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Sunday, October 23, 2016

“It’s easier to fool people,” Mark Twain apparently never said, “than to convince them that they have been fooled.” You can find those words all over the Internet attributed to Twain, but I can locate no credible source.

Too bad, because it’s absolutely correct.

Twain probably did say something similar, because it sounds like an opinion the acerbic author of Huckleberry Finn would have endorsed.

Think of the hilarious episode of The Royal Nonesuch, a mangled Shakespearean farce performed by a pair of riverboat scamps called the King and the Duke for the befuddled citizens of a Mississippi river town.

“The duke said these Arkansaw lunkheads couldn’t come up to Shakespeare,” Huck says. “What they wanted was low comedy—and maybe something ruther worse than low comedy, he reckoned.”

And low comedy they got. The plan was to pocket the cash and float off downriver before the yokels got wise.

I thought of that scene watching Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sarah Palin outside the White House recently, protesting the very government shutdown they’d fiercely championed—a confederate battle flag fluttering in the background, the emblem of disgruntled losers everywhere.

Is there no scam so transparently farcical that millions of American lunkheads won’t fall for it? Evidently not.

As you read here first, anybody with an eighth grader’s understanding of the U.S. Constitution knew that Cruz’s mad quest to destroy the Affordable Care Act could not possibly succeed. And was politically self-destructive as well, if not for Cruz, then for the Republican Party.

Of course millions of gullible voters lack that understanding. Meanwhile, the Texas Senator and his allies continue to bombard the faithful with emails promising imminent victory and soliciting cash. They’re like the most shameless televangelist faith healers.

Except now the enemies list doesn’t feature only Democrats like President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, but prominent Republicans such as Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham.

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  • charleo1

    Well, that’s all fine, and dandy. But just because I was diagnosed with a touch of
    paranoid schizophrenia, doesn’t rule out the possibility that there is someone, or
    something out to get me! “It,” lived under my bed throughout most of my childhood.
    I could feel, “It,” trying to grab my ankles. So I would catapult myself in and out of
    bed, just out of, “It’s,” reach. Eventually as I got older, those feelings subsided.
    And, I had forgotten all about them, until I seen a T-Party rally on television. Then
    all of those feelings of dread came rushing back at full force. It was these people
    that were under my bed!. Now, out in broad daylight, I could see their contorted
    faces, bright red with rage, and hate. And I hoped, now that they had revealed themselves, other people, important people, even my parents, will finally believe
    me! There are monsters in the world, and not everyone can see them. But, trust
    me. They are real, and they walk among us.

    • newhope4all

      And they watch FOX news exclusively with nary a glance at other media for fear of a taint. I really enjoy your parody.

      • Allan Richardson

        Joe McCarthy had people afraid of a Communist under every bed. The Tea Party’s Mad Rafael has people afraid of a Communist MUSLIM (as if such a creature could exist) under every HOSPITAL bed!

    • Elisabeth Gordon

      …and, even more frightening than the fact that they walk amongst us, they BREED!

    • tax payer

      My ex was also a monster, so I left her and never went back to her again. She remarried and her next husband also left her, so now she’s alone, and she must be very happy. I am not comparing her to you because you saw monsters and I knew one

      • Russell Byrd

        I was pleasantly reading the remarks to this article until I suddenly came across a monster that would TAX the patience of a saint. Bummer. . . . Hopefully, I will not have to be an attention PAYER to too much of its lies and ignorance.

        • tax payer

          Yawn! Your remark just made me sleepy, so Buenas Night

          • Russell Byrd

            Along as you make like a “taxi” and go away. All good.

  • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

    Here is a day in the life of Ted Cruz.
    8:00AM – He arrives in the office. His Secretary (who is furloughed but is ordered to come in every day anyway) tells him he has the following messages, “Here is a petition signed by 1200 Army Wives from Fort Hood demanding you end the shutdown so they can receive their Food Stamps so they can afford to buy food for their families. Here is another petition signed by 1000 Air Force Wives from Lackland AFB demanding you end the shutdown so they can receive their Food Stamps so they can afford to buy food for their families. Here is another petition signed by 500 mothers of children with cancer demanding you end the shutdown so their children can start clinical trials sponsored by the CDC. Here is another petition signed by the Cattle Ranchers of Texas demanding you end the shutdown so they can find out what the set price is on their beef. Here is another petition signed by the Cotton and Rice farmers of east Texas demanding you end the shutdown so the Department of Agriculture can let them know what their quotas and prices will be. Here is another petition signed by the Sheriffs Association of the Rio Grande demanding you end the shutdown so they can receive support from Border Patrol.”
    Cruz responds, “Typical”
    She then says “By the way, here is a “Thank You” note from Governor Perry thanking you for being less popular than he is right now due to your actions. And here is a letter from Mrs. Mavis Trent of Texarkana. It says ‘Dear Senator Cruise, thank you for your efforts. As a retired librarian on Social Security and Medicare, I do not want any government agency having anything to do with my retirement or health care! I like these just as they are. Keep up the great work holding these radicals down. Just like my daddy used to say, these people with these funny sounding names don’t mean our country any good.'”
    8:30AM – Cruz calls Fox News to set up a press conference.
    9:00AM – Cruz states he has received letters from Texas thanking him for his work in the shutdown and to keep up the good work.

    • TZToronto

      Mrs. Trent, “Who finds the money when you pay the rent

      Did you think that money was heaven sent?” So many people don’t know what the government does for them. I know Mrs. Trent is fictional, but there are plenty like her who just don’t know . . . anything.

    • newhope4all

      Are you talking about Cruz, the Canadian?

      • Russell Byrd

        The warhead of a Cruz missile is weapons grade stupidity. Detonation causes little immediate loss of life, but ignorance and mental atrophy cause a total loss of reasoning and brain function within a short time.

    • tax payer

      The Main one is this one to me. To Buy is to Pay Cash for the food. Food Stamps is to get the food Free and the tax payers pay for it, and not the people that go to the store and load up their shopping carts. Big Difference.

  • Elisabeth Gordon

    “It must be a terribly unhappy way to live.” These people DON’T live…they merely “exist” in their own self-created bubble of paranoia…there is ALWAYS a monster under each and every bed ready to pounce and kill…so, they turn to the only “rational” thing they know ~ called Jesus ~ and then proceed to torture the rest of us with their skewed comprehension of “HIS teachings” and their twisted exaggeration(s) of same, that in know way mirror the teachings of their own self-proclaimed savior. There truly is no hope for them.

    • TZToronto

      As we’ve heard many times, if you read the Bill of Rights to people on the street, most would ask whose crazy ideas these are. . . . For Tea Partiers, the only one that makes sense is the second one. And the rest of the Constitution has no meaning for them, either.

    • latebloomingrandma

      And to think that Senator Obama was once skewered for calling certain citizens frightened enough that they cling to their guns and religion. He was talking about my region, and people were outraged, though it was true. They were and are unable to face the truth about themselves. Religion and spirituality are wonderful., but not if it is used as a crutch. Then it’s just a shallow coping mechanism, that as soon as it doesn’t “work”, gets people to doing irrational things. If faith and spirituality are a journey and infuse the soul, then it’s about recognizing and doing the right thing, Blessed are the peacemakers. (Not much of that going on in the teaparty.)

  • oldtack

    The debacle at the WWII monument Sunday was not a sudden reaction from Veterans. This was carefully created by the American Rights group in complicity with Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin and a group of infiltrated Tea Party members. If you have doubts – talk to some of the TRUE Veterans that were there. The Veterans had a peaceful march and to their surprise and chagrin – Ted Cruz appeared. After perfunctory handshakes Cruz shouldered his way through the crowd to the Monument and began his declamation and this was followed by the appearance of Palin who added her remarks.

    Then others shouldered themselves past the WWII Veterans and began removing barricades and piling them against the fence. You did not see one true WWII Veteran pick up one barrier.

    This whole thing was orchestrated by American Rights and the Tea Party.

    Ted Cruz should be tried for an act of Treason as should Palin. This kind of action from a duly elected official is despicable for a Senator.

    Final thought: Palin doesn’t go anywhere without the guarantee of payment for her appearance. What Organization paid her fee?

    • korhal

      Likely the Koch brothers, through a series of shell corporations.

      • oldtack

        And the American Foundation.

    • jointerjohn

      Yesterday I heard someone issue a riddle. “How do you know when you are politically failing? Sarah Palin is standing next to you.”

      If that idiot Cruz had a lick of sense, when he saw the confederate flags show up he would have gotten right back in his limo and sped away from that rally. Nope! He chose to own it! What a moron.

