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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Ted Cruz Screenshot Fake Filibuster

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) promised the Republican Party a fight — and he gave them a show.

Cruz  thrilled the Republican base with some absurd Nazi references and by humbly comparing his effort with the Bataan Death March — while enraging the Republican Party’s donor class.

Observers are debating whether the junior senator technically engaged in a filibuster of the bill he encouraged House Republicans to pass after it was stripped of the language that would defund Obamacare.

It’s worth pointing out that Cruz didn’t actually filibuster, because that would have required him to have the support at least 41 senators from his own party. He doesn’t. What he had was a negotiated window of time (that he gave up an hour of so he could go on the Rush Limbaugh Show) in which he was able to make a spectacle and thus not get the blame when his plot to stop Obamacare fails. Or, if he’s successful, he’ll have intimidated House Republicans into rejecting their altered bill and actually shutting down the government.

Here are five of the most comical moments from Ted Cruz’s “filibuster” that should go down — way, way down — in history.