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Monday, December 18, 2017
Texas Senator Ted Cruz (Peter Stevens/Flickr)
Photo: Peter Stevens via Flickr

On Friday, Texas senator and likely 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX) took some heat when Mother Jones reported that the right-wing Republican once offered a resolute defense of the 2009 stimulus law that he now derides as an archetypal government overreach. As a private-practice lawyer representing the Texas Retired Teachers Association, Cruz declared that stimulus money “will directly impact the [Texas] economy…and will directly further the greater purpose of economic recovery for America.” But today, he considers the law to be a failure.

Cruz is far from the first Republican to change his mind on an issue championed by the White House. Here are five policies that high-profile Republicans loved — until President Obama came along.

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89 Responses to 5 Policies That Republicans Loved (Until Obama Did, Too)

  1. The republican party cannot believe in nor adhere to anything consistent. Whoring to the mega rich and religious extremists makes ideological consistency impossible.

  2. One of the greatest ironies, when it comes to the constant attacks directed at President Obama, is that some of his policies embrace traditional Republican concepts, including the Affordable Care Act, a concept conceived by The Heritage Foundation, and beta tested by Mitt Romney in Massachusetts. I doubt the Heritage folks had the best interest of poor Americans in mind when they proposed what later became known as the ACA, their goal was probably to increase the insurance companies clientele, and increase disposable – and spending – to stimulate the economy, but the end result was the same. Their views on this and every other issue embraced by President Obama changed as soon as President Obama embraced them. The most callous involve their rejection of the Veterans Jobs Act, the most damaging, because of its long term effects, is their refusal to consider investment in infrastructure. For them, doing everything possible to undermine the strength of the economy to deny President Obama a victory is far more important than create jobs and make us more competitive.

  3. [No] Republican illustrates President Obama’s effect on the GOP better than Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). Rubio helped craft the 2013 [immigration reform] bill in the first place, arguing that the issue is a question of human rights. But a year later, he had abandoned his plans — because “the Obama administration has ‘undermined’ negotiations by not defunding his signature health care law.”

    Or in other words, Rubio wants to hold “securing our borders” hostage to defunding Obamacare, and has the gall to say that it’s Obama who has “undermined negotiations on the former by not surrendering in advance on the latter.

  4. I wonder what would happen if Obama decided to come out as pro-life and against marriage equality. I would love to see the gotp’s collective heads explode.

    • We would immediately see Republicans declare the Democrats to be anti-women and start pandering for votes in 2016.

      The G.O.P. lives in a magical fantasy land where history is nonexistent; where they can literally reinvent themselves at the drop of a hat and expect EVERYONE to believe it.

      And that sad truth is that they are not entirely incorrect in that assessment, because there are millions of party-before-country tea-bagger scumbags in America who will continue to support the G.O.P. no matter what they stand for. (Seriously, if the G.O.P. picked Adolf bin Stalin as their 2016 nominee, he’d still get 30% of the popular vote).

  5. I think the Obama Administration should forge bills that allow banks to police themselves, cut marginal tax rates for our top earners to 5% and capital gains to zero, offer more subsidies, credits, write-offs, and other tax loopholes for “multinational” corporations, encourage corporate “inversion,” Oh, and draft legislation that would hand our House, Senate, and Supreme Court over to corporate interest by making them a for-profit subsidiary!

    • Republicans and Americans?? What?? Six-year old Americans??

      Only kids like six-year olds would vote over 50 times to repeal a piece of legislation when they knew every time they voted it was nothing but a sham!!

      Only kids like six-year olds would spend 6 years making up fake scandals and conspiracy theories to distract the people who elected them into office so they wouldn’t see they were doing all this just to cover up that they were deliberately wasting time!! So as to try and make a duly elected president of our country fail!!

      Only kids like six-year olds would even have the audacity like Emperor Mitch, to usurp a nations’ will and use a fake filibuster more than 425 times to prevent not only the party currently in the majority but the party who received an overwhelming number of poplar votes from even getting one piece of legislation passed that would have really helped move America forward.

