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Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Photo: Rich Renomeron via Flickr
Photo: Rich Renomeron via Flickr

As President Barack Obama weighs using executive action to protect some 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation, Republicans are struggling to craft a response. Some, like House Deputy Majority Whip Tom Cole (R-OK), are pushing for a legal challenge to the president’s plan. But many others, both inside and outside the Capitol, are agitating for a more confrontational approach: refusing to pass a long-term government funding bill unless it blocks the president from taking executive action on immigration.

This would inevitably cause the federal government to shut down. And it would be a very, very bad idea for the GOP. Here are five reasons why:

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  • Lynda Groom

    The assumption of the article is that the GOP will behave rationally. Recent history certainly does not prove that possibility. If they do it before Christmas the blowback would distort any chance they have of governing until 2016, or beyond. Of course that is no reason for them to not shot themselves in the foot yet again.

    • TZToronto

      You are right on target. No one would ever accuse this group of legislators of being rational or even thinking logically about the consequences of their actions. They’re so sure that they’re absolutely right that they don’t consider that they might be shooting themselves in the foot. This comes from having unshakeable faith based on nothing.

  • plc97477

    The gotp can’t get their own caucus on the same page there is no way they will show the country they can in fact govern before 2016. They have no chance in the general election.

  • charleo1

    As Limbaugh the anointed spokesperson for the Radical Right reminded Republicans. The voters didn’t hand them majorities in Congress to govern, or to compromise with the Democrats. They sent them there to stop Barack Obama, by whatever means necessary. The idea that voters want politicians in Washington, to, “get things done,” according to Rush, is a myth. So the fact that Mitch McConnell said, “Republicans aren’t going to shut down the Government, or cause a default on the debt,” is probably wishful thinking on his part. As was the assurances of Speaker Boehner last Oct. that there was not going to be a Government shutdown over the Healthcare Act. Obviously, this was before the T-Party, that controls the House, and the Party, informed him differently. That yes, in fact the shutdown would be taking place after all. If as expected, there was no agreement reached to first disassemble ACA, the President resigns, and the Democratic Party dissolves itself, in a mass unconditional surrender to the T-Party. Which would then form it’s own one Party Government. So, for those who are tired of the constant bickering, with absolutely nothing getting done. Or for those who are convinced that there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two Parties, anyway. This is all it will take to finally break the gridlock in Washington. These are the T-Party’s terms of unconditional surrender. What they demand, in fact, to allow the Federal Government to function in a fashion, and manner, they deem to be Constitutional. This is the message Rush Limbaugh says the voters sent to the GOP. And, it looks like it’s going to be a very long, very expensive, and and very unproductive, two years.

    • Greg

      Rush did not say that.

      • charleo1

        You mean, you did not hear him say it. I did.

    • DAVE in VA

      Charleo, What Rush is saying, is that our Republican elected officials were sent to Washington DC to STOP the Obama agenda of fundamentally transforming America. That is why in this last mid term election the Republican voters showed up to vote out the Democrats. We don’t want the government running our health care system. We all know now since the released video’s, of Jonathan Gruber admitting that they had to lie to the American people in order to pass the Health Care law by calling it a Tax not a penalty. The working middle class tax payer, are the one’s that are getting the shaft in this ordeal (as we always do).We are seeing our insurance premiums go from $2000.00 to $5000.00 dollar deductibles. We all know what your party really wants is single payer system, and in order to get their first you have to crash the current system in order to create a dependency for it. You do remember the last Government shut down, not even a year ago if you want to call it that, when our WW2 vets, were not allowed to go to the open air memorial in Washington DC because it was closed. But on the same park ground’s they had an immigration rally that Democrat members of congress had attended during the shut down. The American people noticed that and that is partly why we will be taking control of congress in the new year.
      ………………………Charleo1… Have a Blessed Day………………….

