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Friday, December 15, 2017

Republicans who want to talk about the Affordable Care Act have two obvious goals: discrediting the whole law and somehow making it go away.

They don’t, however, want to talk about the more than 3 million Americans under 26 now on their parents’ coverage thanks to the law, how health care inflation has slowed dramatically since it was passed, or the millions and millions of working people who could end up “winners” because of the law.

Why would they?

After years of attempting to sabotage the law, the GOP received a huge gift in the bungled roll out of Suddenly, their vague warnings of a “government takeover” of health care that would unleash a communist apocalypse were replaced by justifiable mockery of the site’s glitches and calls for Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius’ resignation. Of course, this required them to pretend that they actually wanted the website to work.

This week, many Republicans realized they were boxing themselves into a corner if the site ever began to work as promised, which is supposed to happen by the end of November. So the discussion has moved to the 10-15 percent of Americans in the individual insurance market, some of whom are losing their insurance — mostly because it doesn’t meet the need requirements set out by the Affordable Care Act. These are plans that were most likely to be rated “fair to poor,” according to the Center for Health Research and Transformation.

About half of these people will receive subsidies to purchase new plans and some may end up paying higher rates. The right-wing media has been searching for examples of people being screwed by these changes. But the nightmare scenarios they’ve been presenting keep turning out not to be that bad, upon just a little investigation.

This is happening despite the president’s assurances that “if you like your plan, you can keep it,” even though the Affordable Care Act does “grandfather” in all plans that were in effect up until when the law passed in 2010.

These are the things Republicans do want to talk about because they make either the law or President Obama look bad. And by focusing on these issues, they hope to distract from these five facts that are much more promising for the health care law.

Photo: Center for American Progress Action Fund via Flickr

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192 Responses to 5 Obamacare Facts & News Republicans Don’t Want To Talk About

  1. As to the blah blah about Sebelius lying about not being on the exchange:

    Kaiser Health news of KFF:
    “The federal Centers for Medicare and
    Medicaid Services issued a fact sheet last month that notes that it’s
    illegal to sell someone an exchange insurance plan to a person he or she
    knows has Medicare.”

    She is 65 and on medicare..Stupid bagger lies!

    • I think that because she works for the federal gov she has an employee provided plan and is therefore NOT eligible for a plan under the Affordable Care Act.

        • Exactly, she is ineligible on both counts. If she were not employed FT with a group coverage plan, she would be ineligible because she has credible coverage with Medicare.

          Because she has Medicare, and she is employed FT, her group health plan with her employer that offers credible health insurance is her primary payor and her Medicare is secondary.

          • Not sure you’re right on that one Nana. I have that plan and Medicare pays first. Now I am retired so it may be different.

  2. Highlighting the fact that the individual insurance policies held by millions of young Americans are being cancelled because they don’/t meet the minimum coverage se out by ACA is a double edge sword for the GOP. Admitting that the best so many Americans could aspire for under the old plan was to get individual coverage that allowed four doctor visits a year, and a hospitalization cap of $10K, and that most of them will now be forced to get better coverage at subsidized premiums via ACA proves one of the many benefits in the Affordable Care Act. Get more for the same or at lesser value is not negative, regardless of what the GOP wants their flock to believe. I think we should all send Thank You cards to the architects of the latest anti-ACA tactic for highlighting the logic and benefits associated with healthcare reform.

    • Dom… you’re delusional when it comes to what plans people have or want. Now I understand why a leftist would think that government should be permitted to tell people what kind of coverage they must have, but your entire post ignores reality, just like virtually every position of the left ignores reality and focuses on the dream.

      Why should a 25 year old single male in perfect health be forced to pay for a plan that covers maternity or anything else that person does not need or want? Why should a 55 year old couple pay for maternity care or abortion or contraception? They shouldn’t. And they weren’t. Now they are. In fact, they’re paying for themselves and their paying for others that have not earned it. This is why they are either losing their coverage all together or their premiums and deductibles are skyrocketing. That’s NOT better healthcare, no matter how you present it.

      You and I both know that a massive majority of Americans (80%+) were completely content with their healthcare and health insurance BEFORE Obozodon’tcare was jammed down our throats. And now that it’s here, everyone can see that the same people that can’t get a simple website to operate for $650 MILLION are the same ones that are expected to run and control our healthcare system and 1/6th of our economy.

      Focusing on the stupid website is a mistake. Obozodon’tcare is a sheet sandwich and complaining about the website is like complaining that you’re sheet sandwich isn’t done cooking yet. Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s still a sheet sandwich. It should be thrown in the garbage.

      Happy Halloween!

      “There are two types of human beings: people who want to interfere in the way other people live their lives, and people who are content to mind their own business. Which type of people do you think go in to politics?” – Ed Crane

      • Do you have any idea how health insurance works? From your post, it’s not apparent that you do. Why should I be forced to buy a policy that covers cancer treatment? I don’t plan to get cancer. Why should I be forced to buy a policy that covers hospitalization? I don’t want to go into the hospital. But when I buy a policy that doesn’t meet minimum standards, I become a burden on everybody else when my policy doesn’t pay for my treatment.
        And the government tells us all the time what kind of insurance we must have. Do you drive? Then the government tells you what kind, and how much, auto insurance you have to buy. Having enough auto insurance keeps you from becoming a burden on the rest of us if you are involved in an accident. The same goes for health care. Why should you be allowed to become a burden on me because you want to buy a cheap policy and be underinsured? Now that we have the Affordable Care Act, you have to be responsible for yourself. I’m surprised Republicans don’t see it that way, since they often proclaim that they are the party of personal responsibility.

        • His self-proclaimed moniker should be enough to tell you where he’s coming from….I agree “ObozoMustGo” MUST go!

          • Again this goes to show how true the proverbial phrase ” A little learning is a dangerous thing” which I learned from grade school.

        • Your own comparison of health insurance to auto insurance is exactly the comparison I have been making for years. You’ve shot down your own argument for Obozodon’tcare and you don’t even realize it. We do not have “health insurance” now in the true sense of what insurance is supposed to be. What we have is a hodge podge of a government shell game trying to get everyone to pay for everyone else combined with a private system that is a slave to government bureaucrats. Auto insurance is ubiquitous and affordable to everyone who wishes to drive. (Many states allow for low cost liability only policies tailored to a certain segment of the market). The fact is that auto insurance DOES NOT pay for your routine maintenance like oil changes or brakes. It pays if you get in an accident. That’s what insurance is for.

          Can you imagine how the costs of auto care would escalate if insurance was to pay for oil changes or other minor stuff like our health insurance policies do? Add on top of that multiple layers of state and federal bureacracies, and a legion of ambulance chasers, to oversee the insurance companies and their policies, and to oversee, and regulate into the dirt, automechanics. Do you think that autocare would be less or more expensive? Don’t bother answering because you’ll prove yourself wrong. The fact is that autocare and insurance would become something only the wealthy could afford. There would be far, far fewer mechanics, and access to affordable autocare would decline. Then the leftist freaks of the world would be screaming for government provided autocare. Just like they are doing now with healthcare.

          The economics of the systems between healtcare/health insurance and autocare/auto insurance are identical. While human health is certainly more important, the market places function virtually identically, or should. Right now, one is a model of competition and low cost. The other is a government created disaster. Anyone capable of critical thought is going to understand this. You apparently are capable of it, but don’t realize it. Perhaps there is hope for you.

          Happy Halloween!

          “I don’t think your boss should get to control the health care you get. I don’t think insurance companies should control the care that you get. I don’t think politicians should control the care that you get. I think there’s one person to make these decisions on health care and that is you.” – Guess who said it

          • You do understand that high cost for uninsured people to go to the Hospital Emergency Rooms for medical treatment is passed on to the tax payer? Obviously it puts an extreme burden on those working in the Emergency dealing with emergencies, trauma victims and people coming in for what could be handled in a doctors office. What happens when they go to the ER and they are not sent home and have to stay in the hospital 7 to 10 days. Those costs are passed on to everyone who has insurance and results in increase premiums.

          • Why does a doctor cost more in the ER than he/she does walking around doing rounds in the other part of the hospital? Why does a needle cost more in the ER than in the lab? Why does a nurse cost more in the ER than serving patients in other parts of the hospital? The fact is that they don’t cost more. ER charges are higher because of hospital accounting gimmicks that were created around a perverse incentive system generated by government regulation and insurance company incentive.

            That being said, it’s your assumption that anyone going to the ER for regular care is NOT paying for the services they get. Many poor people may not be, but many also do pay. This little factoid goes unnoticed by the leftist freaks. Further, even if poor people go to the ER and even if the ER charges premium prices, this is STILL WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY CHEAPER than a multi-trillion dollar boondoggle that creates massive new bureaucracies and gets the IRS/government stuffed right up your butt permanently. There is no reason for Obozodon’tcare other than a big government plan to control people, make them dependents, and create a new class of monolithic DemonRAT voter who will have their hands locked into the US Treasury.

            Have a nice day!

            “The man of system . . . is apt to be very wise in his own conceit; and is often so enamoured with the supposed beauty of his own ideal plan of government, that he cannot suffer the smallest deviation from any part of it. He goes on to establish it completely and in all its parts, without any regard either to the great interests or to the strong prejudices which may oppose it. He seems to imagine that he can arrange the different members of a great society with as much ease as the hand arranges the different pieces upon a chess-board. . . .” —Adam Smith, The Theory of Moral Sentiments, 1759

          • I agree some of the uninsured do pay for their ER services, some pay partial, based on what their income can accommodate. However others “leave hospitals with unpaid tabs of up to $49 billion a year, according to a USA TODAY analysis of government statistics.” I get that you hate the President, but you can not ignore the cost of the uninsured when they are using ER for medical treatment.
            Have a nice weekend.

          • How many of those using ER and not paying are illegal aliens? I’d bet it’s a high number. As well, I could guarantee you that those numbers are hyperinflated and massaged to come to a predetermined conclusion that they believe will help sell the cause. This is the way the left works. They lie about the details so the true believers and useful idiots will propagandize on their behalf.

          • If you have need of the emergency room, take a good look at you bill. It is exponentially more expensive than going to the doctors office.

            For what a doctor would charge $100 to $150 for, the emergency room will charge $1000 to $2000 for. That is why most insurance has a $50 to $100 co pay on the emergency room.

          • And the reason for that, as someone else wondered why it is so much more expensive in an ER, is because the ER is an acute care treatment modality. It’s purpose is to provide acute, intensive treatment, as in a triage on a battlefield. You are paying for a facility set up to provide whatever is immediately necessary to assess, intervene, treat whatever comes through those doors on an emergent, life threatening basis. That means, specially trained personnel; equipment, immediate results from lab and xrays and other diagnostics, etc. Staffing is at optimum, at all times, since emergency care cannot be predicted, though heightened for certain holidays, weekends, and other times when even more staffing can be predicted.

