Thursday, November 26, 2015


The Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin — who admitted to misleading her readers with her unfailingly adoring coverage of Mitt Romney during last year’s presidential campaign — is celebrating the news of George W. Bush’s highest approval ratings in seven years in a post entitled “Bush is back“:

It took less than 4 1/2 years of the Obama presidency for President George W. Bush to mount his comeback. While doing absolutely nothing on his own behalf (he’s been the most silent ex-president in my lifetime), his approval is up to 47 percent according to the Post/ABC poll. That’s up 14 points from his final poll in office. For comparison’s sake President Obama’s RCP average is a tad over 49 percent.

She then rambles through a list of accomplishments that contrast the last president with the current guy in the White House — whom you’ll notice she refers to simply as “Obama,” while the 43rd president is reverently called “President George W. Bush.” This list goes through yogic contortions to spin Bush’s “successes.”

“Unlike Obama’s tenure, there was no successful attack on the homeland after 9/11,” Rubin notes, joining the chorus of Republicans who say, “Bush kept us safe — except for that 9/11 thing!”

She also calls the unfunded Medicare Part D ” fiscally sober” in contrast with the “unpopular and exorbitant” Obamacare — which is actually paid for — that Obama “foisted” on America. Somehow, foisting an unpopular plan doesn’t match Bush’s “huge political risks,” including “the surge,” which Bush launched after four years of losing the war in Iraq.

Most hilariously, Rubin credits George W. Bush with “7 1/2 years of job growth.” Bush created on average 20,000 jobs a month. If you exclude 2008, that number is 60,000. When Bush left office, the economy was losing nearly a million jobs a month.

Crediting W. for the bubble that he let explode is like pointing out that on average, the Titanic was somewhere in the middle of the ocean, or crediting the Hindenburg with an incredibly successful launch.

There are reasons Bush’s popularity is rising, but none of them have anything to do with his abysmal presidency.

Here are five reasons that he’s not, in fact, “back.”

  • John Pigg

    I think it will be difficult to make the statement that history would not be kind to Bush. While it is true many aspects of his war on terror are severely unpopular, his Democratic successor maintained a lot of these controversial positions.

    In spite of conservative backlash and disapproval he attempted to integrate Hispanics into the Party.

    The Bush administration was responsible for fiscal irresponsibility, questionable police actions, and illegal torture. Any conversation about Bush will no doubt include an in depth discussion over the war on terror. And as long as Bush’s policies remain in place it becomes difficult to maintain that history will not be kind to his administration.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    What does it take for some Republicans to ever admit they are wrong when they have been proven wrong over and over? George W. Bush was never the president. Look at the evil grin on Cheney’s face and how closely he is leaning in to hear what Rummy is saying to Bush. Cheney hovered over Bush like a hawk to insure that Cheney’s, not Bush’s policies, were the ones the GOP pushed on all Americans. The only kindness history will offer Bush is that he was THE most badly used president in US history and all so Cheney could rise to power in the White House. All anyone has to do to prove that is track Cheney’s actions from the minute the GOP refused in 1994 to allow him to be their presidential candidate. From that point on, Cheney was obsessed with being president even if he had to use the “Bush” name to do it. And do it he did with largesse and expertise any top US CEO would envy.

    • Fern Woodfork

      Between Bush Getting Back At His Father And Cheney Pulling His Strings George W Bush Should Easily Go Down As One Of The Worst President In US History!! But Yet He Gets A Museum When Him And Cheney Should Be Getting A Couple Of Jail Cells!!! :-(

      • Dominick Vila

        Welcome back Fern!

      • neeceoooo

        so true

  • Claude Miller

    the so called war on drugs is much like the war on terror,misdirected to put money in politicians pockets while ruining the lives of many untold americans!

  • Lonnie Avery

    The same ol’ game. Sing his praises full of falsehoods and lies. Bushes 8 years can be summed up by declaireing that he used Weapons of Mass destruction to destroy the economy,foreign policy and democracy ! And the Conservatives and Republicans like it!

  • zola98

    Another Bush devotee who can’t differentiate between fact, fiction and fantasy. Good luck living in your bs world lady. Most Americans view that incompetent, inept, warmongering buffoon differenty as do the rest of the world.

    • Russell Byrd

      The only question I have is: Can they differentiate between fact and fiction, or is this a willful attempt to gain support for their evil. More simply, is she this dumb and misguided, or is this just an intentional whitewash by a very sick and jaded tool of right-wing power mongers.

      • zola98

        Probably everything you mentioned. They are a fcuking sick bunch so nothing should surprise us though it does make me pissed that in this day and age with 24/7 cable news and social media/blogs they think we’re so stupid, we’ll buy into their bs/lies. Yeah, I’m insulted also.

  • Russell Byrd

    The right-wing keeps lying because it is the only game plan they have. As P.T. Barnum was said to say, “there’s one born every minute.” Or to paraphrase Dr. Goebbels, “if you tell a lie often enough it becomes true.” Some people will fall for these lies, more often than not, because they consumed with hatred, racism, bigotry, selfishness, or especially, ignorance, They perceive this BS as truth because it is what they want to believe.

