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Monday, February 27, 2017

America Would Be Different Place If Paul Had His Way

“We can thank (Ronald Reagan) for our annual ‘Hate Whitey Day.'” — 1990 Ron Paul newsletter on MLK holiday

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  1. The “Dr Paul” to whom you refer is ophthalmologist/Ky senator, Rand Paul. He is the SON of Ron Paul. I think this changes your whole story.

  2. Both Ron Paul and his son are Doctors so there is no change to the story but maybe I’ve erased some of your ignorance.

  3. I’m sure Ron Paul knows the dangers of drugs, but dangerous drugs are not the point. As we all know, Libertarians abhor government interference. We all know what the phony war on drugs has brought about – a booming prison system that is nothing more than a business, the incarceration of millions of drug offenders, and a profitable criminal enterprise, both on the civilian side and governmental side. Can we forget the CIA running cocaine into this country to fund the illegal Contra War? These are some of the reasons why NORML has been trying to legalize marijuana for decades. But, Paul’s main reason is personal freedom. Is Paul a racist and if so, does anyone think he would have the ability to re-institute Jim Crow laws? The Civil Rights Act prevented employers from discriminating against blacks, but it did nothing to change the hearts of bias and racist whites. I still hear the “N” word liberally being used at my work place. And those that believe the Civil Rights Act changed a lot, just tell me what race of people fill our prisons with drug offenders – blacks. Our own government has a policy of racism when it comes to crime.

    I personally would not vote for Paul or Obama for that matter because they are politicians and they all lie and favor corporations. But, the supposed “progressive” media should not venture where the conservative/fascist media goes, and that is to resort to scare tactics and hyperbole by making silly dire predictions that are crafted to put fear and doubt into the minds of people. The left fears abandonment of Obama by many of his base whom are thoroughly disgusted with his Republican stances and Bush policies. In the past, Democratic voters, no matter how disillusioned they were would always come back to the fold on election day because they didn’t have any other choice. But, many of these Democratic voters feel there is a choice in Ron Paul which is why the Democrats are mounting an early campaign against Paul.

    Ron Pauls stance on the FED, and the gold standard would be popular platforms if he were ever to be elected. It may gain him a lot of support from the people if he were president, but it would gain him a bullet from the oligarchs much as it did for JFK. The problem with all the candidates is that none of them have programs that would address the inherent systemic flaws in our economic system, possible with the exception of Paul with his dismantling of the FED, one of the instruments by which we are all enslaved to this system.

    Americans are also disgusted with are endless wars of empire building, wars that are mainly responsible for our staggering debt. Paul’s anti-war and anti-FED stance, if ever implemented, would go a long way in changing our country. Does anyone hear any other candidate, including Obama, who has surrounded himself with Wall Streeters, saying anything that would remotely change the inequality that dominates our system? But, I wouldn’t worry about Paul, he will never make it. We should be worrying about another Obama term or worse yet, Mitt Romney. Either of these men would continue to let the Wall Streeters rule. So, no matter who wins, it is for sure that we the people are guaranteed to lose.
    Our only hope at this time is a strong and active “Occupy” movement – but don’t bet on it.

  4. Soon the mainstream establishment will have Ron Paul breathing fire, growing horns and having hooves. Paul was consistently talking about the massive crushing deficit the youth will inherit while the media was under wraps when Wall Street raided the cupboard with much of Congress’s approval. Let’s face it it, the media may not be the 1 percent but they are generally working pretty hard for it. And Cynthia Tucker gets one percent for her vapidity regarding what Paul really stands for. And least in my college classes.

  5. Cynthia is well aware of discriminatory words and actions, and she uses her words to, just incidentally, tar tea party folks. They have nothing to do with Ron Paul and she knows it. She also knows that tea party people do not have a racial agenda. That business is a complete concoction of the left in an attempt to do something, anything, to slow the tea party’s Conservative agenda. They are not ‘virulent anti-government’. They are for smaller, more effective government. Cynthia has a right to question Paul for his prior published work, but by using a board brush to tar others with whom she disagrees, she is shown to be an ideologue and that taints the entire substance of her column.

  6. Cwalter has taken the ad hominen road of political debate and consequently his issues are muddled by anger and political correctness. Do we really think the war on drugs is winnable? Do we know what other fights our government will choose to fight based on the fact that we allow our civil liberties to be limited by letting the state decide what chemicals are good and which are harmful?