      • midway54

        Indeed….but to the donor plutocrats’ pitch, he is a legal genius from Harvard Law. His antics and lack of judgment in his utterances and personal behavior suggest he was just a champion test-taker in a venerable law school which has otherwise produced many great men.

      • Siegfried Heydrich

        You fail to understand the end game here – Cruz and his Cruzers are intent on bringing it all down, and then claiming the ruins for their own. The intent from the beginning was to delegitimize what they see as a hopelessly liberal and corrupt republican party, and either take it over from within or destroy it from without. Rand Paul is pursuing the former tactic, and Cruz the latter.

        The goal is that the nation must be punished, purged, and purified.
        All the bad people (liberals, gays, colored folks no matter the color,
        and non-christians) removed from any positions of authority whatsoever and marginalized as second class citizens. They want to return control back to the states and individual communities, where they have more freedom to repress the freedoms of others and establish a theocracy.

        We’re going into default, count on it. The bagroes have made this
        their endgame, and the destruction and chaos that follows they see as their greatest opportunity to seize power. They can’t do it electorally,so they simply intend to destroy the country and rebuild it in their image.

        • oldtack

          The half-breed Cuban and his Cruzers are controlled by the American Heritage Foundation, a Washington based “think tank” that has influenced the Republican Party since Reagan. This is the group that enticed Jim Demint to resign his Senate seat to be head of their organization. After spreading all the crud he could this man is once more soiling halls of congress. The American Heritage Foundation has full control over the Tea Party and their influence in Republican politics was made known Monday in defense of the Monument actions of Cruz. Their reply was that they would be watching the actions of Republican Congressmen and those that were not in lock step with the Party would be targeted in the mid term elections.

          It is a sad day for our government when civilian groups such as this control the actions of elected officials under threat.

          • Siegfried Heydrich

            The Klan used similar intimidation back in the day, plus they would burn your house down if you got too far out of line.

      • oldtack

        You are right on that. In retrospect – if John McCain hadn’t listened to his “advisers” and had picked an intelligent running mate – he could be President instead of Obama

    • Elisabeth Gordon

      Indeed?….and the papers want to know whose shirts you wear…D. Bowie

      • oldtack

        Not sure I understand what you are trying to say. But – politics – I consider my self an Independent. I am listed as a Republican but that was the True Republican party BEFORE infiltration. I have voted both ways for whomever I felt presented the true needs of the Country. Militarily – I am a Veteran of the Korean War (not a conflict). I served my country voluntarily because I felt it was my duty – I wasn’t drafted. I am proud of my Service and I will in as much as possible defend our any time.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      What, just Cruz?

      The entire Republican Party along with their Corporate Supporters should be tried for Treason and not only this group, but all the way back to the Reagan Administration, maybe even as far back as when Nixon was in office.

    • Mary Ann Hoogeveen

      When Palin is standing with you then you know you are losing!

  • oldtack

    Did you ever notice? None of the wild eyed radicals have much upper lip. All that is there is a thin line. Reminds me of an old Sci-fi movie “Invasion of the body snatchers” The Aliens took over the bodies of the earthlings but they couldn’t quite perfect the image and they were exposed.

    Look at Cruz, Cornyn, Boehner, McConnell, Walker, McCain, Corker, even the hook nose from Virginia is losing his. Then look at the President of NRA and the American Rights Association.

    These people are weird in more ways than Politics and Religion.

    • Bryan Blake

      Perhaps that explains Adolph Hitler’s moustache? How revealing would such a moustache on Ted Cruz be?

      • oldtack


      • oldtack

        Could be. He didn’t have an upper lip either. And look at all the devastation he wrought when everyone in Germany was finally made to walk lock step with his convoluted ideology . Walk lock step or die! These bought and paid for Politicians are required to walk lock step. Where will WE THE PEOPLE be if they gain full power?

  • sleeprn01

    I think that Senator Ted Cruz, etal needs to be impeached for not protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States; in particular the 14th amendment. The validity of the of the U.S. public debt authorized by law … shall not be questioned. Since Senator Cruz is obstructing the payment of legal debt he needs to be impeached.

    • tax payer

      Everyone in Congress needs to be impeached, but sad to say it’s never going to happen. That includes everyone down to the dogs the President has at the White House.

