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Friday, September 22, 2017


According to a handful of very certain Republicans, the entire American political process is under siege by the Muslim Brotherhood.

That’s right — President Obama, Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, even the Conservative Political Action Conference and Senator Lindsey Graham have one purpose: advancing the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda and instating Sharia law in the United States, according to Republicans like former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.

The Brotherhood is the largest and oldest organization of political Sunni Islam in Egypt. In June 2012, Muslim Brotherhood leader Muhammed Morsi became Egypt’s first freely elected head of state. But after mass demonstrations earlier this year, Morsi was deposed by Egypt’s military and has remained jailed since. The tense and confusing diplomatic situation between Egypt and the United States has given way to many conspiracy theories for political gain.

Of course, these claims have no basis in fact and have been disputed by leaders in both parties, but that hasn’t stopped the witch-hunt by these modern day McCarthyists.

Here’s a look back at the 5 most incendiary Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy theories.

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33 Responses to 5 Craziest Right-Wing Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracies

  1. The right-wing looneys might as well be the Muslim Brotherhood: they’re just as irrational, intolerant, and delusional as that organization’s worst, and many of them are about as fanatical about their twisted version of Christianity as fundamentalist Muslims are about their religion. If we could only get them all together and let them duke it out! But then, who knows? They might discover they both hate the rest of us above all else and form an alliance.

        • Obama is a Sunni muslim. He is part of the MB. MB is working for Obama in all parts of the Government!! Isn’t that comforting!!!

        • MB approves of Obama because he is letting them turn America into an Islamic State. Won’t their flag look great flying over the WH??

        • Keep laughing. Wait until Sept 11. Million muslim march in DC to celebrate 4000 American deaths.—Oliver Stone has called Obama a snake!! Maybe the Hollywood whores are finally seeing through that fraud in the WH

        • Lana does not make me laugh. It’s a shame that people in the US have been so brainwashed by the ultra-right fear-mongering tv and radio personalities, some of whom are paid to be “news reporters”. We can not have a functioning democracy when the people are misinformed, lied to, and delusional.

        • I’ll wait for it to be covered on Fox News. Obviously the liberal-controlled (Muslim Brotherhood controlled?) MSM will not be covering it.

          • Thanks for the tip. I wouldn’t want to miss this event. Do I need tickets or can I just show up? I know it is a Brotherhood and all, but can girls come?

          • The girls would have their own march, but they’d have to be escorted by a brother or other male relative.

          • Well, they supposedly “have high positions in the White House” according to some right-wing nut – maybe Lana – so maybe they’ll go to Washington and stop by the White House to have some coffee while planning the downfall of America with our Muslim president.

        • Obama is exempt from Obamacare. He wants Congress and all of their staff exempt too!! Why isn’t it good enough for them but good enough for the rest of Americans??

        • She really is off of her meds today, maybe it’s the end of the week and she needs to get all of that venom out of her crazed mind.

          • Oliver Stone called Obama a snake and said we should turn on him. Oliver Stone, the ultra liberal, is FINALLY seeing through that fraud and liar in MY WH!!! I saw the video, and was amazed!!!

          • No I will be marching in it and a salami and cheese to you loony lady. Stay off your mess you are most entertaining when you say the craziest things.

          • You really need to know what’s going on before you post. You look like a fool not knowing what’s going on!!!

        • Howard Dean says Sarah Palin is right about death panels, Max Baucus says Obamacare is a trainwreck, Oliver Stone said Obamas’ a snake and we should turn on him (I saw the video) What’s going on??? And no, I don’t do any drugs and I don’t drink, sorry to hear you have a problem with them

    • Sand_Cat, I loved this post. I have also been trying to picture where this fight could take place. Should we draw straws to see which state who has tried to enact laws banning Sharia Law, be a site here in the U.S. Then draw straws to see which country in the middle-east gets to go next. I don’t see them teaming up against us. Their hatred will not anything sway them.

  2. So, the entire American political process is under siege from the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Well, one thing’s for sure. No one the planet navel gazes with intense narcissism of
    the American Radical Right. Unless it’s N. Korea. Sure, we’re Americans, and proud
    of it! At least most of the time. (Speaking for myself.) But, the rest of the world doesn’t always revolve around us, and our tending to our political fuss pots, and dramas.
    What we need to realize is those people in Egypt are under great pressure. Their
    political, and economic problems were not solved by democracy. And both citizen,
    and soldier are were killed in the streets of Cairo today. Are they thinking of us?
    The problem can be, when we think that way, we sometimes stick our nose where it don’t belong, and it’s gets bloodied. As in Iraq. The facts are we have very limited
    influence in that part of the world. They’ve never heard the term, “American
    Exceptional-ism.” And would not think it was a good thing, if they did. It’s not always
    about us. Yes, we have vital interests, and we must protect them. But I think we
    need to realize, sometimes all that’s required of us, is to be a good neighbor,
    and stay out of it.

    • The U.S. likes to make extraterritorial laws that can’t be enforced because they violate the laws of other countries. For example, Americans living abroad must report the value of their financial assets if, at any time during the preceding year, those assets totaled $10,000 or more. OK, that’s fine. I do that. However, they want to force Canadian banks to release the names of Americans who hold accounts in their banks. First, Canadian banks do not require disclosure of the nationality of people who open accounts, and second, disclosing those names would be a breach of Canadian privacy laws anway. The threat that the U.S. has is that the U.S. operations of the Canadian banks (TD, Harris, RBC) could be held to account for their Canadian parents’ refusal to cooperate, but I have serious doubts whether that would be legal.

      • It is true, the DOJ is aggressively going after Americans who
        deposit their unreported assets in foreign accounts in order to
        hide them from the IRS. However, these laws are not so
        unenforceable as many had thought. The Wall Street Journal
        reported just this last week, that DOJ was finalizing a deal with
        Swiss National Bank (SNB) that governs the other 338 Swiss
        banks, to pay a fine to the U.S. Government, if I’m not mistaken,
        228 million, for violations of international banking laws. And that
        other Swiss banks, again, according to the WSJ, are, “lining up,”
        preparing to hand over, lever lists, identifying those account
        holders with U.S. citizenship. Other such actions with other well
        known tax havens, that profit handsomely by their co-conspiracy
        to hide monies offshore, and flout U.S. tax laws, will probably be
        hearing from Uncle Sam soon. So, if I were an American with
        millions in a Canadian bank, attempting to hide my loot. I would
        not be resting very easily right now.

  3. Judging by some of the things we are doing, such as the Stand Your Ground license to kill, bombing abortion clinics, and calling for the deportation of children born in the USA because their parents entered the USA illegally, a modern-day version of Sharia law may, indeed, be within our borders…courtesy of the most radical elements in our society.

  4. How could Huma Abedin have ANY influence with Muslim organizations who recruit members by preaching fear and hatred of Israel, when she MARRIED AN ORTHODOX JEW?

    I know that some people will say that Anthony Wiener is not the best Jew, morally speaking, because of his personal behavior, BUT he certainly self-identifies as a Jew (maybe his texting is an attempt to prove it? LOL) and he certainly stands with the state of Israel politically. And Huma has not moved to leave the marriage, either because of his behavior OR his pro-Israeli politics.

    • Facts like these have absolutely no influence with the people who promulgate the most outrageous and inflammatory theories and rumors like muslims in US government conspiring to propogate sharia law. People like the 5 mentioned in the article are certified batshit crazy, and poor drooling morons like Lana are so gullible that they are taken in by this TP horseshit and become stooges for these criminally insane sociopaths.

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