  • howa4x

    I can only pray that the republicans keep trotting out W so he can be hit around like a piñata. He will be ranked somewhere just above Nixon and just below Hoover and one of the worst presidents in history. This will surly help their brand LoL . Romney did a great job of hiding the ex president during the convention. Just the mere presence of him there was worth a 30 pt drop in the polls. Let look back at his low lites. Invading Afghanistan to find Bin Laden and punish him for the attack on America. Sorry couldn’t find him, so that one was missed. Ok how about invading a country on non existent evidence. Mark that in the done column. Or a tax cut for the 1% all on the credit card, that is also in the done column, as is a credit card drug program for the seniors. That too was done. Or how about scaring the country’s first responders into taking small pox vaccinations. That would be him too. Can’t forget the No-bid contract for Halliburton(Cheney’s company) for Iraq. this puts him close to Nixon for criminality. Or how about more jobs leaving this country and more corporations leaving than ever before.. Don’t forget Mitt hid his fortune during the Bush years in offshore accounts. Finally the crashing of the economy puts him right there with Hoover. But his biggest political crime was the sell out of the right wing. He had a majority in both houses during the 1st 2 yrs of his presidency so why is Abortion still legal? Republicans are full of crap on this.
    Well enough time spent on him
    There is so much more we can really say about him but why waste more time.

  • Archie’s Boy

    How could someone be “back” who was never “there?”

  • Russell Byrd

    The problem is far too many Americans do not seem to have a brain. What takes its place is hatred, bigotry, ignorance, etc. For example, the Texas Repubs stated policy is to stop all teaching of “higher order thinking skills.” They just want people to read their Bible, remain ignorant to the plight of the world and other people, and be unable to make any moral or factual judgments. They aspire to teach an entire generation to reject and resist any rational thought and only remain open to what is force-fed them by their “betters.” That evil, sociopath, chosen few, e.g. the rich, that believe they have a total right to rule and our only right is to laud them for it.

  • Fern Woodfork

    The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Are Full Of These Racist Assholes!!! :-( Re Brand My Eye!! :-( Same Old Same Old!! They Seem Like Their Never Going To Change!!! I Say Let Them Go The Way Of The Dodos And The Whigs!!!

  • Fern Woodfork

    Can You Guess Whats Making Things Go Down Hill Your GOP/Tea Party American Taliban That’s Who!! Stop Looking At Fox Fake News And Listening To Rush Limpballs They Are Rotten What Little Brain Cells You Got Left!! Lying , Cheating Blocking And Stealing Is The Only Way Your No Good Knuckle Dragging Party Of Thugs Can Win!!!:-(

  • John Pigg

    Unlikely, here is why. If you look at far right parties (Constitution P) and far left parties (Green P), you will see an interesting trend, they actually agree on a few major issues.

    The Tea Party in spite of all its controversy actually maintains a large fear of the Federal government. Most of the US is against the excesses of the War on Terror at this point. Yet, the Patriot Act keeps getting passed. While it might be convenient to blame it on Republicans, Obama reinstated the measure when he first got elected and the entire Fed government had Democratic control.

  • John Pigg

    Everything you said is true, with the exception that the Obama administration fought to keep troops in Iraq. The Iraqi parliament forced them out by requiring them to be tried under Iraqi courts if they committed a crime.

  • Sand_Cat

    Much of what you say is true, but Bush and Obama are by no means from opposite ends of the political spectrum unless you’re talking about an extremely cramped spectrum. Obama has never really condemned the Bush crimes, nor given up any of the abusive extensions of executive power pioneered by Bush and Cheney. Even his ostentatious position on torture is meaningless in view of the Military Commissions act and other stuff on the books. He has not aggressively pushed most of the abuses, but then, neither has he pushed any actions to end them, or to actually implement the things he claimed to believe in and for which many of us gave him our votes, at least in 2008. I’d far rather have him than Romney, McCain, or any other Republican I know of, but he’s far too little, far too late, to make any significant correction of our country’s slide deeper into barbarism.

  • atc333

    Taxes, taxes, taxes. the lower the better. That is, and has been the GOP mantra since Reagan. Look at what it has accomplished. Less than half as many jobs created by Republican Administrations as Democratic. Massive deficits as a result of tax cuts for job creators. All your failed GOP economic theories have accomplished is massive transfers of America’s wealth to the non performing “job creators” who now own over 46% of all of America’s wealth. Bush II then really finished it off with his 2008 Economic Meltdown which once again allowed the rich to benefit exclusively over the common man.

    Instead, we read about the Right Wing carping about the 47% of American who pay no or very little taxes. Well, considering the fact that now “minimum wage” has become the standard wage paid by job creators these days, along with part time employment of 28 hour work weeks, all to maximize profits along with the fact that minimum wage now buys less than 70% of what it did 30 years ago. Just think, if they actually earned an equivalent amount, today,they would actually be paying some taxes, instead of having to receive public assistance.

    As it is, we see the Federal Government subsidizing the wealthy, providing public assistance to the low wage earners, as US Corporations continue to generate the largest income revenues in history, even though the Nation is still at a very high level of unemployment.