      Only kids like six-year olds would have such juvenile minds, that they would choose to constantly work to enact legislation that would set America back in time, at least 80 and as much 300 years in its social norms. Enacting overreaching legislation that puts restrictions on our citizens that were lifted decades ago!! It’s only absolute juveniles that would commit such idiocy as that!!

      If there are children in our government – it is clearly those in the Republican party who demonstrate constantly how mentally deficient they really are!!!!!!!! None of them acts like an adult!!!

      • I think you misunderstood me or I was not clear.
        What I meant was that the Congress is composed of Republicans and Americans. Republicans represent top 1% puppeteers including Koch brothers while Democrats represent 99% Americans.

        • That’s what I thought you meant. The ones who sing the National Anthem the loudest are the ones who are bringing down America. The ones who pray to Jesus the loudest are the ones whose economic and law enforcement policies are more like Herod than Christ.

        • Sorry I misunderstood what you were getting at – I thought you meant Democrats act like children and Republicans are more like adults – when clearly I think it’s just the opposite, and it appears you do too! Please accept my apology for the misunderstanding!!

    • Democrats and Children?? Tell me, when’s the last time you knew of “children” who could run an economy so proficiently as to run circles around any economy the Republicans have ever run??

      It’s Democrat run economies whose GDP growth has significantly outperformed the average GDP growth by Republicans by 4.5% GDP growth under Dems to 2.56% under Republicans (since 1929 til today).

      And it was Democrat run economies who were so robust that stock market returns under Democrats recorded 300% returns from 1929 to 2014 while under Republicans the returns were ZERO!!

      And it was Democrat run presidencies that resulted in only 3 recessions occurring from 1901 to the present day, while under Republicans there were 14 recessions and 3 depressions.

      While in contrast also, it was a Republican named Hoover who was in office when the stock market crashed in 1929; and it was a Republican named Reagan who was in office in 1989 when the Market recorded the largest single day drop in America history; and it was a Republican named Bush who was in office in 2008 which started the stock markets’ free fall of almost 50% destroying trillions of dollars of investors wealth across the nation!!!!!!

      Talk about CHILDREN; most 6-year olds could have accomplished far better than any of the Republican presidents in office in the past 100 plus years!!! And that includes Eisenhower who leads all presidents since 1900 by having had 3 recessions during his 8 years – recessions covering almost half his time in office.

        • National debt growth has matched GWBs, and deficit spending has been cut in half. Since GWB didn’t budget anything for military spending, his budget deficits were smaller than Obama’s, but debt growth tracks real spending. Reagan took the national debt from $400B to $4T, GWB took it from $6T to $12.8T and Obama has taken it from $13T to $18T.
          Interesting that Congress controls spending, and that the GOP was in control of Congress for 6 of GWBs 8 years, and 4 of Obama’s 6 years.

          • didn’t the GOP just become in control of Congress in January. besides if the house doesn’t give the dictator exactly what he wants, he shuts down the government and blames the GOP.

          • Oh my God please don’t parade your stupidity in public! I am embarrassed for you that you know so little about your government and yet still “hate” the man in office because of your prejudices!

          • The House only wants to cut spending in one part of Homeland security, Obama says he won’t accept that and will let the government shut down if the House doesn’t budget the immigration amnesty. Doesn’t sound like Obama want to work with the house at all. He would rather see government shut down then to work with the GOP.

          • Obama and the Dems won’t accept anything other than a clean bill! The House wants to do away with anything that has to do with immigration! Again the House can’t seem to do that! They always have to stick something in there that they know won’t get through and then yell they did their job!

          • Bills are rewritten every day to reflect changes made during honest debate and negotiations. This just show how its Obama’s way or the highway. He refuses to negotiate or compromise in any way at all. He would rather shut down the government and blame the GOP for his failure to negotiate. He just doesn’t believe in our form of government. He proves every day, he wants to be a dictator, not a President. He blames America for almost every problem the world has or has had for the last 100 years.

          • The House was “invited” to put forward a workable bill on immigration a long time ago and most recently at the State of the Union address! Did they do it? NO! It isn’t Obama who wants to shut down everything! He issued these invites long before he issued the EO!! The House had every chance but all they want to do is try and make the President look bad!! that is their main goal. Everything else doesn’t matter!! They had no problem with Reagan’s bill nor Bushes bill on immigration! Isn’t that funny?? Both Republicans and white!!

