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Friday, October 21, 2016

While debate over the “fiscal cliff” continues to rage in Congress between Democrats and Republicans, and between President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, a key issue remains unresolved—the fate of the Bush tax cuts. Since the beginning of his first term, Obama has called for the wealthiest Americans to pay their “fair share” of taxes. He has argued for a return to Clinton-era tax rates, when the country’s economy surged and President Clinton left office with a healthy budget surplus.

Republicans, none more stringently than Grover Norquist, claim that higher taxes will hurt growth, and stymie the recovery. But there is little evidence to back that up. A recent study by the non-partisan Congressional Research Service found no correlation between lowering top tax rates and economic growth—an ideological uppercut to Republicans who, led by Mitch McConnell in the Senate, cried foul and had it withdrawn. Many millionaires and billionaires, meanwhile, have reached the conclusion that in order to begin chipping away at the budget deficit, it is essential to raise the marginal tax rates for the wealthiest Americans. Here we present five members of “the 1 percent” asking to pay more in taxes.

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  • bcarreiro

    Spkr boehner and any republican against obama,- lets see your tax returns for the last 10 yrs and we would see why you dont and wont pay your fairshare. they want to cut into social security and medicare when people live without already. What is the standard of living to you (boehner)??? Middle class americans dont need a tax increase the wealthy do, if u hurt the middle class you hurt a now growing economy and that hurts small businesses not a tax increase on you the 2%. Without a customer base there is no business and thats what makes the world go round.

  • There’s that Meese Commission arrogance, again: When Edwin Meese found his cherry-picked Commission actually voted their conscience and said that porn did not promote violence unless it was violent porn and that it helped alleviate sexual frustration (duh!), Edwin turned around and slapped his own conclusion onto the report!

  • LIke

  • Like

  • Considering the fact that most multi-millionaires and billionaires don’t have a problem paying a slightly higher tax and, in fact, believe that is good idea, who is the GOP fighting for? Neither small business owners nor the middle class will be affected by the proposed tax hike. With that in mind, who is the GOP trying to protect, besides a discredited ideological concept?
    Who knows, maybe they are worried trial lawyers, Hollywood stars, and stock brokers may have to curtail their lavish lifestyles a bit. That must be it…
    BTW, the proposed tax hike is not for families earning $250K, but for families with a taxable income of $250K or more after all exemptions and deductions are taken out.

    • middleclasstaxpayer

      That’s the starting point….more taxes on $250K & up earners….when that doesn’t provide enough cash for increased govt spending, the bar will be lowered, till eventually it hits EVERYONE! Solution is LESS GOVT SPENDING, not more taxes!

      • AMADAL

        Actually, the solution is a combination of less government spending and more revenue (taxes). What is so wrong about the 2% paying at least 30% like I have for the last 50 years? Whether it helps that much or not is irrelevent–it’s the fairness factor. Why should those that can least afford it pay the highest per centage of their income in taxes?

        • Fairness is having “everyone” pay the same percentage in taxes. If a person makes $20,000 per year, if the % is 15% they pay $3000, if a person earns $200,000, they would pay $30,000. The whole idea is not to burden Americans too heavily with taxes, but to cut SPENDING. There will never be enough taxes when our greedy & bloated Federal Government keeps needing & wanting more.

          • AMADAL

            Obama has proposed trillions in spending cuts, but the Repukes refuse to add even one cent in tax increases. That is where the block is.

          • RodgerMitchell

            No, the block is the belief that federal taxes support federal spending and that the deficit should be reduced.

            Those who don’t understand Monetary Sovereignty don’t understand economics.

          • Debt add on has lack of Revenue as major source
            2009–spend 3500 borrow 1400B. Dumb.
            We have a Total Income of 14,000 Billion.
            We took 2100B in taxes and borrow 1400B is d u m b .
            Top 2%=own 50% financial wealth get 30% individual income. Do not want to help our nation in hard times is dumb.

            In 2009–Individual Income Tax Returns
            10% got 43% Inocme paid 18% Tax Rate
            25% got 66% income paid 15% tax rate
            50% got 87% income paid 12.5% tax rate
            137 Million got 7800B Income paid 11% Tax Rate.
            Is we dumb?
            We have plenty Income little desire to tax to pay our debts —–clarence swinney

          • RodgerMitchell

            The federal government (unlike state and local governments) does not spend tax money. If federal taxes were $0, the government could spend just as much.

            The government is Monetarily Sovereign

          • lunibin

            A flat tax or even a consumption tax is fairest.

          • Flat Tax=27% for each tax return
            In 2009 each avg 11%
            borrowed 1400B
            Consumption 10,000B
            Budget 3800B
            38% on each purchase???