      • charleo1

        Well look, “Dave in Va.” We just fundamentally disagree on this. First, I don’t consider ACA, the Healthcare Reform, and Affordability Act, as the Gov. “running healthcare.” Much like enacting some stricter rules on the amount of reserve funds banks must keep on hand, to prevent the need for a repeat bailout, as the Gov. running Wall Street, or taking over the Country’s banking system. It’s frankly partisan hyperbole. And inconsistent with the facts. What is often overlooked in the back and forth over the admittedly complicated healthcare legislation, is the old system was gradually, but inevitably failing. Failing due to many factors. From the lack of competition between insurers, to the necessity of our businesses having to compete in a global environment with Countries who either have a single payer Gov. system. Or others, like China, who have no public healthcare system, or mandated coverage for indigent care at all. Also, if we are considering the disappearing Middle Class. You should know, losing one’s health insurance because they became sick, and unable to work, lost their coverage, and uninsured medical expenses ate up their life’s savings. Was the number one cause of bankruptcies within the Middle Class, for the 10 years prior to ACA. The way I see it, all that inequity foisted upon hard working American families. Who played by the rules, and did everything right, only to wind up destitute. Just to protect some of the most onerous practices of profit boosting, among what are still some of the most profitable corporations in the Country, even after ACA, is wrong. I do realize you care about our Country. And change is scary.
        But change, in this case was coming with, or without ACA.
        Our public hospitals were closing their doors, as the old patchwork of State, Federal, and insurance company funding for uninsured, and indigent care stretched budgets to the breaking point. Medicare was due to become insolvent in 6 years! (ACA extended that by an additional 10, according to CBO.) ACA also closed the donut hole in Senior’s Medicare part D. Extended coverage for children to be on their parent’s plan, from age 18, to 26. A benefit for millions of Middle Class families. ACA also mandated 85% of premiums collected must be spent to directly provide benefits to policyholders. Not on advertisement, or padding the salaries of top management, or increased profits. This requirement alone has returned billions in unspent premiums to policyholders in just the first year. So, the GOP promised to oppose. Is that all you expect? Obama is gone in two years. So, I invite you to think seriously about what might you want them to do with their newly appointed power to help the struggling, Middle Class? In our ever more low waged, service economy? With our best jobs being outsourced, who pays for public investment, our trillion dollar per annum military? Our security obligations for NATO? If indeed, as some propose, cut the corporate tax to zero, and lower yet again taxes on capital gains What is the GOP position on tax reform, and the age old dilemma of choosing between either guns or butter? Or, what is their position on immigration reform in the House, where they will now hold a super majority? Stop the President, fine. But then, what is it they are for? There will be a Presidential election before too long. What is it you want to hear your candidate say on this?

        • DAVE in VA

          Charleo 1,
          I think that we can agree that our Health care system needs some work in order to be improved. I just have a different way of getting it to the people. What I would like to see is for everyone to have affordable health care and be required to get it just like car insurance. My employer does not pay for my car insurance directly. I don’t think that they should have to pay directly for my health coverage. When the employer is paying for my insurance the health insurers charge more to the employer. They know that they can get more from the employers vs the workers. I think that everyone should have a HSA account to help pay, the co- pays and other expenses, ace bandages and other medical related cost. We need to open it up across state lines to have more competition to help to keep the cost down. No one should be turned away for a pre existing condition, if the condition is because of poor diet or smoking, then they should have to pay more for the coverage.
          The problem that we have in my party now, is that the Republican leaders (RINO’s) are doing what their corporate sponsors want them to do. The big business don’t want to be required to provide health insurance. They (RINO’s) will never come out and say it, but behind the closed doors they agree with the ACA. The corporations would like to get rid of that part of the business and save a lot of money. They will be able to cut out some workers and save even more.
          That’s why we have the Tea Party today, because the leaders have left the plat form of the Republican party and sold out to their sponsors.
          We will always have poor people who cant afford to pay for health coverage. We need to first help them to get out of that situation, by way of education and a hard work ethic. Then help them set up training so that they will be able to walk on their own to feet without help.
          Yes, no one should have to file for bankruptcy over a medical bill. We need to find a solution for this problem that is fair for everyone. Something else we have to look at is the bloodthirsty lawyers, who chase the ambulance looking for work.