          • The only workable bills for Obama are ones that only do exactly what he wants. Your only defense of this dictator is to play the race card. That always happens when you can’t defend the terrible policies of Obama and his unwillingness to compromise on anything.

          • If not race then please explain to me why the House had no problem with the immigration bills put forth by Reagan and Bush??? You can’t!!!

          • Maybe because both houses passed immigration bills that were signed by Reagan and Bush. They weren’t executive orders that gave things like getting tax credits and social security for illegal immigrants. What don’t you and some others understand about the word illegal? You can try all you want to blame race for Obama’s failures and ignoring the Congress, but they won’t work anymore. He has proven he is incompetent in both domestic and foreign policy.

          • You always manage to ignore any pertinent facts such as Republican bills for immigration by Republican Presidents!! Why is that??

          • Excellant way to avoid the question!! Also lame because you don’t have an answer other than that uppity black man in office! Jerk!!

          • Like I said not avoiding anything, Both Bush and Reagan signed into law bills that were passed by Congress. They didn’t resort to executive orders to get their own way as Obama does. The only executive order used by Reagan was to fix a overlooked issue in the bill he signed. He had to blessing of both houses for that. Your name calling is just wonderful, a great way to discuss something. Name calling is always used by the loser or liar in any discussion.

          • Of course they were passed. The President was a Republican, Only EO issued by Reagan was one?? LOL See below!

            Ronald Reagan – 381 EO
            Bush Senior – 166
            Bush Junior – 291
            Obama – 183!!!
            I think you better read up on your histroy!! You do see the lowest number for EO’s was Obama? The highest was Saint Reagan! Wow! Some dictator!!

          • Check out the number of Presidential memorandum from Obama compared to the others. Presidential Memorandum has the same power as a executive order. The eo I was talking about for Reagan was in referring to the immigration law he signed into law.

          • Go somewhere where there is a true dictator and see how you like it! You certainly wouldn’t be on line spewing your hate for the President without going to jail!

          • That’s why Obama wants to take over the internet, so it will be easy to arrest those that don’t agree with his policies. Look at his IRS targeting conservative organizations. Look at his attorney general spying on reporters.

          • Oh my God!! I didn’t know there were so many gullible and stupid people in this country! He wants to take over the internet??? LOLOL You are beyond belief! He is fighting for net neutrality which is what we have now genius! The big companies such as Verizon and Comcast don’t want that! They want to be able to make more money on doling out higher speeds to a specific few! Geezus, you scare me!!

          • Are you purposely ignoring what I just said or is it you have no answer? Net Neutrality? NO GOVERNMENT CONTROL!! What about my last post so you not understand? And yes we should have everything privatized like the GOP wants. That way private companies can charge what they want, get rid of regulations so they can do what they want. Yep sounds like a great idea to me. Screw everyone but the 1%!!!

          • What product has the government ever produced?
            All governments produces is regulations to make money off private industry. Maybe you want a “peoples car” like Hitler forced on Germany. Private companies are the reason America has been so successful in the world market. Having the chance to improve oneself by working hard is a American tradition. Private industry produces cars, clothes, furniture, food supplies, medical supplies, etc. The government produces nothing. Believe it or not, private industry creates jobs, not the government. Private Industry is why we have a middle class, not just surfs and lords. Check out the history of how successful Socialist nations have been. Compare the American standard of living to other countries. Obama wants to bring us down to them, not on to bigger and better.

          • Your ignoring the take over attempts of your private life are whats beyond belief. Do you really want the government to be spying on your email, or where you browse? Those are the types of things predicted by Orwell.

          • Please! If during the Reagan years they had the internet and the same techology that we have today, you bet, they would have used it! Besides, I have absolutely nothing to hide and if it helps to catch just one terrorist, then have at it!

          • Through Mitch McConnell’s constants threats to filibuster everything (even his own proposals): Four years.

            It was you and your ilk who mandated that EVERYTHING needed to have a fillibuster-proof majority in order for it to pass. Ergo, I’d say that makes the Tea Party the “want a be dictator” here.