          • Bush spend 3520B in last budget–Obama last budget 2013 projects 3800B or 8.3% increase over 4 years.
            Reagan + 80% Bush + 90%. 8.3!
            Lowest tax rates in 50 years will make us borrow 900B.
            14,000B Income cannot support 3800B Budget????
            Obama budget of 2900B Revenue is 20% Tax Rate.
            Cut Medicare/Defense the run away trains.
            Health Care Costs Too high. Twice next nation.
            Greed in medical care? or what? Charge as much as possible
            and settle for little less???

        • middleclasstaxpayer

          Your first point in 100% correct…less govt spending & more revenue. Unfortunately, our president has incurred the HIGHEST DEFICITS in history, and is planning MORE SPENDING, not less. The end result will be that EVERYONE WILL BE TAXED MORE. There is no way around it. This debacle is just beginning and will only get worse over president’s last four years.

          • You need to get some history under your belt. To operate, the Government has to have revenue, i.e., income. You need to understand what’s going on out here. When 7 Walton billionaires possess more wealth than the bottom 100 million people in this country, because they hire cheap Chinese labor. To make matters worse, they pay their employees so little, we, the taxpayer, i.e., the Federal government, have to subsidize Walmart because their workers qualify for food stamps and Medicaid. Then, we have the rich calling President Obama the food stamp President – Fast food workers walked off their jobs in New York yesterday to organize for higher wages so they could feed their families. Yet somehow, they have managed to pull the wool over the middleclass, pitting them against people because they are poor. Time the rich divvy up. This free for all by the rich should make us all sit up and take notice. The Constitution gives Congress the right to levy taxes for the general welfare of this country. Read up on FDR – you have a lot to learn.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            I’ll address just one of your “points.” Fast-food workers in NYC…currently earn $7.25 per hour…they are demanding $15/hour, MORE THAN DOUBLE their current pay. Doubling their pay will have only ONE RESULT….higher costs for everyone making purchases at fast-food restaurants. Of course, the restaurants will also be forced to put current employees on part-time work, and probably let go many more workers to adjust for doubling labor costs. Your comments create division between the many & the few. Class warfare has never worked in the long run, as witnessed in Communist countries, but creates many problems before it is extinguised, as it has mostly been world-wide. Stalin & Lenin were misguided and so are you. The well-to-do create most of the jobs world-wide….I think a low paying job is better than NO JOB????

          • Using claims of class warfare to demonize the aspirations of people who don’t make enough to feed themselves and their families is the ultimate example of hypocrisy. A more accurate example of class warfare is the financial schism that exists between the top 10% who own 2/3 of all the financial wealth in the USA and the 90% who have to make do with the remaining 1/3 of the wealth. Ye, giving a raise to poor people will increase cost, are you concerned with the salaries, bonuses and golden parachutes CEOs enjoy? Or the outrageos earnings Wall Street brokers make?

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            There are always going to be more people with less in the world. This is not caused by a very small percentage of individuals who happen to be more successful. When Henry Ford became fabulously wealthy, he didn’t detract from society, he ADDED to it by providing jobs for millions of workers. We are better off with millions of jobs that, admitedly won’t make the workers wealthy, but will allow everyone to earn an honest living for an honest days work. This is exactly how immigrants are successsful coming here…they don’t initially know that language, have no support system, but thru hard work & determination many succeed far greater that we who were born here. Thay are NOT afraid of hard work, but use it to excell & succeed!

          • Henry Ford is not the only one who succeeded, created an industry that changed our lives forever and helped create millions of good paying jobs. Another example that comes to mind is Bill Gates. That is not the problem, the problem is the demonization of people who are trying to improve their ability to support their families. Nobody doubts that substantial salary increases will cause inflation, but why aren’t you as concerned about such eventuality when it comes to CEOs earning millions of dollars, plus bonuses and golden parahcutes? Why is it that the only ones guilty of class warfare are people hoping to earn more than a minimum wage?
            BTW, where are your ideas on how to reduce spending?

          • lunibin

            CEO’s and stock brokers make money for their share holders, i.e. all the 401k’s, and other retirement funds that are invested in stocks. If they don’t make money for the share holders they wouldn’t have a job. So who best to say what they should make?

          • AMADAL

            Right—two unfunded wars, a windfall unfunded bill that pads the pharmacy companies pockets, giving away the surplus he inherited, then not including them in the budget. Not to mention the 6 years the Repukelicans had total control, they passed the largest pork barrel budgets in the history of the US. Easy to forget. Obama added all these bills into the budget where they belonged–that was mostly Dubya’s deficit spending. All this on top of lowering the taxes to their lowest level in 50 years and you think this is Obama’s fault? Get real. And to top it all off–the Repukes are still blocking every bill that would help pull us out of this mess. The best thing for America if to get rid of the blockers from congress so things can be accomplished. Where are all the jobs these tax cuts were supposed to create? Brilliant thinking.

