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Tuesday, January 22, 2019


The National Rifle Association is the single most effective lobbying organization in America. By feeding the paranoia that the federal government will eventually confiscate guns, they’ve succeeded in making the “right to bear arms” our most protected right.

If you want a sense of how powerful the NRA is, take a look at the only piece of legislation even being discussed in the aftermath of the Newtown mass shooting in which 20 first- and second-grade schoolchildren were shot dead. The renewal of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban being pursued by  Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) would prevent the sale of specific assault weapons. But the bill also would “grandfather” existing weapons so the owners can keep them.

Authorities in Oakland and Los Angeles recently offered gun buybacks to get weapons off the street. But the idea that the federal government is going to track down and take away guns of law-abiding citizens would be laughable, if it weren’t stopping us from doing anything to fight gun violence, which is on the rise for the first time in decades.

But fostering paranoia and hostility toward the government is just one way the NRA keeps us from taking logical steps that would prevent gun violence. Here are five more.

Photo credit: AP Photo/ Evan Vucci

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85 responses to “5 Ways The NRA Stops Us From Fighting Gun Violence”

  1. nobsartist says:

    They do have a point though. It is too bad that with the track record of the government over the last 50 years, they have no real way to defend themselves.

    It is sort of like the problem we have here in michigan. We had a dem governor, jenny “the cheerleader” granholm who sat on her hands for 8 years and did nothing while the state economy collapsed other than offering tax dollars to hollywood to film some crappy movies here and then what happened?

    We wound up with a jackass like they have in wisconcin.

    Now the government cannot do anything about gun control because they have lied and deceived us for the last 50 years so people want guns not only to protect themselves from miscreants on the street but also from the same criminals that work in every capital building.

  2. bpai99 says:

    The NRA cannot be defeated. To think otherwise is to waste time, effort and political capital in a cause that has zero chance of success. Don’t even think for a moment that anything will change after Newtown, you are mistaken. Face reality and pick battles that can be won.

  3. FredAppell says:

    The people who keep telling us government is bad are the same people keeping government dysfunctional by flooding money into the coffers of our politicians. In that sense they are correct. The NRA keeps beating us over the head with the 2nd Amendment and tons of money and then they whip people into a frenzy by scaring them about government coming to take their guns. Both sides are being played masterfully. That’s one of the sweetest scams I have ever heard. Millions of dollars are being funneled through them from other wealthy private interests for the benefit of spreading the cash around in D.C. . We need to get all the big money out of politics immediately, but how? The mass manipulation is destroying us.

    • The NRA does not push tons of money to politicians, that happens from the gun Manufacturing lobby. What the NRA does if gets their members to support their position and elect politicians that push their goal of the right to have as many guns as possible.

      • Pi_Boson says:

        More than ten million ($10,000,000) was spent by the NRA on the last election cycle.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        The NRA hides who makes the largest donations to campaigns. So the donors are all anonymous. But, it isn’t hard to figure out who the biggest supporters would be.

      • Doctor T says:

        Whatever, Mark. The bottom line remains the same.

      • daves says:

        What evidence is there to show that an assault weapon ban would prevent these mass shootings?

        • daves says:

          Witness this, what does Newton prove? The shooter could have brought several preloaded pistols and done every bit as much damage without the assault weapon.

          • robert says:

            daves, if could of would of, it should of. Regardless to what type of a weapon was used in Newtown or any place, guns should not have been available to pathological criminally insane individuals. Nobnody is saying ban personal weapons for self-defense. Ban those weapons of mass destruction that are mass killing people on our streets and in our children’s schools. You drop your kod off in the morning in the understanding that he/she will be safely getting an education. You walk in a shopping mall, movie theatre, or supermarket with no thought of some coward whipping out a military styled killing machine and depriving you of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Stop making excuses, man It’s time we rid ourselves of killing machines and prevent cowardly murderers from getting them.

          • daves says:

            I agree – not sure what that has to do with an assault weapons ban though??

