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Sunday, October 23, 2016


The Republican Party is still reeling from its shellacking in 2012, and has been blindly stumbling around trying to figure out what went wrong. An “autopsy report” revealed what most of us already knew, that the GOP has alienated everyone who isn’t straight, white, Christian — and male.

But the whole thing can’t be blamed solely on Republican men… conservative women have been doing a bang-up job of estranging half the population — the wrong half. The most highly visible women in the party, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, are not exactly female-friendly, being virulently anti-choice, hyper-religious and dismissive of the single and/or childless as a moral threat to society. Even some Republican women are alarmed by this, according to NBC News:

“They and their style give short shrift to other women in the GOP,” said Sara Taylor Fagen, a longtime Republican strategist who worked on Mitt Romney’s first presidential campaign. “And so the risk for the party is when they become the only face. It does have the possibility of alienating groups of women, and that is a challenge.”

Here are five conservative women who are doing their party — and their gender — no favors.

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  • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

    I volunteer Congresswoman Blackburn to receive a 30% pay cut to ensure she earns less than her male counterparts in Congress.

    • latebloomingrandma

      Perfect! Then Boehner and Cantor can just give her an atta girl slap on the back and call it even. Maybe Republicans need to be on the receiving end of “Be careful what you wish for.”

      • JDavidS

        “Slap on the back”??? Shit…get in the game…It’s a slap on the ass. The GOP isn’t out of the ’50’s yet… you know “Mad Men” and all.

      • jointerjohn

        That slap from Boehner and Cantor won’t be on the back, well, actually it will be on the back, just a little bit lower than the ones they give to “the boys”. Misogynist pricks.

        Am I the only one who has noticed that democrat women are smart, tough and real while republican women are starchy little automatons imitating Donna Reed and Barbara Billingsly?

        This world would be a whole lot better if it was run by women, we men have proven that we are incompetent.

    • MVH1

      That way she can get the drift of what it’s like to be “recognized for the work” and not paid the same for it.

  • Constant Comment

    Schlafly has spent 35 years traveling the country trying to convince married women to stay at home and not have careers–you know, the exact opposite of what she does. Gotta love GOP hypocrisy–it’s a beautiful thing.

    • Ame Bible

      She never made sense. Anyone knows how much she was paid to run around the country -doing nothing worthwhile?

      • plc97477

        Way more than she is worth.

    • silence dogood

      She didn’t become an activist until her children were grown and on their own — learn the basics before you embarrass yourself.

  • Sand_Cat

    Well, let’s cut the pay of Ms Blackburn and Nikki Haley.
    Phyllis Schafly has has a lifelong career fighting against equality for women: no staying home with the kids for her.
    Where does Ms Venker get off writing books: shouldn’t she be cooking meals for her husband and watching the kids?
    Michele Bachmann: what can I – or anyone else – say?

    • MVH1

      Well, instead of saying anything, we could be constantly wretching.

  • charleo1

    The truth is this new, T-Party run GOP, has not been very respectful of women.
    Or, very smart about them either. There is one sure way to get on the wrong
    side of a woman. Take an issue that’s important to her, and demagogue it for
    your own purposes. Then, trot Ann Romney out, and have her pretend to speak
    for all woman kind, and say women are not interested in keeping their reproductive
    Rights. That they only care about the economy. Then, oppose The Lilly Ledbetter Act. The equal pay for equal work law. To be honest, I don’t know how they could have reasonably expected women’s support in 2012. Over the course of the campaign, there was the GOP, and the pill. Santorium said, he thought it gave women a license to do, “things.” Yes? Go on, Rick, tell them the kind of, “things,” they shouldn’t be doing. Around this same issue, the pill. The GOP was using the Catholic Church, and their largely ignored, prohibition of birth control, among Catholic women, to stop healthcare reform. And before we knew it, Obama was attacking freedom of religion! I don’t believe women felt their religion was under threat. I think they saw the GOP, as using one of their potential benefits under the new healthcare law, to stop ACA. And before it was over, Rush Limbaugh had called Sandra Fluke, a slut, and, Romney had said, that’s not a word he would have used. Without saying what word he thought would be more appropriate. Trollop? Wench? Tart?

    • MVH1

      Interesting that the Catholic Church prohibits birth control but the great majority of Catholic women use it and are quite open about that fact.

      • charleo1

        Well sure! My wife, and her family are big Catholics. Some bigger
        than others. But, the issue is very much treated as a don’t ask, don’t
        tell, sort of thing, as to the Church itself. But, as you say, the parishioners are quite open about it. So, the entire argument about Obama destroying freedom of religion, was way out there, in terms of being disingenuous. Then, they wound up really trashing, and disrespecting women in general.