          • With the exception of the stimulus package, all the other increases in the national debt have nothing to do with President Obama creating new government programs. The civil servant workforce is down by almost one million people compared to Reagan era levels. That means the size of government, and related funding are considerably less than what it was 30 years ago. The TARP ($1T) was proposed, drafted and signed by President Bush 10/3/08. Since the FY09 fiscal year started 10/1/08 that gave the GOP an opportunity to convince those who are not familiar with how the government works that President Obama is responsible for something his predecessor did. As part of his transparency efforts, President Obama moved the cost of the Iraq & Afghanistan wars ($1.5T) to the Federal budget and national debt, where it should have been all along. Using accounting schemes to hide our debt does not mean we are not obligated to pay our creditors. Out of sight, out of mind, may work for some. It doesn’t work for people inclined to think logically. One of the consequences of the Great Recession that began the last quarter of 2007 involved the fact that revenues went down as a result of people losing their jobs, and unemployment benefits going up to help people survive. Interest on the debt accumulated during the last few decades is at an all time high. Last, but not least, almot half of the debt involves Social Security and MEDICARE liabilities. That is money our government, which means us, owe to ourselves. When the government accepted – and used – our FICA contributions they promised retirement and healthcare benefits that they are now obligated to provide. That is not something Obama or Bush did. Retirees paid into those programs throughout our entire lives, we are now ENTITLED to receive the benefits we were promised.
            If you have specific examples to substantiate your claim that President Obama increased the national debt by $6T, let’s hear them.

          • lunibin

            Where’s your source for the work force decrease?

          • You can find statistical information on this subject in the Office of Personnel Management website.
            The civil servant workforce peaked in 1968 when it totalled 6.6 million. In 2010 it was down to 4.4 million.

        • rustacus21

          The problem is we’re failing to understand that spending is a creature of out of control office holders w/compromised loyalties! The government (we the people) spends exactly what it must. No 2 ways about it. Liberal/Progressives understand this precisely. Since Reagan however, the American people have steadily bought into a ‘con’ game that says something ‘magical’ happens when taxes are cut for the very richest, which is the insanity driving this faux debate. Clinton figured this out, put it in practice & we all enjoyed the fruits of its results. President Obama was bullied & misadvised in term 1, as he & we ALL paid the price (his MidTerm electoral defeat & no recovery for US). U make more, U pay more (taxes). That’s fairness across the board. No accountants or lobbyist to argue for better ‘deals’!!! 98% economic activity goes a far longer way than does 2% economic activity. Think about that while trying to figure out how to keep the rich (which U, Plznnn & other conservatives out there ARE NOT) from paying more, settle back & let we Liberal/Progressives walk U thru this next 2 years to prosperity, a Congressional majority & the shrunken debt U’r so worried about & another W.H. win in 2016. B/c remember, the 2 wars & tax cut (to ONLY the rich) are the ONLY reason we’re in the ragged condition we’re STILL in – which were NOT Liberal/Progressive initiatives – in other words, no conservatives, no chaos. Being above party loyalties, Liberal/Progressives, like the Constitutions authors, understand EXPERTLY how this works & U should have faith enuff to let US…

      • If people are truly concerned about deficit spending, borrowing and accumulation of debt they must be willing to make the sacrifices needed to address this problem. We need both, increased revenues and spending reductions. You, like most Tea Party members, prefer to focus on spending reductions. Fine, why don’t you tell us which programs you would eliminate or reduce to achieve that laudable goal? I provided specifics on potential areas where spending reductions could be achieved with minimal impact to the economy and national security the last couple of days. Where are yours?

        • I personally don’t know why anyone would think that regular Americans should pay one red cent out of their already rifled through pockets for the obscene, almost pornographic vulgarity and greed of elite wealth and the ruling classes whose fault it is that we’re in such a bloody mess. Americans are fools to look to each other for solutions and blame and they play right into the hands of their treasonous, demagogic leaders by doing so.

          America should follow the lead of places like Iceland. Of course, American news outlets didn’t let you see what happened there, but it was a spectacular vindication of all those average, hard working people who have been urinated on for generations by elite ruling classes and money’d interests.

      • gahoof

        I make a lot less than the 250K they’re talking about, and I wouldn’t whine about paying more if it meant that older Americans, disabled Americans, or the poor got some of the services they need. I’ve been raised on the saying: “There but for the grace of GOD go I.”

      • holtjp

        Pretty boiler plate refrain without the specifics to match your claim. Normally, when people make such claims they provide a long list of egregious government spending accounts that can slashed. The problem is, when you add everything up obvious “bad spending” accounts for only 1-2% of the deficit. We are at a point where very hard choices have to be made on both spending and revenues. There is no sane or morally defensible path that relies on spending cuts alone.

        • middleclasstaxpayer

          Tell that to citizens of Greece, Spain & France. Many are taxed at up to 75% of income, but their countries are still short on cash to continue providing all the freebies. That’s why people are rioting in these countries. They have gotten soft relying on the handouts, and don’t want to lose them, or work harder to make up for the losses. All these countries are esseentially bankrupt with little hope of finding solutions that won’t cause further civil unrest & rioting. Just as you & I cannot spend more than we earn each year, neither can our government. No way around it!