          • charleo1

            Just a quick reply Dave, on a couple of points. My wife and myself have been traveling this holiday to see family. So sorry about the late response. To your point of mandatory participation. ACA has such a requirement, of sorts. In the first few years, the law imposes a small, “tax,” for individuals, who by their income, is determined able to purchase insurance. But, for whatever reason decide not to. This also applies to businesses that have 50 or more employees. And that, ” tax,” increases over time. I parenthesized the word tax, because the Supreme Court decided the original wording in the bill that called the penalty a fine, was unconstitutional. That the gov. did not have the power to fine a person for not buying a product. But, allowed Congress does have the authority to tax, or reward a company, or individual to induce a certain behavior. As to employers having to, or being forced by law, to provide health insurance. No such law now, or has ever existed. At first only a few offered it. Then more as time went by. And because they could offer the insurance co. a group of generally healthy workers. Not only could they bargain for a better rate, but pre-existing, or chronic conditions could be covered without exemptions. In fact, so successful was this method of providing insurance, (it’s how most people are still covered,) some came to believe it must be required by law. Not so. So, herein lies the fundamental reason, the Country needs health reform in the first place. As premiums rose, and many wages fell, in a service oriented economy. More, and more employers were unable to offer their employees, the kind of comprehensive health coverage they once did. And many more dropped their plans altogether. While millions of the working poor, and soon the more affluent, Middle Class, were also flocking to the ER, as their only access point to the healthcare system. It is the most inefficient, ineffective, and expensive way possible to deliver healthcare. And, frankly it wasn’t/ isn’t doing a good job of protecting the health of millions of Americans. Plus, it it/was, killing the financial health, and competitiveness of the U.S. In a new global environment. Where our largest employers can pick and choose their workforce from just about anywhere on the Planet. So, we need to look at the
            lack of insured Americans, as one symptom of another larger problem. How do we all keep from becoming those poor people, for whom no one can, or is willing to pay a sufficient wage that supports a wide variety of quality of life issues, or financial security challenges? We are a graying Nation. So what about Retirement income? Will Social Security, and Medicare, survive globalism? Should we leave one spouse destitute, if the other must have long term custodial care? And how in fact, do we manage
            that in the coming decades, and practice the kind of budgetary austerity, that some are insisting we must?

          • DAVE in VA

            Thanks for the reply, have a Blessed time with your loved ones.

        • DAVE in VA

          One more thing, My Mother in law works in a doctors office in Western PA. One of the small things that are killing the insurers profits, is when you have people coming in to see the Doctor for things that are a waste of the doctors time. When the doctor is spending time with a patients for things like bubbles in their pee, when they go to the bathroom. Stuff like that are a waste of money.

    • DAVE in VA

      Charleo1, Rush was on the Sunday morning show with Chris Wallace yesterday and he explained what he was talking about.’s-desire-collect-taxes

  • DAK27

    All the points made in this article are well and good except for the fact that it is basing the entire premise on Republicans being rational and sane, something they are NOT. However, the American people voted to put insane people into the federal government, with a track record of being insane liars, so let us reap what we sow. (And all those who “couldn’t be bothered to vote” voted FOR the Republican agenda so Americans must WANT this, so let’s do it! Why walk away with a limp when we can crash and burn with no survivors? No use half-stepping.)

    • neeceoooo


  • James Bowen

    The GOP can, and should, defund this without shutting down the government. The House can pass a continuing resolution to fund the government till January. In January, the new Congress can write separate appropriations bills department by department and agency by agency. The DHS funding bill should defund the executive amnesty. If the President vetoes it, only DHS shuts down, which, given that they already have had their hands tied when it comes to enforcing immigration law, would not be that big of change from the current situation.

  • James Bowen

    Illegals have already been shielded from deportation. Deportations have already been stayed for almost all illegal aliens in the U.S. What this executive action is all about is giving them work
    authorization, which the President does not have the authority to do on
    this scale. This must be stopped. Call your Representative and tell
    them to pass only a continuing resolution so the new Congress can
    defund this in January. The Capitol Switchboard number is 202-224-3121.

  • Richard Anderson

    If the president has the power to pardon all vietnam draft dodgers, why can’t he state that all of the undocumented persons who have not committed any crimes in this country shall not be deported

    • Greg

      Because if they are undocumented, and they are in the country they are criminals, they have comited a crime by being here. Duh!.

  • Joker Davis

    In August of 2007, an illegal alien was arrested in Indianapolis for burglary and the molestation of a 5 years old girl.

  • Lee Christmas

    Sister Helen Chaska, of Klamath Falls, Oregon, was murdered in 2002 by an illegal alien.

  • Elle Tee

    It is patriotic malfeasance, at best, for Paul Ryan to put the interests of illegal aliens ahead of United States citizens.

  • Toni Walsh

    No one really knows how many illegal aliens occupy our land. The estimates run from 12 to 20 million.

  • Callsign Viper

    In July, 2010 an illegal alien murdered 19-year-old college freshman Vanessa Pham in Fairfax, Virginia.