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Saturday, December 3, 2016

5 Senators The Tea Party Will Target In 2014

Mitch McConnell

As the consummate “Washington insider,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is a prime target for a Tea Party challenge. The fact that McConnell lost a high-profile battle within the Kentucky GOP in 2010 — when Tea Party favorite Rand Paul upset McConnell’s protege Trey Grayson in a contentious primary — only increases the odds that he will be challenged from the right in 2014.

McConnell has already gone out of his way to inoculate himself against such a primay, however, mending fences with Paul — and even hiring Ron Paul’s former campaign manager Jesse Benton to steer his re-election effort.

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62 Responses to 5 Senators The Tea Party Will Target In 2014

  1. You just can’t help but snicker at the pickle the repubs find themselves in–Boehner must be climbing the walls–moderate republicans being displaced by chattering knuckle-draggers who are often so repulsive to anyone with a mind they either stay home on voting day or flock to the other parties.

    Quite amusing though to think about McConnell losing to someone even more imbecilic and repulsive than himself–a majority of his own party making it their job to ‘make sure he loses his’.

    • I am with you. I can’t fathom how they think Mitch is too liberal, and needs to be replaced when he underhandedly declared war on anything the POTUS proposes even if it looks like a Republican Proposal from the past. Really interesting they find this guy too liberal. We are really seeing an emergence of an almost Nazi Party in the USA lately when you look at how skillfully they are at getting the masses of average American’s to fight for the rights of the few Rich People, and not see what is happening to the middle class.

  2. I do hope Mitch McConnell is booted out of his Senate seat in ‘tucky but by Ashley Judd. I do not believe all of ‘tucky is stupid enough to elect another Teabagger for their state. They have more to lose on welfare reform than they realize not to mention all of the federal dollars spent down there to pay for military bases and federal employment.

    • I certainly hope you are right, being a fairly recent transplant to KY. However, judging by the discourse I have witnessed, I don’t hold out much hope. One of their key issues is coal, obviously, and they by god defend their right to die of black lung. They won’t listen to statistics like: mining is the second most dangerous occupation in the nation; or coal is on a downhill slide in usefulness as a fuel option. There is no such thing as clean coal.
      It is their way of life, they conscript their children to the same, and generations are poor, sick and dying from it.
      Perhaps if they gave someone like Judd a chance, she would fight for retraining programs to set them on new more prosperous and less deadly career paths.

      • I would be willing to bet you can’t find one coal miner in 100 who would like to see his children follow him into the mines. They have lived a lifetime of poverty, seen their kids attend the schools that could be supported in a community that had no money to pay for better ones, and wondered each time they entered that hole if they would ever see daylight again.

        They have the same aspirations for their children as anyone else does. But, they have all they can do to put food on the table and keep the roof from leaking. A politician who wants their vote can not honestly tell them that coal is the future. They may be poor, but they aren’t idiots, so anyone who does tell that is going to be seen as a liar.

        But, if s/he could tell them that were supporting a way for the kids to get good free education as far as they could go, that would get their attention.

        The average college graduate pays about $5800 more a year in federal taxes than the average high school graduate. Over 30 years, that totals about $172,000. If that’s divided by the 4 years it takes to get a college education, the government would break even if it paid every student $42,000 a year to attend school.
        This doesn’t even consider that with the degree, the person is less likely to ever need unemployment or welfare, that more students would complete high school if they could see a clear way to a really good job, and that they would be enriching the Social Security and Medicare funds. They would also be paying a larger amount in all other types of taxes.
        The best investment we could make to keep America strong is to not just forgive all student loans but to make all higher education, as long as the student is making decent grades, totally free, and increase the number of schools and teachers to make room for all who can profit from the education.
        We don’t, even at this time of high unemployment, have so much a lack of jobs as we have a lack of people who have the skills to perform the jobs that are available- in other words, a lack of education.