    Our current government is similar to the corporate statism of pre nazi Germany. Both the Occupy and tea party folks see this. In a narrow and defined way Amerika does resemble Germany in the 20’s when the communists and right wing fought each other over Hindenberg’s failed foreign policy and the ravages of the first world war. Both Germany and Amerika have fought stupid wars and financed them with bank notes that they did not have.

    Paul may be a symptom and not the cure but if we want more of the same re-elect Obama or let Mitt run the show. Paul represents lib/cons who hate our foreign policy and the fact that our government is becoming more intrusive in our lives. Maybe some of the statist liberals and neocons will have to moderate their position. This can’t be bad.

  7. Any candidate can and will make whatever “statements” in a campaign that they feel will give them an edge over competition. However once in office they are faced with certain realities which include agreements and laws and regulations made by previous office holders that they have to comply with. So they too will be just as ineffective as the previous president to make any major changes.

    Every president has had the same opportunity to do so. Why have they not been done? Simple answer. Media sound bites to win votes. Most people watch the ads and listen to the sound bites and say I’m voting for that candidate. A small percentage actually spend the time researching the options and making an informed choice. Regardless of party affiliation.

    I do believe that given the opportunity Obama would have made the changes he promised, he tried to work with the Republicans and was faced with a wall of obstructionism. I’m glad that he is finally showing his balls and starting to fulfill his campaign promises in spite of the concrete wall of resistance he is experiencing. Unfortunately it wouldn’t have mattered who became president on the Democratic side 3 years ago, Clinton or Edwards would have faced the same obstacle, and would have been handed a god awful mess that Bush and Cheney left this country in.

    While Obama may not have been the saviour we all wished for and hoped would lead us back to some level of prosperity I still believe he is our best choice for the next four years. I shudder to think what new lows this country would sink to under a Paul or Romney or Gingrich Presidency.

    My brother and sister in law currently moved to WA state from Romney’s Mass. They say he was the worst Governor the state had and there reason for moving was to get out from under his legacy of leadership. The man is running for President for pure ego and has no clue as to how the majority of citizens have to live.

    I think that Obama does. There is something about having to stand in line at the food bank as a child with a single mother trying to feed her family is a memory many children in todays environment will never forget. I don’t think Obama has either. His poor circumstances made him strive to create a better life for himself and his family. He personally understands the plight of the masses the Republican administration under Bush created.

    The Republicans want the Democrats out, regardless of who is the leader, they don’t want anyone to mess with their policies that keeps the wealth flowing into their pockets.

  8. Beauty, along with things like sincerity and consistency on one end of the spectrum are in the eye of the beholder. Similarly, if one is looking for dirt, dandruff or freckles, that’s what they’ll see. If those racist newsletters represented Paul’s positions, they’re the only ones that show him in that light. People like David Dukes, despite trying to cover their racism, are transparant and obvious. That’s true of anyone with strong beliefs – they are irrepressible. But other than those newsletters, which he says he did not write or condone, there’s nothing on his record that stands out as racist. Paul opposes any government control, and takes the 10th amendment (Which states in clear language requiring no interpretation that any powers not expressly granted to the Federal government by the Constitution are granted to the states) seriously. Every one of the “racist” voting the author cites are attributable to that. Paul wants to end the war on drugs – the left decries the war on drugs to be a “war on black men”. So isn’t that a clear rebuttal to racism charges? Actually no, it is not. It’s not intended to be nor does it need to be. It’s perfectly consistent with everything Paul says or does. He won’t be president, but he doesn’t deserve to picked apart by ideologues with agendas so brazen that they can’t see anything in any light not cast in their color, rendering it impossible to be objective about anything.

  9. i am sick and tired of people trying to tell us what to listen to and believe. I heard him and I heard his son. As a 63 yr old black woman, spare me. He is a bigot. No, he cannot turn back the clock. His crime is he never wanted to change the time in the first place. That’s worse. That meant whites could still blow our children up in churches, lynch us, bury anyone who disagrees with them in dams. They would have kept us in the back of the bus. kept us from lunch counters. Who gives an RA if there are some village idiots who still use that word. NOW, they whisper and if said to the wrong person at the wrong time, may pay for it. Before, just the wrong though voiced could get a black person killed. Jim Crow was a government law. Misegenation was a law. I guess, like the rampant bigotry from white churches, white candidates, etc., are perfectly acceptable but to up hold the laws in regards to us, was government interference. Still a bunch of hypocrits.

