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Sunday, October 23, 2016
  • tman000

    Today should be a great day for the Nation, lets celebrate the inauguration, a starting point of working together for the good of all Americans, away from the extreme bickering that we have experienced in the last few years. Lets pray that our leaders come together with understanding that we all are different but deserve the oppurtunity to be happy with liberties that continue to allow our freedom of expression without harming our God given rights and the rights of others. Lets RESPECT all Americans and their friends, lets be RESPONSABLE for ourselves and the future of America, lets REASON issues out with great thinking that’s flexable enough for no loosers and discipline enough to accomplish whats good for ALL… Lets start the implementation of this work , to create our future now…

  • I have (as a Canadian) a very high impression about the Kennedy, not only John but Robert as well, but I have to recognize that the Obamas, Barak and Michelle belong to even higher levels, real intellectuals. Good luck to you, Americans.