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Sheriff Joe To Send Armed Posse To Guard Maricopa County Schools

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Sheriff Joe To Send Armed Posse To Guard Maricopa County Schools


Maricopa County, AZ’s notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced Thursday that he will deploy an armed “posse” to guard about 50 local grade schools, middle schools, and high schools, following the NRA’s controversial playbook for limiting gun violence.

“I have the authority to mobilize private citizens and fight crime in this county,” Arpaio said.

“We’re not talking about placing the posse in the schools right now but in the outlying — the perimeters of the school — to detect any criminal activity,” he added.

Arpaio has long used his 3,000 member volunteer posse — which includes actors Steven Seagal, Lou Ferrigno, and Peter Lupus — to supplement his legally questionable law enforcement efforts.

By eschewing common-sense gun control efforts in favor of arming Steven Seagal and posting him outside of an elementary school, Sheriff Joe is bringing the NRA’s philosophy that “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” to its ridiculous logical conclusion.

“I support arming cops in the schools,” Arpaio said. “If you have a cop that’s armed you don’t need a teacher that’s armed.”

Of course, there’s little reason for students and teachers to feel safer with Sheriff Joe and his posse around; after all, Arpaio and his deputies have been repeatedly criticized for committing serious misconduct during the sheriff’s 20-year tenure. Among other controversies, Arpaio has been accused of human rights violations — a federal judge has twice ruled that Maricopa County jails violate inmates’ Constitutional rights in medical care issues, and Arpaio has referred to one particularly harsh jail as a “concentration camp” — for failing to investigate more than 400 sex crimes between 2004 and 2007, and for creating a “reign of terror” by abusing his authority to investigate political opponents.

Additionally, the U.S. Department of Justice is currently suing Arpaio for displaying “a pattern of unlawful discrimination” against Latinos, and it was recently revealed that last year he proudly accepted a “law and order” award from white supremacist group The Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr.com

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. I Zheet M'Drawz December 28, 2012

    How long until this maniac starts organizing posses to hunt down & lynch folks eh?

    1. Daniel Jones December 28, 2012

      “Starts”? I think it’s just a matter of when it comes to light..

      1. AttilatheBlond December 28, 2012

        Yep, it’s a big desert and there are lots of ways to get rid of those pesky victims.

    2. metrognome3830 December 29, 2012

      Good God! Don’t encourage him any further. He already has posses to hunt folks down. Even folks who don’t need hunting down. So far, he has been barred from lynching them. at least publicly.

  2. Baron Cormac December 28, 2012

    Anyone else remember that episode with Steven Segal when they broke into the wrong home lookin for a drug dealer? The folks are still waiting for Maricopa County to pay what the court ordered them to.

    1. Michael Kollmorgen December 29, 2012

      When Steven Segal first appeared in the movies I liked him.

      But, lately, he’s turned into an asshole.

      Unfortunately, an asshole with lots of money.

  3. AttilatheBlond December 28, 2012

    This won’t end well, unless it ends with that zealot of hate and bad judgment getting committed soon.

  4. Cathy Moore Casper December 29, 2012

    And who is paying for this? And, what is he gonna find? Kids learning ? Because in none of the school shootings was the shooter enrolled in the school, so this is insane. But, consider the source.

    1. Blue Ridge December 29, 2012

      Cathy, listen to what Sheriff Joe said. Don’t make the story up in your mind.

      1. stcroixcarp December 29, 2012

        I think he said he was going to use volunteers. Who is going to do background checks on the volunteers? Here in Wisconsin we need to do background checks on Sunday School teachers our insurance requires it. This is not going to be a cost free service.

        1. Liz Feeser-Regan December 29, 2012

          From what I have read Wisconsin has had enough problems even with background checks, so don’t be so quick to pat yourself on the back.

          1. David Fields December 29, 2012

            That was the point, Liz; even if this posse is all volunteer, there will be costs involved and Sheriff Joe may end up regretting his decision.

        2. Jerry Beck December 29, 2012

          You didn’t read the whole thing,he ALREADY has a “posse” they have already been checked out. Not saying he is all right about this but maybe part-way,just sayin.

          1. John December 29, 2012

            Don’t be an idiot. This posse has not been checked out. Just because you say it doesn’t make it so. This sheriff is an embarrassment to law enforcement.

          2. TYE BROWN January 3, 2013

            He is the elected Sheriff so he is right. Go back to sleep and let him do his job.

        3. Brandon Johnson December 30, 2012

          You have to have a DHS fingerprint security card to volunteer at schools in AZ. Source: I volunteer at schools in maricopa county.

      2. TYE BROWN January 3, 2013

        She just wants to argue and take your guns.

    2. Jerry Beck December 29, 2012

      Yes Cathy read what it says,not just bold type,the story…….they are going to be OUTSIDE the school.

    3. onedonewong December 29, 2012

      Typical half wit lib!!!

    4. TYE BROWN January 3, 2013

      Some people are just trouble makers. This is a great Sheriff and he knows what he is doing a hell of a lot better than you do. Put a sock in your mouth and shut up.

  5. Blue Ridge December 29, 2012

    The guards will be on the perimeter of the property, not in the building. If the shooter sees a police car nearby they probably will move on. It’s time to get your liberal heads out of your asses.

    1. Grunge45 December 29, 2012

      Stupid idea has a stupid backup.

    2. oldtack December 30, 2012

      Back away from your phobias and your feeding frenzy of fear and come back to reality.

      Do a survey of the number of mass school or Industry shootings in the past fifty years. How many of the killers were sane? How many of the shooters were street punks or criminals? How many of these killers were severely mentally disturbed? how many of these killers legally owned the weapons they used?

      We do not live in a country where people are roaming the streets looking for people to kill. We do live in a Country with lax control over the sale and purchase of weapons.

      I am a gun owner and in my area of this Country a very large percentage of the populace also own guns. Some have extensive “collections” mainly for show and bragging rights. The rest have one or two – mainly a hunting rifle and a shotgun . Some have concealed gun permits. The only danger from this type individual is the danger of having their weapons stolen by a criminal or a mentally ill person.