          • Rodney says:

            And the frist responders would had a better chance of stoping him. Because he would had to stop and pull the other guns also then he would have to aim not spray ergo less babies dead.

          • Paul Goodell says:

            These mass murders are usually over in less than 4 minutes. Police are 5 minutes out. The murderers also tend to kill themselves as soon as they show up so they can “win”. You want to stop these things from happening? Have some people on hand to ensure that these losers no longer have a safe place to rack up a high body count. The need to train and arm some school staff is here.

        • Rodney says:

          simple numbers if you can only fire one bullet every 4min. compared to 10 in 2min lot less bodies

          • Paul Goodell says:

            So what do you propose? That we ban everything except muskets and that these muskets be modified to where we can only fire one off every 4 minutes instead of 2 a minute?
            The Navy Yard murderer used a pump action shotgun that only had a 5 round capacity. Look at FBI statistics and you’ll see that only 323 out 8,583 homicides were committed with some sort of rifle(bolt action, lever action, semi auto) These mass murders always seem to happen in places where the gun free zone policies you people support are in place.

      • summer11580 says:

        The NRA IS the gun manufacturing lobby.

    • S-3 says:

      Violent Revolt and Anarchy are the only solution to this manufactured evil!!

      • FredAppell says:

        Anarchy is a lose term. There are several different levels of Anarchy with different philosophies. Revolt wouldn’t work because of too many competing ideologies. Then there is the issue of a probable leader emerging from the chaos. None of us want to see America looking like Iraq after we overthrew Saddam not to mention it would probably be an entire generation before all the blood is done being spilled. America is more likely to have a second civil war than a revolution. You are right to feel frustration and anger but change is likely to come from within the system rather than from an overthrow of the system.

      • Doctor T says:

        No.. truth and honesty are the answers. These demons are just that. Wicked and evil and vile. No sane person in this day and age should be supporting weapons that can slaughter numbers of people and children in one leveling. This manufactured crap about the 2nd amendment is bogus bs to try to execute a fear in each of us that does not exist.

    • Alvin says:

      You got that right. anyone that served in combat knows the damage an m-16 can do they have no place in a persons collects they are strictly military. Both parties are being payed by the NRA and who is being killed by these weapons. Yes you have the right to own a gun, rifle or pepper spray for protection , or hunting, but no assault weapons

      • FredAppell says:

        Alvin, I have never served in combat thank god and I have never had to witness the devastation that a gun creates. I shot 2 firearms in my 43 years on this earth, .357 and a single barrel shotgun and quite honestly I didn’t feel the seduction that has enticed so many others. It didn’t make me feel like a man or all powerful at all. I actually realized that I will probably never own one. By the way, my father had a 30-30 rifle in the house throughout my entire childhood and not once did I ever feel compelled to handle it. Your first sentence struck a chord with me. Any kind of gun would be adequate in a home invasion scenario as well as in most cases seeing as how most bad guys aren’t wearing body armor. So I can only deduce that people who want military grade weapons with high capacity 30 round clips believe they will be doing battle sometime in the future. Scary stuff isn’t it?

  4. Retnan says:

    Give it up commies.

  5. The same people that condemn the institution of government are the same ones that want to use government to ban abortions, reject calls for gun control, blame the government when they failed to prevent the spread of diseases, blame the government for slow responses afte natural or man-made disasters, blame the government for failing to detect contaminated food, blame the government for ineffective regulations to prevent corporate fraud, etc.
    The main characteristic of the members of the party of personal responsibility is their hypocrisy and irresponsibility. They are not anti-government, they are anti-democracy or support a twisted interpretation of democratic principles that advocate that imposition of values embraced by a minority of the population on the majority. Neo-fascists is a more appropriate label to describe their ideological leanings.

    • FredAppell says:

      Dominick, I believe the system is rigged to make government look inept. The party of obstructionists isn’t only out to stop Obama from succeeding. Remember, they did the same thing to Bill Clinton. Their main goal is to dismantle government by making government look ineffective there by garnering support from the electorate. That is exactly how I would do it if I were advocating for small government.

