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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Capitol Storm

With the federal government shut down for a 10th consecutive day, conservative political operative Grover Norquist’s dream of a government small enough to drown in a bathtub has been largely realized. For the majority of Americans who don’t view the federal government as an ideological arch-nemesis, however, it’s no time to celebrate.

From disruptive economic ripples, to limits on food programs for the poor, to hundreds of thousands of federal workers who have been furloughed, the shutdown has had a ubiquitous, negative impact on the day-to-day lives of countless Americans.

It’s not easy to narrow down the most damaging consequences of the shutdown. Nevertheless, some of the stories to emerge are particularly disheartening.

Here are five of the worst effects to come from the U.S. government’s partial closure after a temper tantrum by House Republicans.

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  • Sand_Cat

    Haven’t most of these things been on the GOP wishlist for years, if not directly, then as likely results of the things they wanted? And all of them are definitely on the Tea Party’s list!

    • LeftOut

      Men get beaten also not to mention prostate health problems that cause pre – coital traumatic stress syndrome. Men have hormonal problems too except if you are Democrat , since most men of such seem to be neutered by women rhetorically if they dare express any maleness.

      • shawnthesheep

        Oh, you’re an MRA too, how cute. Why is it that straight white guys who have been showered with privilege for millenia behave like they are the most oppressed people on the planet? God, you are such whiner. I’m sorry you are no longer allowed to lynch your black neighbor for looking at your wife, or beat your wife for talking back. I know how much that must irk you. But that’s what the non-knuckledraggers among us refer to as “social progress.” It’s only going to get worse, so you might as well go ahead and kill yourself.

      • Sand_Cat

        Yes, I can see you were “left out” when they handed out the brains. What is the hell are you talking about, and what has it to do with the post on which you’re supposedly commenting? I am well aware that men get beaten, having had a younger brother who refused to hit back at his larger wife, and if I vote for Democrats, it’s only because most of them are only a little right of center and at least somewhat more honest than the other guys. And yes, there are even Democrats I admire, who I believe are honest and intelligent people. Most important of all, I can’t think of a single Democrat as mean, ignorant, anddelusional as most of the GOP seems to be these days.

  • Daniel Jones

    Hey! More women can get beaten!

    No wonder these assholes wanted this..

    • Allan Richardson

      To them it’s “open wife-hunting season.”

    • LeftOut

      Men get beaten also not to mention prostate health problems that cause pre – coital traumatic stress syndrome.

      • shawnthesheep

        Yes, why is nobody dealing with the horrible rash of women who are beating their husbands?

        No one is in favor of domestic violence, regardless of gender, but the reason that women and children are the primary focus of domestic violence programs is because the overwhelming majority of domestic violence victims are women and children. This is not some conspiracy against men. It’s just a fact. Get off the cross. You aren’t being persecuted. Stop whining. Be grateful for all the privileges you enjoy because you were born a straight white man.

  • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG

    The GOP has been governing by the headlines. When there is bad press about something than they put a bill on the floor to open that part of the budget, i.e. death benefits for the military. This is no way to govern, the GOP is acting like God deciding who gets help and who doesn’t. What they are saying is a family grieving the loss of a fallen hero is more important than a woman being beaten within an inch of her life or an infant who needs formula to survive (how does that work pro-lifers?).

  • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

    Here’s a better one. What about the Salmonella problem with chicken from Foster Farms? This problem has hit distribution in at least 13 States so far. This was only caught by state health department inspectors in random checks. That tells me that the safety of our food chain is in jeopardy by the USDA food inspectors being furloughed.

    • Allan Richardson

      Ask Michelle (B. not O.) and she will probably say that Jesus will protect any Real Christians (TM) who eat the spoiled food. The rest can die-of-rhea for all she cares.

  • Lovefacts

    We all know about the death benefits not being paid and the ones listed above, but let’s not forgot the following five, which are only a few ways this is hitting us:
    1. Air traffic controllers are furloughed but working without pay. There are 12,400 air traffic controllers in the US, 3,200 can retire tomorrow. However, because of budget cuts from 2002 forward and sequester, there are almost no new controllers in the pipeline and it takes 4 to 5 years of training.
    2. All aircraft safety inspectors have been furloughed and are not working.
    3. The CDC is barely functioning and their investigators are furloughed. As a result, no one is tracing the Foster Farms salmonella chicken case.
    4. The USDA arm needed to recall the Foster Farms chicken is furloughed. And Foster Farms has refused to recall said chicken.
    5. Reservists and National Guard called up and sent to Afghanistan aren’t getting paid.

    • latebloomingrandma

      And the southern belle, Rep. Marcia Blackburn gleefully stated, —we may find out we can all live with less government. Let’s start by pulling it all from her state . (I think Tennessee)

    • InsideEye

      I believe everyone will be paid after the respite, the chickens will be saved, and the women , or men will no longer be beaten, but the aircraft inspectors are inspecting as we speak, the CDC is a club, and the EPA, can easily be cut 80 percent.

      • drdroad

        You should run for Congress. If Michelle Bachman can be elected, you can to. You could first work on gutting the EPA, and then see how citizens like not having clean water and air!