          • amarquez647

            How do you know how hard the citizens of Greece, Spain, France and lets add Italy for good measure have worked. Do you really believe that they are soft? Don’t you think that the IMF and the World Bank could have worked more humane way to help these countries? These two entities have razed many economies in South and Central America , Africa and other parts of the globe. They made loans to the rich and corrupt politicians of these countries without due diligence. These citizens have been victims of usury and unethical practices just as some of us have experienced here. The people in these countries that can pay their mortgage and feed their children do not riot or take their life when they were evicted from a house they sacrificed so much for. We have families who must sleep in their cars or beg for a hand out who once earned over $3000 a month. Remember another name for freebies is the safety net, and believe me, it is not free. $6000+ in real estate and school tax, the 1% tax my municipality charges me for the privilege of living here, federal income tax, state income tax social security contribution state sales tax and the list goes on. And as you said these people pay more in taxes than we do, and their taxes just went up. Freebies’ my a…

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            So your solution to massive deficits in European countries is to have the IMF pay their overspending bills for them…and WHERE is the IMF getting the cash from???
            SOMEONE has to pay the bills you & I incur, and someone has to pay the bills a government incurrs….we can’t just print more money…it has to come from somewhere…it ultimately comes from taxpayers, thus the European problems that will soon be OUR problems….we can’t spend more than we take in, and soaking the rich will only work for a short while, then the chickens will come home to roost!

          • Bear in mind that the socio-economic and financial problems in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy are not uniform and, therefore, different solutions must be applied to each of these countries. The problem in Spain is not that the government was spending too much, but that their banks overexposed themselves during Spain’s 20 year economic expansion and what the Spanish economy collapsed banks found themselves holding worthless paper that unemployed borrowers could not repay. The $65B loan last year did not go to the Spanish government, it was used to bailout banks such as Banco Santander, Bankia and others. The latest loan, which is in the process of being negotiated is, again, designed to bailout banks not the government, social programs or individuals.

          • holtjp

            The issues in Greece are far more complicated than simply saying that country taxes too much and spends far too much. Greece is plagued by a very poorly enforced tax system with rampant tax evasion, especially by the rich. The government, because of the European Union, lacks the ability to effectively control its monetary policy. Austerity policies, pushed by the EU have only made the problem worse, not only in Greece, but in Ireland and Spain as well. Comparing the US to Greece makes for a nice soundbite, but the argument is pretty weak even on the surface. The riots do reflect social unrest with economic policies, but the protests are not about taxes. In fact, when you look at the survey of best places to live, European countries dominate the list. Taxes in Switzerland, Scandinavia, and Canada are much higher than the US and those economies are doing very well. My European friends would love to have lower taxes, but all of them recognize the value in their social contracts. Europe will have to cut back on its social obligations, but the manner in which it is going about the process for Greece and other troubled nations is counter-productive.

            Regarding our ability to spend more than we make I disagree as well. Unless you are fortunate enough to live mortgage free or without car payments, you are very likely to spend more than you earn each year. To place our government on the path where it could not borrow to make needed investments or provide economic stimulus when required would be disastrous over the long term. Warren Buffet’s proposal, which focused on achieving a balance of 18% of GDP in revenue and 21% in government spending is an excellent starting point for a long-term solution.

            In the end, I come back to my original point, what do you propose eliminating from the federal budget to make up for all the lost revenues?

          • amarquez647

            I never said that that IMF or the World Bank had to pay these countries obligations. What I said was that these two entities should show some humanity. You should know, that part of humanity that knows the human condition, that can show compassion, be able to empathies. According to my studies in anthropology humans before the advent of agriculture were altruistic. Their survival depended on it. These countries are trying to pay their debt, but doing so should not devastate their society. Deny people the ability to live and they will kill to survive. Its only sensible to negotiate keeping in mind that you want to collect what is owed you. Dead people do not pay bills. Government can be overthrown and replaced with a body that refuses to pay. And it is not unheard of that debts can be negotiated or forgiven. We capitalist are creating situations that might destroy us.

      • lunibin

        EXACTLY!!! Politicians will spend every cent we give them. Only when we make it painful for them will they stop.

    • It’s Way More Than 5 Just Look At All The Rich People That Is in Our President Corner And Campaign For Him!!!

    • kokuakaumanua1

      There is all this talk of ‘Entitlements’ but no one has brought up the obscene retirement incomes and perks of those who have been in office. If everyone who served in office was obliged to collect Social Security and dependent on Medicare, perhaps the system would be reformed a little sooner? Of course, it appears that anyone who runs for office is already wealthy…so why is it that the retirement income they receive from holding office not scrutinized as an ‘Entitlement’?