      I think we need more stringent control over sales of weapons with a waiting period and a thorough screening process. We need to hold gun owners,like myself, responsible for the security of their weapons. When not in use , all weapons should be secured in a locked safe. If weapons of a gun owner are stolen from a closet or bedroom then the owner should be held responsible for whatever the thief uses the weapon for. Curb purchases.

      Concentrate on mental cases. Lanza was mentally disturbed from early age as was the person that killed the people in Tucson. Yet – they were tolerated and let loose to roam wherever.

      The Criminal element of Society will always be with us. They are a menace but their use of weapons is directed to robberies and “honor” killings and such but not mass murders of innocent children or workers. For the most part, their weapons are black market or stolen . Rarely will you find a criminal using a legally purchased weapon.

      As horrendous as they are. Mass killings are not that frequent .

      We do need to address the issues but we do not need to let fear and paranoia pervade our beings and interfere with a common sense approach to resolving this problem.

      1. old_blu December 30, 2012

        Very well said oldtack, if Blue Ridge’s idea works all we need is more cop cars.

  6. mlsmith55 December 29, 2012

    Is the NRA going to pay for the time the deputies spend at schools? I don’t remember LaPierrer offering to pay for this extra service.

  7. ivory69690 December 29, 2012

    and then when a gang of kids in school get shot because thy joined together to jump a teacher and all get shot,s to their heads then what are these NRA idiots going to say and do ? thy’ve lost it just like the GOP ding-dong party of no .

  8. ivory69690 December 29, 2012

    Maricopa County, AZ’s notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced Thursday that he will deploy an armed “posse” to guard about 50 local grade schools, middle schools, and high schools, following the NRA’s controversial playbook for limiting gun violence.//// and take the money out of medacare OR SSI ?

    1. Plznnn December 29, 2012

      Like Obama taking $716 BILLION from Medicare & Spending Trillions we don’t have?

      1. Reddiaperbaby December 29, 2012

        That $716 billion claim has been debunked so many times, it’a wonder you haven’t heard it, even under that rock where you live. As for spending money we don’t have, the village idiot from Texas wrote the book on that. Quick, get back under that rock…you’re obviously blind to the light.

        1. oldtack December 30, 2012

          Don’t waste your time on Plznnn. When he gets something in his head it is etched in stone (pun intended) and it can never be removed.

        2. idamag December 30, 2012

          Reddi, plznn is not very sharp and he gets his information from hate blogs and faux news.

          1. Reddiaperbaby December 30, 2012

            Ida, I’m so impatient with stupidity…I’ve just turned 82 and I’ve seen and heard more stupid than anyone should ever have to. Have a happy and healthy 2013…many blessings.
            Sent from my iPad

          2. idamag December 30, 2012

            Thank you, reddi. I am fed up with stupidity, also. Health and blessings back at you.

      2. WhutHeSaid December 29, 2012

        …said the lying bigot.

  9. Dominick Vila December 29, 2012

    I wonder how many “anchor children” will be rounded up by the posse…

    The problem with this approach is that most of the tragedies we experienced in recent years did not take place in schools. Is Sheriff Arpaio going to deploy deputies near movie theaters, temples, public gatherings, universities, and just about anywhere where a mass murder may take place? Hopefully the arms industry will donate enough funds to pay for the additional deputies needed to reduce the probability of more tragedies. How about mobilizing the National Guard and providing them with rocket propelled grenade launchers to make sure they have the same capabilities as those in the hands of potential attackers?

    1. stcroixcarp December 29, 2012

      Don’t forget post offices, McDonald’s and beauty salons. I will not be going to Arizona any time soon!

      1. Liz Feeser-Regan December 29, 2012

        I lived there for three years, horrible place, The Sheriff can’t even get his area under control worst crime I have ever seen.

        1. metrognome3830 December 29, 2012

          One of the criminals is Sheriff Joe.

        2. idamag December 30, 2012

          I spent six months in Phoenix. Lots of drive by shootings.

      2. firebirdrancher December 29, 2012

        I live in Arizona. And I am ever so grateful that I do NOT live in the magical kingdom of Maricopa County where Sheriff Joe wields his crazy wand.

        1. metrognome3830 December 29, 2012

          I have the great misfortune to live in Maricopa County. Believe me, people, you do NOT want Sheriff Joe in control. If any of you want him in your jurisdiction I, for one, will be happy to encourage him to leave. Just be prepared to be willing to part with hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits. Listen to firebirdrancher. Arpaio is not universally loved in Arizona.

          1. WhutHeSaid December 29, 2012

            No thanks, nobody else wants that nut-case in their jurisdiction. You voted him in — you keep him. May I suggest that he become an inhabitant of his own jail system? He’d look just wonderful in pink underwear.

          2. metrognome3830 December 31, 2012

            No, I had nothing to do with voting him in. I have spent eight years pushing to get him voted out. Since shortly after I moved here. But the political climate here is so overwhelmingly ultra-right I suspect the old fool will die in office. He’s 80-years-old now, and he is planning to run again when he will be 84. And he will probably get elected again.

          3. WhutHeSaid December 31, 2012

            I didn’t mean you personally, and I don’t blame you for wanting to get rid of a dangerous lunatic. But please — don’t suggest foisting him upon anyone else. We can only hope that the US Justice Department will finally find a nice comfy cell for him to live out the remainder of his days babbling his idiotic nonsense.

          4. metrognome3830 December 31, 2012

            No, I really wouldn’t want to dump that idiot on anyone else. Like you, I hope he ends up wearing pink underwear in his own “tent city.

          5. Michael Kollmorgen December 29, 2012

            Welp, if the people of his area didn’t like him, they wouldn’t have voted him into office.

            It’s the people who voted for him that is the main problem.

          6. metrognome3830 December 31, 2012

            You’ve got that right my friend.

          7. oldtack December 30, 2012

            I sympathize with both you and firebirdrancher. But if you do get rid of Crazy Joe – please don’t send him to Texas. We already have Rick Perry and that is more than enough.

          8. idamag December 30, 2012

            He was considered kind of batty when I lived there.

          9. metrognome3830 December 31, 2012

            Unfortunately he has apparently turned a majority of voters in Maricopa County into being just as batty as he is. He’s already planning his next run for sheriff. He’ll be 84 by then and certainly battier than ever.