    As it it

  • Allan Richardson

    I wonder how many Republicans would hate President Obama with THIS MUCH venom if he were white. His policies, falsely labeled “socialist” and “radical” by the most extreme right wing conservatives, are actually comparable to President Eisenhower’s moderate (then called “liberal” when that was not a dirty word) Republicans. Even President Nixon got some laws passed that right wingnuts hate today (the EPA).

    And why is it that more and more Republican OFFICE HOLDERS have been saying things like “slavery was free enterprise, Lincoln had no right to take slaveholders’ property away from them, which proves he was a socialist” when NOT EVEN the worst segregationist bigots in the 1960’s said things that radical and disgusting?

    Conservatives who did not like the policies of Presidents Johnson, Carter and Clinton did not question the LEGITIMACY of their presidencies; did not question their American patriotism; did not try to void their elections years after the fact, as they have done with President Obama. What is it about him that INTENSIFIES (and perhaps negatively influences?) their disapproval of his policies to an extent not seen since 1861, if not his race? Or his MIXED race? Or his SINGLE MOTHER? Or his birth in Hawaii, a racially mixed state that these people may not consider “really” part of the Union? Or his foreign father and stepfather, when our Constitution and laws disregard such factors in defining citizenship by birth (EITHER biological parent a US citizen, OR born in US territory other than foreign embassies, are all that is required)? Or the fact that those voters who are not “real” Americans elected him TWICE?

    As a WHITE person I am ashamed of white people who show so much hate, and claim to want to keep the “white race” pure. Look at our history: the collective accomplishments that ARE positive about the “white race”, namely European civilization, happened BECAUSE of the mixture of races of people from Persia to Ireland over the last 2000 years. Adding in some more “impurity” can only make us stronger!

    Yes, it is racism, and not “reverse racism” by black people. Klan, neo-Nazi, and white supremacist groups have been recruiting in record numbers since 2008, and most of their new membership does NOT consist of people who make thoughtful analyses of public policy or political philosophy. In fact, most of the criticisms of this President are mutually contradictory! It is not possible to be a communist, socialist, Nazi, and Muslim AT THE SAME TIME, so make up your mind WHICH ONE you think he is.

    This President will go down in history with much higher ratings than W. Even his failures (thanks to unreasonable and uncompromising opposition) will be excused by history when the full extent of obstruction is realized. No, he is not perfect, and he is not a perfect liberal. The very fact that some liberals call him a “DINO” and a “collaborator” with the right wing shows that. But he works hard to resolve and reunite a country that has been divided by the evil intent of a few igniting hatreds in a larger minority that have been stewing for 150 years. It is President Barack (that means blessed in Hebrew and Arabic) Obama, not George W. Bush, that has a better chance of landing in the fifth place on Mount Rushmore.

  • Sand_Cat

    Sorry, but the “far left” in this country is little more than a delusion in the minds of the lunatic right. Aside from a few thoroughly marginalized individuals and small groups – most of them marginalized by the so-called “left” – we have a far right, lunatic fringe party, and a center-right party called “Democrats” that appear to be headed in the same direction (i.e., to the right).
    And since the far-right is busy re-writing history with the generous help of the so-called “liberal” media, it’s quite possible that “history” will be kind to George W. Bush. After all, it’s been pretty kind to the genocidal misfits who contributed mightily to building this country by massacring the native population, and so far it hasn’t had all that much to say against their ideological heirs who are busy completing the process by extirpating the native wildlife and continuing racial, ethnic,. and religious discrimination against the non-white and other non-conformists.
    You seem like a pretty reasonable and well-meaning guy, and I don’t mean to be harsh, but at this point the verdict of “history” on the miscreants who ran our country for 8 years is pretty irrelevant to the truth.

  • John Pigg

    I think the OWS (Occupy) was a good example of a left wing movement. While you argument is true this group did not correlate to electoral advantage their presence is still there and should not be discredited. The far-right/Tea Party is much more adept at using the electoral process for its agenda but this shouldn’t discredit the existence of those that have far left leaning views.

    My point is that with the war on terror very liberal people and very conservative people are saying the same things only using different vocabulary.

    History may be irrelevant to the truth but that was one of the key points of the article. But it looks like we both agree that it is superfluous.

  • jarheadgene

    I love what you wrote….great rant…couldn’t agree with you more on many of your points. W with the lowest ratings since Nixon. Go figure since he hired so many NIXON staff losers. And to think we would have ended up with more NIXON A-holes if THE BULLY ROMNEY would have gotten elected.

  • jarheadgene

    Scratch CANADA from that list….There was an article several months back, in which the Secret Service declared CANADA too dangerous for Dick Cheney to go to, and he had to cancel “paid” speech appearances…IMAGINE ..Cheney having to say NO to money. Go to Canada DICK…Go….I want to see you go.

  • Yatharth

    Have a look at your own comment and shame yourself. With your quality no wonder America is destined to be in the dustbins of history. You surely deserve it. Shameless witch.

  • Yatharth

    You are a real wh0re. But that should not matter. What should matter to you is to find the next hole for your next customer.

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