        • I agree completely with your summation. However, I have not only spoken with Kentuckians who stand in stauch support of coal mining and adamantly oppose epa and osha regulations. I see the rallies, where husband, wife and babies are all wearing support coal teashirts.
          I wouldn’t dare brand them idiots.
          As for education issues, you have just touched the surface – education is this country is a national shame.

          • Maybe not idiots, but they are like people stranded on an island who can’t stand fish. They will totally support the people who are supplying the fish and they will be happy to hold their noses and eat them, but if someone told them they had half a chance at a getting a steak, or getting a lifetime of steak for their kids? If that politician can sound half way plausible, he’s going to get their votes.

          • Coal powered energy is the #1 producer of co2 that contributes to global warming. If we are going to save the planet, coals gotta go.

      • So SAD, when they have arrogantly rich bosses like the one who had a mandatory gathering WITHOUT PAY for his workers to stand behind that IDIOT ROMNEY, as if they gleefully supported him.

    • I so despise McConnell for his Obstructionist platform, the last 4 years. At a time when our country needed all branches of the gov’t to step up. But his stance and Boehner’s and Cantor has showed where their loyalties lie…..AND IT ISN’T with AMERICA!!!! I so hope the TEA PARTY CRUSHES McConnell in a hard fought…mud slinging…super expensive… primary. ONLY to get BLOWN out of the WATER by JUDD in the general election.

  3. This is wonderful news for Democrats. The more radicals the GOP nominates the greater our chances to increase our majority in the Senate and get the House back. We need more Akin’s. Mourdock’s, and Walsh’s. The more the merrier!

    • And a great deal more fun for us watchers – the tea baggers are an edless source of entertainment in their gaffes and outright insanity.

    • Replying to Dominick Vila –

      The problem is that there are a lot of folks who will vote for anyone who promises LESS TAXES, and more of everything else.

      The Tea Party is proof about just how gullible some people can be.

      • The problem with the Tea Party, on the issue of economics, is that their no new taxes pledge, and the suggestion that the budget can be balanced and the debt reduced with spending reductions alone is not only not feasible, but inconsistent with their own proposals. The Tea Party promised seniors to restore the $716B in MEDICARE savings, and promised VMI cadets to restore all the DoD projects that have been cancelled, while insisting on spending reductions! You can not reduce spending by restoring the few spending reductions that have already been put in place. It is also important to note that they are silent when people ask them which programs they would cut to achieve their spending reduction goals. Social Security, MEDICARE, MEDICAID and interest on the debt constitute almost 85% of the total Federal government budget. We could lay off all air traffic controllers, customs officials, food and drug inspectors, all intelligence agents, all diplomats, all border patrol agents, all NASA scientists and engineers, the entire National Weather staff, all INS officials, and all research medical doctors at the CDC and we would still be running a deficit, borrowing and adding to the national debt. The reason for the latter is simple, we need the government programs and services we get to maintain our standard of living, uphold our laws, and protect our country, unfortunately, we don’t want to pay for it.

        • Dominick, not to mention that all those people who are laid off will need unemployment or we can just let them starve. Those people,who are laid off can’t buy things so depression here we come.

        • Hey Dominick, it is not WE that do not want to pay for them….it is an elite few that want US (read Middle Class) to keep paying more and more. WE have no problem paying for gov’t services. THEY (read RICH) do.

          • A lot more than the elite keeps voting for those who – to paraphrase George Will – have made not paying their bills a matter of principle. It’s a comforting thought that all we have to deal with is an elite of 1 or 2 percent, but 47-48 percent voted for these clowns who keep promising NOT to pay for government benefits.

    • Boehner needs to spend the rest of his days in a whiskey bottle, and dream about , what might have been. And McConnell and Graham, need to go on a cruise, in a small boat with a couple of holes in the bottom.