    2. Mary Martinez December 29, 2012

      How about we propose they raise the taxes on gun purchases, just like cigarettes. Tobacco is harmful to ones health and so are guns. This added tax can be applied to care for the medical cost that arise from all these mass shootings. And what if we tax all religion, these added taxes would be applied to care for the homeless, hungry and all unwanted children that weren’t aborted. This way there would be no need to touch medicare and ss, nor would we have to worry about raising taxes on the rich!

      1. MasterFoo January 3, 2013

        Then what swords? then knives? then forks? then spoons? toothpicks? scissors?
        We need to cut spending everywhere(oversea’s #1 on the list) and then use that money to rebuild our society/infrastructure. Creating a “sin” or “danger” tax is an application of tyranical force.(try not paying your taxes before you say that what I wrote is untrue and see how that pans out.) Democracy is nothing less than mob rule(Oppression of the minority by the majority that is what ANY vote is) we need to restore this republic most direly.

    3. Doctor T December 29, 2012

      Someone needs to shut this jackass down. Obviously it wont be the governor who is an idiot par excellance! Like I have said before, these jackass like the pacifiers of their gun barrels and they need to suck on them and then do the rest of us a big favor.

    4. old_blu December 29, 2012

      You know what I was thinking Dominick? I was thinking maybe have a gun and ammo tax to pay for this extra security that some think we are going to need, and without other measures to stop these attacks, we are going to need it.

      I also think we are just going to get some token ban on high capacity magazines, (which is good) but I doubt much else will change.

      1. Dominick Vila December 29, 2012

        I agree, I don’t expect much to change, not because we don’t need gun control, but because guns are such an integral part of our culture that no politician will risk proposing meaningful and enforceable gun control laws. I could not believe it when I heard that five Rocket Propelled Grenade launchers were traded for gift cards in California the last couple of years.
        Are people so afraid of their fellow citizens and our government that they feel they need RPGs to protect themselves? I guess this is the same crowd that believes Muslims are going to impose Sharia law on the rest of us, that commies are hiding under our beds, that the U.S. government is going to take away our guns and that we will become victims of totalitarianism.
        I guess that explains why people like Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Akin, Allen and the rest of the gang have so many supporters…

        1. old_blu December 29, 2012

          Yeah I seen that the other day where two of those R.P.G’s, got turned in, I was amazed.

          How afraid do you have to be to think you need one of those? I would laugh but it’s not funny.

    5. cliffjos54 December 29, 2012

      They mobilized the National Guard once and they slaughtered college students on campus. Shot them down like they do the dogs today. In case you didn’t realize, the National Guard is supplied with all the weaponry they need to kill you. I am afraid that by the time the people in this country come to the understanding that guns are not the problem it will be way too late. Every time some lunatic kills a few people the nutballs ignore the fact that the lunatic was in desperate need of serious medical care as were all the rest. Even though Sheriff Joe is in need of serious medical care at least he is trying to protect the most vulnerable in our insane society.

  10. Grunge45 December 29, 2012

    So he’ll give out government money (the good kind) to “protect” when it is an absurd idea. Talk about living off the teats!

  11. Plznnn December 29, 2012

    The best and least costly approach would be to train & arm several teachers or school personal in a school setting, and also to have every teacher & all personal equiped with strong pepper spray. This would give them many sources of protection. We could also have steel doors on all classrooms that could be locked down when necessary.

    1. latebloomingrandma December 29, 2012

      Sounds like prison, not school.

      1. Bill December 29, 2012

        Just think of how the newly attired teacher will look. Shoulder or side holster to carry a sem-automatic handgun, banderlero to hold extra ammuntions (hollow point bullets optional, a sheath to hold a hunting knife and a belt holder for pepper spray. That ought to keep littlle Johnny in his seat and well behaved. After the steel doors why not surrond the school with barbed wire, maybe a moat. On the school roof we could have a sniper or two. I think that would be sufficient.

    2. mah101 December 29, 2012

      And priests, cashiers, the cooks at McDonalds, drivers, aw heck – lets all be armed. Yeah, that’s the answer.

      Oh, and we can build walls around our homes with armed guards and steel gates. We could really stimulate the economy by creating more demand for personal bodyguards for those rare occasions when we have to go out in public.

      Please, Plznnn, don’t be silly

      1. idamag December 30, 2012

        mah, don’t forget shopping malls and highways (snipers have surfaced from time to to time). How about that guy at Yosemite National Park about fifty years ago, so include parks. Oh, and there was the post office, too. Just what we wanted to happen to America, the Beautiful, turn the entire country into a war zone.

    3. Mary Martinez December 29, 2012

      Talk about loosing our american right to freedom.

    4. oldtack December 30, 2012

      I don’t know what procedures are used in your schools but in my area – whenever there is an altercation or threat in our schools an alert is relayed simultaneously to all classrooms and all rooms are locked immediately. They are regular wooden doors rather than steel but they are a deterrent. In a case like the maniac Lanza I’m not sure even a steel door would suffice.

  12. manfred December 29, 2012

    Let’s have another movie titled: “Shootout in the schoolyard”

  13. Liz Feeser-Regan December 29, 2012

    Just makes you wonder what is right and what is wrong, I wan’t all children to have a safe place to go and learn, is this the answer? I don’t know. I also would like to see assault weapons off the streets along with clips that hold several rounds.

  14. ggacre99 December 29, 2012

    The Sons of Confederate Veterans is not a white supremacist group, though I admit there has been, and still is, an internal fight concerning their ‘aproach’ to various topics. In fact, they sort of mirror the republican party – a few with good sense and appropriate goals while the remainder form a hate group against most Americans.

  15. commserver December 29, 2012

    As long as Joe keeps getting re-elected then the only solution is either a state takeover or Federal takeover. Forget about the state.

    The Federal takeover is not practical.

  16. David Fields December 29, 2012

    Historically speaking, a posse remained a posse until they became bored with the mission and simply chose to go back home. These people are not going to be paid to spend 8 to 10 hours per day, every day at a given school and if they don’t detect any threats over a given short period of time, they may themselves become the threat–seeing crime where there isn’t any and grossly over-reacting to what might otherwise be no worse than a misdemeanor. In fact, history shows that posses often became lynch mobs, taking justice into their own hands often at the cost of innocent lives.