      • Bear in mind that spending reductions in entitlement programs do not necessarily involve cuts in benefits. The $716B in MEDICARE savings is an example to that. There is an awful lot of waste and abuse in MEDICARE and MEDICAID. An example involves the outrageous charges some service providers make for routine visits to a PCP, a simple blood test, or a CT-scan. The service providers know how much MEDICARE will pay for those services, and they don’t hesitate to bill 3 or 4 times more. Why? Because they claim the unpaid balance as a loss to pay little or no taxes at the end of the year.
        Since we are unwilling to pay for what we need and benefit from, and the proposed revenue increases are not enough to have a significant impact on the deficit and our propensity to borrow, there is no choice but to cut spending wherever we can, preferably, without impacting the economy and job creation.
        The unfortunate part of all this is that what we need is investment to stimulate the economy, inspire consumer confidence and create jobs.
        The alleged outrageous salaries and benefits civil servants enjoy are a myth. The $120-150K a year salaries we hear about are earned by high level government officials, such as division managers, Chiefs of a Directorate, Center Directors, Agency administrators, etc. Most of the people in Senior Executive Service positions have at least a Masters Degree, many years of experience, and are responsible for multi-million budgets and hundreds of employees. I think it is also important to remember that their salaries and benefits only account for a little over 1% of the budget.

      • rustacus21

        Exactly & to the point, but more so, the price of civic governance is the responsibility of the citizenry to hold elected officials accountable. That means our job is to do just that! OUR President is doing what we have directed him to do – which is fix the mess made by conservatives!!! Too bad if they (conservatives) don’t like how it’s going to play out. Their BEST DEAL was pre-2001 when we ALL lived the GOOD LIFE. Post 2001, conservatives ALL tried their best to destroy the nation & the world. Conservatives MUST understand 2014 is fast approaching & again, have the opportunity to grow up & face facts, or find another job. The election results were unequivocal & w/out mistaking who WON (see > http://wwwdotnationalmemodotcom/gop-furious-that-obama-is-acting-like-he-won-the-election/ http://wwwdotbloggingstocksdotcom/2009/01/15/the-bush-economic-legacy-the-u-s-s-decade-of-descent/ http://wwwdotusnewsdotcom/news/blogs/rick-newman/2012/09/06/bill-clinton-is-right-the-economy-really-does-do-better-under-democrats http://wwwdotbloombergdotcom/news/2012-06-25/democratic-presidents-are-better-for-the-economydothtml <). The facts may not matter to conservatives, but this round, its only they who'll be ignoring them – not WE, THE PEOPLE… Let us remind them at every turn!!!

    • montanabill

      You are right, Dominick. We don’t mind paying a slightly higher tax. In fact, we will be paying 3.6% more next year because of Obamacare. Add to that the increase proposed for the top rate and that will make the increase over 8%. Not exactly a ‘slightly higher tax’. However, it could be acceptable if it would do any good, which it will not. Simply reducing every borrowed dollar we are currently going into debt with by 16 cents borders on absurd. If there was a real compromise on the table that included real and measurable spending cuts that coupled with a tax increase would actually eliminate the deficit, then you would see support from the Republicans. Without entitlement reform and real spending cuts, tax increases will simply further slow the economy without accomplishing a single thing, except of course, that it will make the wealth envy crowd a tiny bit happier for a couple of days.

    • lunibin

      Most multi-millionaires and billionaires don’t have a problem paying a higher tax, because the tax increase won’t effect them. Buffet and Gates no longer earn a wage and can shelter their wealth to protect themselves. Besides, if they think it is such a good idea, why aren’t they paying more than they have too?

  • The rich can pay higher taxes…Why? Because they are rich!

  • TSB

    Follow the MONEY… Boehner fighting to protect his family’s tavern from the tax increase? Follow the money to pay for the wars, etc., much of it is in the Camin Islands and Swiss Banks held by Romney and his pals. Go get it America!

  • ace

    Please Republicans do not give this spend thrift fool any more money because he will use it to destroy this country which any fool should be able to see except the College students which are being indoctrinated with his cult ways .

  • tedthetruther

    There is absolutely nothing stopping Warren Buffet from writing a check to the U.S. Treasury. He is full of it. He is actually embroiled in a lawsuit with the IRS where he is trying illegally (in their opinion) to minimize his tax liability. He says one thing to look magnanimous and possibly aid his legal defense but acts entirely differently in the real world arena. He is trying to minimize his tax liability while saying he wants to pay more. You can’t have it both ways!!!!!

    • idamag

      ted, yes there is. Last year I tried to pay more than my taxes came to and the money was refunded.

  • OMG why dont you all get Buffet to pay his own damn taxes before yopu all try to preach to others . Im Surprised that you dont villianize him like you did to Romney or Kerry or the Kennedy’s …I know you dont criticize rich Liberals that was meant as a joke …my bad

    • WhutHeSaid

      Why should we criticize those who aren’t greedy, self-serving slugs? Wealthy liberals, for the most part, know that income disparity is the highest it’s been since 1928.