  • Bryan Blake

    Throughout history the foundation of power/wealth has generally been upon the backs of the ignorant, fearful and especially the superstitious. Since the formation of tribes the triad of the Chief, Miracle Healer and Spiritual Superstitionist have controlled the basic human social structure. That is still the dominant structure of the foundation of authority in the world today.

    The American Revolution was fermented by two separate but readily distinguishable societies. The fact that they were brought together as Revolutionists and then as our Nation is a testament to the abilities of the leaders of the American movement to merge the interests of these two societies. The economy of the Northern non slave states was dominated by small merchants, light manufacturing and small farmers. It was the foundation for the greed-fueled industrialist economy that matured during the Civil War. Of course, the southern economy was primarily agriculture based.

    But both parts of the new nation depended on the ignorance and superstition of its citizenry to pervert the power of and over We The People. Religious superstition has always been the best way to control people, especially the uneducated and those living in the irrationality of ignorance. The history of this country often includes the stories of Europeans fleeing to America for religious freedom. The truth is more akin to people fleeing to be free to practice their religious extremism – all based upon the irrational superstitions of revealed religions and its contemporary interpretations by its human proponents. Therein, lies the foundation of superstition in modern America. Especially, as the Old South grew as an agrarian economy based upon slavery. The white citizens whom were not part of that economy were generally poor, ignorant and uneducated. Which is always fertile ground for superstition and paranoia. Although the Civil War did resolve the issue of states’ rights in favor of a strong and dominant Federal Government it did not resolve the issues of ignorance and superstition. If anything, it exacerbated and perpetuated them.

    Being a resident of Texas I see the ignorance and superstition that fuel the Tea Party on a daily basis. My father’s side of the family were mostly “Holy Rollers” or what today would be referred to as right wing Christians. I grew up with a front row seat to the irrationality, paranoia and superstition inherent in southern right wing Christianity. But people who live their lives for “after death” are people who are out of touch with reality. These people comprise at least half of the Tea Party and are the explosive element of the extreme right with their lack of concern for our lives today. Being religious does not make one ignorant but being a consumed with superstition does.

    Gene Lyons is right. Ignorance, paranoia and superstition have been a part of American history for over 200 years. But I must submit that they have been planted, replanted and carefully tended in our American Garden.

    • oldtack

      You hit it on the nail head! My Alabama ancestors of the time before and to the Civil War were what you describe. They weren’t even share-croppers. They were day laborers. They did leave the South and for the most part they became “sane” Christians and successful individuals but even after 150 years we still have that ignorant superstitious group in the family that we tolerate. They are 100% Tea Party.
      Prob;em with our present Government is that the two parties have let those of other political beliefs infiltrate their ranks under guise. There are certain parameters that identify the philosophy of the Democrat Party and there are parameters that identify the philosophy of the Republican Party.

      The Tea Party fits neither mode – they have a totally different philosophy of government procedures.

      However, the Republican Party allowed this Third Party to infiltrate their ranks because they posed as Republicans though they in no way fit the Republican Philosophy. As a result the True Republican Party has lost control of their Party to infiltrators.

      The Tea Party is and independent Party as is the Libertarians, the Progressives, the Communists and so on.

      If they want to form a Third Party – all power to them – it is a free Nation. However, Run on their own agenda – don’t pose as Republicans.

      It is easy to castigate Boehner and many of the Republicans.but understand, they are in an internal battle with aliens posing as brothers. They operate under the threat of the Tea Party and the American Rights Organization that if they do not walk lock step with the Tea Party then they will be targeted in they run for another term.

      It is a time for ALL true Republicans and Democrats to stand firm and not allow the infiltrators to take over the reins of our Government.

  • midway54

    This picture accurately shows the two best-known opportunistic leaders of the crazed rightwingers, who are very much responsible for the downward spiral of the Country from its democratic republic form of government: Shrieking Sarah Palin, America’s Airhead, and Demagogic Senator Cruz, Joseph R. McCarthy’s look-and-act alike complete with all the irresponsibility and recklessness and obnoxiousness that McCarthy displayed. How proud the majority of voters of the Loon Star State must be of this clown. The whole world’s citizens who have been regularly told that they need our form of effective government and its freedoms is watching.

  • Bill

    What I find stupid is the fact that someone like Cruz could stop the Senate from doing its work, one or two people can stop everything, CRAZY !