      • Interestingly, they did the same to Bush I when he had to audacity to raise taxes to pay for the things we need and benefit from. Their first goals are to dismantle social programs, the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, the EPA and all regulations.
        The question is, who would benefit the most from the dismantling of the safety net and all regulatory agencies? The answer, I believe, are a small group of elitists who are cynically using a segment of our population to advance their cause and transform the USA into a plutocracy similar what existed in the feudal medieval era.
        I don’t believe we will have anarchy, and I doubt we will end up with anything that remotely reflects democracy. Totalitarianism, controlled by a few families is a more likely outcome.
        What is not clear to me is whether the people who support these ideological changes understand what they are advocating, or whether they are driven by paranoia, intolerance, lack of compassion and prejudice.

    • Doctor T says:

      Wow Dom! I embrace your last two sentences in particular. “Twisted” is such a superb adjective to describe this situation we find ourselves in. I have observed that fascism is alive and well in our midst sad to say. What has become of our great country? One would think that bigotry and racism would have long gone by the wayside by now, but it is not the case.I am sick at heart to know that I will leave this world and it has yet purged itself of hate and violence and bigotry. Christ would not have wanted this—even if you believe in him or not….

      • It is like blowing your nose-the last of the mucus is always the most difficult to remove-it just hangs on tenaciously in its efforts to make you sick! What it fails to recognioze is that you have the kleenex!

        • FredAppell says:

          Your eloquence and command of the English language is astounding. I’m only playing with you, you were actually quite funny. It’s sad that the answer to our gun problem can’t be dismissed so easily as a booger.

  6. AlfredSonny says:

    NRA proves men think through their wallets instead of penises.

  7. Pi_Boson says:

    A goverment by and for the people, so we the people are responsible for how the government operates. With less than half the population voting, we the people demonstrated fact-based data wins over money as demonstrated by the re-election of President Obama. We the people can help the NRA correctly interpret and apply the 2nd amendment. Individual gun ownership is not a well-regulated militia. Numerous research reports show personal gun ownership is a manifestation of low esteem, low self-worth, and personal struggle with masculinity. We can, as a modern society, deal more effectively with these mental wellness issues to form a more perfect union and reduce gun violence.

  8. jnsgraphic says:

    Responsible gun owners who keep their weapons safe are not the problem… Keene, LaPierre, the radical NRA and ‘2nd Amendment Zealots’ are just NOT RATIONAL. The 2nd Amendment has become nothing more than a shield for the paranoid ‘Right Wing Gun Nuts’ to do almost anything they want. Gun policy in the United States is dictated by extremists whose paranoia and fear far exceeds their concern about the shooting deaths of innocent kids, moviegoers, shoppers at a mall or innocent people walking down the street. We ALL must change our behaviors, stop financing violence, promote solutions and not just talk about them… guns make it too easy for people to kill people.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Lanza mother was a responsible, legal gun owner. Her son was mentally unstable. Owning guns in any household were there are hot heads, people with anger problems and personality disorders only exacerbate the potential for gun deaths. And, in this nutty era, which households don’t have these dysfuntions? What’s La Pierre going to do? Give everyone a mental health test but the members of the NRA?

      • Has anyone ever thought about Nancy Lansa’s sanity? What rational loving mother takes their mentally challenged son to shooting ranges and allows him to watch violent videos and thinks it will have no effect. I know all the folks in the bar thought she was a wonderful person and I am sure she was. Perhaps she forgot to put her weapons of mass destruction away. Where was her son while she was at the bar which others say she frequented often? I know it is difficult to think that maybe parents have something to do with their childrens behavior. If he had been an olympic hero she would be credited with his behavior and choices.
        I understand the martydom that comes with many parents who have children with behavioral problems. They need to first ask if they are able to help their children and if not they need to seek out help for them. If anyone out there has a child with mental [problems you should see a therapist who can direct you to places that may help.