  17. jimmy w December 29, 2012

    sheriff joe is of courst another gun idiot

  18. usworker3 December 29, 2012

    I prefer a cop that’s armed rather than a teacher … however… the best is NOT having to arm EITHER one ..
    … and … since the NRA is the ROOT of the problem .. THEY should be billed for ALL expenses of doing ANYTHING ..

  19. Carol Dijkhuyzen December 29, 2012

    This evil birther so called sheriff is an arsenal of stupidity and ignorance…

    1. lana ward December 29, 2012

      Dems hate everyone who is good and decent. The media won’t expose Omuslim wasn’t born here, Arpaio is just doing what the MSM won’t do–THEIR JOB!!

      1. idamag December 30, 2012

        lana, I am not a Democrat, but you are anything but good and decent. You spout unChristlike hate whenever you get on the boards. Your hate is not decent.

        1. lana ward December 30, 2012

          Your the one attacking Arpaio, not me. He is doing what the MSM is paid to do- THEIR JOB. You should stand with him, as a good American and help him!! Demonizing him shows you aren’t good and decent

  20. Jerry Beck December 29, 2012

    Part of idea has merit.

  21. Budjob December 29, 2012

    How about flame throwers,rocket propelled grenade launchers,a box of hand grenades to be stored in the principals office,barbed wire,and guard towers?

    1. lana ward December 29, 2012

      There are 11 armed guards at Omuslims’ daughters’ school. That’s stupid, let’s get rid of them!!

      1. Vernon Sukumu December 29, 2012

        In 2011 eighty police officers were kill in this insane gun crazy country. THEY WERE ALL ARMED, remember when saint Ronnie was shot there was armed secret service, (who is better armed) and train then our police.

  22. Louis Klugh December 29, 2012

    Put a moat with a drawbridge around every school with a machine gun in a tower and search and check the ID of everyone who enters. Paying for it’s easy. Just deduct it from Medicare. I’m beginning to like my new daily diet of beans and rice.

  23. annienoel December 29, 2012

    So we have one terrible school shooting and all of a sudden we are going to turn schools into armed fortresses. Has anyone suggested to Arpaio et al that we provide armed guards for movie theaters? Post offices? Universities…oh yes Virginia Tech had armed guards. Again we are putting the cart before the horse.

    1. lana ward December 29, 2012

      Omuslims’ kids school is an armed fortress. It has 11 armed guards-how stupid!!

  24. lana ward December 29, 2012

    There are 11 armed guards at Omuslims’ daughters’ school. That is fuc*** stupid to have armed guards at schools!! His kids should be at risk, as are ours!!

    1. Michael Kollmorgen December 29, 2012

      The job of protecting the President along with his family falls under the responsibility of the Secret Service.

      By the way, any current or former congressman can request the same service.

      These people are not just regular police.

      What would YOU like to see happen, get his kids killed? How about if any republican kids get killed. Would you approve of that?

      If any pointed a weapon at you with the intent to kill, you’d be crapping Green like anyone else would.

      1. lana ward December 29, 2012

        That comment was for those here who don’t think there should be armed guards at schools to protect our kids. I was saying, if our kids don’t deserve protection, Omuslims’ kids don’y either. About your last sentence, I don’t know. My son was shot and killed in a home invasion, so I can’t ask him

        1. Michael Kollmorgen December 30, 2012

          NOW, I understand why you feel as you do.

          I’m very sorry to hear this.

          Please accept my sympathies.

          How long ago did this happen? Can you give us any particulars?

          1. lana ward December 30, 2012

            Thank you!! Brad has been gone for 19 mons. now . He was shot in the back as he got to the door of his apartment, he was half inside and half on his porch. He almost made it out, but the coward(s) wouldn’t let that happen! They still haven’t found who shot him, but that won’t bring him back anyway. So I think anyone who has a legal gun should carry it, everywhere,we are overrun by thugs and need protection. I think all the time–if Brad had only had a gun

          2. Michael Kollmorgen December 30, 2012

            Maybe IF he had a gun it might have helped. We’ll never really know.

            But, I can’t believe arming ourselves to the teeth is going to stop any of this. It may help a little bit. But, it won’t solve anything in the long run.

            Drive-by shooting are not usually done against innocent people. They are very similar to Hits that the mob performed against a rival gang during the roaring twenties that they felt were too involved in their territory.

            Picking out a “stranger” and shooting by drive-by is not a normal way these gangs do these things.

            But, it does happen occasionally, usually to instill fear in a community and usually in very poor areas.

            I got a feeling there is more to your story than what you are telling us. If I am wrong I appoligize ahead of time.

        2. oldtack December 30, 2012

          All forum barbs and innuendo aside.

          I am sincerely sorry to know that your son was killed in a home invasion. As a parent, I can empathize but in no way can I imagine the anguish of losing a child in this manner.

          Have a good day Lana – sincerely.


          1. lana ward December 30, 2012

            Thank you! I appreciate that ,you have a good day too!

        3. idamag December 30, 2012

          poor stupid lana. And she doesn’t even know how dippy she sounds because she thinks stupid is cute.

    2. oldtack December 30, 2012

      I have never heard of Omuslim though we do have a President whose surname is Obama. Is this person the one to whom you refer? Whether he is a Muslim is none of your business.

      These “cops” are Secret Service and and this is what they do for all Elected Officials in Washington. It’s their job.

      You reveal your ignorance by your doggerel and then become artsy with the F word. It isn’t fuc*** it as spelled fucking. If you want to use this term then spell it out. Do you know the origin of this word? If you perused old law enforcement records you would find this entered as FUC an acronym for Forced Unsolicited Copulation which referred to the act of rape.

      Omuslim? fuc***? My but you do have such a command of good communication. skills.

      Your local Tea Party should campaign to elect you to Congress.

      1. lana ward December 30, 2012

        This id the only site I know that will let you spell the whole word. Says alot for this site.