        • LeftOut

          Did we not have clean water and air before EPA. We have evolved to a clean service economy from a dirtier industrial system . Industrial scrubbers were being used before EPA. Now that we have no more industry in part to over zealousness of aforementioned….,West Virginia coal. Even N Dakota gas and oil , a very clean resource … is being forced to dance. EPA has out lived any usefulness and it never had any. Wind an solar can not produce enough power to hear the elite NE or cool the SW

          • shawnthesheep

            Yes, you are right. Industry does such a good job of regulating themselves and they never, NEVER, damage the environment because it’s profitable, which is why countries like Mexico, China and India with little to no regulation are so pristine and unpolluted. Clearly, if some factories were voluntarily using scrubbers prior to the advent of the EPA then that must mean that all industries would voluntarily be stewards of the environment if the EPA would just go away. You are a master logician and I don’t see how anyone could possible dispute your ironclad argument.

          • drdroad

            I’ll say again, you should run for Congress. You have that most sought after Tea Party logic. Or better yet, maybe a job with: – Koch Industries, who was fined $30 million for over THREE HUNDRED oil spills in 6 states (;
            Or Massey Energy, fined $20 million for spoiling water in 2 states (!OpenDocument);
            – Or here’s a list of the 10 most serious violations by industry in 2012 (

            This took me about 30 seconds to find, with pages more of Industry misconduct affecting the water we drink and air we breath. Note all these fines were resolutions to charges by the EPA and Justice Department. In no case did the company involved wish to go to trial and defend itself.

          • OakenTruncheon

            No, we did not. As a child, I nearly died three times from the effects of photochemical smog in the LA basin. Even with the EPA, there is, today, no clean water in some parts of Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Colorado, and Texas, due to the Cheney exemption on enforcement and study of Haliburtan patented chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing.

  • latebloomingrandma

    So many Republicans are shocked !?! , shocked, I say, that things that are important are shut down. What did they think a gov’t shutdown meant? They preach that gov’t wastes money and can’t do anything right, and we need less of it, so instead of bitching about the shutdown, why aren’t they praising it to their hurting constituents? Cognitive dissonance anyone? It’s frightening to see that our supposedly illustrious congress, steeped in history and an example to the world of our democracy, is now composed of so many intellectual mental midgets. What a sad chapter in our history.

  • Pamby50

    I think all the people who voted to shut down the government should be roasted in hell. And Grover Norquist should join them. He has been pushing for smaller government forever. Well he has his wish. The american people are not happy about it.

  • Defend Liberty

    Fun fact: The last US Government budget bill passed the Senate on April 29, 2009. Since then, Senate democrats have obstructed every single budget passed by the House.

    • Allan Richardson

      The only budgets that have been passed by the House have been those that cause unconscionable damage to millions of good Americans in order to fulfill the Tea Party fantasy of a government like 1910, and after passing amended budgets, that House has refused to reconcile because it has to be ALL the TP way or else.

      • Defend Liberty

        Well, Congress has the power of the purse per Article 1 Sections 7 and 8.

        If you don’t like the Constitution, you can secede, wage war against it, or emigrate.

        • Allan Richardson

          I wasn’t saying the Constitution was wrong. I was explaining why the majority in the Senate could not agree with those extreme budgets; and they have just as much a right to protect OUR interests as the Tea Party have to protect their DONORS’ interests (which they have convinced you are also yours). The process is to have a reconciliation vote in both houses after a conference committee, but the extremists have not allowed such a vote even when they got ALMOST everything they wanted.

          The problem is not with the Constitution, it is with the extremists who only care about the small MINORITY of the voters who agree with them, not about the MAJORITY who do not. The solution is to proselytize the reasonable Republicans (which should be easier because of the shutdown and the threat of default) and vote the extremists out of office. And to get by the best we can until then.

          • ThomasBonsell

            What Defend Liberty is talking about here is what the Communist Party of the Soviet Union called “Democratic Centralism.”

            In that system, a small group of party leaders got together to decide what policy the party was to take. It was then imposed on the full party and anyone who questioned the leaders’ decision was in danger of losing party membership, government position or civilian perks. There was no discussion, no debate, no democracy allowed.

            So, what Defend Liberty is proposing is a similar system in which a few members of the House decide what shall be in the budget and the Senate MUST obey every single detail of the “budget.” No changes, no discussion, no protests; or else.

    • ThomasBonsell

      A “budget” whose main focuses are to cut taxes on the megarich and corporations (that is the few who even pay a pittance now) and to further deregulate business, when deregulation has caused most of the problems, isn’t a real budget that should be considered by any rational person.

      See the savings&loan scandal, Enron and utility deregulation and the financial collapse from deregulating Wall Street, if you can.

      • InsideEye

        How dare a small bunch of congress hold hostage the US and not pass a budget……seems like the Tea Party.

    • shawnthesheep

      Of course you fail to mention the Grand Bargain that Obama agreed to and Boehner reneged on because the extremists in his party through a hissy fit. The Dems have offered concession after concession after concession and still the GOP won’t compromise.