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Thursday, October 18, 2018


The Republican Party is still reeling from its shellacking in 2012, and has been blindly stumbling around trying to figure out what went wrong. An “autopsy report” revealed what most of us already knew, that the GOP has alienated everyone who isn’t straight, white, Christian — and male.

But the whole thing can’t be blamed solely on Republican men… conservative women have been doing a bang-up job of estranging half the population — the wrong half. The most highly visible women in the party, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, are not exactly female-friendly, being virulently anti-choice, hyper-religious and dismissive of the single and/or childless as a moral threat to society. Even some Republican women are alarmed by this, according to NBC News:

“They and their style give short shrift to other women in the GOP,” said Sara Taylor Fagen, a longtime Republican strategist who worked on Mitt Romney’s first presidential campaign. “And so the risk for the party is when they become the only face. It does have the possibility of alienating groups of women, and that is a challenge.”

Here are five conservative women who are doing their party — and their gender — no favors.

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