        1. oldtack December 30, 2012

          The F word is not a “bad” word if used in it’s proper connotation. It is users like yourself that seem to have a perverted mental imagery of the acronym. Does that word conjure devious thoughts and suppressed desires in you convoluted and warped brain?

          Have a good Sunday Lana and mull over the F word.

          1. lana ward December 30, 2012

            You didn’t spell it out this time? About the only time I use it is when talking about that America hating muslim in the WH. Biggest fraud ever

          2. old_blu December 30, 2012

            Lana, did you know there was a woman in NY that pushed someone in front of a speeding train in the subway? And do you know why she did that?

            She said “because I hate Hindus and Muslims”

          3. lana ward December 30, 2012

            I know, I saw it. She said she thought he was muslim. Now the muslims will probably kill hundreds of Americans to repay us.

          4. old_blu December 30, 2012

            You missed my point lana I was saying you shouldn’t hate anyone because of their religon, or race, or anything else for that matter.

          5. idamag December 30, 2012

            Old-Blu, and she said she was a Christians. I was taught, from a child, in Sunday School that hate was wrong. I wonder what she would say to Jesus, should he show up at her doorstep.

          6. old_blu December 30, 2012

            I deplore racism, and hate no matter how it’s disguised.

          7. lana ward December 30, 2012

            I didn’t miss your point old_blu, I answered with my point. These people have come to America and are taking it over. And their leader in the WH, is letting them do it. Anything they want, they get while Americans are having their rights taken away

          8. Michael Kollmorgen December 30, 2012

            These people are taking over America?

            Believe it or not, a lot of people said the same many years ago about immigrants from Europe, Asia, Africa.

            This country has shown an ingrained hatred and fear of immigrants all along.

            This country is not made of a Pure Race. The White Race is in the Minority now. We are a mixture of many races, ethnic backgrounds and lifestyles.

          9. idamag December 30, 2012

            Was it lana?

    3. idamag December 30, 2012

      Poor dumb lana, because of wackos like you we have to protect our President and his family.

      1. lana ward December 30, 2012

        Poor dumb idamag, because of heartless, soulless wackos’ like you, our kids are being shot because you won’t let teachers carry guns to protect them. Proud?

      2. lana ward December 31, 2012

        You don’t think we love our kids as much as Omuslim loves his? Something wrong with you!!

  25. howa4x December 29, 2012

    That’s great except if the shooter sees Segal standing in the front door he may be smart enought to enter the back door. Then what? How many kids would be shot until the guard hears the shots. The NRA dosen’t want to admit that both Columbine and V tech had armed guards, so no more needs to be said.

  26. Carol Dijkhuyzen December 29, 2012

    Is birther sheriff a good and decent one?For Christ’s sakes he is the lowest snake that ever lived in AZ!Undermining teh findings fo America,Hawaii,FBI,CIA,and most especially the republican governor of Hawaii then”Lingle!We must remove every republican Out of Office thsi coming mid-term.They are unfit!We hammered them last election we could do it again!ALLEZ!

  27. Phil Hopson December 29, 2012

    Apparently from the news yesterday, we now need armed guards to protect police stations in New Jersey! With all the changing variables and different circumstances, it’s laughable to suggest this somehow would prevent some nut from easily acquiring weapons and committing another atrocity. I keep thinking as a nation we have evolved from this “wild, wild, west” ideology, but idiots like Sheriff Joe still think guns are the the only answer.

    Fixing the background check loopholes would be a first step in federal gun safety legislation and likely reduce the number of these instances. But as in the past couple of decades have shown, the NRA continually blocks any legislation that might interfere with gun sales. The gun lobby is only interested in promoting sales, and by doing so, has shown no creditable interest in the safety of citizens.

    1. idamag December 30, 2012

      Phil, you said the key words – gun sales. That is what the NRA is all about.

  28. Michael Stoll December 29, 2012

    I live in Chicago . Unfortunately it is now a Communist Occupied city . It is the Murder capital of the U S . We had a gun ban for decades , so did DC and Detroit . You know what those 3 cities had in common ? The highest violent crime rates associated with guns . Outlaws dont care about gun laws .Columbine happened with an assault weapon ban in place . The Newtown shooter was barred from owning a gun . Most Americans want what the NRA advocates for . Armed Police Officers in the schools . They dont want what Obama or Rahm want . That is total gun confiscation . Rahm said it wouldnt be right for Chicago that it would make us less safe . Let me see ? He and Obama have 24 /7 armed guards for their kids but dont want your kids to be protected . Liberals are Hypocrites . Let that tiny dancer lead by example… let him send his kids to Chicago Public Schoolls with no protection . Let them lead by example . They wont , they are hypocrites and Liberals are stupid for baa baa’ ing like sheep to everything they say

  29. Some Teacher December 29, 2012

    This is a sick distraction. Despite the horrific scenes at Columbine and Newtown, statistically there are few places safer for children than schools. The NRA’s Mr. LaPierre and now Mr. Arpaio are creating a distraction from more serious issues of violence in our society.

    Placing armed guards around a school increases the feeling for many students that they are imprisoned. It is antithetical to a productive learning environment.

    Decades ago, schools were built as beautiful edifices which served as centers for learning and as anchors for communities. Modern schools are usually built to more closely resemble factory warehouses or prisons.

    If we want to enhance student learning and safety, a better choice would be to open the schools to more of the community. Treat students with respect and fully fund their health care, including mental health. (That is the one detail that Mr. LaPierre got right, that identifying and treating mental health issues has been sadly neglected).

  30. Landsende December 29, 2012

    Most schools have at least five or six exits and some even more. Are they going to place a guard at every exit? Are they going to stand outside when the temperature reaches 100 degrees? Other than the has been actors, who are the other volunteers that are willing to do this every day? Perhaps a George Zimmerman wannabe. Before the schools allow this they need to decide if they have the finances to defend a lawsuit if one of these “volunteers” accidentally shoots a child or innocent bystander.

  31. alumahead December 29, 2012

    Arizonans seem to have a very strange idea of what America is all about.

    1. Denise Mahar January 1, 2013

      Not all Arizonans are like the sheriff, and we are doing our best, with a stacked deck, to get this idiot voted out of office. Please don’t think we are all sheriff Joes.