  4. it would be great if McConnell lost to a democrat. he is too old and set in his backwoods ways to
    be in politics. he has all ready broadcasted loud and clear, that he is a die hard racist. i hope the majority of voters in kentucky realize McConnell’s way of doing things is very out dated, and that
    more of the same is unacceptable. civil rights are the law of the land, and every american is
    entitled to them. no part of government should tolerate racism in any decision made by elected
    official. 2014 may be his waterloo. i hope so.

    • zeldaq, I agree that McConnell needs to go, but he is not a racist. He is just a hard-core, right-wing idealogue. He is a skilled politician, and has played his hand in the Senate with skill and aplomb. But he is not racist.
      Truthfully, any GOP candidate to his right will be a knuckle-dragger, but maybe losing McConnell’s skill at manipulating the Senate rules is the best we can hope for.

      • good morning techgrrl1972, thank you for your response. here are some of the reasons i believe mitch is a racist. before mr. obama took office mitch said ”our goal is to make obama a one term president”. he said this on national tv, before mr. obama had even started doing his job. that alone doesn’t show him as a racist, but if you put his other actions actions with this, it adds up to my claim. ”only my opinion”. the complete disrespect for the office of the president is another sign. i have never heard mitch say a word in behalf of the POTUS when people in his party, [whom he is in charge of], openly state things that we know are about the POTUS’s race. he, and a lot of his party members have an air about them, like plantation owners of the old south. to me, that’s the way he conducts himself. i don’t see his actions as politically motivated. like i said ”this is only my opinion”. mitch may not be the hub of the racism, but he is definitely a spoke on the wheel. i truly believe that if MR. OBAMA sent a bill to congress authorizing a pay raise to just repubs. and tea party members, they wouldn’t approve of it. just because it was a black mans idea. i am not black, i am an old white man living in louisiana, where racism still thrives. i’ve never heard mitch condemn voter suppression in all the red states. we all know who are the targets of this suppression are. some may say mitch is not responsible for voter suppression, but he is a prominate figure in the GOP. i feel thathe not doing his job, if he doesn’t speak out on this. i also think that voter turn out proves that the majority of people in americahave had enough of the way the GOP is, or is not governing. you don’t have to come right out and use the ”N” word, to be considered a racist. bottom line is, i don’t see the country moving ahead until the GOP, takes racism out of government. i believe you and i are on the same team, and are hoping for change in the way things are going in government. we are at a dead stand still, and the GOP is keeping their foot on the brake. any way, have a great day!!!! Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: 5 Senators The Tea Party Will Target In 2014

        • I hope and PRAY that on day ONE the Senate returns the filibuster to the way it used to be where you have to get up and actually Speak . The Rethugs are going MAD over this but hopefully won’t be able to “BURN the Senate DOWN” . Saw Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown who truly thinks that they WILL be able to change the rules . It is ridiculous to allow the Minority to control the Senate’s agenda and while they’re at it get rid of those FN holds which Senator Ayotte is threatening to use against Susan Rice

          • good morning JS; i too hope MR. REID follows through. the filibuster rules are not only ridiculous, they are dangerous. in a democracy like ours, for a small number of DOMESTIC TERRORISTS, [the tea party] should never hold the power that they do. i think that if the REPUBLITHUGShad won the election on nov. 6, america would NEVER recover. there are way too many things to list, that the GOP had planmed to doto change current laws. MR. REID’S plan is one step that should be taken to take some of the misused power back. i always thought that MAJORITY meant 51%. i believe nov. 6 was a wake up call, and the nation woke up. the way things are falling into place now,should fix a bunch of our problems. grover norquist was one of the biggest threats to democracy this country has ever seen. by the end of january, his power should evaporate. right now the democrats have the power to squash him and his PLEDGE. norquist is notan elected official, and should have never been allowed to have control of the GOP, or any other branch of government. his ” PLEDGE”is what put our country up for sale. we have seen in the GOP nomination battle, and debates that followed just how low, andsneaky they will go to sell our country to the highest bidder. hopefully in the next 4 years laws will be enacted to take money out of elections. free country means to me, that our country is not for sale, and the people decide, not the money. the tea party now starting to fall apart, which really needs to happen. MR. OBAMA now has the power to make things happen for america. in my opinion all hehas to do is keep the pressure on the GOP. they are slowly realizing what the people are demanding from them. the GOP is stubborn,and are a pack of sore losers, but 334 to 203 defeat will sink in. have a great day!!! Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: 5 Senators The Tea Party Will Target In 2014

