent than what Romney did at Bain or in high school!

        • If you’re on a computer to leave your comments, you can get the information yourself. Bit lazy, are you? (Odd, your writing style is a great deal like middleclass taxpayer’s — writing style is kind of a “tell.”)

      • You are saying LIAR—–I thought you were talking about obama!!!!

        REALLY—-Do you really know who obama is???
        Do you know he has people killed if they know facts about him???
        Do you know he is lying about his past?
        Do you know he is lying about the Libya Attack?
        Do you know he is a Muslim TERRORIST?
        Do you see him when he is mad—HE LOOKS LIKE THE DEVIL?

      • Unfortunately our campaigns are down to being a TV star and a member of a Union supported by and bought by the Union powers that be.. Guess when they find out who is the ‘father of their child’ they will go out and vote for who ‘Michelle’ told them to vote for. The next balloon to burst will be the ‘student loan program’. For many that has become the new welfare program. No one said that the amount of free ‘education’ one can get is beneficial to society and produces a good democracy especially when the word ‘education’ can include a lot of brain washing. Still wonder at the value of Angela Davis as a Professor and why we are wasting so much time ‘teaching’ Black Studies, Hispanic Studies and Human Studies when we need Engineers and product producers! More jobs! Obama’s 100,000 new union teachers! TEachers love the illegal children that pour into our schools each year; need more teachers so will have a stronger union! Then Democrats can use the excuse ‘you can’t send them back – which is true’’ so you have more graduates to vote for their union!

        • What is your occupation? I am sure there was a Union that went before to insure that job/career. I have no idea as to what you are talking about with the Michelle comment. I can say that the student loan program/GI bill allowed me to achieve my undergraduate degree. As a Viet era Vet. I feel that I earned some assistance. The student loan program is in much better shape since President Obama cut out the middle man. Why would you question the credentials of Ms. Davis as instructor? Have you attended any of her courses? By the way how many degrees do you currently hold?It is necessary to teach those core subjects because unfortunately when history his taught it his usually just that, His Story, meaning the white version. Hence the need to add some reality and truth. Also just in case you are not aware, the last time I looked this is a diversified country of many cultures and groups. If you go back far enough you will find your ancestry and it didn’t start on these shores.

          • Your right my ancestry started elsewhere but people who came from where I came from organized and founded the USA. I agree, every VET is entitled to a GI bill allowance and the opportunity to go to school if they make good use of it. I object to the people 55 and up going back on my dollar and those taking advantage of the loans. I think it is a waste of money and most die before they pay anything back. Also feel the loans should be directed at subjects that will lead people to jobs available instead of to welfare. History is history, there are many versions, but we are not going to live in the past we need a future!

          • Are you aware of the history of those so called founding father’s of this country? As far as those post 55. I received my masters at 58. If we would spend more time focusing on the real things that Congress waste money on, we would be much better. We won’t talk about people’s version of history, two hours in the library of on a computer will clear up any misconceptions.

          • Good for you but I hope we did not have to finance your schooling at that age. It’s stupid to be lending money to people to go to school after 40 for example. Either by then they are productive adults and don’t need a taxpayer subsidy or they probably will never be productive enough to pay back their loans.

          • Why must everything be reduced to $$$$. Contrary to popular belief, there are things that are much more important. Unfortunately most of us don’t figure this out until it is to late.

          • Because $$$ in our society are produced by work and productivity and all should contribute their fair share, not sit back and then feel they are entitled to take half of what someone else earned. Otherwise you have more sitting back and fewer workers and end up with a 3rd world lifestyle. That seems to be our direction!

          • First, real money is not produced by either work or productivity. I have several associates who are quite well off and haven’t done a hard days work in their lives. They just happened to be in the right place, at the right time, with the necessary resources to take advantage of someone else’s misfortune. Much the same way as Romney and his associates have in the past .Most of the wealth in this country was accumulated through illegal means initially then cleaned up later via the capitalistic system. Just do some research on those 458 people in this country who control 90% of the wealth. I feel sorry for anyone who measures their quality of life/success by how much money they have acquired. I have no idea as to who these people are that you feel would rather be at the mercy of the Government, or anyone else for that matter, where their survival is concerned. Nothing can replace the satisfaction, pride and inner peace of being self sufficient. All those that I speak with are looking to live independent lives.

          • I respect that at least you are involved in debating issues. So many have decided everything and are too lazy to get involved.

          • Without open and honest discourse, regardless of ones position,and the willingness to abort your position when logic and common sense dictate, we all perish. Look, we are blessed to have the privilege to speak our minds freely, many don’t. .As has been shown many times through out our history , when the gauntlet has been thrown down it’s the coming together of the people, the common man of this country that repels any outside challenge, forces or tragedy. Money during these times is the last thing on our minds, it’s all about survival.

          • Well said. There is a lot to think about and when we think we have all of the answers we don’t. When you cannot have open discussion and listen to the other guys point of view and offer yours one learns nothing!

          • If each side can operate from this foundation we can build our positive future on it, with room for everyone..

          • That is where we, you and me and all those like us, who understand the depth of the situation come in. Remember they are supposed to be working for us. I must admit if I had a job where after one term, two years, I continued to get my salary for life, I wouldn’t be concerned with the needs of the many either. We can and will have to come together as a whole and reclaim the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The wealth of the country may be in the hands of a few, but we, the common man built this country through sacrifice, death, hard work, the ability to come together for a common cause and put our differences aside, through blood sweat and tears. Why do we continue to stand by and watch our country be destroyed from within.

          • Well I try by answering some of the stupid things the far left has learned to quote from Obama crowd but it is very difficult. We have a big problem I’m afraid. You either have to be rich or have some money group backing you with big money these days to run for office. Meg Whitman spent a lot of her own money and lost to the Union supported Brown. Promise a lot a government paycheck, a fat retirement pension check, immigration green card for their relatives from everywhere, etc., and you can buy a lot of votes. One can still hope there are enough people out there that can see through all this but I do wish the right wing would get off abortion, gay marriage. etc., and stick to the economy which Romney is trying to do. The left sure has done a good job of destroying Romney’s character for basically a pretty clean man. They would have had even more fun I guess with the other GOP runners!