      1. alumahead January 1, 2013

        I know. I am sorry. I live in Florida so I know how some battles have to be waged uphill.

  32. Doctor T December 29, 2012

    WOW! Big BadASS Joe! You are a complete fool and will die under the sword you bring to the innocent! God will never ever forgive your ass for being such a bastard and a life stifling fool!

  33. del December 29, 2012

    Sheriff Arpaio is one of many right wing conservative idiot Sheriff’s across this country who are increasingly violating the rights of citizens with their philosophy of eliminating crime..In fact, various Sheriff’s and Chief’s of Police throughout Calif have become so right wing extremist
    Republicans that they create the crime themselves of what seems to be a way of justifying their stance on reducing crime in their use of resisting arrest charges, often times wihf additional resisting charges stacked by District Attorney’s, which they use as leverage for plea bargains. Other areas of abuse by law enforcement is in regards to dept. policies in relation to Calif. State Legislation in regards to Domestic/Spousal abuse with several levels from misdemeanor to felony allowing an officer to charge it as a felony even if it’s only a minor minor injury such as a bruise or scratch in order to make the arrest since it did not occur in the Officers presence. Then, if the accused questions the Officer in this case and other similar alleged crimes, they charge it as resisting arrest in order to cover their ass (CYA), especially if they used violence and injury toward the accused with no justification.

    1. Michael Kollmorgen December 29, 2012


      What you comment on is usual operating procedure with nearly all police forces and the prosecutors office.

      It’s all part of the Justice Industrial Complex that supports the Prison Industrial Complex.

      In all these cases, Lady Justice is not blind. Money talks, BS walks.

  34. Clyde Ed Gentry December 29, 2012

    Truly this Man Thinks He’s GOD, You would Think he’d Have enough to do Running His Concentration Camp in the Desert ……

  35. rl December 29, 2012

    When Sherrif Joe’s (are we really sure he is a citizen-he has a foreign sounding name) posse kills one of these students will he stand behind them or throw them to the wolves, under the bus? I think he will thrown them under the bus.

  36. flipsider December 29, 2012

    I sincerely hope that other sheriffs around the country will follow Joe’s example in protecting out children.

    And rl… if the student in question has a gun,, and is threatening others,,,, my hope is that the “posse” is able to stop him without harming him,,, but that may not be possible. The lesson I’d like to see learned,, by all the students,, is,, if you pull a gun,, expect to get shot. That is gun control at it’s best.

  37. Simpleisbetter2 December 29, 2012

    Hopefully all the teachers in all of the schools around the country decide to arm themselves. Good guys with guns… I like that. I’ll bet armed teachers would have cut the death toll significantly, or killed the gunman before he could do any harm. I like the idea of armed guards protecting schools. My guess is the idiots thinking about violence against a school will think twice when there is a possibility that they will run into armed “good guys”.

    1. Michael Kollmorgen December 30, 2012

      I like the idea of armed teachers. I don’t see any other solution.

      However, these teachers should be former Combat Veterans BEFORE they become teachers.

      I sure wouldn’t trust a gun in the hand of someone just holding a CC. Too many wackoos running around with them.

  38. onedonewong December 29, 2012

    Once again Sheriff Joe comes up with common sense solutions to a vexing problem. Hopefully barak will appoint him AG to replace that idiot Holder

  39. John Barone December 30, 2012

    What a Bleeding Heart Liberal RAG this Web Site is

  40. Anthony December 30, 2012

    good stuff

  41. docb December 30, 2012

    The man ? is deplorable.. Too stupid and nugatory to bear! What would one expect from an bully and bigot !

    1. idamag December 30, 2012

      joe is a blusterbutt who is full of himself. He is not exactly intelligent.

      1. docb December 30, 2012

        I had never thought so but thanks for confirming his low IQ, iadam!

  42. gargray December 30, 2012

    You can’t fix idiots and you can’t fix Joe. He already went over the cliff.

  43. Michael Ross December 30, 2012

    This will be the beginning of the end of America’s NRA crisis one way or the other. Either actual reform is going to be enacted before anything bad happens, or the NRA’s whole “guns in schools” solution is going to get the biggest hole poked through it possible when one of Arpaio’s posse clowns open fires at all the Hispanic parents visiting for Career Day.

  44. Bert Fannin December 30, 2012

    Well the above says volumes about the toxic state of our schools and the law enforcement people tasked with protecting the school’s safety. Par for the course in gun totting America.

  45. m. j. December 30, 2012

    Like a stopped clock that is right twice a day, any attempt a dialog on this or any other topic merits atleast casual and open review. In this case, Arapaio may have started down a path with some merit in that a perimiter security scheme could possibly be an affordable, do-able option.

    Whether or not any school system can afford the cost of such a plan would be a local matter. In any event, I can’t help think that there’s not going to be a one-size fits all solution here in a Nation as diverse as ours is. The requisite is that through rational dialoge, we can arrive at a well thought through menue of options for school administrators to implement.

  46. Doctor T December 30, 2012

    Will not even read this BS. Joe Bullshit is a goner. He is a friggining redneck sob and will die by the sword that he agitated for what he thought was his elevation into a better class of people. He is a scum bag par excellance!

  47. shaysite December 30, 2012

    As a proud Anglo-American whose ancestors all arrived here before the nineteenth-century began and some of whom fought the British in the Revolution, I’m appalled to see our culture and heritage polluted by Italians like Joe Arpaio. These people don’t belong here. They are not real Americans and should be sent back to where they came from.

    1. lana ward December 30, 2012

      It;s Omuslim and the muslims that have polluted our heritage and are taking Americans’ rights away. They ARE NOT real Americans and SHOULD be sent back to where they came from!!

      1. shaysite December 31, 2012

        It’s Italians-uncouth, low class, always involved in crime and anarchism, and a threat to protestant Christian values. You just can’t trust these shiftless people. You get too many of them together and nothing good can be accomplished. And they are not afraid to be put in our jails, because an American jail is much better than anything they knew at home. Their President Burlesconi makes Bill Clinton look pure and chaste by comparison.