            It is not the place to treat the common cold, the flu, an ache you have had all week that you finally decide to have looked into or because you had no where else to go. However, unfortunately, it is some people’s only option to see a doctor, and, sometimes, those aches and respiratory symptoms can be found to be more than just an ache or a cold or the simple kind of flu. Many non funded mothers take their infants and children with fevers to the ER when, if they had a regular doctor or clinic, after one episode of a feverish disease, would have been educated on how to manage a fever until an appointment with the clinic or doctor can be secured.

          • Again, all of your questions can be answered quite simply and they are based on evidence and fact.

            Apparently, many people who seek care in the ERs do NOT pay, otherwise, hospitals would not be having the difficulty with attempting to mix the acuity levels in an acute care modality with care that could have been provided in a MD office by a GP, resulting in using highly trained and skilled professionals and resources, where liability is higher because treatment of unknown people with unknown histories is risky.

            It seems ridiculous to try to explain to you why a doctor in an ER is different from the doctor “walking around doing rounds”, or anything else on which you have so many opinions.

            You need to argue for the sake of argument. But your argument is totally unconvincing, neither can you be convinced. However, you do sound like someone who would much prefer the really “Socialist” system of healthcare and, if you can’t find it with the “DemonRATs”, you certainly are not going to be able to find it with the Republicans or with any of the various sects/cults that are supposed to be Republicans.

          • We also need to take into account that people who use emergency rooms wait until the problem has gotten so bad it is not an easy fix. A person seeing a doctor regularly would have found out the problem early when it is cheaper to fix.

          • Exactly. That is why a bona fide, credible health insurance plan that does not limit out patient care access but that is inclusive of quality access to continuing, ongoing preventive and maintenance care, as well as more “catastrophic” care, is preferable over some of the “junk” plans that many individuals, about 5% of the nation, were forced to purchase as their only alternative prior to ACA. It is why the ACA seeks to make more affordable, via subsidies, a comprehensive health insurance plan that contains many of the well-known “consumer protections” as well as comprehensive access to health care when you need it and when you don’t, just to keep you healthy.

            I doubt anyone would be “happy with their existing plan” if that plan continues to have annual and life time caps for coverage; excludes pre-existing conditions; has ability to drop you if you get too sick; and limits your hospitalization coverage to the price of your deductible, about $5,000; or retains the option to drop the plan without an alternative, etc.

          • It’s logistics. An ER must be staffed at a level of quantity and at a level of expertise; have the equipment and the system and the level of readiness and preparedness, to accomplish it’s mission: accept any unknown individual who is wheeled in through the doors in life threatening states that require immediate and critical specialized intervention with faster than fast turn around.

            That is an expensive set of logistics for any hospital to provide. Is it worth it? Take note of the ER responsiveness in the public and recent episodes of mass casualties following man made and natural disasters throughout the country.

            If you know anyone with a seizure disorder, or with a new and sudden onset of seizures, or someone with complaints of chest pain and difficulty breathing, or a child with acute asthma non responsive to emergency inhalers, or with a ruptured appendix or injuries of a motor vehicle accident or a Saturday Night Slaughter, you might think it worth it.

          • 7 to 10 days in a hospital can total up to more than 5x the cost of a $6,000 annual deductible. If one has to pay $6,000 of that hospital stay, they have saved at least $24,000 that they or someone else would have to pay.

            If there is another hospitalization in the same year, the $6,000 deductible is already met, but, without insurance, we look at assuming the total cost of the hospitalization out of pocket.

            PS: $30,000 for 10 days in hospital may cover just the cost for “room and board”; it does not cover diagnostic tests, medications, specialist visits, procedures, use of the OR, Recovery Room, anesthesiologist, etc. It is just the cost of a hospital semi private room on a general nursing unit and the nursing care ( meals, if you get to eat, are included, as is laundry of the your bed linens and your hospital gown, TV, if you are in shape to watch it)

          • Nana, I went into the hospital about 1 month ago for an outpatient procedure and was there for less than 7 hours – the charge from the hospital for the operating room and set up was $17,000 plus. I can verify that hospital charges can add up very fast.

          • I am having a hard time seeing how the two options available to what I would think of as the previously uninsured will be helped by the ACA. Seems like they will go into the now expanded Medicaid which doctors will not accept. And those purchasing the bronze solutions offered thru the exchanges have both high co-pays and high deductibles. What happens when they go into an emergency room and/or hospital for a day and incur their $5,000 deductible. Is this better that their old days with no insurance? If they can’t pay the $5,000 do these get passed along to all as before? And what about the hospitals that choose not to accept either? Sounds like about 1/3 hospitals in New Hampshire will accept neither. What happens if I bought the bronze option, have a heart attack and go to a hospital that doesn’t accept my insurance? Pay cash? Call around and drive 75 miles to hospital that accepts?

          • There are I believe 23 Republican states which will not participate in the Medicaid expansion. Article News Wire: “Doctors Likely to Accept New Medicaid Patients as Coverage Expands, But They May Not Accept Patients Who Remain Uninsured, Reports Study in Medical Care”

            Not all Hospitals accepted the uninsured before the ACA.

            From an article in Kaiser Health News: “Hospital associations have paid for television and newspaper ads, organized rallies, and choreographed legislative testimony in support of the Medicaid expansion, which is part of the Affordable Care Act.”
            Why do you assume all people will have a $5,000 Deductible? When I purchased my insurance I made sure that the hospitals that I know my doctors have privileges at accepted my insurance. Doesn’t your insurance also have an out of network cost?
            If Republicans and Democrats would work together to find solutions to problems that arise and address the concerns of people, than perhaps we would have a plan that is 100% workable. However for 3 years Republicans made a choice not to participate in making the ACA work.

          • I’ll try again. Lost long reply so will shorten. Male, 75, conservative, Medicare. Lifetime in insurance industry, last 20 years in computer software supporting insurance industry. Only California looked at’ only Cal.seems up and available. Not my state. Don’t assume all will have $5,000 deductible. Those choosing HMO or PPO seem to avoid the deductible.My view is that poor uninsured not eligible for Medicaid (eligibility apparently ‘relaxed’ by ACA) will look to the Bronze coverage as least costly per month. If not PPO/HMO, $5,000 typical annual deductible for 1 insured. Some costs lets say typical are $60 co pay for office visit, $300 emergency room, and I think a co-pay for hospital room after deductible. Annual out of pocket though capped around $6500. If I’m a worker making less than about $45k, I get a subsidy…gradually decreasing until I hit the $45k. So visit to emergency, couple of x-rays and a day or two in hospital costs me my annual maximum out of pocket. Why don’t I just forget the insurance, take my chances, and go to emergency room when sick? Since you are willing to pay…
            This is what happened in Massachusetts. Emergency room usage went up under Romneyvare. Then to address your comment re making the ACA work, it will never work. It is not a healthcare system, it is a tax and income redistribution system. The subsidies, the 100% reimbursement to states for expanded Medicaid,

          • I keep losing replies. I quit. ACA will never work. And is actually unconstutional..(written in Kenya?). Just for fun think about the Constitution. Which house in Congress is charged with levying taxes? What are the penalties in ACA? Deemed taxes by the Supreme Court. Where did the ACA get spawned?

          • I just lost another comprehensive excellent answer/reply. To eliminate possibility again, 2 short redness. One the Origination Clause of the Constitution says all revenue/tax bills must originate in the House!!!

          • The second legal problem to be dealt with by Obamacare. The ACA says subsidies to those who qualify buying insurance through the state exchanges. They didn’t anticipate or provide in the law for half the states not having exchanges. So according to the law, NO SUBSIDIES in half the states.
            What a mess!!!

          • Did you even read what the letters said? Starting Oct. 1st you will be able to purchase insurance through health exchange.. Talk about dead horse I’m replying to one right now. You can’t just pick n choose what you want to see and hear. But hey why would we expect anything different.

          • Came back . Thought maybe you were rational. Check the premium increases in those letters. Increase would buy most people a new car. Some a Cadillac, some a Ferrari.

          • That does not make sense! Policy gets cancelled. All you can buy is ACA conforming policy….with bells and whistles!

          • Wikipedia means nothing it’s somebody’s opinion, it could be complete bs. Crap you could of posted it..

          • Can’t believe I gave you any credit for ability to reason! My last word…google origination clause constitution. Choose any of the dozens of entries. Read s l o w l y. Comprehend. Give us a break.

          • Your last word was-Google Origination Clause-Wikipedia!
            origination clause has nothing to do with it-as SCOTUS has already ruled it’s legal, get over it. I’m done going back n forth with you. It’s here to stay get over it n move on…
            The Supreme Court has occasionally ruled on origination clause matters, adopting a definition of revenue bills that is based on two central principles that tend to narrow its application to fewer classes of legislation than the House: (1) raising money must be the primary purpose of the measure, rather than an incidental effect; and (2) the resulting funds must be for the expenses or obligations of the government generally, rather than a single, specific purpose.

          • Chech Choose state of California. Use zip 90210. Enter male age 35 income $35,000. Check your options, look at the premiums, look at the nonPPO/HMO plans. Look at the co- pays and deductibles. No one will buy these.

          • Reason premiums high are that 35 yr old single male is
            1) subsidizing older ages
            2) paying for maternity coverage
            3) paying for pediatric dentistry and vision as well as many other mandates most don’t Ned.

          • Your previous I’d looked Medicare age or close. Medicare will suffer in many ways. I live in community of many retired. Hospital has already changed many practices. E.g. Don’t go into hospital, get treated, discharged and have recurrence. You can’t get back in. They are now penalized for not curing you. They just send you home to dr or to pray.

          • not true keep reaching, I work in healthcare. We have not changed our care practices at all. this is one of the biggest teaching hospitals in US and our standard of care has not changed at all.

          • And when you are required to buy automobile insurance, you have to purchase medical coverage FOR OTHER PEOPLE, not for yourself. Are you so oblivious to reality that you cant see that is exactly the principle behind a system you obviously hate.

          • You really are stupid, aren’t you! The purchase of auto insurance does NOT include purchases FOR OTHER PEOPLE. Auto insurance is to cover YOU against potential liability that would financially devastate you. This is NOT the same as purchasing insurance FOR OTHER PEOPLE. Not in the least.
            Grow a brain, moron!

          • That liability insurance is for injuries you cause to other people. That is health ins. you are paying for other people.

