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Friday, March 22, 2019

Apocalypse When? Harold Camping's New Doomsday Date Approaches

I guess we don’t have to worry about that presidential election. Harold Camping, the Christian radio broadcaster who incorrectly predicted that the rapture would occur on May 21, has a new doomsday prediction for his followers.

Camping has been sending out messages on his radio website claiming that the world is “probably” going to end this Friday. He came up with the October 21 date after his original prediction of a May 21 apocalypse was proven false. Apparently Camping’s math was just off by 5 months.

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5 responses to “Apocalypse When? Harold Camping's New Doomsday Date Approaches”

  1. freebird25 says:

    Really, we are each facing our own “end of days,” aren’t we? We all have to die someday. October 21, 2011 or some day months or years down the road; I really don’t see the difference. I think I will take Mr. Camping’s prediction as a nice reminder though to live each day as if it is my last. Now or later, the end is near for each of us. I for one am reminded to live in this moment, remember to give thanks for my life as it is and offer love, as best I can, to all beings.

  2. cordwood8 says:

    Camping is another one of those “religion for profit” nutcases. Do they really know how long this planet has been in existence? I say they don’t. Nor when it will end. He is another one of these adam and eve fairy tale types. These fundalmentalists kooks suck up that bible material as if it is all factual.

    If there is anything factual, it would be the accounts of the brutality, killing for power, sacrifices, and destructive mayhem. This is an age of living where this kind of behavior should be obsolete.

  3. Whistleblower says:

    Boy you really breed weirdos in the USA. Thankfully here in Australia we are relatively free of such stupidity although we do have elements of Scientology and other fringe cults

  4. JasmineTokuda says:

    My neighbor works for Family radio, Camping’s radio network. He and most of the employees don’t buy into this and find this an embarrassment. I would have figured that old Harold would have gotten the message after he had his stroke immediately after May 21st’s non-rapture. I consider most Fundamentalist Christians to be apostate anyway considering that Jesus’s message was about taking care of each other as highlighted in the Beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount and Matthew 25. Perhaps if people who consider themselves followers of Christ were to read the RED LETTER BIBLE and pay attention to the actual words of Jesus,rather than commentary, especially Paul’s opinions, we would see more true Christians living Jesus’s words rather than “Christists” trying to control others through religion. People who call themselves “Christian”, and pay undue attention to abortion and homosexuality rather than social justice, are actually “Paulists” Either way, in the Bible it states that “no man will know the time” which is why most Christians find this type of prediction offensive and unreliable.

  5. Lostamongtexans says:

    Thanks Jasmine, No truer words were ever spoken.

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