        • MVH1

          Instead, the GOP and the CC managed to do a gigantic pile-on against women and their rights up and down the line, jobs and health and having children.

          • charleo1

            Exactly. Of course, it would be a very chilly day with the
            Devil, before I’d ever vote for any of them. However, I

            would think it would make their own base think twice.
            I mean, if these Republicans are not even smart enough
            to be half way decent politicians. What does that say?

          • MVH1

            LOL. It doesn’t say anything good for sure.

      • Allan Richardson

        Also ironic that the Catholic Church provides an official career path for women who do not want marriage and children. The provide a secure job for life, the opportunity to be educated in their spare time, and a promotion path to … Mother Superior of an abbey. Sorry gals, your Divine Hubby only wants MEN in management. At least that’s what Peter SAID that He said, after running Mary Magdalene out of the Upper Room.

        I knew an ex-nun once who became a minister in a Unity church. Sometimes the solution to the glass ceiling is to change companies.

        • MVH1

          LOL. Yes, indeed, change companies. After all, to some of us, there is but one God over lots of different “companies.” I’m sure He/She doesn’t care which you choose.

    • Ame Bible

      Of course, some women just pay listened to the Faux group and think that is all there is@

  • The best thing that can happen to the Democratic party is to have women like Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and a few in the media open their mouths to demonize sisters who opt to think for themselves and pursue careers commensurate with their education and abilities. Republican women have done more damage to their party’s ability to influence a shift in the critical women’s vote than anything the Democratic party could ever do.

  • R. DuFresne

    bunch of Stepford wives, should just shut their pampered pie holes.

  • latebloomingrandma

    So women should just know their place? Well, it’s taking WOMEN Senators who will finally bring some changes to the disgrace of rape in the military. I hope one day we will see a majority of thinking women in the majority in the Congress and on the supreme Court.

    • MVH1

      So do I hope that and more than likely less Tea Party/GOP women.

    • Allan Richardson

      Obviously, the male officers are treating female subordinates with respect by Phyllis Schlafly’s definition: they treat them like their own wives!

  • MVH1

    This woman has been annoying for a long time. Now she’s trying to step straight into Bachmann’s shoes. What an idiot. This is not the first idiotic thing she’s said but it’s one of the worst.

  • rattlesnake

    Strong caring women are the nation’s back bone, some women just have a spotlight ego and only want attention My mom was a # 10 Army Sargent,great mom, A caring person who would help anyone.

  • Murray Steinard

    Their is also rightwing nut jobs like Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter who got balls between their legs.

    • JDavidS

      And shit between their ears…

      • BDC_57

        good one

  • bestofandy

    I wonder if any of these women have an ability to critically think?

    • MVH1

      Nah, they just open their traps and flies fly out, vileness and loud filth.

  • Thirteen

    My biggest surprise is that Phyllis Schlafly is still alive/undead. Is she running on just hatred now or does she keep a phylactery somewhere? Perhaps hidden in the kitchen she insists that all women but herself should stay in.

    • Thirteen

      Oh look I made a pun.

  • Ame Bible

    The next step is for their constituents to fire them all. But these constituents better get involved in the grassroots swell. Join the democratic party and promote other demcratic women to take their place.

  • nancydrewed

    You left off Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), the Stepford-iest of them all. She’s the tall photo-op prop to be found standing beside Boehner and Cantor at every occasion. Dumb, docile with the men — ‘there’s no war on women’ — and perfectly content to be trotted out to deliver the message. Daughter of farm-subsidy orchardist/rancher, she supposedly grew up in the family business where contact with migrant workers would have been regular. Yet she refused to vote on the Dream Act and has consistently voted against policies to protect Native women from abuse. There are at least three tribes located within her district. She’s special all right. The most accidental of the token females in the GOP (check the Wiki).

  • ralphkr

    I love the Michele Bachman photo. She appears to be saying, “OOH, money! Can I keep it Daddy, PULEEZE?

  • howa4x

    Republicans basically want to go back to the 50’s. Ike was president and women were in the kitchen and the most popular show was Father knows best. Ah life was so simple then wasn’t it?

  • jointerjohn

    Oh! I get it. Equal pay for women is government intrusion but legislating their reproductive freedom is not. Phoney conservatives, phoney Americans, phoney supporters of the U.S. Constitution. If you are a woman who votes for republicans you are a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders

  • Robert P. Robertson

    How soon do we forget. . . “Binders full of women!” Binders? Duh!