          • We have to forget parties and misguided loyalties. We, the common man, need to come together for our common interest. I believe if we ever take time to really talk we will find that we have more in common than we know. We are the only ones who will look out for our best interest. Personally I have never liked the feeling of having my well being placed in the hands of anyone else. Out of my control. As I said before this is our country the common man, we served, sacrificed and worked to build it through blood, sweat and tears. It’s time we took it back. As long as we continue to waste time fighting amongst ourselves, we don’t realize that the foxes are in the hen house.

          • You are right. We desperately need people who will reach across the aisle and get along. We have a lot of problems that need solving. Unfortunately to get elected in America today one has to ‘sell’ oneself and verbalize a lot of stuff that is not really good government or for that matter will in the long run matter in government of the country. One has to support or not support the Unions, Abortion, birth control, Gay marriage, Religion, Corporations, Oil exploration, etcetera, etcetera. Getting elected these days takes a good sales job. I have noticed for example that in every election the Teacher’s Union tells us “Give us more money and we will teach your children’ while the achievement level is dropping, they encourage people to illegally bring children into the country for taxpayers to educate because it gives them jobs, they never suggest an 11 month school year in place of a 8+/- month school year. We are being divided as a country and encouraged to feel somehow all the ‘rich’ are born with a silver spoon and are unfair and all the poor are poor through no fault of their own. We have become a country of lawyers, money managers, union government workers who have learned to take advantage of the system. We have become a country that sought to reach out to the poor, disabled and disadvantaged and now we are finding that percentagewise they are increasing in numbers disproportionately than in the past. Octomum with 14 children on welfare for example. Sure does not look too promising! I am beginning to feel somewhat like the little red hen!

          • We keep falling into the same trap, focusing on battling each other, like they want us to do, and not the real problem, those we have given our power to.Think of us as a team of horses hitched together. We can only get to our destination if we pull together. We have allowed them to keep us pulling against each other. Notice we, ALLOW it. .

          • I agree but the horses are being pulled in different directions in order to reward certain groups. We need people running things with a very high level of integrity but right now we have too many looking out for the good of the big corporations or those looking out for the big unions and unfortunately ads are being purchased by both sides to try and brainwash us and are not for the good of the country as a whole. What is good for the corporations and unions is not necessarily what is good for the country. The world has changed since America became a country and it is important for Corporations and Unions to work together to compete. Right now they are at one another’s throats. We must change how we do business if we are to compete in today’s world. Unfortunately I do not see unity in the immediate future. We are in desperate need of a leader that can unite us and not pitch the poor against the rich but will encourage us to work together for the benefit of all.

          • It you take a good look at our society today, especially our capitalistic society, it is not in the best interest of those at the top to want the rest of us to unite. That united force is what they fear most. We have to quit looking/waiting for others to do what is best for us, and do for ourselves collectively as a group.Our strength is in our numbers held together by a common goal.. Organize and take back your voice.

          • Because right now we have an egotistical ‘Great Divider’ in the White House. He talks about ‘raising taxes’ on those already paying most of the taxes but daily comes up with more give away programs. More become ‘disabled’ every day. Of course if you are 30% overweight you will end up with bad knees, smoke, drink excessively you will become disabled for example. We need to tighten up all the entitlement programs, they are out of control. Making low cost student loans to 50+ year olds or those not really using them well is stupid. I believe we may need to pay more tax, but we need a balanced budget and common sense programs. I favor helping the deserving needy not the lazy irresponsible greedy. Romney is not interested in making money or his ego. He wants a better country for his grand children to live in and so do I. Romney has a lot of grand children! They all live and work in America!

          • Hopefully as the backbone we have the nerve to tell those in DC to stop giving away the results of our work to those who do not deserve it.

          • See, that is how they want us to think. Keep thinking that the problem is those deadbeats who are getting everything for nothing. This is the oldest and simplest Con in the world, divide and conquer.Congress decides how our money is spent and we decide who goes to Congress. We tell them by voting them out. Did you ever wonder how much could be trimmed from the national debt if those Congressman and ladies didn’t receive their salaries for life. Hey, I will take that deal any day, no worry about health care or SS, or retirement.

  13. I am beginning to wonder exactly what is being covered up by the main street media. 5 Mil for a charity would sure be nice!

    • cook… what’s being covered up by the MSM is Benghazi and the fact that Obozo is giving weapons to terrorist groups in Libya and Syria. And he elected to NOT send in our military to help save our Ambassador and others in the compound.


      Have a nice day!

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” – Joseph Goebbels

        • AS… let me get this straight… The POTUS watched live video while our Ambassador and 3 others were killed, and did nothing. Still has done nothing by the way. The POTUS has been giving arms to known terrorist organizations. The POTUS then told bold-faced lies for a month about it to the world. Nothing to see here, right? Yeah right. Sure, sure.

          WTF is wrong with you? How bad does that pathological liar and piece of crap Obozo have to be before you withdraw your support? What’s the bottom of the barrel for you leftist freaks? Is there one?

          Talk about Obozo zombies…. sheesh!!!!!!! You may officially count yourself amongst the oblivious.

          Have a nice day!

          “The difference between being stupid and being a fool: A stupid person at least has an idea about their own inadequacies. The fool is oblivious to them, and is more inclined to believe their own fantasies and lies as truth.” – ObozoMustGo


        • Don… you are a complete fool. Think about what you wrote for just a second, if you can even think at all.

          Let’s see…. idea for getting rich…. steal money from poor people that dont have any money… yeah… that’ll work…. NOT!!

          What kind of complete moron thinks like this? I mean really, Don. Is your IQ in single digits? It has to be. There is no way a normal human could be that dumb without some physical or mental condition. I’m not sure there are words in the English language that adequately describe the depths of your stupidity.

          The scary thing is that there are A LOT od Don Schirmer’s on this site and in this world. This is why Obozo is working to get the moron vote out. Apparently, he’s doing a good job of it.

          Count yourself amongst the oblivious, Don.

          Have a nice day!

          “The difference between being stupid and being a fool: A stupid person at least has an idea about their own inadequacies. The fool is oblivious to them, and is more inclined to believe their own fantasies and lies as truth.” – ObozoMustGo

        • Correct. It is a major issue that our media is no longer an objective observer of politics, but instead is a participant with the DemonRAT party. No wonder only 8% of America actually gives the press any credibility. Look at the useful idiots that write on this site. Between them all, there’s not an ounce of journalistic integrity to be found. They all have their heads up Obozo’s butt. I think they’ve been smelling crap so long now that they are confusing it with flowers.