        1. Michael Kollmorgen December 31, 2012


          You’re repeating exactly what I’ve heard of every new immigrant to this country from the late 1800s. Tell ya, the “white race” is starting to get some pretty slim picking of who to discriminate against anymore. You’ve just about run out of Scapegoats.

          Let’s see, we’ve had various groups of people, Chinese, Japanese, Pols, Greeks, Indians (from India), a large group of people from Africa, South America.

          I wonder, would you send this people all back to where they came from?

          Your problem is that you’re a WASP. Everyone else is below you, hell, even Catholics.

          1. shaysite December 31, 2012

            Yes I AM repeating what every new-non anglo-immigrant to this country has heard since the 18th century. It’s what the right has repeated throughout our history. We’ve even had major party presidential candidates running on a nativist platform. I researched the comments I made to make sure that they were an accurate recreation of what the right has said about Italians in the not too distant past. Tea Partiers-especially those who are not anglos-should take notice and think about who they’ve cast their lot with. They should think about it, especially, before they support any effort to kick anyone out of this country, solely because of their race, ethnicity or religion.

          2. MasterFoo January 3, 2013

            You are an idiot and a racist.
            18th Century Americans = All racist
            19th Century Americans = still racist but more so in the south
            20th Century Americans = Left founds KKK and dixiecrats push segragation, Right passes Civil Rights
            21st Century Americans = Too dumb for it matter.

      2. shaysite December 31, 2012

        How can anyone with a name like “Arpaio” possibly serve in law enforcement anyway? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know, right away, that he’s surely involved in organized crime.

        1. lana ward December 31, 2012

          It’s Omuslim that is envolved in organized crime. He is a gangster, thug, criminal and America hater–and the flipping MSM cover for him. How can anyone with a name like Omuslim possibly serve in the gov. anyway. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know right away that he is surely an illegal alien that has forced his fraud apon us with the help of the MSM

      3. shaysite December 31, 2012

        Facing Italian “soldiers” in World War II, our main problem was that they were always surrendering faster than we could herd them into captivity and this Arpaio says that he wants to protect Americans?! Pathetic!

        1. lana ward December 31, 2012

          Omuslim says he wants to protect Americans. He didn’t even protect the 4 in Benghazi. He let them die. How is he going to protect all of America?

        2. lana ward December 31, 2012

          Arpaio has been and is protecting Americans–that’s why the left want him gone!

    2. MasterFoo January 3, 2013

      As a proud American with family that helped FOUND this country, I feel that racist scum like yourself need to take a long walk off a short pier as a Sicilian I would be more than happy to get you a brand new pair of shoes(of the finest cement of course) before you go on this walk.

  48. Blue Ridge December 30, 2012

    Gun control, does that equal Fast and Furious ?

  49. Frank December 30, 2012

    I hope it doesn’t come back to bite his butt. The day Bubba Joe passes will be one less idiot in this world.

  50. mothermaybe December 30, 2012

    This guy is so on the edge that if someone looked at him wrong he would probably shoot them. He’s a loose cannon. Speaking of mentally ill. Keep guns away from him. Is this the kinda person you would want to protect your schools? He might mistake a crayon for a gun.

  51. Michael Kollmorgen December 30, 2012

    I have come to several final conclusions over this debate over guns in general.

    1.) We as a country will never deal realistically with Gun Control as long as the 2nd Amendment stays intact as it is now.

    2). Even IF we were to BAN All sales of Assault Weapons, extra-capacity magazines in this country immediately, we will never eliminate all these that are currently held in the private ownership, registered or unregistered.

    3). The United States is stone Crazy and will remain so for the duration of its existence.

    4). The public Mindset of the Gun Cult of this country will never change.

    5). It is way too easy to purchase nearly any weapon one wants.

    6). The only REAL solution for any of these problems is to raise the cost of Ammo so high, just the cost of buying the Ammo would preclude buying the Weapon.

    7). Make the penalty for using a gun while committing a crime an absolute Death Sentence, no appeals – regardless if you are found Insane or Sane during Trial.

    8). Make the penalty for Accidental Death by using a weapon Life in Prison with NO possibility of parole.

    9). Establish a NATIONAL DATABASE for all former, current inmates of any Mental Facility, include anyone current or formerly seeking mental treatment, or who are on any psychotropic medications.

    10). Mandate anyone seeking ownership of any Weapon or CC Permit to submit to taking a full Background Check with a full MMPI Screening Test.

    I could think of quite a few other things we could do…………………..

  52. Dr. Billy Kidd December 30, 2012

    The Hulk is gonna be there. Will Bat Man help protect the Mericopa County Schools too

  53. Murray Steinard December 30, 2012

    This sheriff is very scary who wants to put a bunch of armed rednecks and brownshirts around schools. Parents better be afraid, but then the parents elected this extremist fool into office.

  54. Andrew Justin Hollins December 30, 2012

    The Sons of Confederate Veterans is NOT a white supremecist group. Granted, I know some chapters and members have some strange views, and a lot of time you can get some whackos popping up out of them, but the SCV is an organization dedicated to preserving and honoring our ancestor’s sacrifice. You don’t have to agree with Slavery to honor the Confederate soldiers… it’s the difference between supporting the policies of the Bush Administration and supporting the troops that were doing the fighting.

  55. Scott December 31, 2012

    What can we expect, this is Arizona where Gabby was shot and certain aliens are fair game for constabulary. Circle the Wagons.

  56. hostage707 January 2, 2013

    Good, finally a man with a plan… not to become a victim…

  57. kfreed January 2, 2013

    More right-wing stupid. What do you expect from Arpaio.

  58. M. Knight January 3, 2013

    The only reason the government doesn’t like Sheriff Joe Arpaio is because he goes against the current governmental system. They especially don’t like him for going after Obama’s phony birth certificate. I don’t care what anyone says, he may not be perfect (but then, no one is!). All I can say is “Keep it up Sheriff Joe”. There is something very wrong with this country (and the world). We need someone to do something different, someone to go against the status quo, someone to go against the absolutely EVIL rulers (ie. bankers, media, corporations. All owned BTW by a “Chosen” few….oops did I say “Chosen!”) of this world!!

