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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

You can point out that Mitt Romney is the proud owner of a record number of PolitiFact “Pants on Fire” awards. You can say that MSNBC’s Steve Benen has chronicled hundreds of Romney’s lies. You can watch CNN’s Candy Crowley being forced to fact-check the Republican nominee during the middle of the second debate.

But Mitt Romney never thought he’d be fact-checked by his real friends — corporations.

After Romney decided to repeat an Internet rumor that Jeep was moving jobs to China, Chrysler was forced to correct the former governor of Massachusetts on its blog.

Then Romney — as they say — doubled down and reworded the claim in a unannounced TV commercial followed by a radio ad, this time adding an accusation that General Motors was also moving jobs abroad.

This forced General Motors to fact-check the son of the former head of American Motors, “We’ve clearly entered some parallel universe during these last few days,” they said, but “no amount of campaign politics at its cynical worst will diminish our record of creating jobs in the U.S. and repatriating profits back to this country.”

Both Chrysler and General Motors have added new jobs in China to make cars sold in China. But neither has moved American jobs abroad — unlike Delphi Automotive, a company the Romneys are invested in. And both Chrysler and General Motors would likely be out of business with a million Americans out of work if the government had taken Romney’s advice.

These lies about the auto industry go along with a series of commercials since the last debate that all include debunked lies, an attempt by a campaign surrogate to lie about Romney’s stand on abortion and the return of the nastiest lie of the campaign about Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, AKA “welfare reform.”

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  • For a politician with momentum, Romney sure looks awfully desperate.

    • plainenglish

      Romney looks desperate? OMG, are you delusional.

      • Well, you have certainly convinced me with your persuasive argument. You aren’t the same person that invented the “I’m rubber and you’re glue” retort by chance.

      • Please take of the blinders, plain. Romney is completely desperate. He knows that running an honest campaign about his policies will never get him elected, so he has to lie and cajole to win.

        • SaneJane

          …and commit voter fraud

    • wesley rasmussen

      Momentum fueled by the gravity effect? What is terminal velocity for a Mormon?

  • Nice article. He’s muddying the very water he will soon be in.

    • wesley rasmussen

      He is trying to turn the water into gold – all he needs is a golden additive. Any suggestions as to where his is coming from?

  • LJSearles

    Seriously, you can’t put this on one page?

    • You’re exposed to twice as many ads when they put it on two.

  • Mitt claims to be a business man. Well for a business man he has shown a complete lack of understanding of how multinational and global corporations do business. Why? He should certainly understand that the auto industry is a global concern and that all major car companies produce cars in the markets that demand them. This is just basic Business 101 and he seems lost…or he is just dishonest and desperate. You decide. Apparently he does not know, or care, that German and Japanese autos are made in the southern states of our country. Has he asked why they are exporting jobs to America? What a dolt.

    • fastfootedd

      Which only serves to highlight something I just can not understand – Why so many of the southern states which are home to these foreign factories would even consider casting their vote for Romney? I hope it’s not all the caucasian who are simple voting based upon color. But I have the feeling that it is linked to discrimination. Romney fits the bill for these good ole boys who probably still burn crosses on the south forty, even in the 21 st century. SCARY!

      • Ed

        Lyndon Johnson, immediately after signoing the Civil Rights bill, turned to his staff and said”I have just lost the south to the democratic party for the next 50 years

    • I actually gasped during the debates when he tried to claim (with smart-ass gusto) that he had never heard of the tax cuts for outsourcing. Two months prior to that the Senate Republican managed to put down any discussion of eliminating those cuts and Harry Reid actually mentioned Romney by name as the reason why the GOP Senators were so reluctant to discuss this subject at this time.

      It would have been impossible for Romney not to have heard of it. And even more impossible that Romney- who has made a fortune from helping companies find alternatives to American workers not to know about this “opportunity” to screw both the government and the people at the same time.

    • Ed

      He was He was never a businessman;never met a payroll. He was a money changer.

  • Romney has failed on so many fronts. His campaign for POTUS will become legendary in future generations, and Political Science majors will be reading textbooks solely devoted to this topic. It could be summarized thusly: “Sir, this is no way to run for the highest office in the land.”

  • Just when I think Romney has reached a new low, he outdoes himself.

    • yeah. the bottom of the barrel just went all bottomless when the GOP nominated Romney.

    • CAThinker

      He seems to have a knack for overachieving in this area… I don’t know if it’s a new low… but maybe bouncing against one of the old lows.. 🙂

  • All Romney has done throughout this whole campaign is lie. He states his policy and then turns around and lies and says something completely different. He is nothing but a liar and a racist. He is racist against blacks, hispanics, women and poor people. Now I am not a strong Obama supporter but I would much rather have him in office then Romney the crook

    • The weirdest part, Lori, is how many of his supporters seem to think the lying’s going to stop suddenly when he get into the White House (which, fingers crossed, he won’t) The truth of the matter is when/if Romney ever got into the Oval Office, the real lying would just be beginning.