          Keep on beating up these leftist freaks and useful idiots around here and elsewhere. They deserve to be marginalized and treated like the pieces of garbage they are. At least most of them do. Not all. Some I actually like, but the rest are as useless as tits on a bull.

          Have a nice day!

          “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan

          • Yes I do it for amusement. Can’t believe the level of IQ of some voters. Can’t believe how many don’t have a clue for example how much of our standard of living in the past was due to selling Fords and farm machinery in Europe and Asia or planes to the Middle East. They just don’t understand anything about the world and how complicated ‘providing’ productive jobs is. Guess as long as Obama promises more teachers for the teacher’s union and more IRS workers to audit the ‘rich’ though he might get another term from them. I sure hope not!

        • Romney has shown his tax returns!!!

          Why do you KEEP saying it over and over and over—-

          He has released his 2011 and 2010 returns, he has chosen not to release the rest.

          In 2010 ROMENY PAID $3.2 million in taxes.
          According to his filed 2010 tax return

          My Gosh!!!!!!!

          What did you LOW Life’s pay?????

          What have YOU done to help out our country or contribute???

          I doubt you gave 3-Millon dollars for obama to give out in FOOD STAMPS!!!!!!

          He paid more taxes in one year than you will ever make in your life time!!!!

    • WHOOOOO wouldn’t do it??????

      “IF” you don’t have nothing to hide!!!

      I just wished he would have offered it four years ago!!!!!!

  14. Do You have some new information on this skunk ?It don’t matter what this Person did.He is with the People that want the President out of the White House period ! Read between the lines !

  15. What concerns me is that Romney changes his stance on important issues so frequently – that if he were to get into the White House, he would just hand things over to those neo-cons (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, and their minions – some of whom are lurking in the shadows just licking their chops) who were running the show when Shrub was president. More war, more destruction, but hey – he’s got blind trusts to handle his money, a lower tax rate on his earnings because he doesn’t really DO any real work, and “he knows how to create jobs” – in China and everywhere else except here. My guess is that the millions of jobs he says he can create are all in the military, or in arms building.


    Henry Decker once again is the useful idiot du jour hand picked to carry the water for the Obozo campaign propaganda machine. I’d tell you to throw your journalistic integrity out the window for the leftist cause, Hank, but you’d have to have a shred of it first before you could do that.

    This is all just a distraction away from the real issues of the day:


    This is what he is covering up. He thinks you all are fools because you will believe anything that flies out of his fetid pie hole. He is right about you leftist freaks, but not about everyone. Anyone objective should be troubled by the fact that Obozo lied for a month about the terrorist attack and he is still lying to cover up the fact that:

    1) It was a planned and coordinated terrorist attack with heavy weapons likely that we supplied to them.
    2) Obozo had the opportunity to send in military forces to fight off the attack and to save our people, but chose to let them die.
    3) Obozo and others in the Admin watched the whole event unfold real time in the situation room from video in the compound and from drones flying above.
    4) Obozo has been supplying heavy weapons to terrrorists.
    5) Obozo has knowingly decieved America about the entire incident to save his own a$$ for the election

    This is the important issue of the day. Do not let useful idiots like Henry Decker take you focus off of the corruption and lies that Obozo has committed.

    Have a nice day!

    “Blaming a 2-bit film for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

  17. Dominick I really do not understand why this race is so close. Romney lies, he is making 8 million dollars from Bain plant sale in Freeport, he will not get tough with China, why would he bite the hands that are feeding him money, he is a war monger and more young people are going to be killed or injured, his stance on womens rights, his changing from the right to the middle and if he wins the tea party will make sure he comes back to the right, Romney will not be the President, it will be Ryan, the country wll be in more danger than ever as Ryan and Romney do not know anything about foreign affairs and the Bush neo-cons will take over. People had better start listening and watching and for once use their God given brains. What more do people,especially women, have to see and hear before the truth sinks in.

  18. Some interesting facts on Mr. Obama.

    • Did dope in college
    • Has all college records sealed so no one can find out how he attended expensive colleges
    • Has his passport records sealed so no one can see where he has traveled too
    • Stalled on releasing his birth certificate that to this day some believe is a forgery
    • Had a undistinguished record as a state senator in Illinois where he voted present when he showed up for work
    • He was losing his senate race to a Republican named Jack Ryan in Illinois until his henchman David Axelrod pulled strings to get Mr. Ryan’s sealed divorce records released to the press
    • Has never started or owned a business, so he would not know what it takes to do so

    • This repeated conspiracy theory about “how” he attended expensive colleges just proves how utterly ignorant you people are. Here is how: NEED BLIND ADMISSIONS. Do you even know what that means? I do, because I attended an Ivy-caliber school as the child of a factory worker and a school bus driver! You apply, if you meet the academic standards and ace the interview, you are accepted, and then the schools make it economically possible for you to attend with a combination of loans and scholarships. What a SHAME that you people are so stupid that you don’t even realize that such a thing exists out there, something your own children could benefit from it. That Barack Obama attended Columbia and Harvard with his meager financial means is only PROOF OF HIS DRIVE AND INTELLIGENCE.

          • This is my proof—

            I HATE a bunch of NO Goods,
            they are lazy
            good for nothing people
            that rely on the Government to support them
            and WANT everything FREE!!!!!!!!!!

            We are going Broke paying our taxes and everything else WE have to pay and they don’t pay NOTHING and want everything FREE
            But some how they always have High priced cigarettes, drug and alcohol.
            And plenty of tattoos and piercings

            It’s ALLLLL Freeee

            I have NO SOUL for any of these no good people

    • Exactly!!!—- Have we EVER had a president or ALLOWED to be President with allllll personal information Sealed and hidden and if you know anything he has you killed.

      Like his GAY LOVERS at his Gay bathhouse in Chicago!!

      • Interesting. Some of what you spew are the same things Republicans tried putting out about the Clintons. None of it was ever proved, but it didn’t stop the opposition from trying to spread it.

      • Hey alll, there are people that think you are gay but gay people are human whereas you are a disgusting POS. Never allude to gay people being lesser because they have a heart and soul but you lack either. Why don’t you go away, we all know you are a paid Republican hack.