  5. I hope the tea party candidates all win the Republicants primaries — then reasonable Democrats can be elected and they will be able to get things done without the interminable opposition against everything presented.

  6. This is great news for the Democrats. If the Tea Party actually primaries enough Republicans that they consider “moderate”, the Democrats have a good chance of taking back the House.

  7. The Tea party will be the death of the republican party and force it to be a regional one instead of a national one. Their inability to compromise, rigid policys and arcane views make them looser in any state with a polulation other than knuckheads. What they are asking middleclass families to do is to vote directly against their own intrests. People know this and whenever they get into a head to head with a reasonalble person they loose. Can you imagine a tea party canidate going to the residents who just suffered on of the most destructive storms ever to hit and tell them they want to get rid of FEMA. The TP is already a looser with thinking women, afro Americans, Gays, Asians who are turned off by their stupidity,and Latinos who are turned of by their xenophobia. They have a false image of themselves because they win gerrymandered house seats in safe districts. Even a TP hero like Marco Rubio only won a senate race in a 3 way race, where there were more votes cast against him collectively than for him. The TP couldn’t even win in republican states like Missouri and Indiana. The media over blows their threat. The problem the Republicans have is the TP comes out in force in the primaries and that is where the battle for the heart and sould of the republican will be fought

  8. Mitch McConnell will be the next Dick Lugar if he doesn’t try to get some independent voters. Cantor may soon be discovered by voters too.

  9. Mitch “Aunt Blabby” McConnell needs to GO, along with several more of his Anti-American Lunatic Fringe ReTHUGlicans who put partisanship ABOVE Country! They are Toxic and dangerous to our Political Process and have NO business anywhere NEAR Congress or the legislative process!

  10. Well, you got it right!

    But forgot to remember the success stories – Senator Mike Lee, Senator Ron Johnson, Senator Pat Toomey, Senator Jerry Moran, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Kelly Ayotte. Interesting two Latin and one Female, I thought this was the group of the old “White Guys”.

    OK – Now those are the Republican’s, but how about mentioning the Democrat’s?

    • MARCO RUBIO ???? He is a joke, outside of the Florida Cuban Cartel, as far as the rest of the Hispanic community goes. You see, all other hispanics know what Cubans think of themselves, and what they think of other hispanics. But the GOP doesn’t understand that ….
      because yes they still are what Bill O’Rielly(RACIST PUKE) calls “Traditional America.” Don’t believe me look at the stats….only place where Romney came close to winning a Hispanic vote…..RUBIO’s Florida. NO one else believed his lying A$$ not all the Hispanics in CA, NM, NV,WA,OR, CO. As for Ted Cruz….well….your talking about TEXAS….they voted for GW and (OOP’s forgot his name like he forgets Gov’t Departments) oh yea, Perry as Governor. What does that say about them……FOX news should set up a HQ there.

      • First get your terms correct Hispanic is for people of Spanish Origin from the Iberian Peninsula. The correct term for the group you are referring to is Latino.

        California, Washington and Oregon don’t count. They have way to many problems. We will see how it works out in 2016. In the meantime there is 2014, plan on the Conservatives having three more “Latino” Candidates. How many will the Democrats have?