          • NO it is NOT for other people. It is for ME. They agree to take on my financial risks, for a premium that reflects my risk profile, shoud I be exposed to a liability that would otherwise bankrupt me. There is no other way to look at it, unless you are a moron. My hunch is that you fall into that moron category. You should be shunned by everyone.

            Have a nice day!

            “He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool — shun him.” – Old Middle Eastern Proverb

          • We’ll discus your “standing as a genius” when you graduate magna cum laude and after you have been recuited by United States intelligence agencies that hire only Mensa-quality people of high moral standing.

            Having not been recruited (and possibly not graduating) you wouldn’t know that would you.

          • Well, you sure didn’t learn anything. There is such a thing as book sense and common sense. You flunk on the last one,

          • Yeah!! Maybe in your dreams!! The only thing that someone like you who expouses the total idiocy that you do could have graduated Summa Cum Laude in is basket weaving!!!

          • Don’t worry bozo. Soon we’ll get rid of Obamacare and it will be replaced by the republican health insurance plan. Right? Go ahead explain it to us since you’re so f**king smart. People on this blog try to talk sensibly to you but all you can do is call people names and make derisive commits. Why they bother is beyond me since all you are is the typical right wing fool who doesn’t give a sh*t about anybody or anything. Typical right wing nuts only criticize. They never have anything constructive to say. So here’s your chance. COME ON A**HOLE. Let’s here your great ideas about how to fix the health care system. I don’t normally use profanity or call people names but people like you make me sick.

          • Get government OUT of the healthcare business. Everything the government does, EVERYTHING, is a disaster that results in outrageous cost overruns, massive inefficiency, rationing and shortages. They can’t even make a website work with $650 MILLION and 3 years. The outlandish manipulation of the healthcare industry IS the cause of the problems. If you want ideas about how to do it, listen to Dr. Ben Carson’s speech about it right in front of Obozo at the National Prayer Breakfast.

            Have a nice day!

            “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there’d be a shortage of sand.” — Milton Friedman

            “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs
            by their intentions rather than their results.” – Milton Friedman in an interview with Richard Heffner

          • Then get your “politicians” out of the uteruses (uteri?) of women everywhere. Seriously. Your party is the living embodiment of hypocrisy.

          • Interesting how you leftist freaks seem to think that the murder of babies is somehow “getting into a women’s uterus”. Defending one person’s life against murder by another is NOT intrusion. It’s a matter of natural law. And don’t give me this phony “war on women” bullsheet either. The real war on women is the 50% of the babies murdered that are female. Murder is the war, defending the defenseless is NOT!

            And don’t tell me what is being murdered is NOT a baby. It is. Even some of your leftist freak journalists are honest enough to admit that. Yet they still like killing them. Here’s a link to a Salon article stating just that:


            Here’s a quote below from your baby murdering hero, Margaret Sanger.

            Have a nice day!

            “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities.
            The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”
            — Margaret Sanger’s December 19, 1939 letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble, 255 Adams Street, Milton, Massachusetts. Original source: Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, North Hampton, Massachusetts. Also described in Linda Gordon’s Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America . New York: Grossman Publishers, 1976.

          • O Bozo, I wonder how much you are getting paid per hour to write such drivel? No one in their sensible mind and a brain to extrapolate can see your routine. Hope it’s more than the going minimum wage.

          • NO!! The requirement for YOU to purchase auto insurance HAS NOTHING TO DO with potecting YOURSELF from a financially devastating accident. The requirement is ALL ABOUT ensuring that YOU have the financial resources to adequately compensate any and all the victims for the losses they may suffer in an accident that YOU cause. Which is exactly the same motivation behind the requirement in ACA that everyone should have health insurance. It’s intended to prevent irresponsible people such as YOURSELF from deciding not to purchase health insurance and thereby deciding to foist the cost of their future healthcare on other Americans in one way or another: via drastically increased healthcare costs, via higher health insurance premiums and by transferring your healthcare costs to the taxpayers in some incidents.

          • May I ask this question? Why is it that Americans don’t have the freedom to choose their own health insurance? I just don’t get it. Why must the liberal nanny state make decisions for us? We can make them ourselves, thank you very much. It’s like choosing a car, buying a home or investing in a stock. We can handle it.

            So why must the government tell me and everyone else what we can and cannot buy?

            Charles Krauthammer and the Wall Street Journal’s Dan Henninger noted in excellent recent columns that this whole Obamacare business represents the greatest-ever expansion of the liberal entitlement-state dream. But I don’t
            want that dream. And you shouldn’t either.

            Here’s what else I don’t want: As a 60-something, relatively healthy person, I don’t want lactation and maternity services, abortion services, speech therapy, mammograms, fertility treatments or Viagra. I don’t want it. So why should I have to tear up my existing health-care plan, and then buy a plan with far more expensive premiums and deductibles, and with services I don’t need or want?

            Why? Because Team Obama says I have to. And that’s not much of a reason. It’s not freedom.

            Fortunately, NBC News pulled the plug this past week on President Barack Obama’s promise that “if you like your own plan, you can keep it.” Ditto for keeping your own doctor. The plug was pulled because NBC learned that Team Obama
            knew—for three years—that stiff new regulations would prevent the grandfathering of existing health-care plans. And not just a few plans. But plans that could affect as many as 15 million individuals.

            The day after that bombshell hit, the president tried to blame insurers rather than regulatory overkill for this Obamacare shortfall. Yet both the public and the mainstream media were having none of it. In what may turn out to be a landmark moment, Americans and the media at large have turned against the president and Obamacare.

            Incidentally, equally punitive regulations will hit more than 90 million employer-sponsored health plans next year. It’s the same problem as the individual plan. Grandfathering won’t work. Moreover, replacing these plans with much more expensive products will constitute a major tax hike on the entire economy. This point shouldn’t be lost as Americans worry about being kicked from their plans. Obamacare is not only anti-freedom but anti-growth.

            As for the grandfathering lie, Obama’s HHS staffers were the saboteurs. They undoubtedly acted with full knowledge of what they were doing, and thus trapped the president in three years of falsehoods that were essential to selling Obamacare.

            And I just love it when they tell me that so many of these existing plans are substandard “bad apples.” Do the president and his people not know that insurance at the state level is one of the most regulated areas of the economy?
            They’re blaming insurance companies, not their own new regulations. The stupidity of that is hilarious. Do they really think salesmen are out selling these policies off the back of trucks?

            No, this is federal coercion at its worst. And that’s why the public is turning against it. It’s not freedom. Of course, there are other structural problems to Obamacare that are both
            unfair and unaffordable. Mainly, younger healthy people are not going to subsidize older sicker folks. We should take care of the latter with transparent government subsidies, and not by trying to redistribute resources (again) from the young to the old.

            Or then there’s the Medicaid entitlement. It’s already out of control and close to bankruptcy. But in the early days of Obamacare, Medicaid sign-ups are exploding, all while sign-ups for private plans on the new exchanges are minuscule.

            Between the president’s broken promises, the millions of policy
            cancellations, the continued website breakdowns and the unaffordable, unfair con game between the healthy young and the sicker old, this Obamacare monster is well on its way to collapsing of its own weight.

            But here’s the bigger point: All this is the inevitable result of massive central-planning exercises to control the economy. That’s not freedom.

            No amount of rescue legislation is going to change this. It’s the elections of 2014 and 2016 that will allow citizens to reject this Soviet-style planning. But I’ll reference my conservative colleagues in the media once again: Obamacare
            represents the greatest-ever expansion of the liberal entitlement-state dream. And you know what? That dream is crumbling and dissolving before our very eyes.

            And that is freedom.

          • It’s really too bad WHAT YOU DON’T WANT!!! The reason government has to tell you and millions of other Americans what they need to provide for themselves is because TOO MANY AMERICANS MAKE STUPID DECISIONS!!
            Not wearing a helmet when they’re riding a motorbike, or seatbelt when they’re driving and then getting themselves seriously injured, requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills THAT THEY CAN’T PAY FOR.
            Or, texting or doing other idiotic things while driving (like driving drunk) such that they end up killing A WHOLE FAMILY OF INNOCENT PEOPLE IN ANOTHER CAR!!
            Or, deciding among themselves to not buy health insurance at all and when they get a serious illness or get into an accident that costs again hundreds of thousands of dollars THAT THEY CAN’T PAY FOR!!
            Or even deciding to purchase health insurance policies with so many caveats and restrictions that it’s really a worthless piece of garbage JUST BECAUSE IT’S CHEAP such that when they incur one of the not covered illnesses or medical situations, they once again FOIST HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS IN MEDICAL COSTS ON SOMEONE ELSE!!
            And I could go on and on; the point being that government sometimes has to establish requirements because without them TO MANY PEOPLE SUCH AS YOURSELF WOULD CONTINUE MAKING STUPID DECISIONS!!!!!!!

          • Just like an elitist scumbag leftist… you think you’re smarter than everyone else. They’re just too stupid to make what you call the “right decisions” for themselves and only the masterminds in government are smart enough to tell everyone else what to do. You’re dead wrong!

            Have a nice day!

            “There are two types of human beings: people who want to interfere in the way other people live their lives, and people who are content to mind their own business. Which type of people do you think go in to politics?” – Ed Crane

          • Listen to yourself. If Obama were to shoot the Pope execution style on the front lawn of the White House, you would come up with some reason why that was okay. He can do nothing wrong in your eyes which exposes your lack of intellect. No one should allow any politician on either side to get away with what he has. By the way, he lied about being able to keep your doctor too. Let’s see how you justify that.

          • Pure BS!! Shooting the Pope would be a negative thing. I don’t stand up for NEGATIVE THINGS LIKE YOU DO!!!
            Everything I’ve stood up for Obama for are accomplishments THAT I HAVE PERSONALY CHECKED OUT AND WERE POSTIVES!!!!!!


          • Great post! The government should require that delustional people, like exdermo55 and Obozo must go, be put in an insurance pool so they can afford the premiums so that can get the treatment that they obviously need.

          • Well, first off there are choice on what insurance you choose from the exchange. And, if you want you can go outside the exchange. It is not a requirement. Second, the reason there are now thankfully minimum requirements for what is covered is because then you will be covered by your insurance pool instead of being covered by tax dollars at a much higher rate.

          • And has it occurred to you that for decades before Obamacare, Americans had the freedom to make their own choices and more than 40 million of them MADE TERRIBLE CHOICES!! LIKE REFUSING TO PURCHASE HEALTH INSURANCE THAT DIDN’T END UP FOISTING THE MEDICAL COSTS THEY COULDN’T PAY FOR ON EVERYONE BUT THEM!!!!!!!!

          • Yeah, freedom to milk the system and be a burden to those who are willing to share. Who were those Americans who were willing to “mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor?” Certainly not today’s Republicans.

