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Saturday, January 19, 2019

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Both sides do it.

This platitude is one of the most destructive myths in politics. But when it comes to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which was drafted in 1994 by then-senator Joe Biden and signed into law by President Bill Clinton, the “both sides do it” canard becomes especially disgusting — and not just because the House GOP alone is responsible for letting the law lapse for the first time in over a decade and a half.

Writing in Townhall, longtime anti-feminist activist Phyllis Schlafly says that VAWA is “as sex-discriminatory as legislation can get.” Why? Because it isn’t designed to protect men. Schlafly argues that domestic violence is a problem that affects men and women equally: “A Centers for Disease Control survey found that half of all partner violence was mutual, and 282 scholarly studies reported that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control, women are more three times more likely to be killed, stalked or raped by an intimate partner than men. Arguing that women often start domestic violence doesn’t just ignore the obvious inherent physical difference between men and women, it echoes an excuse often used by abusers themselves.

Statistics vary. Some suggest women suffer 85 percent of all domestic abuse and no study has found that women do not suffer a disproportionate amount of domestic violence. About 1 in 4 women will be abused by a partner in her lifetime. But the situation is improving. Women are more confident about reporting domestic violence and law enforcement is much more receptive to calls for help, making everyone in a household safer.

This change is largely due to the extremely positive effects of VAWA, which is no longer the law of the land, thanks to the House GOP. Here are five things you need to know about the Violence Against Women Act.

Photo credit: CMYKane via

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30 responses to “5 Things You Need To Know About The Violence Against Women Act”

  1. Nice to know – including ALL women is considered a “roadblock.” You would think these so-called representatives would actually do some representing rather than rationalizing.

  2. LoveUSAmerica says:

    Heaven forbid we pass a law to protect all women, not just the ones like us

  3. After all–to these asshats, only Geriatric Old Pricks are people!

  4. Its what you would expect from the Republicans. The surprise is some women vote Republican.

  5. Richie T says:

    They’re doing it again.
    I’m surprised some of them are still alive after how many times they’ve slit their own throats.
    The Senate
    31 Republican men voted no, all 5 Republican women voted YES.
    You’d think that would tell them something
    It didn’t.
    Pushing for an Amendment that abortions are illegal

    Nov 4 2014,
    33 of the 100 seats in The Senate are open for election. That’s 1/3 of Congress.
    Nov 6 2012 all 435 seat’s in the House were up for election
    Nov 4 2014 all 435 seat’s in the House are for election.
    Those aren’t re-election numbers, they’re the actual numbers.

    Political suicide
    More women then men vote.

  6. lexi001 says:

    It’s been apparent since I could read that the GOP is rife with mysogynist. Looking at these number’s not only re-inforces that fact but let’s us all know just how many there really are (at least in this vote, I’m sure there are plenty more). What’s really enlightening is their fear of women!

    • David says:

      Because they believe in the Constitution and voted against a law that compromises the 14th Amendment. What a mess your kind has done to this once great country.

  7. gargray says:

    Yes some republican women have tunnel vision.

  8. S-3 says:

    The GOP want to commit genocide against ALL women – with this law gone, they CAN and WILL do that!

    Anarchy and violent revolt against the GOP!
    Anarchy and violent revolt in the US!!

  9. wesley rasmussen says:

    So, this is, in reality, the VASAWA? Violence Against Straight AMERICAN Women?

  10. wesley rasmussen says:

    So, this is, in reality, the VASAWA? Violence Against Straight AMERICAN Women Act?

  11. Jim Myers says:

    It boggles my mind that the Republicans deliberately alienate themselves from a segment of the population that exceeds 50% of all citizens.

    How they manage to win ANY elections, while throwing roadblocks in the way of such a large slice of the voting population, is just too hard to comprehend.

    And, that doesn’t even count the minorities, LBGT, non-Christians, etc.

  12. Landsende says:

    There was a case recently in Iowa where a woman was fired from her job as a dental assistant because her boss found her to attractive and kept sending her sexual texts which she ignored and never encouraged. When his wife found out she insisted he fire her for the sake of their marriage which he did. She sued for wrongful dismissal because she had nothing wrong except try to do her job while being sexually harassed by her boss. The Iowa supreme court made up of six men ruled against her saying its ok to sexually harass a woman employee and fire her without cause if your wife finds out and it might harm your marriage. This is another example of the war on women. It could happen to your wife, daughter, sister or mother because some horny old guy can’t control himself and can now legally use it as an excuse to sexually harass a woman and then fire her when caught by his wife. It’s time to pass laws to protect all women not only against violence but remove judges that sanction this type of behavior.