  10. The Constitution is a truly remarkable document, but far from perfect, which is why it provided for amendments. But never forget its primary author was a slave owner, and any slave owner at that time was certainly a racist. Eight of our early presidents, in fact, were slave owners, and thus racists. Washington, who I still believe was the best of all for a number of reasons, has the black mark of a slave owner. America needs to acknowledge its racist roots before it can rid itself of that horrible disease.

  11. I will leave that possibility for others to decide. It has been argued that the majority of the baggers are against big government and deficits. All of that is well and good except when you take a closer look. They rail against big government spending, but they want their Medicare and Social Security left alone. They rail against higher taxes, but they want a balanced budget. The idea of a balanced approach to solving debt and deficits is an seen as a poison pill put forth by a socialist President.

    The racist issue is one that has been tossed about by those who believe the TP is indeed racist and those who claim the opposite. It is difficult to truly know what is in someone’s heart, so you have to try and understand by looking at their actions. I, like many, was disgusted watching the number of anti-Obama signs and placards displayed at the TP rallies. Particulary offensive was the one that showed Obama as somekind of African warrior with a bone in his nose. Nothing racist about that sign I suppose. There were other similiar signs carried about as well by freedom loving folks. If the point of your rally is not racist then why such signs? Just asking.

    Back in 2009 we marched in our local Constitution parade. Our group followed the local Tea Party folks. Before the march began I asked one of the women holding a hateful sign just what it was that she disliked about Obama. Her response was one for the ages. ‘Don’t you know, he’s two thirds Kenyan?’ Just how does one respond to such eloquence?

  12. MS: In response to your comment about their being more African Americans in prison than whites, I have to agree. However, the reasoning is because many of our African American children have no fathers raising them; unwed and young mothers who have no concept how to raise their children; no funds to send them to college; etc. What else to they have to turn to in order to survive…they turn to drugs. This is moreso with African American males and has nothing to do with the Civil Rights Act. It has EVERYTHING to do with the economy and how it has hit a great many African American people. It’s much easier for a white male to get a college degree, find a job, make something of themselves. Even if they also have one parent, the opportunities are there for them that are NOT there for most African American males in today’s society. I’m a white, over 60-year-old female, and I can see this very clearly. Don’t know why people keep blaming racism for the problems in our prisons….blame the economy for our lower-income individuals….most of whom are African American.

  13. Before we get worked up over what President Ron Paul would or wouldn’t do, let us all keep one thing in mind. He has NO chance of ever getting there despite what his fanatical internet base of loons think. 4 years ago all we heard was that he was going to shock and surprise all of us with the “power” of his supporters and he won nothing. This time around is nothing more than a sequel to a bad movie.

  14. It was written here, not to mention them in the same breath as Nazis. Sorry, I love to study the era and when I see young people following in behind a man who epitomizes intolerance and bigotry, all I can say is Nazi youth. They thought Hitler was giving them a new lease on Germanic life and it was gone. Nazis and Brown Shirts and stepping on another person’s freedom under the disguise of protecting freedom. the same thing done, then. Only , with Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, terminally ill and the mentally challenged. Started years before the invasion of Poland and France, too. As for the tea party. Pullleeeze. They are such narrow minded, bigoted idiots it is mind boggling. The debt? Where were they when two wars were fought on borrowed money? Where were they when when the bottom fell outin 2008. Where were they when bush signed, October 3, 2010, the bail out for the banks the right keeps saying this president did. Yes, he loaned to the auto industry and tried the stimulus BUT it came from the unsused part of the money allocated by the bill signed by Bush in 2008. Tell that truth. I am voting for this president, again. Not as the lesser of two evils which is evil. Because, i go no where I know I am not wanted. Mitt’s church has considered me less than since it’s inception up the bogus epiphany of 1978. Santorum wants to give us jobs instead of food stamps and he should have schooled Mitt on that since he gave an out of work black woman $50.00, WOW!!!. Guess, from the right it is generosity, not a hand out. Newt and his janitorial staff and Paul, enough said. If, either or all were in a gutter on fire, I would throw a barbecue. How’s that for making an informed decision.