          • Yes they are today’s Christians. It’s the liberals who what to pledge other people’s Lives, Fortunes, and Honor, not their own.

          • Umm, you seem unclear what your insurance against liability covers. If you are liable for an accident, you might have to pay money damages, so your insurance covers that – you get that part, sort of. Here’s what that means, if you do damage, your liability insurance pays for the damage you caused to other people. (You protect the rest of the community in exchange for the privilege of driving.)
            But also, if you are damaged by another driver, say an uninsured motorist, your policy (either the Comprehensive or UI/UM rider to your basic liability insurance) will pay you for that damage. That is an extra on most policies.
            But the basic liability insurance described in the first paragraph protects everyone else from your negligence. That is the liability insurance that is mandated by most state laws.

          • My goodness! Howard. How dumb can you be. You just stated exactly what I have been saying. And then you disagreed with yourself. You are correct. My insurance covers MY LIABILITY. You stated that correctly. Then you go on to insert your collectivist mentality into it and dispute yourself. Nice work dummy! I am NOT paying for the community. Since if I had an accident that was my fault, my insurance would cover damages to THAT individual(s) who’s property or bodies I harmed. It doesn’t pay the whole community, you nutcase!

            Look at it this way. If I was uninsured and caused an accident, I AM LIABLE TO COVER THE COSTS OUT OF MY POCKET. The existence of auto insurance is only there to cover MY LIABILITY, not for someone else’s care, per se.

            Since this discussion is like 8 days ago, this is the last I will say in this topic.

            Have a nice day!

            “If you like your health plan, you can keep it. PERIOD!” – Baroke WhoIsInsane Obozo telling bald-faced lies to the American people when he knew in advance the opposite was true.

          • Umm what do you call “uninsured motorist” insurance, isn’t that what we get so when people are uninsured and they hit us we’re still covered. My insurance has always had maternity and I never used it and so does most insurance. you can’t pick and choose what you want. You can choose from less or more coverage and pay accordingly unlike ACA where you pay one price for it all and it’s cheaper, go figure..

          • Again, stupid… That “uninsured motorist” insurance is to cover MY potential liability in that specific event. We pay a small amount in insurance to cover potentially devastating financial liability to each of us INDIVIDUALLY.

            You wrote: “….you can’t pick and choose what you want.”

            I say, of course we can. That’s exactly what you do when you evaluate policies. The difference is that leftist freak mendicants like you want the rest of us paying for your needs, and that requires government coercion which you support. You’re nothing more than a useful idiot looking for freebies paid for by other people’s labor, and you’re willing to trade your liberties and the liberties of others to get what you want. You’re a greedy bastard. Face the facts! Admit it.

            Have a nice day, you greedy bastard!

            “A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.” — George Bernard Shaw

          • Auto insurance is different from health insurance. If an auto is not maintained with preventive care, it does not infect other people, and, if it dies, it is no one’s big loss and there is no suffering. It is not a human being with a vulnerable body. The liability insurance for auto drivers helps the driver assume responsibility for the driving that caused damage to someone else.

            Health insurance takes care of a human body, prevents disease that is transferable, identifies disease that is manageable, and intervenes with critical care to treat the body that was damaged from the driver of an automobile.

            All insurances are contingencies: you are insuring yourself “in case”. And it is the case that every human being will need healthcare. Not every human being will drive.

          • LIE!!! Health insurance does NOT prevent disease in any way. In fact, recent studies have shown there is no difference in disease or mortality rates between those who are insured and have “preventive care” and those who are not. The whole “preventive care” think is myth. Always has been, always will be.

            The markets for insurance, be it for cars or people, operate very much the same way. People make rational decisions they believe are in their best interests in either case. Insurance is meant for CATASTROPHIC loss, not maintenance. This is why healthcare is so expensive in America… because you’re all gaming a system trying to get someone else to pay for your goodies.

            Have a nice day!

            “If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free!” — P.J. O’Rourke

          • OMG! why are you so down on the ACA? it’s a flaming success. Day one they signed up 6 people!!!! 6 lives were saved. Sure there are glitches. WARNING: there are hundreds of phoney ACA websites out there that are trying to steal applicants’ information.. … you can tell the phoney websites quite easily though, they are the ones that actually work…….bwaaaaaaaa haaa haaaaaaaaaa

          • yes, we were speaking about flaming success as in, liar liar President Obozo’s pants on fire………IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR DOCTOR, YOU CAN KEEP YOUR DOCTOR………PERIOD!!!

          • Bwaaahaaaaaa. One of the main goals of the law is to expand healthcare coverage. Since the October 1 launch, Americans have been able to purchase health insurance coverage via state and federal marketplaces. Despite constant criticism from many Republicans, initial enrollment numbers exceeded expectations. The White House reported that 4.7 million people visited the website and 190,000 called the federal hotline on the first day of enrollment. In California, the first state to create an exchange, the online app received over five million visits and the hotline received over 17,000 calls. With such high numbers, it looks like the policy is on track to meet its goal of expanding coverage.

          • I am glad you just chose to use the words “visited” the website instead of the actual numbers that purchased from it. Big difference in 6 buyers and a million visitors. Good spin though Hahaha visits? That’s typical obozo talk – only works on you koolaid drunk bleating Obama sheep

          • LIE!!! Health insurance does NOT prevent disease in any way.

            Do you not know why colonoscopies are done?

          • What???? Of course you can. Don’t be stupid. There are many people that just pay for what they get directly, and are happy to do so. Healthcare makes up the services one consumes. Insurance is just one method of payment for those services. They are 2 different things, but I know that leftist freaks who live the dream of Utopia intentionally confuse the 2. Insurance is supposed to cover the catastrophic illnesses, not the maintenance. You leftist freaks have this dream that somehow you can cover the maintenance and it will be “free” because someone else is paying the tab. It’s simply not true.
            Have a nice day!

          • That’s because you are ignorant. If you pay a little on maintenance today, tomorrow you won’t have to pay for catastrophic issues, because you probably won’t need them.
            I have paid for and had insurance for the last 40 years. And when I do use the insurance it usually for maintenance, so what are you trying to tell me that I don’t know.

          • a dumbass if that were true then why do we have the highest infant mortality rate in a developed country, because of lack of insurance. ACA is going to provide preventative care for all, thus cutting down the rate of death due to undiagnosed illnesses that are caught early now because of preventative care. I,be got to wonder if you have ever been insured or worked in healthcare. well I have and the amount of people that bogged down our ER and caused rates to skyrocket is because of the uninsured. now we have a chance to right that wrong and give quality healthcare to all at a cost they can all afford and you still find reasons to complain. I was paying $550 a month until I got sick and it went up $50 a month after that, until I could no longer afford insurance and now I have insurance that costs 1/5 of that and I have preexisting conditions. so if you find something wrong with that, then you are a selfish uninformed repiglican.

          • So you’re one of the mendicants that gets your needs subsidized by everyone else? How’d I know that? Hmmmm….
            Odd how someone that gets others to finance their needs considers someone else that seeks only to keep his own earnings and pay his own freight is somehow “selfish”. You do see the irony in your own statements, don’t you?

          • Do you realize that my auto insurance premium is not only based on the replacement of my auto should it be totaled but also the cost of someone elses car in case I am the one found at fault in an accident? If I drive an older or a modest priced auto I have to pay for that car and if I am in an accident with someone who is wealthy and drives a $40,000 or $50,000 car even though I cannot afford to buy that kind of car, I also am going to have to be able to pay for that auto. Same with health insurance, some people get expensive deseases and some of don’t. We don’t get to choose. Also the 25 year old single male should have matenity care insurance. He could become responsible for getting a young lady preganant even though he isn’t married, or are you one of those males that think it is all the woman’s problem?

          • I think the young man would have had to have the young pregnant woman as a dependent covered on his insurance plan in order for the maternity coverage to be effective for her. She, however, might be able to afford her own plan, since pregnancy is not a “pre existing condition” anymore, even if she is pregnant when she purchases it, or, if she is under age 26 yrs, hopefully, she is still on her parent’s plan if/when she becomes pregnant and is not married. Nice thought, however, that encourages “personal responsibility”.

            The fact of the matter is that people cannot pick and choose what their insurance plan covers when it comes to health insurance and when a person dies from a covered disease, no health insurance guarantees the “replacement of the body with another”. We pay all the time for the health care choices other make re treatment that have nothing to do with our own particular needs and situation, sex, etc. I, as a woman, have not refused to purchase a health care plan because it includes treatment for prostate disorders, vasectomies, erectile dysfunction, etc., yet, for years, women’s health care needs, such as pregnancy, contraception, have been excluded or called, “pre existing conditions” or sometimes “moralized” as a religious or ethical issue instead of a medical issue, as if women’s bodies are more threats to the morality of this nation than the bodies of men are, instead of another human set of anatomy and physiology with differing needs that differ from those of the opposite sex. In the last few weeks, I have even heard some misguided politicos suggest that, because women seem to need “more” healthcare, they must be “hypochondriacs”. These are the same politicos who do, however, expect all women to be ready and able to be the haven for pregnancies under any and all circumstances, healthy or not.

            We pay, in the insurance pool, for other people’s diabetes, heart disease, cancers, asthma, traumatic injuries, even though we may never personally experience any one or all of these and other health requirements, and we are not asked to give our approval or consent for those treatment interventions that others may make, even though, some of them may be not what we might choose. And that is because, while a physician or team of them, may recommend one treatment methodology or none, the patient still has the right to make his own decision, and, as long as it is a covered benefit, is medically necessary, and is standard approved treatment, the insurance company pays the benefit for coverage and we pay the premiums to belong to the wide pool of insureds that covers the many contingencies that may impact our own health requirements.

            And the ACA has imposed many “consumer protections” that improve the security of that coverage, ie, that we get what we pay for when we need it the most and that we have it when and if we need it, and that we can access preventive and maintenance care so that we might not have to wait until we are too sick and, if we were an automobile, need to be replaced. The tragedy is, that a human being cannot be replaced, as an automobile can be, and is why we need bona fide, credible, comprehensive healthcare insurance coverage and not junk plans that cover the minimum and still leaves a person vulnerable and society responsible for the costs of genuine care when it’s needed the most.

          • The thing is that when your car breaks down, it doesn’t have to be repaired by everyone else. When your body breaks down and you don’t have insurance and no money to pay for it, we all end up paying for it at a much higher price than we would by getting everyone covered by insurance. Or, I guess we could just deny that person healthcare.

          • Unless this country makes it illegal for licensed medical care professionals to deny care when it is needed, we will never deny a person healthcare. They will receive treatment and the system will worry about the costs later.