    • Susan says:

      Last month in Denver a man in his fifties sexually harassed a 25-year-old woman at work and was fired for doing so. His response was to kill her and then himself. A similar murder was committed last summer when a man shot a school teacher on her way to work because she had ended their relationship. Where do men get the idea that a woman who doesn’t do what they want deserves to be killed?

  13. Lynda says:

    Why are older white men so afraid of women and progress?

  14. Adkkszuvljc says:

    I’m just worried this will be used as a springboard to make it illegal for men to report violence committed against them by women. I realize that no one offline is nearly as bad as tumblr feminists are but, really this scares me a lot. I love my brothers, uncles, cousins, nephews….and as much as I don’t want to see abusers get away with that bullshit, I don’t want to see jealous exes, spurned dates or coworkers that were passed over for promotions, using this to ‘get back’ at the men they feel wronged them. I just can’t get behind this, even being a woman myself.

    • Susan says:

      Please see my post above. It’s usually the other way around. The idea of men being falsely accused by women is a male fantasy.

      • Adkkszuvljc says:

        Not really, my brother’s girlfriend did it because according to a text she sent to a friend ‘im bored lol! mayb they’ll (meaning her parents) will get me a car bc im so sad!’ And under this act….she’d walk away scot-free and my brother would get locked up, to be beaten, stabbed, starved, maybe raped himself. But no one would mind that because he’s one of these evil scary men.

        Feminists disgust me, like, so badly.

      • Adkkszuvljc says:

        So that means it never happens, and can be discredited when it does happen, right? All those boys who got beaten to death because a cheating girlfriend lied about them raping her, or were driven to suicide after getting rejected by their choice of college because that college doesn’t want a ‘rapist’ on campus, they just need to suck it up and be glad they’re not wom en, right?

        God feminists make me sick.

    • Landsende says:

      Your no more a woman than RuPaul is. Yes, men have been falsely accused by women. It happened to my son. But the truth came out in court. Men grow up believing women are second hand citizens and politicians pass laws enforcing that belief. Women do the same jobs as men and are paid less and there are no laws governing what men can and cannot do with their bodies or health. If there were a law saying you had to have an invasive probe shoved up your ass you would be screaming bloody murder.

      • Adkkszuvljc says:

        Tell that to the vagina I was born with, thanks. And I’d be screaming if anyone tried to stick a probe anywhere in me; you’re not supposed to do that to women because feminism!

  15. Mimi2kool says:

    And still the GOP contends that there is no War Against Women. The three things you need to know about Republicans is they lie, they lie, and they lie! How do you know when a Republican is lying? Their lips are moving.

  16. Robert Sanchez says:


    There’s a lot of bad, unconstitutional stuff in the violence against women act.

  17. I guess those 5 republican women who voted against this bill have never been stalked, slapped, kicked, yelled at, locked in a closet, had their money taken away,had a gun pointed at them, or any other type of abuse that millions of women have had done to them. Otherwise, how can this be a political issue? It’s a health and well being issue for people, most of whom are women.

    • David says:

      WRONG ! We all know that women are equally guilty of Domestic Violence. You live in a imaginary world if you think that women are completely innocent of committing violence against their spouse or partner. Furthermore, read your Constitution it was written for all Americans.

  18. Falsely_Accused says:

    Good Riddance to a biased and corrupt law.Become a victim of false allegations before you judge me harshly.You have no idea the hell I and my children have been put through by my wife.There could be a bill to protect “victims” not just women.And the burden of proof should be at least equal to criminal standards.After all.The stakes are so high.Your life with your child or children are impacted by the outcomes of false allegations.My complaint with the VAWA.Is the burden of proof and the procedure for redress.There is none.Once you are found to “might” of acted in a manner of violence.You are crippled to fight a decision that has been handed down.And it costs you a fortune to fight it.In which the average person dowsn’t have the funds neccessary to fight for what was wrongfully taken from them.Especially when you are getting a divorce when the accusations so convienantly arised.Affecting the custody of your children.Thats what I want.My little girl.My wife can be with whatever man she wants.As long as he is a good person.Because that man will be around my little girl and step son.Other than that.I hope she gets back everything she has done to me and my children.

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