    • Hey Bob, all college records are sealed dumb ass otherwise someone would show yours to the whole world and prove that you are ignorant. Passport records? Stop smoking dope, you dope.
      Some people believe you are from another planet but can’t prove it.
      Undistinguished political record…. the man is President of the United States, what are you, head toilet cleaner at the Y?
      Ya, sure Romney knows all about running a hardware store, auto repair or computer shop. All Romney knows how to do it get rich by screwing the American worker, raping his pension fund, and sending his job to his Chinese masters.

    • He had never been President before,however, he seems to have mastered that task. Show me anyone who attended college in the last 40 years and hasn’t experimented at some point with some type of hallucinogen, including you. Your transcripts show your academic accomplishments only, not how you paid for your education. Why is this important? So you think if you knew all of the places he has been say, in the last ten years, you could determine by his movements what he was doing in those places. Funny, if he has been so good at hiding it why do,you think his itinerary will tell you the purpose? On the other hand lest look at Romney’s passport for the 5 years, why does he have so many visits to China? His birth certificate has been validated by both sides of the isle. Who cares what some people believe, without proof it remains garbage. He must have been producing false birth certificates his entire life as this document is also required to enter college. The people in Illinois who he served tell a different version, who are we to believe? The only business Romney ever started was bain, he used it to raid, destroy and take over other existing businesses. He is no better than a scavenger and a vulture. Again, you mixing theory with supposition and calling it facts.

  19. We can suppose that Trump think that the transcripts will show that Obama was a foreign student and that the passport application will show that he listed Kenya as his birthplace. Trump is a one-trick pony. . . . If Obama were Richard Nixon, Trump would be having his tax returns audited continuously by a special Donald Trump Department at the IRS.

  20. The reasons willard will not release his returns are multiple.

    First, it is obvious that republiKKKON voters are stupid. sanitarium said so and he is one of them. Plus, look at the dummy’s they have elected in the past 30 years. A senile actor, the ex-head of the KGB and his stupid son.

    willard is in business with the Chinese. He isnt moving manufacturing jobs that manufacture high tech sensors and other intellectual property to China just to make a few bucks.

    In China, the ARMY owns all manufacturing. when willard moves a company that they own to China, the new company formed in China is owned by the RED CHINESE ARMY and Bain becomes a minority partner.

    willard has been doing this for years. at this point, the RED CHINESE ARMY is dictating what technology they want moved to China and willard does it for them. In return, willard makes some money that he claims and then the Chinese put some in his account in China.
    Then they do not report that money to the IRS and refuse to cooperate wih any investigations.

    That is why people wonder why willard has SO LITTLE MONEY.

    the Chinese are probably blackmailing him with the threat to expose his business dealings if he does not do exactly as they want.

    willard is hiding these deals because who would vote for a President that is in business with the RED CHINESE ARMY?

    Mccain figured this out when he saw 23 years of willards returns. That is why he picked and IDIOT like palin over the Cranbrook/Harvard educated willard the rat.

    Someone should offer mccain 5 million to come forward and expose what was in willard the rats returns when he investigated them in 2008.

    • He has released them!!!!!!!!!
      Why do you keep saying it over and over and over—-He did release them!!!!!!!!!!

      He has released his 2011 and 2010 returns, he has chosen not to release the rest.

      In 2010 ROMNEY PAID $3.2 million in taxes.
      According to his filed 2010 tax return

      My Gosh!!!!!!!

      What did you LOW Life’s pay?????

      What have YOU done to help out our country or contribute???

      I doubt you gave 3-Millon dollars for obama to give out in FOOD STAMPS!!!!!!

      He paid more in taxes in ONE YEAR than you will ever have in a life time!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Inspite of the obstructionist Congress, President Obama is doing a good job. Of course it could be better and would be better if not for the likes of a boehner, mcconnell, cantor and ryan to name a few. My point is people seem to forget which party got us into the current mess and seem to want to try the same tactics again, as if magically they will work this time. mitt romney has no plan for the furture, except to continue in mass the exporting of jobs to China. romney along with his greedy crony millionaire/billionaire supporters if allowed to win office would take this country over the clift this time. I have no doubt if a mitt romney had won in 2009, we would be in a depression far greater than the Great Depression.

  22. Character is important. Let’s look at Obama. Phoney birth certificate. Closed college applications. Phoney social security number. Forged selective service card. College transcripts sealed. College papers sealed. Passport information sealed. Homosexual backround repressed. This goes on and on and the writer dares to question Romney’s backround? Only a unintelligent jerk could dare to compare Romney to the Muslim marxist in the white house.

    • Why don’t we look at your character instead:
      Continues to repeat proven lies.
      Accepts as indisputable “facts” made up by obviously hyper-partisan fanatics.
      Obviously has no originality.
      Too dense to even realize how stupid this post makes him look.

    • Hey moron, do you have anything other than your misguided fanatical delusions to support your ranting? After 26 years in law enforcement, explain to me how you have valid proof of a false SSN. What source did you utilize? In case you are not aware college transcripts are not a public record. If you walked by a college yours would be non public also. What does Passport information prove? Let’s look at Romney’s and see how many times he has visited China in the last 18 months. Only an idiot could believe that the President carried on a life long Homosexual life style and had all those who knew anything about it killed. Stop listening to Rush, Sean, Bill and the fellows. If you would make those same unsubstantiated accusations about anyone other than the President you would be forced to prove it in court, as you would be charged with defamation of character. So the real Jerk, Idiot, Moron, Imbecile, Lackey, Puppet and terrorist is you and all those like you who in despite of everything that says you are wrong, would rather see the country implode before you would listen to reason. I feel sorry for you and yours.

    • It’s really amazing people forget what got us into this mess in the first place and now they want more of the same. President Clinton stated romney is bush on steriods. I find those prospects terrifying.

  23. The voter fraud perpetrated by the Repukes is the worst part of this election! They want to make many states into apartheid entities, and, that in itself should give honest people pause to vote for him! He is horrible. If you get any articles or have any concerns re voter fraud, the Justice Department wants to hear about it. The more we can give them, the better a case for challenge will be if needed. The phone number is 1-800-253-3931 and the the e-mail is I have been forwarding every article related to voter fraud from the Gop and Romney’s coercion of workers by CEOs in large corporations to them. AND – share this far and wide – let people know they DO NOT have to vote for anyone the do not want. CALL the justice department. I have spoken to them and they are collecting info!