      You just pay your taxes, and pay ’em good!

    • Whittier5

      How much did you sleep through Logic & Reasoning class?
      How much did you sleep through Civics class?

  • poppie1s

    We should all be treated equally. The loopholes for the rich need to be stopped. Those making over $300,000 should be paying the same percentage taxes as those making less. How did we ever get so crooked? They are taking money from our economy – job destroyers, not creators! They are raping us!!!
    It is NOT a tax increase, it is called paying what you owe!!

    We should propose to have term limits for the Senate and House members. These old fools forget that they are supposed to be acting for the public, not their own best interests. Some have been in “power” for so long they think the rest of us are incapable of making decisions about what is good for our country. There is so much bad blood in office now I am ashamed to be an American.

  • William Deutschlander

    Prior to the 21st Century Republican Cartel, those who were fortunate enough to ascertain a degree of wealth in the U S A, felt they also had a responsibility to return some of their good fortune, for the benefit of the nation that provided them that opportunity.

    The 21st Century Republican Cartel, in their insatiable greed, belives that they obtained their good fortune and wealth 100% on their own, that notion is not based in reality!

  • commserver

    Warren Buffet is no surprise. He even commented on his secretary having a higher tax rate than he does.

  • commserver

    Gates has always put his money where his money where his mouth is, which is more than many other rich people can say.

    Too many rich give donations because of the tax break or for the ego involved. It is nice to have a building with your name on it.

  • commserver

    Blankfein is unusual. Many on Wall Street against Obama and supported Romney.

  • commserver

    Gruener is unusual. Many other rich people were more concerned with their wallets instead of the good of the country. Look at the owner of the Jets. He said that his main concern was to defeat Obama.

  • commserver

    Garret is typical of many of those in Silicon Valley and other hi-tech areas.

    There is such a thing as social responsibility, which is preached but rarely adhered to.

  • RJOwens

    I’m a little cautiuos about these guys, sure they agree to pay a little more tax, but call for cuts in Social Security and other programs that help the working class, then when they get their republicans back in they get their Tax cuts back but the stuff we get is gone forever.

    • idamag

      RJ, here is where we need caution: People over 55 are telling me that the cuts won’t affect them. I wouldn’t bet money on them not going further when they get enough people, in Congress to let them do so.

  • I have always believed and shall continue to believe that the wealthy elites who are responsible for destroying our economy, and the lives of millions upon millions of people, for their reckless greed should be made to collectively pay the debt down and get us out of the mess they created and then got bailed out of. Americans desperately need a long-time-in-the-coming bailout that never comes and they should not be made to pay one red cent for the criminal acts of the wealthy. Elites caused this destruction and elites should fix it, especially because they were paid obscene amounts of money for their criminal deeds while Americans were allowed to be thrown in the streets, notwithstanding.

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    These Americans will agree to this approach because they know that they will not be paying anything more. Their lawyers will take care of them. On January 1st all Middle Class Taxes will go up without the “Bush ERA” tax rates increasing by close to 5%. What these “American’s” want is to deflect the attention off of them. Buffet has 90% of his wealth in tax shelters and trust. We need real change and to stop this madness.

    It is Time for Financial Responsibility

    Scapegoating the problems we have on any single group will not fix our financial problems.
    The fundamentals are seriously in need of repair. Anyone wanting to have a a financially sound government and economy realizes that we can not continue this charade. Here are a few examples; We passed Medicare Part D and did not fund it, We allowed Social Security payments to be made and raise well beyond any amount ever paid in by participants, We fought two Wars and didn’t pay for them, We have passed a Nation Health Care Plan and it is totally underfunded, We increased Federal Government Spending over inflation and population grow by well over $15 Trillion dollars and have no conceivable way of even collecting this much.

    It is time for the Bush Tax Rates to expire on all of us. It is time to cut Federal Budgets by a ratio that brings us to balance, it is time to restructure all of our Government activities. All of us will pay and no one can be left out of the equation. No one will like it and all will benefit.

    Totalitarianism does not work it enslaves all.
    Crony Capitalism does not work and enslaves all.

    It is time to go back to the principals of Freedom, Liberty, and Responsibility. responsibility by individuals and their responsibility to improve their own families and communities.

    It is time for a recommencement to what made this country great.

    • idamag

      OldNorth, Social Security has not contributed one dime to the deficit. It has a 2.7 trillion dollar trust fund that someone wants to get their hands on. Medicare recipients pay a monthly premium. The rest of your post is right on.

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        This was true for Social Security until 2010. In addition the “Trust Funds” are part of the National Debt which will need to be repaid by us taxpayers to see any of it. Kind of like using a Visa Card to pay off American Express. Here are the numbers from the Social Security Trustee’s Report for 2012:

        Social Security
        Social Security’s expenditures exceeded non-interest income in 2010 and 2011, the first such occurrences since 1983, and the Trustees estimate that these expenditures will remain greater than non-interest income throughout the 75-year projection period. The deficit of non-interest income relative to expenditures was about $49 billion in 2010 and $45 billion in 2011, and the Trustees project that it will average about $66 billion between 2012 and 2018 before rising steeply as the economy slows after the recovery is complete and the number of beneficiaries continues to grow at a substantially faster rate than the number of covered workers.

