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Friday, April 20, 2018

B Obama

Barack Obama’s presidency seems to be happening in two alternate dimensions at the same time.

In one dimension, he’s just returned home from delivering a historic eulogy in honor of one of the most admired people of the last century. He finds an American economy where job growth is accelerating, as are enrollments in insurance exchanges set up as a result of his greatest legislative achievement. Syria’s chemical weapons are well on their way to being completely destroyed and a deal with Iran has the potential to prevent a hostile nation from ever acquiring a nuclear weapon.

In the other dimension, Obamacare is unraveling as the president is mocked around the globe for desecrating the funeral of Nelson Mandela with both a selfie and a handshake. Like Neville Chamberlain, he’s giving in to a genocidal dictator. Even worse, he only stops playing golf long enough to cancel insurance policies, mostly those of people who have cancer.

Okay, the second dimension is actually Fox News.

And for weeks, as became a punchline synonymous with failure and the president’s promises about health reform were dissected, the Fox point of view has dominated the news.

As the media struggled to decide if his current disaster was more like Katrina or the Iraq War,  the spoils of holding the Democratic Party together during the government shutdown were erased, if not reversed, by a failure to implement the one great reform that Republicans had branded with his name, in hopes that it would someday crumble and take him down with it.

A series of new polls has some contradictory signs for the president. But there are also indications that the worst may be over. Here are five good signs in some bad news for the president.

Photo: Allison Harger via Flickr

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16 Responses to 5 Good Signs For President Obama In Some Very Bad Polls

  1. Yes, these are nice. But to point out that Obama and the ACA are more popular than Republicans is misleading. Syphilis and Cockroaches are currently more popular than Republicans.

    • How do you explain that 54% of YOUNG voters feel Obama should be impeached? Must be an infestation there also. There’s always room for another Democrat in federal prison, Gov Blago(D) is getting lonely.

  2. Obama needs to do a much better job of highlighting his successes so that the country can see the good he has done for the people of the US.

    • Too late. He has already lost the confidence of most Americans. The remainder are only exercising their right to wishful thinking.

  3. Whoops! As usual, the ‘accelerating job growth’ was quietly revised yesterday and not in the right direction for Obama, enrollments in the exchanges are minimal with no guarantee those who signed up are actually going to be covered, pollyanna on Iran, and wishful thinking about people ‘wanting single payer’. If you find getting a good hospital or a doctor is hard under Obamacare, you’d love those losses and wait times on the steroid of single payer.

  4. The audience behind Obama in the picture above accurately reflects the public sentiment toward this president, from disinterest to consternation to mockery.

    • angelsinca: Do you know what else it doe NOT ACCURATELY REFLECT? A portrait of Fox News viewers! Notice a diversity of humanity that actually exists throughout our country and is continuing to grow more beautifully diverse! Ache on! Yesterday is gone! Like it or not. No matter what you or your ilk may try to do to one man you will not diminish him in any shape, form nor fashion. Nor will you scratch and claw at his basic human nobility in your vain attempts to pull him down into your gutters of hate. He is not a saint. Just an extraordinary man chosen by history as the symbol of a tremendous shift in the demographics and political direction of our country.

      No matter what you and your ilk sling at President Obama he is already assured his place in the history of the presidency for what he has achieved despite the hatred toward and resistance to him and his ideals.

      I am a native Texan and I have heard this crap my entire life. I did not attend school with an African-American child until WE were in junior high school If I had lived in a richer county it would have been high school – which would have ended with President Johnson’s various civil rights laws. The civil rights laws were the best thing that could have happened to the Old South and our country in general. It is disheartening that Republicans have not let go of the past and now are in the process of reinventing it in order to vainly attempt to hold on to power. See Ohio and their hate filled new voter suppression scheme the GOP is expanding with outside of the Old South.

      When I was invited to participate in the Vietnam War I met young African-American men from all over the country. I learned that many of them suffered discrimination and “separate and unequal” treatment despite the fact that they lived in other parts of the country.

      Racial and ethnic animus is as old as racial diversification itself. But may I remind you: The human race STARTED IN AFRICA!!!

      • Please clarify the racial and ethnic animus in any of my comments. Just look at the audience.behind him, not imaginary racial overtones.

  5. Examples of efforts where merit does not matter include scientific research and development, information technology, and investments.

  6. Liberty enables unlimited choices when compared to the limited options that can be conjured up by central government “choice architects”.

  7. Don’t be fooled, folks: Obamacare isn’t about more choices and lower prices, it’s about fewer choices and higher prices.

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