        • “Joe Baca (U.S. Representative from California)
          Xavier Becerra (U.S. Representative from California, former chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
          Albert Bustamante (former U.S. Representative from Texas, former chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
          Cruz Bustamante (former Lieutenant Governor of California and Speaker of the California State Assembly)
          Linda Chavez-Thompson (former vice chair of the Democratic National Committee, 2010 Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Texas)
          Gery Chico (chairman of the Illinois State Board of Education)
          Henry Cisneros (former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and mayor of San Antonio, TX; second Latino mayor of a U.S. city)
          Kika de la Garza (former U.S. Representative from Texas, former chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
          Jaime Fuster (1941-2007) (Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the United States, Associate Justice to the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico to the U.S. Congress, chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
          Robert García (former U.S. Representative from New York, former chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
          Edward D. Garza (former mayor of San Antonio, TX)
          Ron Gonzales (former mayor of San Jose, CA)
          Charlie Gonzalez (U.S. Representative from Texas, chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
          Raúl Grijalva (U.S. Representative from Arizona)
          Luis Gutiérrez (U.S. Representative from Illinois)
          Rubén Hinojosa (U.S. Representative from Texas)
          Matthew G. Martínez (former U.S. Representative from California, former chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus; switched party affiliation to Republican after being defeated in 2000 primary)
          Bob Menendez (U.S. Senator and former U.S. Representative from New Jersey, former chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and House Democratic Caucus)
          Gloria Molina (chairwoman of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority)
          Grace Napolitano (U.S. Representative from California, former chairwoman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
          Solomon P. Ortiz (former U.S. Representative from Texas, former chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
          Ed Pastor (U.S. Representative from Arizona, former chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
          Silvestre Reyes (U.S. Representative from Texas, former chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
          Bill Richardson (former Governor of New Mexico, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and U.S. Secretary of Energy, former U.S. Representative and chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
          Ciro Rodriguez (former U.S. Representative from Texas, former chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
          Edward R. Roybal (1916-2005) (U.S. Representative from California, founder and first chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, co-founder of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials)
          Lucille Roybal-Allard (U.S. Representative from California, former chairwoman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
          Ken Salazar (U.S. Secretary of the Interior, former U.S. Senator from Colorado, former Attorney General of Colorado)
          Linda Sánchez (U.S. Representative from California)
          Loretta Sánchez (U.S. Representative from California)
          José Enrique Serrano (U.S. Representative from New York, former chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
          Hilda Solis (U.S. Secretary of Labor, former U.S. Representative from California)
          Esteban Edward Torres (former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, former U.S. Representative from California, former chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
          Nydia Velázquez (U.S. Representative from New York, former chairwoman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, first Puerto Rican woman to be elected to Congress)
          Antonio Villaraigosa (Mayor of Los Angeles, former Speaker of the California State Assembly)”

          The Dems have a decent Latino/Hispanic bench. They’ll add more.

          The GOP has a pitching staff.

  11. The tea pary is not a force to be recokened with in general elections out side the deep south. Look at every time they had to explain their policies to the general public outside of the republican bubble. Even Marco Rubio got there in a 3 way race in Fla and there were more votes collectively cast against him then for him. The tea party started in Texas so of course Cruz would win, but where else. They even lost in republican Missouri and Indiana. I would love to see them come after a major disaster when thousands lost their homes and talk about ending FEMA. Mitch McConnell deserves to loose to a TP canidate in the primary. He is the leader of the grid lock and this would be just deserts. It’s not like he is a reasonable person anyway. Susan Collins will win in Maine since the TP already lost to Angus King an independent. they can’t even come close to Bernie Sanders a socialist in Vermont. If the TP keeps knocking off reasonable moderate republicans in all the swing states then they will drag the Republican down to the point where it is an regional party and not a national one. The biggest shock for them is coming when Obama care kicks in and people start realizing all the benefits. Then they will really look like the fools they are.

    • the tea drinkers may not be a force outside of the confederacy, but they are a force in every GOP primary. Bennett lost in Utah, Lugar lost in Indiana, Specter lost in PA. Now have they managed to gut the GOP in the federal races in the North, New England and West? Yep. Do they care? They’ve backed and won unwinnable candidates from Palin, to ODonnell and they’ve pushed the GOP hard right.