        The Medicare premiums do not cover the cost being incurred by Medicare either.:

        The Medicare HI Trust Fund faces depletion earlier than the combined Social Security Trust Funds, though not as soon as the Disability Insurance Trust Fund when separately considered.

        Lawmakers should address the financial challenges facing Social Security and Medicare as soon as possible. Taking action sooner rather than later will leave more options and more time available to phase in changes so that the public has adequate time to prepare.

        By the Trustees

  • RevRonaldG Cosseboom

    Love and Respect Mr. Buffett! He’s the epitome of being RICH! He lives in the same house he’s had most of his life, not some obscene mansion that take up 30 acres; and he does right by his employees. He thinks about the bigger picture NOT his bigger bank account! This man is a TRUE AMERICAN; I seriously doubt many of the “other” rich people in America are really grateful to America and those that have helped them become wealthy! They’ve lost all ethics and morality when it comes to being in a place of Stewardship! They’ve crossed the line in thinking they are ENTITLED. They don’t deserve to be wealthy, be in positions of authority OR power; the American people indicated this to the Republicans this past election but they still don’t get it nor do they truly understand what their place in society is! They are NOT the Kings and Queens they think they are, they are people who get sick and die just like the rest of us! They need to wake up before it’s TOO LATE, not only for them but their souls! May this Season open their eyes, minds, and hearts!

  • idamag

    I’m middle class and I am willing to pay higher taxes. My country is in trouble and needs the revenue.

  • annienoel

    notice the Walton’s aren’t on this list.

    • idamag

      Annie, Cosco is paying their employees a living wage and providine benefits. It is time to give Walmart and Sam’s Club the boot.

  • Our President did not incurre more deficit, he inherited higher deficit, and it’s still going higher because of the Afgan war, and the Stimulus he is asking for is not for his personnal needs , but for the good and welfare of the American people.

  • The argument that by reverting to Clinton tax-era rates toward high earners would bring down U.S. economy is phony. We had surplus then and everyone seemed happy, except perhaps the greediest types.

  • amarquez647

    Grover Norquist, to what office was this pendejo elected. Was he not, and is he not a lobbyist. Was he not evolved with Jack Abramoff who served four years in prison for cheating his own clients? After a thirty year experiment with trickledown economics, the only beneficiaries were the supper rich. If I am taxed at 15% on a million dollars I will have $850,000 left. If I pay 30% on $250,000, I have $175,000 left. How are we punishing the rich? Five supper rich patriots are telling us that a tax increase on them would not change their investments. Garrett Gruener (of Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength) favors returning to the Clinton era taxes. He stated that “the upper 1 percent essentially have been treated too good for their own sake, too good for the sake of the country. PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO THE PENDEJOS AND THEIR MISSGUIDED MASSES.

    • idamag

      Amarq, I don’t know what a pendejo is. I referred to Norquist as the godfather.

  • one_veteran

    Fact! Corp’s, Rich people, Big business, small business DO NOT create jobs! Demand for products and services creates jobs! NO BUSINESS hires people to create a job, they hire to fill a demand for their product. No demand they don’t need more employees! Want to create more jobs? Put more money in the pockets of the people who create demand (mostly the middle class and working poor) If they don’t have the money to spend, they can’t create demand! In my opinion, any other clame is BS! fueled be greed and or selfishness.

  • that my friend is a very good question who are they protecting @ what is the reason why they are proctecting these people are the gop being paid under the table with some money @ how much are they getting 2 do this the working middle class @ the poor middle class people that work will be hurt by this i keep on saying that the gop don’t give a damn about the peoples just themseleves

  • RodgerMitchell

    GDP = Federal Spending + Non-federal Spending – Net Imports.

    Apparently, the author believes raising taxes does not impact Non-federal Spending. Sadly, he does not understand Monetary Sovereignty.

    • And proof of your fantasy is what? are you claiming the economy was better under Bush, than the “job killing tax rates” we had under Clinton When only 22. 7 million jobs were created, And the “pro growth tax cuts” under bush with no growth, and no jobs were created, except a few government jobs.

      • RodgerMitchell

        O.K., you win. Raising taxes stimulates economic growth and cutting taxes reduces economic growth. If that’s your belief, no problem.

  • quasm

    If these fools want to give more to the government, nothing is stopping them. The IRS has a fund for just such donations. Most people realize they can make better and more productive use of their money than giving it to the government to waste.