          • Did you ever stop to think it may be in the Senate rules on how a bill gets passed? The healthcare tax got passed by Harry Reid using a special Senate rule that was intended to be used for fiscal disputes. If following the rules makes one a want to be dictator then so be it.

          • The G.O.P. has been in control of Congress since 2010, whore. You can’t magically alter history any more than you can magically alter reality.

            The only dictators here are the greedy plutocrats you are presently whoring yourself out to.

          • The Congress is not just the House of Representatives. Believe it or not the Senate is also part of Congress. When did the Senate become a GOP majority? The 2 combined are Congress. Learn a little bit about your government. Obama is a want a be dictator doing his best to ignore Congress and destroy our form of Government.

          • That’s a load of bullshit that you America-hating whores only tell yourself because you still live under the delusion that screaming the same bullshit over and over again has the power to magically will it into being a reality.

            But back in reality, your “dictator” has only signed three vetoes, the lowest amount since James Garfield, a man who was only president for 6-1/2 months (compared to 39 by St. Ronnie), as well as only 194 executive actions compared to George “Divinely Appointed” W. Bush’s 291 and St. Ronnie’s 381.

            Neither history nor reality are on your side in this, whore. The only “want a be dictators” here are you and your ilk who still refuse to accept the fact that democracy allows us to vote for Democrats.

          • How many Presidential Memorandum has Obama signed. They have the same power as a executive order. The dictator only enforces laws he wants to. He made changes to the healthcare tax law (which is the constitutional duty of the House and Senate). He is changing immigration law using the executive order. He took a oath to enforce the laws of our country not make them or pick and choose which ones to enforce.

        • Sorry, you’re whistling Dixie!! Obama inherited the worst recession in America’s history along with a 1.4T deficit spending budget from Bush. Obama has reduced that budget faster than any previous president and many economists argue faster than he should have given the depth of the great recession.

          But on top of that, he inherited a nation with a devastated tax revenues because of the 14 million lost jobs Bush allowed to happen. So on top of the 1.4T deficit spending budget, our government was receiving tax revenues depressed by well over 1/2 a trillion/year.

          And on top of that, Bush and the irresponsible GOP congresses in office during his presidency, enacted numerous UNFUNDED PIECES OF LEGISLATION, some of which are driving up our debts today – like the unfunded tax cut which has been made permanent; like the unfunded drug benefit giveaway to Big Pharma, like an unfunded war that went on for almost a year, and another unfunded war that went on for more than 5 years; like several unfunded mandates to the states one of them the nefarious No-Child-Left-Behind fiasco that almost drove 1/2 the states in America to the verge of bankruptcy.

          You put all that together – all that lost tax revenue, that enormous initial deficit spending budget, all those unfunded pieces of legislation, an economy that was in free fall and a president who has reduced deficit spending faster during a recession than any other president in history: and that adds up to
          Barack Obama not being responsible for increasing Americas debt by ONE THIN DIME!!

          THE LATEST 12 trillion in debt increase is THE RESPONSIBILITY OF GEORGE W BUSH!!!!!!!

        • Um, based on Independent1’s responses, I think you should just tuck your little RWNJ tail between your little knees, and slowly skulk away. #justsayin’ I mean, don’t go away mad, just – go away.

          • Just asked how much the debt has gone up since Obama took over, and everyone on here knows that independent1 just makes up numbers.

          • Look, the deficit was high when your god was prez.. That it doesn’t come close to today doesn’t mean it wasn’t outrageous in the 1980’s.. Eisenhower’s deficit was higher than Truman’s but not as high as Kennedy’s.. who’s wasn’t as high as LBJ’s.. who’s wasn’t as high as Nixon’s.. who’s wasn’t as…. Get it? It’s the cost of progression, simple and true.. The next administration will also prove my point.. as will the next, and the next.. and the next..!

          • Everyone knows the debt go up. Hasn’t the national debt under obama gone up more than all previous US Presidents combined?