      • jnsgraphic says:

        Having guns in a household with a mentally unstable person and taking that person shooting is not a responsible gun owner or parent. All the mental health services in the world wont eliminate gun violence.

  9. Ed says:

    In other words, the NRA is a subversive organisation undermining our way of government.

  10. Blah-blah-blah. Keep yaking about all the reasons we shouldn’t be allowed to keep our guns and how the NRA makes us fearful of the government. Nah. I’m afraid of the movement that keeps trying to justify taking away our rights. Ya see, folks, it’s our RIGHT to have guns. We never should have had to get ‘permission’ to do so. THAT was the first mistake.

    • Doctor T says:

      No problem with you having a six shooter or whatever to protect yourself. Problem we have is assault weapons. You like having innocents killed to protect your right to have assault weapons? If so, you are a POS.

  11. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    I find it rather amusing that in Westchester NY this week, gun owners were “up in arms” when a local newspaper outed them in the media by naming names and locations of gun owners and buyers. So…which of their Constitutional rights was violated this time? Certainly not their right to privacy. When you own or buy a lethal weapon there is NO right to privacy. So La Pierre is hot to create a list of those who are mentally ill but not a registry of the most recent information on gun owners and buyers? I can’t imagine what the NRA is afraid of….can you?

    The rest of the people of this country have our rights too…the First Amendment Right gives us the right to know who owns lethal weapons in our midst. I’d love to see the NRA dare to try and push their rights to privacy on this one…especially when the Open Public Records Act allows full identification of this information, when their hunting permits, gun licenses and background checks are already public information…Go to it little bois…let’s see how you’ll like be ID’d. Parents want to know who in their neighborhoods are in possession of weapons, what type of weapons and the quantity. Our children deserve no less protection. This puts an end to the massive protection of the NRA membership and cuts in half the number of gun deaths in this blood curdling, blood letting, blood flowing society.

    • Doctor T says:

      Thank you, Eleanor, for your education on this matter!

    • flipsider says:

      Sorry Ellie,, but it really isn’t an issue for the vast majority of gun owners,, other than the idea that you might make them targets for thieves,,, who will,, in turn,, sell what they steal to just the people you ought to be worried about. I don’t mind people knowing I own guns,, most who know me are aware of it.

      On the other hand,,, how about we publicize the ownership of other things. Jewelry,, gold coins,,, collectables,,, everything of value ,, and the amounts of it owned? If you can’t,, or won’t understand that advertizing what someone owns is making them targets,,, then it is my guess that you don’t think much of your fellow man,, regardless of stance on guns.

      • So I am gona take my diamond watch and kill a bunch of innocent children?

        • flipsider says:

          I should hope not,,, but,, what do you suppose the thief who steals it is going to buy with the money? We are talking about different things, here. Telling the world that I own a gun isn’t going to embarrass me,, but it might put my,, or my family’s life in danger. It might even force me to do something I don’t want to do,,, with one of my guns.

          Those you need to be concerned with are the ones who DON”T buy their guns legally,,, and there are already quite a lot of laws against that. Advertising as to where they can obtain the tools of their trade seems,,, whats the word,,, oh yeah,,, asinine.

          • John45 says:

            I can agree about gun ownership not being public knowledge, but the police should know who could be armed in case they have to answer a call, and all thefts should be reported and serial numbers filed.

          • flipsider says:

            I certainly have no problem with the serial numbers of my guns being on record. It would help if they were lost or stolen. I might actually get them back. As to the police knowing,,,when they need to know,, they can find out easily enough. In my opinion,, it would serve them well to assume that everyone was armed,, it would keep them safer. But a public record,, I think not. My neighbors will find out I’m armed in a couple ways,, one,, when they attack me or my family,,, and two,, when I prevent someone from harming them or theirs.

  12. montanabill says:

    Gee, just where were all you ‘up-in-arms’ folks during Fast & Furious? (Can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e-s?)