      • They cling to ideology instead of facing reality. Let’s see how they show up in this fiscal cliff debate where they can’t hide what they are doing. My guess is they will fight for the wealthy 1% and try to sacrifice the middle class which they’ve been doing all along. so expect them to try to cut all entitlements and fight against 1 penny of revenue

  12. It is interesting for the “Tea Party” extremists to continue to advocate for there very narrow focused agenda when the American electorate have sent a clear signal that we want well thought out and sound reasoned governance. It is always good to have a free exchange of ideas and to never be complacent about how we conduct business. However, it is good to realize when your neighbors and fellow citizens are saying they want a different approach you should be willing to appreciate their position and adjust your’s accordingly. Anything else is a sign of disrespect of your fellow citizens and a demonstration of a self-serving me only attitude.

  13. The G.O.P. deliberately stirred up as much resentment against the government as they possibly could from 2008 to 2010, completely forgetting that they themselves were a part of that government.

    This isn’t the end of the G.O.P., but you can certainly see it coming from here.

  14. As a Mainer, I fully expect to see Susan Collins retire in 2014, just like Olympia Snowe did this year. Mountains of out-of-state money will end up nominating a Tea Party troglodyte and the seat will go to the Dems in the general election.

  15. If the Tea Party comes after Lamar Alexander they will have a fight on their hands. Alexander has wide support in Tennessee not only from Republicans but many Independent voters. He has bucked the Tea Party several times in these past 4 years and let the Tea Party in Tennessee know he wasn’t going to vote their way just to block the President. The only way he can be beat is we Democrats have a better and stronger candidate against him than we had against Bob Corker.

  16. Except for Susan Collins, who I consider sane and rational, the rest of these guys being replaced by even more extreme right wingers is scary.
    Unfortunately, Kentucky, who doesn’t have enough 1%ers to matter, will vote against Democrats, even though the state ranks near the bottom on almost any measure of social health. I give you Rand Paul as example #1.
    And except for MAYBE Ashley Judd, there isn’t a Democratic candidate in sight that has statewide name recognition and a possibility of support. Except for Louisville and Lexington, there just aren’t enough Democratic votes.

  17. Susan Collins is fairly reasonable. I wouldn’t give you two cents for the rest of the lot. I say primary the hell out of them. The tea party candidates are fun to watch and in the end the Dems gain a few more seats. What could go wrong?

  18. Good luck with replacing Susie Collins- If the overrated tea party hopefuls in this stat replace her with one of their nut case conservatives we will have another Democratic Senator- when will you people understand that each state is different in its political make-up and you are wasting time and money targeting Senators like Susie in a moderate state-shadesof Elizabeth Warren-

  19. […] McConnell’s greatest threat may come from within his own party; PPP finds that only 50 percent of Republican primary voters want McConnell to be their nominee, while 35 percent would prefer a “more conservative” alternative. This suggests that, despite McConnell’s active efforts to protect his right flank (such as hiring Ron Paul’s former campaign manager to run his re-election effort), he remains quite vulnerable to a Tea Party challenge. […]

  20. Line ’em all up and just shoot them!! They are attempting to tear down the whole country. They are just KKK mwn and women in disquise! Cowards – all of them! Why don’t hey just come out and proclaim that they are just white supremicists? Thats all this is. The KKK is now the Tea Party Movement in the U.S. I say, get rid of them all!!!!

  21. Some individuals have a choice of either voting for the candidates of obstruction (Republicans) or the candidates of the party of destruction (wacko tea baggers!)

  22. we liberals now need be like the great white shark theres blood in the water in the rep. camp what weneed to to is to help them defeat the real rep those who are about the u.s.a.and in their primries help the teapraty win then we kill them in the general remember the best way to defeat the emeny is to have him fight himself

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