        • Get a grip Grover.. The deficit rose with each preceding president, the amount is irrelevant as finance has to do with the times and in each ending term, the incoming prez had to contend with the continued debt that the former prez faced (except for Dubya who squandered the balance that Clinton left HIM with).. Yes I said squandered.. Of all the money passed out, it was the wealthy that collected the most so it was filet minion to the elite, a stale milk bone to the masses.. It was a squander! If your young enough, keep your eyes on the next half dozen presidents and note how much higher the deficit will run with each term (be they pub or dem) as that’s the price of progress.. In 20 years you’ll be on some forum telling everybody that the deficit hasn’t been this record breaking high EVER!

          • Just what progress are you talking about? Higher taxes on middle class folks, or the obamacare tax? Free phones, free housing for law breakers, tax give a ways for illegals free medical for illegals. Spying on reporters. IRS scandals, Benghazi scandals, The US losing all respect in the world and becoming a laughing stock to our enemies.

          • You need to look up how the free phones started. It started way before President Obama with land line phones.

        • Considering their record, the last thing Republicans should do is broached the issue of deficit spending and the national debt. Do you remember this?
          When former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neil complained that cutting taxes would
          increase the deficit, Vice President Cheney replied “You know, Paul, Reagan
          proved that deficits don’t matter.”

          • In 2001, the national debt Bush inherited was around $5.7T. When W. left office in January 2009, the debt was nearly $11T. That’s an increase of 89 percent.

            Under Obama, the debt has increased from about $11T to about $18T. Most of the increase was caused by the need to prevent the U.S. economy from collapse as a result of the effects of the 2007 Great Recession. Major contributors to the debt increase under President Obama include Bush’s TARP, the stimulus package, and the need to provided extended unemployment benefits to millions of Americans.

        • Thank you, tea-bagger, for demonstrating that you didn’t read the article at all.

          Deficit spending was one of the things listed that the Republicans loved before Obama. Bush did it, his father did it, and Reagan did it.

          And it was only when Obama came along and suggested we stop spending it on wars and tax cuts for the rich and redirect it into economic investments that you thieving whores suddenly gave a damn about it.

          • Still want to know how much the national debt has gone up since Obama, Is it going up by drawing red lines. having staff members that want to stop ISIS by giving them jobs, allowing heads to be chopped off and people burned alive? If I am a whore are you the pimp?

          • #1: You just deliberately missed the point again, whore. All you’re demonstrating is exactly what the article was talking about: How Republicans think things are perfectly fine when they’re doing it but impeachable offenses if done by a Democrat.

            #2: You also just deliberately misinterpreted Obama’s point about ISIS. ISIS is taking advantage of their country’s impoverished state by recruiting people who quite literally have no other options, ergo a better economy / more jobs would shrivel up their recruitment.

            I thought that was obvious, but once again, you miserable waste-of-flesh, party-before-country, America-hating whores have proven that you would much rather have another excuse to hate a Democrat than acknowledge the existence of reality.

          • Why don’t you ask the families of the beheaded or burned to death, about the existence of reality? Are you really stupid enough to believe a jobs program will stop ISIS? They have stated their goal of killing all infidels, what more do you want?

            I don’t see where I said or have ever said anything about impeachment. That must be one of you delusions.

      • Maybe you didn’t parse it right: Democrats and (=versus) Children, or Republicans and (=versus) Americans would be more accurate!

        • The huge amount of spending that occurred under Bush plus the great recession is the reason for the deficit spending. What would you have the Federal government do, stop paying the bills that Bush and other republicans ran up? To quote Cheney “deficits don’t matter”.

    • For the Republicans you should have said “and anyone that doesn’t like black, working, poor, disabled middle class, retired, on Medicare or Medicaid and any people that need government help to survive.
      Now if you are rich then the Republicans love you.

    • Common Core is a states idea. The governors association came up with the idea. It wasn’t a Federal government program but one started by the states. 47 states or more have adapted the program mainly because it was their idea. Now, the Republicans are saying it was a Federal Government idea and therefore should be discarded.
      The Republicans are just ;like Rubio in that they have no integrity.

  6. Rubio is so desperate to become President that he will disavowal he own ideas. He can’t hide the fact that his ambitions are undermining his integrity.

  7. If you’re a liberal and want gun control have Obama join the NRA and stand up for gun rights! Watch conservative heads explode.

  8. Hussein Obama’s criminal regime is offensive to the Constitutional order of the United States.

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