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Sunday, October 23, 2016

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A group calling itself the Tea Party Fire Ants is calling for a boycott of Fox News because the channel has become too liberal. They’re afraid their beloved news source is becoming the “right-wing CBS News” and they’re taking their business to media outlets willing to cover Benghazi and the president’s birth certificate 24/7.

Is the boycott working? If you say it isn’t, you’re obviously a part of the conspiracy against the Tea Party.

“We’ll have ratings numbers by beginning of the week,” writes the author of, “though we have seen liberal groups on the internet trying to artificially inflate FOX ratings during this 2nd boycott to deny the Tea Party a victory, even against a common enemy!”

The truth is, Fox News’ ratings have been on the decline since the November election. Some of that decline certainly comes from viewers disappointed after months of being assured Mitt Romney was going to win in a landslide. The channel has since reflected the Republican Party’s official stands by accepting the end of the Bush tax cuts on the richest and at least pretending to want immigration reform. But the channel has been just as dogmatically anti-liberal as ever. The problem is that as the Tea Party gets less and less popular, the only people left who claim the mantle represent the extremes of the Republican Party.

The Tea Party would never have been a national force of the magnitude it reached in 2010 if Fox News hadn’t promoted it directly. We know this because once the channel stopped doing so, the group immediately went into decline. Now Frankenstein’s monster is headed back to the Doctor’s laboratory.

But to calm our friends in the Tea Party, here are five examples of Fox News being as biased as ever.

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  • charleo1

    I think there is little doubt the T-Party represents for Fox News both the power
    of a 24/7, cable news outlet to create political reality. And a cautionary tale of
    why, in the long run, that is not in the best interests of the station, or politics.
    And, I think it is important to keep in mind that even though it seems the ubiquitous

    all news, all the time, created with your taste in mind, has been around forever.
    They, and we, are just beginning to appreciate the strengths, and pitfalls of the medium.
    Fox, often tends to craft their news coverage for a Right Wing audience. Not so
    much by false reporting, although they do this from time to time. But by simply
    not covering the news that would seem to show the Left in a positive light. Or, by
    puffing up, or inflating a subject the Right would like to keep alive, like Benghazi.
    Long after the majority of the public has moved on. For example, the President
    was receiving the prestigious, Medal of Distinction, Israel’s highest civilian award.
    CNN, and MSNBC covered the ceremony live. While Fox held a Q, and A, about
    the tough job Obama has in reestablishing Israel’s trust, after he threw them under
    the bus in his first term. Admittedly, something a Right Wing audience would prefer
    to see. Rather than President Obama accepting an award. The larger point here is,
    President Obama did receive an award. Now, he question becomes, would Fox
    viewers observing the ceremony, while listening to Israeli leaders thank Obama for
    his unwavering support, cause some of them to question the overall message, Fox
    is presenting all day, and all night, in a half a dozen ways. that contends Obama
    is betraying our ally, to side with the Arabs. Well, yes! It might well cause them to
    question that. So, contrary to their slogan, “We report, you decide,”
    Fox always makes the decision, and many of it’s viewers, just tag along.

    • Independent1

      Charle, When you say, ‘Not so much false reporting’, I guess it gets down to what you consider ‘false reporting’ to be. And to me, censoring the news by selectively reporting the pieces of the news that a news outlet thinks will paint they picture THEY WANT the public to believe, IS OUTRIGHT FALSE REPORTING. It doesn’t always have to be distorted facts or lies. And to tell you the truth, I’ve only watched Faux News for probably 30 minutes in my life, but I see the gross misunderstanding and outright false impressions that right-wing posters put into their posts, that tell me quite clearly: Fox News publishes outright blatant lies and conspiracy theories that boggle the mind. And to me, just to have a news outlet make such sensational news out of one consulate attack that killed 4 people, when they know full well that that attack happened during the safest 4 year period for Americans working overseas in our government facilities in at least the past 40 years, is just totally unconscionable and a travesty. I’m not trying to downplay the loss of 4 American lives, but the reporters at Fox News have to know, that during Bush jr’s two terms, that there were 12 attacks on Americans, including 9/11, that killed over 3,300 people. Knowing that, how in all good conscience can a news outlight whitewash all that, and make a mockery of news reporting by turning an event that took 4 lives into such a nonsensical sensational story??? In my mind, the people running Fox News are absolutely sick and devoid of any sense of human decency. And you have to know, that it was Fox News’ constant 24/7 reporting of Benghazi that pushed McCain and Graham to follow suit and make such hypocrites of themselves in also making such an issue of the tradgedy; when both of them had to know that 72 people died in 11 embassy/consulate attacks during Bush’s terms and they never raised one question about why all these people had lost their lives (and those attacks also included losing a diplomat’s life).

      • Amen and well said!!

      • charleo1

        Well, when you put it that way. I have no choice but to agree with you
        100%! You managed to point out exactly, what I was trying to get at.
        For example: In ’08, Fox had this picture of a couple of Black guys, who knows where they got it. And, they weren’t doing anything, these guys. Just
        standing in front of a predominately Black voting location, in Philadelphia.
        So, the guys may, or may not have identified themselves as members of the
        New Black Panthers. But, Fox made sure their 90/95% White audience saw
        them as the, New Obama campaign’s ground game. Over the next few weeks, these two got more air time on Fox, than people like McCain who were actually running for office! But, I think this game Fox has been playing
        has to a large extent, thanks to the T-Party, and morons like Sean Hannity,

        has begun to catch up with them. And if you’re a, “news,” organization, with zero credibility, what are you? More, and more, The National Inquirer, or Fox News. So, again. Agree 100%!

  • Mark Ginn

    It’s really very simple. If it came from Faux Newz, it’s most likely a lie.

  • howa4x

    Fox News corp is a business and they see a changing demographic out there. Their viewers are older and whiter than the other channels, and they are loosing in the younger demographic audience and with independents. Their disinformation news has been rejected by more of the population. As for the tea party, be careful what you wish for. Publicity is a double edge sword. On one edge you get your message out there loud and clear, but on the other, when people hear it they say Yikes, who are these fools. I think this is great for the great for the tea party’s image(not!). Now as the national TP wants to soften their social message, this group won’t have it. Over the next 3 years anyone seeking national office will be DOA if they have a tea party endorsement coupled with a victory projection from Fox News

  • My response to this story on Saturday was the invention of a new acronym: NDFL, which stands for, “nearly dead from laughing”. The Teabaggers saying that Fox “News” is too liberal is like saying that FDR was a fascist. This proves one of the 10 Tenets of the Republican Party…insanity. Indirectly, it proves another tenet: incompetence. NDFL

  • JDavidS

    What’s really scary is that the clowns at Faux News are allowed to breed.

  • jointerjohn

    The predictable feature of the Tea Party turning against Fox is that when the network pandered to delusional ideologues they set themselves up for this result. No one can forge a lasting, trusting relationship with wild-eyed loonies who see conspiracies behind everything! The Tea Party is by both definition and membership an irrational conglomeration of malcontents with a group victim-complex. Alliances with people like that never last long and always end badly.

  • idamag

    There are extremes in parties and the right extremism is fascism.