            That is the law right now and it is also the professional ethical oath to which physicians and nurses vow. To do anything else, risks malpractice and negligence. Either because the professional stood by and did not treat because of a law that commands them to do so, or, whether they violate the law and treat the non-funded, they are “cooked”, and would opt to be hauled off to jail for having violated a law, I expect, than to live with themselves for not offering the sick what they entered medicine and nursing to do in the first place and have sworn to do.

            They might intervene and stabilize a patient before transferring to a facility that is tax supported to provide non funded care, but they will not just deny the care or transfer a patient in a high risk state.

            Remember when, during the presidential campaign, the man who signed “Romneycare’ into law in Mass., stated that people DO have access to healthcare; just go to the ER?? You know, the man who is supposed to be such an expert business man and so knowledgeable about the economy???

            Clearly, he was being disingenuous, or has gotten all the credit for merely signing a law that someone else conceived, wrote, and put before him, that he had no other choice to do, since they were all Democrats in Mass with whom he was working, and still, today, knows nothing about healthcare system in this country….

          • Right, they don’t have to deny emergency treatment. It doesn’t work if you walk into the office and try to get the recommended testing that you need for whatever condition. Emergency treatment is what it says. They take care of the immediate problem and send you on your way. As soon as you can walk out the door. Then nothing, unless you are lucky enough to be one of the people that can get some charity help. That diabetic wasn’t able to treat his condition through regular healthcare, so he ended up in the emergency room. Sadly, his leg had to be amputated. This type of “treatment” is more expensive than the person being able to have regular care. It will probably help him to live longer too.

          • Right, they don’t have to deny emergency treatment. It doesn’t work if you walk into the office and try to get the recommended testing that you need for whatever condition. Emergency treatment is what it says. They take care of the immediate problem and send you on your way. As soon as you can walk out the door. Then nothing, unless you are lucky enough to be one of the few people that can get some charity help. That diabetic wasn’t able to treat his condition through regular healthcare, so he ended up in the emergency room. Sadly, his leg had to be amputated. This type of “treatment” is more expensive than the person being able to have regular care. It will probably help him to live longer too.

          • And an amputation of a limb impacts everything, mobility, personal economics re employability, and disease progression of the diabetes, since the causative factor, management of diabetes, is impossible if there is not reliable and continuous follow up care. So, it’s better, economically and healthwise, for a diabetic to be able to access decent and continuous health care for a vascular compromised extremity, even a toe, that is a complication of diabetes, than it is to let it fester, become necrotic and possibly septic, and have to amputate the foot or the leg below the knee while treating the individual for generalized sepsis; recover in the hospital; be fitted for and receive a prosthesis; and return to the same conditions he had before.
            Hospitals, however, have excellent Social Services and Social Workers who can somehow find some kind of resources and get people enrolled….sometimes….in Medicaid and some tax supported county teaching hospitals even have their own healthcare access system, based on need basis where the individual is discharged with an enrollment that is for nominal fees for f/u care in the community, but this financial assist is not enough to support and maintain the viability of these excellent institutions that provide outstanding care. They rely upon Medicaid, Medicare, and those individuals with insurance plans who choose to seek their care from these institutions, as well as local, county taxes and some…some…federal support for the teaching component. But they are certainly not profit centers and they beg for the State governments to accept the Medicaid Expansion component of ACA, which the Mad Hatter Governor of Texas refuses to consider or budge out of sheer stubborness.

          • For years, I was in what I call the healthcare void. I made too little to get care and too much to get help. Sadly, this was a huge void. No matter how good the hospital social services are, they can’t fill it. When I had a MRI last year, I was lucky that the paper work went through after the first of the year, fresh funding, most of the cost was covered. Over the years I have had some big bills (to me) It took years to pay them off. For four years, I actually had employer insurance. I still racked up the bills, I still owe them today. This is because so much regular stuff was not covered. Mainly testing. Now, I am struggling to find more work. For the first time in my life, I actually qualified for Medicaid for me, Z(pre-aca) not just because I was pregnant. It really is horrible that some states did not expand Medicaid. I hope that you are not in the void there. Hopefully Texans can take care of the problem in 2014.

        • General Motors makes Chevy Volts and Cadillac Escalades. Not everyone can afford an Escalade. Not everyone needs an Escalade. Not everyone wants an Escalade. But when the government tells us we all need an Escalade, and pays 75% of the Escalade monthly payment, I have a problem!

          • A person can live without an Escalade but a person cannot live or have any kind of decent life without healthcare access and the costs of purchasing an Escalade do not become the responsibility of everyone else, whereas, the costs of non funded or underfunded healthcare does become everyone else’s responsibility. Not everyone is entitled to purchase an Escalade but we should be entitled to purchase a Chevy if our very lives depended upon it, and, of course, in the matter of basic, comprehensive, no frills, regulated and dependable access to healthcare via an insurance plan, our lives do depend on it.
            The requirements that are in the basic plans of coverage on the ACA plans are nothing more than the basic healthcare coverages everyone who pays for that insurance should expect, along with great consumer protections one doesn’t usually get with the purchase of a car, that can be sold, traded, etc., something we no longer do with human beings.

            Since we can not simply change our oil or refill a gas tank, or place a value on human life as we do on cars and cups/glasses from which we drink, or homes we buy, etc., we need a different model on which to compare the purchases and need for health insurance vs other “commodities” that we can choose to indulge in or not. Illness, disease, is not a choice and the best way to plan for it is to have insurance, since that is the only system we have in this country, unless you support Universal Single Payor where everyone pays into the same system and gets the same kind of access and coverage.

      • Considering the excellent response made by mwh191, I believe a reply is not necessary. So, I will limit it to reiterating the point that mwh made, insurance coverage is not tailored to the needs or expectations of each individual American, they are designed to cover everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, financial means, or sexual preferences. I had employer provided healthcare throughout most of my professional life. The same plan that covered male problems, also covered female problems. Quite frankly, the example you cited did not make too much sense.
        Regarding abortion, language was introduced towards the end of the ACA debate to convince conservative Democrats to vote for it that prohibits using ACA to cover the cost of abortions. It specifically says that abortions are not covered.

        • Dom, you can see my reply to 191 below.
          By the way, you’re dead wrong on plans covering and not covering certain things. If you’ve been involved in shopping a company’s benefit plans to different vendors, you’d know what you said is dead wrong.

          • The overwhelming majority of insurance policies that are going to be canceled are those that do not minimum ACA standards. Most are individual plans, some are employer provided plans. What the GOP does not seem to understand is that they are implicitly endorsing mediocrity over excellence. Replacing substandard insurance policies with better – affordable – policies is not the sort of thing a savvy politicians or a political party with a long term vision should oppose.
            I understand why insurance agents oppose ACA, and why insurance companies support it. The creation of ACA exchanges eliminate the need to negotiate through a middle man. Large insurance companies can now negotiate directly with the ACA exchanges, and can offer lower premiums for greater coverage as a result of internal savings and the availability of subsidies for those who qualify. Michele Bachmann will have no choice but to limit her subsidies to the ones she gets for her family businesses.
            Regarding doctors. I doubt too many doctors will refuse to see their patients because they now have a better insurance policy. Remember, as far a the service providers go, they will continue to deal with insurance companies, not the government, and the better the policy that easier it is for them to get paid for the services they administer.

          • Dommy… you are a true believer, aren’t you? You keep saying “better insurance policies” like you know what you speak of. First off, what is missed by every one of the Obozo zombies out there is the simple fact that EVERY state has an insurance commission and EVERY insurance company and their policies are approved by those state commissions. Secondly, Obozodon’tcare has resulted in millions losing their coverage and their plans that they liked and is forcing them into more expensive, higher deductible plans they don’t want. How is that better? It’s not. It also true that under Obozodon’tcare that plans that included vision and dental are no longer allowed under law. My buddy was told by his insurance that he is being either dropped from coverage OR he will pay another $261 per month AND lose his vision and dental because it’s no longer allowed. How is that better? It’s NOT. The only thing you leftists like about Obozodon’tcare is the theory that poor people can now have health insurance. That is patently false. You know it and everyone knows it.

            Like I’ve said many times, Obozodon’tcare is purposely designed to fail, to bring the system down so that the next step is complete takeover of the healthcare industry by government. You know it. I know it. Any thinking person realizes this is the intended purpose of the sheet sandwich that is being shoved down America’s throat by the socialists in the Obozo regime and DemonRAT party.

            Have a nice day, Dommy!

            “I don’t think your boss should get to control the health care you get. I don’t think insurance companies should control the care that you get. I don’t think politicians should control the care that you get. I think there’s one person to make these decisions on health care and that is you.” – Guess who said it

          • Obozocare I’ve got ask, have you ever had insurance at all, because you seem pretty ignorant about insurance coverage.
            1. Dental care is not normally covered under your Health insurance .
            2. Vision is normally not covered under Health insurance.
            There are usually sold separately along side standard insurance.

        • For nearly four years, President Obama has frequently offered some variation of this promise about the Affordable Care Act: “If you like your health-care plan,” as he said in a speech to the American Medical Association in June 2009, “you’ll be able to keep your health-care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.”

          NBC News caused a kerfuffle on Monday when it reported the Obama administration knew for years that millions would be forced off their preferred insurance plan. This hardly amounts to a revelation: the president and his people, along with Democratic Party leaders, had to know that this would happen.

          For example, in a Dec. 19, 2009 letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the Congressional Budget Office noted that the Affordable Care Act would cause between eight and nine million Americans to lose their employer-provided coverage either by “the dropping of existing coverage or a lack of new offers of coverage.”

          Three days before Mr. Obama signed the law, CBO and the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation reaffirmed these numbers in a March 20, 2010 letter to then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. A month later, the chief actuary at the Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services estimated that 14 million would lose their employer-provided insurance.

          There were also warnings that higher premiums, mandated benefits and other regulations would cause many of the roughly 15 million Americans who individually purchase health insurance to lose their policies.

          It is inconceivable that the president, his top aides and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, didn’t know about all this. Which raises these questions: Why did Mr. Obama keep saying something that was simply not true? And how did his administration allow him to do so?

          Every presidential speech is rigorously reviewed. Indeed, top aides throughout the West Wing and officials elsewhere in the government receive draft presidential remarks for review. Comments about facts, tone, words and phrases are collected, reviewed and either adopted, amended or rejected. A new version of the speech is then prepared. In nearly seven years at the White House, I saw this process in action virtually every day.

          Either Mr. Obama’s staff did not know about the CBO estimates (hardly likely), or they did not care the president was routinely offering a politically convenient falsehood (seems right), or they did not have the fortitude to tell the president that what he was saying wasn’t true (also probably so). Neither ignorance, arrogance nor sycophancy is an excuse for such presidential dissembling.