  59. M. Knight January 3, 2013

    Good evening, America. I thought it time we had a little talk. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

    I suppose you’re wondering why I’ve called you here this evening. Well you see, I’m not entirely satisfied with your performance lately…. I’m afraid your work’s been slipping, and…and well, I’m afraid we’ve been thinking about letting you go.

    Oh, I know, I know. You’ve been with the company a long time now. Almost…Let me see. Almost ten thousand years! My word, doesn’t time fly? It seems like only yesterday…I remember the day you commenced your employment, swinging down from the trees, fresh-faced and nervous, A bone clasped in your bristling fist… “Where do I start, sir?” You asked, plaintively.

    I recall my exact words: “There’s a pile of dinosaur eggs over there, youngster,” I said smiling paternally the while. “Get sucking.”

    Well, we’ve certainly come a long way since then, haven’t we? And yes, yes, you’re right, in all that time you haven’t missed a day. Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Also please don’t think I’ve forgotten about your out-standing service record, or about all of the invaluable contributions that you’ve made to the company… Fire ,the wheel of agriculture…It’s an impressive list, old-timer. A jolly impressive list. Don’t get me wrong.

    But…well, to be frank, we’ve had our problems ,too. There’s no getting away from it. Do you know what I think a lot of it stems from? I’ll tell you… It’s your basic unwillingness to get on within the company. You don’t seem to want to face up to any real responsibility, or to be your own boss. Lord knows, you’ve been given plenty of opportunities…We’ve offered you promotion time and time again, and each time you’ve turned us down. :”I couldn’t handle the work, Guv’nor,” you wheedled. “I know my place”

    To be frank, you’re not trying, are you? You see, you’ve been standing still for far too long, and it’s starting to show in your work….And I might add, in your general standard behaviour. The constant bickering on the factory floor has not escaped my attention…Nor the recent bouts of rowdiness in the staff canteen. Then of course there’s….Hmmmm. Well, I didn’t really want to have to bring this up, but…Well, you see I’ve been hearing some disturbing rumours about your personal life.

    No, never you mind who told me. No names, no pack drill…I understand that you are unable to get on with your spouse. I hear that you argue. I am told that you shout. Violence has been mentioned. I am reliably informed that you always hurt the one you love…The one you shouldn’t hurt at all.

    And what about the children? It’s always the children who suffer, as you’re well aware. Poor little mites. What are they to make of it? What are they to make of your bullying, your despair, your cowardice and all your fondly nurtured bigotries? Really, it’s not good enough, is it? And it’s no good blaming the drop in work standards upon bad management, either….

    Though, to be sure, the management is very bad. In fact, let us not mince words…the management is terrible! We’ve had a string of embezzlers, frauds, liars and lunatics making a string of catastrophic decisions. This is plain fact.

    But who elected them? It was you! You who appointed these people! You who gave them the power to make your decisions for you! While I’ll admit that anyone can make a mistake once, to go on making the same lethal errors century after century seems to me nothing short of deliberate.

    You have encouraged these malicious incompetents, who have made your working life a shambles. You have accepted without question their senseless orders. You have allowed them to fill your work space with dangerous and unproven machines.

    All you had to say was “NO.” You have no spine. You have no pride. You are no longer an asset to the company. I will however, be generous. You will be granted two years to show me some improvement in your work. If at the end of that time you are still unwilling to make a go of it…You’re fired.

    That will be all. You may return to your labours.

    from: V for Vendetta — written by Alan Moore

  60. Jerry Weaver January 3, 2013

    My last child in college goes to school work and lives in Sheriff Joe territory. She is a 4.0+ student. As 18 yrs is the legal age for open carry in AZ and 21 for a CCW I’m wondering why the school curriculum doesn’t reflect the interests of the students and include gun training classes. They have drivers education at school! I paid in the private sector for firearms training for my kids, two girls and one boy. Why isn’t the public left alone to defend themselves. All the gov meddlesome gun free zone nonsense is creating fish in a barrel zones for when the psych meds stop working in this nuthouse called U.S.of A.

  61. Jerry Weaver January 3, 2013

    Chapter Twelve The Secret Government • 225
    programs were put into place to create a dependent, nonworking element
    in our society. The government then began to remove these programs to
    force people into a criminal class that did not exist in the ’50s and ’60s.
    The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of
    military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a
    feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily
    disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and
    hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated
    the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the
    antigun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly.
    The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd
    Author’s Note: I have found that these events have indeed happened all over
    the country. In every instance that I have investigated — the incident at the
    women’s school in Canada, the shopping center incident in Canada, the Stock-
    ton, California, massacre, and the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane — the
    shooters were all ex-mental patients or were current mental patients who were
    ALL ON THE DRUG PROZAC! This drug, when taken in certain doses,
    increases the serotonin level in the patient, causing extreme violence.

  62. Keith Dexter January 3, 2013

    liberal spin at its best,you just can’t stand a little law and order

  63. notnewsworthy January 3, 2013

    It seems that Henry Decker lives in an imaginary world where criminals and deranged psychopaths will actually abide by a gun control law and turn in their weapons.

    I’m sure he is another person who chose to ignore the victims who were saved in a theater shooting in San Antonio a mere two days after the horrific shootings in Newton by a legally armed citizen who was able to shoot the attacker before he could hurt anyone. In this case, (like many others) the good guy with a guns logical conclusion was able to save lives and injury to innocent people.

  64. Ray Mathews January 3, 2013

    And the marxist response is to of course leave school zones unguarded in the midst of Obama’s war on terror?

  65. Albert Lowe January 6, 2013

    You know, more people are killed in motor vehicle collisions every year, than are killed by guns in this country, maybe we should ban assault vehicles?

  66. South Gal January 16, 2013

    Great idea!! Now Obama will issue the same thing and claim it was his idea!! Keep up the great work, Joe!!

  67. yorkieczar January 29, 2013

    Sheriff Joe for President today impeach Obama.

  68. yorkieczar January 29, 2013

    Obama’s children have guards at their school. The rest of America’s children are just as important. We do not have a gun problem we have a media problem. Their nose is so far up Obama’s butt they cannot smell real news.


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