  24. I’ll give 5 million dollars to the charity of Mitt’s choice if he produces his last 20 years of full tax returns. I have the money to do it, but I’m pretty sure it’s safe since it’s blatantly obvious that if he does release his returns, his run for the presidency is over. Come on folks, open your eyes, the man definitely has plenty to hide, from tax evasion, to off shore bank accounts to avoid paying his share of taxes, to moving business to China and other off shore countries. Mitt Romney is the problem not the solution. Is our society so ignorant that they can’t see thru this man and his lies and discounting the facts of statements that he has made and actions he has done through the years and now completely reversing those positions and statements just to satisfy his urge to become president. Come on people wake up. He discounts 47% of our population because he can’t relate to them. He took over companies and fired all the workers of several, killed their pensions and profited from their companies failures. This is a man full of greed and his only passion throughout his life was how he could make as much money as possible. By the way, there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s the American way! But to do that at the expense of others suffering and avoiding his own responsibilities to pay his fair share and keep American work here in our country. Is this really the man who should become president of the United States. I think not! At least President Obama has shown us a man who is honest. President Obama kept us out of a full blown depression, he ended a war, it got Bin Ladin, and double the Stock Market. He has also kept our Country safe for the last 4 years. It’s the politicians in Washington that have blocked every move he’s tried to make to get job growth jump started. The unemployment rate would be far less if these Tea Party idiots would have worked with him instead of having an agenda to get him out of office instead of helping the American work force.

    • He has released his 2011 and 2010 returns, he has chosen not to release the rest.

      ROMNEY PAID $3.2 million in taxes.
      According to his filed 2010 tax return

      Why would “YOU” want or care to see 20- years of his returns
      He doesn’t have to or need to!!!!!!!!!

      and you are sooooo wrong on your FACTS about obama,
      he hasn’t done nothing!!!!

      My Gosh!!!!!!!

      What did you LOW Life’s pay?????

      What have YOU done to help out our country or contribute???

      I doubt you gave 3-Millon dollars for obama to give out in FOOD STAMPS!!!!!!

      Emails Show White House Told of Terrorism Claim Two Hours After Benghazi Attack–obama lied over and over to the American people

      obama had NOTHING to do with Bid Laden—
      Find the FACTS out about Bin Laden—-
      It came from years of work, started before obama even announced he was running for office. He just happened to stumble in after all the work had been done, just in time to take credit for it.
      Bin laden never would have been found if Obama was President when Khalid SHak Muhammed was bing waterboarded.
      Bin Laden was caught after an extensive seven year hunt that started in the Bush administration.
      Give credit to the real people responsible for getting him, the intelligence services and the Navy Seals.
      The best Information is that obama deferred making a decision and that Leon Panetta made the call.
      obama wasn’t too happy about it at the time, but what could he do but try and take credit after the fact?

      Bin Laden was killed by the U.S. Navy SEALs after evading capture for nearly 10 years.


      HE WASN’T TO HAPPY ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. In many ways the Romney campaign strategy has been brilliant. Let the opposition fulminate against his excesses, prevarications and lies while cementing the base. Then once the base is solid, shift rapidly to the center hoping that the earlier stuff is forgotten/ignored. I applaud the strategy. But I am fearful of the outcome. I don’t know which (if elected) Romney will be allowed to govern – at least within the limits of the presidency. Will it be the right wing darling? Will it be the centrist?
    We knew whose hands were making President Bush’s mouth move. It is less clear whose are making Governor Romney’s move.

  26. the baptizing people after they are dead in insensitive but in the long scheme who cares, once you are dead you are dead. Its more insensitive than a scandal. If someone wants to baptize my atheist ass after I am dead, go at it hoss, my feelings will be past hurting

  27. Here in Massachussetts, we know Mitt Romney. I told you a long time ago that Romney’s nomination was a visit of “daddy-long-legs”. Americans media failed to vet numerous questions around Romney. If I refuse to show any tax papers asked of me at any juncture, I will be jailed right away. Romneys told Americans “you take whatever we give to you”. How will a party nominate a tax avoider, outsoucer, a firer, position changer, liar in front of TV watched by the whole world? Today, he is against, tomorrow he is for that same thing.

  28. no, it’s dumb people like you who don’t pay attention to what Romney and his ilk are saying. He’s a flip-flopper. He will say and do ANYTHING that will get himself elected. You are the bigger fool if you think he is going to do anything good for America. His concerns are only centered around his wallet. You’re the DUMBO if you think he’ll help you!

  29. Why does he have to prove something? To make the “Donald” look good? BARF! The president doesn’t have prove anything to you. Why don’t you make a donation to charity? If you are a Romney supporter then you must have $$$$. Only the elite are supporting him. So cough up and give some money!

  30. Who is investigating? He should have been disqualified to run for President. Isn’t there a law? Wake up Democrats. Republicans are using the law against you. Fight back.

  31. I just got a nasty comment from Allamerican, where he tells me that I should work harder and longer to pay my debt. I’m 68 years old, worked for over 40 years in this country and I don’t owe any debt. I’m always amazed the assumption people make about people they don’t know

  32. Imagine if these activities were done by an African American, a Latino, an Asian American. Well, no need to strain your imagination too much – just watch at the “discomfort” they are subjecting a man called Barach Obama. I am impressed how to this day in the 21st century by the endless ways we telegraph racism. “Shuck and Jive” – the latest thanks to Sarah Palin is so-o-o old (shows us where/when that woman’s intellectual development stopped) – made me leap out of my chair. First, the horror for a woman who has sought national office. Then, the shame that our President should be so denigrated and disrespected. By an American – not an Arab or Palestinian or Iranian, or whatever the latest “Enemy” is – a woman, who has sought to lead all of us.

  33. Hey you f)))ing grease spot. If I hear you refer to my president again as obozo, I’m gonna take my veteran qualifications and bit*) slap your dumb a## all over the back yard. You know what’s really funny…you think you know the TRUTH, and all the rest of us are being deceived. You don’t know anything about the military so STFU!!!

      with your loud, Obnoxious, dirty rotten, uncouth, crude, ill mannered, uncivilized, foul mouth!

      The Obozo does tell the FACTS and only the Facts and NOT a bunch of projectile puke

  34. Mitt the flipp. Frightening to think this man could become the most powerful man in the world. I can not understand why many of the citizens of this great nation support such a weak and diverse man for president.


