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Monday, March 25, 2019

After President Obama became the first Democratic presidential nominee to win the state of Virginia in 2008, Republican Bob McDonnell defeated State Senator Creigh Deeds to become the state’s governor less than a year later.

McDonnell’s right-wing credentials were firm. He had all the social conservative and small-government policies of a man who was positioning himself to be a solid running mate to the 2012 GOP presidential nominee. But he ended up having to moderate a Virginia Republican Party that took Tea Partying to new extremes, with Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli acting as the instigator in a constant fit against President Obama and modernity.

Virginia’s Republicans came up with a law that required an invasive ultrasound before any abortion. Some called this “government-sanctioned rape” and McDonnell was to come out against the bill and claim he didn’t understand what was in it. By that time, his 2012 hopes were over.

You could call Cuccinelli “Goofus” to McDonnell’s “Gallant.” While they share many of the same policies — they both oppose abortion even in the cases of rape and incest — “Cooch,” as the attorney general is known, feels no desire to moderate his views to appeal to anyone. He’s a hero of the far right across the nation because he represents the kind of extremism that helps the Tea Party win Republican primaries and blow general elections.

President Obama won Virginia handily again in 2012. The question in 2013 as Cuccinelli runs for governor is whether the coalition of young people and minorities that came out for Obama will come to vote again.

The more Virginians know about Cuccinelli’s extreme stands, the more likely it is that Virginians come out to vote against him. Here are five of his worst positions.

Correction: Bob McDonnell defeated State Senator Creigh Deeds in Virginia’s 2009 gubernatorial election, not Terry McAuliffe as this post originally stated.

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16 responses to “5 Reasons Ken Cuccinelli Is Too Extreme For Virginia”

  1. tomeds says:

    I agree with your description of Cuccinelli being too extreme for Virginia, but you diminish your credibility when you open your piece with Bob McDonnell defeating Terry McAuliffe in 2009 when the Democratic nominee was actually Senator Creigh Deeds. That is so careless.

    • Jim Myers says:

      Replying to tomeds –

      There is a correction at the end of the article that states that Bob McDonnell defeated Senator Creigh Deeds.

      So, you were correct, it was careless. However, they did correct the mistake.

  2. actionjacks7 says:

    Cuccinelli is already TOAST.

    • Jim Myers says:

      Replying to actionjacks7 –

      Don’t count Cuccinelli out just yet. The sleaze bags from the TURD PARTY still haven’t really started their misinformation crusade.

      And there are always massive amounts of voters who will believe them.

      • That’s one of the great mysteries of the American electorate; why such a large portion of America’s population is so clueless that they can’t see that the people that they are voting into office are doing nothing but striving to pass legislation that funnels more and more taxpayer money into their pockets and those of their rich donors and cronies.

  3. Ed says:

    Anyone so full of bile must live on antacids.

  4. highpckts says:

    Get arrested ? So how many kids does he have? I bet only a few. mmmm………..

  5. S-3 says:

    If Virginia elects this bum , they desrved to be nuked and forgotten when violent revolt/anarchy become the only answer left.

  6. I know this is off topic, but I think it is important to mention it because of its importance and because it puts the Benghazi witch hunt in perspective. A man blew himself up at the entrance of the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, today. There are casualties and injuries.

    As in every other U.S. EMBASSY, our diplomatic facility in Ankara has a U.S. Marines detachment and other security personnel trained to defend it against terrorist attacks. This incident highlights the vulnerabilities our diplomatic facilities and, for that matter, our businesses and citizens, face when they work and live overseas. Our problems are, clearly exacerbated in Islamic countries where anti-American feelings are common. The GOP attempts to single out Benghazi as an unprecedented tragedy ignores the fact that every single American institution in that part of the world has been – and remains – a target, regardless of how much security is available.

    • Reddiaperbaby says:

      Maybe if we shake off the Israeli leeches and get some justice for the Palestinians, we wouldn’t have to be so worried about “anti-American feelings” in the area. Our half-century of support for the right-wing thugs in Tel Aviv and their ultra-Orthodox enablers makes us a constant target.

    • What the GOP hypocrats would like everyone to totally ignore, is that the 4 years under Obama have been significantly safer for Americans working in our overseas government facilities than during the 3 past GOP presidencies: there were two significant attacks on our embassies and consulates during Obama’s 4 years with the unfortunate happening that four Americans were killed. While under the last 3 GOP presidents there were 43 attacks with over 3,600 people being killed: during Bush jr’s 8 years, there were 12 attacks, including one on the homeland with more than 3,300 people being killed; during his Dad’s 4 years in office there were 12 attacks with 60 being killed and under Reagan there were 7 attacks with 31 being killed; not to mention the 241 marines that were killed in their barracks in Lebanon during Reagan’s 2nd term.

  7. ococoob says:

    I like to see how these a**holes feel when there’s government-sanctioned rape stick it up their own a**!

    • amarquez647 says:

      That’s an idea. Have each state representative and senator have his prostate examined through an ultrasound taken through the rectum. It is a legitimate examination for a man’s sexual health.

  8. bchrista says:

    This is one dangerous son of a bitch and every effort should be made to see tha he doesn’t get elected to any office not even shit scooper up, best scenario load him in a car, or truck and send him on a one way trip into the louisiana Bayou and lose him in there. just don’t lose sight of him, keep track of his activities because if he ever managed to sneak into an high office the damage he could inflict is unimaginable, he must be canceled period.

  9. joel engleson says:

    what a complete sack of right wing shit. I hope the son of a bitch ends up in jail with governer ultrasound.

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