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Sunday, October 23, 2016

5 Things Scott Walker And Wisconsin Republicans Are Doing Instead Of Creating Jobs

Scott Walker,
When you’re Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) and your state is 49th in economic outlook, 44th in job creation and in the bottom five in wage growth, you’ve got to find someone to blame.

Of course, Walker blames the workers who protested when he attacked collective bargaining even after public employees had agreed to brutal salary cuts. But blame can only keep the media busy for so long. Walker and his state Republican Party have lined up a series of distractions to keep everybody busy until austerity finally starts to work — someday.

Here are five things Scott Walker and Wisconsin’s GOP are focusing on instead of creating jobs.

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File

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  • NCCaniac42

    Coming soon to North Carolina – and the 3rd Ugly Step Brother of the Koch Brothers – Art Pope owned and operated NC General Assembly.

  • 4sanity4all

    Wisconsin used to be such an enlightened, progressive state. Now that it is in the clutches of these Koch funded Republicans, they are destroying the economy, rolling over the working man, and cheating Wisconsinites out of healthcare. I hope that every outrageous thing that they do finally causes the citizens of Wisconsin to replace them with politicians who actually care about the people they are elected to serve. Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and the rest are only serving the interests of the rich Wisconsinites, and out of state puppet masters. I hope every working persons whose income has been reduced by their backward policies will work furiously to defeat them.

    • The Reader

      My husband doesn’t pay union dues anymore. It is a Godsend.

  • Dominick Vila

    Gov. Walker is not the only radical politician who believes the reason they were elected to public office was to demonize opponents and advance their personal interests and little vendettas. From criminal suspects such as Rep. Issa to unelected officials such as Mrs. Palin, there are people among us whose sole purpose in life is to obstruct progress, ridicule and propose the dismantling of our institutions and form of government, and impede others from enacting the legislation that most Americans want and expect. They are not champions of democracy, they are enemies of the USA determined to do whatever they can to demonize our country, our values, the rights we fought so hard and for so long to earn, and the Constitution.

    • The Reader

      Our rights are now mired in socialism-enter O’bamacare. You would have been a soldier for king George, just admit it.

  • Tiresiess

    I just hope other states are watching, see what this clown did to Wisconsin–and keep Walker out of the oval office.

    • The Reader

      You mean like Illinois to the south of us. Mired in debt because of unfunded pensions–cost of living almost double, 49% are paying for 51% of the leeches–you mean like that O’bama state run by democrats for 40 years.

  • idamag

    Jobs was not on their agenda. Destroying the government and those things that benefited the most people is what is on their agenda.

    • The Reader

      You mean like how our property taxes were lowered, that seems to benefit a lot of people. We had eight years of the democrat Doyle screwing up the state. Walker is a breath of fresh air.

  • Allan Richardson

    If Scott Walker were the coach of the Packers, it would be in last place every year, like the “classic” 1970’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    • sigrid28

      Unless Coach Walker and his Koch brother owners managed to change the rules of football altogether, to continue the analogy–which is their ultimate goal in Wisconsin and in the U.S., once they have extracted every penny they possibly can.

  • Allan Richardson

    To continue the football metaphor, if the NFL rules were changed so that LAST YEAR’S Super Bowl winner could hire and fire all the officials, change the rules whenever they wanted, even in the middle of a game, and play by different rules than all their opponents, THAT would be approximately what Republicans have been trying to do for over three decades. They have crossed the line from “dirty” politics to dictatorship.

  • “Hypocrisy”:
    Today the charge of hypocrisy is really the go-to “argument disproval method.” The political environment is so replete with examples of deception, degeneracy, incompetence, and incivility that charges are merely contested with counter-charges. Allegations are not refuted, they are dismissed with the logic that a thief has no right to call another thief a thief. Everyone’s first allegiance is to the political party, not the Constitution, rule of law, ethics, or decency.
    **Stop fighting each other, and fight the system which pits you against each other and teaches you to hate each other.**
    Visit: “tfervor. wix. com/mythofamericandemoc” (all one word, remove the spaces) for more, or search “The Myth of American Democracy by Trenton Fervor” on Amazon. Thanks.

  • Budjob

    The electorate in the state of Wisconsin should refer to the saying,Those that fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it.OK folks,do you remember a fascist Senator you once had representing your INTERESTS???His name was “tailgunner”Joe McCarthy.Please be very afraid of this fascist Governor you now have!

    • The Reader

      McCarthy was right.

  • smartdee

    I am sure the “viper dictator” and his puppeteers have a great deal more in store for the state of Wisconsin before he is done. We can only hope he goes so far as to eventually self-destruct or be run out of the state. He is in bed with all the big money crooks and they will not be satisfied until they spread their “cancer” throughout this country. I know there is a seat in Hell for each one of them…this is my consolation.

  • Stephen Gray

    I cannot believe the majority of Wisconsin voter re-elect him last fall. I hope there wise up by next fall.