          This is a serious breach of trust with the American people. Yet virtually every other major promise Mr. Obama has made about his health-care reform—for example that you can keep your doctor, that your premiums will go down, that overall health spending will decline—is also untrue.

          There is also a bigger question. If the White House cannot run a routine review process for the president’s speeches, how is its policy process conducted? There is so much about Mr. Obama’s actions that appears haphazard or impetuous that it raises concerns he is sitting atop a policy process that is staggeringly inept.

          It’s not just ObamaCare’s incompetent implementation. Many of Mr. Obama’s other policies—the lack of “shovel ready jobs” in the huge stimulus bill, drawing and then erasing red lines in Syria, the near-criminal negligence surrounding the terrorist attack in Benghazi, the IRS targeting of conservatives, the president spinning his wheels on gun control and failing to achieve immigration reform—all of this and more smack of impulsive action, indifference and lack of attention.

          There were concerns during the 2008 campaign that Mr. Obama was not prepared to be president, that his ability to give an inspiring speech would not automatically translate into the ability to competently govern. What has surprised even many of his critics is that Mr. Obama doesn’t seem to have learned much. He is as clumsy and amateurish now as he was in January 2009. That’s led to sloppy deceptions such as “if you like your plan, you can keep it” and a host of other claims about health-care reform. It may also produce many more incompetent policies.

          We can only hope voters remember this the next time a well-spoken community organizer decides he wants to be president.

          • Shame on anyone for taking any politicians’ words at face value. You always need to fact check. I’ll just add some facts and truth to the situation:

            P.S. – Atleast someone is finally doing something to tackle the biggest problem facing our country – out of control health care costs! In the ten years before the health care law was passed, health care costs increased at 8.7 percent per year on average, according to the independent Kaiser Family Foundation. This study showed a rate of increase of 3.8 percent in 2010 and 4.6 percent in 2011, while in a separate study, the Kaiser Family Foundation recently estimated a rate of increase of 4.0 percent in 2012, illustrating that overall health-care cost growth has significantly slowed in recent years. Now some of that decrease can also be attributed to the Great Recession.

          • Great post, exdem. You could not be more correct. Unfortunately, most of the audience here are so far gone into the cult of Obozo that you could not beat the truth into them with a baseball bat. There is nothing you wrote that is untrue, or is even arguable by anyone with any sense and a modicum of objectivity.
            Thanks for the good sense!

          • I think he kind of assumed, maybe wrongly, that people would not like a plan that was crap and didn’t cover anything.

        • The Hyde Amendment, passed long ago, prohibits the use of any Federal money for abortions. It was reiterated in the ACA to assure people that, of course, federal monies would not be used for abortions.
          It’s a little weird, considering that Roe v Wade is a federal law that makes abortion legal. It is also a medically accepted procedure.
          But concessions are made, even though it makes a woman’s access to a legal, medically accepted procedure more difficult. But women have learned to live with it.

          The rest of you can live with the fact that, though you may not be capable of becoming pregnant, nor may you be planning to get pregnant, have cancer, break a limb, have a horrid auto accident, etc., you still have to CYA, just in case, and also cover your share of the costs, because, if you don’t use your health insurance for the things that “don’t pertain to you”, you will surely use them for the things that do not pertain to someone else. That’s how it works.

      • I suppose it’s difficult to believe that all of us “leftists” are embracing one of the tenets of Republican Conservatism, that of “personal responsibility”, in expecting everyone to pay their share toward healthcare coverage and not expect society to pick up the costs for when that healthy 25 year old man needs care after sustaining injuries, is diagnosed with a disease, or has to actually use his junk policy for healthcare.

        Why does anyone with any kind of insurance have to pay for coverage that he thinks he doesn’t need? Because of the way insurance works. You have no idea what medications, care, services, people with your insurance are accessing. You have no idea the extent of care they are receiving, care that you may not approve of.

        No one is obligated to consult everyone on the same policy whether or not another can have their bypass, chemotherapy, Viagra, vasectomies, penile implants, prostate resections, or anything else that is included in coverage benefits.

        We do not hear women complaining of having to pay our share for care that is exclusive to men’s health care requirements. It has become easy and acceptable for some to moralize women’s healthcare requirements, but, one could just as easily moralize not only health care requirements for mens’ reproductive needs, performance needs, as it could be to moralize on the justification of a person’s right or ability to opt for a cardiac bypass, a transplant, chemotherapy, or any other decision re to healthcare choices.

        I should think anyone who believes in personal responsibility and “Freedom”, would be more supportive of any measure that encourages people to have credible health insurance and would celebrate the Right for people to access healthcare and make choices that do not have to be put up for a vote to determine if the entire country agrees with your personal and private choice(s).

        You pay for all of those things you mentioned because they are legal, medically approved, are covered by bona fide health insurances; because you are in a pool of insured people who may have different requirements than you have, to date; because insurance is designed for the “in case of”; because you are a part of society and must pull your own weight.

        • nana… while that’s nice in theory, the fact of the matter is that there are WAAAAAAAYYYYYY to many people in America who are NOT pulling their own weight, but instead are already being paid for by the ever shrinking number of Americans that actually work. In fact it was recently reported that there are now more Americans getting some form of government assistance than there are Americans who are actually working to pay for it. I know you leftist freaks don’t like to admit this stuff, but the more assistance and freebies there are, somehow, there’s more people that “need” that assitance. This is sort of a round about way of getting to the idea that everyone being responsible for themselves can actually only happen when people are NOT dependent on government. And Obozodon’tcare is NOTHING to do with healthcare and has everything to do with control over lives and the healthcare industry. And of course, more dependents that will continue voting themselves access to the public treasury through the DemonRAT party.

          Happy Halloween!

          “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is
          strong enough to take everything you have.” — Thomas Jefferson

          • And when a part of that big government consistently takes everything away, then the other part of that big government steps in to replace what has been taken away.

            Jobs have been taken away from people in this country who have worked all their lives. Homes have been taken away by greedy mortgage companies. Life savings and retirement nest eggs have been taken away by greedy financial industry. Health care access has been taken away by unscrupulous and unregulated big health insurance companies…..all by those one and the same who finance the part of big government that purports to want “smaller government”, I suppose by eliminating whom they perceive to be “the undesirables”.

            Ted Cruz is on record with the Ft Worth Star Telegram, in an interview, televised, early this year, telling us all that “poor people and/or those without health care access are sicker, require more expensive care, and have poorer outcomes, so it’s useless to waste money on their healthcare.

            He took the biggest argument FOR healthcare access, the one the medical profession has advocated for for years, and turned it around to argue why some people should not have it. Apparently, while he and his father rail against the “Socialist Dictator” in the White House, the two of them engage in the same kind of “Selectivity” that their fueher engaged in so long ago. At the very least, Castro has made healthcare accessible to all Cubans, not just the wealthy who fled the island to this mainland.

            It’s one thing to support those who cannot support themselves in their basic needs. It’s an altogether different story when those who CAN provide for their own healthcare and choose not to expect society to pick up the tab. Especially, when this group looks down their noses at those who cannot.

            If a person can afford to purchase a bona fide, credible healthcare insurance plan and chooses not to, you are worse than those who cannot. If you can’t afford it, there are subsidies. If that’s not enough, you can join those in the Medicaid Expansion Group, IF you live in a blue state or a state that has agreed to do that.

            With the ACA, there is no excuse for anyone to pay $40 a month for a healthplan that will only cover so many cups of canned chicken soup and leave the balance for the rest of society to pick up.

          • Here’s a DemonRAT that supported Obozodon’tcare who has now seen the light.

            Excerpted from:

            Sue Klinkhamer spent two years defending and fighting for Obamacare while working for Congressman Bill Foster (D-Ill.). But now that she’s seen the effect of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul on her health insurance rates, Klinkhamer is boldly admitting that she was “very wrong.”

            In a recent email sent to her former boss, Rep. Foster, and other Democratic colleagues, shereportedly wrote [emphasis added]:

            “I spent two years defending Obamacare. I had constituents scream at me, spit at me and call me names that I can’t put in print. The congressman was not re-elected in 2010 mainly because of the anti-Obamacare anger. When the congressman was not re-elected, I also (along with the rest of our staff) lost my job. I was upset that because of the health care issue, I didn’t have a job anymore but still defended Obamacare because it would make health care available to everyone at, what I assumed, would be an affordable price. I have now learned that I was wrong. Very wrong.”

          • I clicked on the link. There is insufficient information to conclude anything, good or bad. When one compares monthly premiums, deductibles, co-pays, one must also compare coverage benefits.

            If the less expensive plan has limited coverage for, say, hospitalization stays, number of doctor visits, etc., a person may spend more out of pocket after all.

            When I made the decision to drop my Medicare Advantage Plan this year and return to Medicare Supplement Policy because my doctor is taking some time off and I could not find many who accept this Plan with which to replace her, plus a Medicare Rx Plan, and Standard Medicare, I added up the cost of the monthly premiums for both, plus what I spend on Rx drugs and it was 50% less, per year, than what I would have to spend annually to get almost, but not certain, 100% coverage for hospitalizations and any and everything that could possibly arise in the event of even one hospitalization of 3 days.

            I am fortunate to enjoy good health, so the temptation to stay with a MAP with no monthly premiums, no cost for Rxs, no our of pocket for primary care visits, lab, was great. However, I am of the age where fractures, and all of the things that happen to Seniors could put me in hospitals requiring me to dip into my savings to pay my share.

            I prefer to pay monthly for coverage that covers me the most for everything and that allows open access to any provider/hospital that accepts Medicare, which is just about all of them.

            I will also add that three days in a hospital will cost more than either of the deductibles this woman quotes. Three days is how long it will take to rule out a heart attack, to treat a fracture, to perform an uncomplicated appendectomy or gall bladder operation, for a complaint of acute abdominal pain, to rule out a stroke, etc, for example.

          • nana… what part of…

            “I was upset that because of the health care issue, I didn’t have a job anymore but still defended Obamacare because it would make health care available to everyone at, what I assumed, would be an affordable price. I have now learned that I was wrong. Very wrong.”

            … are you having a difficult time understanding? She admits that she was wrong to support such a train wreck as Obozodon’tcare. She admits it was a scam and did not do what she thought it would do. Now, about 15 million are losing THEIR CHOICES and THEIR FREEDOM because of the demands of the federal government. And you’re write up about how you examined your choices and made a rational decision for yourself is exactly the point. Obozodon’tcare takes away those options and freedom to make rational decisions from millions of people. And this is BEFORE the employer mandate kicks in because Obozo unconstitutionally changed the law by edict. And he did it because it would be a disaster for him in the 2014 midterms. Wait until that happens and 10’s of millions of more people get notified that their companies can no longer provide health insurance.