    • Listen!!!!
      We aren’t rich—-We are barely making it with the obama 4-years.
      BUT, we pay 60% into taxes RIGHT NOW and it is breaking us. IT’S CRIMINAL
      WE NEED A BREAK!!!!!
      Once the Government taxes everybody’s money and shares it,
      THERE WILL BE NONE LEFT!!!!!!!!!!

      The more money we make the
      More employees we can hire
      the better off the economy is.
      Why is it that you alllllllllll worry about the rich getting richer???
      They are the once supplying the jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!
      We put our whooole entire life into our company and we have to pay
      taxes, insurance, payroll, permits, land, upkeep, supplies.
      YOU PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA what it takes to run a business—–
      People that own business have a ton of bills to pay—
      tons of taxes on everything not just A TAX bill, Tons and Tons.
      You think you get rich and sit around NO—YOU WORK A LOT OF LONG HARD HOURS
      Most YOU people go to work 9-5—-clock watchers—-goof off and then go home with
      No worries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  36. To:Middleclasspayer
    I was wondering were you were sending your comments from? According to following your up link connection and backtracking you one of the following: an IRS agent working for the 1%, CPR working for the 1%, or a Lawyer trying to cover up for Romney and the 1% since unlike all other Present’s he refuses to let us view his previous tax year. I went to your website also, since there was a W3 in your website went to the IRS website that form is part of the Empolyer’s reporting record that goes along with the employees W2 form that is used in setting an LP, LCC and anyone starting a new business. So come out and let us all know which one you are.

  37. To:Middleclasspayer
    I was wondering were you were sending your comments from? According to following your up link connection and backtracking you one of the following: an IRS agent working for the 1%, CPR working for the 1%, or a Lawyer trying to cover up for Romney and the 1% since unlike all other Present’s he refuses to let us view his previous tax years. I went to your website also, since there was a W3 in your website went to the IRS website and that form is part of the Employer reporting record that goes along with the employees W2 form that is used in setting an LP, LCC and anyone starting a new business. So come out and let us all know which one you are.

  38. And again we travel down the maladjusted, most untruthful, ineffectual Presidents the United States has ever experienced. Concerned about Govern Romney’s record? Over 10 years ago? Writings and the makeshift media continue to provide evidence they do not have a clue what the Governor’s investments consisted of and how it continues to operate in the subsequent years with today’s investors. It is when the shallow minded people crawl into a fetal position and refuse to understand, it becomes a stupid problem. And if your are running for the seat on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, your are choosing either the man with a blemished record with a man proven to have succeeded in both the private and public sector.

    • No Jones, you are voting for Obama, a man with integrity or Romney and known liar that doesn’t care on iota about Americans and only wants to obtain the Presidency to validate his filthy, greedy, self serving and crooked life. Romney should go straight to hell or wherever Mormon’s go, or think they go when they are determined to be untruthful and selfish.

      • Saint Justin Napolitano:: You are to be commended on your most accurate description of a proven Socialist/Marxist. President Obama. After three debates, he has not proposed any resolutions that will translate into long term economic recovery. What he has really done is promised growth through mortgaging our future.

      • Justin, my friend: This message is just for you:
        “We found this article about Romney’s character flaws to be so interesting. It would truly be a pity if a guy with so many things to hide in his past were elected, when we have in President Obama such an example of forthrightness, honesty, and clean hands with nothing in his past in need of, or worth hiding.”
        Jeremiah Wright
        Bill Ayers
        Bernardine Dorhn
        Frank Marshall Davis
        Carol Moseley Braun
        Saul Alinsky
        Jerry Kellman
        John McKnight
        Alice Palmer
        Father Michael Pfleger
        James Cone
        Rashid Khalidi
        Louis Farrakhan

  39. The reasons willard will not release his returns are multiple.

    First, it is obvious that republiKKKON voters are stupid. sanitarium said so and he is one of them. Plus, look at the dummy’s they have elected in the past 30 years. A senile actor, the ex-head of the KGB and his stupid son.

    willard is in business with the Chinese. He isnt moving manufacturing jobs that manufacture high tech sensors and other intellectual property to China just to make a few bucks.

    In China, the ARMY owns all manufacturing. when willard moves a company that they own to China, the new company formed in China is owned by the RED CHINESE ARMY and Bain becomes a minority partner.

    willard has been doing this for years. at this point, the RED CHINESE ARMY is dictating what technology they want moved to China and willard does it for them. In return, willard makes some money that he claims and then the Chinese put some in his account in China.
    Then they do not report that money to the IRS and refuse to cooperate wih any investigations.

    That is why people wonder why willard has SO LITTLE MONEY.

    the Chinese are probably blackmailing him with the threat to expose his business dealings if he does not do exactly as they want.

    willard is hiding these deals because who would vote for a President that is in business with the RED CHINESE ARMY?

    Mccain figured this out when he saw 23 years of willards returns. That is why he picked and IDIOT like palin over the Cranbrook/Harvard educated willard the rat.

    Someone should offer mccain 5 million to come forward and expose what was in willard the rats returns when he investigated them in 2008.

    • He has released his 2011 and 2010 returns, he has chosen not to release the rest.
      He paid $3.2 million in taxes.

      He doesn’t have to release any more!!!

      According to his filed 2010 tax return

      My Gosh!!!!!!!

      What did you LOW Life’s pay?????

      What have YOU done to help out our country or contribute???

      I doubt you gave 3-Millon dollars for obama to give out in FOOD STAMPS!!!!!!

  40. He cant because rommey has promised trump(and those like him) much greater profits, exemptions, reduces taxes and influance if he,sour faced ryan and a like geat into office.

  41. I like the posthumous baptism bit the best. Edward Davies was right. Religion is drudgery and hogwash and I hope his soul raised a big middle finger to Mitt and his crackpot Mormonism. What a crock!

  42. He cant. Because rommey has promised that if he and sour faced ryan and get in the wH then people like trump(most of rommey supporters) are promised higher profits, more exemptions, bigger deductions and less taxes. Why would that mop head trump on to expose a fellow fraud when to do so would benefit the United States and not themselves

  43. Mittens is clueless and shows that all the money in the world won’t buy “class.” Him and the Donald deserve each other, both classless and clueless though at least Mittens doesn’t take to wearing dead cats on his head.

