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Monday, October 22, 2018

B Obama

Barack Obama’s presidency seems to be happening in two alternate dimensions at the same time.

In one dimension, he’s just returned home from delivering a historic eulogy in honor of one of the most admired people of the last century. He finds an American economy where job growth is accelerating, as are enrollments in insurance exchanges set up as a result of his greatest legislative achievement. Syria’s chemical weapons are well on their way to being completely destroyed and a deal with Iran has the potential to prevent a hostile nation from ever acquiring a nuclear weapon.

In the other dimension, Obamacare is unraveling as the president is mocked around the globe for desecrating the funeral of Nelson Mandela with both a selfie and a handshake. Like Neville Chamberlain, he’s giving in to a genocidal dictator. Even worse, he only stops playing golf long enough to cancel insurance policies, mostly those of people who have cancer.

Okay, the second dimension is actually Fox News.

And for weeks, as became a punchline synonymous with failure and the president’s promises about health reform were dissected, the Fox point of view has dominated the news.

As the media struggled to decide if his current disaster was more like Katrina or the Iraq War,  the spoils of holding the Democratic Party together during the government shutdown were erased, if not reversed, by a failure to implement the one great reform that Republicans had branded with his name, in hopes that it would someday crumble and take him down with it.

A series of new polls has some contradictory signs for the president. But there are also indications that the worst may be over. Here are five good signs in some bad news for the president.

Photo: Allison Harger via Flickr