  • Will

    Lets keep it real…….When it comes to the Republican party’s paranoid low intellect aging base all one has to do is add for example race into the mix and one plus one because 134 quick and fast.

  • howa4x

    Looks like a looser fest. Palin trying desperately not to be tossed into the dust bin of history, Cruz trying to escape the embarrassment he has wrought on the GOP, and all the confederate flag waving Americans that were throttled in the civil war. I’ve spoken to Tealiban and found that they are only comfortable if they can talk in slogans. Impeach Obama, Leave the makers alone, Obamacare is tyranny is the kind of rhetoric they know. They watch Fox and listen to Limbaugh and Beck who have made millions off of them. Both of them have lavish insurance benefits while trying to convince their minions not to buy it for their families. The real conspiracy here is all of the right wing media trying to keep their watchers and listeners as far away from the truth as possible, and trying to convince them to do as much damage to their families and their children’s future as they can for their own gain. The right has created a nightmare for it’s followers to live in. The good news is that they are 21% of the population and shrinking. They don’t speak for America, only the one they created.

  • mandinka

    The article is spot on. what losers Washington, Jefferson and Adams were. Just think of all the losers that fought in WW1 WW2 Korea VietNam and Iraq and Afganistan

    • william jones

      Just think of loser mandinka (dan m ketter) and how he fleeces the American taxpayers every day. Double-dipping two government handouts….all for being a generals aid (manservant), pouring coffee and caddying for him on the base golf course. In exchange for his Air Force service to his general, ole danno was kept safe and our of harms way, and awarded a big fat Pen$ion and even claimed di$ability. Didn’t even wear a military uniform while on active duty, just polo shirts, lounging apparel, and a tuxedo at the generals parties. How pathetic! Vietnam vet’s should spit on him!

    • oldtack

      I don’t get the gist of your article completely. But, I was Korea. I volunteered to defend my Country – and then politics superseded the Military and we were denied victory. It has been the same after Korea – Vietnam- and all the other small war then the two in Iraq and Afghanistan- WWII was the last War that we were allowed to win.
      I always felt in a way that we were just pawns for the Politicians. We bled and died so they could negotiate, dodge the draft and feel important.

      .When I stand in the angle at the Vietnam Wall I think of many of the young men from my town that I knew personally whose names are inscribed on that wall and I ask – what did these young men die for? They were denied victory when it was in their position aspiring Generals and conniving Politicians. I have a nephew that lies in Arlington Cemetery that was a part of this war.. I don’t consider any Veteran a loser but I think many were used more for Political gain than for Victory.

  • oldtack

    To all of those in La-La Land that labor under the delusion that WE THE PEOPLE of each State elects our Representatives and Senators. Wake up folks. You have nothing whatsoever to do with who goes to Washington DC.
    This is all decided by ultra conservative Groups that select the most promising conservative person and promote them with money and influence for the promise that when elected they will walk “lock step” with the dictates of the of the Conservative groups that put them in office.

    American Heritage Foundation – a “think tank” of top conservatives founded in Washington DC in 1973.

    Madison Project – headed by ex-Congressman Jim Ryun – noted in 2006 as the most radical conservative in Congress.

    The Sunday Veterans March debacle was orchestrated by the American Heritage Foundation and Cruz and Palin had their accolades for their treasonable actions.

    October 17 paper from Washington article on Ted Cruz( R-Tex) and Mike Lee (r-Utah) quotes Drew Ryun (Madison Project) “I think Ted Cruz and Mike Lee did EXACTLY the job that those of US who helped them get elected” wanted them to do said Drew Ryun of the Madison Project, one of the first conservative ORGANIZATIONS to back Cruz last year. And you people in Texas thought is was YOU that put Cruz in Office. Sorry!

  • oldtack

    The Madison Project also lists a “Hall of Fame” and a “Hall of Shame” for all elected officials based on how Conservative they are in their actions and votes. The ones that make the “Hall of Shame” are the ones targeted for replacement in the next election. Reference a statement from American Heritage foundation concerning the reopening of Government yesterday. Those that do not vote with the Conservatives will be targeted….

  • Liberty: Coercion’s Absence

    As Elie Halevy pointed out, those who preach from collectivism’s altar claim that liberty is magically compatible with central planning.