    Don’t we need to get the NRA’s biggest critic, Harry Reid, after them?

    • Doctor T says:

      You need to get real, MB. You are living in a bubble. Maybe it is the fresh Montana air. WHo knows and WHo cares. You just are out of touch.

      • montanabill says:

        You just proved you don’t want to face the stuff when it is on your side of the fence. Or are you the one who is going to call for releasing the ‘executive privilege’ on the biggest gun running scheme.

  13. lambypie says:

    Well if all sellers of guns would do what Dick’s in the Rochester, NY did we wouldn’t have to worry about the NRA because 2 days after the shooting they pulled all of their assault weapons off of their shelves. THANK YOU what a world this would be if more people had a conscience.

  14. Doctor T says:

    Just take a look at this guy people. His eyes, his mouth, his expressions, his words….A real mentally deranged person…that is obvious.

  15. flipsider says:

    I won’t try to defend LaPierre,, I don’t care for him, either,, and I’m a member. The fact that he is an asshat in no way diminishes the correctness of his stance on this one issue,,, arming teachers and armed security IN the schools,, not tens of minutes away. Just as we will always have the poor with us,, we will always have the mentally unstable. Allowing them to be armed is obviously foolish,, but so is trying to convince the rest of us that additional gun control is the fix. We need to fix the lack of quality care for those among us who suffer from the agonies of mental illness. We can easily see the results of “mainstreaming” those who so desperately need institutionalization. We did it out of a desire to save money ( read lower taxes) and it was easy because those most injured by it didn’t have the means , or in many cases,, the will to fight it.

    Were we hoping that by ignoring these people,, they would go away? There are no quick fixes in these situations,,, but,, it seems,, thats what voters demand. Is it any wonder that we have such gridlock in congress? Apparantly,, we get what we deserve.

  16. Landsende says:

    Three police officers in a New Jersey police station were shot this morning by a prisoner that grabbed one of the officers gun and shot one in the stomach below his Kevlar vest and grazed the other two before being killed by other officers. If it is this easy to disarm a trained police officer and shoot him think how easy it would be for a teacher with a gun to be disarmed and shot.

  17. edward j says:

    The national rifle association has been a thorn in the side of this country for much too long. Isn’t it time that something was done about them.

  18. senor cambia de negocio como por ejemplo sea un pastor de una iglesia (quiero ver si recomiendas que todos que van a la iglesia llevan su fusil)

  19. The NRA President made a comment that the President of the US is protected with people with guns. So he asked why can’t we protect our schools with Security Guard bearing arms too? He forgets that history have shown that Presidents Abraham Lincoln and President John F Kennedy were killed even with all the security they had. Also Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King were killed. President Ronald Reagan was shot etc.. If the NRA can’t remember some of these killings then they don’t know too much about our country history. Then you ask: Why do they have so much power ? I hope the politicians agree to ban the semiautomatic weapons to protect our children. We can’t arm everybody in this country. We are not having a civil war. In Viet Nam I was in charged of the arms room. None of the soldiers use to keep their weapons in their possession unless they have to go on guard duty or going in a convoy. Imagine we were in a war zone and couldn’t keep our weapons with us. Trying to arm teachers with guns will never work. Facing a criminal with a semiautomatic they don’t have a chance.

  20. Charles2051 says:

    its better to own a gun and never use it, than not have a gun and need it.

