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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

capitol hill

Photo: Crazy George via Flickr

As the calendar flips to 2014, the political world will turn its attention to the upcoming midterm elections. While the fields for many of the races are not yet set, the schedule will certainly be packed with several consequential elections that will determine which party controls Congress and several statehouses, and set the political agenda for the next two years. Unfortunately for fans of sober policy debate, it will also be packed with crazy people.

Liz Cheney may have dropped her Senate bid in Wyoming on Monday, but there are still several elections on the docket that could end up giving the 2014 midterms a serious circus tent vibe. Here are four elections that could turn out to be especially outrageous:

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  • Dominick Vila

    What troubles me the most is that millions of Americans are likely to vote for these clowns. There are many among us that support and reward the bizarre statements and actions taken by people like the ones featured in this article. Many identify with and love shows like Duck Dynasty, and consider policy assessment, evidence, and facts nerdy concepts to be dismissed or ignored.
    One of many differences between Republicans and Democrats is our tendency to obsess over facts, and the GOP conclusion that the end justifies the means. For us it is all about governance and what is best for our society, for Republicans it is all about effective campaigning and winning elections. Remember what W said when he was asked what he remembered the most about his tenure? His answer was something along the lines of “the feeling of power was awesome”. That is the mindset that allow so many crazies to be elected to the highest offices in the land, by people whose concept of civics is limited to having a few extra bucks to buy the latest electronic gadget made in China.

    • Jambi

      I hope he’s a REAL long shot – We don’t need the “Crowned Prince of B-Movie violence” in any political position of power (or any position for that matter)

    • CPAinNewYork

      Unfortunately, Mr. Vila, you’re criticizing the exercise of democracy. There are no tests of political acumen or even general intelligence. One can be as crazy as a loon in America and still be eligible to vote.
      As Winston Churchill said, “Democracy is the worst political system, except for all the rest.”

      • Dominick Vila

        I am not criticizing the right to vote, I am questioning the judgment of those who vote for people that should be confined to a nut house.

        • CPAinNewYork

          Same thing: there are no tests of mental acuity in determining an individual’s right to vote.

          The dummies have as much right to vote for whom they want as do we smart people .

  • dennis jennings

    Boy oh boy the worlds most expensive sheriff with a running mate who is a cantidate for worlds biggest deadbeat. (when segull filmed on deadly ground, he stiffed the owner of the house he rented, the city of Valdez, Alaska and as far as I know everybody that he got credit with.)

    • Jimmy Agler

      I won’t vote for him but did like that movie.

  • howa4x

    Segal is drinking his own cool aide if he think he can run a state. He has no administrative experience and his shoot em up movies leaves a lot to desire. He did make a movie once where he actually stood up against corrupt miners to protect the environment, but then again he is an actor. The other Republican TP candidates are more of the unhinged politics we are used to. All slogans but no real policy

    • Jimmy Agler

      Actually he made two movies where he sided with the little guy against the big corporation. You are referring to “Fire down below”, he also made “On Deadly Ground” where he actually delivers an anti-oil,pro renewable energy monologue at the end.

      • howa4x

        True but all that is cancelled out by the fact that he drove an armored personal carrier into the house of a family of Latino’s while being on Arpio’s posse

  • steelie guide

    steven seagall? from crap B- movies to politics! sound familiar?

    • CPAinNewYork

      Are you slyly referring to Ronald Reagan?

      • steelie guide

        both ronnie and the ‘roid boy ex-cali governor.

  • 1standlastword

    It is well beyond time that Americans pay less attention to selfish motives and more attention to the character of political candidates.

    It’ no mystery that all of our worst problems today and throughout human history are the results of voters giving a pass to sociopathic megalomaniacs such as those featured in this thread

    Friends, we are hell-bound for sure if we don’t become better stewards of our voting rights and more effective protectors of our currently frail democratic process (e.g. voter suppression, Citizens United, gerrymandering, egregious lobbying, the buyers and sellers of influence)

  • itsfun

    These people having a chance of winning should be telling us, how unhappy people are with both parties. Political parties seem to be in the business of power and control of people, rather then the business of helping people. We elect people to represent us, but when they get to Washington, they are called into political meeting and told by the party leaders what and who they will support. If they don’t obey, then they will get no committee appointments, will not have their ideas listened to, and basically be put into a corner. What we have is party leaders running our country, not the people. Maybe we need new people in office, if for nothing else then to send a message to Washington. Politicians are now just career people, dedicated to their political party, not people dedicated to help the citizens.