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Monday, October 24, 2016

Los Angeles Times — A federal judge approved a $41 million settlement Friday for five black and Latino men who were wrongly accused in the brutal rape and beating of a Central Park jogger in 1989.
While admitting no wrongdoing, the city will make the payouts to Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana Jr., Yusef Salaam, and Korey Wise, each of whom served between six and 13 years in prison after the vicious attack captivated the media during a time when New York City was rife with crime and violence.
Eventually, admitted serial rapist Matias Reyes told police he committed the assault, and DNA evidence confirmed the claim.
McCray, Richardson, Santana Jr., and Salaam will each receive $7,125,000, according to court records, and Wise will be paid $12,250,000. Each defendant was to be paid roughly $1 million for each year they were wrongly imprisoned, according to the terms of the settlement.
The five filed a federal lawsuit in 2003, a year after their convictions were overturned, claiming police coerced their confessions. Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration fought the legal challenge for years, but freshman Mayor Bill de Blasio has championed the men’s case.
“This settlement is an act of justice for those five men that is long overdue. The city had a moral obligation to right this injustice which is why, from Day One, I vowed to settle this case,” de Blasio said in a statement.
Calls to plaintiffs’ attorney Jonathan Moore were not immediately returned Friday, but he previously said the sizable settlement serves as an acknowledgment of wrongdoing on behalf of the city.
“It’s an amount that is significant enough that it represents an admission the city did something wrong,” Moore told the Los Angeles Times last month.

Times staff writer Tina Susman in New York contributed to this report

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  • … I imagine there are no comments b/c many don’t remember this incident (#1) & 2, they’re too shallow to go ‘DEEP’ in to the psychology & sociology of police ‘business’ & realize this could very well have happened in 1909 or more precisely, 1867, when there was a backlash against former slaves who where making strides & accomplishing far more than the peripheral class of Whites who routinely tormented African American slaves, while still in bondage. 5 years after slavery and Blacks were becoming state & national representatives (See, but the terrible jealousies & petty, juvenille hatreds, would keep southern politics all white until just recently & in the north, only a few decades earlier. The challenge, therefore, is White people thinking they have something in common w/racist southerners & fence-sitting northerners, who look at racism as a ‘personal’ issue, instead of the mental illness that it is & then & ONLY THEN can we move forward as a single, toward a ‘More Perfect Union…’ regardless of race, or gender or ‘personal’ romantic orientations (as it overemphasizes ‘sex’, as oppossed to a romantic, emotional ‘union’)… We can be better & are getting better, but we have to leave the past behind… as well as those STUCK there ~