            I am telling you now that this Obozodon’tcare law is a disaster for America and will cost the DemonRAT party dearly. Mark my words on that. A very large number of people are PISSED OFF!!! The only people dumb enough to support this train wreck are the true believers and Obozo zombies who cannot even look at the truth objectively. NO ONE ELSE DOES.

            Now I get it. A lot of people in this sewer called ‘The Memo’ are retired and find it acceptable to expect others to pay for their necessities of life. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know. You claim to have paid into it your whole life. But guess what, you paid into a lie. A Ponzi scheme. You’re no more entitled to a living paid for by others than they are entitled to have you pay for them. The people really getting screwed hard are the young and even the people yet to be born who will inherit your burdens.

            Have a nice weekend!

            “In the end, more than freedom, they wanted security. They
            wanted a comfortable life and they lost it all – security, comfort, and freedom. When the Athenians finally wanted not to give to society but for society to give to them, when the freedom they wished for most was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free and was never free again.” — Edward Gibbon, the great British historian who chronicled the rise and fall of the first great Western civilization, The Greeks in Athens

          • Well when you find out (as will others like you) that it DOES work then I hope you don’t choke while you are eating your words. If you do you may have to go to the emergency room.

          • she also said that blue cross was the one quoting the new rates but they’re is nothing about what it would cost her thru the AÇA website. an going by the prices she quoted I would guess she was paying for minimal coverage n since major insurance companies don’t want to follow ACA guidelines for coverage they are raising prices to cover all the benefits included. So until either you or klinkhammer show me what it would cost her through ACA your point is meaningless drivel. all the info or none would be a good policy to follow.

          • LSD… did you read her letter? Did you look at her credentials? She was a Congressional staffer that SUPPORTED Obozodon’tcare when they were jamming it down American’s throats. Now, she’s waken up and realizes what a disaster this stupid government takeover scam is. And she admits she was wrong. The only morons left that support this stupid monstrousity are the mendicants and the useful idiots like you.

            Have a nice day!

            “He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool — shun him.” – Old Middle Eastern Proverb

          • Yes moron ago go I did read the article but No where does it say what her insurance would be under ACA. How many times have the repiglicans jumped on the failure train only to find out if they were to actually check the site they would actually get more coverage for a lower price. But hey if you want to go with half truths then feel free it won’t be the first of last time you and your minions do that. When you have info about her with all the facts about her insurance issues not just what we already know then let me know…

          • Actually the reason there are more people who need assistance is because the right wing nuts cause people to lose their jobs by cutting down on teachers, firefighters, policemen, healthclinics and such and then claim people don’t want to work. Where are the jobs that the George Bush’s administration said we would have by giving the wealthy and big Corporationstax breaks? i bet you would sell your own mother and father down the river for a buck.

      • Allowing people to determine what they want and don’t want re healthcare insurance costs all the rest of society money, in direct costs for care and in rising insurance premiums to defray the cost of non funded care.

        If you think the massive majority of Americans were “completely content with their healthcare insurance and their lack of healthcare access BEFORE Obamacare”, you must have never had occasion to need healthcare insurance, or had friends, family members who needed it, which is amazing, OR, you are perfectly content with letting someone else pay for yours.

      • Are you sure that 25 year old is not going to need health care that covers major illnesses? What if he/she is in a major accident. Even 25 year olds have heart attacks. A relative of mine that was perfectly healthy one day was deadly ill a day later. He had to have a heart transplant. He was 15 years old. There was no insurance to cover that. His grandparents spent a good chunk of their retirement to get that transplant. They would sold everything they had to get that transplant.

        • Typical leftist freak argument… take the rarest of rare exceptions and f^%k everyone else over because of it by demagoguing the issue. While I am certain that maladies can afflict humans of any age, the likelihood of such an incident is extremely rare. And you’re professing this as a reason for socialized medicine is beyond laughable… it’s downright dishonest. The left are a bunch of liars and they know it. They have to be or no one who’s sane would go along with them. Here’s a perfect example of how the left lies to advance their socialist agenda:

          “If you like your health plan, you can keep it” – Baroke Obozo selling his sheet sandwich Obozodon’tcare plan year after year.

          However, NBC News this week uncovered memos and analysis from CBO and others to the White House even before the law was passed indicated that they were told that millions would lose their health plans. See exdemo55 post below. I don’t need to rewrite it here.

          How you people do not see this reality is nothing short of shocking. I know you have this dream that Utopia can be created through government regulation and legislation, but the reality simply does not reflect that notion. You therefore must learn to accept some objective analysis, even when harshly negative, about your messiah and the consequences of what he does. Unfortunately, there are too many Obozo zombies and drones on this site.

          Have a nice day!

          “I don’t think your boss should get to control the health care you get. I don’t think insurance companies should control the care that you get. I don’t think politicians should control the care that you get. I think there’s one person to make these decisions on health care and that is you.” – Guess who said it

          • Hilarious. You ask for examples then when you get them you act like a prick.

            The only one disconnected from reality man is you. IDK how old you are but it’s obviously not old enough to care about anyone but yourself yet so my guess is… 9? 11?

          • again idiot do you know the us has the highest rate of in fact/PEDs cancer and I can bet all these parents or their little ones didn’t think that they would be hit with such a tragedy both physically and financially. do you also know that most people over the age of 60 will be stricken with cancer before their death, but hey screw affordable insurance we’ll just send their bills to you idiots. oh and how do I know, cause I’m the one treating them and watching their faces as their coverage caps out and they run out of money.

          • I know many, many people over 60 and don’t know any with cancer. Another stupid leftist freak lie designed to trick people into giving over their liberties to government. While it’s sad that kids get cancer, and there certainly needs to be ways to deal with that, the reality is that it does NOT require a government takeover of the entire health system and screwing 90% of the people. Anyone that believes in the false promise of socialized medicine is nothing short of a useful idiot… certainly an apt description for you. You should be shunned.

            Have a nice day!

            “He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool — shun him.” – Old Middle Eastern Proverb

        • I said in 1985 when I was a youngster that I didn’t need insurance until a drunk hit me on my motorcycle. 250 stitches in my face and a cracked skull, two broken arms, 1 hand broken off arm and 4 compound/complex breaks in my fingers would have bankrupted me. if it wasnt my astute late father getting me health insurance when he found out I got a motorcycle I would have been screwed. $200,000 + w/insurance 3 decades ago.

        • In 1965 we discovered my 19 year old wife had a congenital heart defect that required open heart surgery. Who would have thought? We were lucky she worked for travelers insurance and I was with a company that had insurance as part of the compensation package. She was 19 and I was 21…. Where would we have found the money to save her life?

        • jm… that’s a whole different issue. This may shock you, but I don’t disagree with public financing of education. But what I do disagree with is PRIVATE UNION CONTROL over public finances in education. Anyone with children in school should have CHOICE over where their children attend school and control over those resources. You want to fix schools in America, introduce choice. It’s that simple. But the unions HATE that idea because education is NOT about educating kids, it’s about lining their pockets and holding children hostage in their crappy schools.

          • It was a comparison on people buying insurance that offers maternity if they are not using it. It’s the same principle.

      • @ObozoMustGO…forgot to mention they had 3 yrs. to work on this cancer. ooops sorry ,were on immigration now ,my bad.

      • ObozoMustGo ,, Obviously someone who has no clue how and why insurance works. …. King Hammurabi’s Code

        The main concept of insurance – that of spreading risk – has been around as long as human existence. Whether it was hunting giant elk in a group to spread the risk of being the one gored to death or shipping cargo in several different caravans to avoid losing the whole shipment to a marauding tribe, people have always been wary of risk.

        The first written insurance policy appeared in ancient times on a Babylonian obelisk monument with the code of King Hammurabi carved into it. The “Hammurabi Code” was one of the first forms of written laws. These ancient laws were extreme in most respects, but it offered basic insurance in that a debtor didn’t have to pay back his loans if some personal catastrophe made it impossible (disability, death, flooding, etc.).

        Read more: The History Of Insurance
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    • There was a period of time 2 years ago that my wife and I both lost our jobs. She found temporary employment that offered “insurance”. It had a $7500 yearly limit, and that was forced into several different sub categories.

      It was not insurance, it was theft. I am glad that these plans have been forced out of the market.

    • And does it make sense, that this GOP who is constantly railing against the “moochers” and those waiting for “hand outs”, would be so opposed to the ACA which makes it possible for more people to be more responsible for their personal healthcare needs than to rely upon someone else?

      From the very first discussions of healthcare reform, when they were invited to sit on various committees to draft this reform and this law, they have mocked the effort, criticized their own adopted amendments and provisions, and exaggerated, lied, and distorted the content and intent. As a nurse, retiring from the profession as a Hospice Nurse, I had my own “last straw” when they began yelling about “Death Panels” because the ACA wanted to provide a special code and fee for the end of life discussion that every physician has had with patients and families for all eternity that is part of their role responsibilities as physicians. Nothing they had to say thereafter carried any credibility for me.

      As an RN for over 40 years, I can attest that, in this country, though we treat anyone funded or not, it is healthier and better to have regular access to healthcare than it is not to have. As an RN who has also worked for insurance companies as a Case Manager, I can also say that junk plans do more for the insurance company than they do for the insured and, most importantly, that all of the Consumer Protections in the ACA are a very long time in coming and that it is about time that there are government regulations on this very basic and important and unfortunate potential for abusing vulnerable people.

      • I agree with you on all counts. You are absolutely correct in saying that one of the greatest ironies is to hear those who are trying to preserve Reagan’s socialist Emergency Room subsidies demonize a new healthcare program that forces the uninsured to participate and pay part of the premiums dependent on income.

        • And does it make sense that the same people who have such disdain and so many insults to the people who cannot afford to provide everything for themselves suggest that “Charity” will solve the problem of those without funded healthcare access even as they try time and time again to terminate every “entitlement” in existence??

          All of the best intended Charity for healthcare cannot provide the care that keeps people healthy for the millions of people in Texas, let alone across the nation.

          • No, it doesn’t make any sense, and it does not make any sense to propose the privatization of Social Security and denying terminally ill seniors access to MEDICAID benefits to pay for nursing home and hospice care.
            Even Reagan understood the benefit of protecting the “safety net”.

  3. I wonder if the Tea Baggers are working for the FUNERAL INDUSTRY, which stands to “lose” (or delay for 1 to 6 decades) up to 45,000 funerals a year?