  44. I was speaking to a Mormon church elder from Salt Lake City a few days ago and you can imagine my surprise when he said that he knows Mitt personally and that Mitt “has no moral compass” and that while “he continually touts his faith, the only thing he truly believes in is money.” Nuff” said.

  45. I would do it. Trump is trying to bribe President Obama. Waving 5 mil in President Obama’s face to see if he fortunes can get the President to cator to his will. He rommey, ryan and a like think their money should buy anything they want including some one elses pride, respect and intergity. Dont do it Pres, like him spent it on hair do’s

  46. IT truly amazes me how a KNUCKLEHEAD like this can get so financialy wealthy, EXCEPT, I remember OH YEAH, He started off with lots of money via his DADDY. And he has absolutely no heart or conscience. SO THERE You go.

  47. Why is the media giving the Romney”s a break by not keeping these stories in the news until they are resolved and proven false,anybody else would have to go to court and risk going to jail.

  48. I have been watching people like you who probably make less than 40,000 a year, those same people who would suffer the most under the policies proposed by Romney. Those who are so blinded by ————-insert what ever word that applies, who would rather put Romney, Palin, Newt, the local dog catcher in office if it gets the President out. If he should get in I wonder what they will have told you you should blame four years from now when your situation is ten times worse. Be careful you will get your strings tangled.

    • You are very Puzzled—-

      Sorry, but we own several businesses—
      We are in the 60% Tax rate!!!!!!!

      We are going BROKE with the obama plan taking alllll our money and giving it to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

      • If you pay 60% in taxes you must not be as smart as your proposed leader. His rate is 13 no higher than 15%. Perhaps you should take a course from him on how to evade and avoid paying your taxes. Maybe you should investigate a blind trust with you as the executor, Romney can show you how it is done. Also if you are paying 60% you couldn’t be my accountant/investment counselor. As far as the President giving your tax money to me, that is the central crux of your, and those like you, argument. You have actually allowed yourselves to believe that this black President is giving all of your tax money to those lazy blacks in welfare checks. You have been mislead, the welfare roles as well as all other forms of what you would call handouts in this country are largely consumed by white folks. I know it’s not something you may want to acknowledge but true never the less. Last, if you are paying 60% I agree it is to much. My tax rate is 33% and that is to much in my opinion. We all want to pay less tax and keep more of our money, just do it equitably. If you think Romney will reduce your rate vote for him.

      • If you pay 60% in taxes then you obviously haven’t attended your proposed leaders business course relating to how to cheat your country and avoid paying your fair tax debt. Also if you are paying 60% I am curious as the corporate tax rate is literally half that. I will acknowledge that the tax rate is to high, especially for those of us who are not quite in the blind trust category.. You may want to investigate that area, Mitt is very knowledgeable in that area. I pay 33% and I would definitely like to keep more of my money.. As far as the President giving your money to me, all you folks should stop torturing yourselves thinking that the President is giving your money to all of us black folks through handout programs.If it will make you feel better the majority of the handouts in this country go to white folk, so go talk to them about your money. The irony is that a great deal of them,. like you, think that Mitt is their savior.. Hilkarious isn’t it..

  49. I smell a right wing plot here.

    Right wing conservatives, who never wanted Romney to get the nomination, will leak Romney’s 2009 tax return if he wins. Romney will be charged with fraud and convicted, rendering him out of office. Ryan will step into the presidency. That maneuver will bring about the second American Revolution.

    Dems and Liberals, arm yourselves.

  50. What respected journalistic source can I retrieve this information from? Not your fantasy review, some of these accusations are so ludicrous you guys should share what ever it is you have been smoking.

      • Plus

        They lie, cheat, steal, seek and do favors, bribe, and come close to killing each other. Why do you think they have Federal regulatory agencies for virtually all business sectors?

  51. The reason Romney is running for President is if elected is that he can say he did something that his Father was unable to do, become President of the USA. The second reason is to raise more money for his overseas accounts.Why would anyone vote for a person who is in partnerships with the Red Chinese army like Romney is many times over? Why would anyone vote for someone that has invested millions in China but not in his own Country, sent many American jobs to China and the equipment to do the jobs to China as Willard Romney has done and is still doing? His actions show what type a person he is, one that cares only for money, how he much can make and not pay taxes by using his trusts, blind trusts and overseas bank accounts and that he will throw the USA under the bus to make more money. Romney doesn’t care about the USA, all cares about is money and getting one up on his Father.

  52. One More Thing

    More recently, RoMoney has been mentioning his “bailing out of the Winter Olympics.”

    Facts are, however, that the only bailing out of the Winter Olympics involved Mitten’s Mormon buddies who scammed millions from the Olympics construction funds which left some projects underfunded.

    RoMoney, through Washington contacts, obtains Federal Funds amounting to millions to shore up the gaps. Without said bailout there could have been a few Mormons with striped uniforms instead of just funny hats.

    Remember too that this is the same group of Mormons who bribed the IOC in order to get the games to Salt Lake City in the first place.

    Check the Provo, Utah, Daily Herald for September 2002 for details

  53. Unfortunately R/R will win, too much money was thrown in and the donors want a pay back, They want their ROI. In I owa he was spiining his story how he cares about Americans ans good paying jobs for them but said on his campaigs with Ron Paul, it’s not time to raise miniumu wage. Which is it??They will cut unnecessary expenditures but did not name one, we aonly know big bird is on a chopping block and . If Iowan’s buy this crap, and it seems that they do. we will be paying big taxes, kiss SS. Medicare. HE LIES.
    Why was he only ONE term GOVERNOR?? HE SCREWED UP SO BAD AND HE KNEW THAT HE HAD NO CHANCE FOR RELETION. He did not balanced the budget either.
    I still don’t understand why people do not research on their own and analyze the distortions etc. Ann sais he did not get paid as governor – so was Kennedy as a President. WHat is so big about that. He has so much money, is old and who needs a old fart in ther WH>> Reagan was senile in his last years. I guess most mericans believe in the best imaginary friend – R/R.
    Be ready for new Crook Coutry R/R. Billionaires will be runnung the country and R/R a puppets. I hope that Democrats take the house and will do to him what Repukes did to Obama FLIBUSTER everything that he proposes. We will see how he will cooperate with others.