  15. I agree about the stats, too but don’t for one minute think it has nothing to do with racism. Yes, most bring it on themselves but when a white person committs the same crime and gets , either, no time, lesser time or rehab and the blakc one gets jail, period It is bias. Our local paper The Plain Dealer, did not believe us either. Found out from a two year study what we had been saying is painfully true. One black young man had 3 rocks of cocaine when arrested and received 3 yrs. No other arrests, no other anything. No record at all. White kid, on his 4th arrest of using and distribution, still does not have a felony, jail time, only rehab. They found this pattern up and down the justice system, here, in Cleveland and nothing done. The results were printed last year after their study. By that same token, black poor kids have more of a chance to go to school for nothing than us working people. I know. We put three through and except for partial scholarships and grants, their dad and I paid. some grants we could not get because we made too much money. Most of the young black men cannot read which is sad. My 5 yr old granddaughter started kdg this school year and is now in 2/3rd grade gifted program. All my kids could read when they started school. Both my grandchildren, in school read. With 2 left, the 3 yr old can read most of a book by herself, now and the 2 yr old has a sight word vocabulary of about 80 words, can count to 100 and knows her alphabet well. We bring a LOT on ourselves but are still treated differently when it should not matter, like crime.

  16. dpaano makes some excellent points regarding economic factors and racism. However, the closing is incorrect. Most of our low-income people are not African-Americans. The Hudson Institute published a paper a while back that puts things into perspective. The demographics of the country are roughly 13% black, 15% hispanic and about 66% considered white. The demographics of the poorest 20% of the population is much different than the nation as a whole.

    Of that 20% white poor is 55.9%, black poor 23.4% and hispanic poor 17.1%. Whites are still collecting most of the so-called welfare. The number of folks on food stamps for an example is now approximately 42 million. That numbers changes month to month, but is certainly an indicator of the joblessness problem the nation is facing.

  17. I wouldn’t vote for Ron Paul, because that would be voting for the Republican Party, which I refuse to do, unless it changes its stance greatly. And that won’t be soon. I do like his thoughts about closing down overseas military bases and stopping the drug war. I think there are way too many bases, which contributes to the always huge military budget. And we now have people trying to start another war, this time with Iran, when we haven’t even paid for the last two wars. I don’t see the drug war as benefiting anyone but those making money from it–the DEA and the drug lords. I wouldn’t want a racist running the country. Whether Ron Paul is or not, I don’t know, but Republicans in general certainly seem to be. That’s why, even though I like some of his positions, I won’t be voting for him.

  18. Interesting how Cynthia is rightfully concerned about Ron Paul’s historical affiliation with a racist, anti-Semitic publication some 20 years ago, but doesn’t give a hoot about Obama’s relationship with the racist, anti-Semite Rev. Wright. Paul claims ignorance, which Cynthia suggests impairs his qualifications, while Obama claims “hard of hearing” which qualifies him for the American’s With Disabilities Act.

  19. … the confederacy or simply lunacy? Ron Paul has a broad & wide following, but nowhere greater than among Americans isolated from its broader spectrum’s. His dogma resonates sharply w/those of intolerant temperments, who view government, society & economics, from a purely biased cultural center. This is done purposefully, as most “backward” thinking contemporary conservatives, also have similar issues w/racial & cultural “insensitivities.” His own “throwback” intent of shaping & molding government along the lines of 1780’s America leaves much to the imagination, if recall serves correct, of what America was like for ALL Americans, thru the end of the Civil War. As a fringe candidate, he’s no threat, but remember also, that so were Ronald Reagan & George W. Bush, boding not so well for a conflicted & tormented contemporary & prospectively, future America…

  20. … surplus of ignorance & anti-intellectualist opposition – is what Paul’s followers seem to have in common. Specifically, this obsession w/budgets & spending & deficits & MONEY, as a cheap attention-grabber & Paul know this!!! When it was running UPWARDS, Paul nor any OTHER conservatives were anywhere in the news or on the House/Senate floor, attempting to correct the mismanagement, graft, corruption & theft, directed from the executive & carried out by fellow CONSERVATIVES? Yet, when a “perceived” Liberal takes office – Liberals, who have ALWAYS & carefully managed to keep the budget w/in spending limits while still able to more than VERY EASILY take care of the nations business – do conservatives worry about debt?! Debt that magically “appeared” between 2002-2008, or didn’t conservative & libertarians notice? Conservatives who, at the time, employed the same accounting “trix” used by Enron, during the 2001-2009 administration, to HIDE spending & debt? TO HIDE IT! But the attention deficit of conservatives & libertarians make them useless debate opponents, leaving them unequiped w/no facts necessary to be any sort of challenge! Obama the “man” hasn’t yet been seperated from Obama the “president”, as libertarians & conservatives “see” w/eyes & a mind clouded w/suspicion, anxiety, repudiation & hate, in hopes making sense of a world beyond their intellectual or psychic grasp. An America where Liberals & Progressives not only go to the limit – Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Kennedy, Carter, Clinton, now Obama, saving the nation – & the world from conservative socio/psychopaths, who can only relate to MONEY!!! But what about people? What about healthy institutions that function in the name of Democracy’s principles? What about a healthy environment, where people like the Paul’s, Bush’s & Romney’s feel comfortable & unintimidated enuff to interact freely in a society w/the Obama’s, Wright’s, (Cornell) West’s or Ben Carson’s of America? Ms. Tuckers words nor mine are either a “smear” nor discriminatory but they are true, if “SOME” Americans are courageous enuff to face them finally…