  4. How about working together to make this the best thing for the country and the Americans in it. If everyone that is complaining would use half the amount of effort to fix the ACA it just might be the best thing for this country. Let’s face it, it has some flaws so get to work fix it and get America going in the right direction.

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  6. The reason ACA doesn’t work for republicans is because they don’t want it to work. As I have posted before, I am one of the lucky ones that got online and registered for insurance without any flaws. ACA is meant for those that can’t afford insurance. If you are already insured you can keep your insurance. The insurance companies that don’t want ACA to succeed are raising their premiums, as they did to me in 2010 when ACA became law. My insurance jumped from $850.00 a month to $1200.00 and it was not necessary, it had already jumped the previous year from $600.00 to $850.00. Greed is rampant, and we have to make sure that ACA works for everyone so that the insurance companies can drop the prices to be competitive.

  7. Listen, Republicans in Congress know as much about the way insurance works as they do about women’s reproductive anatomy and physiology. I was appalled at their blatant ignorance, almost deliberate obfuscation. Either they have lived a very sheltered life and have always had insurance handed to them, or they are just plain dumb.

    Marcia Blackburn advocates for people having the right to purchase Junque policies that cover nothing and leaves the unexpected costs for something as benign as a fracture or an appendectomy to society. She compares health insurance basic coverage to the choice of a paper cup or a crystal stem. But, then, she’s the one who told us all to relax and enjoy the shutdown because we would find just how much we could do without.

    Another GOP woman insisted that, since men could not get pregnant, they should not have to have that coverage in a basic policy. I can only guess how many Trans Urethral Resections of the Prostate I have paid for over 40 years of health insurance coverage that did not pertain to me and it never made me go broke or infringed on my Right. I have also never had my house burn down but I pay for that coverage in my home insurance.

    Others bemoaned the fact that millions of people without Medicaid or insurance would be going without, when, in fact, their Republican colleagues in Red States are the ones rejecting Medicaid Expansion and the creation of State Exchanges, something they all support and endorse. To prove how much they don’t know about ACA, they claim the states cannot afford to cover those in Medicaid, when the ACA’s Medicaid Expansion, for the population of people who do not qualify for Medicaid but who cannot purchase insurance even with subsidies, is funded 100% by the Fed Gov’t for 3 years and 90% thereafter, while continuing to pay into the Regular Medicaid State fund.

    One pointed out that they had someone “in the back” attempting to get onto the ACA web site and could not….duh…..we know there are problems; we know it is undergoing repair; we also know that sitting in front of a computer attempting every 10 minutes to get onto a site that is under repair, not working, is a waste of time. We know the reason you are sitting in a “monkey hearing” is because it is not working as it should. It’s kind of dumb and fruitless to pay someone to sit there and keep trying, cluttering up the traffic on a web site that is undergoing repair.

    There were so many references to Alice In Wonderland, in that magical place called Oz, and how no one was in Kansas anymore, that they actually began to look like some of the more “kookier” characters that Alice encountered on her way to Oz: the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the Ugly Queen, complete with all the cacophony of the background “Extras”. The Gentle Lion, the elder gentleman who thought we saw the Sec’y of HHS on her tricycle in his Kansas neighborhood, was the best of the bunch, gentle, perhaps a bit “confused”, but smart enough to realize how lame and fruitless was this hearing.

    No, we definitely were not in Kansas, nor were we in Oz. We were in Washington DC, at another “hearing” where the GOP in Congress could prove, again, how ignorant they are.

    • I used to worry that the lack of bachmann would leave us without a lot of comedy but it looks like blackburn is willing to step in and keep us laughing.

      • “Green Eggs and Ham”, as someone else pointed out, was a poor story to read as a lesson to justify why NOT to support ACA. That story’s morale was the guy didn’t like Green Eggs and Ham until he tried it, then he found he liked it!

        I remember when my first Grandson was around 4 years old and everything was “No, I don’t want to; No, I don’t like it”. I took him to the local library one afternoon and, coincidentally, found a book about a little boy who was always saying “No….”. The morale of that book was also, “You can’t say No until you try it”.

        You will not find many childrens’ books/stories that teach children to be just plain stubborn for the sake of being stubborn.

        Perhaps, Cruz would have made more of his point by reading the manifestos of oligarchies we have known from the history books, more in line with his own philosophy as stated in an April, 2013, press appearance with the Ft Worth, Texas newspaper. He actually said that poor people are sicker, require more expensive care, and have poorer outcomes, so it’s a waste of money to give them healthcare.

        He took the argument experts, medical and economic, make IN FAVOR of universal healthcare access and turned it into his argument against it.

  8. Republicans put all their eggs in one basket by trying to stop the law and spreading misinformation about it through their media outlets including FOX. As more and more people begin to get coverage and learn more about the exchanges, the republicans will loose credibility. Rep (R) Blackburn Tenn. Represents one of the poorest districts in the country and her residents will be beneficiaries of the Medicaid expansion. Once that happens then whoever runs against her can point to the fact that she was a leader in trying to deny them benefits. This will hold true for all the house members that run. Mississippi has the worst health outcomes in the country and the highest obesity rates. By not taking the Medicaid expansion they expose their hospital systems to treating large numbers of uninsured patients with multiple risk factors for no reimbursement. This will be a drain on the states limited resources, when they could have had a 100% reimbursement rate from the Feds. Any republican running will have to answer for that.
    The tea party’s unfavorable rating in polling will hit the cellar when people in their states get coverage. Texas has the most uninsured in the country @ 22% of the population. So Cruz is running against almost 1/4 of the state. Instead of trying to get them coverage he tried to deny it to them. He is the poster child for the tea party, and is showing everyone that this group has no interest in helping anyone, or governing. It is only there to obstruct, and tear down and because of their negative message they are headed to the dust bin of history

    • They have lied so outrageously since before the bill was voted on and signed into law. They lied and obstructed even as they sat on Committees, many of them, during the drafting of the bill, when they had opportunity for input. Even when their input was put in, they then mocked it and lied about it. They are still lying in the most objectionable ways, bringing up even the End of Life discussions that physicians have had with patients since time immemorial.

      They have lied and continue to lie about one thing I know inside and out, sideways, and every which way. My entire life has been spent in healthcare delivery. I have been in direct care delivery in many modalities of care; I have reviewed claims; I have determined medical necessity; I have done utilization review; I have participated in End of Life discussions; and I have made arrangements for people for End of Life care as a Hospice Nurse. I am not an economist but I know how costs are incurred, how they are marked up, and how bad it is when someone cannot access healthcare until it’s too late and how much more that costs.

      I cannot trust Republicans on this issue because they lie and distort every time they open their mouths. I do not believe I can trust them on issues that I do not know as well as I know healthcare. They have lost all purpose and credibility for me. They are, literally and figuratively, good for nothing.

      • I know I was on the bd of a teaching hosp. and on my states health planning board for 4 years. the republicans distort everything, not only about health care but everything else

  9. For all of you complaining about being forced to buy something you don’t want because it’s better than what you have had, let me tell you a story about Medicare Part D Rx Plan, one that some GOPer in the hearing kept insisting was not “mandatory”. A Republican plan that a Republican knows nothing about how it works.

    Every Senior must, MUST, have Rx drug coverage. They MUST provide “Proof of Credible Coverage” that they have a Rx plan THAT MEETS THE FEDERAL REQUIREMENTS OF A BONA FIDE RX PLAN, as defined by the federal gov’t, aka, Centers for Medicare Services.

    If you had a prescription plan you liked before Part D, but it did not have the same requirements of Part D, it was not “credible coverage”. You had to drop it and purchase another that conformed to Medicare standards.

    There is no difference in the requirement that any health insurance plan that does not cover the minimum basic requirements of the new, regulated, standards of what constitutes a bona fide, credible, coverage Plan, be replaced with one that does.

    Chicken soup and a policy that does not cover hospitalization, home health, critical care, ER, etc., only goes so far, requiring society to pick up the inevitable balance of costs for care. And understand this: Illness, disease, trauma, are the great Equalizer for society. It happens to anyone, rich, poor, freedom lovers, leftists, and conservatives.

    • These are all credible reasons as to why ACA is not what this country needs: ACA does not go far enough! What we need is healthcare coverage that equals what every other civilized developed country in this world offers-universal coverage. Call it what you will; single payer, socialized medicine, whatever. It is coming, sooner or later, it is coming.

      • Agree. For all the hell and damnation we have endured with this ACA, we should have just gone for Universal Single Payor from the start, letting insurance companies bid for the carrier or letting them come up with Medicare Advantage Type Plans, or something.

        Insurance companies do not mess with Medicare. They would not mess with Universal Single Payor, either.

          • Unfortunately, 2009 and 2010 was not the time to do that (move to single-payer) when America was already in a Great Recession because it had lost more than 10 million jobs. The auto industry was still struggling to get going again, so trying to move to single payer then would suggest loosing another industry with millions of people involved in what was private sector health insurance would have done nothing but throw America into a depression. Our government was not in a position to try and assimilate providing insurance for over 200 million people.

            As much as many of us want to see America move to single payer, it’s going to have to be at a time when our economy can take the hit of destroying an entire industry – and when our deficit spending is under better control – where Obama is getting it to if the GOP doesn’t put more monkey wrenches into the works.

            I’m confident America will eventually get to single-payer, universal healthcare or whatever, but it has to be at the right time when the country can afford to move in that direction. It ‘s not going to be easy placing the hundreds of thousands/millions of people and companies (I really don’t have the number) who are now involved in selling and managing and delivering private sector health insurance coverages.

          • Those are good points. I’m sure that it will take a long time to eventually move to a single payer healthcare system. The insurance industry needs to clean up its act and reinvent itself. It can have a use, if it can abandon its overweening greed and serve the purpose for which it was designed.

      • The ACA is a good start but you are right we need to go farther. But first we will have to get rid of a bunch of house members who will fight it tooth and nail.

  10. ObozoMustgo: Liability Insurance covers the driver for a Potential Lawsuit and it also covers the people of the vehicle hit by the insured for Medical and Physical Damage to their vehicle. Full coverage covers your vehicle and yourself in case you get hurt or your vehicle is stolen or damage beyond repair. .

    • You just have to accept that fact that they are just so much smarter than everyone else… if you just shut your mouth and do as they say, we could approach Utopia… don’t you understand this?

      • Shut my mouth? Sorry no can do! I know the national mendicants leftist freaks actually love us on here– Someone has to bring them the truth once in a while – so here I am 🙂

        • Isn’t it odd how the ones always seeking to control speech and shout down opposition are the leftist freaks of the world who proclaim they’re so “liberal minded”??????? Ohhhh the irony!!!

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