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Thursday, April 26, 2018


The Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin — who admitted to misleading her readers with her unfailingly adoring coverage of Mitt Romney during last year’s presidential campaign — is celebrating the news of George W. Bush’s highest approval ratings in seven years in a post entitled “Bush is back“:

It took less than 4 1/2 years of the Obama presidency for President George W. Bush to mount his comeback. While doing absolutely nothing on his own behalf (he’s been the most silent ex-president in my lifetime), his approval is up to 47 percent according to the Post/ABC poll. That’s up 14 points from his final poll in office. For comparison’s sake President Obama’s RCP average is a tad over 49 percent.

She then rambles through a list of accomplishments that contrast the last president with the current guy in the White House — whom you’ll notice she refers to simply as “Obama,” while the 43rd president is reverently called “President George W. Bush.” This list goes through yogic contortions to spin Bush’s “successes.”

“Unlike Obama’s tenure, there was no successful attack on the homeland after 9/11,” Rubin notes, joining the chorus of Republicans who say, “Bush kept us safe — except for that 9/11 thing!”

She also calls the unfunded Medicare Part D ” fiscally sober” in contrast with the “unpopular and exorbitant” Obamacare — which is actually paid for — that Obama “foisted” on America. Somehow, foisting an unpopular plan doesn’t match Bush’s “huge political risks,” including “the surge,” which Bush launched after four years of losing the war in Iraq.

Most hilariously, Rubin credits George W. Bush with “7 1/2 years of job growth.” Bush created on average 20,000 jobs a month. If you exclude 2008, that number is 60,000. When Bush left office, the economy was losing nearly a million jobs a month.

Crediting W. for the bubble that he let explode is like pointing out that on average, the Titanic was somewhere in the middle of the ocean, or crediting the Hindenburg with an incredibly successful launch.

There are reasons Bush’s popularity is rising, but none of them have anything to do with his abysmal presidency.

Here are five reasons that he’s not, in fact, “back.”

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