  54. Our economy’s going down the shitter and this is what you’re concerned about? Grow up and start worrying about your children, for the love of God.

  55. We found this article about Romney’s character flaws to be so interesting. It would truly be a pity if a guy with so many things to hide in his past were elected, when we have in President Obama such an example of forthrightness, honesty, and clean hands with nothing in his past worth hiding.
    Jeremiah Wright
    Bill Ayers
    Frank Marshall Davis
    Carol Moseley Brown
    Saul Alinsky
    Jerry Kellman
    John McKnight
    Alice Palmer
    Father Michael Pfleger
    James Cone
    Rashid Khalidi
    Louis Farrakhan

  56. TO Mary Samonds, Charles Solomon, and Rose Sawyer:
    Guys, don’t waste your time “correcting” this MORON, retard, stupid idiot MAN who fakes to be a woman “nurse” and goes by the moniker of Fernie Wood Cock.
    Can’t you tell she is CRAZY and a stupid retard (this is not fair to decent retarded people …) ??!!
    Fernie, you are a despicable man ….

  57. The lies and actions of this man would be funny if they were not so dangerous to americans. Its a shame Rommney is the very best the Republican party could nominate to represent themselves for this nations highest office.

    • Very true but sadder yet is that I think he was a “better” candidate than McCain. Like you said, this is the best they can come up with? Both were shoved down our throats by the RNC (moneyboys) and the Dems had to be rolling on the floor laughing, saying “even a buffoon like Obozo can beat these clowns.”

  58. Well hell, Maynard. Wouldn’t a mattered if ‘Mericans had known about these offenses, anyway. We is just plain too damn dumb to let facts influence the way we vote.

  59. Actually, there are some smart right-wingers — the GOP politicians who figured out they can make a living from relying on those so stupid they perpetually vote against their self interests, aka the GOP base.

    • People who vote for liberal socialists (a.k.a., communists—-most democrats, though not ALL) have no concept of freedom. They want all the hard-working people to give up what they earn to take care of THEM, which makes slaves of those who work, and free-loaders of those who are blood-sucking leeches, living off the government. (I’m not talking about the truly needy who cannot work.)

  60. Very well said! We’ve all been mad (and polite about it) for way way too long! And I think that anger expressed, even if some people think that others may be “over the top”—-that can be a motivating force, too!

    Real good letter, puzzled21. And true! Our family’s white and 25 strong in the DFW (TX) area. Maybe I’ll make a slogan out of one thing you said that totally sticks with us-Don’t know if you ever saw the movie “Network”—but here it is:


  61. In 1993 Romney ran for public office and supported abortion and gay marriages. As Governor of Massachusetts he supported abortion until he changed his views in 2004. His blasphemy of God includes his belief that God is a man and has spirit children with his eternal wives in Heaven. He defends the heresy that no one can get into heaven without the consent of Joseph Smith(convicted felon,deviant,plagiarist) who reigns in heaven as God. He believes that no non mormon will ever get into celestial heaven because they are part of the false church. His satanic power has brainwashed one of the biggest christian statesman (Billy Graham) to endorse his occultic background (proxy baptism for the dead every week) and his continual vodooistic beliefs( weariing magical underwear that empowers and directs him). The tragedy is that the evangelical right that supports him are damned by his cult as unbelievers..yet they blindly follow his satanic pied piper white supremacist cult to be their leader.. ICHABOD

  62. truthisreal•in a few seconds −

    Billy Graham has lost his way..isolating specific sins and ignoring the sins that he and right wing evangelicals have ignored for years. The sin of racism that characterizes the White Supremacist movement of Romneys Satanic Cult or the murder of 1.3 million innocents in Afghanistan/Iraq goes unchallenged. The sin of marginalizing 47% of American as unworthy and the sin of blasphemy that Romney perpetuates every sunday is ignored. Tax evasion and bullying a fellow student is ignored when Romney is described as having great moral character. The sin of lying that characterizes Romneys entire life is ignored..Romney supported gay marriages and abortion in 1993 when he first entered public life.As Governor he endorsed abortion until 2004 when he finally saw the political risks of such an action. Romney and his sons rejected serving their country but select prozelytizing evangelicals like you Billy because romney believes you are a false prophet and all other religions need rescued by his cult. The most egregious blasphemy of Romney is when he suggests that God was once a man and God has sex regularly with his eternal wives to take people from their preexistent condition. Jesus is still developing, and Holy Spirit makes himself known to Romney through wearing magical mormon underwear (vodooism). Romney weekly participates in occultic practices in his secret weekly rituals,they include proxy baptisms (these are rituals performed for the dead). Billy when Romney asked you to pray and bless his candidacy he was playing you like a fiddle, knowing you are a deceived man in desperate need of his demonic cult. Then on the same day as this charade you removed the label cult that described Romneys mormon group from your website, removing your convictions and attempting to make a Cultist acceptable to your brothers and sisters. This was a dishonest practice and not worthy of a great Christian Statesman. The very thought of Billy Graham endorsing the use of vodooistic practices in the Oval Office is disturbing.

  63. I don’t understand how christian leaders can stand by and endorse a LIAR, like Romney. He has run the most deceptive campaign full of lies miss-truths with no regard for any integrity. Romney must think he is above truth, information. He has flip flopped so many times, he has used race, greed, hate mongering. This should be so against any religious integrity they should have run so far from Romney that he didn’t have any backing.

  64. oh whoa, what a scandal – he helped his relative by doing a baptism for the dead. Did you know that this is valid only if his father-in-law accepts the gospel in the afterlife? He’s not forcing anyone to get baptized. Really, know the religion before talking crap about it. Also, I don’t think you can call it a scandal to express his honest opinion about abortion. What is this? Some kind of a joke? If this post is that far off about these two facts, I have doubts about all the other “scandals”.

  65. Several things seem clear to me… you have no idea what venture capital is or does. Owning stock in a company does not imply leadership, nor does banking dividends from the investment.
    You do not understand baptism- Christ himself knew the importance of it (John 3:5) and had himself baptized by John who had the authority to do so. Many people die without being baptized by those in authority (priesthood) – are they damned forever? No, they are not, but baptism is still necessary to enter the Kingdom of God. And finally, Baptism for the Dead existed in Christ’s church (1 CORINTHIANS 15:29). It disappeared in the Medieval church and was therefore lost to all of the later Protestant spinoffs.

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