  21. Cal70 says:

    What a bunch of malarkey! Those of you puddin’ headed liberals that think criminals will not have guns because a LAW says so must be on that stoner stoker stuff like the puffintonhost. Probably the same bunch that thinks ill informed voters did not help your leader become president with the last election, I hope you all live long enough to realize what a fool he made of you and your youthful naiveté, twice. The tragic and sickening Newtown massacre was by a mentally ill person who stole his weapons (criminal act, yes). His weapon was not an “assault rifle” it was “semi-automatic.” Do you not think a sane criminal will do any less? Besides just because you are too slow to see how anyone could do the same with another weapon like a knife, ax, long sword, ball bat, or golf club. I’d wager it can be done, just because you cannot envision it does not mean it cannot be done. The NRA is made up of good honest decent American citizens, who would likely do anything to prevent the repeat of the Newtown massacre by volunteering their time to guard the public schools. Many public and private schools have such persons now. How many armed guards does the president’s daughters have at their school? I’d wager more than at your children’s! How many guns does Sen. Boxer conceal carry and how many armed body guards does she have? One of your hero’s is Harry Reid and he is in the NRA too. If law abiding citizens give up their guns, no one is left to protect our children in our homes much less to, from, and at school. If law enforcement and military are the only legal gun owners we do become what the president wants an unsafe lacking freedom police state for his crony politics.

  22. bchrista says:

    I agree with Dominick but what these family that are plutocratic and advocate totalitarianismshow just how stupid they really are, they forget that sitting on the side are the muslin nations watching and waiting for a weak United States so they can swoop down and wipe out what is left of our country, they are very patient and siliving in their mouths to eradicate what is left and the plutocrat and all their billions can’t stop them by themselve so they will have a ballwiping the floors with them and all the money in the world won’t help them and goodby USA.

  23. onedonewong says:

    There is no other right outlined in the constitution that has to be constantly defended as the right to bear arms. piss on the US Flag that’s alright freedom of speech, news station run hatched job on politicians or companies ohh that’s OK freedom of the press. And they we have all kinds of made up rights to abortions to a free education free HC free housing and on and on.
    The NRSA knows what’s exactly at state as well as the America people allowing a law that once again makes it a crime to own an assault rifle is opposed by the vast majority of americans.
    Name 1 instance where the Federal govt went after some one trying to buy a firearm that wasn’t eligable there has never been one. Want dope even though its against the law its OK, want to murder a baby oh heck that’s OK too.
    What to hire some one for a job your not required to use e verify, but we want a tracking data base if you ever purchase a weapon.
    Its past time for fixing the problem enforce the mandatory minimum of 5 years if a gun was used in a crime…absolutely no prosecutor discretion. If you receiving psychiatric care or on meds you can’t own a gun, posses a gun or have 1 in the house. No non citizens should be allowed to purchase a gun. And its time to reopen all the nut houses to send the lunatics some where and get them off the streets

  24. bchrista says:

    get rid of Citizen United and make it a crime to donate more than %10,000 from anyacommitee for any cause only then can we go about claiming our country back. with the money out then it won’t be profitable any longer, and anyone violating the law gets a super stiff jail sentence and you don’t stop and collect $2oo dollars no exceptions.

  25. bchrista says:

    People lets quit fooling ourselves if our government ever wanted to oppress us they wouldn’t even have to build up a sweat all your weapons would be like pea shooters against Godzilla, the weaponery the government possesses, you wouldn’t stand a chance if they decided to turn it against you, so the saying that an armed public prevents a government take over is Bullshit, it may have been true a 100yrs ago but not in these modern times.

  26. bchrista says:

    In reply to (inthenaeofliberty) you must be one wierd homosexual faggot I noticed you don’t reply to any body elses remarks posted in the DISQUS you are either trying to bust my balls or suck my dick in either case I am particular about who I let suck me off go fuck off or go play with your mama either way you’re as sick as the Republicans you so staunchly defend you homo

  27. bchrista says:

    I must have hit a real tender spot, you must be one of those assholes that sucks millionaires ass and receive their hand outs in order shout their praise aout how great they are and how hard they worked to earn their millionsbut you are going to have a hard time to convince millions of other americans who know better your as big a scumbag as the Republican Congress that does their bidding, you didn’t earn your way through life you either inherited it or you were a lackey for a millionaire you are no more a Democrat than Lindsey Lohan is a Virgin go bullshit someone else in reply to (inthenameofliberty) why pick on the name of liberty you don’t know the meaning that means each person is intitled to his opinion.