  21. President Lincoln wanted to send the negroes back to Africa so if Ron Paul is a racist so was Abraham Lincoln. There are several good african americans but Dr. King is not one of them.And in 2027 there are documents that his wife had sealed that would destroy his reputation in her own words.

  22. …nothing but slowly attempt the destruction of the only true & flourishing Democracy on the planet! I get the feeling that commentary like Julie’s & Stalkers, among other’s, but the life, the nation, we see crumbling b4 our eyes, could have been averted had racists accepted the reality – of the world TODAY, that the the promise of Democracy isn’t like the promise of the confederacy, which empowered the rich & corporations, but gave lip service to poor Whites that, just as Paul does 2day, makes them believe “they’re” something exceptional or special. We ALL are, by virtue of our American birthright!!! There is no place on this planet w/the opportunities, Liberties or equalities we enjoy. The less enlightened complain instead of working w/we Progressive/Liberals, to improve the nation. That’s what Public Education WAS about. Conservatives take government, Democracy & can only defile it & try & destroy it. The comments about Dr. King are a prime example. What were his goals, afterall? He was human, but what were his TRUE ambitions Julie?! Why did he die or refused to cower b/c of threats? Conservatives have not a lick of backbone, since all they do is hide, cheat, whisper behind the backs of others or bully those standing against them, when they (conservatives) have bullying & bigger numbers. No conservative has done anything for any 1!!! Xcept themselves or another conservative caught up in some criminal scheme to steal or defraud some 1. This is conservatives’ legacy since Nixon! Liberals created the country conservatives hate so viciously & the proof is in their efforts to undo it. Look at the tea baggers efforts, combined w/Republicans, to stand in the way of undoing conservative destruction of the economy & U.S. government from 2001-2009? This is your America THEY won’t allow to RECOVER!!! Does that even register or make sense?! Who gives a rats a#& about Kings sealed records? We have a nation to rescue NOW!!! What do U have to say or offer toward that?!

  23. Liberals do nothing but create debt. Nancy Pelosi for example when she was speaker of the house it cost taxpayers $27,000 every time she would use the air force jet for her own personal business. Republicans and democrats should share in this debt crisis that this country faces. I am not a republican or democrat but an Independent. Michelle Obama has 27 assistants that make anywhere from $50,000 to $170,000 the average first lady has 1. Bush did nothing but start wars that could never be won. I voted for Obama and he said he would bring our troops home in 2010 which did not happen. He did get Bin Laden but then created a healthcare mandate that threatened people that if they failed to get healthcare insurance they would pay a $750.00 fine or be thrown in jail.And now he (Obama) is trying to along with his attorney general trying to lynch Sheriff Arpaio because he is simply trying to enforce the law that the federal government refuses to do which is punishing people who come over here ILLEGALLY!I am not a fan of Romney he is a liar like Obama who did not want anyone to know about his hidden fortune overseas or how little he paid in taxes as a multimillionaire .And Bill Clinton is no saint either turning the white house into a whore house neither party has any morality or shame .This country is headed for disaster we need a third party.Please do not classify me except that I am a proud independent and any candidate running for office will have to prove themselves to me!It seems you are a liberal and that is your right but please don’t state that everything that is wrong with this country is the republicans fault both parties are to blame for the downfall of this country.

  24. … created by the Clinton administration, were brand new jobs, in a brand new economy, along w/an end to Reagan-Bush era tax-cuts only for the wealthy, ended 12 years of CONSERVATIVE-REPUBLICAN DEBT, which built up between 1982-1992. By 2001, my dear Julie, America was debt free. Please check U’r facts so U don’t look even more foolish for supporting Conservatives who love suckers like U, Lawrencew, etc… & it’s not hate, but rather bewilderment, that adults, such as the above mentioned, are unable to discern lies & fiction from reality & fact. If U are REALLY interested in who brought whores into the W.H., please thoroughly READ (I take that U can, by U’r facility for fiction!) here: & report back on whores, thefts, war-crimes & more… PLEASE!!! This is too much fun!!!

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