    • ralphkr

      Yes, quasm, you are correct that people may use their money in a better and more productive way than by giving it away in taxes but that is not true with everyone. The lower income people tend to spend their money, the upper middle income people tend to save some of their money but spend a good portion of it, while the top income people tend to spend but a miniscule percentage of their money while socking it away in overseas banks and investments. Therefore, extra money for the lower income people shall mean more spending that calls for more replenishment of local inventory and on up the line until factories have to increase or restart production and that is how an economy thrives and employment increases. More money for the wealthy and less money for the lower income classes merely equals less money in the economy, less sales, less production, less employment and high unemployment. The latest proof that giving the country away to the wealthy results in a deplorable economy can be seen by looking at President Cheney and his puppet, Bush, lowering taxes on the rich and the resulting near collapse of our economy.

  • These Rich people are good people who understand ” The Pay Back ” , this country
    have been good to them so they do not want It to go down the sewer ! Also when they
    died they can not bring a penny with them so why be greedy ? They had the right
    thinking by gave some to their children and donate to good causes to help mankind
    and their names will go in history ( they can donate Funds to Poor College Students
    Fund, Clean the Air, Orphanages, Cancer study, Investment for future etc . . )
    Here are some people : H & Packard, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Ted Turner,
    Bill Gate, Laurene Jobs, many more approx 20% of the rich !

  • tazintally

    These five realize that the middle class is who made their wealth possible. The middle class bought their products, in the day things were made in the USA we produced them or grew them on our farms. Without the middle class the rich have no riches. The GOP needs to remember the middle class is the 98%.

    • idamag

      Taz, we made them rich and to show thier gratitude, they took the jobs away.

  • turtlewoman1039

    Thirty – 30! – years of trickle down hasn’t.
    The only creation that has been stimulated is that of more off shore jobs and the creation of bigger $$$ deposits in foreign tax havens. Corporations have had phenomenal profits in spite of the recession, many of the largest & most successful have paid minimal taxes, some have paid none, and yet they still prefer to hide their $$ and whine about their taxes.

  • rosieraf

    When are we going to start looking at the retirement package of congress and their health care benefits?

  • I have to agree with Dominick once again(I always do but 1st time I have said so) just who is the GOP saving? I am very lower middle class,not even close to $100,000 a year and I get by,don’t eat out every nite or even every week and have taken in a couple that are even lower income then me. We just can’t get over people that just don’t seem to be able to live on$250,00 a year,just mind boggling to us. Sorry,was venting,the so called tea party,seemed like a good idea at first but turned ugly. Lets tax the rich,they won’t really miss it.

  • True Americans care about our nation as a whole. It really does not make a difference if you make millions or less than $250,000.00 per year. We are all in this together and higher taxes on those who have benefited the most from this country should realize that they can’t lose. As the majority of Americans have money to spend, those who are rich already, will make even more money. A healthy economy will only make the rich richer. Right? I’m with you, Dominick Vila. What is all the posturing about. Most rich people became rich because they know how to accumulate wealth and value a stable economy. Most of all they love the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA the very place that gave them the opportunity to become rich.

  • ridemybroom

    its those white racist dudes in the house who doesnt like barack obama leading the country becuz he is a black man…this country after christmas should begin a rebellion and have these white guys thrown out…they hate barack obama and rather see him dead before anything get done…they are the most hateful people on this planet….

  • YADA! YADA! YADA! Grover Norquist cannot admit that his extremist views could be wrong! No surprises there! He should also abstain from commenting on his views on medicine. He stated that Drs. should no longer use leeches. Tell that to the man from suburban Milwaukee whose Drs. are using leeches to save his foot after it was run over by a forklift at McCormick Place. Norquist should find a subject he is at least a little bit right about before opening his mouth.

    • idamag

      Barbara, his tiny little mouth that produces a lot of noise.

  • $250,00 up is the ploy of opponents of President Obama’s tax cut change.
    No one goes Top Down to $250,000. Interesting picture. He removes the tax cut on incomes such
    as $4000 Million—3000 Million-2000 Million-1000 Million, etc. 1% got a cut of $518,635 over ten years . 1% Income “average” $1,400,000. $51,863 per year is no big deal to them.

  • SeekingOut

    I remember polls quoted a number of times indicate that over 60% of wealthy people support higher taxes for themselves. I am not sure why this is not played up a lot more.

  • Rich people going on record like this, in combination with hefty charitable receipts, and other hard proof that you are really one of the good decent rich people – will be worth its weight in gold – the rest of the America-hating rich who corrupt our govt and try to thwart sensible govt are going to get a very overworked and very underpaid and very under-respected public defender.

  • I couldn’t believe it when one of the rich ones commented and said that he couldn’t see his friend a rich one paying more taxes is why he voted against any taxes on them and no comment on the working mans suffering to pay their way how one sided can anyone be .All most Americans want is ti be equal and be able to have a chance at moving up and they still want to keep it pulled away from the working part of America sick people thinking like that .FAIR SHARE IS A DIRTY WORD TO THEM ISN”T IT ?