  28. The NRA better known as “Not Right for America” and Wayne LaDerriere” it’s antipathetic
    CEO are members of the most corrupt, uneeded, unwanted organization in America. The Founding Fathers are turning over in their graves saying “these guys are not who we had in mind when we gave you the 2nd Amendment which has been used and abused.

  29. i know from my 50 years of experience that when things get put of till the last minute jobs get done in a hurry that you always end up with a half ass job being done. Then someone alway ends up having to redo them when the job could have been done the right way the first time.

  30. Mark VanKirk: The NRA IS the Gun Manufacturing LOBBY!!!!

  31. Plznnn says:

    Our founders understood how important the right to bear arms is to protect us from a corrupt Central Government, and that’s why it is our 2nd. “Right”. Because of our society going further and further away from our Christian Heritage and Values, more people feel the need to protect themselves, that is why there have been increases in gun sales.

  32. blueskies13 says:

    I wonder if the NRA would get the point if a masked commando platoon barricaded the exit doors at one of their Nuremburg-like gun lust rallies and slaughtered all the attendees with assault rifles. Hmmm. Naaaaaah! Might be worth trying, though.

    • flipsider says:

      Should they,,, or you,,, try,,, they/you,, might be in for quite a surprise.

      • blueskies13 says:

        Oh, nothing would surprise me about the Neurotic Rifle Asylum. I doubt that you’re even allowed into one of the cult rallies without a firearm. I also know this: Gun dealers are thanking their lucky stars for the Newtown, CT slaughter. Why? Windfall profits, of course! Any perceived threat (no matter how fabricated by the likes of LaPierre) to limit a drooling gun nut’s access to military style assault weapons is BIG business for gun makers. Well, flipsider, I’m an educated Progressive. I have guns, too. I own them to protect myself from members of the NRA. And btw, this (…) is called an “ellipsis”. It has many uses, one of them being to indicate an unfinished thought or “more to come”. This, on the other hand (,,,) indicates a moron who doesn’t know the difference between a comma and a period. Go back and see if they’ll give you that honorary high school diploma.

        • flipsider says:

          Blue,, I’m delighted that you, too, are a gun owner. It is my hope that you take the time to practice handling them, as to not do so places everyone in danger. As to your lesson in punctuation,, It is much appreciated. It was my understanding that the comma was used to indicate a pause in the sentence, and I took the liberty of using more than one to indicate a longer pause. I’m sorry you take exception to my usage. You must be very educated and be quite intelligent,, to be able to see through my meager efforts and recognize me as a moron. I, on the other hand had to reread yours a second time before making a similar finding.

          Namecalling was, I must surmise, in your childhood and perhaps is among your peers, required for you to express yourself. I try not to resort to that, as I believe that an exchange of valid ideas is sufficient to make my points.

          Being family men, with children of their own, the gun dealers with whom I am aquainted, abhored the violence in Conn.,, as they do any gun violence. If they profit from the sales of more guns after such a thing happens, I would submit to you the proposition that the reason for the sales is the fear of gun control advocates pushing through restrictions they feel unwarranted.

          You will note, I hope, that I refrained from using the additional commas that you seem to dislike. It is a literary affectation I have chosen to use in my postings,,,, and will continue to do so.

          • blueskies13 says:

            The wingnut, he doth protesteth too much, methinks!
            Okay, you’ve proven you passed 8th grade grammar and punctuation. Congrats. In closing, there is no such thing as unwarranted gun restrictions.

          • flipsider says:

            I will call you no names, sir,, because that, to me, is a mark of a small mind. I am willing to debate, here or anywhere, those things I find interesting, but your posts don’t seem to have the ring of intelligent discourse, so I will wait for your posts to reach the level worth comment before I do so further.

  33. X says:

    I was hoping to read a well written, objective article. Sadly, it’s the same, tired name calling.

  34. Mr. Sarge says:

    Can you imagine what would happen if someone showed up at an NRA meeting and started shooting? What’s the NRA going to say then? NRA meetings need more guns?

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