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Sunday, June 24, 2018

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A group calling itself the Tea Party Fire Ants is calling for a boycott of Fox News because the channel has become too liberal. They’re afraid their beloved news source is becoming the “right-wing CBS News” and they’re taking their business to media outlets willing to cover Benghazi and the president’s birth certificate 24/7.

Is the boycott working? If you say it isn’t, you’re obviously a part of the conspiracy against the Tea Party.

“We’ll have ratings numbers by beginning of the week,” writes the author of, “though we have seen liberal groups on the internet trying to artificially inflate FOX ratings during this 2nd boycott to deny the Tea Party a victory, even against a common enemy!”

The truth is, Fox News’ ratings have been on the decline since the November election. Some of that decline certainly comes from viewers disappointed after months of being assured Mitt Romney was going to win in a landslide. The channel has since reflected the Republican Party’s official stands by accepting the end of the Bush tax cuts on the richest and at least pretending to want immigration reform. But the channel has been just as dogmatically anti-liberal as ever. The problem is that as the Tea Party gets less and less popular, the only people left who claim the mantle represent the extremes of the Republican Party.

The Tea Party would never have been a national force of the magnitude it reached in 2010 if Fox News hadn’t promoted it directly. We know this because once the channel stopped doing so, the group immediately went into decline. Now Frankenstein’s monster is headed back to the Doctor’s laboratory.

But to calm our friends in the Tea Party, here are five examples of Fox News being as biased as ever.