  • William Deutschlander

    ROMNEY and LIAR one and the same!

  • geoelb

    Regarding Romney’s alleged lies….. Does the Mormon Church believe in the 10 commandments? The nineth of which is: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

    Not to be judgemental; I ask if his strong belief as a minister or pastor is in conflict with the ninetth commandment?

    • northroader1775

      short answer …NO…there is a morman tenent that says lying for the good of the church is ok …and another joe smithism that says America will be doomed if they don’t elect a morman you see Mitt is their great white lying hope.

  • Desperation engenders delusion and falsehood absolutely .vis-a vis Romney personified.

  • Thank you to GM and Chrysler for responding to Romney’s lies. I only hope that the people in Michigan and Ohio see this and see Romney for who he really is. Or isn’t.

  • What does this level of lying say about the Mormon church? Romney was a bishop and a leader for decades. What lessons did he learn from his religion to carry himself like this?

    • Jennifer_Fiche

      Mormons worship money as a higher god that trumps all. Look into their “revelation” in repealing no-blacks-in-the-priesthood magically coinciding with the threat to lose their tax-exempt status in the 1970’s.

  • The republicans are nothing but a big lie!

  • Joe Narusiewicz

    Even the momentum is a cheap Romney and Fox News lie

  • I am just very relieved to see the odds shifting!! Its about time the truth came out a little clearer! Yea!

  • jstsyn

    Doesn’t bother me in the least. Unless the sinking ship leaves an oil slick. A chevron $2.5 million slick? Obama/Biden 2012.

  • My vote is for Obama/Biden, and I’m offering my ride to anyone who is unable to make it to the polls. Myth Romney should not be able to win or steal or terrorize his way into the White House. He is unfit to be Commander-in-Chief. Notonly that, we should get all republicans/Tea Party out of congress and the governance of the states so that we can get rid of all of the obstruction, barroers, and obstacles in our forward movement into the future. We can’t lay back on this lead. Fart News has it all wrong. We need to make president obama’s re-election a landslide to remove any chance of deception or trickery. So vote, and help anyone yuou can to go and vote. OBAMA/BIDEN 2012! VOTE!

  • northroader1775

    Listen folks Obama is going to win…but we need everyone to vote …and everyone bring someone with you to vote…just pick up someone you know is registered and take them with you…we need a clear mandate and a clear victory that is in no way subject to any questions…and then we need to turn our attention to getting FOX and rush off the air…they are poisoning America. I think a long list of the lies they publish and a serious libel suit are in order…does anyone know a good lawyer…seriously lets go after the lying punks right after we trounce Mitt.

  • My fellow believers in America, we must continue to pray for our brothers and sisters who are still standing on the lies of Mitt and the “boys”. Just pray that their eyes will be opened and that they, through the Holy Spirit, will rise above their prejudice and see the truth for themselves. Pray that they don’t get angry for the insulting way that they have been lied to, but that they show, trough their vote that they are intelligent.

  • onedonewong

    GM’s comments are beyond the pale, they now produce 7 out of every 10 of their vehicles outside of the US and are movig tgheir R&D to China

    • beyond the pale my ass, ma’m. gm is committed to america and american jobs. what they are producing overseas will stay overseas, but their profit margins are being returned to america to be taxed and included in the american economy. you been donewong for so long, you can’t tell when something is donewight. put on your big girl drawerrs and suck it up, lady!

      • onedonewong

        GM is no more committed to this country than Fiat is. GM is importing the Spark and a new delta platform for Buick from China. 2/3 of GM’s work force are non US. GM invested $1 B in Mexico and Russia this year while investing $100M in the US. Gm imports ONE MILLION foreign made vehicles to the US every year.
        So in answer to your post GM is no more a US company than is Colby.
        the only one sucking anything robbie is you and baraks genetials

  • rescueus

    Romney is so desperate that he has lost his ever loving mind…He refuses to answer reporter questions and is afraid to be interviewed by anyone, even his Fox mate Bill O’Reilly. when you refuse to answer straight up questions it is because you are afraid to speak the truth.

  • Chredon

    Romney made a HUGE mistake in Ohio. He should have admitted the bail-out worked, but also that his own plan would have worked just as well. (Which is a matter that could be open for debate.) The goal is the neutralize the bailout as a campaign issue. At the same time, he should have gone to southeast Ohio, coal country, and tried to strike a tone that Obama’s plans would be bad for coal but his own plans would be good. Blue-collar working-class coal country might have given Romney a boost that was big enough to win the state. This didn’t work for McCain, but this isn’t 2008, either.

  • The lies are catching up

  • Republicans for OBAMA 2012

  • He’s a real piece of shit isn’t he.